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Why is Sugashi the cutest cosplayer?

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never heard of her until i saw this thread

cant answer your question but she does look really cute

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> what your penis looks like

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I didnt know scrotes were into fattychans

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as a /fit/izen I recognize her potential as a lifter. She could squat a ton if she trained.

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Your third eye is blind.
THIS is superior.

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>white cosplayers

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Let's see the craftsmanship. If you don't make your cosplays, you're a model, not a cosplayer.

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Sounds pretty gay and gatekeep-ey. So why is Sugashi the cutest (cosplay) model?

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Yeah gatekeeping is good. It keeps talentless sluts like this one out

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Oh I’m not claiming she has talent she’s pretty dumb. I just think it makes you a super fag.

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>gatekeeping is bad unless women use it on other women
You ladies are something else

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imagine self posting on 4chan lmfao

desperate bitch

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I wasn't aware that white t-shirts from Walmart and cheap thigh highs counted as cosplay

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Nope. Gatekeeping is good in other contexts too.

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you have bad tastes

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Any idiot can wear a cosplay, so what are you showing off? That's called being a model, not a cosplayer.

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Obvious selfpost. Also sorry to tell you but you're indistinguishable from every other cosplay thot ever.

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Found a scrote

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This girl is pretty dumpy.

Men have such bad taste.

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looks like a normal cosplayer? I've seen way cuter ones, sorry simp/selfposter. maybe spend your time getting an actual photographer and actual cosplay instead of just investing in a million wigs and a winning smile with generic clothes 90% of the time

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lmao your jealously is pathetic

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I think the fact you posted yourself on this board for attention is pathetic

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haven't they learned that using asian names as their online alias is cringe beyond belief

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absolutely seething femcel

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when i see girls this plain and quite frankly chunky it makes me think i should give cosplay thotting a go too. Just slap on some makeup,a filter and voi-la.
Men are so easy to please.

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not interesting unless i can see her butthole

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Everyone please step aside - male here. Not just any male, but an expert in judging women. I have 3TB (and growing) of tiktok cosplay slut videos.

Now that the credentials are sorted, let me render my decision.

This woman (I use this word instead of 'girl' because she is clearly above 18, and thus post-Wall) is merely average for her race and age demographic. Yeah, she's white, under 200lbs, and under 30. Who cares? Even with the advantage of all that makeup, all those filters, contacts, angles, forethought, planning - she still looks painfully average. Basically like any other 22 year old sub-200lbs white woman I would see on the street. On the chubby side (thanks to her sedentary lifestyle and decadent lack of self control,) nearly absent limbals (see >>10495297,) an air of deceptive whoreishness about her face, etc.

I rate her 5.7/10, and the only reason it wasn't 4/10 is because I'd like to fuck her thighs.

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Great read, could you post and explain example a of what you'd consider a 7, 8, 9 and 10?

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She is cute, but cuter than Tomia? Nah.

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She’s cute enough I guess but you’re either trying to bully her by making it look like she’s full of herself posting here, some sort of ultra simp, or you’re her. None of these three options is great.

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either self post or vendetta
ignore and *s4ge*.

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This is a 10. Reasons:

• classically beautiful facial structure, minimal makeup
No need to redraw your eye shape and contour your nose and give yourself a clown blush when you already look like the avatar of a fertility goddess. It takes a genome with *extremely* low mutational load to produce a face like this.

• long, shiny hair
A sign of low impulsivity. Years without a "I'm going to cut off my hair and reinvent myself" breakdown. High blood serum estrogen (which is a pointer for low mutational load / high genetic quality) promotes hair growth and hair lustre.

• healthy and proportional body
A sign of low compulsivity (read: healthy eating.) Indicates good coding in the dopaminergic reward system. No "Reward Deficiency Syndrome," which is common in obese people. Research has shown that obese women pass epigenetic markers of obesity onto their children. http://ajpregu.physiology.org/content/299/3/R711.short "Maternal obesity and fetal metabolic programming: a fertile epigenetic soil"

• rare and desired phenotype (caucasian - eastasian)
Contributes to the youthful appearance and the unusual epicanthal area. High genetic diversity may explain the remarkably low mutational load in this subject. Beyond that, it just makes her look unique. As a similar example, blue eyes offer no selective advantage to eyesight. They exist because one woman 10,000 years ago had blue eyes and someone thought it looked unique enough to warrant having dozens of children with her. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080130170343.htm

• small breasts
Predisposes a lower chance for DRD4 7R+, the infidelity gene.

• mellow, feminine temperament
It's often said that you eat a meal first with your eyes. In other words, the substantial taste of the meal is affected by its appearance.
In mating, we mate first with our ears. A person's behavior and temperament tells you a lot about their brain, which contains 87% of all genes which encode proteins in the human body.

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So uhhh, who's gonna tell this guy being a "rare" eurasian isn't what's making her look "youthful", and that the literal braces and her likely age given the presence of braces is just actually young?

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East asians are heavily selected for neoteny. Anyway, the girl there is 17, so yes, she is also young (in addition to having a neotenous genotype.) Research indicates that men prefer women slightly younger than this - from 14 to 16, culture to culture, with asian cultures preferring women closer to 16 than 14.

A 10 is a doomed balancing act against the entropic forces of the universe. Just like no one can be the greatest sportsman forever, or no one can be the greatest physicist forever, no one can be a 10 forever. That's the way life is.

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Get your vile incel shit off our jfashion board, this left a physical queasy feeling in my stomach

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Men prefer women aged 14-16? Aghhhh can someone just fucking yeet this paedophile-indulging, incel-vomit thread to hell already

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It is unhealthy to deny reality.

>Men viewing images of teenaged girls labeled as adults rated them highly.
>Men viewing images of teenaged girls labeled as teens rated them lowly and took approximately twice as long to enter their answer.

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lmao sure

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>minimal makeup

The dumbassery of scrotes is endless. This girl is wearing a full face with fake lashes, circle lenses, an intense contour to change her face shape, etc. In addition to a camera filter.

But yeah everything you said is retarded but the minimal makeup this is hilarious. How does it feel being so gullible bruh.

