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no autistic relatives ed.

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why tf are you trying to summon him?

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Times are hard at the moment. I’m fighting battles with myself and it sucks. Online classes are kicking my ass and my depression is causing problems within my friendship. This is my first time experience depression. I tried to get rid of this constant feeling raining down on me but I just can’t seem to shake it. I was never a perfect student but I tried my best. I’ve fallen so behind in my classes that I don’t know what to do anymore. I just want to not feel anything anymore.

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I just hate when people use the same Instagram page for both lolita and edgy/s3xual/k1nky stuff.
Escpecially old school Edge lords love that.
Pls stop, you ruin the fashion

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I’m really sick right now (I get chronic bronchitis/sinus infections), and it’s weighing me down. I was doing really good on my weight loss and exercising, and the last week, I’ve eaten like shit and been unable to work out. I made myself eat healthier today, but I’m still just... depressed and upset. One week won’t undo my progress, but I want to be where I’m supposed to be faster. And I feel like a failure.

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hey me too dude. I been doing good for a month and then random depression out of nowhere. I haven’t eaten right nor have I worked out in 4 days. I don’t even have anything to be depress about lol

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>Pls stop

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I don’t mind as long as it’s not ddlg or anything resembling it. Aesthetic goth lingerie is cool with me.

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It’s like, I know I didn’t get here overnight. I know one bad week won’t undo all of my work. But I feel unproductive and sad.

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I think if we just force ourselves to do some kind of workout it should pull us out of this rut we’re in. at least for me when I was working out it made me feel really good about myself even if the progress wasn’t much. I don’t know why you’re sad anon but I hope you find yourself pulling yourself out of it soon

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I looked at where I was in high school versus where I am now. I was so much thinner, and it sucks. I’m happy everywhere else- my career is growing, I’m married, my relationship with my family is great, and I’ve got things in order. I just want to fit these dresses. I want back what I had. I hate knowing that even in my progress, there’s so many people who would think I’m gross and lazy. It just gets in my head. I know my self worth isn’t defined by my weight, but it’s hard not to be impacted when I know so many people think so much less of me.

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Boo hoo cry more about how you can’t control someone else’s page

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I think I am being stalked by a psycho and her friends in the online community who keeps starting rumors about me. I am not really sure what to do about it since I don’t want to cause a scene, especially since she is a lolita who has been in some drama already and seems like the kind to cry wolf and make everything seem like it was my fault if I did come forward

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Im starting to earn the trust of this stray cat. I can’t wait till it let me pet it. I always wanted a pet cat

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Sounds more like you’re the dramatic one trying to stir the pot by hoping they see this.go get some therapy, you sound way self obsessed.

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See if you can get help from your teachers. When I was really depressed in school they helped me when I was honest about it.

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This is going to make me sound like a butthurt little bitch but does anyone else get overwhelmed by people being nice when you go out in lolita? I appreciate the compliments, I really do and of course I prefer them to being publicly ridiculed, but I wish I could go about my day wearing the clothes I want and also not feel like I’m wearing a sign that says “I’m retarded please be nice to me”

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>tfw no /cgl/ gf
why live ;_;

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I have an ethical dilemma.
My ex is trying to get back with me. I have made it pretty clear that this is not happening.
He has continuously suggested that he is looking into lolita stuff. Ive told him not ti dare to get me anything, but he keeps 'going there'.
At this point he insists he is just looking "for fun".
After some time Ive stopped discouraging him since he has zero follow through as a person, and I figured he wouldn't do it.
But I Have started to fear he might try to get me something.
The question here is do I kinda give a hint of what I would like or just let it be ?

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If he keeps trying to get back with you and won't take no for an answer, I would just block.
Also if he keeps suggesting to buy you stuff and you keep saying no, then he should respect that no. If you start hinting at stuff you do like, then he might take that as you asking him for stuff. Then he will blame you for leading him on. Not worth it.

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It's nice at first but then...

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I have a lisp and I feel this way all the time. At some point you just gotta take the L and accept the niceness

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Why would you give him a hint? Then he will think you wanna start over.
Just block him, or do you enjoy the attention and like to whine about it?

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shit I just read that you’re not suppose to feed feral cats. those fuck won’t even let you pet them or meow wtf

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Just don’t follow their pages if it bothers you, you literally curate your own experience on Instagram?

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You should absolutely block him and let him move on. It’s very obvious to an outsider that you’re stringing him along by talking to him, whether you mean to or not. If you don’t hate him you need to stop.

However, if you hate him and he sucks... get that brand!

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Really? I mean look they're going to find food around the place whether you feed them or not. I don't see how it makes much of a difference.

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I didn't wear lolita or even really any nice clothes at all for months because of lockdown and working from home. Lived in house-clothes only. I didn't realise it was bringing me down until I decided to put on a nice dress one day. It does make a difference. From now on I'm going to wear real clothes/lolita at least one day a week, just to feel better about myself.

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They might get used to you eventually. My parents have been feeding some feral cats and they can pet them now, but it took a few months.

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Oh also try to make sure they're neutered unless you want a colony on your hands. idk about where you are but where I'm from a lot of vets will do it for free or a small charge.

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nvm you right I reread it. It was a click bait title saying you shouldn’t just feed it but get it spayed or neutered as well.

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I get what you guys are saying but blocking him is not really an option.
We were together for more than 5 years and had an adult break up.
I agree tho that giving a hint is the wrong thing to do. . .

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can’t tell if the ear has been clipped. I emailed the cat center maybe they’ll send someone to come catch and spray/neuter it.

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blocking him is absolutely an option, if he's not respecting your breakup by making lame attempts at getting you back. kick him to the curb lol

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As above said, yes, it is. It’s called setting boundaries and it’s what adults do when they go through breakups. If it’s too much too fast, you have other options. Just tell him he needs to cut the flirting or he’s out of your life, or gray rock and ignore him when he makes coy suggestions.
There’s a reason why most people don’t stay friends with their exes.

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It’s called a break up for a reason- something is broken and done. You don’t owe anyone shit following the end of a romantic relationship, especially not if he can’t respect you and tries to worm his way back into your bloomers.

You ended it for a reason. Don’t disrespect yourself by giving him an in.

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Best of luck. Btw she’s probably a girl, like 99% of calicos are female. The males have two X chromosomes as well as a Y.

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Same anon, I've become a (near)-daily Lolita because of the pandemic and it's helped my mental health so much! I also love taking care of my clothes once I've worn them/realizing what I need to balance my wardrobe more and seeking it out. I feel like a more authentic version of myself; it's helped that my partner is not only really supportive, but likes planning coordinates with me at times!

I know it's a lot on one person, but there's also a chance that there's TNR programs local to you that you may want to check in with. Best of luck anon!

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You let your boyfriend work on coords with you? That honestly sounds really nice to have a bf with an eye for this stuff...

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My boyfriend helps me with my coords all the time! He knows a good bit about j-fashion anyways but he prefers me dressing in gothic, so I have to talk him into the sweet stuff some days. If you know your preferences and they're honest with you about what looks good and what doesn't, it's really fun and rewarding.

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My dad has early onset dementia (he’s in his 50s) and I’m visiting him in the nursing home today. I’m super nervous to see him and his situation has made this the worst year of my life since he went downhill so quickly. I don’t even think he can speak anymore, the disease is stripping him of everything and this is the first time I’m visiting him since he was admitted, wish me luck anons

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I hope you get to pet the cat

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I'm so sorry anon. Good luck.

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Two lolitas from our comm were on a park bench when some pervert came over and flashed them. One of the girls had a stroke. The other couldn't reach.

