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Why do women even think they can beat a man cosplaying a male character? While they do look good of photos, their height is always a problem and if you come close they will always look feminine in most of the cases.

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Feminine men exist. Also trans men?
Sounds like you have a very thin layered expectation of cosplayers

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In general women put more effort into cosplay. Men almost never wear make up too. Ive never seen my fave character done well by a man, women always do him better? Lol

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Men are fucking awful at cosplay. They mostly never wear makeup and when they do it somehow makes it even worse

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There is a single jackass making constant inflammatory cosplay related threads on this board and mods NEED TO IP BAN THIS ASSHOLE

STOP GIVING COSPLAYERS A BAD NAME! we do this well enough ourselves.

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Report these threads

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Easy, men usually dont give a shit about cosplay construction or makeup.
Those who do are put on a pedestal and treated as legends. The bar is that low.
If more of you actually took time to git gud surpassing you wouldn't be so easy.

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99% of male cosplay is just nasty natural hair with spray color if they're feeling spicy, no makeup, fat ugly body, aliexpress-bought or closet cosplay. Even ugly women at least try the basics.

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>Also trans men?
Those are women

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Another bait thread. Simply hide and let it die, or waste your time feeding his ego.

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This. Report and move on.

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No, those are men.

Take your dinosaur brain out and replace it with a real one.

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I mean I think if it’s good it’s good

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because women are better

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Biology says otherwise

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women who cut their tits off to look like their favorite uwu yaoiboys are not men

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Trannies hate fujos though, we don’t want them anyway so they can stay out despite their blatant hypocrisy of being into teh yaoiz but hating fujos.

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What? I don't give a shit about 'beating' anyone, i just really like these goofy jojo dudes. Pull your head out your ass.

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Men are the only real cosplayers. They cosplay for fun, love of the character and to show their craft.

Women just cosplay to look attractive and get other people to envy their beauty on social media. They're basically a low form of prostitution.

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>and to show their craft.
Ah yes because nothing says craft like a shitty cosplay from wish and no makeup.

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Stitching pieces of flesh onto your body doesn't automatically turn you into a different gender. But you're probably too brainwashed to understand logic as simple as that, sheep.

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The only sheep are those who refuse to acknowledge the humanity of others and regress into their own hatred.

Kick rocks.

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>cut penis off and leave gaping, bleeding flesh hole that has a high chance of getting infected
>hehe im a girl now!

>rip chunks of skin and flesh from your leg and ass and stitch it to your vagina in the shape of a meat sausage
>hehe look at my new penis, im a man now!!!

If you believe that there's humanity in either of those actions, then you're either really dumb or just really sick yourself.

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Did you even take a biology class?

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Medical science is progressing faster than your donkey brain can comprehend and as long as you dont get a botched surgery the results look fine.

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Yes, hasn’t everyone with a regular education?

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>the results look fine.
It looks like a fucked up mess, same with girls who chop off their tits and have awful scars remaining.

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Doesn't change the fact that in the end, all you're doing is cutting pieces of your body off or gluing new pieces on. I mean, I can attach helicopter blades to my back and make motor noises with my mouth, but that doesn't mean I'm actually an apache helicopter. A mentally sane person would understand that.

Remember, it doesn't matter how much chemicals you inject into your body or how many times you slice yourself up: You will always be the gender you were born as.

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If a organisms' entire body is functioning like a male's, then they are biologically a male. The only person with a right to deny that they are a certain gender is the person who owns the body.

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Maybe you shouldn't refer to twitter as a source when learning about human biology lol

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I dont have anything wrong with respecting pronouns but the results look awful and are non-functioning I firmly believe sex reassignment surgery drives people to an early grave

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Menbros....we got too cocky...

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This page looks better in the app
You will never be a real woman
You will never be a real woman. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs. You are a homosexual man twisted by drugs and surgery into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your ghoulish appearance behind closed doors.

Men are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even trannies who “pass” look uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your bone structure is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets a whiff of your diseased, infected axe wound.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your birth name, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know a man is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably male.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.

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I respect legit trans people and people's pronouns and all as well and agree that the surgeries don't look great. Especially FTM after seeing educational videos of the surgeries being done on YT. At least MTF looks okay from the outside when done right; FTM you have to either get a constantly semi hard implant or some sort of weird pumpable implant iirc. I don't think anyone FTM should ever get bottom surgery if they can't make it even look good on the outside.

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>Men are utterly repulsed by you.

I'm pretty sure 90% of men on this godforsaken site prefer traps to women at this point.

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you're probably right, it's a good thing men on 4chan are cream of the crop and not a bunch of porn addicted racist losers

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At this point I assume all men are pornsick tranny chasers

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Mutilation and deception are very anti human.
Trans come in several varieties. People who reject their bodies due to trauma or some mental pain who seek "rebirth" and are encouraged by societal contagion and transpushing therapists. People who are absolute narcissists who don't feel special enough without being trans. Being Trans elevates you into a new social clergy of sorts, you are permitted to speak on more holy topics of justice than the cis proles. It also gets you more attention on social media or excuses to ebeg if you are into thay sort of thing.

My friend's therapist almost convinced her to get her tits lopped off because she was unhappy with her body. A therapist tried to convince ME I was nonbinary in highschool because I act "masculine" and dressed like a boy at the time (I simply could not afford to wear what I wanted in highschool so I wore comfy hand me downs instead).
Trans pushing is bullshit and it fills me with rage.
Oh yeah? My friend? She went by he/him pronouns expecially online for about a year. She eventually realized the reason she hated her body was because of being raped at age eight, and also because of being fat. She ended up eating right and doing TRE excercises and doesn't feel like being a guy anymore and hasn't been suicidal at all in over a year. That's what a therapist SHOULD have helped her with but every therapist I've met has has been horny for titty chopping. They should be hanged for hurting mentally ill people like that. Lined up and shot. Thrown out of helicopters. Guillotined.

If I hadn't convinced my best friend to not show up to her therapy appointments I doubt she would be alive today.

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There is definitely (especially among cis women) a trend since tumblr was big of thinking oneself is trans because of not conforming to gender roles or stereotypes and I don't blame them or even people who really are experiencing gender dysphoria and not just other feelings in response to trauma, but I think small parts of more liberal society is quick to push people into describing themselves as trans rather than figuring out what else things could be as well or instead of that.

That is a pretty small proportion of society/the medical community though and there is no reason to have hatred for people for supporting trans individuals because even pre-op or non op trans people or even people suffering emotionally otherwise are going to be far less suicidal and feel better about themselves with adequate emotional support.

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Pre/non-op trannies love to stick their dicks (literally and figuratively) into places where they do not belong. And TRAs love to scream that being homosexual is transphobic. It’s no wonder why more and more LGBs want to drop the T. First it was the conservative nut jobs that told us that being homosexual was wrong and unnatural, now it’s the overzealous lefties telling us that being homosexual is wrong and unnatural.

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also telling people they're bigoted for not wanting to date trans people.

I'm bisexual, not pansexual. I am sexually attracted to cis men and cis women. Fuck off.

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> men bitch that they don't have proper cosplay threads
> every single thread they make devolves into tranny wank or bitchfests

this is why.

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>I firmly believe sex reassignment surgery drives people to an early grave
You are correct. Many of the require treatment will lead to cancers.

I seen a few girls become trans men. Pretty sure if people didn't encourage them they wouldn't become trans men.

