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Discuss the online comm drama, efamous Lolitas, link your discords and groups, and other online happenings.

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Why don't we have jfash what are you wearing today threads here in cgl? /fa/ has them for their boring clothes. Are gulls just too toxic to handle it?

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i would enjoy that kind of thread a lot but i'm pretty sure most people would be too worried about being recognized to actually post

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Because that’s basically a self-post thread. And most gulls want to remain anon, since some comms have a strict „seagulls get banned“ rule.

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We had these years ago and they were nice for a while but in the end just escalated in off topic chat threads and anons posting their vaguely cute normie clothes.

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I wouldnt post even if there was one here
In cgl people will doxx you and spout vitriol for just about anything. It’s really annoying and off putting, thats why this board is dying
In /fa they’ll make fun of you if you look like shit but rarely is anyone straight up nasty

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>Are gulls just too toxic to handle it?
Actually, nevermind, fuck off newfag.

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No, the board is dying because of immigrants like you who visit the board to bitch about it and completely ruined its atmosphere with your thin skin and lack of lurking.

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I've been posting on and off since 2015.

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You sound pretty salty about it maybe you should take your own advice

relax and quit contributing to the bitching

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Saying they're ruining the atmosphere is p dramatic and thin skinned yourself, anon

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Did that Karen rant about DI and Souffle Song on RC get deleted? I can't find it anymore. Hope my Souffle Song order doesn't come too shitty, but I'm also not a whale.

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Yes I'm salty about people like you ruining the board instead of staying on social media. And I'm not bitching about how meanie mean toxic :(( cgl haxxors are and how it would be so much better if we all behaved like on facebook/twitter/tumblr/instagram because all of the internet is supposed to be a homogenious blob of fake positivity, because then I'd just go back like you should.

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It's not, and you would fully understand if you were here around the time we had waywt threads.

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As I said, fuck off newfag.

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Nah I've been off and on since 2008. Almost everyone is a newfag to me. The lolita comm in general used to be less strict about coords, but more forthcoming with concrit in public forums. These days people are scared of giving negative feedback in public, and use petty grievances against fine coords way more. Y'all are crazy

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You have home issues anon, why are you trying so hard to be toxic lol.
Nowhere did i say everyone must only say nice positive things. Idc if you tell me my coord looks like shit. but i see people here getting upset about some girl’s forehead being slightly bigger than normal and other stupid stuff.
I guess if thats the atmosphere you wanna ‘protect’ then you do you but you should chill tf out

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Lmao absolute bullshit.

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The guy, who posted the rant, hid or deleted the post because of the messages people were sending to him and his wife, the OP from the post in RC updated that info to the post, but the thread in RC is still up. I think the girl who started the post on RC is a friend of the couple.

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Oh no, I'm sowwy to hurt your feelings sis :(( Maybe if you get triggered over simple namedropping, someone saying your forehead is massive or calling you retarded or other super duper ableist homophobic racist transphobic toxic things, 4chan is not the place for you after all. :(( But don't worry, I know several places like cgl without all the meanie bully things! I'm sure the Rufflechat group on facebook knows enough discords who are safe spaces for everyone. Maybe you should go back and ask them about it :))

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Are you autistic

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No, because I don't type like >>10539996

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Brands have been sizing up for a decade, SC included. It's not other people's job to cater to obesity. God forbid you lose some weight for your own health and prevent an early death.

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ok shadow the hedgehog

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I'd rather have soijakposting post-gg /v/fags flooding the board than the absolute state neo cgl is in.

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omg idk maybe just stop being fatphobic???

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hot take but i think it's perfectly fine to be afraid of diabetes, heart disease, joint issues, cellulite, and clogged arteries!

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Lol 5/7

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Omg I saw people bitching about how it’s not “size inclusive” give me a fucking break

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Pretty soon anyone of medically healthy weight will be outsized because everyone will be morbidly obese. Thanks America!

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Dude can you just shut the fuck up and quit shitposting/derailing threads? Fuck maybe you’re the annoying newfag you’re pretending not to be?