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I do think it's annoying and I worry about this when I post non-lolita stuff, but whenever I get a lot of new followers I do put up a disclaimer to warn people what they're getting into (i.e. posts about video games)

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What? This doesn't make any sense. Do you mean they freaked out? I don't think you can get a stroke from seeing a penis

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my boyfriend sometimes does but he usually just buys dresses for me. he's really good at sniping dresses but I also notice the AP girls don't sign a cute little note if it's paid for under his name versus mine :(

>> No.10487326

Its probably because they think its a scalper buying it to resell, since males can't wear lolita dresses.

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As much as the new SM algorithm sucks, I am tired to the bone of wannabe fashionistas trying to dictate how I scroll and browse. Every SM is now inundated with "you need to do this!" And now people are trying to guilt trip is into liking their shit because they are a ~growing fashion icon~ that is being held down by oppressive SM. One person even set up a story highlight basically demanding/ordering people to share in extremely specific ways, then trying to justify it because she's a feminist who doesn't take shit.

I do get it for small businesses since it is their livelihood, but for every other self styled ~influencer~ please fuck off with equating your imaginary hobby numbers with anything resembling a career.

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I finally wore lolita in public for the first time in a mall, I was with a friend but still. it was a classic bunny themed cord I had been planning for over a year, so much so that even the mask matched.
Now to celebrate I'm going to tear my wallet in half and buy 2 dresses that I'm only going to have the courage to wear 30 years from now. Godspeed, gulls.

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They're so entitled. Nobody owes them engagement and views. Just get a real fucking job ffs

>> No.10487351

If you dislike it write a letter to your congresscritter asking it be regulated

>> No.10487354

No thanks. People can act like retards if they want and I'm free to criticize and laugh at them as I see fit.

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I've been drinking a bottle of wine every night for a week
I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but I've been doing it in the span of an hour every night. Its a slippery slope for me because I used to have an alcohol problem a few years back. I just can't help myself lately....

>> No.10487360

Yay anon! I’m so happy for you!
I wish I could find this courage as well to go out in public in lolita soon. I don’t have any friends so it’s a bit harder for me to do .

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I really need help cleaning these bloomers I sharted in. I was going to sell them at a swap meet my comn is having. I really don't want them anymore but I think someone else could get some use out of them despite the short. Every time I try to ask about cleaning advice on here people say I'm baiting and im not. I'm worried about ruining the delicate materials.

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I also need some advice on how to avoid sharting on my dresses in the future. I have IBS and I've considered wearing a diaper but im worried ill bend over and someone will be able to see it and think im an ageplayer...sigh

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How about bloomers and/or thinx underwear?

>> No.10487374

I know this is bait and I don’t know the original post’s content but as someone with IBS I don’t know why so many think they just shit themselves anytime? tmi but this has literally never happened to me, and I’m 25

>> No.10487394

Because IBS presents itself differently amongst different people????

>> No.10487405

Don't do it anon, I've been there and it's horrible

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Dude you're gonna get so fat.

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A bottle of wine is a lot already... Get help while you can anon.

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I sometimes feel awkward having Sex next to my lolita closet. Idk even looking at them while doing it feel so wrong. I mean yes they're just clothes but they're so entirely not sexual to me

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>Making some annoying but ultimately harmless activity illegal

They're free to embarrass themselves though but this suggestion is dumb as fuck.

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Do any of you know of a website where you can search photos by character and by series?I remember using one but i forgot the address

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Can you idiots stop responding to bait? You're the reason why he keeps coming back.

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I love all you fucking assholes so much. Yeah, there are salty gulls and shit stirrers here, but the fact that a bunch of anonymous people would willingly give out helpful tips, information, and resources for free without wanting any clout for it is just awesome. love you guys

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Disgusting...we love you too...bitch

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Well, he's learning, but he's genuinely interested and excited about my coording so I've been letting him in more on my thought process/gave him a guided tour of what I have in my closet and what I look for. It helps that I'm a classic lolita, so most of my pieces aren't as loud/are mostly solids.

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dang you’re like a cat expert. I was eating breakfast outside and heard this meow. I went to the source of the sound and she was just chilling there so I feed her again. now she’s just chilling in my backyard.
me too but we’re not at that point yet

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I almost scared myself to death looking for those precious .pdf files by Lady Roxanne detailing on how to sew historical japanese shit. A friend of mine asked for them since a friend of his wants him to sew some for him, and ffff... Everything on google was just PINTEREST PINS which I already hate with a passion redirecting to a 404 LINK.

I almost blew a fuse before I realised that the 404 link was still on a website which that association still uses. I just had to click the bar up top to reach their updated website and download the file from their google drive.


I'm okay now though.

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Mines helpful sometimes. Usually it'll be a suggestion for an accessory or outfit addition or if there's a couple of coord options I'll let him pick. He also ties hella good waisttie bows.

>> No.10487499

You’re essentially her servant now. Act as such and she might let you get a few pets in eventually once trust is established.

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love you too bitch
Try going to a place where it's harder for people to confront you without an escape, if anyone was rude to me at the mall even if i was alone I could have found a member of security and told him somebody was stalking me/insulting me. It's also a place (at least where I live) where you're expected to dress up, maybe people will think you're really a hardcore victorian clothing fan, just someone wearing a costume or worst case scenario just a weeb. Whatever gets people talking to me the least the better, me and my friend loved it and that's all that matters. Godspeed again anon, you can do it! Even if it's gothic OTT, you have to go out eventually to flex on the normalfags.

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It will be cheaper if you can make the jump to box wine, just sayin'

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you too, anon

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tfw bf bought me my holy grail dress

i saw it many times but had to hold onto my wallet because i'm in school and moving out next year. i can't believe i actually get to see it in person. and wear it!

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My comm will soon have a swap meet and... Should I let go of the skirts that will never fit me comfortably? I like them, but it's a breath in, zip, never breathe again to feel free in them...

I'm just under the belief that my waist will never be less than 80cm due to bone structure. Shit sucks, because all major brand skirts are 74cm. I hate this indecision.

>> No.10487545

Definitely sell them anon. Your skirts shouldn't be that tight on you.

>> No.10487548

That’s so nice!!! I like hearing what others have as holy grails. Which was it?

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shit called the irs about my tax return because I haven't gotten it. apparently someone stole it and has been using the funds. probably the new tenant of the apt I used to live at.

>> No.10487568

I bought some secondhand shoes thinking they would fit me but they ended up being too big on me, but I don’t want to resell them, I feel like it would be awkward. I wish I had friends to give them to.
I guess I can just stuff the empty space maybe?

>> No.10487569

You’re literally the biggest attention whore, nobody cares autist.
Role play your fake stories somewhere else.

>> No.10487572

Kek unless you're a literal giant, your waist isn't 80cm due to "bone structure", you're just a delusional fatty.

>> No.10487574

I already drink the cheap shit

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why would I want to rp somewhere else when I already spent so much time on character development?

I think Elisa is trying to bait me by asking if I know who’s feeding the cats. can’t really say I’m the one doing it because I think that means you claim them as your pet or something.

>> No.10487579

Why would it be awkward? People sell stuff they bought from other people that didn't fit them all the time. Just do it.

>> No.10487605

Cry harder pissbaby

>> No.10487617

>I know that doesn't sound like a lot

Yes it does, you lush.

>> No.10487619

>a few years back
Anon, an entire bottle every night? That IS an alcohol problem, and you have it, now. Stop lying to yourself and get some help.

>> No.10487621

One bottle should give you at least 4 healthy portions of wine. I used to drink like that and honestly, it is a lot. Especially when you take into account that the average adult will have 2 glasses at most. Have you put any thought into what you’re trying to drink away?

>> No.10487629

Grow up, you probably deserve it.

