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Previous Thread >>10480582

Check your emails for your matches! And if there are any issues, contact one of us ASAP!

>Matches Sent Out: October 26, 2020
>Shipping Deadline: December 11, 2020
>Grinch Check: January 31, 2021

Again, everyone has been assigned an ID#, Please use that to contact your matches in the threads! If you are getting no response, let us know and we can contact via email!
If you are buying online you'll wanna do it ASAP as there are delays which could then delay your package.


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i wasn't able to join this year cause of stupid money garbage, so i will be watching from the sidelines and making e-cards to put in the gift thread!

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Hey Id 5059! I'm your Santa and I'm SO INSANELY EXCITED TO SPOIL YOU . We have similar interests and I already found a bunch of stuff and pretty much am done but won't order until later incase I see better stuff.

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haven't received my match yet, but no pressure! please shoot me an email if you get a chance

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That’s me! I’m so excited! I’m going to spoil my giftees too! I want to let you know that I already found pink AP wristcuffs so you don’t have to look for those!

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Just read this and wanted to clarify so there isn't any confusion or awkwardness- this year there is only one direct match (due to participating countries).
All remaining matches are round robin style, so who you're buying for is not who your Santa is.

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Question are your ears pierced ?
Do you prefer headpieces more than cuffs ? What size are you for leggings ?

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I got one less card exchange that I signed up for was this intentional or should I email Santa’s?

>> No.10493891

My ears are pierced. I’d be happy with headpieces or cuffs, but I could use cuffs more (if you looked at my Pinterest you can see I have way too many hair accessories lol but I love them). For leggings, I’m usually a medium. Thanks for checking!

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Hooray I got my matches! Thank you organizers for your hard work!

ID 5613, hello wonderful match! How do you feel about possibly getting some manga as a part of your gift?

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Yup, send an email, most likely one of your matches accidentally didn't paste or something.

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Hey 2154! I’m so happy I got you as a match! Can you send me your wardrobe album so I don’t send you anything you already own?

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Hey can you actually contact me ?I listed my email in my form for you. I realized I sent you a complete old list as my current wish list..and the list I sent you is of stuff I already have and itd be awful if you spent money on that stuff...I can send you the proper list. Im such an idiot.

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Are all matches are sent now, including cards? I only signed up for cards this year but didn't get an email of matches yet. If it's just taking a while that's fine though and I don't want to bother!

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>forgot to sign up this year
Whoops, there goes my 3(?) year streak. Hope you gulls have fun though.

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Not quite yet! All gift tiers are sent, and cards we left for last cos they take so much longer to email out, but we are down to the remaining 6ish emails!

I noticed a few regulars were missing! Maybe next year?

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Ok great, just checking! Thank you for all your hard work Santa coordination gulls!!!

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Y'all weren't kidding, it's either less than a paragraph or an entire novel LMAO

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Hello 3469! I’m super excited to be buying for you, thanks for writing out so much! I can’t see your Pinterest board though, it might be a secret board? I still have a pretty good idea of your taste though I think!

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I got somebody known for posting people here, so now I’m nervous that if I pick something they happen to dislike I’m gonna get dragged...

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Uh oh. I’m a bit worried then, I didn’t get an email, I signed up for the 40 dollar gift tier?

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Never mind I’m just a complete idiot. Sorry. And thanks!

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How about shirt size and waist size in inches or your normal skirt size ? If you're uncomfortable posting that give me your email and I'll send you a message privately . I dont want to get you just small stuff

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How about shirt size and waist size in inches or your normal skirt size ? If you're uncomfortable posting that give me your email and I'll send you a message privately . I dont want to get you just small stuff

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That's me! Sorry about that, I goofed and had it on private. Im so excited!

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#9009 - Hi! Your interests and style are so similar to my own I’m excited to start shopping! I actually live by Disney World, and know you like pins and the parks- are there any specific pins/characters you would like to see if I put one in the mix?

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Hi 1203! I'm very excited to gather your gifts! Your profile is mostly cosplay but I'd love to buy some lolita items, if you have a wardrobe album you can share let me know!

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Hi there! I was pretty happy when I got paired with you, we have a lot in common! Just a quick question: you mentioned casual accessories, do you also wear casual main pieces like cutsews & casual skirts? Or do you stick with more traditional blouses and jsks and more formal skirts?

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Heya #9670! Quick question, what's your shoulder width?

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Uh, 4504, you were the one saying that I should send you an email because you put in an out-of-date wishlist right?
Well, I don't see one listed. I could be blind, but I Ctrl+F'd for it and didn't see on either. I think it could be that you put it in for the organizers? Maybe you should email them about this. I'll hold off of course.

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Hey! I'm excited to hear that! Yes, I do wear casual pieces to work. I like surprises so I'm pretty open to anything.

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Hey, 7699! Are you okay with receiving/do you like jewelry? Also, no guarantees, but are there certain accessories that you need more than others? and how do you feel about cute spooky items? I know some people like to keep their goth and sweet completely separate. Also ayyyy licorice hater gang lol

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Hi, 4562 here :) I forgot to mention on my form that I like medical/guro stuff, especially nurse themes in particular because that’s my chosen career. Not a big deal though, just figured I’d mention it since it’s Halloween rn and I was recently reminded that medical stuff is a thing I’ve been seeing lately :)

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Wonderful! And you said you don’t wear pastels but do sometimes wear dusty pink. Do you just mean you wear the toned down softer old school pink (as opposed to modern sweet bright pinks), or do you mean you wear that darker classic lolita pink that is seen in brands like innocent world?

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>my number not posted
GREAT guess I’m being grinched!!!

>> No.10493957

Hey! I loooove jewelry. I seem to really be lacking in the bracelet department right now so wrist accessories would be nice. I love anything from truly goth/creepy, to cute spooky, to 100% kawaii not at all spooky. Cute spooky is probably my favorite though!
>Also ayyyy licorice hater gang lol
ayyyy lmao, licorice lickers should kick rocks

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2641!! You have great taste in anime, but I really would love to know your measurements? Do you have any examples of your wardrobe?

>> No.10493963

Hello 3851! How do you feel about prize figures? I'm thinking of getting one for you and some other stuff, I hope you like them!

>> No.10493966

I would love it!! Thank you so much!

I'll be real, you could get me Black Bible prize figs and I still would be happy! lol Thank you so much for taking the time to think about me

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What are time zones? I’d assume most people on the east coast USA are sleeping now

>> No.10493969

Waist is 29” and bust is 36”! I can fit in some smalls and some mediums.

>> No.10493972

they’re just joking anon don’t worry

>> No.10493973

It’s almost 3:30 am on the east coast and I’m awake because I have a fucked up sleep schedule but I’m sure most people here are asleep

>> No.10493975

Lmao same, I never learn

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Hello #8008! I'm your Santa! I just have a few questions if that's okay?

Most D&D people I know are dice hoarders; are you like me and can never have enough or would you rather I stay away from D&D bits?

I normally include a few snacks in my gifts - would you like to get snacks, and if so do you have any allergies?

>> No.10494020

Hi Santa! Thanks for checking in!

Regarding DnD tidbits... A bit of both, maybe? I'm actually quite stingy when it comes to dice. My rolling needs are already met in my dice bag, which is practically full already. If you truly want to send me some dice I'd much rather appreciate unique d20, d10 or d6 instead of full sets. I hope this answers your question!

I am allergic to paprika, don't like liquorice, hatred of honey is already mentioned, but other than that I am open to any and all kinds of snacks!

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So gulls, AP stand for All Purple, right?

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Hi ID#3159! I'm just checking in as your Santa and saying I'm enjoying our match. Your form is very thorough, and it's giving me a lot of ideas of what to give you. If I have any further questions I'll post them, but for now I have none. I hope you have a great day!