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Fuking lol

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Can we leave this word in 2014 or wherever the fuck it popped up? Anyone who looks nice and has over 500 followers has that shitty label slapped on them because of salty nobodies.

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isn't being this aggressive and angry all the time exhausting? do you realize you're saying you miss when people were meaner on this board? are you okay?

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I wonder if they want the kota koti threads back again too.....

>> No.10540065

lmao omg pls no

Although it makes me wonder if maybe we should unironically bring back getoffegl, give aggro ppl a safe space to work off their misplaced aggression in public. That way they won't have tantrums in anon space.

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yeah, I named the thread to mock the rufflechat conversation about sugary carnival, I don't think it's fatphobic at all.

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Fat literally kills you, so stop being so vitaphobic and live a little.

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>Sugary Carnival Is Fatphobic Edition

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No, because I'm not aggwessive and angwwy all the time like neo cgl newfags like to tell themselves. And yes, I miss the time when having to be fake politically correct luwlies was limited to literally any place outside of cgl and we'd get honesty and bitching but still a sense of unity and "being a seagull" instead, even when the bond was just being contrarian. But since we're steadily infiltrated now and newfags are the majority, we've morphed into tumblr/twitter 2.0 who actually hate imageboards and imageboard culture. This is why cgl is "dead".

omg please stop being so mean to me on 4chan, I thought imageboards were safe spaces??? im getting a panic attack, this is bullying :'(( please go to getoffegl so I can feel safe again because there's no other place for that.

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how about you educate yourself and stop using the f-slur??? plus sized people can be healthy too.

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I'm fat and I saw you're being vitaphobic.
Stop trying to make more room on a bus that your ass can't fit on and find a cow hauler.

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Fat isn't a slur. It's a descriptor and a noun. Even if you are accepting of fat people, you should acknowledge it's not a "bad" word, but a descriptive one. As someone who has been every end of the spectrum from morbidly obese to eating disordered and tiny, I feel like people really need to stop giving adjectives some sort of moral value. You can be really fat or kind of fat, you can be healthy but still carry some fat on your body (not a ton, but in healthy amounts that you need to live) you can be fat and ugly or fat and pretty or whatever else. Fat isn't a slur whether you hate fat people, love them, or feel indifferent and equating it to one makes you sound ridiculous if you aren't trolling.

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Well I'm even fatter than you, disabled and a minority. Next time at least try to have a bit of compassion before you start body-shaming people you psychopath. Thin bitches don't need that much space anyway

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there are like a 1000 other words u can use instead of derogatiry slurs like the f-word but ok

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Stop. Posting.

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nuke the thread already

>> No.10540098

I will if you go back.

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it's sad we can't censor people so easily on 4chan, huh? I hope twitter buys this website soon.

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I don't understand the whole thing about being afraid to post yourself in a waywt thread. Your posts are still anonymous, for all anyone knows you just lurk and post your coord. Do comms really ban people if they find them on cgl?

Why are people willing to "out" themselves in the BST/dream dress threads? Seems awfully inconsistent.

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Lmao this is the best troll currently on cgl

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>Do comms really ban people if they find them on cgl?

>> No.10540118

>be posted here for negative reasons
>some anons chime in and say it's not that bad

like clockwork

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couldnt you make the argument that someone else posted your picture to get you banned? i'd definitely do that if my comm had a no-cgl rule and there was someone i wanted kicked out kek

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that's genius.

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>I'm even fatter than you, disabled and a minority.
Yes, I could tell

>> No.10540123

That's based af

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the western lolita community is too tiny and too active to get away with this. those threads work on /fa/ because theres no unified community where /fa/ talks and discusses things in namespace. but lolitas do have that sort of community.

it's too risky, especially if you're well known in the community or have a comm thats discussed often here.

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You sound bitter, haggard and bald, may I suggest you to acquire 50 dicks from amazon and suck them all? After u take ur meds ofc <3

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My comm thinks posting to cgl = bullying others so they have a strict rule about posting here. It's a draconian rule to be honest.