>> No.10487634

You're right anon, it's just that relative to how bad it used to be it could be worse, doesn't mean it isn't a problem though
Mostly my severe anxiety and existential dread. I should probably talk to my psych about getting on something for it but everything I've ever been prescribed has been useless desu so it's hard for me to even want to try.

>> No.10487636

>alcohol problem stemming from severe anxiety and existential dread
Wow, it's literally me!

>> No.10487638

So sorry anon. I lost my mother to that over the course of 7 years.

>> No.10487643

Fuck dude, I can relate. No to sound dismissive, but at least you’ve got medical. I’m floating in the ocean without any light.

>> No.10487651

are you drinking rn anon?

>> No.10487660

I’ve been going in and out of manic ever since COVID shut down my state. For the most part I’ve been able to pour enough energy into maintaining my home and my hobbies (huge step for me). Lolita being a big part and kind of a driving force to maintain my home so I can dress up comfortably around my house. However lately I haven’t felt the urge to dress up. I’ll stare at my wardrobe practically begging for a spark of inspiration. But no. And I suspect it’s because I recently snapped out of a shopping addiction relapse. It was getting to the point where I was spending money meant for future pandemic relief. Once I got a grip on it, I feel so uninspired by my wardrobe. I’ve tried to change my mindset to sell in hopes of getting something new, but I can’t let go of much. I’ll continue to look at my wardrobe every day in hopes of wanting to wear something..I hope this phase soon

>> No.10487671

Maybe you just need some accessories to spice up the fit you already own.

>> No.10487676

I get you anon. What usually inspires you? Maybe try to indulge in that.
Also have you "digitized" your wardrobe? I have everything into png files and photoshop stuff together in order to get inspired

>> No.10487688

It might just be a side effect of coming down from the shopping spree mania. Give it time, indulge in the hobbies you still feel something for at the moment. Your wardrobe isn’t going anywhere and will be waiting for you!

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This took me a second.

>> No.10487741

This was me. One bottle quickly became two bottles a night and it was really hard to function, my body just felt like crap all the time. I felt like I was going to die, but also couldn't stop.
I think now I have undiagnosed OCD and that's where all the anxiety and existential dread was from. I can't believe none of my therapists really helped with it either. But I feel a lot better day to day now that I stopped drinking.

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>Get into cons because I wanted to meet other /a/ tier shitposting autismos
>Instead met with normalfag catty "activists" whose only interest in anime is whatever the fuck is the trending flavor of the season is, if even that, and dressing up in whatever the hot new cosplay is despite not even watching/reading the source material is for muh views/$20 per month patreon.
>Still keep going for years
>Just keep meeting more of the latter category

>> No.10487798

I really sympathize anon. I didn't have any health insurance for a long time because I made too much to qualify for state, even though I was barely scraping by and in no way could afford regular insurance. It took getting unemployed to finally qualify for it and I know as soon as I get a job it will be gone again, but for the time being I do feel grateful.

>> No.10487927

wait you can go to therapy for free if you’re unemployed?

>> No.10487956

>was about to go to my first meet in a while yesterday
>gets put off until the 20th
>at least I can still do 2 this month
>gets put off again to the 24th
>have another meet that same fucking day

>> No.10487979

I know this is pathetic but wanting to buy more dresses forced my to apply for a job. I’m a full time student at my uni (living at home lmfao) but I want to take responsibility for this hobby and my food especially since my family is struggling right now to make ends meet, I plan on applying for more holiday jobs in case one falls through. I know it’s a baby step but I’m proud of actually applying and not just saying I will

>> No.10487981

Good for you anon!

>> No.10487982

unironically try shrooms

>> No.10488000

I lost an auction on LM, but in the process bidded up someone else by almost $100 in the last 30 seconds. Feels okay.

>> No.10488002

haha i saw this right after sending a few applications. same motivation and situation too. good luck to you anon, hope we both get hired!

>> No.10488017

I have the opposite feel. I worked during the entire pandemic and then got laid off last week. I fully intend to sit on my ass and collect unemployment while the states have waived the requirement to look for work. And I plan to spend most of the money I get on lolita.

>> No.10488046


This post will definitely generate thoughtful discussion and not send this thread into a shitward spiral at all.

>> No.10488050

I would do the same anon. I spent my stimulus check on brand.

>> No.10488054

i got a new job finally like last month, but got laid off due to a hurricane destroying half the store after like a week and a half of working there, and i wasn't able to qualify for disaster unemployment because i hadn't worked there long enough :/

>> No.10488059

They are judging you. That is why you feel the guilt.

>> No.10488075

Let it. I was angry at the people collecting unemployment + the $600/week covid relief before. Now it's my turn.

I know it's selfish but I'm just so angry at the world that I'll use whatever I get to keep me happy and healthy.

I'm sorry anon. I worked for the company I was at for more than a year so I lucked out. Now I just need the US government to reinstate the $600/week benefit and I'll be making more than I did before.

>> No.10488088

Finally going to be able to buy my first brand (AP) dress tomorrow. Spent the past week working on commissions and my hand is cramping but it's worth it.

>> No.10488089

proud of you anon

>> No.10488115

A friend of mine got a cat that way.
First, the cat lived in the same street.
Then, it started coming to the backyard frequently.
Then, it started to lie on top of windows.
Then, it finally started to get inside the house and sleep there.
The cat has been with them for 5+ years now

>> No.10488121

blessed digits! what dress is it?

>> No.10488131
File: 152 KB, 1280x958, D48DF0D9-793B-40C6-9B38-7199246DDAA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

saw your message and went outside to look for her but couldn’t find her. so I sat down and waited while listening to some music. like 5 min later I look up and she’s just sitting there looking at me. went in and got her a can of tuna and she followed me. now I’m just chilling while she eats her tuna like 2 feet away from me. I don’t know if I should make a move and go in for a pet

>> No.10488178

congrats on your new cat anon. if you keep feeding and being nice to them, they will eventually let you pet them or even walk up to you to beg for pets.

>> No.10488179

Put your hand out to her and let her sniff it. She’ll head butt it if she wants or allows a pet.

>> No.10488190

this works on feral cats too right? because I was looking up vids on how to pet cats especially feral ones and that shit looks sketchy.

I found a bottle of wine. I'm gonna try it for the first time. maybe the liquid courage will make me brave enough to go in for the pet

>> No.10488202

Have you tried taking to a single person not in a fotm costume with their tits out? It's incredibly easy to meet cosplayers and even non-cosplayers that don't chase patreon bucks every moment of their life. If this is actually the only type of person you're meeting, you're just following your dick or chasing popular cosplayers who aren't too busy to take a selfie with you so you can try to get posted by them.

>> No.10488205


>> No.10488214


Nooo don't tell him. He sounds thirsty and narcissistic and we don't want to deal with that thanks, the patreon/onlyfans cosers can have him.

>> No.10488263

one day I'll be on time for one of Wunderwelt's LM dumps, but not today

>> No.10488333
File: 33 KB, 499x600, nostalgic_lady_jumperskirt_pk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one, bought it just now and shopping around for tights and blouses. I want to try black to see how it looks, but if that doesn't work then I have some white ones that ought to already.

>> No.10488341

it wasn't anything good anyways.

>> No.10488350

nayrt but their brand sock lots are def worth it, esp considering their listed 'major stains' tend to only need one wash to remove

that is ofc if you don't already have all the socks you need, but even then the resale value makes it worth it

>> No.10488352
File: 93 KB, 609x1024, 6B1E72DF-EC68-47D9-86A0-EFEA525B2673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I start smoking crack to lose weight?