>> No.10494031

Wait what ? I listed a link of two wish lists one being outdated and a link showing stuff I' have already and a link for ootd I like....it was all put under the section that said you'd see it..aghh could you send me an email ?

>> No.10494034


What colors for main pieces would you prefer?
For a cape/cloak?
For a skirt?
For a top?
Sorry if I'm asking too much! I just dont want to guess completely for you !

>> No.10494037

no it stands for angelic pretty it’s a popular lolita brand

>> No.10494050

Hi 6446! Would you rather receive cosplay/geek merch or lolita as a main thing? I've got a feeling that you're more into the former, but I really want to make you happy! If it's possible, could you please include any examples of bracelets you like? You can add them to your wishlist or pinterest wardrobe, I'll make sure to check both! And one other thing - you asked not to send you earrings because your ears aren't pierced - but would you like to get a pair of clip-on (non-invasive) earrings? I sometimes get asked to make clip-ons for lolitas because of how hard they are to get and I could make you a pair if you're looking for them - this is only a suggestion though, no need to agree if you wouldn't really like to get them!

>> No.10494051

Oh I meant to include that but I forgot, my bad!! My shoulders are about 40cm across, although I layer a lot so if the shoulders are small on something that otherwise fits I’ll just layer something over it to obscure that.

>> No.10494053

9695! Hi, I’m your santa! Your form didn’t include much information so I wanted to check; you say you’re into historical fashion, what eras are you interested in? You also didn’t mention any specific jfashion styles you wear but mentioned motifs you like; do you wear jfashion and if so what styles? Thanks!

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File: 1.86 MB, 500x275, tumblr_nvcji1iSHA1qaedvuo2_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's 8am, I've got my studies done for the day and a cup of coffee so I'm about to crack open the Excel for giftees. Goodbye rest of the day productivity because I'll probably be shopping and bargain hunting on Y!JA all day today

>> No.10494063


Oh neat, we have the same person! Must be dif tiers.

>> No.10494067

Hey #9670 would you be okay with receiving a few stickers and other stationery on the side?

>> No.10494068

Hello! Either is completely fine by me, as I love cosplay, Transformers and lolita evenly. I'll add some bracelets and I'd love clip on earrings actually! I never really think of getting them myself cause in stores they tend to only have those as a kids option, or the ones that wrap around your ear and those feel a bit too punk for me haha

>> No.10494081

Yes, that’s fine! I’m the type who loves stickers but gets stressed out using them, to be honest, but I definitely do enjoy cute stickers.

>> No.10494082

Dear 6446!

I’m your other gifter. How do you feel about brooches? And what fruit motif is your favourite?

Thank you!

>> No.10494083

Hello to you too! I love brooches, and my faves are strawberries and cherries. Most of my fruit prints feature either one of those so they'd fit in the best

>> No.10494084

ID# 9351, I ran through your Google Docs spreadsheet, am I right all of the items listed are the ones you are searching for and not the accessories you already own? Are you ok with getting the ones which are not on your list but match the colorways / coming from your favorite brands?

>> No.10494087

Either of those are great! I just avoid wearing cool-toned/bright pinks since they look bad on me. Thanks for checking!

>> No.10494088


Amazing! I have some ideas I really hope you’ll like. I haven’t followed you on insta yet because I don’t want to ~reveal myself~ haha, but I see you have a lot of red in your wardrobe (either in the piece as a whole or the print details), and as somebody who LOVES red in sweet, I thought I’d run with that and find some cute stuff to match :)

>> No.10494091

I do very much love red in sweet, so I encourage you all the way!

>> No.10494092

Hi! Yes, thats correct it's ideas for fillers for the dresses in my wardrobe that I don't currently own. Absolutely ok to get things outside of the list! It's just for reference/inspiration. Sorry I didn't have time to make a pinterest collage :( Next year!

>> No.10494101

Hello! I meant to link my lolita account also, sorry about that lol

It’s @magical.bun.etoile on IG, I’ll put together an album of what I own when I get home from work to help you out!

>> No.10494103


(not that anon, but following bc you are adorable, hope that’s okay!)

>> No.10494112

Got it! Thanks!

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no it stands for ammo partitioning

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No worries, it wasn't that I didn't get the wish lists, it was that I didn't have an email to get an update from you.
I got an email from the organizers about your updates, all is resolved

>> No.10494138

Wrong again, it stands for Associated Press

>> No.10494140

#7699 - I’m also your Santa! I’m excited to shop for you! You mentioned you’re mostly looking for bracelets/accessories atm, but is any accessory fair game? For example, do you wear brooches? What colors aren’t in your sweet wardrobe/what colors do you not need accessories for? Are you open to hair accessories? Do you prefer silver or gold?

Also, since you mentioned you embroider, do you mind receiving embroidery as a gift? Anything you wouldn’t want embroidered (including with colors)?

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And now I wait nervously to see if the fril-jp goddesses smile on me and FJ is allowed to buy the items I want. I managed to find a slightly overpriced wishlist item for one giftee and something neat for another.

>> No.10494151

Hi babes ! Haunted mansion anything, Tiana and rapunzel are my fav princesses ! I haven’t been in ages so I’d be surprised by anything !

>> No.10494155

Hello 5059! I'm so happy to be one of your matches as we have such similar interests and tastes. I wanna know if you have any interest in skirts, cutsews, or casual wear since you have such a versatile and cohesive wardrobe! Talk soon~

>> No.10494160

do you guys think it'll get to the US in time if I order taobao stuff this week and have it shipped out friday?

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Alright! Do you have any preferences for clip-ons as of style?

Nice! Should we cooperate to not gift the same? Maybe a discord/telegram channel? Just thinking!

>> No.10494164

Depends on the shipping method.

>> No.10494165


Sure! I’ve picked out a bunch of stuff already, so we can team up and make sure we’re not doubling up.

>> No.10494169

Cool, I see it now! You have great taste and I already have some things picked out for you, I’ll be back here if I have anything else to ask you!

>> No.10494177

Hi, sorry if I wasn’t specific enough in my form! I really love lavender and pink!

>> No.10494178

Hi there! I’m interested in all those things! Thanks!

>> No.10494185

is anyone else just doing cards? I got my matches and they’re wonderful but I am a little awkward and now anxiety has kicked in that I won’t be able to send them a nice card

>> No.10494189

I did cards last year, and I used their interests to relate to them :) if they linked a social, I drew one of their coords and told them what I liked about their style. If they talked about characters they liked, I mentioned my faves from the same series and gave recs to similar media, and doodles said characters in the margins. I talked about the traditions that I do with my family around this time of year, and closed with well wishes for the new year :) Also, I like to use washi tape and stickers liberally because it 1) fills up space and 2) looks hella cute

>> No.10494191

That's brilliant, thank you! One more I'm afraid and then I think I'll be able to leave you alone - do you have a favourite Terry Pratchett story/character/etc.? I don't want my Pratchett preferences to get ahead of me haha

>> No.10494193

only thing I can think of is not too big probably, as I'm not used to wearing any kind of ear jewellery

>> No.10494217

Hi! I emailed you Imgur links, hope that's alright!

5177 - do you have AP x Marie Collab items? Do you also have a wardrobe or wishlist album? It's fine if you don't!

>> No.10494221

ahh thank you so much anon! this was super helpful!

>> No.10494223

Hi, looking for #6451 to say hi I am your Santa! We have a good amount of same interests so I am really excited to start looking for your gifts! I also was wondering what your size is? If you could give me a general size I can go with that but if you're comfortable with it I think knowing inches/cms for your size might be better to make sure everything fits!

