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I can't find a character with same characteristics that I have in real life to cosplay with, like:
>brown eyes
>brown hair, just a slightly blonde
The only character I found out that fits in these characteristics is Yui Hirasawa from K-On (pic related), but I'm male
Pls help a noob in cosplaying, I pretend to go to an event cosplaying

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Not pretend, plan
Sorry, false cognates ruin everything for me in english too

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wig and contacts. anyone. tadaaa.

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I kinda want to cosplay a character with same characteristics as mine anon
t. Poorfag

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Also t. Don't know much about how to buy cosplay items but wants to get in the hobby
And t. Unsure if parents would like the fact of me buying wig and would think cosplaying hobby is cringe

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Ah wait, one day they liked when we went to a japanese convention and there was a lot of cosplayers lol

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Will check out this character, thanks anon

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If you haven't watched Haruhi I highly recommend it

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>The only character I found out that fits in these characteristics is Yui Hirasawa from K-On (pic related), but I'm male
how is that a problem?

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>I'm straight
>will go to the japanese convention with parents

Btw guys, I found a character that is a bit obscure, but can work
Captain harlock

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You won't spend money on a wig, yet making that outfit would cost even more.

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>will go to the japanese convention with parents
how old are you? 10?

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OP you're not old enough to cosplay or to be here if your parents have to bring you to cons and can keep you from cosplaying. Come back in a few years when you're not under their thumb, and we can help you get started lol

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I'm 22.
Stuck in university
No car lol
I know someone from family who works with clothing that can make, most likely for a good price

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Light from Death Note?
Like Kyon, super easy outfit, but very iconic character.
You can even get rid of the blazer if you want, I've seen people cosplay him with just the shirt and tie.

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No car so you're just gonna go with your parents? You have not a single friend who will take you? I'm so sorry anon. Do you need a hug?

I've never driven in my life, the only places my parents ever have to take me are doctors appts because friends usually don't wanna run errands with you.

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Does public transport not exist there? Can't you just buy a bus ticket to wherever you need to go?
I've been going to cons in bus with my friends since I was 14

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nayrt but >with my friends
I'll just assume he has no friends who share his interests and would accompany him. Though I think a bestie would go with you regardless. But I agree about public transport, especially during con times. You won't even stand out.

Another option could be buying similar looking clothes and alter them to fit your character. I recommend checking out thrift stores! Your contact might even help you alter them if they're good with clothes.
It shouldn't be hard especially if you go for simple designs like Kyon or Light. Others coming to mind are Keiichi from Higurashi or Firo from Baccano.

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any character with a mask
>anyone from hotline miami
>anyone from payday 2

if you're into anime i suggest kazuma

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Could cosplay as Nanaya or Tohno Shiki honestly

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Normie tier but fits the the description.

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came here to post kyon or itsuki
go watch haruhi and never say never anon

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