My blouses are getting tighter and I just want to look PERFECT

>> No.10488355

I'm in pretty much the same position. Swap meet soon, looking through my wardrobe for stuff I don't use etc. and landing on skirts I love but don't fit comfortably on me. My favourite one has a 66 cm waist without shirring but I just love it so, so much. I'm personally holding out hope (is that the correct saying?) for a little longer because of ongoing weight loss though.

Anyway, if you really don't see those skirts fitting comfortably in the future I'd sell them! You should get something you really like and can breathe in instead.

>> No.10488448
File: 302 KB, 1400x2000, EC34C04D-FAF9-4933-85C4-58CFA0491F1B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I had this Lolita meetup for my local comm in a big city, would have been my first meetup...

I’m transgender and suffer heavily from Dysphoria and kinda went down a depressive spiral because of it, day of the meetup. There’s the added factor that people already have treated me weirdly because of wear my first coord (catcalling, drunken people making stupid comments) , as well as being hyper aware of some stupid hypocritical fear I have as being perceived as a weird fetishist. I just don’t know how to deal with these stupid feels

>> No.10488456

It’s because it is a fetish and people can see that

>> No.10488462

coffee and vape no need for crack
how did the meetup itself go?

>> No.10488474

LMAO good nobody wants gross trannies at our lolita meetups.

>> No.10488481

nayrt, there's a reason you faggots hide on anonymous websites to spew your bullshit and it's because no one irl is gonna stand for whatever weird shit you have to say. if you so strongly believe in what you say then say it with your mask off bitch

>> No.10488486

Seethe harder

>> No.10488487

I know right delusional fatty excuses are really gross and embarassing kek

>> No.10488488

Nah, you men threaten to kill JK Rowling over talking about a woman’s biological reality. Seek help for your mental illness, anger issues and go dilate while you’re at it

>> No.10488489

yall are the ones who shit up any thread the second trans people are vaguely mentioned. stay mad at their existence, the rest of us normal people are gonna go about our day

>> No.10488491

> wahhhh! Someone doesn't like my beloved twans!!!!! I'm gonna cry and shit myself about it wahhh

>> No.10488495

They can go to their containment board or anywhere else on the internet if they really can’t live without mentioning they are trannies even though it is irrelevant 99% of the time.

>> No.10488507


>> No.10488508

If you’re getting catcalls and getting hit on at least the silver lining is that you pass and that people think you’re cute as well. I hope one day you’ll get over your dysphoria so that you can enjoy the brandos that you own. you do you just gotta tell yourself that it doesn’t really matter what other people think because at the end of the day you only have yourself to rely on. Just do whatever makes you happy and if the comm that you went to rejects you because you’re trans you shouldn’t want to be part of that group anyways.

>> No.10488509

I’m gonna make the Christmas cosplay thread this year so that I can get the post stickied. no one better steal it

>> No.10488513

>wahhh you can't talk to trannies like that literally every corner of the internet has to be a safe space for them
you and the tranny can hightail it out of here too

>> No.10488514

case in point. for people who complain so much about how they hate the internet becoming a "safe space," yall expect the internet to be a safe space for your lil terf feelings. seethe harder.

>> No.10488516 [DELETED] 

Ur literally seething because some people don't like your precious troonz. Its pathetic kek

>> No.10488517 [DELETED] 

Go jerk your girldong or something and come back, maybe then you'll have calmed down and stopped sperging

>> No.10488518

i'm not even a radfem desu, i will tell you once again to go back to your containment board and you can talk about lolita all you want there

>> No.10488520

I promise you trans people don't need you to moralfag for them on 4chan. They'll live.

>> No.10488523

Holy fucking shit, I forgot Invader Zim ever existed

>> No.10488526

>They'll live.
Bold assumption.

>> No.10488531

If they need the approval of every single person on this planet then something else would have pushed them to the edge anyway. It's nobody else's problem.

>> No.10488549

only people talking about safe space are you sjw anons. you guys are annoying af. grow out of you phase

>> No.10488561

damn maybe I should get on that hrt and wear Lolita too

>> No.10488586


>> No.10488607

but I’m having so much f u n today

>> No.10488610

Lighten up bitch, it was funny.

>> No.10488611

Oh in that case kys

>> No.10488613

You first <3

>> No.10488654


>> No.10488661
File: 88 KB, 828x198, 994E45AC-7C84-424E-A786-32FFC8034F1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damn you guys ruined the thread with all the bitching now no one wants to post feels anymore >:(

>> No.10488672
File: 275 KB, 1012x1416, 16E2AE4B-224B-45F1-96E8-41F444F453FD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish cosplayers would stop talking about lolita fashion on the cluster fuck site that is tiktok. There is no way to justify art theft.

>> No.10488673

They act like dresses are a necessity. So entitled kek

>> No.10488675

Teenagers are the worst

>> No.10488683

Why are you here? you’re 14

>> No.10488688

tiktok is an echo chamber with the shittiest critical thinking skills. i hate it, but my zoomer brain can't stop going on it. at least the dogs are cute.

>> No.10488689

holy shit that was so dumb. that bug._.milk person is dumb too.

>> No.10488716

These people can't separate being shamed from being taught basic ethical behavior

>> No.10488719

take your vitamins anon

>> No.10488742

I meant for cosplay pictures,thanks anyway.I found that worldcosplay has one.

>> No.10488772

I only like or share shit if I actually like it.

>> No.10488841
File: 91 KB, 546x896, 1590919336458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't wait to snap my wallet in half when my paycheck comes in
still not gonna arrive because the shit i already bought a month ago is still stuck in japan lol

>> No.10488867 [DELETED] 

I think the cat center took the cat to get it sprayed. I didn’t see it at all yesterday

>> No.10488885

Had to pay customs on my package that I picked up today. At least the new clothing will give me enough of a serotonin boost to let me ignore the bank account hit for a while.

>> No.10488924


>> No.10488926
File: 42 KB, 553x579, 1596843527195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10488933
File: 836 KB, 828x946, B25B3C11-9728-4EA6-9DFC-837A595E4952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dang I thought it was spray this whole time. don’t make fun of me I’m esl and that’s races

it was a false alarm she’s back. I was able to play with her for a few min before my dog chased her away.

Oh are they coming out with another season? I wasn’t a big fan because there were too many guy characters and they acted kinda sus but I’m happy for you anon

>> No.10488953

>swimmer is back

wrong swimmer, scrote

>> No.10488957

Unboxed an order from Tenshi today and this adorable cardigan I've wanted for months that I found on mercari 2p bucks cheaper than the western market was in this order; feels nice when I buy specific things I really like or want for reasonable prices.

>> No.10489051
File: 304 KB, 828x759, B46A6BEE-3D07-477E-9EC3-03606BF0B935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she brought a friend tonight :0

>> No.10489073

Build a cat army friendo. Amass their trust and weaponize them against ya foes

>> No.10489077

they posted it on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CGUYV0wsO0m/?igshid=1cu3uqcxfiems

>> No.10489109

anyone here a personal stylist? or good at picking out clothes for guys? I guess I have terrible fashion sense. I read the sticky on /fa/ and apparently you’re suppose to match colors too. I just need some help picking out some fits. I usually wear skinny jeans with a sweater or long sleeve but I been told skinny jeans are lame now.

>> No.10489114

You seem to like how /fa/ looks at fashion, so why don't you ask /fa/ instead?
/cgl/ and /fa/ do agree on some level but we disagree on many others so if you're interested in normie male fashion, you're better off sticking with /fa/. If you want permission to wear skinny jeans, just do it lmao.