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if you actually knew what being biologically male meant, you'd know that it meant being capable of producing the gametes which can fertilize eggs. gender identity and sex are separate things, and the latter is immutable. a trans person's body never actually functions as the opposite sex's does- for example, a female person who has transitioned will still experience the classic female symptoms of heart attack. i really wish the trans support crowd would go back to trying to push the identity and psychological comfort aspect of this, because the bizzare, poorly reasoned science denying arguments just make you look like fucking crazy people.

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Smh go back to /lgbt/ faggots I just want to look at crossplay hacks

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Suggestion: turn off the internet and go outside more. Maybe someplace that isn’t a con.

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Jesus Christ......

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You know this is a thing outside of cons, right? Lmao

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Go to the crossplay thread, it's pretty chill

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Every sinlge cell in your body does have XX or XY chromosome, simply adding fake boobs or a plastic dick from your arm does not change that fact. Even the dick cells will be distinctively female cells.

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I don't care about any of the infighting in this thread but I love seeing little potato-faced tranny fujos photoshop abs and yaoi chins on themselves on their cosplays, it's really funny. If anyone wants to post some brave and stunning fujosh- I mean trans man cosplaying a male character you're free to do so.
Really though, women can cosplay men and men can cosplay women, who cares really. Have fun with it.

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Do you have any good examples of the photoshopping? Fakebois often make me feel very negative about my own appearance as a very tomboyish cis f, would be interesting to see how much of it is shoop.

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nayrt but even the image above has really obvious, visible contouring on the jaw and nose. honestly if it's posted on instagram or something, just assume there's a ringlight, posing, and a filter. have you ever seen one of these people in person that made you feel like there was something wrong with how you looked? it's a waste of your own time to compare yourself in motion to a still photo. don't worry about it and go along on your merry tomboy way instead of thinking about these goofy fakebois with 10 layers of caked on makeup and contouring.

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Well, I for sure see some at anime cons that make me go 'god i wish I knew how to look that handsome', but they're a small minority and in exceptionally good shape which creates the jawline etc. Seems like a lot of the best ones irl aren't FTM either, just super dedicated crossplayers who look like any normal woman out of cosplay.

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This. Fuck the pushers, they're scum. Were my girlfriend a little younger, the fuckers would have probably tried to get her to cut her tits off and driven her to suicide for being a tomboy. It's insane.
Fuck, I know people who think they're nonbinary/trans because
>I don't conform to gender sterotypes
And it's just. No. Motherfuckers, you like painting your nails and aren't manly?
Big. Fucking. Deal. I pick out my girlfriends outfits (at her request) because i'm better at fashion, I refuse to big the big spoon, and i'm even fine with being pegged from time to time. Day to day i'm traditionally masculine as fuck and happy with it. It seems like anyone who isn't a sterotype is told
>lol you're trans we swear
instead of being treated like a normal, balanced human being with multifaceted interests. It's hurting fucking everyone, and it contributes to the horrifying suicide rate of trannies, prove me wrong.

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I'm honestly tired of pop culture bending over backwards for such a small portion of the population, particularly one that is so mentally ill.

>> No.10523992

The rampant sexism is also annoying. No, moron, you're not less of a man because you think dresses are pretty or whatever other benign bullshit you like or dislike. Please do not mutilate yourself because you think women are a bunch of walking stereotypes.

But we can't say that. That's transhphobic. Just like it's wrong to point out that maybe- just maybe- we SHOULDN'T listen to people who kill themselves at such a high rate about how to unfuck their situation, because it's pretty clear their though processes aren't working very well.
Not can we even focus on getting them to stop dying rather than... putting them in video games? That's bigoted or whatever.

It's a fucking horror show all around. Mentally ill people are doing awful shit to themselves, mentally weak people are being pushed to follow them, and shithead leftists are encouraging it for feelgood points, and somehow calling it out is the crime.

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How can weak women ever compare to manly cosplays like this? What's even the point in bothering to cosplay if you aren't swole like this?

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Yes that's called soul and only men can understand it

>> No.10528434

Isn't Drefan full of silicone? I think he's an amazing cosplayer but anyone could do the body aspect with that method.

>> No.10528914

But the prettiest girls are all boys

>> No.10528919

Why would you openly put yourself as a redditor

>> No.10528920

Jesus Christ I wish the jannies would do their jobs and remove these unrelated high school essays that constantly clog up and derail any thread. This sounds like a you problem, nobody wants to hear about your personal baggage faggot

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>dinosaur brain

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Because women's sense of sexuality and attraction is so fucked up from internet circlejerking that they honestly think their 'anime look' of caked up makeup and cheekbones is better than genuine men.

Men need foundation, contacts, and maybe eyeliner and thats about it. Also need to be fit enough to have a decent jawline but that's a different topic.

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Real shit. Men are better women than women

>> No.10529246

Then go be gay on the board for traps or in the mtf crossplay thread?

>> No.10529268

Why do you assume cosplaying is about who looks the best as the character and not about making a good costume? Have you considered that women might just like the character they are cosplaying and aren't out to "beat" men at it?

>> No.10529307

Watch the movie Tusk and tell me if the guy really became a walrus because he got surgery to look like one

>> No.10529320

Heard of that movie and while it's a horror-comedy, functionally...mostly he did? Didn't his gf end up going to the zoo to feed him fish every day after or some shit?

>> No.10529323

I mean if there were hormones you could take to chabge your body into a walrus because its already capable of being a walrus it was just getting different chemical signals this would probably be a different discussion

>> No.10529324

I always like to ask people like you what gender intersex people are, especially if they get genital reconstructive surgery. No shade I honestly want to know

>> No.10529334

That's a fucking movie you retard. Trans people are real, not fictional movie characters.

>> No.10529336

>trans people are real

>> No.10529349

I mean whether or not you support them people who identify as trans are real. Its like saying gay people aren't real... you can't will people away no matter how much you dislike them

>> No.10529454

Both involve fake ideas in someone’s head

>> No.10529457

Maybe you'll bite. Whats your answer to >>10529324 I'm curious. Should intersex people use gender neutral pronouns?

>> No.10529474


The replies to your post give me hope for humanity. This line of thinking is as bad as people who want to be addressed by their Fursona IRL.

>> No.10529485

They don’t real

>> No.10529486

Get him queen

>> No.10529487

They should use nothing because they shouldn't exist.
The issue with you trannies is you've taken an idea that has merit and ruined your entire point by overlapping it with the very thing you said it wasn't.

Is male and female in terms of gender an oversimplification? Sure. He vs she is honestly irrelevant for most things ans isn't needed. We don't really need a separation of gender roles or sexes for most things unless talking about specific topic that involves their biology.
That I can agree with, we should treat men and women as the same with no gender roles involved.

But then you took it a step further, instead of fighting for equality and saying it doesn't matter which "gender" you are. You tied it into sex. Instead of being a man with feminine traits who wants it to be fine to like said traits, you've decided he needs to cut off his dick in order to fit in with said traits.
You've completely missed the entire fucking point in doing so. Now you're literally enforcing gender roles by saying only 1 sex is allowed to like womanly things and if a man likes it, instead of ignoring gender roles he should become a woman.

If he cuts his dick off, what pronouns should he use? Who the fuck cares, pronouns was never the issue. Ya know in Japan they don't really say he or she, its considered rude. You refer to someone by their name if you can, or refer to them in a roundabout polite manner until you do know it.
Meanwhile normal functioning humans don't give a fuck if you accidentally call a he a she, they respond like normal. As an autist I almost never refer to anyone directly and give them open ended prompts to respond to.

