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Ok /cgl/, I come from /fit/ and once Corona-chan is gone, I want to go to an anime convention to show off my gains. I've always wanted to go to a convention in a sea of nerds and be the best looking one there, since it would never happen in real life. I've been a skinny nerd all my life and finally got muscle to show off so I figure a convention (something I already enjoy) would be a good place to showcase my gains.

Reasons why:
>good opportunity to show off my gains
>get to turn away women for once
>dirty looks from dyel virgins will fuel my gains for later
>might meet a big tiddy attractive anime girl that, seeing me in contrast to all the nerds might trick her into thinking I'm attractive.

My questions are:
>what character/costume/outfit would best show off my gains?
>how big do I have to be realistically? I know normie standards are pretty low.
>do tattoos ruin the effect of cosplay? Because I have some tattoos

For context, I'm 6', 165 lbs at about 17% body fat with pretty good muscle definition. By the time convention season rolls around however, I plan to be about 185 lbs at 13% body fat.

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>once Corona-chan is gone
try 2022 at earliest

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Sup scrote. First, try to use the catalogue. This is a slow moving board where threads can stay up for months and we like to keep things organized here. Try googling topless male anime/game characters. There's plenty available and if not, just do a slutty verison of one you already like. Find one that matches your bodytype. Tattoos can ruin the cosplay in my opinion but it's not the end of the world.

Makeup is your friend. I don't care how gay you think it is, if you're a butterface we will laugh at you. You can youtube tutorials for men's no makup, makeup-up or the character you choose may have a sunken in face, thicker brows, etc that you'll most likely need makeup for.

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>I want to go to an anime convention to show off my gains.
Prepare to be ignored since no one cares about gains, only about merch of their husbando/waifu.

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Post gaped butthole

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This. Could end the thread right here honestly.

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>best looking there
I see plenty of /fit/ ppl go to cons all the time. My friend who is 5'11, 200 pounds at 6% body fat goes as Thor all the time.

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This, anime cons are pretty normie now so there will be many non-nerds there that you have no chance of looking or acting better than.

Also, doing /fit/ just to try to get women is cringe. Fitness is for improving yourself for yourself first, and everything else that comes with being /fit/ is just happy accidents. You can look like Fabio, but if you're a sperg you're a sperg and will stay a virgin

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Scrotes should be exterminated

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