>> No.10540134

kek what crawled up your ass and died? First you go on and on about how gulls are big meanies and then when OP says it you freak out?

>> No.10540137

Lol, you're trying waaaay too hard, newfag. It's actually embarrassing.

>> No.10540140

Also no u

>> No.10540142

Actually i've been here since 1965 and you're all newfags to me. All my fellow oldfags will confirm that cgl used to be a SAFE and FRIENDLY place until newfags like YOU came in and started to be mean!!

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Unpopular opinion: Fatphoia isn't real and being fat was never healthy.

>> No.10540159

Sad that this is considered an unpopular opinion nowadays.

>> No.10540171

These people complaining about SC sizing are so fucking entitled. People keep trying to offer solutions but they just want to whine.
>Brands that consistently put out plus sizes are not good enough for them
>Other AP releases that are plus sized are not good enough for them
>Being given an MTO and the opportunity to buy 2 dresses and have them altered is not good enough for them

I hope that angelic pretty designers never see this and think all their american customers are so rude and gross.

>> No.10540173

^^^ This ^^^

>> No.10540174

As a fatass, I feel like offering MTO/adequate stock so people can purchase for altering is perfectly acceptable, especially since it offers a chance to tailor things to fit to my shape better than a dress made for fat Japanese-shaped women rather than fat western-shaped women

>> No.10540176

>I hope that angelic pretty designers never see
I'm American and I'm so ashamed that people are claiming it's "bad customer service" that AP isn't catering to huge sizes. Bitch, please. It's not about you. My feet are too big for AP's shoe sizes but I don't call them "tall-phobic."

>> No.10540177

bc not everyone can afford to buy two sc for a few extra cm?? why would it be sooo hard for AP to cater to plus sizes as if they don't deserve to wear good ap too?

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>> No.10540181

Good, it should be hard for you. Lose weight or wear something else.

>> No.10540183

why not just buy headbows then?? are they not enough fabric?

>> No.10540185

It doesn't matter if everyone can afford it. Fashion isn't a "need" - it's a "want."

>> No.10540192

why not just take it to alterations to see how many cm can be let out of the seams?

>> No.10540197

What's with all the entitled landwhales. Lose weight fatty. You look ugly

>> No.10540208

im sure ap would be more ashamed about bigots like you

>> No.10540211

>thinking japan doesn't hate fat white people

>> No.10540214

uuuhh..some people just cant loose weight no matter what they do because of genetic disorders, other illnesses or medication? get off your privileged high horse. there is no reason for ap to not cater to one of their biggest potential customer base

yes and...???? plus size people deserve nice things too

it doesnt need to get altered if ap stops being so stubborn

>> No.10540215

wow, so you are also racist?

>> No.10540217

We're all just pretending to be stupid, right?

>> No.10540219

If you want to troll at least don't be this obvious when doing it.

>> No.10540220

I fail to see how my statement is bigotry. A Japanese brand is obviously not going to cater towards overweight people when being obese in Japan is a huge no-no. Why would AP want to promote something unhealthy?

>plus size people deserve nice things too
This is really besides the point. Fat people can go buy a ton of "nice things" for themselves. AP is ONE brand. Stop fixating on AP like it owes you something.

>> No.10540222

but im not trolling? sorry for not being a hateful psycho i guess lol

>> No.10540224

AP is much happier with the standard size people buying their shit in droves than the whales crying about how it doesn't fit them.

>> No.10540225

THANK YOU for not using the r-word for once

>> No.10540241

This thread is more of a train wreck then the feels thread lmao

>> No.10540246

kek fuckin knew there'd be landwhales bitching about sugary carnival mto here too. pathetic. lose weight or pony up cash for alterations. pretty simple.

what do you gulls think the chances of more sweet prints besides that one being rereleased is? personally I don't love the ones that are coming so I'm just holding out hope there will be different ones down the road.

>> No.10540255

Why you keep saying deserve
It isn't some human right fit to AP

>> No.10540258

I think Milky Planet has a good chance. But please let it be in cotton and original sizing.

>> No.10540259

you're welcome, retard.

