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Old thread >>10487358

So we‘ll probably get the last Halloween items on Saturday. What do you think will come next? Toy Factory? The poodle dress? Not yet shown winter print?

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Also, repost from last thread
Dreamy Baby Room rerelease in Shanghai

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holy shit what? is it in yellow only or other colorways too? there's hope for milky chan yet

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Nvm saw in the last thread, but my point still stands

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kinda miffed that this is the only cut and colorway they're offering but at least i have a chance of buying the brooch secondhand

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My favorite cut was the salopette in yellow, so this is a win for me.

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Heads up, SF just restocked the Horror Candy Shop and Ghost Night Bride JSK sets.

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I hope the new catalog comes soon, I want to see all the winter prints

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they only restocked pink and purple for horror candy fyi

>> No.10491765

Not that it matters now, they’re gone. They still have lavender Ghost Night Bride and some assorted other sets

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AP USA has solid color wristcuffs

>> No.10491781

god bless you. i now have lavender and mint wristcuffs >:)

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No problem.

Only black is left. It seems that they usually only ever stock one per item which is unfortunate.

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I wonder if it was just them listing some physical shop stock. Looks like they listed a few other random things like lav pompom beret and lav otome tutu headbow.

>> No.10491792

I wonder that too, but that’s probably the case. Because the official AP site is sold out of those wrist cuffs so I don’t know why they would send them to AP USA if they had extra.

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wow this print really has made a comeback. nobody wanted it back in the day and wrote it off as AP crossing over the ageplay line. i always pinpointed this print as the beginning of the end of that OTT sweet era.

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I’ve been in the physical shop several times and I’ve never seen them have something in person that wasn’t on their website already. Kinda disappointing actually, I was visiting San Francisco and was excited to go in the store and it was just all the stuff online. So I don’t think they’re just deciding to list random stuff that was already in the shop, they must have gotten a shipment of odds and ends in

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Didn’t they already do an a/w catalog?

>> No.10491990

Yes they do multiple per season

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Am I the only one that feels like this coord belongs in the ita thread?

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Looks better than most of cof imo

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Yes. What about it is ita to you? In what way does it hurt your eyes?

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Simple ≠ ita newfriend.

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There are a lot of colours in a lot of times and it feels kinda off-balanced.
The pink neck ribbon on the blouse is much warmer than the rest of the blouse, the grey ribbons and criss-cross detail is also much warmer than the grey check pattern on the JSK. The grey shoes are also much darker than the ribbons on the JSK and warmer than the grey on the JSK.

They tried to match the white on the JSK with the bracelet and sheer tights, but the bracelet is too simple for a blouse with all those ruffles and only emphasises just how blocky and rigid the cuffs look compared to the whimsy of the rest of the outfit. The sheer tights combined with the long-sleeved, high-necked blouse looks off. It's a solid vs sheer issue, but it also means that there is no pink anywhere on the bottom half of the outfit.

I want to say the dusty pink hair doesn't really match the lighter colours of the outfit, but it looks like it's her natural hair, so that's fine.

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No, I see what you mean, the blouse looks like one of those Taobao blouses lol, and I don't really like how the sheer tights and princessy shoes look with it. It comes off unbalanced since the top half is so bulky.

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I’ll give you the sheer tights vs long-sleeved blouse, but the rest is just color matching autism.
Lolita is a real life fashion and sometimes things don’t match 100%. As long as it’s not a glaring eyesore I don’t care

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Oh interesting, I always thought they did but I've never been to their physical shop.

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Seconding >>10492047
The bracelets are fine, the blouse is fine with the jsk. It would look better with normal tights or otks and possibly boots. But the criticism on the neck ribbon is ridiculous though and makes me wonder if you're even a lolita

>> No.10492086

Can everyone stop calling these tights, they’re obviously the Airy Rose OTKs.

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Just a head's up that AP Paris restocked all the Little witch accessories and there's still a lot left :)

>> No.10492090

Anon you’re an angel, just snagged the rings I wanted.

>> No.10492101

Imagine being such a color matching autist you think a perfectly fine brand model photo is "ita"

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No more shy bear rings but I got a pink and a yellow lyrical bunny rings! And they’re still in stock!

>> No.10492126

Bought the Hanikami necklace in pink, Lyrical Bunny necklace in yellow and Lyrical Bunny rings in pink and yellow! Ah I’m so happy! Shame I couldn’t get the Hanikami rings but overall very happy!

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>Minor details are off
Do you not know what ita means.

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So what print do you think they’ll release next week (if we’re following the pattern of prints being released every other week)? There are no more prints in the A/W catalog. There’s Toy Museum and Lovely Poodle, but they’re Winter 2020.

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I want it to be toy museum, but it's probably going to be the poodle one.

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This, but unironically.
Open your eyes, APfags.

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Larpers gonna larp

>> No.10492198

sorry for your shit taste

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Color matching autism is imo the most obvious tell that someone is a "lolita at heart" or at best total noob to the fashion.

Photos almost never capture the actual colors of a piece irl. And with pics like >>10491636 it's been run through 18 layers of photoshop, brightening, pastel filters, etc. Same with most girls' coord pics.

irl your sax tea parties will never be the same as your sax dress even if you bought them from the same brand. And your socks won't perfectly match your blouse even if they're from the same set. And the grosgrain ribbons on your dress aren't going to match the print perfectly either.

ita isn't "the pink of your neck ribbon is a few shades too warm, sweaty", it's "oh my god you're wearing Milky Planet with your walmart vest and a Spirit Halloween tinsel wig."

>> No.10492204

It's just weird to me. It's a fashion with a lot of different textures and layers and accessories. You're not supposed to look like a cartoon character designed with a limited palette.
I have seen some really clashing warm/cool coords, but /cgl/ being autistic instead took away that everything has to match perfectly and not just to use your eyes and learn basic color theory.