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>most men are pedophiles

AKA, I Constantly Thank God for my Bisexuality, by Panic at the Disco

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If you wanted to see more minimal-makeup 10s, you could have just asked me politely. No need to go through this weird song and dance.

Here's another minimal-makeup 10. As you can see, her naturally near-perfect facial features require no concealment.

The term is ephebophilia. Most women are also ephebophiles (as far as physical attraction goes,) by the way. Don't you think you do a disservice to your cause by referring to attraction to infants and attraction to 17-year-olds by the same word?

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As a Twice fan I'm offended.

Anyway, women don't look like children, they take good care of their skin and look healthy as a result. Don't justify your pedo taste just because women of your own race are crusty and never wear sunscreen.

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And here is a no-makeup 9.5 doing a makeup tutorial. Any questions?

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You're wrong on your statement about women. Women tend to be attracted to people the same age as them while men tend to be attracted to younger (early 20s) but adult/physically mature women.

Also anytime someone wastes time trying to whine about the huge difference between ephebephiles and pedophiles they are usually just deflecting.

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>You're wrong on your statement about women. Women tend to be attracted to people the same age as them while men tend to be attracted to younger (early 20s) but adult/physically mature women.

You're running into differing definitions in "attraction".
Speaking physically (ie. genital arousal measurement) women are ephebophiles. Speaking more broadly, women tend to choose older men because they possess higher social and economic status.

>> No.10499897

>Here's another minimal-makeup 10

Again, another full face of makeup and her lips look like she just got done eating a beehive. She looks like those pictures of puppies that ate a bee and their face swelled up strangely from the stings.

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I have one: why are you on /cgl/ bragging about how you wanna fuck children when you can just go do that on /b/ and be accepted for it/not have to waste time pretending you're not a pedo?

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... she's wearing makeup before she puts more on. are you blind

>> No.10499900


No, women tend to be attracted to those in the same age group as them, statistically. Even women who are younger and would have financial reasons to find older more established men attractive tend to be attracted to their same age group while men older and younger tend to like sexually mature women/ones typically in the young adult age range. There's a reason milfs are a bigger thing for young dudes than silver foxes are for young women.

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Well, to begin with, the premises of your question are flawed. I was asked by another user to render an expert analysis on what constitutes a beautiful woman (>>10499651)

After I rendered such analysis, ugly women became upset. You see, ugly women prefer to live in denial of their ugliness, much like people in general prefer to live in denial of their mortality.
When it is pointed out, they can become emotionally outraged. But this has nothing to do with me, of course... the problem lies within you.

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>doesn't see her obvious contour and blush
>incapable of detecting face filters
>pseudointellectual who knows nothing about genetics beyond popsci headline bait
we've got a shit for brains on our hands, gulls

i'm not saying that there aren't plenty of pedo creeps out there, but this is just a polling of less than 150 mid-twenties dudes published in a low impact journal. and even if it were 100% true, it would be cause to separate men from society and access to children, not justify their harmful behavior.

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>even if it were 100% true (that men are attracted to teenaged women,) it would be cause to separate men from society and access to children, not justify their harmful behavior.

I don't really understand your point. It has been scientifically acknowledged that women were happier under the old system, where teenagers started families instead of undergoing job training. See:

https://eml.berkeley.edu/~cle/laborlunch/stevenson.pdf "The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness"
>By most objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that womens happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men.

https://www.medpagetoday.com/psychiatry/depression/73485 "Suicide Rate in Women Jumps by 50% From 2000-2016"

https://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/26/opinion/26douthat.html "Liberated and Unhappy"

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cathy is hispanic, retard

>> No.10499909

Incorrect, Jorje. That form of epicanthal folding does not occur among hispanics.

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Wow you really are retarded, both of these chicks are wearing full faces of "natural" makeup.

I already know scrotes are retarded, though. I'm a SWer and I wear a full face of "natural" looking makeup just like these chicks. Scrotes constantly tell me how gorgeous and natural I am and how they wish other girls would "stop wearing so much makeup" and shit. Little do they know, we're literally wearing the same amount of makeup as the chicks with visibly "heavy" makeup looks, it's just applied differently.

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what country is she from again? ;)

>> No.10499913


I'm not particularly mad about what you find attractive; I'm in a committed relationship, am constantly tired of being told I look 12 at 18 and creeps hitting on me under the impression I'm a child but maybe hoping I'm old enough they can justify attempting to get with me as my fault for being "jailbait"

I just get confused in general seeing maleposters putting tons of energy into posting about opinions that are far from expert considering you're some rando with enough free time to go around posting kids on 4chan. The pinnacle of beauty is whatever every individual person thinks it is, with the general standard of just being healthy and not deformed, and obesity counting to some people as a deformity.

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>both of these chicks are wearing full faces of "natural" makeup.
Incorrect. According to my records the comment attached to this video was:
>golden sky and no makeup kinda vibe

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imagine believing that shitting up a hobby board with milquetoast takes on fapping to minors is "rendering analysis".

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i bet this retard thinks Asians can only have monolids too

>> No.10499918

>I'm not particularly mad about what you find attractive; I'm in a committed relationship, am constantly tired of being told I look 12 at 18 and creeps hitting on me under the impression I'm a child but maybe hoping I'm old enough they can justify attempting to get with me as my fault for being "jailbait"

But don't you realize you're broadcasting the fact that you look like a teenager as a matter of personal ego? You have trapped this information and held tightly onto it, and now you deploy it whenever your ego is slighted. You do this because you are aware that men find teenagers to be more attractive than post-Wall women.

>> No.10499919

I mean, I also claim I'm not wearing makeup. You think that just because we say we aren't wearing makeup, it's true? oof. I might start saying I'm wearing makeup just to put some halts to delusional bastards like you.

>> No.10499920


>not realizing girls lie about not wearing makeup all the time
>being too retarded to realize filters exist
>putting so much time into trying to rationalize why you want to fuck kids in a desperate attempt to convince the rest of society why you deserve a loli waifu

Whew gulls, take a look at this loser.

>> No.10499921

Listen: I did not make you be born average. Understand that your anger is misdirected.