>> No.10540263

Hopefully OG milky planet. My high school dreams will be complete if I can get my hands on the halter jsk in pink. Original cotton with the scallops though, I don't think I'd buy it if they rereleased the rerelease, even if it was cotton.


>> No.10540270

I guess they're the biggest customer base in one sense.

>> No.10540271


>> No.10540283

>Biggest potential customer base
I know this is bait in every sense of the word but come on anon, try harder. Their biggest customer will never be the west... Unless yes, you mean size.

>> No.10540286

Yeah thats why theres so many fat people in other countries LOLOL

>> No.10540291

A lot of hostility in this thread and nothing constructive before this reply. Not worth reading.

>> No.10540292

Feel free to steal it
Fatphobia isn't real, but fat people do get discriminated against.
No one hates fat people more than fat people though.

>> No.10540296

I don't know of any comms that do this and my local community definitely lurks here. They also don't give a shit.

>> No.10540297

Why are you retard cunts taking the bait so hard? I swear to god, you're all newfags.

>> No.10540302

My comm is that way; however, this is also the comm Wonderbitch has her claws in, so really I think it's more you have toxic people influencing your mods, because like >>10540296 says for her case, regular people don't care.

>> No.10540303


Words like landwhale, hamplanet, butter golem, famisher of Africa, hippo, maneater, unicron, fatsplosion, buoy, scooter bane and more.


Because it's fun.

>> No.10540308 [DELETED] 

god finally someone got the pun

>> No.10540310

god finally someone got the pun kek

>> No.10540313

>my Souffle Song order
Anon why. Souffle Song is one of the shittiest Taobao brands out there.

>> No.10540314

cant you aggressive people be nice and inclusive for once?

>> No.10540317

My comm doesn’t have a hard “no /cgl/” rule but anyone confirmed as a seagull is automatically side-eyed when drama does go down. I’m convinced nearly everyone at least lurks here but most of us are smart enough to maintain plausible deniability.

In my experience people complaining that there’s not enough plus-size lolita are mostly complaining that the trendy hype prints of the moment don’t come in their size. Same with people who claim that all brand is >$300 and lolita is only for spoiled rich girls; they’re only looking at the most sought-after pieces and ignoring anything less popular.

I hope so.

>> No.10540336

Stop baiting kek.

>> No.10540343

Ummm using the r-word is literally so problematic and ableist?? Can you not?

>> No.10540354

Not gonna lie I would become a fatass and work it all off to my current size again just to be able to get my hands on a sugary carnival. Fatties don't even know what's up, working out is fun. Too bad being a fitlita doesn't pay for brand.

>> No.10540429

You have to be 18 to post here

The Asian women in the RC thread made me lol with their stories about family members calling them fatties kek. While I’m not totally on board with fat shaming your children, it did highlight the difference in personal accountability in east vs. west. “Brand inclusivity” is a very American concept and it’s mostly a marketing thing anyway. That’s why Brandy Melville can keep on trucking - they aren’t breaking any laws catering to a single body type.

It pisses me off when people claim they “can’t” lose weight on account of [insert chronic illness/socioeconomic factor here.] They CAN lose weight but they won’t, because losing weight is hard. Overcoming any addiction is hard, especially when you have to face it several times a day. Some years back I lost 80lbs so I could fit into gyaru sizes. It was boring, it took a long time and I’ve backslid a few times but kept it off overall so far.

I think it would empower people more of we could stop with the “90% of dieters gain it all back!!” bs rhetoric. I imagine the % of people who successfully give up smoking is low, so I guess they shouldn’t bother trying either.


>> No.10540434

>90% of dieters gain it all back!!
Guarantee these are people who depend on diet quick fixes and not actual lifestyle changes. Weight loss is slow af, and it should be to be healthy.

>> No.10540437

As someone who has unmanaged thyroid problems and untreated ADHD fucking with my hormones and impulse control, respectively, even I was able to lose a certain amount of weight reasonably well but just plateaued a bit higher than the average person my height might, still small enough for most brand I currently own, and I'm sure if I really really restricted myself I could go lower but I'm sure the proper medication when I finally get a job with health insurance will help.