>> No.10494225

I feel so loved! Yes, any and all accessories are fair game, I love brooches and headwear. I made a collage of my sweet and sweet leaning dresses at imgur (the end of the url is /a/l8J1n5s) to help a little bit in terms of accessories, maybe pulling from the accents? I'll be happy with a resin covered cookie haha. I tend to wear gold with my sweet closet and silver with my gothic closet, so either is fine. I'd love an embroidery as a gift! All subject matter is welcome aside from slugs and snails unless they're super cartoony and cute, they kinda freak me out lol.

>> No.10494255

hello there! i'm usually a size S in most clothing and i usually fit into brand without issue! i'm a 36 bust, 27 waist, and around 39 hips. i have some extra info for you though if you'd like-- i didn't put a ton of info in my form since i love surprises, but i am a huge blouse + socks enthusiast and i've been hunting for large solid headbows from AP in sax, pink and lavender like the Sweet Twirling KC. i cannot stand marine themes, but i absolutely love Imai Kira, older brand cutsews and detachable sleeves. hope this helps <3

>> No.10494260

nayrt but nooooooo I love marine themes lol oh well more for me

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File: 54 KB, 450x450, 34395DF6-36B0-4A2F-B93D-4364D6B090BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello #3159, im your santa and im so excited to shop for you!! We have some in common but it will be interesting and fun to shop differently for someone!
#6174, #8290, #9009, #9081: you are all my card tiers and we all have some things in common, I can’t wait to send you your cards + some goodies! <3

>> No.10494267

I'm reading the Discworld comic chronologically, but I haven't gotten that far (Pyramids). The world is enchanting and whimsical enough to just know that I love it with all of my heart. My favourite story of Pratchett is his Nome series for children, particularly the first book Truckers. His poignant thoughts of society feel even sharper when he presents it at a child's level.

But since you're a fellow Pratchett fan, let a little bit of your preference shine through please! Now you made me curious...

>> No.10494270

Me too, I have 4 card matches this year.

>> No.10494276

I also have a pin for stuff I already have which I guess you didn't get im kind of worried that the insane overly done details I posted weren't included. Heres a pin of stuff I have or had at some point :

I usually do a lot of trading to get stuff

I really am looking for cute gothic outfit stuff. I have a weird obsession for purses and either wear full killstar or nanchatta type of outfits or a mix of pastel goth.

Did you at least get all the information about my measurements and what colors I dont like ? I added so many links with commentary next to them that you said you didn't see.. I am just hyper worried I screwed up everything on my form .

Again so sorry for all the confusion im not sure what I did wrong. I was pretty sick when I did the form. Thanks for your patience .

>> No.10494277

Helps a ton, thank you!!!

>> No.10494286

Hello #6241 I am your $100+ Santa, and #4072 I am your $30 - $40 Santa!

We have quite a few shared interests so I am super excited to start shopping!

Please can you let me know your phone model and favourite prints? I am doing some craft as filllers this year (don't worry, won't count it toward gift total)

>> No.10494289
File: 6 KB, 578x145, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That moment when you genuinely don't realize how much you've spent until FromJapan calls you out on your shit.

>> No.10494293

Oh and 3368, 3497, 1417, 1853 and 4255 I am sending you cards and would love to send small filler gifts! Please let me know your phone models and favourite prints too!

>> No.10494295

Hi 9081, I'm your Santa! I have some cute ideas in mind, if you have any more info or interests you want me to look at feel free to post. Also you said no bananas/caramels, did you mean the literal foods or the colors?

>> No.10494298

Relaaaaaax everything else was there, yeah.
I'll keep in mind you're a huge gothic fan.

>> No.10494300

hello! i'm 4072 :)
i have an iphone 11 pro and pretty much any ap toy print has me under it's thumb!

i know i didn't offer the most in my form so if there's anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask!

>> No.10494301
File: 93 KB, 1200x666, De4Us9WXUAAvlQB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ID# 5878

I'm regretting not getting you for $100+ because I have found SO much stuff for you. I apologize in advance because this is going to be extremely over budget.

>> No.10494311

I’m 4255 and I have an iPhone X and my favorite print is AP Loyal Rosette

>> No.10494316
File: 29 KB, 517x593, BD3295C8-2BB7-4841-9FAA-6AA2B16EE1A4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was dumb and just saw my email with my card matches was sent to junk but... omg, thanks for the great matches mods! I’m so happy with the ones you sent me!

#6398 Reporting in!

>> No.10494317

How much is too much for spoiling? I’m in the $50-$75 tier because it’s my first year and I seriously want to drop double that

>> No.10494320

I’m in the 50-75 tier too, first year, I’ve already dropped above 75. As long as you don’t expect the same back, I think lots of people spoil.

>> No.10494321

Do as much as you want. 2020 has been such an awful year we should all be spoiled and spoiling others. Now more than ever. . But if you can't afford it thats fine.

>> No.10494322

Ayrt, I can afford it, I just didn’t want it to be awkward? But I’m gonna go ahead and do it :)

>> No.10494323

This to be honest. I'm >>10494301 and 2020 has been a shit year and I just want to spend money on dumb things to make people smile because otherwise it's just a shitty end to a shitty year.

>> No.10494326

#5910, please know there is absolutely no way I am going to be capable of sticking to $30 - $40 so you're going to get spoiled!

>> No.10494346
File: 441 KB, 495x354, tumblr_ocjcjtlaPS1vq1xquo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw shopping secondhand for giftee and find a three-piece BtSSB JSK set for $80

They don't like strawberries and I can't pass up a deal.. Merry Christmas to us both I guess.

>> No.10494348

I decided to only do a bunch of cards this year. Feel a little sad to be missing out on all the gifting chatter (especially since there seems to be a lot more of it this year than previously), but I'm still excited to put together some nice personalized cards. Like >>10494189 suggests, there's a lot you can do to make them feel special/unique! If a match mentions interests like certain animals or colors I try to find a card in that theme, and if we share anything in common, include a little note about that with my message. In my form I asked card matches to share their favorite recipe, poem, or descriptions of cool places near where they live as a jumping-off point, because I love getting those kinds of little insights into someone's world :) And seconding adding decorations of your own style like stickers, washi tape, etc.

>> No.10494350

Sorry Santa a lot is going on from my medical treatments and I'm a mess and don't mean to stress or complicate things. I appreciate it and hope everyone has a fun time shopping for others. Ive been so excited for secret santa all year.

I checked cgl daily since September for info about ss this year.

Hi5 to all you gulls for being so excited to shop for everyone this year. Way more up beat than last year .

I found some stuff that may be really cute for others (not my taste )



Cute graphic glow in the dark tee

Pink Fluffy heart earings

Bear headband

My hero face pouch

Animal crossing shell bag

Pastel rainbow earings

Animal crossing Bob the cat pillow

Switch pastel cat case

Cherry blossom ita bag

>> No.10494372

Im 1853, phone model is iphone xr and fave prints: *top fave* ap classic fairytales (green), ap halloween treats (ivory), and ap toy parade (pink). Thank you so much.

>> No.10494375
File: 23 KB, 360x450, Profile_-_Marie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dk have the AP X Marie collab items. I also have a Marie tea pot, a couple blankets, and a couple plushies but there's still lots of Marie stuff I don't have.

I don't really have a wardrobe post anywhere but some of the prints I own are Dolly Cat by AP and Little Royal Icing by btssb if that help gives you an idea of the types of prints I like. I also own and love ephemeral tears/swan lake from aatp but I'm mostly into brighter prints and colors if Dolly Cat is anything to go by lol.

>> No.10494393
File: 92 KB, 315x467, Wondercookie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello anon! I'm 3368, and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10e. AP Wonder Cookie is my favorite print. I'm excited to receive a card from you!

