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Post manly men. I need inspiration and motivation to cosplay as manly men. No estrogen allowed.

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Seek this man as your motivation

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Manly character to cosplay as. Don't know if you're gay or not, but any character made by the artist Mentaiko is great

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Personally would like to see this one.

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>no bulge
You sure this isn't a crossplay thread?

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Are you blind?
I literally see his dick outline

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If you can call that a dick

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lol ikr. My man teeny in the weeny.

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Hey so how's your 2D gf? Got any pics yet?

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I see what you did there

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I'm sure it'd be more than enough for your girlfriend if her tiddies don't get in the way. What size have you decided they are now?

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found a selfie of her!

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Ok this is obviously a shamesless selfpost thread based on recent replies lmao

Dude, everyone knows you got some serious body dysmorphia going on. Heavily photoshopped stuff on TOP of all the cosmetic surgeries on the pecs and chest/arms lmao

Bro, youre half plastic. No one is impressed.

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No self posting, I'm just pulling from his Twitter. I believe the other anons posting him are doing simialr. It's obviously photoshoped like most sexy cosplays.

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You missed the first two threads about bara tiddies anon. Quit projecting.

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>You will never be as fit as Roshi

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Is this guy real? Is being bara IRL even possible?

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Yes it's called being a body builder

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It is, but a lot of the ones like OP are going to be ones with plastic surgery. Anyone remember the guy that died from being pushed to inject sillicon into his scrote, died, and the guy that convinced him to do it ran off with his money that was meant for his family?

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Look at his legs, it's airbrushed and extended to shit. It aint impossible to look like that, but this guys shopped to hell

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I'm looking for a Kuroshitsuji cosplay with that physique. Any models you know?

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I genuinely can't tell what this person is dude with boob? Dude with chest prosthetic? Weird girl? Intersex?

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She is a woman
With a penis

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Those brows are the best

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I need some /fit/ cosplay ideas brehs. As little actual clothes as possible but not so little that I look like a man whore

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Just be a man whore and do a Kars cosplay or something. If you're gonna hoe out you might as well be a diamond and not a stone hoe.

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Those tiddies

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300 Spartans

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too fat

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What do you look like? At least give us some features.

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the bow tail in the back is unfortunately placed and looks like his nasty cock hanging out of the short skirt.

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this just looks cartoonish

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this thread was kinda inspirational
I hope I get to go to a con again in 2021

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