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Post your cosplay help questions here instead of shitting up the catalog with your one-question threads!
>Old Thread:
Stupid Jfash Questions Thread:
Hair and Makeup:
Coord Help:

You may ask prop, sewing, or wig related questions in this thread as well, but it may be beneficial for you to post one of the following threads for specific advice.
Crafting Thread
Sewing/Fiber Arts/ NeedleCraft:
Wig Thread:

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Unanswered Questions from the last thread:
>The directions for a 3D printed prop kit I ordered asks for fiberglass rods to reinforce the connecting areas but could I use PVC pipes instead without an issue? The pieces would be around 2-3 inches long so I don't think it would have a problem with bending like longer pieces of PVC piping does.

Also, >>10492709 your post did receive a response, but the thread was archived shortly thereafter. Feel free to check the response.
>Making a top with nonstretch fabric and long sleeves. I want the sleeves to fit as well/tightly as possible but still have range of motion. Would it better to cut the sleeves on the bias? Do I need to alter my sleeve pattern if I do that? (Make it smaller maybe?) Thanks!

>is there a good free or low-cost digitizing embroidery software?
all I can find are >$400 or subscription-based

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I'm a decade late, but I'd like to make a RIG suit. Does anyone have any guides for it? Most videos on youtube are about motion capture and suit collections ingame.

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I'm trying to do a cheap cosplay of balsac from gwar but so far I only figured out how to do the two jaws and how to get them into shape. i dont know how to set ir up so it stays on my head. Some people have a hat on but i have long hair and wanted to use it for the cosplay, and I also want it to be at a wide enough angle so it looks like the old balsac. What's a good method of mounting a big mask like this?

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Either a thich elastic strip (possibly with a vecro attachment) or a black headband. You won't be able to avoid using some kind of all-over head attachment. The pieces look too heavy to try spirit gumming some magnets to your temples lol.

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Holy shit guys I just farted, this one is really rancid, do you smell it?

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Don't limit yourself by looking only for guides on your specific character. Look for resources for any type of foam amor build, masks, LEDS, and etc. KamuiCosplay, PunishedProps, and Odin's Workshop are your best friends now. They also sell how-to books and patterns (either basic or character specific). I highly recommend buying atleast a basic pattern if you don't know where to begin.
Here's some tutorials that should help get you started, but I recommend combing through their accounts for what will suit your work the best:

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>is there a good free or low-cost digitizing embroidery software?
>all I can find are >$400 or subscription-based

I use ink/stitch, which is a free extension for Inkscape (also free). It's definitely not gonna give you all the features of a proper digitizing software, you can't just pop a picture in as if it'll be good to go, and it's good to have some prior knowledge of programs like adobe illustrator or inkscape itself, but after watching tutorial videos for it on youtube it's easy enough to use assuming you dont need to do anything too complicated with it.

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What's the best approach to repainting a commercial latex mask? I'm trying to find a full clown mask with enough room to cut out eye holes for my goggles and holes through which to attach my filters to my respirator and I'd like to paint it in either very plain clown makeup or honkler green.

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Anyone know where to buy a sinsack like pic related? I can't find it and it seems like something that could be commonly found and sold.

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Try "morph mask" or "zentai hood" for blank ones, you could draw the design yourself

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Looks a bit too shiny.

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ntayrt, but hoods are super easy to sew. It's just one big curved seam. You could pick a fabric that you like and get heat transfer stretch vinyl to attach it. Just make sure it's breathable. Probably a cotton?

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>hoods are super easy to sew
I've never sewn in my life.

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Then your option is the zentai hood my dude

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It still kind of looks too shiny.

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Hey Cosplayers I desperately need your help. crafted this gorgeous silver moon out of foam and want to have it sit around my neck circling my head (photo relative but not exact) except for the life of me I can’t figure out how to attach it to myself. Originally I thought attach it to a choker and headband but everyone says that won’t work? Does anyone have any other ideas? Please and thank you very very very much

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What do you want me to do about it

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> but everyone says that won’t work?
Why did they say it wouldn't work?