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This is honestly one of the nicer thing AP has released this year and that's sad

>> No.10492206

I don't like the styling in op, mostly the choice of tights, but it's far from ita

>> No.10492207

>mfw pink little witch socks are a different shade than the dress
There is no winning anyway

>> No.10492209

The material looks nice, it probably won't do well enough for AP to release more dresses that aren't chiffon or that polyester they use

>> No.10492213

>Color matching autism is imo the most obvious tell that someone is a "lolita at heart" or at best total noob to the fashion.
You are correct. I was one of those types as a newbie and I look back and cringe. I think noobs have too much time on their hands that they can't spend on buying and wearing burando, so they try to engage with the hobby by hyper-analyzing other people's coords. This also explains all the bad CoF concrit from babylitas.

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gulls, this is not on topic since it's not AP, but regarding the color matching discussion - would you wear these boots with this dress? I thought they matched in the stock photos, but in person I don't think it works because the dress is more greenish than the boots. Am I overthinking it?

>> No.10492217

they definitely don't match in hue but they have a similar richness and are in the same color family so I think it could work. I think it would work best if you have a cardigan, purse or blouse of the same color as the boots to make it look intentional.

>> No.10492220

It’s not my personal taste since the dress is definitely more on the teal side. IMO the color change is definitely noticeable but it isn’t too bad of a mismatch, maybe it’ll look more cohesive when worn?

>> No.10492221

thank you, I'll try to find another item, though I'm liable to end up with yet another hue of blue this way

>> No.10492222

I think this would work if you had a blouse or cardigan in the boots color. This could either be cute or go really wrong but I think it's worth trying.

>> No.10492225

good luck! it's a hard dress to coord, I usually just go with red accents. The boots are mega cute though.

>> No.10492230

they were only 440 yen, so I couldn't not give it a try!

>> No.10492249

Try and find a ribbon choker or brooch in the blue of the boots maybe? I can see it working but if you can tie it together with another accessory even a small one it would work a lot better.

>> No.10492250

anon please dont do this, that dress is too good for those fugly boots. also ew get it off of your floor. this image is cursed

>> No.10492260

nayrt but there's nothing wrong with laying a dress on a clean floor, carpet looks pretty vacuumed so what's the issue? are you an american who wears their shoes inside or something? because if so, gross

>> No.10492262

nta but if OP is fine putting boots on her carpet then she probably wears them inside.

>> No.10492272

The boots look new and the carpet looks clean. You're all being dramatic.

>> No.10492275

>aRe yOu aN amErICaN
what's with all the countrybaiting on this board lately? are you a europoor without a bed to lay out your dress on? cheap bait

>> No.10492279

>are you a europoor
no, but I only say american because I don't know of any other country where that's the norm

>> No.10492285

That's really not the norm. That's a myth.

>> No.10492287

Sorry that you can't afford AP, it must be hard to have to cope like this

>> No.10492290

I like Ennui Doll, but I can’t see myself buying it when I want Toy Museum and possibly the Christmas print whatever it may be.

>> No.10492293

No no no that won’t end well

>> No.10492294

oh, well good to know then!

>> No.10492297

The only coord sin is mixing creams/ivories with whites.

Everything else is fair game. Being obsessively matchy is gonna choke your wardrobe.

>> No.10492300

There was a recent thread on mixing ivory with white but you had to know what you were doing

>> No.10492307

Even that can be done well tb h

>> No.10492336 [DELETED] 

You do realise that AP has control over the design and the materials used during production, right? And that the items with mismatching colours (blouse and jsk) are from the same season?

>> No.10492339

Then thats an entirely different criticism, separate from "omg the colors aren't 100% matchy matchy, this belongs in the ita thread!"

>> No.10492341

> That's a myth
Is it really? Most people I knew in American college wore their outside shoes in their dorms.

>> No.10492346

>assuming everyone who doesn't like shitty coords is a poorfag

>> No.10492366

Paris got the store exclusive colors of the Twin Heart clip. I wonder if US will get them too.

>> No.10492368

Yeah, in a dorm. Dorms are nasty and uncomfortable communal living spaces. You could probably get foot fungus if you walked around barefoot in a dorm. If you go into someone's actual house 90% of the time they'll tell you shoes off.

>> No.10492374

> barefoot
I thought everyone switched to indoor shoes to prevent trekking in dirt.

>> No.10492387

Indoor shoes aren't a thing in the US. Very few people wear them. Most people just wear their socks.

>> No.10492392

I have never had someone tell me to take off my shoes in the house unless if they were Asian

>> No.10492412

It does vary by what part of the US you're from. Some people don't want to be rude asking that of a guest, but as someone from the Midwest, you're being rude leaving your shoes on.

>> No.10492415

I think it depends on context. I live on the west coast now but grew up in the Midwest and I take my shoes off when I get home but I would feel weird if I had a dinner party and asked my guests to take their shoes off. It’s not done. I think for the most part in the US it has to do with flooring type. Midwest cities tend to be newer houses, lots of subdivisions built since WW2 which generally means lots of wall to wall carpeting, which it’s definitely weird to walk on with shoes. But hard wood or tile seem to be way more common in the coasts and that’s definitely more of a shoes-on environment to me

>> No.10492420

I have wood floors and always ask people to take their shoes off. No one has ever had a problem but if they do they can leave.

>> No.10492437

I grew up on the west coast and I agree it definitely depends on the context.

Friends, romantic partners, family, other close relationships = shoes off
Clients, coworkers, formal dinner, large house party, indoor-outdoor party, plumbers and other workers = shoes on

I was taught that it was extremely rude to take your shoes off without being invited to, and to take cues from the host. Usually if shoes off was the preference, they'd say something like "get comfortable, kick off your shoes!" Also there was definitely a class component, where all the poor families I knew were strict about keeping shoes off, but wealthier families didn't care at all. As a kid I just thought it was like hillbillies always going barefoot or something, or they couldn't afford vacuums.