>> No.10489120

I have a hard time wearing any of my lolita. I recently got my dream dress and the matching OTKs NWT, but I can't bring myself to wear them. As I wear my dresses, the little unavoidable imperfections and damage from being worn and lived in on all the pieces I worked hard for is starting to get to me and I've been considering just buying a bunch of bodyline so I can still wear lolita every day without putting my brand in danger. I don't want to give up wearing the fashion because I really love it, but I bought all my dresses to WEAR and ENJOY them, not lock them up in my closet. I don't know what I'd do if I spilled anything on myself at a tea party or tripped and fell while on my way to the store. I have no idea how to get over my anxiety because in a way it feels justified. Shit's expensive and very precious to me.

>> No.10489137

I use /fa/ for the basic skin care routine and hair style suggestions. I feel like their fits doesn’t match me though because I don’t like to stand out. I mean I want to dress nice and have things fit together but all the different cores or some outfits that get posted in waywt thread would make me feel like how gulls would wearing lolita in public. Idk it was a dumb post and I’m just thinking too much into it. It’ll probably be easier to just copy other people’s fit and work it out from there.

>> No.10489139

Absolutely lost my will to live with the lack of cons. I know it's pathetic, but I have really bad mental problems, so weebshit escapism was really crucial to me. Trying to get my gf to partake in weeb hobbies with me, I hope it helps some but it probably wont. Feel like I'll most likely rope before any kind of weeb events come back.

>> No.10489140

>I use /fa/ for the basic skin care routine and hair style suggestions
That's good, keep it up, anon!

>I feel like their fits doesn’t match me though because I don’t like to stand out.
Admittedly it's been a while since I've visited /fa/, but I can assure you that at least 80% of their "fits" wouldn't stand out at all. Of course, what stands out and what wouldn't depends heavily on where you're living in. In my city, wearing a tank top, exercise shorts and flip flops to a shopping mall wouldn't even get looked but people in other cities might consider this as being underdressed. If you don't want to stand out, it might be better to look at what everyone around you is wearing and copy that. After all, the people who are judging whether you stand out or not are the people who see you in real life, not some rando on the internet thousands of miles away. But whatever you do...

>> No.10489141

>It’ll probably be easier to just copy other people’s fit and work it out from there.
Maybe it's because I'm a strong believer in wearing what you like, rather than just conforming but I would advise you not to do this. First, get an understanding on fit, like how clothing looks like when it's too tight and when it's too loose. Imo, this is the most important factor in modern fashion to look put together. /fa/ will be able to help you there.

Next, find out what you like. Collect a folder of inspiration photos, outfits that make you think, "Hey, I'd like to wear that." If you still don't want to stand out, look at the photos and delete those that you think will get stares on the street and keep the rest. Don't limit yourself to /fa/, they aren't the be all and end all of fashion.

Lastly, with your knowledge of fit and what you like, go shopping. Don't order online, physically go to the shops and try on the outfits. First look for clothes that match your inspiration, then when you try them on, critique how they fit and how comfortable you are in them. If, for any reason, you're not happy with it, take a photo of you in it but don't buy it. If you do change your mind on your way home, you can always look back at the photo you have, judge it again, and then go back to the shop and buy it if you really like it that much. You can also bring your family and friends along for these shopping trips and ask for their advice.

Once you get more familiar with sizing and what you like (both in materials and in aesthetics), you can start buying online!

Yeah, this got a little long, and there's probably people who disagree, but that's how I would do it. All the best, anon. Don't give up!

>> No.10489211

the only good thing about 2020

>> No.10489223
File: 45 KB, 540x540, 43ca5a4a5b896deb2ddfb05472f5e88a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>girl on RC boasting about how being a twitch camwhore showing her tits gives her betabux to pay for her AP
>she's a fatty and her tits are too big to comfortably fit most dresses without stretching them
As a chestlet,things like these make me smile. You might get more (unwanted,let's be honest,unless you're an attention whore) male attention but you'll always look horrible wearing lolita. Also it makes you look fatter and they sag quick. Cowtits BTFO
>inb4 "s-seething"

>> No.10489237

I'm feeling the same as well. I'm paranoid about sitting down in public areas for fear of accidently sitting on something that will stain the dress. Doesn't help that most of the dresses I have are light colors. I also have this irrational sorry that someone is going to bump into me and spill coffee or similar on me.

>> No.10489238

why do scrotes put so little effort into concealing that they're scrotes

>> No.10489239

>as a chestlet
Oh boy here we go again

>> No.10489243

oh man thanks for taking the time to type that. ya I usually just shop online but I should probably go to a physical store to try on shirts and stuff. I’ll start collecting inspo pics and go from there. thanks again anon

>> No.10489245

idk about the coffee, but for sitting down carry a scarf or little blanket or empty tote bag. especially a waterproof tote bag.

>> No.10489251

not even a scrote,i'm an actual girl (not a tranny either mind you). I'm just glad I can fit into my Moitié and pretty much any dress i want (although i only care for pre-2010 lolita,anything after is almost always shit tier imo) without binding or dieting

>> No.10489265

Don't mind them anon. cgl is full of fat cowtit anons so whenever you bring up having a small chest they start full on seething. Enjoy being a chestlet, it's the best body type to have.

>> No.10489270

thanks anon,you get it. I'm not even derailing a thread like actual scrote seems to love doing

>> No.10489359

so I was watching this tiktok vid last night where this guy was showing off how he made coffee everyday. I mean it looked tasty but it wasn’t anything amazing but when I went into the comment section everyone was super butthurt. I guess people were mad because he wasn’t sharing his coffee recipe and was being a dick to people that were asking. dude was treating it like it was the krabby patty recipe or something but it was funny how people got so angry over nothing. oh my bad I thought this was the tiktok thread with how flat the convos were getting. :]

>> No.10489364

>not even a scrote,i'm an actual girl

>> No.10489382

Ok fatty

>> No.10489383


>> No.10489386

And over 70% of Americans are overweight.

>> No.10489387

I can loose weight, you can't unloose your dick

>> No.10489388

> loose
Good luck "loosing" your retarded brain

>> No.10489389

> s-scrote! only men can be mean! My girl friends think my cowtits and whale body are totally cute!

Girls on CGL have been making fun of cowtits since forever, lurk moar newfag.

>> No.10489392

I feel like this board got infiltrated by retarded 17 y/o sjws and now its no longer any fun. Shits lame.

>> No.10489397

Then do it hamplanet

>> No.10489412
File: 130 KB, 247x244, tired.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, cgl has been making fun of the way others look for forever
The body image issues are strong in here. I still think about that one anachan that self posted once..

Yeah it's been down hill for a while now. Only good for shop links at this point.

>> No.10489425

Typical male behavior, threatening to dox or hurt someone who disagrees with your shitty opinions.

>> No.10489436

Nice job outing yourself as
1. fat
2. a retard that can't spell
3. a retard who thinks everyone who disagrees with her is a man
all in one post.

>> No.10489441


It did, but it's very entertaining to dip into lolita threads and drop a few bombs before exiting

>> No.10489442

Please just sell it to me fatty

>> No.10489448

Did you miss the part where she said she didn't have to diet? Nice projection there, kek

>> No.10489520

I been seeing this guy for a couple of years now and he’s perfect in every way. he’s not into much of a weeb or into jfash/lolita but he encourages me to dress in whatever I want when we go out. last night when we went out to get boba together he asked me if I wanted to move in with him. I said yes and have been a airing for awhile now for him to ask and I was so happy when he did it felt like my life is coming together. only after waking up this morning did I realize how much shit I’m in, literally. this is kinda embarrassing but it’s anonymous and I feel really safe here with all the gulls. I have a mega colon. It’s not a big deal because I’m used to it by now and I have ways to deal with it at home, but I don’t know what I’d do when I move into the apt with him. should I back off on his offer or just tell him about it?

>> No.10489543

a what

>> No.10489558

ahh phone typing sorry.
>he’s not much of a web
>I have been wanting to move in with him
it’s more embarrassing to type out but it means my number 2 are really really big.

