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In this thread post the cosplay photos you think have the best framing, posing, editing and overall quality

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Are these the best because they're all so fucking small you can't notice all the imperfections?

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If i wanted to see a bunch of overly photoshopped micro Chinese store bought cosplays I'd go through instagram or the 2948529472 galleries made by scrotes dedicated to this exact query

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i ain't never seen two pretty best friends its always one of em gotta be ugly

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LMAO, so many of the early "BEST" photos have parts of the bodies cut off, so they're definitely not based on composition.

That said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Who are your favorite photogs?

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I think it's because Kaisa's a guy.

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Evelyn looks like a fat chick who desperately tried to shoop herself skinnier but you can still tell she’s fat, especially her face.

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>so many squishy eyed people itt
do you have yellow fever, op?

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Not OP. For someone based in the US, probably bunnytuan. Muze also has really nice stuff.

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I like Muze’s photos but they get boring after a while because he shoots exclusively for the same 4 cosplayers over and over again. It’d be nice if he branched out and shot cosplayers that aren’t just petite Asian girls. But then again, he’s Muze. He doesn’t need variety because he’s already the best of the best.

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This is facts, cosplay photography is almost detached from cosplay with how much photoshop is involved to make it look good. The core outfits are garbage tier and you can tell they're cheap as fuck.

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This. Cosplayers/photographers put in massive amounts of work into photoshopping costumes too. A lot of pre-shoops show that the costume is ill-fitting or badly made.
>picrel (kind of. Before pic is still shooped but not as hard as the after pic.)

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>waaa if it's not an outfit made by a large movie studio budget that runs upwards of 10's of thousands of dollar it's hot garbage!

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>t. someone who buys shitty Chinese made costumes that fall apart after 1 wear

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What kind of budget you using to buy premade cosplay? I’ve never had a costume gal apart on me ever, and I wear it the whole con day

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Screen-accurate costumes are just as shitty. They just have to look good on camera, not actually be functional long-term.

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I'm pretty sure this picture is multiple photos composited together for the skirt and face, etc. The top is probably just before the face got composited from a better photo-- it's pretty hard to get the model to have a good expression when you're trying to get a moving photo.

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Yeah, her face becomes half its width and her eye becomes twice as big because she’s moving and not because of photoshop. Sure. Let’s not even mention how her bodice becomes perfectly fitted or how the glove on her right hand becomes less wrinkled and tighter.

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You know what compositing means right? It's literally using photoshop to stitch multiple photos together. You take the best parts of every photo to make one nice one.

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nayrt but it looks more like liquify and heal/clone stamp than composting.

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You know what compositing means right? It's literally using photoshop to stitch multiple photos together. You take the best parts of every photo to make one nice one. They probably took multiple shots of her moving the skirt around and combined them for the one flare it has right now, then took a more flattering photo of her face and pasted it on afterwards.

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that definitely is photoshop on her face retard look at the eye. her face has nothing to do with the compositing.

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You can literally composite a better face/better features on, retard. Compositing is literally the definition of photoshopping, why are you being so insane? Take your vendetta filters off, christ.

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I agree with >>10506480. The edit you claim is “composited” looks more liquified than anything else. You can easily smooth out wrinkles and change how the skirt flares with liquify, and it’s much more simple than compositing too.

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Wtf are you actually retarded? Compositing isn’t the only way to photoshop pictures. It’s ok to be wrong, quit being so autistic about it.

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Nice samefag, kek. No one has said a single time that there wasn't liquify or smoothing in the photo, you absolute tard. The "before" photo is already fucking composited, do you not see the damn pod floating in the air and the smoke? The original anon was saying that the face in the "after" is likely composited on.

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>the face in the "after" is likely composited on
nayrt (pic related) but her face shop looks more like photoshop’s auto slimming feature than composting or liquify since her whole head shape changes. The smoke and bot are obviously composted though; you’d have to be the world’s biggest tard to think they’re real.

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it's not though. the after is after the slimming and beautifying shoop. both photos are already composited and the only thing that changes in the after is the egregious beauty shoop and eye enlargement.

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Did someone hurt your feefees by posting your unshooped coswaifu? Kek. The background is composted but the edit on her face and body is liquify and warping.

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>only the things I want are composited, nothing else!
kek, classic vendetta samefag

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>even though every single other part of the entire photo is composited, the most obvious and easy composite of replacing the face with a more flattering shot is definitely not! all girls are ugly and need to liquify in order to look good!
ah, the classic vendetta-chan. tone down the autism sweetie.

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sorry your crap composting job is so bad

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Not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person, tard.

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>he's already the best of the best
i guess overly shooping really is the criteria

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In the cosplay community? Yes. If you don’t post overshopped Asian cosplayers, you’re a “bad” photographer.

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At gulls talking about overly shopped photos, can you post some stuff y'all think looks good?