I think the biggest issue fat people have is the way dialogue is so aggressive one way or the other, and fat positivity makes them feel better so they would rather support that than people who take a "tough love" approach and are a bit mean/stern. Positive reinforcement/encouragement of improvement and access to healthy nutritional information is really the biggest factor for a lot of overweight people being able to change. Being bullied for my weight by family members just made me feel sad every time I ate food and did nothing to help me; having encouraging friends and romantic partners or other family members who would be like "why don't we cook something healthy", or "wow you're doing a good job with weight loss!", or "don't forget to drink enough water" made a practical difference. Just small interactions that show people care about you being and feeling your best and don't just want to criticize you really go a long way.

>> No.10540438

This is so true, even if people do offer concrit on CoF they circle around the point several times instead of being direct

>> No.10540440

I'm fat and want to buy 2 SC JSKs and alter them to fit me, will I be judged for this or is it fine since it's a MTO and not a limited rare piece anymore?

>> No.10540443

i mean people will judge you regardless for being fat in lolita, but you'll face far less judgment and look a lot better because you
a.) are willing to put forth the money and effort to have a dress that fits you instead of stuffing yourself into something
b.) aren't eating into existing limited stock
c.) are supporting the brand directly

this is the right thing to do if you want the dress, anon

>> No.10540455


>> No.10540469

i think its fine since ur supporting the brand. I still get pstd over that one gal that spliced CTP years before the MTO.

>> No.10540470

You could just use the waist ties and/or get a second hand sc totebag as spare fabric, unless you're massive and require loads of fabric. I'm sure lots people would be interested in buying the second dress you cut up for sewing projects, just please don't make the alterations yourself

>> No.10540485
File: 99 KB, 250x333, 7203bdb9-2bc8-56c4-bed5-5356b3710b10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Must be stupid questions thread worthy, but why not to make a new shirring with matching solid fabric? Both OP and JSK have lacing, it going to be covered a bit.

>> No.10540504
File: 996 KB, 3024x4032, vhke5z7io7131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eating into

>> No.10540505

Please stop age shaming me or I will tell the website mods >:(

>> No.10540506

if you increase the waist measurement but not the hem measurement, then your skirt won't be sufficiently gathered and poofy. you will get a normie silhouette.

>> No.10540508

that's not really how that works.

>> No.10540517

I can actually sew and finish things myself with my serger and machine (unlike most chubby-chans who alter their own brand and don't even finish their seams), and don't intend to resell it so that's not an issue. I like using the waist ties so I'd prefer to keep them. Tote bag would be great except the fabric is going to be noticeably different from the original release or totes since AP has noted the new fabric is thicker than the original, and I want to just re-cut/adjust the front and side area of the bodice myself to my own bust curve/measurement rather than adding side panels since the general consensus is those look awful. I'm not too big to fit more commonly plus sized friendly AP like MCD or the new HC, Sugar hearts, etc. but much of my weight is in my chest so I know I would rather cut the bodice "rounder" than squish my chest into a weird shape even with correct measurements based on other AP I have worn.

You're correct as well that increasing the waist and not the hem after a certain point will really mess with the skirt shape. I don't think that will be an issue for me personally but a lot of altered pieces I have seen have a more normie silhouette or lack the right poof because of really large people not taking care to add extra to the skirt. The best alterations I've seen to accommodate for this either use fabric from another piece or add a contrasting bustle in white or a color from the print in similar fabric or an intentional sort of different fabric like chiffon or something, similar to what the chiffon bustle on Meta's Teddy Bear Baker JSK looks like, which is kind of a great workaround if you're not willing to buy or can't find a whole other dress and have someone qualified doing the alteration.

>> No.10540518


It literally is if you increase the waist a lot. The few cm or one or two inches for most alterations wouldn't but people who don't add skirt fabric and make a dress go from 88cm waist to like 100 cm...well that's almost a foot of fabric added to the bodice with none to the skirt, she shape won't be quite the same and while it could technically hold the same amount of poof the silhouette will be a bit off.