>> No.10499922


I only pointed it out to provide some background on my own perspective, and because people like you assume anyone disagreeing with you is a "post wall roastie", and might need a reminder that well adjusted attractive women also find you all retarded.

No women besides lonely pickme handmaidens really care what scrotes think, as much as you wish we did.

>> No.10499924

What really gets me is that they have this hilariously over inflated ego/sense of superiority when they can't even realize when a video is edited with a filter or the subject is wearing makeup.

I'm sure their mommies told them they have 175 IQs when in reality all they have is NPD and a fupa.

>> No.10499927

does anyone want to be my cosplayer gf?

>> No.10499928

the point is that teenfuckers are better off dead. those studies don't establish the link you say that they do. polls don't establish causation, and your suggestion isn't backed by the data. the best studies available show that the happiest women are those who are gainfully employed and single. what does that mean?

>> No.10499929

The funniest part of all of this is that if I was a TikToker instead of a camgirl you'd probably have some clips of me saved that you'd use as an example of a "no makeup" 10/10.

>> No.10499931

>I only pointed it out to provide some background on my own perspective,

You began the post by saying you look like 14-year-old jailbait and how it's totes really annoying how men all want you because of this. Listen, people around you aren't as retarded as you think they are.

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Imagine being so deep into fapping to minors' tiktok profiles that you think everyone who agrees that pedos are defective wastes of DNA is the same person

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if this thread is any indicator, men are even dumber than i already thought

he 100% believes that being harassed by men is something we're really into and brag about

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>the point is that teenfuckers are better off dead.
Well, in terms of social ethics, it is undeniable that there is an argument in favor of teen women starting families. For starters, they are happier in family life than in the labor force (see >>10499906) and there are genetic imperatives for having children as soon as one reaches sexual maturity. Every widespread sexual instinct has a genetic antecedent.

Women have the same eggs their entire lives. That's why you can get paid $100,000+ to have your eggs harvested.
These eggs are prone to genetic degradation in a way that spermatozoa, which are produced daily in the testes, are not.
Older women produce children with lower IQ and higher incidence for genetic illnesses, including sub-symptomatic issues which have a cumulative effect ("mutational load".) The healthiest children are born to teen mothers.

>Downs syndrome incidence organized by mother's age

>At age 16, 1 in 2,843
>At age 20, 1 in 1,441
>At age 40, 1 in 84

>> No.10499937

>No women besides lonely pickme handmaidens really care what scrotes think, as much as you wish we did.
the existence of this board is a refutation of that sentence

>> No.10499938


If you think that comment was a "boohoo I'm so attractive" post and not a "interacting with gross pedo men regularly makes me more annoyed by pedos when I encounter them yet again" post then you really must have no idea how a female brain works.

Women don't brag about being catcalled unless they're lacking in self esteem. When they complain about male advances they genuinely find it annoying or creepy, not a thinly veiled way to talk about how pretty they think they are.

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>> No.10499941

I didn't imply that all three posts belonged to the same person, only that the ideas expressed originated from the same mindset (feelings of inadequacy.)

>> No.10499942

And old jizz is what creates autists like you

>> No.10499943

Half of this board is cosplay and mostly maleposters, and female tripfags in the past were all cosplayer pickmes. The other half is lolitas who almost categorically typically put male opinions fairly low on the list of things important to them in life. How does it feel knowing you're less important to hundreds of thousands of women than a random frilly Japanese dress?

>> No.10499944

So you're the kind of pedo that wants to ruin teens with pregnancy? Of course you are. You'd probably fuck your own kids.

>> No.10499945

>The other half is lolitas who almost categorically typically put male opinions fairly low on the list of things important to them in life.

the fact that they do something called "lolita cosplay" is a refutation of that sentence
you participate in the pedo-play charade, you just hate when its pointed out

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>lolita cosplay
>pedo play charade

>> No.10499947

The Official Tok Ten most beautiful tokfus:

1) Cathy
2) Nat
3) Fionaamaee
4) Kurobb
5) Anxorphia
6) Periigee
7) Saki
8) El
9) Losertron
10) Carlyxwells

Know your place. Hint: it's not in the single digits.

>> No.10499948


Actually just because you can shoot sperm your whole life doesn't mean they're live rounds. Sperm quality varies depending on a lot of factors, age being one of them. Your sperm degrades as you age and some of them might be tailless, two headed, or other types of defective from a young age if you have shit genetics too. A lot of fertility issues get blamed on women when in reality men have a whole host of failures too, and in general even a healthy seeming pregnancy could miscarry early on.

All these biological imperatives are retarded anyway. Most men on 4chan are so low on the supposed biological food chain that in a truly uncivilized animalistic state of things they'd never have been concieved, much less survived or given a chance to reproduce, seeing as they're all whiny manbaby pedos.

>> No.10499949

Actually, pregnancy poses no especial health risk to teens. This is a popular culture myth.

>Adverse medical effects of teenage pregnancies have been reported mainly in quite old studies dated back to the 1950s. At this time, teenage pregnancies were seen as obstetric problems per se, which are associated with an increased risk of anemia, preterm labor, urinary tract infections, hypertension, preeclampsia, a high rate of cesarean sections but also preterm birth, low birth weight, and intrauterine growth restriction.
[pg. 5, 15, 29-35]
>These observations, however, are based on studies among social-deprived subpopulations and from third-world countries with very poor medical In this study, it could be shown that very young mothers (<15a) were quite immature, they were significantly shorter and lighter than older mothers, even older adolescent mothers. Furthermore, they gave birth to significantly smaller and lighter newborns. On the other hand?although breech presentation was quite high, the cesarean section rate, indicating birth complications, was significantly lower than among older mothers, even lower than among late adolescent mothers. Considering in contrast to the incidence of obstetrical risks such as cesarean section or adverse child presentation, such problems are low in comparison to older gravida. Therefore, we can conclude that teenage pregnancies?even among early adolescent mothers aging below 15 years?are not associated with increased obstetrical risks.
[pg. 30, 36-38]

>> No.10499950

>These eggs are prone to genetic degradation in a way that spermatozoa, which are produced daily in the testes, are not
that's factually incorrect and saying "spermatozoa" doesn't make you sound any smarter to anyone who knows half a goddamn thing about biology. asserting those studies back up your claim a second time doesn't make it more true- they don't. and again, even if were completely true, it is not beneficial to teenaged girls to be paired off with adult men for the purpose of using them as reproductive vessels. what you're saying only holds any relevance or value if you dehumanize women and see them as a means to a reproductive end. you are just a misogynist and an idiot clumsily attempting to use science you don't comprehend to defend your personal views.