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Under the chin is the point of contact? Or the neck?

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Make it not shiny.

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Clear choker + a headband with a support drilled into it like this https://www.instagram.com/p/BxNcxxQgkL8/?igshid=13e6lopct0pcb would work best imo.

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Can you use a white pillow cover with a tie around the neck? Just buy a "throw pillow cover" so that it's smaller and fits your head better. Otherwise do some hand sewing, it's really not that bad for something that small if you don't have a machine or experience. I guess you could also comission it for pretty cheap too

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Are all brands of foam clay the same? What brands can be trusted?

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thread needle
stab fabric

it's really that simple

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Nah, all brands will have variance. Lumin's Workshop is the most popular.

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I went about making this dress all wrong. I didnt cut the fabric to be fuller in the skirt so now it looks like this. I tried a cheap petticoat I had but it looked worse and smooth out the skirt even more. Is there any way to fix this?

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Your best bet to is install a godet (a triangular panel) in the skirt area of the dress at both side seams up to the waist to increase the fullness. If you can get the fall right it shouldn’t be too noticeable or take away from the dress appearance.

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thank you! i will try that.

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Be warned this is rather difficult to sew, godets usually require a professional so that it doesn't come out frumpy

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At least if they do it at the seam it should be a bit easier in my experience. Be sure to do some trail and error with some scrap fabric to get the godet shape right.

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I think it worked a bit? it gave me volume on the sides and started to hang with more pleats but the very front and back are still very "flat" if that makes sense so it looks strange still. i will buy a petticoat with more volume at the bottom and see if that will work with the godets in.
i think my problem is actually the pink fabric on the bottom is appliqued on with the iron on backing before i top stitched it , so it is significantly stiffer than the blue fabric.

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It looks okay-ish for a first cosplay. It gets the idea across. If you want to fix it, you'll need to start over with bigger panels of fabric because you can't make more fabric ruffles out of no fabric.

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Maybe adding some wire on the bottom edge would help flatten it out? Kinda like a hoop skirt.

This anon never said it was the first cosplay and didn't ask for your critique, they asked for help. You can't even see enough of the cosplay to see how well it turned out anyways

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ty anon. wire was actually my first thought. i ordered a petticoat from amazon and the wire will be my backup or ill just go without it lol.

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Any recommended brands with more palatable US shipping costs?

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Tnt cosplay supply sells foam clay and is US based

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hobby lobby carries foam clay for 12 bucks a bucket.

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Horsehair braid, not wire!

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of course i read this as soon as i got back from joanns haha.
i pinned some darts at the front and back and it made it fall a lot better so ill try that first.

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Realistically, you need to redo the whole thing with more fabric in the skirt. Any of the "fixes" people are suggesting won't eliminate the underlying issue which is that the pattern is wrong if you want to represent the source material on the right.

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Hobby Lobby is also a fucking cult

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hi anon, the godets plus adding two seams in the middle front and back worked very well! thanks for your help. its not ideal but i think it looks okay.

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Hey this is my first time posting on here. I needed help wrapping my head on this cosplay. I wanted to do a DIY for Gura but I can't wrap my head around the white piece of the hoodie. Should I use fabric paint or spray paint to get the same affect

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It's the lining of the hood. When you make the hood using the pattern, make sure that 1 set is white.

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Nooo dont use spray paint, use fabric paint if you want but it will take a lot and not look as good as fabric. It also looks too visible to be just the lining. It looks like an inch or so of white fabric on the outside edge that turns into the strap/button part at the bottom.

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>it also looks too visible to be just the lining.
I mean you could bias bind the edge or add a sliver of it to the end of the blue and then top stitch it down, but it's most definitely the lining too. Just look at the inside of the hood and the closure.

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I’ve only ever seen people recommend Lumin’s, like the other anon said.

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What's the best way to get the star on the back of Travis Touchdown's jacket? It's looking too complex to just paint on by hand, and even stenciling is giving me pause with all the fine lines.
I've had success in the past using dark iron-on transfer paper on leather but am open to any other suggestions.