>> No.10492483

>implying it's not newbies who can't afford AP who shit on AP quality the most

>> No.10492485

Who the fuck said anything about AP quality? We're talking about coording here, dumbass.

>> No.10492491

in the UK its common courtesy to take off your shoes inside baka

>> No.10492523

If you treat ivory as an entirely separate color from white and coordinate an outfit with that in mind, yeah it can work. But what normally happens is that people treat the two as being the same.

>> No.10492548

Because anon sperged about muh color matching autism which usually leads to aP iS bAd qUaLiTy tHeY dOnT eVeN mAtCh eVeRyThInG pErFeCtLy which is also a painfully newbie thing in general, as other anons have already pointed out itt

>> No.10492554

>But hard wood or tile seem to be way more common in the coasts and that’s definitely more of a shoes-on environment to me
Canuck here, on tiles and hardwood we still just wear socks or go barefoot in hot weather. I wonder if having snowy winters has anything to do with the custom, because wearing snow-laden boots indoors would be a terrible idea.

>> No.10492653

AYRT, I live in Illinois and never once had someone ask me to take off my shoes. If the home owner has an entry way or laundry room with shoes already there guests take them off but the majority of people leave them on in my experience

>> No.10492661

I've lived in both California and Connecticut/NY, and they expect you to take your shoes off at the door too. Thanksgiving house hopping always has piles of shoes at the door. People who are clean and want their home to be clean have everyone take shoes off at the door.

>> No.10492671 [DELETED] 

If you have pets there’s no point in taking your shoes off at home because they’re going to track germs in your house anyways. I do take my shoes off when I go to other people’s houses though because it feels weird having them on in other people’s crib.

>> No.10492676

Wipe your pets feet when they come in. Pls

>> No.10492679

see? this is the exact momment when they realized 99.999% of prints are cringe
>inb4 this is a print
maybe, but not a "print" iykyk

>> No.10492686

I got to admit, bonner-kun has dedication

>> No.10492708

You're cringe

>> No.10492711

you remember when dresses used to have a waist?
and the waist wasn't around your nipples?
good times

>> No.10492712

Sucks to be fat. I like high waists

>> No.10492713

They look like shit on everybody, including you. Maternity dress is not a good look.

>> No.10492714

Just because your body is shit and you want to hide it doesn't mean everyone else does.

>> No.10492715

imagine these city folk walking their bare feet across the corn-smutted, desiccated hardwood floor

>> No.10492718

Stay jealous

>> No.10492720

What would I be jealous of? Having bad taste?

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File: 70 KB, 446x400, 1540872143302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>jealous of fat girls

>> No.10492723

I like your spirit but anon was implying that only fat girls dislike high waist dresses.

>> No.10492724

that's insane; only fat girl prefer high waists
Why wouldn't you want to show your waist if you aren't fat?

>> No.10492725

Bitch probably looks like a fridge so ofc she likes high waist dresses

>> No.10492727

Idgi either normal waists look way better if you're thin, maybe she's just built badly kek.

>> No.10492734

>plumbers and other workers = shoes on
What? Ours have little shoe covers they put on when they come inside. West coast sounds dirty.

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File: 308 KB, 458x458, 6D6FCB42-387C-450F-8889-76DA56C69A61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girly Sticker is a shit print but at least we got these out of it. Hopefully some cute jewelry comes along soon too.

>> No.10492891

Just realized the bears leg looks like shit without the additional leg embroidery.

>> No.10492904

>every thin people thinks like me!
My bustier lolita friends hate high waist because it's really emphasize their boobs, meanwhile I have small boobs and I love high waist, the shape reminds me of the Regency era's dresses.

>> No.10492917
File: 212 KB, 500x750, f3427420bd434fd3e7a0453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(High waists) look like shit on everybody
It's a super popular cut in China for a reason though, it's just your opinion that you don't like them

>> No.10492932

High waists only look good on people under 5 feet

>> No.10492973

you look dumpy

>> No.10493045

Sorry you're fat with huge tits

>> No.10493048

Yeah this looks trash kek

>> No.10493049

Because high waist objectively look shit, even on small girls with small boobs. Try again.

>> No.10493079

are you dyslexic?

>> No.10493086

It just you who objectively looks shit in everything

>> No.10493090


It looks okay if the length is made for your height (so on shorter girls, or longer dresses with a high waist cut on a tall girl) and you don't have a ton of cleavage or huge cup size.

>> No.10493183

The only ones who look mildly ok in these are chestlets and thats why they defend them so hard even though no girl with boobs would want to wear them

>> No.10493185


Nothing wrong with being a chestlet/below a B cup, but using that term makes you sound like a scrote and most girls in lolita would prefer smaller boobs or shoulders in general so it's far from a short girl or flat chested cope to prefer high waist stuff if it fits and looks good on you.

>> No.10493187

looks like a dick

>> No.10493189

Its definitely chestlet cope to say that anyone who dislikes them or finds them unflattering is a landwhale with huge cowtits. You don't have to big boobs for them to look bad.

>> No.10493195

uh is no one going to point out to op that Halloween hasn’t even like started yet? like hello op you good?

I love Halloween. Going to bust out a coord around my holy lantern jsk. I wish there were more lolitas around me to appreciate how rare my jsk is.

>> No.10493197

Hourglass girls don't look good in them in general, it hides the nicest parts (shapely waist) and makes you look frumpy. I imagine its the fridgechans who are convinced only fat girls look bad in empire waists.

>> No.10493200

are you retarded?

>> No.10493208

>responding to obvious bait and calling THEM the retard


>> No.10493214

gb2 maple story lewd erper

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File: 311 KB, 872x392, halloween 2020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10493219

High waist looking bad on everyone is a classic scrote opinion. They hate that they can't see boobs so they think it's bad.