>> No.10499951

This is true, sperm are of course susceptible to aging. The effect isn't nearly as severe as in eggs, though.

>> No.10499952

>lolita cosplay

damn i know it's a troll but at least pretend to hide it since you're not really supposed to do it on this board.

>> No.10499953

natspammer can you just shut the fuck up at this point

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>l o l i t a c o s p l a y
are you lost

>> No.10499955

yeah bro your costume genre called fucking "lolita" is just harmless, asexual fun right? a lot like furries?

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this faggot loves adding irrelevant conclusions to studies that don't support his claims

>> No.10499957 [DELETED] 

hey guys im inventing a costume genre called HARD GAY MALE ON MALE PAINAL, we wear leather straps and ballgags but its totally asexual and wholesome and theres nothing sexual here

>> No.10499958


Men tend to live shorter lives and have more health problems as they age compared to women. This is in part because they don't take care of their bodies and DO degrade overall far more than women do.

You can pretend your old jizz is fine wine all you want and live in denial if it suits you, just don't be shocked when those fertile teen wombs aren't interested in your crusty wrinkle dick.

>> No.10499960


Good for you, it's not japanese fashion or cosplay related tho so take it to /fa/ and tell it to the other retarded men who thibk they understand fashion.

>> No.10499961

1) you're wrong that it poses no health risk lol
2) I wasn't even referring to the health risk when I said ruin

For people so obsessed with female looks, you'd think scrotes would know the impacts of pregnancy on a woman's body. But I guess it's easier for them to believe that big chad dick and age is what creates a stretched out vagina and not, you know, what actually creates a stretched out vagina (childbirth). I guess the truth wouldn't play well into their pedo breeder fantasies

>> No.10499963

Men tend to live shorter lives because they work manual labor jobs. Labor shortens your telomeres. The longest-living specimens of animal are usually sedentary, like the oldest-living tarantula, which lived in a burrow, barely moving for most of its life. This is analogous to the life of most women, who either work cushy desk jobs or are housewives.


>> No.10499966

There is nothing ruinous about reproduction. It is the opposite of ruin. Our only hedge against death. It's a miracle of life! I hope you try it some day.

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>being this delusional

>> No.10499969


I bet they also forget that giving birth involves a lot of blood and sometimes feces; let's see how much they love their little joyous bundle of good genes and teen waifus when they're both covered in her shit and various other fluids, on top of being covered in stretch marks, gaining weight, having deflated post breastfeeding tits, and worse. Oh, and of course the hormonal imbalances and potential postpartum depression and other issues.

>> No.10499971

I think everyone who isn't a child knows that pregnancy involves bodily fluids. Not sure what your point is.

>> No.10499972

>labor shortens telomeres
>women are housewives, a job that cannot possibly involve physical labor

Damn son you did that to yourself

>> No.10499973

ugh. well now i hate women again, horrible leaky things

>> No.10499974

For real, dude. I bet they don't even know what the pelvic floor muscles do and how pregnancy/childbirth permanently affects them.

I also wonder if they know that their lovely teen waifus will be wearing actual diapers for the vast amounts of blood they'll continue to leak for weeks after giving birth lmao.

>> No.10499975

That jerking off to underage tiktokkers is a lot easier than actually being a decent partner to a teen mom than you must think it is.

>> No.10499976

Well, tiktokkers are not underage in my country, and I don't plan on actually delivering my girlfriend's babies, just providing for them.

>> No.10499977

>assuming your pedo cock would actually be able to get hard for someone whose body was ravaged by pregnancy of childbirth


>> No.10499978


If you like a woman for who she is your brain will probably force you to overlook how gross it all is once it's over and you'll be sexually attracted again later and get over the changes.

But if you just want to fuck jailbait teenagers because of a weird impregnation fantasy you're going to be sorely disappointed and not have any reason beyond sex to want to be with them to begin with, which isn't good for any healthy relationship.

>> No.10499980

You think we're retarded enough to believe even the most mentally deficient of teen girls would want to touch anyone remotely like you with a 10 foot pole?

>> No.10499981

even the 12 year old ones?

>> No.10499982


Damn u aren't even an incel, you WANT to be a beta provider to a moody teenager who hasn't even gone through the phase where she tries to "find herself" yet.

>> No.10499983

Also even if you don't think you could get over the nastiness of childbirth, plenty of childfree women who never want kids exist.

>> No.10499984

Women never become more mature than the teenaged stage. They just get more bitter.

>> No.10499986


Checking in as one of those women. My partner and I like the idea of kids, but would rather adopt an older child that needs it than waste time with the pain and problems that come with conceiving and birthing our own should we ever feel like having one. But generally speaking we've decided we'd rather have dogs.

>> No.10499987

what an interesting way to admit you've only ever bothered to get to know women with borderline personality disorder

>> No.10499988

Look at this retard who forgot frontal lobes exist>>10499984

>> No.10499989

The frontal cortex develops earlier in women. It's why people regard women as maturing earlier than men. It's also why women are more prone to social conformism.

>> No.10499990

Your definition of bitter is just old enough to know better than suffer through any interaction with you, sexual or otherwise.

Most teens probably know this anyway though.

>> No.10499991

Same, minus ever considering adoption. I like my money, my flat stomach, and my tight vagene tyvm

>> No.10499992


Everyone of either gender develops at their own pace, and some scientists suspect that brains don't fully develop until age 25 in many people.

If you think anyone is going to take your word for it that a teenage girl has a fully developed consensually fuckable brain idk what to tell you sis

>> No.10499993

>Everyone of either gender develops at their own pace
This is an argument for teenaged consent, not an argument against it.

>> No.10499994

You would find some way to claim that propensity to have acne is an argument for teenage consent

>> No.10499995

If you believe that each human develops at their own pace, surely you would support an individually-tested age of consent rather than some hard-and-fast rule that is bound to cause errors in both directions?