>> No.10540710

>t. fat retard

>> No.10540760 [DELETED] 

You could get an extra few CM with the seams. A few inches with the waist ties.

>> No.10541203


(Look, I have no hate and am considering doing this myself. AP doesn't fit me lengthwise so mine will be an even more obvious alteration)

I just wanted to mention the first CTP was also an MTO. It was Japan-only and expensive (which means it's the same as its re-release, so...); not many people rushed to book their shopping services for it, it just wasn't really a bloodbath. It didn't really become a $1k super rare print that people ree about until years after its release.

I think SC should be safe, as we're onto its third? re-re-release, so everyone who wants to ree about its rarity should be done now, but to be honest it's hard to predict if there's gonna be a future batch of future lolitas who might be triggered over a dress that seems trivial to us right now.

>> No.10541213 [DELETED] 

and it being up for sale is not the only measure of attainability. even now there are probably many people who consider it rare because they don't buy dresses that cost more than $100.

>> No.10541218

and it being up for sale is not the only measure of attainability. even now there are probably many people who want it but can't get it because they don't budget for dresses that cost more than $100. with many people wanting it already but few getting it, it's already rare in a sense. inevitably, those people will mature financially and start snapping up any resales.

>> No.10541250

If you do buy two JSKs and are as experienced as you suggest, I'd consider making an entirely new bodice out of the skirt of one so that your bodice is long enough. I did this with an AP OP and JSK (nothing very sought out) and the result was a lot nicer looking than just trying to widen the chest area.

>> No.10541269

I'm extremely short so I don't think the length will be an issue since the bust area is being recut to fit my chest, so it won't bring the waistline up the way it would on an unaltered dress.

>> No.10541273

Considering there is a 30 dress max for each household it's probably not a big deal. Ideally lose weight for your health, but it's your money so do what you want.

>> No.10541278

I felt fat for having a waist that is pretty much at 70 centimeters because i porked up during lockdown (went from 110 to 130lbs, am 5'4 for ref, so pretty chunky now) but when i saw the fatties in the comments of the RC thread regarding the new SC release i realized i wasn't that fat yet. Time to start dieting so i don't end up becoming like them. A bit of chub is cute and youthful but go overboard and you're a pig

>> No.10541286

desu just buy one and lose weight to fit it. Use it as motivation. Check out the /fat/ threads on /fit/

>> No.10541287

how are you chunky at that height and weight? is your weight distribution uneven? i'm about the same and the only thing that is noticeably thicker since gaining is my arms and bust

>> No.10541292

it's all in my thighs/ass and arms, well, mainly

>> No.10541293

i feel you, i'm a pear shape as well and just one inch shorter than you but i recommend doing keto! it slimmed the fuck out of my limbs

>> No.10541297

I am currently losing weight but I'd rather alter my pieces and continue to wear lolita during that process since dressing up and feeling cute makes me feel better about my body/encourages me to keep working at it. Eventually I'll be able to fit brand with no alterations, but for now I'm fine putting forth the money and time to make the things I love fit, and I can always take things in/readjust later or sell them to another fat lolita who could use the chance to fit some brand and look cute and inspire themselves to do better too.

>> No.10541309

Sounds like you're preparing to not lose weight at all. It makes no sense to alter a dress that you plan on not fitting into in 6 months

>> No.10541314


I don't have to buy something too small and stare at it longingly and never enjoy it for months the way some people do to be capable of weight loss. I've lost 24 lbs and counting, having dresses that fit now doesn't suddenly make it impossible for me to lose more weight, especially when shirring and corset lacing is a thing. If it gets to the point those aren't enough I'll just take them back in or sell them like I said already.

>> No.10541317

Is the SC mto done? It's not on the AP US site anymore.

>> No.10541318

Yes, they extended it for a few days. Paris is open until the 24th

>> No.10541328

>I miss the time when having to be fake politically correct luwlies was limited to literally any place outside of cgl

Being a seagull died in 2018.