>> No.10489563

If he really loves you, he'll be able to deal with it. Just talk to him about it.

>> No.10489569

Stop responding to bait. It's a fetish.

>> No.10489570

R.I.P cgl

>> No.10489571

Hi soup

>> No.10489584
File: 232 KB, 828x526, 1DC587D8-84B4-4C73-BB34-4AA72F3143B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn’t make that post that you’re responding to but ... sorry you got posted cap.

this little rat kept mugging me yesterday while it was eating. I’m naming it mamoru kun until that cat expert anon tells me its gender

>> No.10489595

Cat fact: lots of cat have socks because the genetic cat printer ran out of melanin by the time it reached the feet

>> No.10489601

I should get it some black cat boots so it can cosplay as a black cat for Halloween. thanks for the catfacts

>> No.10489604

Soup you should get them some actual canned cat food, canned tuna is too rich/oily for them to eat on a regular basis and isn't nutritionally balanced.

>> No.10489616

Is canned salmon bad for them too? I been giving the tri colored one pink salmon in a can. I guess I can go get those little rats some real cat food tmr.

>> No.10489623

Yeah canned fish is fine in a pinch but if you're going to consistently feed them then its time for legit kitty food. Dry or canned either is fine

>> No.10489624

>want to get out there and start cosplaying so I can find weeb buds to hang with
>no con buddies yet
>nobody to cosplay with
>everybody I've tried setting something up with online has flaked
>covid happened so cosplay atm is completely impossible
How do you do it in this day and age...?

>> No.10489637

I'm all lost in the lacemarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for a special offer
A guaranteed moitie

>> No.10489669

is it worth it to sell lewds to get money for dresses? it seems too complicated when I look it up

>> No.10489692
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x720, 1477680282486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>quit job suddenly due to reaching my breaking point
>have outpatient surgery coming up
>copayment itself is $275
>just paid $2000 for Japan 2021 trip right before I quit my job
>suddenly eyeing costumes to sell
>no cons in 2020, probably unsafe to go in 2021
>feels bad to sell off my entire cosplay wardrobe when I haven't even worn them yet

>> No.10489693

It was shit from the beginning to the end.

>> No.10489696

maybe you can do some side hustle for cash now that you’re not working so that you don’t have to sell your cosplay

>> No.10489704

Technically I have a side hustle already but the anxiety in me after nearly 2 years of having a job is like "But what if you need MORE money for this?" even though I have enough on my credit cards to cover an outpatient surgery.

I'm just weighing the options of keeping an entire half closet (and two bins) of costumes/accessories for the next year or two in the hope it's safe to go to conventions again, or just taking the cash just in case there's an emergency or putting it towards credit card bills.

>> No.10489741

I’m not a cosplayer so I wouldn’t know about all the stuff that comes with the hobby. try not to stress too much anon you just quit something that made you unhappy so cheer up and enjoy the weight that just got lifted off your shoulders. I’m terrible at planning ahead so for me it’s do I need the money
Then I’ll keep my shit
I’ll sell them

no matter what decision you make try not to stress out too much. you can always buy your cosplays again in the future if you choose to sell. take it easy and I hope you have a great time on your trip next year.

>> No.10489743
File: 372 KB, 850x450, 1567426723016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks mate. I hadn't expected to quit but a coworker decided to call me on my day off to lecture me for 20 mins because they were mad at someone else.

True. I can always buy them back and right now I don't need to sell them.. so I just have to keep telling myself that.

>> No.10489762

my comm makes me so embarrassed, they all look like the value brand of a lolita comm and it makes me so sad

>> No.10489784
File: 92 KB, 625x469, 1587352648188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how long more till the next ww discount code...

>> No.10489985

Hook me straight up to that dopamine rush of finding something you really want at LaceMarket after midnight. Ka-ching, babyyh

>> No.10490005
File: 302 KB, 470x620, 1588098204703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was a bag I'd been wanting for years. I'd never seen it for sale, except for one that's been around for ages. The price was stupid high and the seller wouldn't lower it. I was starting to lose hope and considered giving up on it. The same bag recently popped up cheaper from another seller so I snagged it. Feels good to move it from my wishlist photo gallery to my closet photo gallery.

>> No.10490018
File: 825 KB, 642x640, 1599573365244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10490022

Can you shut the fuck up?

>> No.10490028 [DELETED] 

Omg ahahhaa *worksafe* plug omg ahahaha dopamine rush omg ahahahaha epic

>> No.10490130

I am royally fucked right now and I don’t know what happened. I fell into a brief state of overindulgence with lolita but was able to pull my head above water in time to pay my bills and rent. But for some reason, 3 weeks after I dropped my check and it cleared on my side, my landlord told me it bounced. This is the first time it’s ever happened to me so naturally I’m freaking the fuck out and started looking at all my bank statements to try and find a moment when my account dipped below what I needed. Everything looks aces, so I don’t understand how this could happen. I’m going to call my bank in the morning to find out but it’s giving me so much anxiety. I feel like shit for being shit, and that my landlord has to deal with my dumb ass.

>> No.10490136

If you calculated everything correctly I wouldn’t worry too much about it anon. shit happens and it’s not like you’ll get kicked out over a one time thing. everything will be figured out once you get a hold of your bank tmr so don’t stress too much over it.

>> No.10490192
File: 3.96 MB, 541x250, 76756577.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss my gullfriend so much

>> No.10490195


>> No.10490196

neurotic attention whore

>> No.10490198

giga based

>> No.10490200

that’s what happens when you go against societal fashion norms but don’t look autustic. only mean people would hurl insults at someone dressed in inoffensive Lolita

>> No.10490201

this ain’t no ethical dilemma. you’re just shit af at sustaining relationships lol

>> No.10490202

lol same I hope the vets come and clip the cocks of all the nignogs in the hood
Poor cat

>> No.10490203


>> No.10490204

hope it kills you love
the world doesn’t need weakling such as myself

>> No.10490205

I feel the same way when my dog enters the room while I have sex. I ain’t cheating on you buddy!

>> No.10490223


Who hurt you

>> No.10490225

lul not any of those guys but one of them I think was arguing that neutering strays is bad and compared it to cutting off the penises of black men “in the hood”
I kinda see their point since some first world countries have been experimenting on the poor by forcing them to install trackers in their bodies

>> No.10490229

nta but I think it’s a nice first dress because you can coord it in so many different ways! I would personally use white with some black accents

>> No.10490251

Didn't that actually happen in the U.S. at one point? They tried to sterilize black and mentally handicapped people?

>> No.10490256

not guy u replied to but
eugenics was pretty popular “back in the day”
now the same sentiments are implicitly expressed as healthcare restrictions, ableism, discouraging mentally-handicapped people from marrying, scrutinization of physical attributes in relationships...
we don’t call it eugenics anymore but we still discriminate all things in the same way. not saying discrimination (in the sense of distinguishing differences) is bad ;)

>> No.10490258

lol yeah I totally discriminate when these Lolita brands try to sell you shitty polyester (not all polyester garments are bad) wth bad stitching in unflattering cuts (i may be a fat fuck not meant for Lolita) with exorbitant prices like wtf imma discriminate and never buy from that burando

>> No.10490275

I'm so incredibly fucking tired of making mockups but if I don't figure this out properly before I start actually sewing I'll just end up hating the fit on the end result.

fuck mockups all my homies hate mockups

>> No.10490293

People who decide to have kids during a pandemic on top of climate catastrophe being underway are honestly so disgusting. I have multiple relatives trying to get pregnant rn and i can't even pretend to be happy for them knowing the poor innocent soul will be doomed to live a life of pure suffering just so some gross human can satisfy their primal urges.