>> No.10499996


Plus the anxiety of being responsible for the life of another human in every way just sounds stressful. Thank god western society is mostly the point of assuming everyone has to have children.

>> No.10499997


No 13 year old has a 27 year old brain and no matter how desperately you wish they did it will never be physically true or possible.

>> No.10499998

There exists on this planet 13 year olds who are capable of intelligent consent and 27 year olds who are incapable. Many of both.

>> No.10499999

You clearly haven't developed past age 15 which was probably the last time you ever had hope of holding hands with a female of any age. I'm glad there are consent laws so none of those 'super mature' 12 year old girls take sexual advantage of your lack of brain development.

>> No.10500000


>> No.10500001

See >>10499976

>> No.10500003

what he really means is that anyone who isn't a kid isn't stupid enough to talk to him

just because you read it on daily mail doesn't mean it's true.

the only interest an adult man is going to take in a teenage girl is trying to gain sexual access to her. fuck off. we're not dumb enough to buy into your self serving claims. you're not going to fall in love with a surprisingly mature 14 year old telling you about her algebra class, you just like the idea of grooming and impregnating one. an hero faggot.

>> No.10500004

This just in: retard forgets low age of consent laws are intended to keep teenaged children fucking each other out of jail, not him for wanting to fuck babies. That or present mostly in countries and cultures that offer women few rights to begin with and have those low ages because they haven't caught up with the rest of the world.

>> No.10500006

My country has higher GDP per capita, higher happiness reporting (particularly among women,) lower work hours, higher development index, better education system, etc. than the shithole you hail from (I can simply smell that you are American.) The age of consent is 14.

>> No.10500007

dangerously based

>> No.10500009


Ooof, joke's on you for those retarded assumptions.

>> No.10500010

I don't think you understand you own country's age of consent laws, assuming you're European. Even in the countries where age of consent is technically 14, it's still "Limited by relationship" - meaning that the younger partner is deemed able to consent to having sex with an older one as long as the latter is not in a position of trust or authority, or is not recognized to be abusing the inexperience of the younger one.

So thankfully even in your country you'd likely be jailed for fucking a teenager

>> No.10500011

are you saying that your country's GDP is owed to teen fucking or what

>> No.10500012

>Even in the countries where age of consent is technically 14, it's still "Limited by relationship"
This just means you can't fuck your students if you're a teacher (as an example.)

>> No.10500013

He probably thinks everything good in the world is unlocked if you fuck a teenager.

>> No.10500014

>or is not recognized to be abusing the inexperience of the younger one

you don't have to be in a position of authority, I hope any teens you fucked tell their parents and they go after your ass

>> No.10500015

>recognized to be abusing the inexperience of the younger one.

Most adults wanting to have sex with teenagers fall into that category, as much as you wish you could get away with it.

>> No.10500016


Replied to one of the wrong posts in my reply but I'm glad someone else pointed out the glaringly obvious flaw in his plan to bang babies.

>> No.10500017

Exactly. The ones who don't fall into that category are VERY young adults who could for some reason be the teens peer in some way, or adults that are actually verifiably mentally deficient in some way. So idk, maybe if anon admits he's got a double digit IQ under 90 he could get away with it, but I feel like he'd go to jail before admitting he's not a big brain chad

>> No.10500018

I know people suffering from literal medical retardation wouldn't be able to figure out how to post on 4chan, but somehow I feel like even they would have a more intelligent take on the subject than pedo-san

>> No.10500019

This is really bizarre. You're explaining the laws of my country to me without even knowing where I live. Is this like astrology? I've heard women are superstitious creatures.

>> No.10500020
File: 40 KB, 500x440, inmycountry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you sure you're allowed to be posting on this site, Chang?

>> No.10500021

you know this low IQ reject is a completely unfuckable. he's only here because smarter men than him bullied him out of other boards over his fucking fedoraspeak and he assumed women would just be dumber.

>> No.10500022


Nayrt but most non 3rd world countries have simular standards for consent laws. Claiming you have better GDP among other things implies you live somewhere not in the 3rd world, meaning somewhere that likely has similar laws to Europe, the US, Japan, etc.

>> No.10500023

Oh forgot to specify, rightmost column is age of consent. It just so happens there are very few countries with a higher GDP than the United States, and of them only one has an age of consent of 14.

>> No.10500024

>Claiming you have better GDP among other things implies you live somewhere not in the 3rd world
I've already explained I'm not American, LaQuisha.

>> No.10500025

>incorrectly assumed women would be dumber

Fixed that for you, anon

>> No.10500027

The right column is actually still the age of consent that's considered "limited by relationship" in most of those countries

>> No.10500028

>forgetting I'm not American either
>assuming everyone pointing out basic similarities in consent laws is American or the same person
>random I guess attempt to be racist insult thrown at a woman in his "rare attractive phenotype"

This isn't going to get you laid with any teeny boppers, boyo

>> No.10500029

He's in the only country with higher gdp per capita that actually is in the third world lol. Its because its just a tax haven for corrupt Chinese companies basically.

>> No.10500031


Damn I wonder if he realizes even teenage eurasian girls (the ones he wants to "provide for") in the poorest of families likely have higher standards of living than the richest person he knows.

>> No.10500032

tfw he's a poorfag with delusions of grandeur just grounded enough in reality to know an adult woman would be unimpressed

>> No.10500035

And an Asian poorfag with a micropenis that falls out of condoms, I'd bet tens of thousands of dollars on this. no wonder he has a breeder fetish, his cock would slip out of any condom and he knows he'll never be able to pull out in time because he probably jizzes in two pumps

>> No.10500037


Plot twist: he has a humiliation fetish and he came here to get blasted on purpose; emphasis on 'came'

>> No.10500040
File: 245 KB, 800x540, D2BFEC71-D046-43F7-BAB2-3DA3CBE11A85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hilarious. I was hoping a jannie would sweep up this board but I’m glad it stuck around long enough for Chang-san to moronically out himself. Totally matches up with the weird Eurasian fetishization (which doesn’t match the usual /pol/ muh lilywhite tradwife meme), too. That is exactly how coolies in colonial states think: thirsting for what they see as accessible whiteness.