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iron on transfer vinyl if you have access and prowess with a cricut or a iron on printer transfer paper if otherwise. I'm not sure how well printer transfer paper takes with sewing, but in the case of viynl, it can really extend the longevity of the transfer beyond one good wash.

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I bought a wig with a part + skin top, but I need to color the skin top so it matches better with my skin tone. Is Sharpie the best way to go?

>> No.10498578

Foundation or concealer and set it with powder.

>> No.10498581

Will this be a permanent fix? I don't want the color to rub off on anything, and I need it to be fairly dark.

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Where do you find fabrics with classical painting patterns printed on them?
Like pic related

>> No.10498713

Your best bet would probably be custom fabric sites like Spoonflower if you want a specific painting.

>> No.10498716

Oh, thank you

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Does anyone have fawn hooves tutorial?

>> No.10498976

where the heck can I find normal tall boots for men that aren't super loose around the calf?

I just want some knee-length boots that can hug my calves, i've tried buying two pairs in the past and both of them have more than an inch of room which makes them look and feel clunky.

I even tried taking them to two different leather working places and they flat out refused to even try taking them in for me.

>> No.10498982

alternatively, is there a way I can take in the boots I already have? they're made of 100% real leather

>> No.10499041

Get thicker calves.

>> No.10499226

There's tonnes on youtube. Are you trying to make faun hoof shoes? Or just trying to sculpt faun hooves for like a plush or something? There's kaypea creations for the latter.

>> No.10500484

You can pad out the part around your calves. I wouldn't recommend trying to alter shoes unless you know what you're doing since you can fuck up the fit and structure of the shoe itself.

>> No.10500612

Someone I know made theirs using this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDparFIMBuU

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This helmet is from Limited Run. Do they ever restock stuff? I really like the look of it but don't want to spend $500 for a used one.

>> No.10500868

>Limited Run
What do you think, Anon?

Non-sarcastic answer: no, unfortunately they don't. This fact is basically a part of their marketing at this point, so if you miss out on getting something during its initial sale window, secondhand is literally the only way you'll ever get your hands on it.

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>estimated to have a weight of 7 1/2 pounds
you'll be hella uncomfortable wearing that for a long time if it's that heavy and you'd be better off making one with eva foam

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Different anon, but if you use liquid foundation and set it wit powder, it won't come off unless you wash it. Try using a matte and not dewy foundation if you're worried.

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Your only option is to try in store or look at specific styles of boot. Maybe a riding boot? Alternative if you can sew, making a boot cover would guarantee a good result

>> No.10501309

Not really, especially if they're made of leather.

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What's the best way to go about adding a stripe to a pleated skirt? I know I have to add it after hemming and before pleating, but should I
A) cut the section I want a different color away from the skirt and replace it (with seam allowance) with the second color I want
B) top stitch the 2nd color on top of the first fabric. And if B, do I narrow hem the top and bottom of the stripe or fold it like bias tape. Or instead of the inside flaps meeting in the middle do I just fold it in like a half inch??

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You can add the stripe after pleating.

If it's a narrower stripe (like under 2 inches, especially if your skirt is not a curved edge), topstitching is the better method. I'm not sure what you're trying to describe about thinning the hem though.

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i don't think anon knows she can just use ribbon.

>> No.10501354

Oh in that case my advice is the same, topstitch down the bias tape if it's a narrower stripe. You can either fold and hide the ends in a skirt seam or tuck them under the tape/ribbon before stitching. I custom make my own bias tape for stripes in colors not available as ribbon or in very specific widths.

>> No.10501399

Sorry, I didn't explain myself very well did I? Okay, so I have some pink fabric that I am using for other portions of my costume. I want everything to match, so I also figured I'd use it for the stripe on the skirt. However, there is going to be raw edges since it's not finished like a ribbon. Do I try making a narrow hem and then topstitching over that seam line or press and fold it as if it were 1 inch long bias tape (you know how like bias tape has those two edges folded inward and meeting in the middle of the wrong side). You already gave me my answer though, thank you for the help.