Tldr: youre retarded and nobody cares. Focusing on pronouns and what gender someone belongs to is unironically the antithesis of what transexuality should be, the transcending of sexuality and equality between everyone with no gender, not forcing people to conform to a gender.

>> No.10529491

At least they make an effort to look good

>> No.10529622

Some would venture that autistic people shouldn't exist. Perhaps you shouldn't be, anon.

>> No.10529647

I'd argue if that's all you got from that post, you're probably more autistic than I.

>> No.10529660

What I got from the post is that your autism prevents you from understanding transness, including even the basic concept of the word. It's not about "transcending", you absolute brainlet. Trans and Cis refer to "across" and "same". The fact you can't even grasp the basic concept means you should probably be purged.

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File: 2.99 MB, 1590x2829, toteslez.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't think they were suggesting that the "trans" in "transgender" is transcend, but the early concepts of transgenderism WERE about overcoming sex stereotypes. autism-chan is right- it's not progressive or based in reality to say "if you like girl things, you have to literally become a girl". it only upholds existing stereotypes. i understand the concept of sex dysphoria, but it makes more sense to address that as something you overcome rather than serving it by becoming a lifelong medical patient.

>> No.10529673

nyart and sage but is this a famous person or something because I don’t know the reason as to why anyone would want a picture of this person

>> No.10529675

If we're talking about trans people let's not pretend Chris chan was ever acrually trans.

>> No.10529686

>They should use nothing because they shouldn't exist.
What shouldn't exist? Pronouns? Intersex people?

Idk what you are going on about, I'm just asking in a society that does have gender (because... it does whether you like it or not) which you think intersex people should "pick" if their biology is what determines it. Cuz, like, I guess if you go around intentionally not using third person pronouns in a language that has them built in more power to you but most people don't

>> No.10529688

Do you put this much effort into stressing about women who get boob jobs? Jesus

>> No.10529689

Yeah that's not how that works. Gender may be a construct, but it can also be affirming for someone to participate. Gender need not be a stereotype to have anchors that help people find their places in life.

The problem is that gender is often painted with such a broad brush, held on a binary, and related to genitals rather than constructs.

If someone AMAB feels they're a woman, they just get to be that. They can participate in the gender construct of choice and adhere to some of its anchors without being a stereotype.

Whether they get affirming surgery is only relevant to that person. Whether they go on hormones or whatever is only relevant to them. The fact so many autistic retards think their idea of gender binary is somehow relevant when the vast majority of medical science disagrees with them is fucking mind blowing.

>> No.10529690

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness and the fact that treatment is to give into it is such a cop out by the mental health field. It's if we encouraged anorexics with BDD to be at a 15 BMI their whole lives to cope with their BDD. Absolute insanity. Troons should be encouraged to work through their issues and accept that their body is the gender they were assigned at birth.

The intersex gotcha argument is ridiculous. It's like saying "well some people aren't anorexic they're naturally a 15 BMI" - these people are a rarity and when you're a rarity of course generalizations don't apply to you.

>> No.10529691

Men can be as feminine as they'd like to be, but AMAB will never be a woman and should never be allowed into female only spaces, especially not wlw safe spaces.

>> No.10529692

Homosexuality is a mental illness and the fact that treatment is to give into it is such a cop out by the mental health field. It's if we encouraged anorexics with BDD to be at a 15 BMI their whole lives to cope with their BDD. Absolute insanity. Queers should be encouraged to work through their issues and accept that their attractions go against biological urges that sustain the populace.
>The bisexual gotcha argument is ridiculous. It's like saying "well some people aren't anorexic they're naturally a 15 BMI" - these people are a rarity and when you're a rarity of course generalizations don't apply to you.

>> No.10529693


>> No.10529694

Dysphoria is worsened by forcing people to "accept" their assigned gender you retard. You're literally talking about brainwashing at that point.

Dysphoria is overcome through affirmation, whether via medical aid or psychological therapies. Once the person feels comfortable in their natural gender versus their assigned one, dysphoria starts to lessen and eventually lift. Yes, it's a mental illness, and it's made exceptionally worse when you try to force people to be something they aren't.

>> No.10529696

Homosexuality/bisexuality is biological and many other animals are homosexual and bisexual. Show me a trans goose?

>> No.10529697

Don't argue with terfs, they'll claim you are trying to groom them and write a call out post on twitter about you. Just let them whine in peace

>> No.10529698

Natural gender and assigned gender are the same things.

>Anorexia is a mental illness and it's made much worse when you try to force them to be something they aren't (a healthy weight)

>> No.10529699


>> No.10529700

Show me a goose wih a complex enough sense of self to design clothes and use pronouns

>> No.10529701

What a wonderful argument. Go suck some female penis and tell lesbians they're transphobic for not liking dicks on reddit.

>> No.10529702

I mean there are literally trans animals but ok


>> No.10529703

Okay, but back to the intersex question, since I still haven't gotten an answer: what is their gender? And no, its not rare, roughy 2 out of every 100 people you meet are intersex so you need an answer for what to call thm now

>> No.10529704

I do suck girldick. It's delicious.

Don't be jelly, anon.

>> No.10529705

I've never met a trans woman who cared if a woman liked dick or not. Do you just invent people to be mad about?

>> No.10529706

Intersex people may identify on binary terms as he or she, or they may use non-binary terms like they.

Gender is not related to genitals, so it depends on the person.

>> No.10529707

>Gender is not related to genitals, so it depends on the person.
So... you think people are allowed to dermine their own gender but what? Can't take hormones? Intersex people have surgery and take hormones too. What is your argument here?

>> No.10529712

They absolutely can take hormones and do whatever they want. For some people that matters. For others not so much.

Intersex people can do whatever they want with their bodies, affirm their gender however they please. It's not on anyone else to police their bodies.

>> No.10529714

Huh, okay. That makes sense. I'm just confused about why we are worrying about people making the exact same decisions that are 3 times rarer than intersex people...

>> No.10529715

It's just the one transphobic anon who feels threatened by the choices other people make about their own bodies and identities.

Don't stress. The rest of us aren't assholes.

>> No.10529717

Ah chill, thanks

>> No.10530137

Difference is with homosexuality you are taught to accept it and be okay with it without taking pills or surgery.

you live life as a homosexual identical to anyone else in the world, except a guy takes dick in the ass and girls eat pussy.
no medical supplies or anything special needed.

homosexuality as an mental illness teaches you to be okay with the fact you like something different than the norm and to treat it as it is.
you're not changing yourself or your body by accepting your homosexuality.
>but they should be breeding
hetfags don't all breed either.

>> No.10530303

Not all trans people medically transition or want to. In that case its exactly the same as being gay. They just want you to use a different name and pronouns for them or whatever. So how is that different?

>> No.10530313

It's a bit different. Especially with trans women wanting to be included in female spaces. Many bio women have had bad experiences with males. Being around someone who was socialized as a male can be really triggering for them. Also, a lot of trans women get upset or complain about feeling "excluded" when women talk about things like menstruation. Some trans women even act disgusted by menstruation. Or they cluelessly offer completely unhelpful advice, or try to join in the conversation, when they don't know anything. It's like trying to talk to any other man about any other issue specific to females. Women have had to deal with their sex specific issues being seen as dirty or disgusting for millennia and most of us don't want to talk about such things with anyone who hasn't experienced menstruation for themselves.

>> No.10530316

Because a gay man isn't forcing you to take his dick down your throat. He's asking you to ignore his sexual preference and treat him as a normal man.

Meanwhile a tranny is asking you to let him compete in women's sports because he's totally a woman cause he said so. Also let him take a shower with women cause he feels like he should have a vagina.