>> No.10500049

I guess nobody told him "marrying up" financially and racially in his mind only works for women.

>> No.10500058

Age gap relationships are okay but only if they're LGBT.

>> No.10500060

God I wish scrotes would get banned off of cgl.

>> No.10500063

This. LGBT folk understand each other in a way straggots can't

>> No.10500070


Damn scrotes really don't quit.

I wish lolita had its own board. Lolita never belonged with cosplay.

>> No.10500073

we used to have a board for that, it was called /l/!

>> No.10500076

What the fuck is this thread. This board should just ban all social rejects

>> No.10500079

Then we’d all be banned anon

>> No.10500142

This board did take a dramatic left from "who the fuck posted this generic EThot" to what's happening now

>> No.10500143

Thread not board was looking at another response while typing mine.

>> No.10500214

Even better

>> No.10500235
File: 20 KB, 313x470, D25F9507-7029-4D1B-B422-2C08CA4BED08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can have your teens. Give me an older woman any day.

>> No.10500240

im going to put on girls clothes and touch my thighs to emulate what i want to do to her

>> No.10500267

I will have both, thx.

>> No.10500487

anyone can fuck a 15 year old legally in sweden, germany, spain etc (and that's a good thing)

>> No.10500652
File: 91 KB, 858x776, B1D4214F-3CAE-4530-941D-892DF4056C37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy knows how to live!

>> No.10501887
File: 387 KB, 1536x2048, D2WgcPmUwAASMdp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know where else to post this hot chick so I'll post it here.

>> No.10501900
File: 254 KB, 591x398, bronzebraids_cosplay4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice try

>> No.10501962
File: 214 KB, 510x459, 10E98689-5CB1-49CF-8608-912F6E3059BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here , haven’t checked this thread in a while as I thought it would just die out but all I can say is what the fuck? Also remember Sugashi is the cutest cosplay “model”.

>> No.10501986

Quit selfposting we've already established you're a generic cow.

>> No.10501991

will you be my girlfriend?

>> No.10502024

post your face, bb

>> No.10502032

she is objectively very attractive, not sure how this really warrants all the femoid seething

>> No.10502037

omg her eyebrows are fugly and she has no jaw definition, inferior genetics/10 in addition to being fat

>> No.10502040

she is a fat butterface just like most of the women posting on cgl.

>> No.10502044


how does she even get 100k followers anyways tf her cosplays are below average and lazy as shit

>> No.10502046

anorexia is not attractive

>> No.10502049

lardasses aren't attractive either

>> No.10502131


>thinking there is anything to be jealous of.

Cope harder, tubby.

>> No.10502184

which she isn't, literally any man will tell you she's at least an 8/10. unbelievable cope

>> No.10502196

coping for what. i'm not jealous of her lol
also men have no standards

>> No.10502205

what do you consider standards

>> No.10502219
File: 380 KB, 750x921, 2447F0B8-C0EA-4545-8284-AA76EB542D03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay jealous Uggos. I guess it’s hard to come to terms with someone who has achieved human body ratio perfection.

>> No.10502230

Sent this pic to 3 of my bros. One rates 4/10, one 5/10, one 6/10 so it's safe to say she's just an average tubster

>> No.10502237

>someone who has achieved human body ratio perfection.
you make it sound like literally any fat american girl on the street doesn't look like this lmao

>> No.10502238

lotta hate in this thread calling her average and fat

any girls here with her bodytype or "better" who need some attention hit me up

>> No.10502239

drop your discord

>> No.10502243

Yas daddy, your harem of discord trannies awaits

>> No.10502251
File: 213 KB, 750x474, E6A8592A-DAFF-4CE7-A01D-7D1980AED6B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cause they don’t they’re usually actually fat.

>> No.10502256

Give it up scrote. Nobody wants this fat thot.

>> No.10502258
File: 279 KB, 750x449, 8D8CDA40-4D3B-4D69-8536-4F72CF32EAD4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10503214

Calling this girl fat is an obvious jelly jab. She isn't fat. Also women with no fat are not attractive biologically. Stay mad roasties.

>> No.10503383

Having a basic understanding of how filters work and caking makeup on doesn't make her any less of a cow. The fact you think she actually looks like that is genuinely hilarious.

>> No.10503395

I didn't expect a good opinion to be in this thread, but here it is. I have no beef with lolitas, I actually admire them a lot from a far but I've always felt like we're stepping on each others' toes when sharing this board. However, I also feel like you're all saving us from being completely overtaken by the loud degenerates that flock to cosplay so thanks for being stuck with us I guess.

>> No.10503432


Why yes, the obviously drawn on "unusual epicanthal fold" that all weebs and koreboos do is a sign of their east asian ancestry

>> No.10503877
File: 89 KB, 645x649, 89D2CECC-8D73-4CE6-A2B4-DCDC47BD050F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve seen literally everything she’s posted I know what she looks like without angles and posing. Stay peanut butter and jelly u

>> No.10503878


>> No.10503936

Who's going to tell this guy DRD4 7R+ doesn't have correlation to novelty finding and that was an early debunked myth
Good bait though

>> No.10503938
File: 86 KB, 520x735, 1603784099008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10503939

DRD4 7R+ is associated with infidelity, which is all the post says it's associated with


>> No.10503946

Infidelity is a form of novelty seeking, which has been found to be a complex trait. That is to say it's a trait that cannot be narrowed down to a single gene, and it is more likely a cluster of genes that would be the reasoning for variance in behavior.
Furthermore, your own study makes clear that there could be confounding variables as well as drawing a distinct association between the two would be done immaturely.
Did you read the study or just the headline?
>Important as this finding may be, it is also important to sound several notes of caution. First, a consistent challenge in genetic association studies are that of third variable confounds, or unmeasured variables that are causally responsible for the observed finding but are associated with the measured variables thus generating a spurious association.
>Given general reasons to be cautious in behavioral genetic research and the inherently probabilistic relationship observed, we emphasize that it would be prudent to avoid premature and facile characterizations of the DRD4 VNTR polymorphism as “the promiscuity gene” or “the cheating gene.”