>> No.10494398

Bro, the shipping on my items was 70% of the total price. I haven't ordered overseas since the shut down and Id forgotten the struggle

>> No.10494401

This is just my Charge 1 to get items to the warehouse. With EMS down, I know DHL is going to cost me a fortune.

>> No.10494405
File: 38 KB, 400x438, [002096].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, Santa checking in here again 3935. My grand plan for your great christmas is forming in my head, and I've already ordered the main portion. But as thorough as your form was, I have questions about your measurements...

"Really?" I hear you hark from your side of the screen. "But I listed bust, waist, height, foot, neck, wrist, AND sleeve length! What could Santa want now?" (Excuse my narration, I'm making fun of myself for daring to ask even though I seemingly shouldn't have to.)

Well, I think it's a bit of a spoiler, but what is your measurement over your head from ear to ear? Please don't think you have me figured out, because I am still confident that I will be able to surprise you. I hope this question finds you well. Merry Christmas!

>> No.10494435
File: 237 KB, 500x578, 9CF1DC85-77E1-4B60-A1D9-C9A838E35D82.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m so glad to hear that! I wasn’t sure if I gave too much info, but I’m so glad that there is someone out there that is enjoying all my random interests! Your generosity will definitely be appreciated and will be passed on, as I’m so excited to spoil my matches too!

5910, I already contacted you but you probably would like to see your number in the thread, haha. Found some awesome stuff for you so far.

6952, I have a really good idea for your gift, I’m going to get crafty and make a small something custom... don’t want to reveal too much though!

8290, I have you for a lower tier, but it’s so easy to shop for you and I keep finding nice things! I found some old Emily Temple (not cute) but the sizing is like a 150 and seems quite small. Do you have other 150 size items?

>> No.10494455

I'm 1417, and I'm not signed up for the card tier. Are you sure you have the right #?

>> No.10494478

Ignore me! Apparently I can't read.. Sorry for confusion!

>> No.10494496

no worries, glad it was cleared up

>> No.10494512

6241 Here, really excited that you decided to check in and hope you’ll have fun shopping for me! right now im actually planning on getting a new phone since mine is dying, im almost 100% set on getting the note 10+, and my favorite print is daydream carnival. let me know if there’s anything you’re having trouble with!

>> No.10494514

Saying hello to my $100+ match #3977 just wanted to say I’m super excited to find stuff for you and I already found a few things! Not going to say much else but if I have any questions I’ll post them in the thread!

>> No.10494544

Every single year my number doesn’t get posted in thread and every single year it’s absolutely fine and just because my form was detailed enough.

So why do I freak out every single year???

>> No.10494553

8290 here, I'm excited to hear that! 150 is hit or miss sadly, I have one dress in that size that fits but other size 150 things I've bought ended up being too tight.

>> No.10494554

>Maybe next year?
Yeah! Or maybe White Day if that's happening this year.

>> No.10494564

#8008, #5613, #9351 and #8290
You're my card matches. All of your sheets were very well-written and I can relate to your style. I'm very excited to create some beautiful cards for you!

>> No.10494565

Thank you

>> No.10494575

Hi 2154! I'm one of your other matches, checking in to see if you can let me know your shoulder width! I see you've also emailed Imgur links to another anon of your wardrobe, that would be helpful for me too!
Your style is pretty different to mine so I'm excited to shop for you!

4255, you're my card match! I don't have anything to ask you but I know it's nice to see your number in the thread anyway!

>> No.10494589

Is anybody else constantly refreshing to see if their number has been posted or...?

>> No.10494591

Oh wow, it shows that I posted this at 3am. The ID number is meant to be 3159, just like in the quoted post of course.

>> No.10494594

That's an absolute mood. I'm always worried about mine because I do minor cosplay and my Jfashion isn't lolita so I feel like I'm one of the odd ones out that no one wants haha

>> No.10494595
File: 728 KB, 320x180, 1544151199025.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that fuckin feel when you spot a high priority wishlist item for a giftee on Fril and when you check it today it says "awaiting seller's response" and look at the listing and it says it's sold out

I hope at least another gull got it for that person..

>> No.10494598

I'm OP and same! I'm jfashion that's not lolita. If it's any consolation I've never been grinched, but I do get that feeling of "I'm subjecting someone to my weird style" every year.

>> No.10494601

Same, I've never been grinched but I've had some awkward gifts. I either get fully fandom gifts (no /cgl/ content) or I get Jfashion gifts that made an attempt but usually got things wrong to a comical degree.

>> No.10494605

I’m 4255 and thanks, it is nice to see my number!

>> No.10494607 [DELETED] 

This is a mood

>> No.10494609

I put a subsection in my Pinterest board also with what I own, if you want an idea of accessories too, let me know!

Thank you, really appreciate it!

>> No.10494622

Hi Santa! I'm glad you have some ideas cause I was worried I didn't put enough after seeing people posting wish lists and mood boards. I am allergic to bananas so I try to stay away from sweets with the flavor too just incase, yellow is fine if you're looking for colors! Caramels was a food based one too, I just don't like them but I love sweets patterns, and neutral tones are fine too. I don't know if this helps but I do enjoy space/galaxy and witch themed things. I'm not picky on patterns and tend to go back and forth from cutesy fashion styles to more of goth. I love both equally and like going for creepy cute items because of it! I also really love mint, purples, and blues for colors if that helps. And on the chance if you're looking at dnd items I favor druid and ranger class. Oh accessories are fine too! I like bows, headbands, necklaces etc. Pretty much anything. I only have 2 more kei outfits and like 2 necklaces to go with each. Lolita items I have absolutely nothing for. I hope this helps you and doesn't confuse you!

>> No.10494652


Yep. It’s my first year and I’m terrified.

>> No.10494660
File: 100 KB, 1802x216, cheapgull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll do fine as long as you don't do pic related

>> No.10494663

Oh holy shit that unconscionable.
Nayrt but it’s my first year too and I’m also a wee bit worried. I realize now I didn’t put nearly the amount of info other people did so I guess it’ll be my fault too if things don’t go well. But worst case scenario I know I’ll be making someone else’s Christmas brighter even I don’t get anything I like and that’s still pretty good. I’m just going to focus on doing my best and let the chips fall where they may

>> No.10494691


Wow that is absolutely awful. What a cunt move. Wee bit anxious I might also get something weird and gross haha

>> No.10494779

Same, when I got my matches I realized they wrote a lot more than I did. Hopefully whoever got me can read between the lines, next time I’ll write more.

>> No.10494802

It's my 2nd year participating and I too feel like I should've written more. Then again I tried to keep it simple because last year I nearly melted my brain and rewrote my sheet over and over again. (It's only a card anyway this year.)

However, if any of my card matches has questions, just shoot me a message, haha. I'm #1383.

>> No.10494817

Hello 5878! I'm (one of?) your card matches, though I wish I was doing more because we share a lot of interests (I loooove lesser-thought of insects and sea creatures as well as mori themes)! I just wanted to know if you have any favorite MtG cards (commanders, deck themes, a card that is your favorite art, fave planeswalker, etc). Either wishlist or ones you already own. I have a couple fun ideas for little flat things to include in your card ;)

>> No.10494831

>>10494053 #
I love the over the top styles of mid/late 1700’s.
I’m just getting into jfash/lolita so I’m sorry I don’t have much info on specifics. Most of the lolita dresses I have I’ve made myself. You can message me on Instagram @laraussi_ if you have more questions

>> No.10494837

#1853 Hi I’m your gift match! Your profile was very nicely detailed and I already have the perfect gift picked out for you along with some side goodies.

#8008, #5613, #2641
You are my card matches! Would you guys prefer a bow or a custom patch to go with your card?