>> No.10530317

That seems like an individual problem, though? I've met plenty of lesbians who were assholes to men and gay men who were assholes to women. Can I classify them as insane because of it?

>> No.10530319

Who the hell uses public showers in the twentieth century

>> No.10530320

What should the roughly 2% of athletes and bathroom users that are neither do?

>> No.10530323

Everyone in school?
You dangle? You go with the boys.
Sorry retard, your feelings doesn't change the fact you have a male body. You don't get to compete with women who have less muscle than you do just because you think being a woman is easy mode.

>> No.10530325

A tranny isn't being an asshole. They're just completely ignorant and forcing themselves onto other people because they've deluded themselves into thinking they're a "real woman" despite having never experienced any of the things actual women have to deal with. And no matter how much surgery or hormones they take they never will. They are not women, they are scientific abominations. And as harsh as that sounds its the truth. Trying to shove them with either gender is wrong because theyre no longer anything but freaks.

And yes, it happens naturally too. And they're called genetic mutations who are accidents of nature who are typical evolutionary dead ends, infertile, and usually comes with other health issues.

>> No.10530330

Ironically your model would give a ton of people who "dont dangle" an advantage because hormonally intersex people are common and dicks don't make muscle. and i compete in a generally coed sport so idgaf. we're already based

>> No.10530331

Tranny here

I decided to tell my tale here as I will get banned on sight anywhere else. Maybe it's a warning or maybe information, take it how you want.

I suffered for gender dysphoria for years, I gave up eventually and went to a therapist. She gave me the diagnosis of GD within 3 months on consultation and accepted to give me a HRT recommendation letter afterward. At first nothing happened.

~2 months in, I developed a very high addiction to estrogen. When I hypothetically think of quitting, i daydream or cutting myself, overdosing on pills or just killing myself. I think I would have a mental breakdown if I was quitting for just 1 day. I'm scared of what I would do to myself if I skipped one day.

4 months in, a massive depression crept in. I had depressions before, this is worse than any of them. I cannot function or find joy in anything, thinking of self harm and suicide every 2 days. I assume it has to do with hormones screwing with my brain. But also the gender dysphoria I had got worse. Is it because your brain is so filled with female hormones it expect female parts now? I cant tell. I think about cutting my dick off daily, wasnt there before. male-looking part of my body are more hurtful to me. Every slights like misgendering make my days worse, i used to not care about pronouns.

I assume psychiatrists will say the only issue (that is mostly made up by hrt) will be to have 10 trillion surgery to ease dysphoria. It like a loop: you have some dysphoria, they give you pills to ease dysphoria, the pills give you even more dysphoria so you have to go even further than initially planned to ease it. And you end up an enuch or something, a place where you never thought you would go to. All this for what? I will still have some dysphoria at the end of this, I will still not be a woman at the end of this, even with surgeries there will still be plenty of male looking parts, and I probably will still be depressed.

It's a scam, don't touch that shit

>> No.10530332

>And yes, it happens naturally too. And they're called genetic mutations who are accidents of nature who are typical evolutionary dead ends, infertile, and usually comes with other health issues.
okay so it DOES matter if you're a breeder

>> No.10530333

Even the first trans woman who competed on a woman's team has said that she regrets doing it and wouldn't do it again if she had the chance. She acknowledged that if she had been in her prime and not older, no biologically female athlete would have been able to beat her, and that it's unfair.

>> No.10530335

>hello fellow kids

>> No.10530336

Source? Sounds interesting and I would lime to share

>> No.10530337

>Richards has since expressed ambivalence about her legacy, and came to believe her past as a man provided her with advantages over her competitors, saying "Having lived for the past 30 years, I know if I'd had surgery at the age of 22, and then at 24 went on the tour, no genetic woman in the world would have been able to come close to me. And so I've reconsidered my opinion."

>> No.10530341

Huh, interesting. Being in a sport where this shit doesn't matter I guess I don't care much. Regardless, I'm not sure how this is relevant to you, random non-tennis athlete

>> No.10530349

The whole trans debate is just retarded. The "trans women are real women! Being a woman isn't defined by biology, because some afab are infertile!" Is a cop out because afab were still socialized as women. There's a reason cis females made female only spaces to begin with, to get away from men and have safe spaces to discuss things that exclusively affect women.

This whole shit could be avoided if we stopped even using the phrase "real woman" - you're either a biowoman or a transwoman. It should be okay and inoffensive to have spaces specifically for biowomen, and spaces specifically for transwomen, to discuss issues that affect their specific demographics. As it stands, only transwomen are afforded the right to have spaces exclusively for transwomen. When biowomen try to do the same thing, they are labeled as transphobic hate groups. This and the whole deal with transwomen wanting to compete on female only athletic circuits is the main issue. If we could acknowledge that transwomen and biowomen are both different kinds of women with unique issues, way more people would be accepting. Trans ideology is fucking extremist though and they project the extremist identity onto anyone who dares to oppose them in any matter.

>> No.10530357

People just need to divorce the idea that gender is inherently related to sex. You can be a woman (male), and that's okay. But it doesn't automatically grant you access to spaces designed for women (female). Female-only spaces should be a thing. You can change your gender and be whatever you want to be but you cannot change your sex (even if you mutilate your genitalia). It shouldn't be transphobic to be a lesbian and only want to fuck biowomen. It shouldn't be transphobic to be bisexual and only interested in biowomen and biomen. Bisexuals aren't pansexual. People who are attracted to trans people in any capacity can't call themselves homosexual/straight/bisexual because in order to be sexually attracted to a trans person, congratulations! You're pansexual. This shouldn't even be a controversy.

>> No.10530360

>muh intersex
Fuck off with your meme.
Male chromosomes and growing up with a dick makes you have more muscle. Its not a fair competition. And normal hermaphrodite are completely fucked biologically so there's no advantage.

Also enjoy your bowling, nobody cares about your joke amateur league.

>> No.10530363

It does when youre a literal freak of nature without functioning sex organs and deeper health issues.

>> No.10530374

Honest question. Why is it that gender dysphoria is the only mental illness in which part of the "treatment" includes every single person on the planet to tiptoe around them and never trigger them in any? Every other mental illness, the sufferer has to learn to live with their triggers. Nobody is vilified when they don't entertain an OCD person's every last delusional and disordered request. Nobody is vilified for not wanting to deal with the toxic antics of cluster B individuals. It's not ableist to set off fireworks because some people have ptsd and anxiety. Why is gender dysphoria so special in this regard?

>> No.10530989

probably because dysphoria tends to manifest in predictable ways unlike other mental illnesses. For instance, it's impossible to avoid triggering everyone since some people will have very specific triggers linked to inconspicuous things (like a song, for instance). With trans people, all you really have to do is call them by the words they want to be called by. We cater to many mental and physical disabilities like color blindness settings and wheelchair ramps, so there's no reason not to extend this respect to mental illnesses like gender dysphoria, especially when addressing people as their preferred gender requires no resources unlike the aforementioned accessibility provisions. It's also not comparable to having to deal with toxic cluster B behaviors because calling people by their preferred name and pronouns does no harm to anyone else. Also it probably has to do with the fact that most of those other illnesses mentioned can be helped through therapy and medication, whereas you cannot therapy someone out of being a tranny.

>> No.10530999

I didn’t read anything past the first retarded sentence

>> No.10531347

You literally can therapy someone out of being a tranny, far better than therapying someone out of having ptsd.
Especially considering its well documented that the current "treatment" just harms trannies more than it helps.
Its literally just a temporary feel good that even they realize is just a delusion because they have to wake up to a fucked up disgusting body whether they like it or not.