>> No.10493221

lol like why are you guys mad at me for? I was just pointing out how it’s only the 25th and the original poster stated in the original post that “Halloween is over” when it’s not. I mean if it was a thing where it’s the 31st in the US whereas on the other side of the planet it’s the 1st of November I can understand but that’s not the case.

Or is it because I own the legendary holy lantern jsk that made you guys jelly. Because that’s the only reason why you guys would bully me. It’s just a jsk guys chill out. I’m just really exited for Halloween so it was a humble brag lol. I love the weather around this time. I can finally wear a petticoat with my coord because normally here in CA it’s too hot to wear one with my jsk.

>> No.10493222

Why did ap restock the lw jsk again

>> No.10493225

you don’t normally wear a petticoat with your coord?

>> No.10493227

NAYRT but I know some people wear a hoop skirt in the warm season to reduce sweat and layers

>> No.10493234 [DELETED] 

> they can't see boobs in high waist

Are you blind of just retarded?

>> No.10493235

>>10493219 #
> they can't see boobs in high waist

Are you blind or just retarded?

>> No.10493237

> exited
Kill yourself

>> No.10493244

>implying actual women care about having boobs
begone, scrote

this is such a stupid discussion, literally who cares. who let larpers take over the thread.

>> No.10493257

one day someone is going to kts because you said that and you’re going to feel really bad

>> No.10493262

Normally I don’t reply to bait but this truly the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever read

>> No.10493263

>holy lantern
Only itas think owning Holy Lantern is an accomplishment.

>> No.10493264

> w-women don't care about having boobs!
I'm a bio woman kek nice chestlet cope tho

>> No.10493265

They probably shouldn't be on this site if they're that mentally fragile

>> No.10493267

I have a disability and that was a spelling mistake due to iphone auto correct but how is what I said stupid? I’m pretty sure it was coherent and I had my uncle proof read it before I posted. I don’t want to derail the thread it just wanted to tell op that Halloween was not over yet and talk about the coord I was planning on wearing on Halloween.
I’m not ita. Holy lantern might be my rarest jsk but I have a few pieces of ap too. I know that its a no no to buy stuff from taobao. I am pretty new to lolita but I made sure not to be ita because I don’t want to be posted on the ita threads.

>> No.10493268

>Holy Lantern
My fucking sides

>> No.10493269

This is the funniest bait I've read in a while kek

>> No.10493270

>it's just your opinion
this is a dumbass non-argument that admits "I have nothing to argue with so I'm going to state a fact and act like it's a counterpoint."

no fucking shit it's an opinion you goddamned retard. you gonna offer one of your own or explain why you think it's bad, or you gonna keep pretending that opinions can't be right?

>> No.10493272

This is the most retarded thing I've ever read. High waists accentuate the tits even more than anything bc its the only part of the dress that's form fitting. By that logic, scrotes would love it, they think it looks like shit because to any normal person they just make you look shapeless and frumpy.

>> No.10493274

No, this is what the scrotes say. I've heard it multiple times from different guys. Maddox even had a fashion opinion article years ago that said as much. I think he called them "tit curtains"

>> No.10493278

anon, you're thinking empire waist. high waist refers to skirts.

>> No.10493279

sure you are. the only place women actually care about having small boobs is in anime, which is probably the closest you've ever gotten to interacting with a woman

>> No.10493283

Keep telling yourself that, it's not like breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries or anything kek

>> No.10493286

Anon you're really deluding yourself if you believe women don't care about the size of their tits and desu you sound like a newfag because you're so shocked that women might bodyshame each other when that's practically a hallmark of cgl. You ever heard the term "cowtits"? Lurk more.

>> No.10493292

More of a point than "looks like shit on everybody"
Obviously the large demographic of women buying high waisted dresses thinks it looks good on them. Try changing THEIR opinion, tell them that yours is right and theirs is wrong. lmao dumbass

>> No.10493295

nayrt but honest to god I think a lot of those people are larping scrotes who get off on the humiliation of women

>> No.10493301

i don't need to tell myself anything dude, all my friends complain about their boobs cause they're inconvenient or look weird in clothes. you're just making the fact that you're disconnected from women and larger society more obvious. breast augmentation is only popular because it's what all the old ladies that have spending power get. but then look at the most popular models and "influencers," they have small boobs. i don't even know anyone who wants to get bigger boobs lol, i've only met people who want reductions

you're talking about women from a third person pov, are you even trying.

>> No.10493304

Yeah you're just delusional

>> No.10493306

> only men can be mean!
Get a grip yikes

>> No.10493307

typical scrotes trying to make women out to be mindless harpies and then flipping the story to cover their asses

>> No.10493308

Yes, 90% of breast augmentations are from old ladies with "spending power" kek. I literally knew a 22 year old girl who went into debt for a breast augmentation because she was insecure about her small chest. I've never read a bigger chestlet cope than the one you've just wrote.

>> No.10493311

Lmao this is hilarious, lolitas have a track record of making fun of fat lolitas even going back to the livejournal days and yet you're still reaching to say that men are the ones doing it because there's no way women would bodyshame each other. Sorry but that is pure delusion and a slap in the face to any girl who's been bullied by her female peers for her looks.

>> No.10493361

nobody calls high waist dresses empire waist in lolita, pls check the lolibrary tags newfag

>> No.10493362

nobody cares about your normie friends, this is a lolita thread, who would want here bigger boobs to not fit into the dresses?

>> No.10493434


This, this the entire point the actual female lolita posters are making, that no one WEARING LOLITA would want bigger tits or care about having small boobs and most of us would prefer to have smaller boobs. Fuck whatever normies do or want, that is irrelevant. "Chestlet" mentality isn't a thing in lolita, and yeah people refer to their own boobs as cowtits regularly in a self depreciating way because big boobs are disadvantageous.

But at the same time assuming anyone who dislikes high waist cuts is a fatass is dumb too because you don't need to be fat to have tits, be tall, have large shoulders, or other features that may make high waist dresses less flattering. And some fatties have no tits and high waist covers their stomachs or unfortunate body type so it's dumb to make these assumptions.