>> No.10494864

#9532 and #6800

I’m your card match! Looking forward to sending a card your way! You both left excellent profiles, thank you

>> No.10494865

Ahhh that was a typo, it was supposed to say #9351

NOT 9352. Sorry 9352, don’t know who got you

>> No.10494896

So... is puvithel on board this year too?

>> No.10494897

Doubt it after last year.

>> No.10494908
File: 68 KB, 500x281, [001694].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

8008 here! I'd love a bow please.

>> No.10494910
File: 408 KB, 400x264, DD3F350C-5639-444E-8DF8-524270EEFD90.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I keep telling myself that I’m going to calm down and let my items arrive before I buy more, and yet I find myself scrolling’ n’ buyin’ every damn day.

Discussion question for everyone: Do you prefer when your gift has a cohesive theme or colour palette? Or do you prefer having a variety of items that reflect every interest? Refined or eclectic?

Also, everyone likes filler items, but do you prefer one big thing or a few smaller things?

>> No.10494912

I prefer a variety of items. It makes it more interesting and surprising opening each little package. For filler items, I would say it depended on the main gift. If there's a lot of main gifts, then if I'm getting filler, one big item since I already got a lot of things. If the main gift is just one or two things, then a few smaller fillers is nice.

>> No.10494915

anybody else aboard the strugglebus?

>> No.10494923


I saw your listed measurements but I’m not sure how you prefer things to fit, is an unshirred dress that’s 10cm bigger than you in the waist and 8cm bigger than you in the chest too big?

>> No.10494940
File: 8 KB, 217x206, Head_Measurements.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh wow o.o This is VERY intriguing.
I guess I know your plan due to what measurement you ask;) It's 29 cm and the way how I measure is on pic (hope I understand what you need correctly).
And I really glad that my form helps you because every year I think "I will definitely sort it out and systematize all info into good usable list!" aaaaand fail.
Anyway I've got great matches too and checking what I can grab for them is so inspiring!
Good luck for all of us :3

>> No.10494941

I hope not

>> No.10494943

Would it be bad taste to do an art related secret Santa? I want to join in, but I'm poor as fuck until next year.

>> No.10494949

Signups ended a couple weeks ago, anon., it’s too late for this year. Next year sign up to exchange a card, people often include art in them

>> No.10494954

LAST QUESTION whats your shoe size or in inches?

>> No.10494959

What kind? I'd still be struggling for one giftee if I hadn't (hopefully) scored them a wishlist item. The other in my highest tier I look at what I've bought and think it's too little and I need to add more but I'm not sure what else to do..

>> No.10494964

I don't care about a cohesive palette/theme for the gift itself as much,but i think it's a very nice touch when the wrapping/packaging does match

>> No.10494968

Thank you!! That was exactly the measurement I wanted to know.

>> No.10494971

feeling like nothing I'm finding is good enough

>> No.10494984

You'll be fine. If it's something they have an interest in then they'll like it.

>> No.10494989

this. just research properly and you should be good.

>> No.10494993

to me the main thing is quality. i would rather have a high-quality non-matching item than a bunch of matching cheaper-quality things. if the quality is equal, then i do not care about the size or matching one way or the other. like >>10494964 said, the packaging is important to me. last year i got all the stuff straight in the box with no holiday wrapping or card, that was a bummer.

>> No.10495006

oh shit, was that me? It was my first year and I thought putting everything in the bag and then the bag in a box would be cute, and I didn't realize people individually wrap each element

>> No.10495007

Not that anon but I did that too my first year. I had no idea people wrapped each item but now I think it's more fun to at least put everything in tissue paper with little notes for each item.

>> No.10495013

nope, there was no bag either

>> No.10495016
File: 719 KB, 741x568, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dropping this here because I've already bought all my gifts.

If anyone's giftee likes Q-Pot, there's a huge auction going on right now.


>> No.10495026

Why post ! You're spoiling it for your match !

>> No.10495029

3497 here! I've got an iPhone Xr, all of my favourite prints are actually JetJ collabs with Naffy (Sirene, Les Champignons, Chouchou la Marche etc) but I guess they wouldn't be very convenient, would they? In any case I generally like cat prints, so you can pick any and let it be a surprise!

Sorry I got swamped by work, please drop a fakemail and I'll send you a link to join tomorrow!

>> No.10495032

..because I'm not buying it? I put it here in case anyone else's match liked Q-Pot.

>> No.10495038


Nice! Fakemail attached.

>> No.10495039


...Disregard that, apparently I’m brain dead and can’t copy/paste.

>> No.10495054


Hey I also have 8290, drop a line so we don’t buy the same items? Email attached

>> No.10495061

Anyone else to the point where all they can do is sit and wait for items to arrive? I'll probably pop into town just long enough to buy wrapping papers and stuff but otherwise it's just a waiting game.

>> No.10495111

Hi again 3469! I know you said you liked Little Witch, did you need any of the jewelry? No promises but I'd like to try and get some if you want it!

>> No.10495124

I'm doing just cards this year too, I'm excited I bought some stickers to send them, usually when I have a card match I introduce myself and be a little chatty about what I do in my country.

>> No.10495168

Hi, I'm your card match! Just wanna say that I loved reading both yours and #3497 profiles! They made me feel so cozy inside, I hope I can participate in gifts next year!
It's a little intimidating, even though it's just cards, since this is my first time.

#1383, do you prefer your card to have a certain design/color?
also btw so glad to hear you don't like gummy bears! it's rare to meet someone who feels the same

#3497 hi! it's so lovely hearing about how much you love literature! Sadly I don't really read much but I should motivate myself to do so, reading your profile made me want to pick up a book again. I'll try my best to find some cool stickers for you!

>> No.10495184

Hi! That sounds just fine. I'm okay with loose fitting things!

>> No.10495188


>> No.10495191

I'm im the 100 tier and doing a lolita gift. Im not able to score any clothing stuff because its all way over budget but I got 2 of her big wishlist accessories and 4 other items i found myself . One decor of something she likes and rest accessories that match her clothing style. Im at 130 right now but I feel like the gift is lacking because its all smaller stuff. Does my gift sound fine right now ?its all stuff she really really likes it just looks so small.

>> No.10495194

yeah, but if you feel insecure about it, then just wrap it really neatly and put a big bow to make yourself feel better

>> No.10495221

Honestly, I have this every year. I've spent nearly double the tier amount but it feels like nothing, and I'm always really confident in the choices until I've bought it and then I think they'll hate everything.

It will be fine. Just wrap things nicely and I'm sure they'll love it, it sounds like an amazing gift.

>> No.10495241
File: 39 KB, 600x475, FF7DEC03-5EA8-4527-8026-8CA47D6805EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My honest opinion? 130 at this tier is.... underwhelming? Yes its technically acceptable, but like, would you still feel okay with it if you receive a gift that is valued at double that? I can’t say that I would.

>> No.10495251

If you're in the $100+ tier and you're at $130 right now.. that's not against the rules but maybe add some filler items? You can't help it if her clothing wants were over-budget but if you think it's lacking then definitely get some filler items to boost the price + pad the gifts out. Maybe try Etsy for some unique jewelry or trinkets? Or even beauty/skincare supplies if they're okay with it. Maybe a new wig or two?

>> No.10495257
File: 193 KB, 1200x900, 1539724989526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I bought my match an Amazon giftcard
It sounds so stupid but it's part of a bigger gift (along with several other gifts) so I hope they'll understand when they get it. I'm just kinda feeling shitty for resorting to it.

>> No.10495266

My wallet is feeling rough right now.

These are my totals before shipping costs from Japan to me and then from me to the my giftees.