>> No.10490295

You sound depressed.

>> No.10490304

This shit is so annoying. Anytime somebody makes a realistic observation about the way things are and where they're going, some dumb normie swoops into remind everyone that it's "just the depression guys! Life is definitely a miracle! Just look on the brightside!"

>> No.10490307

You sound like a breeder.

>> No.10490315

Life is kinda worth living to watch breeders trip over themselves to convince themselves that life is actually amazing

>> No.10490316

Stop projecting anon. Also most western nations are below replacement level, it's actually a good thing when they produce some babys. It's far more climate friendly than the the endless importation of foreigners and depleting other nations of human capital, thus keeping them poor and undeveloped. Also life is great

>> No.10490318

> guys! bring humans into this world for the economy!
Breeders don't even hide how selfish their motives are kek

>> No.10490328


How brave of you to virtue signal like this. If you want to criticize those who destroy the climate and breed like there´s no tomorrow, why don´t you address your virtue signalling and cynicism towards black Africans, China, India and the rest of the 3rd world? Because they are the ones who have 5+ children, who have heavy industry, who don't give a shit about pollution and who contribute the most to CO2 emission.

>> No.10490337

I shit on the poor fucks who bring children into this world despite having a terrible time themselves, just like I shit on everyone else who thinks bringing up a child to witness this shitshow is a good idea. Especially because it's never about wanting to give a kid a good life, it's just about reproducing, hence why none of you breeders ever try to adopt. Having kids for you guys is just satisfying that primal urge, like masturbating. Go eat shit.

>> No.10490338

Can't Chinese only have 1 kid? Totally agree though

>> No.10490339

They actually lifted that ban recently, it's up to two now because they're running low on girls
Three guesses why

>> No.10490341

At least they have a limit. Africa should be nuked

>> No.10490342

Everything is about placing blame to you retarded conservatives. Ever consider not having a kid for the sake of what the child themselves has to go through? Your entire argument is just a bunch of whataboutisms and assigning motives that don't exist.

>> No.10490344
File: 32 KB, 500x491, 1502088567928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Having kids for you guys is just satisfying that primal urge, like masturbating.

Reproducing is the basic instinct of any living being snowflake. Lucky for the human race, people like you won´t have kids so your trash DNA will die out. Maybe it´s a twisted way of mother nature to introduce natural selection. Since western society has become cucked and "everyone is equally valuable" - maybe this is how you leftist SJW are selected by mother nature herself for extinction, by convincing yourself that the environment and other meaningless bullshit you preach about is more important than your own genetic survival. Good riddance.

>> No.10490345

And for the record im not a leftists, I hate conservatives and lefties because both are two sides of the same shitty coin who can't breathe without inserting their politics into something.

>> No.10490346

Speak for yourself

>> No.10490348

So you admit that you're a retarded monkey with a low iq, acting entirely on basic instincts! Already knew that but thanks.

>> No.10490349

I am, retard.

>> No.10490350

>I have no self control despite being sapient, I am proud that I act like any other animal that doesn't live in a fuckin house and have access to birthcontrol
bow wow, you dog

>> No.10490351

Please keep it itt instead of shitting up the lolita general


>> No.10490352

I love being a monkey and pumping out babies. I'm going to have 10 children and collect welfare

>> No.10490353

You realize nobody is saying people should stop having kids to save the environment? It's because, newsflash, when climate catastrophe hits, the actual person you're bringing into this world is going to have to endure that.

>> No.10490355

Cuckservatives just roast themselves, they don't need anybody to do it for them. Amazing, truly.

>> No.10490356
File: 9 KB, 408x408, Nu4RcE0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hang in there, anon. I'm rooting for you!

>> No.10490358
File: 83 KB, 896x994, 2mojly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


have fun dying out while I enjoy the company of my kids and senpai.

>> No.10490359

lmfao enjoy burning in hell while your children burn on earth
>inb4 not my problem so I don't care
What a great parent, literally don't give a shit about the suffering of your own offspring
Bow wow.

>> No.10490360

Have fun watching your kids live a life of misery and die a horrible death. I'm sure they'll be grateful to you for forcing them into that.

>> No.10490362

Most of them proudly admit they have kids just to have someone take care of their senile ass. Makes me kind of glad this world will be devoured by flames.

>> No.10490363
File: 19 KB, 480x360, 1587129450415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of a fucking logic is that? The hardships the human race has endured in the past are far greater than anything modern man can imagine. Harsh weather, disease, hunger, wars, plagues...Hardship and endurance are part of life. If you can´t deal with it, don´t reproduce since you're genetically not fit to survive even in the comfiness of 21st-century snowflake western cuck civilization, iPhone culture and civilization. If you don´t want any kids, that´s fine, don´t spew your toxic virtue-signalling towards people who actually want a family.

>> No.10490364

I feel you anon, I judge the fuck out of these people

>> No.10490365

Honestly; we've earned it

>> No.10490366

You know the groups of people that have the most kids tend to be the poor and dumb right? That includes SJWs who can't stop fucking. The people who actually matter are having less kids because they're too busy trying to fix the world and end up putting it off later and later.

>> No.10490370

> who cares if my child gets raped and beaten! It builds character, nutting in someone is what truly matters!
Truly a retarded, primal ape.

>> No.10490372
File: 959 KB, 1329x1429, 1587139925059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>enjoy burning in hell
I don´t believe in hell.

>while your children burn on earth


>What a great parent, literally don't give a shit about the suffering of your own offspring

That´s what life is about. Living, being strong and surviving. Basically, everything you are not. If you raise your kids as pussies they end up like...well...like you. If you raise your kids right, they end up being happy people, living fulfilled lives who point their fingers at losers like you.

>> No.10490373

That's fucked up, dude. Seek help.

>> No.10490374

Question, do you hate your parents for giving birth to you too?

>> No.10490375

They can't comprehend that not everything is a "conservative vs libs" issue because much like they're blinded by their innate urge to fuck, they also can't see past their own tribalism. Proving once again that they're just a bunch of shit flinging apes.

>> No.10490376

What about >>10490355

>> No.10490377

Okay number one, I don't even know what the fuck kind of reddit spacing that shit is
But more pertinently, bitch you are on the same 4chan everyone else is
You think /you're/ strong?
You're /fulfilled/ arguing on an anonymous Bolivian case painting forum?
Yeah, your kids are gonna turn out great.

>> No.10490378

I can think conservatives are just as retarded as SJWs, what is your point?

>> No.10490379

Not at all, I think they were foolish though

>> No.10490380
File: 243 KB, 680x709, 1587142643127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You think /you're/ strong?


>You're /fulfilled/ arguing on an anonymous Bolivian case painting forum?

I´m not arguing, but...YES

>> No.10490381


>> No.10490382

Okay, it's a scrote, everyone out of the water

>> No.10490383


>> No.10490384

>If you raise your kids as pussies they end up like...well...like you. If you raise your kids right, they end up being happy people, living fulfilled lives who point their fingers at losers like you.
You sure are throwing a lot of ifs out there my dude. If you haven't noticed, Gen Z are growing up to be depressed self-hating memelords and their children are going to be raised by said selfhating people. I'm already seeing it as a childcare worker. I don't care if people have kids, I'm not against it. But the current trends in social and economic western society is raising children that actually can't fend for their own and are glued to social media. The actual people that are going to inherit the earth are children of the poor, dumb, and you're foolish to think that the people who are breeding are warriors and scientists. Because the warriors are killing themselves and the scientists are too focused on their jobs to raise kids.

>> No.10490385

So you're going to shit out a couple more cheeto eaters and join a mommy group to pay you on the ass for doing literally nothing with your life but shitting out a few more cheeto eaters
Damn, you sure are superior, get a load of this master race contender

>> No.10490386

>Damn, you sure are superior
Glad you agree!