Some people like the cut and some people don't, for various reasons.

>> No.10493455

we aren't talking about dresses, we are talking about skirts.

>> No.10493456

No, most plus size dresses are ONLY high waist'd. It fucking sucks

>> No.10493459

are u sure? >>10493456

>> No.10493474

my family is very white and my entire childhood my parents had white carpets and no one was allowed in the house with shoes on. They even had a pristine 'living room' that no one actually used because my mom would get upset if you disturbed the decorative pillows on the couch

>> No.10493476

> assuming every girl who gets a BA gets giant cowtits

If someone was flat chested, they could easily go up to a C cup and have hardly any fit problems, retard. Not everybody's entire life revolves around wearing lolita.

>> No.10493477

Wow so you were the newfag all along. When people talk about high waist, most of the time they're talking about DRESSES. High waist skirts are thing but it's not currently what AP is making almost exclusively that is causing all the salt from people who don't like them. Nobody gives a shit about high waist skirts, they are barely a thing right now.

>> No.10493480

In b4 "zomg! u don't know how bra sizes work! c cup can be bigger or smaller depending on the person"
If you're completely flat you can go up 1 or 2 cup sizes without impeding ability to fit lolita, huge cowtits are out, a lot of younger women do get BA but you wouldn't know because you think all BAs look like giant pornstar bolt ons.

>> No.10493486

No, only you are.
In NORMIE fashion high waist usually refers to shirts and pants, and empire and babydoll are shirts and dresses. But that's not the case in lolita. But you don't know that because you're new and thought everyone was having an argument about all the high waist skirts AP pumps out (they don't, FYI) and decided to interject.

>> No.10493492

I said a lot, not all. I've seen it on other boards, it's an entire thing. It's sometimes very obvious especially when accompanied by hentai pics.

>> No.10493493

anon, look at the beginning of the conversation. they were talking about how high waist skirts accentuate large breasts.

>> No.10493498

>you remember when dresses used to have a waist?
>and the waist wasn't around your nipples?
>good times
Nayrt but YOU read

>> No.10493499

You mean
Which are all talking about dresses? The only ambiguous ones are probably you, newfag

>> No.10493500

>Ctrl+f skirt
>Only see you and one person mentioning hoop skirts in a totally unrelated comment
Jesus christ, just because you wandered in and cluelessly decided people were talking about something doesn't mean you are right.

>> No.10493501

We were talking about dresses, retard.

>> No.10493502

This is hilarious oh god. Newfags are too much

>> No.10493521
File: 1.34 MB, 1125x2153, 0BCAED2A-CBC1-4FA7-A65A-64600E2A3875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Noble Collection and Chocolate Rosette are still fully stoked with all the matching accessories on AP USA. Guess that military/rosette style of sweet has gone the way of the dinosaur. But my bet is that in two years people will be climbing over themselves for it as fashions cycle around

>> No.10493524
File: 697 KB, 1125x1227, 29725DFF-DBA6-4BE2-AADA-27CD1DB86AE6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else think it’s weird that the official matching Ennui blouse isn’t being worn with the dress in any brand photos? I wonder if the messed up and the colors don’t match right

>> No.10493529

Or they realized at the photoshoot that collar is actually ugly

>> No.10493530

Yeah, they are probably hiding that the ribbon doesn't 100% match which only westerners on /cgl/ care about and no one else

>> No.10493532

A girl wearing a new ap print is the number one indicator that she's a cloutchasing fame-whore. There is no way people can actually think their new shit looks good, they only buy it because of the status that comes with the ap brand name.

>> No.10493534

Speak for yourself and your saggy breasts.
No one but cgl thinks you have to match to the exact shade. People who wear it as a fashion don't care and still look better. Even brands don't care.

>> No.10493535

You look bad because you're fat, hence the dfc envy. Just lose weight to be kawaii, fatty.

>> No.10493536

>Stop wearing things I don't look good in

>> No.10493538

You're thinking of breast reduction. Turns out, men don't like saggy udders. Shape is usually more important than size

>> No.10493542 [DELETED] 

No I'm not, breast augmentation is really popular because contrary to what people think, most girls just go up a few cup sizes, they don't go for huge cowtits.

>> No.10493543

Some of us are thin and curvy and want to show off the waists we have. Sorry you're a fridge tho

>> No.10493546

In my country, breast reduction is literally the least popular plastic surgery with breast implants being #1, so nope. Keep up your flatty cope tho

>> No.10493548

Bigger than flat =/= giant saggy milkers
Why do chestlets always forget that there's an in between that is highly sought after?

>> No.10493550

You guys always get into a breast size argument. Remember the men win when you fight over breast sizes. It's even a fetish to them to see you fight.

>> No.10493554

it's probably men larping in the first place

>> No.10493557

Just like you think every woman who's gotten breast implants is just a lapping male kek keep coping

>> No.10493558
File: 40 KB, 573x738, 1584044380592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying /cgl/ is capable of NOT getting into autism fights about anything

>> No.10493559

That print is a trainwreck. The OTKs were cute so they sold out. Everything that is left is ugly as hell. RIP AP's regal designs. They're getting worse and worse

>> No.10493566

I'm pretty sure it's that too. Breasts of all sizes are fine as long as the dress fits and it's silly to fight over what's better. Scrotes just like seeing their own for arguments about women justified when we argue about them.
True, but boobs shouldn't be one of them.

>> No.10493572

Define "inbetween" fatty. Most men consider c cups to be small, and even those tend to sag or look weird. It's very hard for large breasts to not look wonky, they're always filled with veins or huge nipples.

>> No.10493573

Sure but its straight retarded to blatantly state that women dont care or feel insecure about their breast size like one anon stated. Like come on, we know that just isn't true.