>> No.10541329

oh no the r-word!! so scaryyyy

>> No.10541346

>replying to bait
When will gulls ever learn

>> No.10541352

Im an inch shorter than ayrt and anytime I get over 104-105 I look chunky. My highest weight was around 108 and I looked/felt like a disgusting fat blob. It's crazy what a difference a few lbs makes on a short person. I look best around 99-101.

>> No.10541372

Agreed. Everyone here is a retarded faggot.


>> No.10541375


>mfw at 104 and your height and feeling chunky af

Sucks to be asian with an android fat distribution.

It's a wake up call anyways to do more exercise though, so hopefully it goes down soon.

>> No.10541376 [DELETED] 

Oh I'm not asian and my body fat percentage is considered typical for professional athletes. It's just that all my weight goes directly to my thighs and nowhere else, it's so gross and looks fucking dumb/disproportionate since I have small boobs that never get bigger. I lose my thigh gap at ~106 and it makes me not want to eat until I can't feel my thighs grazing each other anymore.

>> No.10541405


I honestly wish they'd mature emotionally alongside financially. No matter how sad, how pathetic their life stories is that a single frilly dress has to mean that much to them, I just can't see the logic behind screaming at complete strangers that someone didn't keep "their" dream dress in pristine, unused, cheap condition so that they can buy it after they can afford to.

It's just shitty entitled behaviour, and no amount of "dresses belong to the community" can really change that view for me.

>> No.10541506

One of the lolitas in my comm hosted a SS back in December and then ghosted everyone. Like, I'm pretty sure I've been grinched, and they said they're going to check, but it's been a week with no follow up.

Like, why even host one if you can't commit??

>> No.10541925

You are not fat or chunky, you just went from skinny healthy to average healthy and is feeling weird about the changes at your body shape.

>> No.10541993

a coping fatty wrote this

>> No.10542025

If AP released a new color for SC,
I think a yellow colorway of Sugary Carnival would be nice.

>> No.10542030
File: 2.62 MB, 276x326, 9877.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> ugh, it's gonna look awful, remember British Bear in yellow
> but Milky Planet looks great, pink x yellow combo looks nice
> but probably it doesn't have anough pink to look good
> well, other pastels may look nice
> still not a fan, meh

>> No.10542033

British bear yellow isn’t pastel, it’s almost neon and it’s paired with dark yet saturated colors, one of them being blue which is the opposite of yellow on the color wheel. I don’t know why anyone would ever think this was a good idea on anything lolita but maybe VW inspired punk.

On the other hand, pastel yellow matches with other pastels, it would look lovely.

>> No.10542038
File: 141 KB, 1080x1080, 118714616_683840412475938_8700580344573115115_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, I only saw it coorded for that Pikachu themed outfit, plus maybe that Lj secret meme. Pikachu lolita was actually nice, but I haven't seen people wearing it besides that.
Pastel yellow would look nice tho, I do agree.

>> No.10542041

who hurt you

>> No.10542076

I don't really understand your point about being mature financially, can you elaborate?

>> No.10542089

I think it'd look a lot nicer in mint than yellow. And mint suits more skintones than yellow.

>> No.10542090

I just want them to rerelease the special set indigo.

>> No.10542113

Someone photoshopped that once and I can’t find it

>> No.10542114

Blue isn't opposite yellow on any color wheel you colorblind walnut.

>> No.10542115
File: 89 KB, 500x257, BDAEF405-8EE3-4A4D-8356-5116CD233648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never mind I just did it myself

>> No.10542119

why is the OP pic a replica?

>> No.10542120
File: 30 KB, 225x300, AC7E5CF3-F46B-429B-98C8-09D60C550B47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think yellow suits it more than lavender, since yellow is already in the print

>> No.10542153

As I thought, it actually is nice looking. reminds me of Milky Planet JSK in Yellow.

I kinda hope not.. Since I have more than 1 set in that colorway, including one which is nwt.

>> No.10542155 [DELETED] 

Are you that person who bought three of them including that $700 set from y!j? Can you explain, what purpose would you need them all for?

>> No.10542156

So that's a resounding "yes".