>> No.10490387

Yeah, it's a scrote

>> No.10490388

It's pathetic how they think getting nutted in is such a noble deed

>> No.10490390

It is noble.

>> No.10490392

Yeah, I think my parents were dumb and had me for selfish reasons

>> No.10490393

rabbits are so noble for fucking, just like you! Wow queen

>> No.10490394

I don't hate them but I wish they would have used protection

>> No.10490395


>> No.10490396

Do you ask everyone to give you a standing ovation every time you fart?

>> No.10490397

I don't fart

>> No.10490400

Yes, and they deserve to burn in hell for raising me the way they did

>> No.10490401

Def a scrote

>> No.10490402
File: 31 KB, 601x508, wojackmasl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unlike 95% of the people posting here, I´m not a landwhale acting cute. Maybe that´s your problem? Being too fat, spending your money on clothes acting cute, posting pics from one angle from which you look slim and decent, hoping you will get some attention online, but since you are not physically attractive, men don´t find you attractive, so you adopt an anti-family, radical ecological, "progressive" SJW world view in order to justify your day to day existence and make yourself believe in the thought that you don´t need kids and that people who are more attractive, more successful who want kids are somehow evil.
You are a sad shell of a person. Probably you are a member on several dating sites where you find instant-date partners who you sleep with on the first date, hoping that one of them will respect and have a relationship with you, but since you´re overweight and squeezed into tight pink stockings no guy wants to see you after they are finished with you.
Face it. You are a failure

>> No.10490404

Sorry you're disgusting but it doesn't make me a scrote

>> No.10490405

Ahahahaha the miserable mommy cope is amazing

>> No.10490406

you dont fuck? guess you dont need condoms and birth control if youre too ugly to have sex lol

>> No.10490407

I don't know how none of you realised it was a scrote from the beginning. Yes, there are women who love kids and there are women who have a lot of them, but which woman, after experiencing period cramps and maybe pregnancy, would want to be a baby machine? And then, after carrying the weight for 9 months, after having her entire body altered by the process, after going through this over and over, what mother would think
>if my child has to live in excruciating heat it's fine
>if my child has to suffer to prove their worth it's fine
>if my child dies, they simply weren't worthy

>> No.10490408

You're delusional if you think getting a guy to nut in you is hard to accomplish kek

>> No.10490409

Selfish breeders never expect consequences so they? You can tell >>10490374
Thought this was going to be really thought provoking and not get a resounding "yes" from people raised by shitty parents who think you should kiss the ground they walk on because they fed and clothed you

>> No.10490410

Holy fuck this got pathetic, I'm not reading all that shit
Rest in peace you miserable uterus

>> No.10490411

Actually, I was expecting a resounding "no" to confirm that you're all mentally ill with mommy issues.

>> No.10490412

Damn you're not even trying to hide the fact that you're a scrote

>> No.10490413

I like how he ignores genuine arguments posted and just responds to name calling. You all deserve him.

>> No.10490414

I don't understand why you would put /your/ fw with that wall of admitting you are literally a male from r9k

>> No.10490415


>> No.10490416

> g-guys! I'm beautiful and speshul! It's not everyday a guy busts a nut in a girl without protection! y-youre just jealous of my uhhhh saggy tits and stretch marks

>> No.10490418

Come on, you never threw rocks at the rudest boy when you were in school?
This is just a good old game of white crow, thread hit its cap anyway

>> No.10490453

what the fuck did you assholes do to the feels thread

>> No.10490456


I guess the same shit happening in lolita general.

Zoom classes must be really boring today

>> No.10490469

i was just posting about the dopamine rush of retail therapy and then the thread went to shit
anyway everyone part of the hooded eyes + low brows gang let's all go rope together next evening because there's no makeup look for us

>> No.10490483

Will gulls ever learn not to take the bait?

>> No.10490484

Please shut up for the love of god you attention whoring crackbaby

>> No.10490486

Suffering fetishist

>> No.10490488

nobody asked for your shit opinion on me posting about a haul

>> No.10490493

I don't care and nobody cares about your haul. Go take a Xanax and stfu

>> No.10490524

Sure am!!! But at least I’m not sucking on the governments tit.

>> No.10490538

avoiding the truth while resorting to name calling is a cheap and ineffective tactic, piss baby cumslut

>> No.10490540

this the most based truth ever on this board

>> No.10490541

so many sad fucks lol

>> No.10490542

found the eugenicist

>> No.10490543

are you my hot daddy professor he said the same things on zoom why the fuck are you on 4chan Jose

>> No.10490544

yeah, it’s usually the dumbest, rudest, most handicapped fucks that breed like rabbits. like me, you virgin

>> No.10490545

all negativity is “depressed” huh...

>> No.10490546

lol sewer dweller

>> No.10490547

those are the worst lol hope they die so the kids can be free

>> No.10490549

golden comment

>> No.10490551

My parents were like this. My whole life my mom insisted it would be great when I got old enough to take care of them, they'd move into my house and it would be no trouble and also it's my responsibility (strangely they never considered my spouse might have the same "responsibility", just me and them)
Cutting them out of my life was such a relief. Have fun with your retirement plan now, bitch.

>> No.10490562

shit I feel ya. anybody can be shitty, but it’s worse when the shits are blood-related

>> No.10490610

This is my biggest fear. Spending my 20s struggling to get by, when finally reaching financial stability in my 30s only to be chained down by the responsibility of taking care of my parents even though I intentionally didn't have kids so I could live without being chained down. I love my parents, foolish as they are, but I don't want to give up half my life to care for them.

>> No.10490612

You know, I've refrained from posting people to ita threads because I want to be a good person, but im succumbing to my hatred of humans and if this is the worst thing I do because of that hatred. So be it.

>> No.10490630

Everyone deserves help. At the same time, you ought to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Your parents have no obligations to you nor are you obligated to them in any way. Life’s like that; a balancing act between external pressures and internal desires.

>> No.10490680
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1541030676263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread, every fucking time

>> No.10490690

It's almost like this thread is mostly crossboarders and people who don't actually have /cgl/ interests (and no, going to conventions isn't a /cgl/ interest).

>> No.10490696

stop gatekeeping people from entering our hobbies

>> No.10490704

never said I shared the same hobbies as you brother

>> No.10490762

shut up troll

>> No.10490764

who the fuck is gatekeeping

>> No.10490805

nice try but you said /cgl/ interests so we share the same hobbies daddy
I bought a cross necklace off aliexpress so I'm Christian now. pls watch your language. If you're angry you can use nice words like this anon >>10489980

>> No.10490819
File: 153 KB, 669x1000, qDOrpBn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i'm looking forward to that discount code once maintenance is over, ww

>> No.10490822
File: 1.40 MB, 478x320, E3EAE6BB-BD4F-41D0-9CC1-85A58522F8A7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10490864

I need a damn hug

>> No.10490869

*hugs* you. hehe x3~~ ;_; T-T x~x
It’s okay I forgive you. If you’re that anon that keeps farting in threads too you need to stop that as well. farting is a sin

>> No.10490890

Really? You THINK that makes can't wear Lolita dresses?

>> No.10490921

please take a long walk off a short pier.

>> No.10490935

Just die soup

>> No.10490936

What is the deal with soup? Is he mentally handicapped or something? I kinda feel bad for him :/

>> No.10490951

I’m Christian now or I will be as soon as I get my package then I’ll just post from Heaven x3
When I was little my cousin was trying to show off his new heeleys and dropped me on my head. he was carrying me while doing his little trick. you bet I made him give me those heeleys. I still have them till this day sitting in my closet.

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