>> No.10493574

Keep telling yourself that anybody who isn't flat as a board has saggy tits. Maybe you'll actually believe that if you say it enough kek

>> No.10493575

i see you're trying to assign a side in the argument to me, but you're going to have to have your tard-fight without me. ciao.

>> No.10493576

You wouldn't be seething so hard about girls smaller and cuter than you if you weren't a jealous fattty. Most fat chicks don't think they're fat, I bet you're tall, too lmao

>> No.10493577 [DELETED] 
File: 221 KB, 960x1280, 028---BYCMON2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chestlet cope kek

>> No.10493580

I bought this dress in the Japan release, but I really wish it had been on cotton. Or the dream, wool.

>> No.10493584

Its ok, I understand empire waists hide the fact that you have no waist because you're built like a remote control. I know not every girl gets to be lucky to be skinny and actually have a waist smaller than their hips. I'm a size 4, so I'm not fat, and I'm 5'4. Keep coping.

>> No.10493588

Confirmed scrote or attention whore?

>> No.10493592

Empire waists look good on girls that are petite and cute. If they look like shit, you're huge and manly

>> No.10493593

> n-no it can't be! Anybody who isn't AA is saggy guys! Only chestlets look good

>> No.10493594

Of course, all the more reason we shouldn't fight over such a thing and instead support. Other than clothing fitting properly or medical issues, breast size should not be an issue to worry about. It all just goes back to men trying to tell other women what is and isn't better and has turned into women fighting each other over that. It's dumb.

>> No.10493595

Nah it's called I have a 12 in difference between my waist and hips which is way more feminine than being ruler shaped.

>> No.10493596


>> No.10493597

You shouldn't wear lolita unless you're small and cute, you just look like a delusional womanchild. Just saying, you look retarded af. Wear normie clothes if you wanna be a fucking whore

>> No.10493600

Aww? Is the remote control angry that some people are actually thin AND shaped like a woman and not just straight up and down? You'll get over it baaby

>> No.10493602


It's obviously a scrote. Women on the internet don't just post nude girls for no reason to chest shame other women.

I have large shapely breasts and even I can see this is less an argument and more anons being too retarded to respond to bait. Most lolitas don't even care about having small boobs in the context of what rando men want because many of us are gay, in relationships, or both to begin with, and in the context of lolita we want boobs that can fit the specific brand we want to wear well, whether that's small for babydoll cuts or bigger looking for other cuts to fill them out decently.

Scrotes can gtfo

>> No.10493603

> if you want your dresses fitted in the waist you're a whore!!!111

You ok anon?

>> No.10493605

Should I post a vag pic to prove I'm a girl? Kek

>> No.10493606

Hell is empty and all the devils are here. This thread needs to be purged, I just want to talk about AP.

>> No.10493607

If you already look like pedobait why would you want to look even more like pedobait by wearing lolita? Also not everyone wears sweet kek

>> No.10493611

Cool story 36inch waist chan

>> No.10493614

>not everyone wears sweet
Then why the fuck are you in the AP thread you god damn larper

>> No.10493615

Nope I'm a size 4, my waist is 26 in and my hips are 38. u mad that some girls are thin and curvy? Do you tell yourself they don't exist to cope with looking like a fridge?

>> No.10493616

I wear sweet, but anon said that anyone who isn't fridge shaped shouldn't wear lolita period because they'd look like a womanchild, which is dumb because goth and classic don't look inherently childish. Keep up with the conversation, retard.

>> No.10493618

What's your fav dress from this year?

>> No.10493619

Most western chicks look like retards in lolita desu. They're too big and manly with horse faces and they keep trying to slut it up. If you look bad in empire waists, you probably look like shit in all lolita

>> No.10493620

Yeah, the boob pic cemented for me this is just an angry scrote.

>> No.10493621

newfag, lurk more

>> No.10493622

If you look huge and bulky, why would you want to dress cute and young? It looks retarded, make dealings. Lolita is designed with cute teenagers as the target demographic, not huge old white ladies. Yes, the same goes for gothic and classic, you look retarded lol.

>> No.10493623
File: 45 KB, 554x675, Screenshot_20201026-120240_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This you?

>> No.10493624

More fridge cope kek

>> No.10493626

> i don't have a defined waist that i can show off so nobody else does!

>> No.10493627

>posts huge bulky white woman
Tell her to lose weight, can't believe you're even fatter than that cow LOL

>> No.10493629

> t. angry pedobait

>> No.10493630

Most thin chicks do lmao cope harder. If you look like shit in an empire waist, it's because you're too big.

>> No.10493632
File: 387 KB, 500x600, b_1562688592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been trying to find images of others wearing this but "nostalgic lady" is too fucking vauge to search by.

>> No.10493635

I’m looking forward to Toy Museum a lot, but we still haven’t seen the full cuts. Of already released dresses I liked Rose Tea Garden.

>> No.10493637

>cute teenagers as the target demographic

The target demographic for lolita has always been women who had to be old enough to work to earn excess income to spend on it, meaning a teen with no income in school was not the target demographic, considering legal adult age in Japan is 20 and that's the age you'd be getting better paying jobs than the conbini down the street or whatever. Misako is a lolita icon and she's a nurse as her full time job and almost 40.

You're clearly a scrote though, only scrotes are obsessed with trying to equate lolita fashion with *the other* lolita and thinking it makes any mentally developed adult woman angry that they're being compared to the jailbait little girls incel scrotes wish they could be screwing.

>> No.10493638
File: 454 KB, 949x493, slide_top.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rather than doing their usual tea party this year, ap will be doing an online one instead, similar to what ap Paris did. I'm going to guess foreigners will be able to go, though everything will obviously be in Japanese

>> No.10493640

Nice, I hope I snag a ticket. It would be really cool to be able to go to a Japan event, even a virtual one.