I wanted to avoid ribbon just because I was afraid of the colors and shine not matching, but if that's my only option then I will do so. My post does make it sound like I live under a rock where ribbon doesn't exist though, lol.

>> No.10501487

Definitely make bias tape even though it takes time. It will look so much better than raw edges. I do it as well to have colors match exactly.

Ribbons are definitely a shortcut but also I'd pass on it if the costume doesn't call for a shiny look.

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Didn't saw this thread before posting
Well, here it is my doubt:
Can someone help me find a cosplay with Brown hair and brown eyes?

>> No.10502280

>google: "brown hair brown eyes male anime character"

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Thanks for the help!

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wut it worked

Screw it
Gonna cosplay as Light Yagami, and Seto Kaiba nice lol

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Fuck you for being retarded and selfish enough to think you deserve your own thread.

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:( I was just confused and it's the first time I enter Cgl and I didn't saw the help thread

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Nta but calm your tits you turbo autist.

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should’ve lurked more, newfag.

>> No.10502377

Glad it helped. Next time look around the board before posting. As you can see it makes frequenters of this board upset because this board is so slow that any thread will be up for months. I see you found the recommendations thread. I was going to suggest that as well, but know that you will need to fill out the template in order to receive suggestions. Good luck in your endeavors I suppose.

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Does anyone have a good qipao/cheongsam pattern recommendation? Pattern books where I live are mega useless and I want to make one for a cosplay.

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File: 207 KB, 414x414, E460AA83-6AA3-4F91-B5E6-68D58310A75C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Butterick B4683

>> No.10503354

That looks like a regular western dress with a modified collar/front. A normal qipao would not have a waist seam. I would recommend looking for something more authentic.

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File: 1.20 MB, 960x960, 1596136180864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any recommendations for wig companies (with a variety of colors, not lace front) that can actually be heavily styled, re-parted, and cut without any strange cowlicks?
This wig isn't going to be intended for cosplay, rather quite frequent wear for visual kei fashion purposes, but jfashion wigs tend to be too low quality for intense styling. I have tried working with Arda but I honestly think their wigs are horrendous for anything other than cartoony cosplay. All the shitty cheap cosplay wigs I bought in the past also don't work well or have bald patches- yet the fashion wigs I've gotten from places like Dream Holic aren't good for heavy styling at all because of their thinness and are best just lightly trimmed. Would prefer a wig that I can totally chop up, flatten, hair-spray / gel to shit, etc.
Any recommendations for decent stylable wigs that AREN'T from Arda would be very helpful! I know I can just Google it, but I don't know if any of the companies are actually good or if the reviews are all fake.. would rather hear from other people's recommendations.

>> No.10503834

Have you looked into Cyperous? Idk much about wigs desu anon. Never worn one. But I've heard really good things about Cyperous wigs and I remember they were popular amongst gyarus.

>> No.10503924

I'm a complete n00b but want a sweing machine. My first task shall be to cut the feet off tights, but I want a reasonably good machine instead of buying three after two years. What should I be looking for? Any tutorials with sewing machine terminology? Reviews even? Are there good brands/bad brands or is everything okay? Do portable machines exist, and are they as good as "fixed" ones, or are there compromises (no need to compare the absolute best to the absolute worst, I'm not 13).

>> No.10503928

How much are you willing to spend and what level of complexity are you looking for? Do you want a cheap but good beginner machine that you can use for most tasks or willing to spend for something you can use for much more complex projects?

>> No.10503945

Without knowing what "level of complexity" means, I prefer good over cheap. I can well spend around 300-400. Either new or second hand if the second hand market is good?

Also, I see people talk about maintenance. Do they need some kind of care? Do you have to oil them or something, or replace supplies?

Finally, have you some advice on my interest in cutting feet off lingerie (40 den or higher)? Is it doable to sew the seams onto themselves so they don't unravel?