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Ah, I can already tell this is bait. Someone will post a photo they think is good and you’ll screech about how that’s photoshopped too, so we shouldn’t be allowed to criticize overly photoshopped Asian cosplay girls.

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Dude I just want to see nice pictures, not people screeching about what's wrong or right.

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>i know how to edit html on a web page!!1!
kek, you must really have it out for this girl. did she steal your boyfriend?

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>this absolute autist is still mad someone insulted his cosplay goddessu-chan
She’s not gonna let you smell her feet, bro.

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Not everyone is as autistic as you are to turn a photography thread into some thinly veiled vendetta thread, anon. Why are these threads always filled with jelly ragers?

>> No.10506768

>w-why won't people let me vendetta the asian girls i'm jealous of!!1!
this is a photography thread, ma'am.

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This is exactly why the cosplay side of cgl died. Because faggots couldn’t shut up about their vendetta.

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posting some content so vendetta-chan can stop clogging up the thread

fonchann universe has some amazing work, their lighting usage is top tier.

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the concepts she does for her non-cosplay work are amazing as well. her shoots have such an erthereal vibe.

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@clamp90357 has some beautiful shots as well

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Based, keep up the good work anon.
Discovered fonnchan earlier this year and fell in love with all their work.

>@nikolay_photo on IG

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i don’t have a horse in this race so idc about either side, but it’s funny how an argument originally about editing costumes turned into an argument whether a photo was composited or liquified, which then into a shitfest with vendetta accusations...
yes, cosplayers do indeed photoshop their costumes to be better fitting. fashion brands do it too. yes, the photo is composited but it’s also liquified. both sides can shut up now and let us have a nice photo thread.

a pic for you

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Same cosplayer, different photog.

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FFS. No one cared that it was liquified or not, but anon blatantly ignored that and shat up the thread.

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shhhh before vendetta-chan comes back.

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It's not a vendetta. Also you're ruining the thread by dumping this shit.

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post photos otherwise you’re just shitting up the thread.

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Westerners really put the MAN in woman. Post the good shit, faggots.

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Aesther of course has amazing work

lbr, it's always the same handful of anons who come to these threads specifically to salt and cry about oversh00ped!1 asian cosplayers.

anon your vendetta is and continues to be embarrassing.

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Ugly. If you like this, you are a faggot.

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This is such a cute photo and works well for the character. I just wish they’d turned down the exposure on the trees so the cosplayer would stand out more.

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Was super curious to see what that would look like so I just ended up bringing it into lr mobile, masking her off with my sausage ass fingers and bringing everything else down by .5 on the exposure slider.

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How is photoshop any different to contacts, makeup and prosthetics lmao, do you really think everyone should be 100% natural otherwise it’s fake? Stop wearing cosplay then, that’s fake.

The gulls on this board are so assmad about tools that give millions of girls around the world the confidence to show themselves rather than hide away in a cave because of lacklustre genetics

Get over yourselves you salty cunts

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So, for you retards "absolute best cosplay" is pretty girls in striking poses. This one is not even a mediocre cosplay. Wrong boots and gloves, shoddy staff and top. But hey, she's showing skin.

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I've always wondered why there is such a culture of focus on the photographers in NA/the west but not in the rest of the world and I'm starting to understand why

When was the last time you heard about a legendary photographer/cosplayer from Japan/China/SK/Russia/Europoor?

Part of it seems to be because in the rest of the world they seem to focus more on your work than who you are (something to do with the "your productiveness to society > your worth as an individual" mindset or whatever)

obviously it sucks because you easily don't get as recognized, but alas

sorry you got posted

the problem isn't that it's digitally edited
the problem is that it's very badly digitally edited.
It's fine to do 90000 edit actions as long as you did it well.
But most photogs just slap on some fried presets and fuck off.

It's the equivalent of a "profeshunul" cosplayer buying overly expensive non matching wigs, makeup, contacts, etc and looking crusty and cheap as shit.

>comparing photoshop to prosthetics
vanity really has gone this far lol

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dumping some more

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IDK why, but photos like these pull at a weird string on my heart

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Because you're gay anon. It's okay, embrace it, get yourself an aesthetic jfashion girlfriend and take gay pictures together.

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>When was the last time you heard about a legendary photographer/cosplayer from Japan/China/SK?
China, SK, and Japan all have legendary cosplayers. There are groups like Spiral Cats and that one girl, Enako, who earns up to 10 million yen a day at Comiket.
pic not related, it’s just a pic I think is nice.

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Dumping some pics. I really like the photos from Calssara's Sumia and Azura photoshoots because they suit the character really well.
Imo whoever edits the photos colorgrades too hard and the colors are way too saturated though. It kind of works for Azura but not really for Sumia.

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Only quality pics in the thread.
Excellent job, thanks you 4 sharing. <3
So true
Makima and Aki ?

>> No.10509545

No one gives a fuck about what you think. Learn to sage, newfag.

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Next time post males you fat dykes

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Reviving bread to dump some photos

That's pretty gay anon

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