>> No.10531427

Yeah no. Treatment has been proven widely successful and improves their lives. I dunno where you're getting your alternative facts, but the medical science community straight up affirms that transitioning is a) healthy, b) largely successful, and c) safe.

Just 'cause you have infantile issues with trans people doesn't mean you're right about anything.

>> No.10531429

Like literally 51 well-regarded studies by reputable experts from the scientific medical community as presented by Cornell.


>> No.10531437

I wish this board allowed nsfw so I could show you what horrors lies beyond

>> No.10531441


>> No.10531443
File: 246 KB, 478x272, tears-of-a-sea-cow[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the good Monarch cosplayers have had coochies and you cannot change my mind.

>> No.10531447

Where are you even getting that random number from?

>> No.10531849

Cause its fun and no one cares, if you do care your life is tragic

10/10 bait u got me

>> No.10535112
File: 97 KB, 768x960, uploads1571349451200-72531217_2972864216061578_1280886009331974144_n (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


As long as they're trying I don't have an issue with it. The issue is when some hoe is trying to draw attention, like in pic related.


If they were men then they'd have XY chromosomes. Your understanding of differences between genders is superficial.

>> No.10535179

Your understanding is non-scientific.

>> No.10535205

Cry more fujo

>> No.10535442

Ntayrt How are XX and XY chromosomes non scientific?

>> No.10535463

Because, and you'd know this if you kept up with science at all, chromosomes don't just come in those pairings. Further, sociology has generally concluded that chromosomes don't determine gender. They *do* determine what form your genitals are likely to take, but gender is something related to consciousness, not your bits. Chromosome pairings also provide a larger variety of genitals than the outdated binary model.

Maybe watch or read something made after 2001.

>> No.10535480

Basically this. You don’t get to claim science being on your side when your science is taken from a 1990s 6th grade textbook.

>> No.10538078

Because men are lazy. Most of them don't even bother showering before the convention, let alone wear make-up or a wig.
Not to mention that nearly all of them wear garbage ebay costumes.

>> No.10538163

>Chromosome pairings also provide a larger variety of genitals than the outdated binary model

Show us pictures of human genitals other than penises and vaginas then.

>> No.10538165

Nice bait.

>> No.10538175

Lesbian cosplayers are the BEST cosplayers.

>> No.10538391

Google intersex genitals you absolute brainlet

>> No.10538965

based femcel

>> No.10539062

"trans man"

you will never be a man nor that piece of stretch flesh will never be a actual functioning dick.

>> No.10539152

Sorry that you had a bad experience, but yours isn't universal. Why the fuck do you care about what someone does to their body if it will help improve their mental state?

>> No.10539695


>> No.10539781


No. I am not going to do your proving for you. Post 'em.

>> No.10539814

You have google like everyone else, this is a SFW board.

>> No.10540074

That's really all a dick is. Also doctors and scientists say you're wrong, so take your Cheeto-sized hatebrain back to /pol/ where they accept retards.

>> No.10540077

People like actual dicks that function kek
There's a reason gay men don't like Aidens in their space.

>> No.10540084

As someone who has had a relationship with a post-op mtf, there's very little that makes her any different than me. I'd argue that out of the two of us, she's definitely the more feminine one.
My point is that your sweeping generalities are not the answer either. Case by case basis is the most equitable.

>> No.10540136

No one cares about this except brainlet fuckboys.

>> No.10540145

>their height is always a problem
I'm 6'2".

>> No.10540149 [DELETED] 

I accept that some cosplays are impossible for me, but there's a whole world of characters that aren't bodybuilders.
We all bring our different bodytypes to the table to form a beautiful tapestry of autism.

>> No.10540304

Date me!

>> No.10540349

Show me a tranny that had done all their own surgery.

>> No.10540352

how do fujo ftms not overdose on this much copium. also what's your favorite BL manga while we're at it

>> No.10540361

>you need to be reprogrammed for thinking differently!

This is why society hates you. You are a mental abomination that no one likes because you think it’s acceptable for people to play pretend well into their sixties, ruin their bodies, ruin their familial relationships. You are like a literal cancer that festers and kills society at large because you can’t differentiate between what is real and what is pretend.

>> No.10540363

It usually makes everything worse.

>> No.10540412

I have never seen an anon describe themselves so plainly.

>> No.10540419

Pick me up please

>> No.10540908

>no u

>> No.10541042


Before she go-goes.

>> No.10541106

I believe the official term is "anon was projecting like a faggot"

>> No.10541190

Sometimes you have to be laconic or their attention will expire.

>> No.10541369

How do you women deal with the "binding"? I don't remember the exact name of the term. I've seen a couple of women do it, but I can't imagine it being tolerable for more than a couple of hours. I've seen some girls do the shirt open to have the cosplay be more authentic, but you can still tell if they are binding. Some of the flat chested girls can pull it off well, but when you have no bra on and choose to have the shirt unbuttoned, your nipples are going to be seen multiple times.

>> No.10541384

A lot of male characters are simply underage boys, they have next to no masculine features.

>> No.10541409

So can a trans male use their testicles to naturally produce sperm?

>> No.10541467

If you get a proper binder rather than using some poorfag diy method, it's fine for up to 8 hours. You're not supposed to wear them longer than that. A well made one in the right size isn't too uncomfortable.

Just don't get drunk and fall asleep in your crossplay, pretty sure I damaged my ribs doing that.

>> No.10541488

>Take your dinosaur brain out and replace it with a real one.
Do the same, but with a male brain lmao

>> No.10541489

even if it looks like a proper vagina or penis (which it won't as they are not making enough progress), it's still non functional as a sexual organs for pleasure or reproduction. Trans are better off not doing bottom surgery and try to pass as the other gender rather than butchering themselves and ruining their libidos

>> No.10541497

You’re right, it’s very uncomfortable.
I’m not brave enough to do it with shirt unbuttoned and no bra though. It’s for temporarily forcing my chest into the right size and not for showing off. Plus I’m sure male and female skin still looks different upon close inspection, so I’d want to cover up anyway.

>> No.10541505

Most trans people who get gender confirming surgery get reduced or completely resolved dysphoria and lead richer, more fulfilling lives. Suicidal tendencies go away, depression is alleviated.

Having the ability to reproduce is irrelevant in a world with 8 billion people. Just let people do what's right for them instead of forcing your unresearched regressive views on them.

>> No.10541514

don't bother with anon. she probably has issues with gay couples not producing either.

>> No.10541527

For trans women anyway you can still experience sexual pleasure and self lubrication is possible as well. It probably depends on how an individual responds to surgery but I've seen a younger trans woman talk about how her experience was great as far as bottom surgery.

>> No.10541539

No they fucking don’t. They’re always ugly infected messes and even if it does heal correctly it still doesn’t look right or function as the real thing.

>> No.10541554

Do people that post 41% ever think about why that number is so high other than assuming trannies are magically inclined to off themselves? It’s a matter of societal treatment you fucking brainlet. You can’t cite 41% as a reason against being trans if the dogshit takes you have are the reason that number is so high lol

>> No.10541556

Anon said “honest question” so I gave an honest response. My condolences for your lack of reading comprehension.

>> No.10541623

if you transitioned because of yaoi i'm making fun of you regardless of what the percentage looks like senpai

>> No.10541626

"fuckboy" is a girl insult, real men don't use it

>> No.10541702

It's also an unfounded percentage. The number is actually under 2%.