>> No.10493641

Currencies differ country to country, lolita isn't as expensive in Japan as it is to us. Island nations are always expensive af, why were there no middle aged women on Harajuku? Funny how they're noticeably teens. Alternative fashions are always intended for young people

>> No.10493645

It's cheaper but not that much cheaper and plenty of older people wear lolita. White people just think anyone who doesn't look 50 at 30 is a teen in photos because they just barely started understanding basic skincare and sunscreen.

Alternative fashions are intended for everyone, some people just have no spine and give up because of societal judgement, while for some others they have less time to wear it as they age with work (or kids, if they have kids) taking up their time.

>> No.10493646
File: 60 KB, 490x460, tumblr_inline_nty87fokvg1rmrtyz_500~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> i have a defined waist guys! I'm thin!

This is probably y'all

>> No.10493647

She's Asian, dumbfuck.

>> No.10493649

Why are you so hell bent of believing I have no waist? Are you trying to convince yourself that all thin girls are built like refrigerators? Sounds like a fatty cope. Either way, you're still to huge and bulky for lolita. You said so yourself lol
:) :) :)

>> No.10493650


Isn't this literally a Kpop star on a stage based on this photo though? Imagine being such a cooming scrote that you think women's ideal bodies are based on the retarded porn star look men want.

>> No.10493652

Asian girl.....

>> No.10493654
File: 51 KB, 440x586, Angelic-Pretty-Holy-Lantern-lolita-40745224-440-586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Asian girl...

>> No.10493655

You probably are shaped like that since you can't comprehend why a thin girl would want to show if her defined waist in normal waist dresses
When did I say I was huge and bulky? I'm 115 lbs kek. Must suck to be thin and still have a shit body, huh?

>> No.10493656
File: 183 KB, 661x960, 5004208_IMG_6334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

White girl. Notice how the white girl would be considered "average" as far as weight goes, yet is too huge and bulky for lolita because she's white. The asian girl looks much better, she's small and cute.

>> No.10493658

You're retarded, thin white girls don't look like that. Get over your yellow fever.

>> No.10493659

I've seen the self post thread. Thin, tiny white girls are a myth, that pic is pretty typical.

>> No.10493660


This woman is skinnyfat at best and tubby a worst, look at how huge her arms are. That's not a race-based bone structure difference, you just posted a thin Asian and a fat white girl. Thin girls of any race are likely going to look cuter than fatass ones, unless they have an unfortunate face. Reach harder.

>> No.10493662

Try calling that bitch fat in any other thread, I dare you. You would be called an anachan. You're also proving my point about tiny thin girls looking better.

>> No.10493663


Nayrt but most thin white girls I see in lolita are tall which is a whole other can of worms as far as clothing fit. But any girl who is height weight proportionate and not horribly broad shouldered that is close to average Japanese height is likely to look just fine because awkward lengths or fit from height won't be an issue. Tons of thin white girls wear lolita, you're just clearly a man and don't see enough lolita content that isn't in your yellow fever fap folder to know that.

>> No.10493664

found the pedo

>> No.10493665

Yet again, you're proving my point about white girls being too big for lolita. They really shouldn't be wearing it.

>> No.10493666

> thinking 4chan is an accurate reflection of reality

You realize most of the girls frequenting cgl are overweight right? Do you honestly believe the thin and pretty ones will self post to a bunch of nasty lurking scrotes like you?

>> No.10493667

I like the JSK of RTG more than the OP. I considered it because I really really like the little teasets. Maybe someday in the future.
That's pretty cool

>> No.10493668


Damn if you think stating that people look better in clothes that physically fit on their body is agreeing with your weird race fetish you need to go outside for once.

>> No.10493669


This, and there are thin girls here too who do call women that look like the white girl in the photo fat all the time.

>> No.10493670
File: 44 KB, 500x600, celestial_special_jsk_set_sx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has been sitting in the U.S. store for a while and I'm close to just buying it just because.

>> No.10493671


This is kinda ugly to me personally but still somehow better than girly sticker

>> No.10493672

Exactly, compared to other releases this one looks decent but otherwise I wouldn't have considered it. Now I see it as a challenge.

>> No.10493673 [DELETED] 

Asian girls = small and cute
White girls = huge and manly

Small and cute girls are suitable for lolita

Thus, asian girls are suitable for lolita.

>> No.10493674

I've always found prints like celstial and cecilia cross to be really pretty, I'm surprised they're not more popular. Ig people hate crosses as much as they say they do

That's because the print is from 2014

>> No.10493681

Why would a kawaii girl be less likely to self post compared to a fat one idgi. Comm pics also prove my point. And what makes you think the girls calling people fat are white?

>> No.10493682

agree, cecilia cross is gorgeous. i'm glad it's unpopular though, that just makes it cheaper for the rest of us

>> No.10493683

Because hardly any pretty girls are on cgl, dummy. And the ones that are dont want attention from scrotes like you.

>> No.10493684

at this point i'm like 99% sure the people still shitting up the thread are scrotes shitting on each other

>> No.10493685


I like the elegant cross prints (really most border prints from AP regardless of theme) but it is just not my personal style so I never buy. It's nice seeing lolitas with different taste than me wearing what they like so I can enjoy the dresses I'd never wear in a different way by looking at coords.

>> No.10493687

Girls troll too. I'm sick of the underrepresentation of female trolls. Diversity is fucking important

>> No.10493688


Definitely. I'm just glad the thread hasmoved out of the 'responding to retarded bait' stage and into the 'ignore scrote/troll posts and talk about lolita again' stage of the thread.

I checked the AP USA site when someone mentioned chocolate rosette was up in all colorways and was literally about to go buy a full set but realized pink wasn't there. Am I thinking of the wrong print or was pink a limited color, special set, or just not rereleased?

>> No.10493691

I'm not a fucking scrote you misogynistic cunt

>> No.10493695

I feel this way too. I love seeing other lolitas wear them but they’re not for me.

>> No.10493703

The print is fine, just that specific colorway is something I don't care for normally. But now I kind of want it.

