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I know most of us are guilty of it, so post items you either bought or lusted after that you now know are ita as fuck. Pic related for me, these fugly "ega" yukata abominations from bodyline. I got one and wore it to a small con and got so many compliments. Also, some brand made these really ugly hats with like stuffed candies plushes and berries and stuff on them and I wanted them so bad, but they were overpriced and some indie asian brand so I never bought them.

Post your shame, gulls!

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I actually really wanted that yukata set and was salty when it sold out everywhere haha. How was the quality?

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Great thread anon

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the top and apron are pretty good but the skirt is trash.

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I really want to try and make a casual coord fit with these shoes. It's near impossible but I want to try.

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honestly there are several old bodyline sets that i would love to own now. they would suck for lolita but they're cute on their own.

i regret selling pic related.

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would love for bodyline to make cute punk items again

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I have never gotten over my desire to buy a Marble or Spider dress after seeing a stall of Spider abominations at a convention in the early 2000s.

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I used to really want this Bodyline set back when I was in high school. It looks ugly and cosplay-ish to me now, but it's not THAT bad as far as Bodyline goes. I also used to like That Clock Skirt but never bought it either.

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God yes, I miss good punk lolita that isn’t just a tartan jsk and fishnets

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This is it. I look at it and think it’s terrible for lolita but at the same time I love it

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It would look cute as a generic military-inspired alt fashion outfit. It’s just not suitable for lolita.

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I went digging in my old sold folder and found this eyesore. I think I actually sold it via egl so I perpetuated the terror. It was supposed to go with a gothic coord I think? Thank god there are no photos

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oh no I love it

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I wish I could find a picture of it, but I remember this old ita dress with a MLP print. It came in black and pink. I never bought it because I knew it was ita AF but to this day I still regret never getting it. But it’s long out of production and I’ve never seen anyone try to sell it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I think burando animal ears are super cute, especially the fluffy ones from AP and Baby. But when I started out with this fashion there was a very strict „all animal ears are ita/cosplay“ mentality (I think there weren’t really brand ones yet) and it’s just hammered in my head.

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The fluffy ones and lace ones that btssb and ap put out are cute, but these ears from aatp are straight-up ita/cosplay territory. They remind me of those petplay cat ears that every Tumblr kawaii girl had circa 2014-15.

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I bought That Clock skirt in sax, and good lord if that isn’t the most impossible to coord color ever made I don’t know what is

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My god I bought this in my early internet days and threw it away recently without ever wearing it once all these years because the quality was actually that bad. If I didn't have a conscience, I should've sold it to one of you gulls instead.

On the other hand, I actually do like my black clock skirt. I wouldn't wear it to a lolita-specific meetup, but for the dirt cheap price, it's an amazing deal for a casual outfit anytime, anywhere, and none of the fear of ruining a brand dress somehow

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I think this would've been fine if it was just the stripes. The keys and other stuff make the print too busy.

Middle school, mall goth me would've been all over these.

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I want this abomination so badly so I can feel like a Luck Dragon

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This is gonna look shit in person but I want it too

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would unironically wear a slutty version of this to a rave

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I have the OP in pink and it's a pain to match as well

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What gen of MLP was it?

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On top of the keys and stripes it was made of a terrible cheap cotton that was itchy and they made it fray at the bottom for maximum steampunk energy

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It was a long time ago but I think they were similar to g2 ponies

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I really want that old bodyline op that was black and white, had white stripe on the sleeves and also came with matching mini hat

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I want this

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> matching mini hat
I really wish bodyline still did sets. I remember they used to have a dress that came with the headbow and I think a bolero

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I still have mine because I love it but I would never wear it

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