>$50-75 tier
Total: $102

>$75-100 tier
Total: $133

>$100+ tier
Total: $191

>> No.10495269


Dear Santas, looking forward to your cards <3

>> No.10495305

i think as long as the gifts are thoughtful then there is no reason to compare sizes

>> No.10495314

I agree with >>10495251
Filler items are good! I'm sure if you spend even just an extra $15, you can get a bunch of cute accessories and little items to make your gift seem more "impressive." If your giftee doesn't have allergies, you could even just get them some quirky snacks that are popular in your region too! Also, what about handmaking some items? I always appreciate a handmade item that was made just for me :)

>> No.10495319

Don't be! Gfitcards are valid and screw the people who say otherwise

>> No.10495322

Senpai same

Total: $52

Total: $76

Of course shipping is half of what I paid oof

>> No.10495324

I got both my gifties a dress and a hair accessory + some filler items. It is a bit hard since one doesn't like food, but its fine!

You clearly put thought into your gift and thats really what matters!

>> No.10495325

no they are not. if i wanted a shitty amazon gift card i would join a shitty office secret santa.

>> No.10495326

i feel so sorry for them.

>> No.10495332

What type of filler gifts did you all get? Trying to think of ideas

>> No.10495335

As a side gift? Its fine, now if it was the whole gift then yeah, but it's not

>> No.10495336

Not being funny, I can get an Amazon gift card off my grandma. Part of the reason this SS was started was for people who don’t get gifts related to their interests because their family don’t understand or it’s not possible for them. I think >>10495257 is okay because it’s part of a larger gift, but really gift cards are not ideal for this specific a SS.

>> No.10495337

Local candy, a cute hair pin, a scrunchie, stickers. I don’t want to be more specific than that so I don’t ruin it, but I also got a couple little things that were tailored to their personal hobbies outside of lolita/anime/cosplay

>> No.10495338

it's only just passable though as a side. but something tells me it's the main part of the gift and the "several other gifts" are tiny things. we still have a while to ship gifts out so resorting to amazon gift card now is really pathetic.

>> No.10495342

Fair enough, hopefully its not >>10495338 what is feeling.

>> No.10495344

last year, the fillers I received were face masks, stationary, tea from anon's favourite local place, a handmade bracelet, stickers, and stationary. the fillers I put in my gift were hair clips, scrunchies, a necklace, and a few things from daiso since my giftee doesn't live near one

>> No.10495345

This is my first year so I don’t know the etiquette. Do I sign my cards/gifts or does it remain anonymous?

>> No.10495347

Personally, I sign my name and add my email/social media handle in case they wanna be friends with me. At the very minimum, I'd sign your first name

>> No.10495350

Yo, # 9670 it's me!

Do you have any favorite/disliked scents?

>> No.10495354

for last year's fillers, i bought stickers, pens, hair pins, pouches, enamel pins, and one mentioned having a dog so i sent a small dog treat for the pup too. my matches sent me a bracelet and stationary. this year I'm in a higher tier, so I'm thinking a scarf maybe.

>> No.10495355

i only sign my ID#. i like the anon aspect that is unique to this event.

>> No.10495356

Shipping isn't included in the value, hence why the other anon mentioned it was excluded.

>> No.10495358

I know, but overseas shipping still hurts

>> No.10495364

Hi #6592! I just wanted to post so you know I got your info, I’ve just been too busy to sit down and start looking but I’m excited to start gathering stuff for your gift!

>> No.10495380

I really like coffee, chocolate, and vanilla scents, basically most sweet foods. I’m not big on anything too perfume-y.

>> No.10495384

my giftee is getting a dress from their wishlist (hopefully) i found an old as fuck fril listing for it but the person originally wanting to buy it changed their mind on it.

>> No.10495388

Thanks gull


The gift I want to get them is too big for me to purchase and then send so I wanted to give them a giftcard so they can buy it (think DIY supplies) and then the rest of their bigger gift (not their main gift, that's coming from Japan) around said DIY supplies is basically more bits of the DIY project they're into. The DIY supply I'm buying the card for is uh.. 35x59 inches and I don't have a box big enough to fit it plus all their other gifts.

Hope I explained that well. I'm not Uncle T, I promise.

>> No.10495390

You could always buy it and have it sent to them as a gift directly from Amazon and time it so it arrives on the same day. I know the organizers say that’s not fun and say to avoid doing that, but it’s an option. It sounds like you’ve really thought it out and you’re doing your best, though. I’m sure your giftee will appreciate it either way!

>> No.10495391

buying overpriced DIY stuff from amazon
alright anon, you do you. but why not just ship it to them directly?

>> No.10495393

It doesn't sound well thought out at all, there's no guarantee anon's giftee will buy the item, or if they even shop on amazon. She's just being cheap.

>> No.10495399

Got it! Thanks!

>> No.10495401


I guess I could have it shipped directly to them but it seemed worse somehow to do that than to just get them the giftcard with information on what they needed for the project and the company's Amazon account where they sell the supplies. I don't think I'm being cheap though considering I've spent over $200 on them so far and have 6 gifts for them not counting this one. Maybe I should have just skipped their entire DIY project section and gone for something else though.

>> No.10495413

nayrt, but don't let the other gulls get you down. From what I gather you're already spoiling your giftee and have a set of other presents. I'd say just leave out the DIY stuff+gift card or just leave out the gift card. (You can use it for yourself!)
I personally like gift cards and understand the practical use of them (to choose what you want yourself), but they don't quite give a festive christmas-y feeling. That's why they're probably not too fitting for a Santa gift exchange on /cgl/, where people especially look for something a bit more personal and well-thought-out. You seem to have already planned a lovely box of gifts for anon anyway.

>> No.10495421
File: 352 KB, 415x268, 1475338675795.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I had a whole thing planned out. I bought a little novelty flashdrive for one of their interests and I was going to fill it with DIY cosplay prop guides off Etsy for stuff they wanted to make and then the giftcard for them to get the eva foam and sealants they needed for it.

I'll just return the flashdrive or keep it for myself and give the giftcard to a relative for Christmas. I don't know why I thought it was a neat idea.

>> No.10495422


Dude, this is a great idea???

>> No.10495423

Honestly I think the flash drive is still a neat idea (esp as a filler, if you compile free or cheap tutorials/resources), and you could include it without also including all the materials or gift card for them. DIY stuff thats large like that is also best when the person knows the have time to do it and the space to keep all the parts. But I think having the resource flash as a filler would be fine since it's small and they could get to it in their own time. Just not as the main section of a gift.

>> No.10495424

Wow, I actually think that this IS a neat idea. I'd personally be happy about something like that. But I guess it's still better to leave it out. Knowing /cgl/ there's still a chance you'd get called out for it by the gull or other sandy gulls. Save yourself the potential trouble.

>> No.10495430

Just ordered the last thing for one of my gifts and its definitely a good feeling!

I was really itching to find and order everything asap cause with shipping times as it is my worst fear is that the longer I wait the more chance it won't arrive in time and that would just be awful. All I need to do now is think of cute packaging ways and what snacks I can add that will be foreign to my matches :)

>> No.10495468

tfw you live in california and so does your match so you can't send them regional snacks

>> No.10495481

Same, my match is literally within driving distance of me.

>> No.10495487

>tfw you've been the only gull from your country last year and will probably be again this year

>> No.10495496

send them another region's snacks and confuse them!

>> No.10495507

HAHA I might just do that

>> No.10495515


What country?

>> No.10495532

I'm in the $30-$40 tier and I really wanna get my match some brand accessories but I haven't found anything that goes with her wardrobe yet. If you were in this tier, would you be okay with not getting brand?

>> No.10495534

$30 is what, a pair of socks?