>> No.10503987

Are you planning on making a lot of lingerie? If that's the case you might consider getting a serger as well

>> No.10504076

Allright, I've seen a bunch of serger tutorials now, and for what I'd like to do (finishing light fabric), it seems to be the only machine I need. I see reasonable machines can cost as little as 90-100, but a serger is 200-300.

>> No.10504081

Yeah sergers prices start a bit higher than sewing machines do, but one in the $250 range should be able to do what you need to do. I have the brother 1034D and it does everything I need it to do, but I'm sure there are nicer ones if you want to spend more. Then if you need to only do a little bit of sewing you could pick up a cheaper machine later down the line. Just make sure you get one that has zigzag stitches if you're gonna be doing lingerie

Does anyone have tips for getting creases out of pleather? Would putting a heavy book on top for a little while take care of it? Or maybe low heat ironing?

>> No.10504104

>My first task shall be to cut the feet off tights
Not that you shouldn't do this project, but just be aware that working with stretch fabrics is not a beginner project. It's like level 2-3 beginner at best. I would suggest practicing with cheap tights or other stretch fabrics before trying your project. Also, you will need extra tools like a ballpoint or stretch machine needle, tissue paper or temporary stabilizer, possibly a walking foot, etc.

>What should I be looking for?
From one beginner to the next, the features that I have found most helpful are: an automatic needle threader, built in thread cutter, built in light, and a back stitch and tie-off button (I don't know the exact name of it, but I've seen it on Brother machines and it backstitches a few strokes and cuts the thread all in one press which is fucking dope because I always forget to backstitch).

>Any tutorials with sewing machine terminology?
I'd suggest picking up 1 "all you need to know" guide books and then using Youtube to cover the rest. I have Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing, but any similar book will do. Professor Pincushion and Evelyn Wood are my go to's on Youtube.

>Do portable machines exist, and are they as good as "fixed" ones,
If by portable you mean the handheld ones or "mini" machines then absolutely not. You might as well throw your money away. If you're talking regular machines which aren't built into a table then yeah, either is fine. "Fixed" built-in table machines are best for people who are dedicated sewists and forsee never needing to move their machine from the table and would benefit from having more surface area. However, they're equally good options. I would recommend a standard not-built into a table machine.

>> No.10504112

>Also, I see people talk about maintenance. Do they need some kind of care? Do you have to oil them or something, or replace supplies?
All machines need some level of care, but some more than others. Especially vintage machines which are more oil driven. Regular maintenance doesn't have to mean taking it to the shop, but rather cleaning out the fluff after every project or every few months. Also regularly switching out the needles.

>Is it doable to sew the seams onto themselves so they don't unravel?
The biggest issue isn't that they'll unravel but unfinished stretchy fabric will roll up on itself. You can finish it off with a spot of lace or a simple hem with a zigzag stitch. Again like I said, remember that lingerie is stretchy and delicate and will require different sewing methods than non-stretch fabrics. Slow and steady wins the race here.

I hope this information doesn't come off as too overwhelming to you. Above all, the best thing you can do it practice. Fuck up a lot and learn from it. That's what we all have done and you will do. Don't let repeated mistakes demotivate you. Sewing is like 40% cutting and pinning, 10% at the machine, and 50% unpicking your mistakes.

>> No.10504126

Thanks for the advice! Yes, I can always pick up a nice basic sewing machine with a good variety of stitches. I had the impression that for stretchy fabrics the pattern must be zig-zag type.
>not a beginner project
No problem; I can see that delicate fabrics are going to be harder. Still, I learn fast and I have a lot of room for mistakes as I destroy my way up the legs of old stockings/old socks to get a feel for how it all falls together. Walking foot can be bought not from the manufacturer, but third party sometimes if I'm not mistaken?

Thanks for the feature list. Probably not impossible to get at least some of them on whatever I pick up. I'll read up on terminology, and yt really fills in the blanks. I'll check out those two channels.

Yeah I did not mean fixed in a table. Not yet... just bigger and more stable than a handheld one.

>All machines need some level of care
From what you say, nothing unexpected.