>> No.10503947

>Did you read the study or just the headline?
Did you? It clearly states DRD4 7R+ is associated with being a fucking whore, which you probably are if this is how you react to that information.

>> No.10503948


>> No.10503954

I'm a chestlet and a fucking whore so I guess Im an outlier huh

>> No.10503955


>> No.10503956

I'm also a manipulative liar who larps as a trad bitch sometimes to get free stuff without having to bang ugly conservatives. They're surprisingly gullible and easy to string along. And so easy to manipulate.

>> No.10503957

Yes, you certainly do sound like a mentally ill transsexual.

>> No.10503958

Cope harder faggot

>> No.10503961

i wanna fuck a flat chested e-girl cosplayer i also have thousands of dollars whats your ig

>> No.10503963

Sorry anon, I'm a lolita

>> No.10504017
File: 409 KB, 750x746, 4CCED8BB-D428-4087-8604-CE19D7531758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10504046

if you let me stroke your frills the deals still up

>> No.10504086

> minimal makeup

spotted the virgin.

she is full blown make up. Even her fucking nose has make up.

>> No.10504088

I didn't say anything about the angles and posing and thanks for replying to it with a picture of her looking even more generic then she already did. All you did was prove my point that yes she doesn't look anything like her heavily filtered photos.

>> No.10504095

>I know what she looks like without angles and posing
>posts a picture with a face-altering filter.
This wasn't the serve you thought it was, anon. She's your cup of tea and that's fine. You don't need to sperg out to prove it to the rest of us. There is nothing to prove for that matter.

>> No.10504188
File: 195 KB, 750x362, 48A94F63-F256-49CF-8DD8-2E77439A4B4B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10504256

She's a fat looking mixed girl. Is that what's a cosplay queen these days?

>> No.10504268

This isn't proving anything that one has more filters and makeup then the last one. All you're proving is how desperate for validation you are for liking the Pillsbury doughboy

>> No.10504276

Is this one supposed to be "natural" too?

>> No.10504279
File: 276 KB, 629x638, EB66B142-0EEF-49A4-BDDE-B5CDB50D7E46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10504281
File: 574 KB, 750x928, BC0D9E65-B1BC-4DB7-A4D3-68214A5D82C6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also I don’t think she’s mixed I think she might just be a Jew.

>> No.10504304

Once again only proving everyone's point that you're a desperate scrote and or the actual girl looking desperately for validation. These are all heavily filtered, the makeup is cake on and she never is at an angle that you would describe as natural. These poses are trying to draw attention to breasts and her back is held in a way to try and give herself the flattering figure she doesn't own naturally. It's a common trick used to deceive people like you into thinking she's attractive. You've yet to post anything that looks even remotely natural whether it be her makeup or just the way she's holding herself

>> No.10504333

i didn't read any of that
you're so jealous of a fatty getting attention lmao

>> No.10504335
File: 220 KB, 750x474, 55532BB6-214E-4394-9818-CB6DF876E42C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you okay? I never said the pictures I was posting are not filtered or she’s not wearing makeup I just said I have seen her less angled and more natural. You seem seething and envious of perfection. I guess I would be too if I was THIS retarded.

>> No.10504363

she looks like she's into black guys

>> No.10504369
File: 244 KB, 483x613, 0EB15FDB-783B-4752-9E11-869EF286325D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah she kinda does. I think she’s one of those Korea/weeaboos that fetishizes Asian guys though.

>> No.10504373

nah ive seen that body type before, shes a BBC hound, not surprising that she wont talk about it online though coz theyre usually ashamed

>> No.10504375
File: 132 KB, 502x366, 30E04A8D-4B12-438D-B85E-E15DFA667CDB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’d believe it

>> No.10504431

ntayrt, but you've been arguing this whole thread that she's natural looking and only wears minimal makeup and your photos of "proof" are: obviously filtered photos and photos where she's wearing a full face. It's okay to admit that she's wearing makeup, you know. So you like her look, stop being a sperg about it. The truth isn't gonna hurt you.

>> No.10504467

Her forehead is too small for her to channel any level of neoteny so she will never be kawaii and will look 45 in 5 years

>> No.10504469

i want to impregnate her before she is used goods ooooooooooooooooooooooooaahhh

>> No.10504474

I heard she bought 50 dicks off ebay and sucked them all

>> No.10504477
File: 210 KB, 750x558, 18280C80-D8A0-4C8D-9F80-E01231868A66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More hating because you’re still PB&J huh? I can’t imagine sitting there typing arguments to myself no one ever made. Take your olanzapine schizo.

>> No.10504481

Nta but you finally admit she's a fatty lol

>> No.10504523
File: 202 KB, 533x400, cry harder baby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i didn't say that
>yes you did, here's proof
>nuh uh!

>> No.10504547

At this point I'm assuming they think defending her here of all places will win them a one way ticket to slurping this girl's ass juice. They probably should seek help for an obsession running this deep. It usually ends in stalking and murder.

>> No.10504550

> It usually ends in stalking and murder.
If their claim that they have terabytes of videos and pictures saved from these girls' social media, I would say stalking is already happening. At the very least, internet stalking and harassment.

>> No.10504572
File: 406 KB, 750x912, DF48C055-AD87-42AD-9519-52391EB2C00A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP here , never said that. That’s a whole other person in this thread.

>> No.10504581
File: 12 KB, 254x254, b8edcfd6dd79720249b61853c178e8dca5-surejan.rsquare.w700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10504639

I wasn't talking about you, OP.

>> No.10504798

You jelly of my collection, roastoid?

>> No.10504799

You're beyond pathetic, lol.

>> No.10504801

Don't worry, you aren't in there. I heavily curate it and only girls above 9/10 make the cut.

>> No.10504816

I love the way you didn't even deny it.

Oh yeah what an honor is must be to be in a creep's spank bank. I'm crying a river.

>> No.10504825

Pretty sure girls like the one you're beating your meat to and hoping to impress go out of their way to avoid creeps like you. Keeps them from becoming a jizz splattered smear in your mother's basement.