>> No.10495537

You literally tell them to not stick out with their idea because what? Some shitcallers can brag about that? Are you okay or are you just new and don’t remember say last year when some salty anons were trying to ruin it for everyone nitpicking here and there? The dog barks, but the caravan goes on.

DONT make any excuses, ever. I know that you asked for opinions but that doesn’t mean you should let them disregard all you made. Your idea is honestly brilliant, I’m in 100+ tier and last year I got a flash drive with books that I’d never receive otherwise, I was to the moon and back with it. This is SO thoughtful, if your giftee doesn’t feel special with it then it’s possible they have some real issues. Such a heartwarming idea truly, it’s what really worths taking a part in a SS event here. Thanks but I can buy shit myself. I hope you’ll proceed with this idea.

>> No.10495539

Maybe you're being too specific? Like, try sticking to the main, popular colors. I mean, everyone can use a headbow or a beret

>> No.10495540

If it were me, I'd rather have a brand headdress or secondhand brand skirt, but I'm a brand whore so...

>> No.10495546

#3977 can you update your Pinterest wishlist and possibly attach some links to some of them? Not the AP stuff but the other ones!

>> No.10495549

you have shit taste. also it's obvious as fuck that the amazon giftcard is anon's main gift.

>> No.10495552

man, you're pms-ing hard

>> No.10495554

I'm still decided on whether or not I want to do brand accessory +offbrand dress/skirt or 2nd hand cheap brand + filler gift

>> No.10495555


>> No.10495559

I'll pour a cold one out for you

>> No.10495563

Sorry anon. I wish I could’ve signed up for international but US shipping rates are too high, I’d rather spend that money on my match.

>> No.10495575

Amazon has really cute 6 dollar lolita accessories . Noone is going to expect brand at that price . You can get really cute stuff there I bet you could get 5 accessories and then do filler candy and nail stuff

>> No.10495581

this has gotta be bait

>> No.10495588
File: 210 KB, 1500x1500, bowsbitches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you talking about? Totally lolita material

>> No.10495589
File: 677 KB, 245x170, tumblr_inline_p7g59lDLYP1rx9gtp_1280.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Amazon GC anon here. Didn't realize the opinions would flip-flop so suddenly so I feel a bit better but now that the secret is out I don't feel good about doing with it so I'm just cancelling the whole idea and buying them another item from Japan

>> No.10495590
File: 33 KB, 679x903, 41yxHgoxHKL._AC_UX679_[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah, those are for kids. anon is clearly talking about stuff like " Womens Cute Cat Paws Headwear Girls Bowknot Bells Hair Clip Lolita Anime Cosplay Costume Brooch"

>> No.10495594
File: 757 KB, 670x673, unholy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thats nothing on what I got my gull!
I sure hope they like Forthery Women Layered Lace-up Gothic Princess Cosplay Sweet Lolita c:

>> No.10495595

.....I’m pretty sure this is bait, but if it isn’t, please don’t buy that stuff anon

I’m in the same tier and I have had some good success finding brand accessories. There are lots at Closet Child for ¥1000+ and Wunderwelt, though I’m not sure what country you’re in and what the shipping situation is. Mercari has been good too, and Yahoo Japan seems to be mostly bigger items, but stuff always pops up. I got a lovely pair of brand new OTKs for my match from Mercari last night for ¥1100

>> No.10495604

100 is the base, and while I agree it's super cool to splurge, in the end of the day it is the 100 dollar tier and there's no real obligation to overspend-- no one is entitled to a big gift if they sign up for a lower amount. A big part of why I overspend is because I'm anxious to underspend, but I don't think anyone should feel anxious if they're being thoughtful.
>tfw way past budget and still going

>> No.10495649

You can a lot of get ali express stuff on Amazon from the same people on ali. They just have shops on both.

>> No.10495655

Hey gulls, if you provided a wishlist would you be disappointed to not receive a single item on your list? Ik it's only been a few days but so far I can't find anything on it, I'll keep looking but I don't want to wait until the last minute so I can't wait forever to see if something pops up.

>> No.10495656

Hi love! Of the likes of yours that you gave me, are you into plush ?or cute decor ? Looking for add on stuff for ideas

>> No.10495665

i think this year the form format is a bit awkward because the responses don't have headings for each section, so it might be hard for some people to tell which part is the dd section vs which is the gift suggestions section. like i mentioned some bigger wishlist items in my dd section, but I'm absolutely not relying on my santa getting them, it's just there in case of a lucky coincidence.

>> No.10495666

Hi! 1383 here. I don't really have any preferences regarding design/color. I'm just not toooo much into sweet, so maybe not too much pink/Hello Kitty? Other than that, you're absolutely free to do what you want. I like surprises. ;) I'm an easy-going person and will be happy about pretty much everything!

>> No.10495678

i got them 2 brand new accessories just from looking at online baby, meta, ap, etc. like >>10495539 said just go by the pieces in their wardrobe and popular colors if you're stuck. you can't go wrong with brand socks or headdresses in universal colors like black or white. i personally wouldn't care as long as the items were good quality, or if the other gifts made up for the lack of lolita in the box.

>> No.10495686

Hi #5274, I'm having a lot of fun looking for things for you! Just want to check, are you okay with tulle lace?

>> No.10495687

Is anyone gifting for #2284..? I just wanted to check my pinterest is working!

>> No.10495715


All your gifts have been bought and are waiting arrival at the SS office before I get them shipped to me. I'm so excited to get them and start wrapping.

>> No.10495723

4618! Do you have any particular motifs you prefer or really dislike in clothing? And are you okay with religious motifs?

>> No.10495725

ok, NOW I've ordered the last things for my matches. I just can't stop browsing and adding to my gifts :')

>> No.10495726


Hi 5177! It's me again -

Do you prefer OP's or JSK's?
Are you okay with jackets-cardigans/boleros/cutsews/legwear?
Do you wear only normal waist dresses or sack / high/empire, short sleeves or long sleeves, high neck or collars?
Do you have any requirements for dresses i.e. are you okay with all over prints like space/sweets/flowers/stripes/spots/crosses/ombre-multicoloured etc?
Are you happy with skirts, princess sleeves, and lace designs?
What sort of headwear do you like, just bows? Are they clips, barrettes, or bands?
Do you only like pale pastels or medium colours?
Are you okay with older (e.g. early-mid AP) styles/dresses?

Sorry for all the questions! 'Tis just to get a better idea of what to look for when shopping.

It's coming up to the weekend so finally I'll have time to shop instead of hurriedly checking during work! So excited.

>> No.10495740
File: 850 KB, 1771x1352, motifs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time getting this question! I'm okay with religious motifs, I like Catholic-y stuff even though I'm not Catholic or particularly religious.

I made a quick collage with print colors/motif aspects I like since it's early morning here and my brain isn't fully functioning yet.

>> No.10495754

Hey #5613
Do you have any cat themed Lolita stuff? Can you list some of the ones you do have? Thanks!

>> No.10495769

nope, not at all. Actually, most of the links I provided were expired lacemarket listings just to give the santa an idea of what I like.

>> No.10495771

thanks for your advice!! After posting that, I was able to snag some really cute AP wristcuffs for my match. I appreciate all your responses, though!

>> No.10495810

No, my wishlist was was mainly to give an idea of the types of things I like. But I also specifically stated that

>> No.10495814
File: 66 KB, 720x960, 1592303739064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the main gift is locked and loaded. time to relax and shop for filler.

>> No.10495847

I ordered sone gifts from closetchild on Tuesday and they just arrived today. Whew that’s fast. I’m getting so excited! I can’t wait for the rest to arrive!