>> No.10541704

Yes they fucking do.

- Sincerely, a person with a trans partner whose surgery was fine.

>> No.10541738

Fuckboy is an accurate descriptor of dudes whose primary interaction with women (and men if they're pan/bi/gay) is trying to get in their pants.

>> No.10541770


>> No.10541774

Sorry about your "partner's" botched genitals
but that pus oozing wound in their crotch will never function like a real vagina (or penis kek)

>> No.10541857

Wasn't that the Boston joker?

Biggest piece of shit I've ever met.

>> No.10542528

Eh, but it does. Sorry you have no experience with trans people anon. Maybe you should STFU.

>> No.10542613


>> No.10543225

>meet guy
>he is 32
>thought he was like 25 or something right out of college
>ask him why he is at a con but gives some bullshit answer
>now legit creepy, this dude should be raising a family not at a con single
>friend meets him up later and they go around I am a bit dismissive about them
>we split up
>unknowing to me at a bar and ask me to coming thinking it is just her
>instantly warn her when I pull her to the side for a ladies room break
>mention the age gap and that he is 10 years your senpai, so not cool
>I am somehow the third wheel here instantly
>they fuckoff to the room WE PAID FOR
>they have sex in it and I only find out because I walked in
>tell him to get the fuck out
>somehow I am the bad girl in this situation tho some sleezebag just fucked my best friend after getting her drunk


>> No.10543231

God shut up already

>> No.10543232


>> No.10543243

sounds like many over 30 single guys at colossal con prime.

>> No.10543273

So what if the guy is 32.

>> No.10543282

>he is 32
>this dude should be raising a family not at a con single

>> No.10543324

Women are naturally better, moid. It's about time you realize.
Sorry your cosplay only got 10 likes tho.

>> No.10543504

I’m FtM and even I wouldn’t go near a stink ditch of a neovagina if I was offered a free house.

>> No.10543866

Not sure if bait or batshit insane.

>> No.10544038

I’m almost entirely sure the fag obsessed with whining about trannies is one person. Even in the peak of tumblr gender special bullshit, there wasn’t this concerted effort to turn every goddamn thread on this board into a circlejerk about tranny this tranny that. I adore the fact that trannies are becoming more common because seeing miserable samefags decay away on a tibetan yodeling board begging for asspats is what you deserve for ruining literally everything you touch.

>> No.10544055

i whine about trannies on here but i've never posted in this thread. tumblr gender discourse was le funny back in 2010 but now there's actual legal enforcement of accepting men into female spaces. there are a lot more MTFs that exist now. idk about begging for asspats it's just uncomfortable and gross when low-effort bearded men insert their AGP fetish into a fashion that has minors. you want MTFs to be more common? fine, but the day you see a Jessica Yaniv taking photos of you in a women's bathroom or DMing your 12 year old daughter about her period blood on Twitter you're not allowed to complain lol

>> No.10544075

It isn't, it's concerted /pol/ efforts to slide the rest of the site further to the extreme right. Just report, hide and don't respond.

>> No.10544085

>only /pol/ dislikes trannies
None of you talk to actual gay people and it shows

>> No.10544320

Most people should hang up the cosplay towel at 26 or maybe 27. Anything past that is just asking for increasing of birth defects double each year as you get near 30 and the. It's basically game over. I'm 22 and looking for a good 2 or 3 years of cosplay before I have enough self awareness to realize how immature it is do do that at 30. Men should have like a kid that is 6 or 7 by that time and going to cons would be word keep the damn brat at home. Anyone single at that time socializing with people in the 20s is pedo levels of cringe. I don't care if you look 25 you're over 30 and fucked for going to cons that old. Grow up man child

>> No.10544331

>be over 30 and still cosplay
>have you retards iding me as 20 or so
>be woman

>> No.10544336

For women it's a complement but men trying to look younger than they are is just weird. At 30 you should be looking like someone who has a house and family to take care of. Not dressing up as fucking anime outfits around people just out of college. I'd report your ass in an instant for being a con creep

>> No.10544338

isn't this a bit hypocritical of you? are you even old enough to be on the site?

>> No.10544341

this is such strange bait lol
Guys with kids disgust me

>> No.10544348

it's either an angry incel or an annoying 20 year old twitterfag.

>> No.10544356

idk what's up with the whole deal with normie zoomers thinking 16-19 year olds are "LITERAL CHILDREN OMG WHY WOULD AN ADULT WANT TO TALK TO A LITERAL CHILD" and also them being like 20-22 and acting like anyone over the age of 24 trying to befriend them must be some loser creep. Zoomers and their hang ups about age, it's bizarre and I don't understand the reasoning or the origin behind this spergy shit.

>> No.10544382

I feel like this sentiment has always existed a bit, but has gotten worse because of the internet. teens and early 20s are judgemental as fuck and think everything they don't understand is stupid or lame. that's why they don't notice your age if you act young and are into their internet culture.

>> No.10544405

Maybe I avoided all of that. My friends were often at least 3-4 years older than me, had some friends up to 10 years older than me and it was never weird. Only time age came up was around bdays and then there'd be the obligatory "omg you're an old man/maid now how did we get so oooollllddd"

>> No.10544832

>Trying to look young
You do realize not all anime/videogame characters are 16 yo highschool boys, right?

>> No.10544893

Classic woman wants people to be penalized and banned for insulting her aesthetics. Cry harder Karen.

>> No.10544900

it sounds more like an angry incel getting mad that even 30 year olds are getting action.

>> No.10544988

> gay people

So as a gay anon, this is by no means universal and is the excessively small minority. There are cis gay men who are bigots against other groups (regressive, I know), but the majority of the gay and queer community are trans inclusive.

All the arguments against trans people are the same or at least very similar arguments that are used against gay people, and it's all just as much bullshit.

>> No.10545429

this sounds like tranny derangement system, please contact a therapist

>> No.10545431

*tranny derangement syndrome

>> No.10545478

YOu're literally talking to a cis lesbian you absolute pants on head retard. How embarrassing. Gay people who actually leave their house rarely have beef with tranners, however this criteria of not being a hikki excludes most of /lgbt/.

>> No.10545481

that guy is fucking hot

>> No.10545489

Yeah he reminds me of a former friend that I hooked up with a couple times forever ago. I used to feel like he was the one that got away but he's a trumper so nothing of value was lost.

>> No.10545490

he tried to be a malethot but no one bought his shit
I guess women don't simp

>> No.10545499

I'd never simp for a man, no matter how sexy. Im cute and I can get cute guys to simp for me.

>> No.10545582

Maybe don't call them "trannies" and also don't worry about the amount of "effort" they're making just to be themselves. Trans people don't need your approval you gross weirdo.

>> No.10545714

>All the arguments against trans people are the same or at least very similar arguments that are used against gay people

No shit, even your supporters are grouping you together. Imbecile.

>> No.10545723


Not that anon but if they didn't then they wouldn't be screaming their very small hearts out when you "misgender" them and demanding for special legislations.

>> No.10545965

> Screaming
Sounds like you just misgender people anon. Maybe you should ask what someone's pronouns are and the screaming will stop.

> Special legislation
Like what? All they want is equality and necessary protections that a minority needs in order to defend against bigots.

>> No.10545983

So you're saying that you're just out and out against anything not heteronormative

>> No.10549606

Feels good knowing cgl is full of smart beautiful terfs

>> No.10549627


>> No.10550084

Go get triggered in twitter over someone mentioning periods.