>> No.10504826

This is like a real life 1:1 recreation of that "arguing with holes" image. Have you ever used a point in an argument that didn't revolve around "I / other women will not offer their pussy to you"?

>> No.10504846

That's not the argument they're making. They're saying that the people you idolize would be repulsed by your actions, which you claim to do in admiration of them, if they were to know you. Amazing how all you took from that was "women will not want to fuck you" which wasn't even on the table in the first place.

>> No.10504847
File: 147 KB, 517x469, 1590171506136.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That's not the argument they're making
Yes it is, hole. Jesus christ, what a broken record you are.

>> No.10504882

They're not saying that your idols won't give you hole, they're saying that you and people like you repulse them and other women, and you will never even receive their companionship, affection, or even more than a passing thought

>> No.10504883
File: 121 KB, 520x588, 1605334314489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, your brain really is broken. "I / others will make our holes unavailable to you" isn't a cure-all for every argument you lose on the Internet.

>> No.10504940

based Macao anon BTFO /cgl/

>> No.10504953

That was honestly the best takedown I’ve ever seen on 4chan. Utterly poetic.

>> No.10504954

whos this cow and why is she selfposting?

>> No.10505014
File: 186 KB, 748x928, 1605759888902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay PB&Jelly uggos

>> No.10505036
File: 31 KB, 625x626, its not even bait anymore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once again, we find ourselves back here: >>10504523

>> No.10505037

That's not exactly what I, or I believe the OP of that reply was making, but also a good point. And no, I firmly believe this man will never have sex. His actions speak for themselves.

>> No.10505038

You didn't even read their reply did you. Their first sentence explicitly stated the opposite what your pic is implying.

>> No.10505043
File: 220 KB, 750x410, 94DB8ED5-21C8-43EE-86A6-AD9DD0035B64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10505065

look at that BBC pout

she gonna have a black baby within a year

>> No.10505071
File: 95 KB, 575x620, 1605847269575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10505073
File: 193 KB, 1280x1226, original.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10505084

>Being unable to tell the difference between "hole" and "healthy relationship with someone who cares about you"
Not that you'll ever have either

>> No.10505089

tomorrow I'll have butter and jelly toast just because this post, if I remember it, that is
also yeah, hoes mad AND jelly

>> No.10505670

Bruh how big is her fuckin feet in this pic

She looks like a fucking Bratz doll

>> No.10505675

This some prime bait

>> No.10505683

Based sonic

>> No.10505685


>> No.10505813

> huurrrr suddrrrr im a scientist reeeeeeeeeee

>> No.10505815

this is literally the greatest bait thread on the whole board right now

>> No.10506103

>literally the legal age of consent in most bordered places on earth
can someone yeet this amerimutt kid for being uneducated?

>> No.10506107

I have a strict policy where I don’t fuck fat girls.
Just seeing those flabby arms, no thanks

>> No.10506250
File: 165 KB, 433x434, D6EBEFD4-2B7C-4CAC-853C-6146DE8A97A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then you have learning to do because your policy can be subverted by just closing your eyes and using your imagination. Then you’re banging whoever you want. Easy trick

>> No.10514428

Does this bitch even watch anime? Looks like she only cosplays mainstream garbage.

>> No.10514605

thats every e-girl

>> No.10516119

my fucking sides

>> No.10519697

Shes got an onlyfans now
anyone got any rips?

>> No.10519700

Remember when he had mods and not just lazy fucks?

>> No.10519839

>They exist because one woman 10,000 years ago had blue eyes and someone thought it looked unique enough to warrant having dozens of children with her.

People have gone over the other stupid aspects of this post, but not this one. You don't seem to understand how recessive genes work. The children of this blue eyed human would not have blue eyes themselves, they would just carry the gene. It's commonplace for recessives to be introduced in a population and spread invisibly until two individuals carrying that recessive happen to pair up due to living in a smaller population and inbreeding.

>> No.10519855

continuing: It's a no-brainer that most simple recessive traits will have one common ancestor, maybe two if lightning strikes twice. We see this in animal populations too.

Regarding "low mutational load". Blue eyes are a mutation. The cited "unusual epicanthal area" is due to one or more mutations. Mutations are why people look different from one another in the first place.

>> No.10519859

>I don't understand pedophilia: The Post

Why are Americans so stupid?

>> No.10519860

I just realized a minor fuckup in my own thinking that also makes op even stupider.

The ancestor in question would NOT have had blue eyes. She/he would have generated one recessive copy of the gene on mutation and would visibly have had, most likely, brown eyes. So the idea that "one woman had blue eyes and dudes wanted to reproduce with her" is completely false in that the ancestor, not necessarily even female, would have had a non-blue-eyed phenotype. It would have then spread, as mentioned, until the phenotype actually appeared, but not until multiple, maybe dozens of humans carried the gene by accident.

>> No.10528711

LOL that’s anorexic? Cope. Lose some weight.

>> No.10528785
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>turns 18
>immediately opens an onlyfans

>> No.10528796
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>I'm sure their mommies told them they have 175 IQs when in reality all they have is NPD and a fupa.

>> No.10529284

Because how else would we moral grandstand about stupid shit

>> No.10529284,1 [INTERNAL] 

ok, could be nothing special and of course not a 10
but, meh, serves as fap material

>> No.10529284,2 [INTERNAL] 

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>> No.10529284,3 [INTERNAL] 

Lmao what a ride to sit through these comments so many virgins on this platform who think they can pull any girl.. I’ve nutted to her like a thousand times and if I saw her I would pump to fucking shit out of her and fuck her thighs and kiss those cute lips and put my dick inside her mouth to choke her on it :) I’ve sent her a dm multiple times and she seems kinda nice and innocent but man I’d shoot my cum inside her mouth and pussy 5 million times over and over again god I wanna fuck her

>> No.10529284,4 [INTERNAL] 

Just found all of her leaked deleted onlyfans pics I couldn’t be happier lmao

>> No.10529284,5 [INTERNAL] 


Ikr she’s horny af for bbc

>> No.10529284,6 [INTERNAL] 


Be honest if she was naked in front of you then you’d pump the shit out of her

>> No.10529284,7 [INTERNAL] 

Can you post her leak ?

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