>> No.10495861

Hi! Sorry for the late response, a lot of posts going on. I have the Little Cat Ring and LW lyrical bunny/hanikami bear ring+necklace so I'm not exactly looking for any from that collection! But, I am happy with anything cute I need more jewelry lol

>> No.10495906

Great, good to know, thank you! I know you said you're an art student, I'm an art student too so I love buying art supplies, if there's anything fun you want let me know, or you can tell me what kind of art you do and I can try and include something cute like that. I've been having a lot of fun shopping for you!

>> No.10495910

seeing everyone so excited to get their matches gifts make me sad I missed the deadline. I’m definitely going to participate next year.

>> No.10495916

I'm not against the idea, if you think it's something I'd like, feel free to buy it!

>> No.10495921

I missed the deadline, too. Want to trade contact info and at least exchange cards?

>> No.10495932

Apologies for the delayed responses! Busy week...
I'd love manga! I used to have a huge collection but got rid of a BUNCH when I went to college
I prefer patches most def. Modern embroidery is so cool.
I have the gr OP and pur SK of meta's Brass Band Cat. (favorite series) I'd always appreciate more cat themes

>> No.10495953

My country just tightened its covid-19 restrictions. I'm quite sad about it, because I'm not ready for another lockdown. At least I was lucky and happened to buy my craft supplies on the day when shit hit the fan, so I'm at least locked inside with something to do.

How are the rest of the handmade squad doing? Do you have everything you need?

>> No.10495967

Just ordered my stuff from Amazon, US doesn't care about it's citizens so no lock down

>> No.10495971

I've somehow ended up buying my match four pairs of socks. They didn't ask specifically for socks, or say they didn't want socks - one pair is filler, one is offbrand, two are brand, they all match their wardrobe and hopefully tastes bar the filler gift. I haven't completely fucked up here, have I? This is about 1/4 of their gift - they have other brand and indie brand bits, stuff related to their hobbies, and a handful of fillers. I just happened to find more socks that would fit their style than anything else.

>> No.10495975

I like both OPs and JSKs
I’m ok with all of those!
I wear mainly normal waist dresses, sack dresses make me look bad. I prefer long sleeves and high neck/collars
I don’t have any certain requirements for dresses but I’m not a fan of space, stripes, or religious themes. I do love sweets, flowers, and animal prints. Multicolored is welcome!
I’m happy with princess sleeves, skirts, and lace designs!
I like mainly head bows for headwear. I also love flower clips and bow clips. I’m not into barrettes.
I like both pale pastel and medium.
I’m absolutely fine with older AP styles!

It’s ok if you have a lot a of questions! Feel free to ask more as you need. I’m excited for my gift already!

>> No.10495976

If they're an adult they're love getting socks

>> No.10495978

Fuck yeah. Toss an email to my throwaway.

>> No.10495984

Sent you an email!

>> No.10495988

Honestly, legwear is so important in jfashion that I’d be really excited to get lots of cute socks, so I’m sure your giftee will probably be happy, too.

>> No.10495990

I would love to get socks, personally.

>> No.10495996

I always think I don't need socks, but then they always consistently tend to be the part of my wardrobe that's the most lacking. I'd love to get socks!

>> No.10496000

Do you have a favorite gundam series, do you have a lot of shelf space?

>> No.10496001

Gulls I need help! I'm looking at WunderWelt and Closet Child and they barely have much AP, where has it all gone?

Fril is alright, but Mercari has so much trash with the main tags when I'm searching for AP ワンピース andカットソー
I swear it's not been this bad in previous years...

Have I just forgotten how to shop and what to search for? Am I putting in the wrong keywords?

Where is everyone buying from?

>> No.10496003

Thank you so much for responding to my ridiculous questions! I have a whole folder of shopping links saved so I just needed a clearer idea of which ones fit your style - I'm so excited to shop for you and hope you like it!

Last couple of questions (hopefully) - I know you said you like normal waist, what about high waist? Are you okay with dotted patterns?

>> No.10496005

Not including shipping (which I imagine will kill me once I receive an estimate from my SS)



At least I'm done shopping!

>> No.10496008


(Me again)

I think at this point I might punch myself before you would want to..

But are you okay with cutsews? Do you wear short/medium length sleeve shirts?
Do you prefer gold or silver as an accessory color? Or do you just stick to standard white/pink etc accessories?

>> No.10496010

Should I wait for 11.11 for my ali express orders ? Are the discounts worth it ?

>> No.10496012

I was lucky on LM, but yeah, shit's fucked. Maybe get something small like socks from APusa?

>> No.10496017

I wouldn’t. Better to pay a bit more for a better chance they’ll come in time

>> No.10496052

Welp. My Japan shopping shipping fee is around $150 before tax and fees slapped on top..

..Plus an order of Taobao shit for filler.. anddd I am soooo over budget...

>> No.10496055

You're gull will appreciate it. Ive only ever gotten the bare minimum with stitches popping out everywhere the past 4 years. Maybe this is my year

>> No.10496056

Autocorrect is a bitch

>> No.10496057

ID# 6241, would gold or pink suit your wardrobe? And if so, which would you prefer?

>> No.10496063

Oh yay! I'm so happy you're my match. I'm really into mini watercolor sets lately (the ones you can take anywhere) and I love oil pastels. Honestly, you can include your own art and I would probably love it haha

I'm already over budget for you, but I was wondering if you are looking for any style of accessories in particular, I've been trying to find things that would go with the navy dresses you have since those are harder to collect. But let me know!

>> No.10496087

Gold is fine if it’s jewelry or small accessories, but for anything bigger sized i think pink is better!

>> No.10496098

To 5613: You said you like herbal tea but not prepackaged cookies. Would you like to receive some herbal tea from overseas? And if yes, do you prefer tea bags or loose tea?

>> No.10496099
File: 863 KB, 500x375, AngryCommonFrillneckedlizard-small.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm old so my favorite was always Gundam Wing (Duo and Deathscythe fave) and I'm currently reorganizing my room so I have a fair amount of shelf space but not a lot.

These two are my favorites for secondhand.

>> No.10496119

If USPS Informed Delivery is correct I already have a card coming today, as I know no one from that state. You gulls are fast!

>> No.10496136

#2284 I'm your secret santa! the pinterest board works and was really helpfull! Got all the main gifts ordered already and found some good stuff :)

>> No.10496161
File: 3.49 MB, 300x202, 20201031_110349146.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

5274, you said no pink or offwhite, but i see you have some in your wardrobe. is it something you're moving away from? does it only apply to the main gift or to smaller items too? there's an item I'm considering for a filler gift i think you might like based on your pinterest, but it doesn't fit the color parameters so I definitely don't want to force it upon you!

>> No.10496172

Oh, that’s wonderful! Thank you so much for letting me know, I’m so excited!

>> No.10496191

Girl id be shocked if anyone prefers tea bags. Tea bags are always cheaper less quality tasting loose leaf best

>> No.10496196

Everyone's so talkative to eachother and my Santa hasn't asked me one thing. Thats how its always been. Rip me

>> No.10496198

Same, that's my life in a nutshell though! Maybe, you were just so good when you filled out the form!

>> No.10496206

My gifty hasn't responding to me on top of giving me a few lines to work with and when I googled their name a sissy pops up.

Sometimes, its better not knowing whose on the other side

>> No.10496222

If you think it would work in my wardrobe, feel free to buy it! I think I sounded really picky about colours, but I won't complain if you do get something that is coloured in pink or offwhite or whatever.

>> No.10496229

Are they single, Anon?

>> No.10496261

Oh, what's your shoe size?

>> No.10496262

Fresh thread >>10496259

>> No.10496287

ok, cool, I'll probably go for it then

>> No.10496944
File: 54 KB, 546x710, cgl_as_pokemon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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