>> No.10550216
File: 2.35 MB, 1280x720, tranny.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10550218
File: 734 KB, 198x300, trannies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10550219
File: 235 KB, 738x669, trannies 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10550221
File: 1.58 MB, 1078x1073, trannies 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trannies KYS

>> No.10550227
File: 1.76 MB, 1440x900, 1611674605316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hurr your not allowed to be at a con if your in your 30s you should be raising a family
>why are you single hurr
>i pull the classic and deceptive girls bathroom break bullshit where we all pile in the bathroom like anti social secretive faggots because we have to gossip and we get away with it because we are women and society gives us free passes in terms of
>crime, fucking around with underages that would get a guy socially crucified and sent to prison whearas we get slaps on the wrist
>and basically everything else
>he is 10 years older so he magically is off limits because reasons
>im salty because he got laid
You mad? You mad cause he clapped your besties cheeks? Your ok with her being bent over ass up face down by a guy her age who personally makes YOU wet? But because you found him unattractive now its bad. Stay mad. The state of woman is to be submissive socially and sexually towards men that turn them on. Women are passive, indirect, and deceptive and manipulative. Some guy beat you at your own game and got the fat nut. Your friend made a good sex toy.

>> No.10550234

>For women it's a complement but men trying to look younger than they are is just weird.
Lolol, what is makeup? What is plastic surgery? What is women LARPing as younger than they really are because they dont wanna lose their pussy power? Stfu cunt

>> No.10550236

>the woman reveals her true nature
This is why men turn into players. We beat you at your own selfish game.

>> No.10550247

Wasn't aware of the bi, gay and lesbian numbers! Thank you!
No sound? fail!
WTF is that thing?

>> No.10550273

Its a tranny

>> No.10550387


>> No.10550388

If you actually read the report associated with these numbers, it's because of societal pressures like not being able to use the bathroom of choice, being put through "conversion therapy", being sexually assaulted, being refused medication, being harassed in the workplace, and coping with childhood and family related trauma.

All of that points to society needing to be more accepting, medication more available, surgery where desired easier to obtain, and non-trans people reducing their asshole levels. Spoilers, gay and lesbian suicide rates use to be super high as well, and they've come down since more and more societal acceptance and rights have become available to them.

Also, the Williams Institute report came out in 2015, but was based on a study largely done in 2008-2009, so those numbers have dropped (newer, more broad studies have indeed shown much lower suicide rates).

>> No.10550391

Gay/lesbian suicide rates used to be 24-41% in the 90s btw.

>> No.10550618

So you've found a photo of an unattractive person with text that attempts to frame it using invented context? I know /pol/ is a low effort shit board, but holy fuck at least try.

>> No.10550639
File: 55 KB, 451x680, 1611727002171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are biologically incapable of changing the sex you are born as. You will never change your chromosomes, no amount of hormones can ever override your bodies natural state. Cutting off your dick or your boobs + sewing your pussy together and adding leg/arm skin =/= having a dick. Its called gender dysphoria. The leftists lobbied the shit out of the APA and got them to declassify it as a mental disorder. They were doing research into curing it, now its lost to the wind and we have people mutilating their bodies as an answer to a mental issue.
It doesnt matter what you FEEL like. Schizophrenic's FEEL like what they see and hear is real. Its not. People with bipolar, or BPD FEEL like they know reality, they dont. It is ABNORMAL AND BAD to FEEL like you are a different sex than what you were born as.

Their suicide rates come from realizing that they have mutilated their body and there is no going back.

Gender dysphoria.
It shows the futility of being a tranny

>> No.10550642

Thats because its an open wound. MTF trannies have to literally use a sort of dildo to non stop dilate their gaping puss oozing wound so it doesn't close up and heal on its own. There has been hair found inside of them. The odor is unbearable.

If you dont stop buying whatever leftists tell you, then you will never be happy, you will never be free of the hell you have always known.

>> No.10550647

And yet, Bailey Jay exists so even if you're concerned with the whole "passing" nonsense, there clearly are people who do.

As to the rest of your nonsense, get help. Gender dysphoria is not classed in the same was as bipolar or BPD, nor is it seen as chronic.

>> No.10550648

>what is being born with weak testosterone and shitty genetics so you looked somewhat feminine to begin with
>what is using modern medical technology to complete the LARP

>> No.10550649

It WAS classed like that, until leftists lobbied it to death

>> No.10550686
File: 29 KB, 366x324, ha51167291_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using a literal pornstar as an example

>> No.10550713

You're a sensible gull but you are absolutely wasting your time even responding to brain addled tranny-conspiracy nuts. These are not humans, they're barely chimps- they don't read what you write, simply scream, shit themselves and smear it into their keyboards as they hammer out another three paragraphs of lies and hysteria.

>> No.10550832


Yeah, leftists sure are known for that. Maybe trans people are just valid, normal people and you're the fucking whackjob who needs help?


>> No.10550945

Seems fair game, given that the anon who posted that (you, maybe?) decided to post some random photo with invented context and trying to use a cherry-picked example to try and gloss trans people as something or other.

>> No.10551197


>> No.10551230

> medium
> Anon author

Oh yeah I super take this dogshit seriously.

>> No.10551244

Ok tranny

>> No.10551260

What if I was? I'm not, but the fact you're clearly here to just be a little ball of hatred speaks to your zero value as a person.

>> No.10551353
File: 658 KB, 1684x1148, 1612401893198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Says the person who supports the group that advocates for conversion therapy and rape for the sake of 'validation' drop the t my lgbs

>> No.10551386

...Are you high?

>> No.10551393
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>> No.10551394
File: 259 KB, 1125x1516, 8d1783cd-307e-4b89-92c8-11b7a0a779eb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551397
File: 326 KB, 1125x1501, 6120b319-45d4-4508-a9b8-053415cbaddd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551398
File: 345 KB, 1125x1526, a7dc5be5-d79f-48eb-8e91-339ae2fd9978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551403
File: 379 KB, 1125x1692, 9ba41eed-9fbd-4e8b-b48f-b26abb5f9806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551404
File: 480 KB, 1610x1160, baec4562-53f7-49dc-b73d-8664ba2f3b65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551405
File: 311 KB, 1125x1551, 0bdb5c9f-4b12-4b0a-9aab-7a215a5741c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551406
File: 283 KB, 1125x1563, d6fb42b4-2539-4f2e-8b2e-6c27799c7ccb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551407
File: 168 KB, 1125x882, 43906db3-1c9b-441b-a6a7-210553df1c19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10551426

KYS you obsessed retard

>> No.10551456

We get it you love the taste and mouthfeel of estrogen soaked girldick

>> No.10551460

If you know gay guys like I do, they are horny degenerates that boink trans men no problem
The fact that they fuck complete strangers in a bathhouse is kind of proving the point

>> No.10551481

That means they're bi, homosexuality is same sex attraction, the ftm there specifically didn't tell the men she raped she was a woman because she knew they wouldn't agree to have sex otherwise

>> No.10551488

I have a solution to this
Don't fuck randos in a bathhouse
When is this thread going to die? Can we all send a report and a prayer?

>> No.10551500

>Don't fuck randos in a bathhouse
This. In what world is it rape when they didn't even ask before ass fucking a stranger?

That's like accusing a passing post op trans woman of tricking a man because he consensually fucked her without asking if she was trans.