Not overwhelming at all. It's perfect, and playing with the machine is of course something I'll do.
>Sewing is like 40% cutting and pinning, 10% at the machine, and 50% unpicking your mistakes
Like programming, then. You only sit at the computer when a lot of other work is done :) despite movies.

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Ding dong

>> No.10504196

I had a feeling you would be willing to take on the challenge, but some beginners genuinely don't know this so I just wanted to let you know in case. I took on some out of my league projects myself when I first started haha. Also yes, a walking foot can be purchased from the manufacturer but as this board seems to agree, they're way over priced and the same quality as third party. Your best bet is to find a highly-rated package of them on Amazon for cheap. You'll find a use for the other feet eventually. Just make sure it will fit with the shank of your future machine (manuals are available online for free if it doesn't come with). Best of luck, anon! It sounds like you're ready to start sewing :)

>> No.10504202

Low heat, reverse side, use a pressing cloth.

>> No.10505331

How much is important having a similar body to the character? In this case, the characters from the serie I want to cosplay have REALLY buff bodies, but I don't see it as obtainable even with a year of training (I'd say I'm average and, especially, short in stature).

>> No.10505333

Almost no one is going to care and most fictional physiques are unattainable without mass amounts of steroids and planning your entire life around exercising/eating.

>> No.10505418

Not at all. People wear muscle suits, silicone chests, padding, makeup contouring, and etc. You have to remember it's a costume, not a lookalike contest. It's about the fun you have translating (NOT 1:1 copying) fiction into reality.

That being said, many people find it fun to work and train their hardest to achieve as fit of body as their character and that's totally fine too. It's all within what you define as fun, but no one is going to shun or look down on you for not having a fictional body. And anyone who would is just being an asshole because it's contrary to the spirit of cosplay.

>> No.10505422
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Is there anywhere to get stuff like this that comes/ships from places other than China? I want to pick up cheap items like this to modify and try some of my own sewing out but dealing with Chinese sellers is typically a nightmare in my experience.

>> No.10505435

Amazon. You're still buying Chinese goods but it'll arrive faster.

>> No.10505438

Sorry, I should have said. I'm in the UK and unless I'm dumb, I don't seem to be able to find anything like this there. I suppose Amazon US would work in the end so that I don't have to chase sellers for weeks just to get them to ship things.

>> No.10505518

Ty guys. Mostly asking because last time I did a cosplay was something like... 11 years ago? And the atmosphere regarding cosplay seems a bit different from then

>> No.10505672

Yeah I agree that it's definitely different than it used to be back then, but the spirit is still alive and kicking. There are of course loud newbies, purity/canon critics, and general assholes but no hobby is without them. In my opinion, it's worth it regardless -- especially if you're able to do it with friends. I hope that if you chose to pursue it, that you have a lot of fun, anon.

>> No.10505676

Ah no, my fault. I shouldn't have assumed you were in the US. I don't have a concrete answer for you then, but you may have to sacrifice a little more money for speedier shipping or pay a lil more for something close by. I don't know if shipping speeds are quicker from the US to UK or China to UK, but comparing shipping speeds couldn't hurt.
Best of luck, sorry I couldn't be of more help.

>> No.10506330
File: 427 KB, 998x675, EnhhICLW8AQ938J.jpg medium.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to get a headstart on a cosplay of Sho for whenever the new TWEWY comes out, but I'm having trouble figuring out what to do about the texture for his coat, can anyone identify what the material is supposed to be? Faux crocodile skin leather maybe?

>> No.10506335

what are guys suppose to wear for underwear to not show your berry and twigs when wearing tighter pants?

>> No.10506414

Dance belt.

>> No.10506431

for sure something like that. first thing I thought of is the one that’s in yaya hans cosplay line at joanns

>> No.10506602
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I just got my 2b boots but they're a bit loose, any tips on how to shrink fake leather? pic for reference

>> No.10506618

Can all reasonably ok machines use a double needle? It seems to be a hack that "should" work on most machines, but I don't know if I can buy without checking, and it's not on the user's manuals.

>> No.10506648

Is the AEG 791 good for a beginner? I want to sew stretchy fabrics.

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