>> No.10493705

Shit just got picked up fast. I saw the other doorways for a moment before they dissapeared too.

>> No.10493706

celestial was like the last new AP release i liked

>> No.10493713

I'm assuming the Chocolate Rosettes that are there on AP USA are extras/leftovers from the MTO last year, and they only did red/blue/green/white

>> No.10493719

Pink wasn’t rereleased as part of the MTO last year. Pink was released in the very first 2015 release then the next year as a special collared JSK set and a special OP set that had the little marching hat. The 2016 rerelease got new colors of lavender and brown but not pink and the 2019 MTO did not include any pastel but had the colors, just ivory, blue, red, and the new dark green. There was also a mint special set released at some point and lots of special set releases over a few years in ivory red snd blue So no pink would’ve been up in the store because they haven’t made it in like 4 years. What’s for sale now are random leftovers from the made to order that was delivered earlier this year.

>> No.10493720

T-there are cute western lolitas! They just don't post themselves online and stay out of sight!
Pfffft hahaha

>> No.10493722


>> No.10493724

Your tiny pp is showing, you cross-boarding pedo.

>> No.10493725

>Everyone that likes thin cute girls is a pedo! Real wimmens have rolls!

>> No.10493727

Yes, because there is no middle ground between being a geriatric obese person and being a literal child.


>> No.10493731

I like it but the waist is too high and not shaped right for me. I like the high waist cut like cosmic jsk has

>> No.10493737

Ignore him. The more you feed him the longer he stays.

>> No.10493812 [DELETED] 

do girls with bigger bewbies make better farts? If you really think about it bewbies are like gas bags so if you’re about to fart and you squeeze them the fart would come out more powerful

>> No.10493846

Neon Star Diner and Toy Museum! I also liked Royal Crown Berry but didn’t buy it.

>> No.10493852

I didn’t buy Royal Crown Berry at the release but fell in love with the navy set. Definitely planning on getting Toy Museum unless the cuts are truly awful.

>> No.10493864

>Neon Star Diner
This is the correct answer.

>> No.10493879

I fucking love Neon Star Diner (the whole set, including all the jewelry pieces).

I also really liked Royal Crown Berry (normally not a fan of fruit prints but it was nice) and Dolly Heart. Girly Sticker is growing on me as well.

>> No.10493887

Topping Heart in lavender is mine.

>> No.10493934

Lolibrary is useless for SF exclusives. Hunting down stock photos is a full day’s work.

>> No.10494125

Little witch and ice cream parlor, but I'm really excited about toy museum

>> No.10494144
File: 247 KB, 500x600, 3vqqN1Dj5j3Kr5SddoxQczU9PwAPVd3xsUR7Nasq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girly Sticker in black, and for non-prints, Falling Heart op in sax

My top 3 releases of this year would be
-Girly Sticker
-Patissier in the Forest (Meta)
-Marine Bear (Meta)

>> No.10494152

I know someone asked this a little while ago but has anyone received any more updates on their Neon Star Diner orders from AP USA?

>> No.10494526
File: 1.08 MB, 1125x1102, 3A55C808-E5B7-4BC4-BDF7-F575AFF161A0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like Shibuya’s getting a special pink colorway of Noble collection

>> No.10494551

Yes. They're receiving their shipment around now/early Nov. and will ship soon.

>> No.10494557

This isn’t news. It was announced ages ago.

>> No.10494566

Lmao someone has clearly never seen the asian fatties on Weibo and Twitter

>> No.10494653

Did anyone get any of the little witch lyrical bunny and shy bear jewelry?

>> No.10494696

Royal Crown Berry and Little Witch! Neon Star Diner is cute too but I didn't end up buying it, maybe I will try to grab someone's unwanted MTO order in the future.

Yep, just waiting for the shipping notification.

>> No.10494775

Yes, from Paris. Waiting for them to receive the items and ship them.

>> No.10494882

What are you looking for anon?

>> No.10495166

What’s this dress called?

>> No.10495172

the dress itself is called “Ennui Doll” if you’re asking about the type it’s a onepiece. feel free to ask me anything else you’re confuse with anon :]

>> No.10495199
File: 105 KB, 500x600, A178FADB-E9AA-4AC0-A301-91694C9639BA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dressy Tulle, a non print, this week. Also broom jewelry if you’re into that.

>> No.10495201

Its not a one piece retard, its a jsk

>> No.10495206

Stop. Responding. To. Soup.

>> No.10495210
File: 45 KB, 458x458, notthesamedressanonwastalkingaboutbutidontwanttoadmitit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A JSK ( short for Jumper Skirt ) is not a skirt, it refers to a sleeveless lolita dress. coined by seagulls from the popular lolita imageboard /cgl/.

does this look like it's sleeveless anon ??
stop responding to anons if you have something to say give me that (you)

>> No.10495214
File: 217 KB, 500x600, d_1603864167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this could have been cute if it didn't look like that
pic unrelated, this is dressy tulle for anyone interested

>> No.10495215
File: 150 KB, 500x600, 14_pk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are sort of cute, but the "broom" is made out of thread, which will probably fray in about two wears.

>> No.10495289

Bless you, Soup-senpai. I’ve not been keeping up with new releases for a while but I actually kinda need this.

>> No.10495298

I like the idea but in practice it looks like a tassel, not a broom (because it’s a tassel). At first glance I thought these were meant to go with Shanghai doll or similar Qi style dresses

>> No.10495557

Old thread hasn’t saged yet

>> No.10495805


>> No.10496278

i have two high wasted babydoll dresses and yeah its kinda hard to get 'em to look good if you have small shoulders but a sizeable bust.

Would prob be best coupled with a blouse underneath rather than just worn on its own unless you go braless which isn't too bad.

>> No.10496281

honestly should just say babydoll rather than high waisted since high waisted can still have a defined waist, it's just higher.

the proper term y'all are probably looking for is babydoll cut cause it leaves little room for a sizeable bust.

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