Like...I mean if you don't like trans people fair point, I'm a straight woman not into trans men or any feminine looking men with abnormal penile function, but if you're fucking anyone with their asshole out that's a you problem sis

>> No.10551504

>She doesn't know what a neovagina is like

>> No.10551510

you're intentionally missing that the entire point of the post and the one it's replying to is that men are retards for sticking their dick in anything without asking basic questions first

>> No.10551519

Why would a gay man have to ask another gay man his sex if they're both in a well known spot gay men go to to hook up with other gay men? Why do you want to blame them and not the woman who went out of her way to make sure they didn't know she's a woman

>> No.10551528

You realize women frequent gay spots all the time to avoid getting hit on right? And even then men are weird for fucking someone they haven't even had a basic conversation with or seen outside of a random sauna.

>> No.10551530

>why should a man have to talk to a person and learn anything about them besides how their insides feel? rapist!!!!1

>> No.10551531

what the fuck is this argument, women aren't allowed in these kinds of gay bathouses only places. they only exist because being gay was illegal at one point, now they are just for degens and old men.

>> No.10551533

I was making a reference to gay clubs for example where women go all the time because they have less sleazy men than standard hetero clubs. If this type of place is significantly different than a standard nightclub then yeah they expected them to be a man but if they got their dick wet and aren't traumatized by it then maybe they got what they wanted and it's fine? Like I'm not really pro or anti-tranny but to think a nympho hooking up with any gaping asshole in the bathhouse deserves pity for nutting when they wanted to is ridiculous.

>> No.10551535

But that has nothing to do with degeneracy in these bathouses.

>> No.10551537

I just think people should maybe not fuck strangers in steamy saunas they know nothing about if they don't want to get tranny asshole on their dicks. Or worse, STIs. Fucking strangers is risky and if the worst thing that happened was that the butt they plowed was attached to a vagina on testosterone then I'd say that's a win for them.

>> No.10551549

Do you genuinely just not care about gay men?

>> No.10551551

Do you genuinely think all gay men just regularly fuck strangers in a sauna?

>> No.10551557

Why do you think it's okay for women to trick gay men into fucking them

>> No.10551558

It's not okay but it literally wouldn't have happened if they did the bare minimum before sticking their dick in them.

>> No.10551560


nayrt but the type of ultra horny gay men in this scenario are some of the most misogynistic assholes I've ever met and genuinely don't care about women, gay or straight, so idgaf about them beyond normal human decency.

>> No.10551645

1/4 gay men in America have had over 1000 sex partners. Source: http://www.amazon.com/Homosexualities-Study-Diversity-Among-Women/dp/0671251503
The source is from in person interviews from the 1970 in the San Francisco area. So not the best account or really up to date information.

>> No.10551780

The text is also now regarded as pseudo science owing to its terrible methodology.

>> No.10552000

Thank you for letting me know that movie exists, I hate it

>> No.10552121

According to what source? Since most studies see decreased suicide rates and mental health issues post surgery

>> No.10552124

i can't believe this thread is still alive, holy shit. please die, OP and all responders

>> No.10552128

>/pol/ ranting on a cosplay board

>> No.10552341

>the scrote is triggered

>> No.10552493

Some people are just regressive snowflakes who can't convince of a world where people get to live as they please.

>> No.10552494


Someone's triggered

>> No.10552804

>should be raising a family not at a con single
This kills the anon

>> No.10552951
File: 391 KB, 418x612, JCDenton7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure a girl could rock a JC Denton, but I've yet to see it.

>> No.10556498

Reminds me of how dumb women are, told something like this before in another thread. You all seriously need to chill the fuck out on this shit.

>friend from out of state comes to visit during a con
>been friends on discord in our group for a while super chill all around no one has any issues in the past
>guys over 30 but he works out, not big smoker or drinking, eats pretty healthy from what I recall
>we hang out all of us
>his birthday is that weekend so we celebrate it
>guy is turning 33(i think)
>girl taken back by this
>freaks out and asks if he really is 33, expected 'you be 26-28 at oldest' not shitting you these were her words
>dude laughs it off playing up some boomer jokes to try and lighten the mood
>one chick obviously not having it
>she freaks the fuck out about some 'old fart' being in our group of mid 24-27 people
>tries to keep us from hanging out with him
>end up saying FUCK IT and going to chill with bro
>have amazing nights
>apparently complaining anon's friend is into said anon and already made hookup plans for the night
>somehow this got found out on the way home
>bitchy friend nonstop yelling about how other friend hooked up with 7 years older and wants her to file a report against him because agism or some shit
>4 hour car ride home with this shit
>group kinda breaks up a bit after that
>last I heard bitchy anon is now dating some 36 year old well off guy because everyone else around her flaked.

>> No.10556969

This seems like a good place to ask. There's this trans man in a relationship that was entirely formed online. They've never been pursued before and I'm pursuing them. The thing is though, should I continue doing it? I don't particularly love them but do like them. I honestly don't care if they don't reciprocate my feelings. They did say they want to be friends when I got their number. However, my advances don't bother him and he hasn't said to stop either. There were times where I even offered to become roommates or we could go be alone in a private area like some kind of room and was fine with it at first but didn't do it because his boyfriend said not to. The boyfriend is the barrier here, get him out the way I reach my goal.

>> No.10556974

Uh, well that person should maybe be honest with their partner and be like "Hey, I wanna see other people/be poly/be open/etc" and not just fuck around behind their back (which I'm assuming is the case here).

And ask them to be honest as well. If they're willing to fuck around on their partner, they might do the same to you. Being communicative and open is a key to not being in a manipulative relationship.

>> No.10556978

The thing is, he says he's very loyal but there are so many actions that contradict this. The boyfriend himself is obviously insecure. This trans man, let's call him P. P has told me their boyfriend does not want him alone with another guy in a private area because he's afraid of cheating. That shows insecurity and distrust. What's more interesting is why does it matter if it's a private area? I mean I'm still alone with P and cheating isn't as simple as just sex. I'd even make comments about his ass and he wouldn't mind if I was staring and when he did notice, there was just a bright smile with a retort like, "You're staring at my ass aren't you"?

>> No.10556979

There was this moment where I asked for a picture of his boyfriend. At first they were unwilling to do it but still did it. Didn't even ask their boyfriend, just showed me the picture out of nowhere and he was against his face being shown. According to P, he said that his boyfriend doesn't know this either. P doesn't have many friends as he's trans and they said they really value that. I mean yeah we can be friends but I don't think that's how friends behave.

>> No.10556982
File: 85 KB, 1000x1000, pp,840x830-pad,1000x1000,f8f8f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The other thing is even if they do cheat on me, I know how to deal with people like that. Don't fall in love. That's the most important. The second part is make them so crazy about you, cheating is less likely to cross their mind.
3rd, at the very least, have someone else you know you can get with if they do end up cheating. In summation, don't commit.

>> No.10557567

Why would they do him without getting married first, what kind of sick f****** world do we live in? Before you put your peen into the pink happy hole you need to put a ring on it. Having whoopee before marriage is something only niggers and aliens do. Disgusting to generate gray skin bug eyed fucks. And I'm talking about aliens. Niggers are great. I saw one last year and said hi. He threw his head up at me, which I'm assuming means I can see the good Lord up in heaven, and bless you my brother in Christ. But I could be wrong. I may have just been saying what's up but with no words. Be frank I don't know how niggers work. Also he was white. I think. I try not to make assumptions

>> No.10557570

Since Jack Sparrow isn't real, once she cosplays as him does that mean she is no longer a real too? What happened to her family? And people that once loved her? Or was this big pharma again getting there Jewish noses and to everything. They want us to disappear don't they? Can you imagine? I'm sitting on the pooper now as we speak. question everything.

>> No.10559868

yall this is clear bait

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