>> No.10542185

Ugh I wish this was real

>> No.10542197

I think they meant the complimentary color, but even then the complimentary color to blue is orange, and purple to yellow...

>> No.10542198

SC in yellow and CDC in sax is my wet dream.

>> No.10542233

They just repeated the previous anon who was talking about people who grow up and get better jobs to afford burando and then added their sperging because people make fun of their ugly alterations.

>> No.10542245

my heart!

>> No.10542331

Faxcgl has opened borders again:


>> No.10542338

Serious question: if you're the size of two or more healthy people, why would you want to force yourself into cute Japanese fashion that is designed for much smaller people? Why would you do that to yourself? Why do you insist on looking ridiculous?

>> No.10542340

Nayrt and while I get your point, to non lolitas all of us look ridiculous most of the time.

>> No.10542341

CNN says no. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/21/health/fat-but-fit-study-scli-intl-wellness/index.html

Do keep up and educate yourself.

>> No.10542344

You only need a bigger space because of the fumes from your yeasty folds.

>> No.10542346

The reality is if a fat person is exercising enough to improve their health significantly; their weight will usually also go down. Maybe smaller fat people who are overweight but not obese are able to maintain healthy habits but just not focus enough on calories, but for anyone in the obese range of body fat percentages, "health" is only a temporary state for those who are still young and haven't had time for the fat to start wrecking their bodies yet.

>> No.10542347

>as if they don't deserve to wear good ap
Honestly, they don't. No one who's as round as they are tall looks good in pastel vomit, they look creepy and like someone who escaped an asylum. It's pitiful.

>> No.10542350

Is she really a gal if she's almost sixty years old?

>> No.10542351

No one "deserves" to wear anything. If other bigger people want things to fit them in a niche fashion, they need to buy extra fabric when they can to have their things tailored to fit better or stop whining. That goes for tallitas and for those whining about sizing being too big, too. Everyone needs to stop whining about sizing not catering to them and just do what they need to to fit into the clothes in a way they feel comfortable like a mature adult whether that is losing weight, buying a second dress to alter, having things taken in or whatever other options.

>> No.10542362

Adding to this. For the love of god don’t try to tailor or drastically alter it yourself. Take it to a professional ffs.

>> No.10542365

Ayrt, they can do whatever they want with the items, it will prolly look like shit if they don't have someone with real skills alter it, but it's their money at that point so their problem. I just hate when people demand brands to cater to them specifically when they're already niche.

>> No.10542374

It'll look like shit no matter what because lolita looks like shit on obese people. Honestly the worst choice an obese person could make in terms fashion, literally anything else would be more flattering on them than lolita.

>> No.10542377

I've always thought this as well, always wondered why there's a lav colorway instead of yellow

The lavender looks so incongruous with the rest of the print imo

>> No.10542378

I was talking about any size changing, for tall or skinny or fat people in general.

But also I think just-waisted dresses in general are more flattering for obese people (including some lolita cuts) than a lot of other styles. I get that you hate fat people or whatever but it's not that serious if someone fat wants to wear the clothes. It doesn't hurt anyone but themselves if they end up looking silly or embarrassed, why do you care so hard?

>> No.10542395

I don't think that's universally true. For someone who carries most of their weight in their hips, thighs and butt, and just looks on the chubby end through the rest of their body, it's probably easier than most other alternative fashions.

>> No.10542396

Not really, lolita is really flattering and good for chubby girls since it’s not revealing and the shape of most dresses gives the illusion of a larger hip to waist ratio

>> No.10542406

I disagree. There doesn't need to be lavender in the print for it to look good, it's called contrast.

>> No.10542408

Yeah I think lavender is a fine color, but yellow is also really cute.

>> No.10542424 [DELETED] 

As an ex-fatty chan I can attest that being obese was probably the worst chapter in my life and I wouldn't wish it on anyone else. I've had nightmares about going back to how I was because it was so bad. So please, PLEASE keep being fat phobic. Don't let yourself be almost m 300 lbs like I was. You will be in pain, feel like shit, and its much easier to find cute clothes that way.

>> No.10542459
File: 187 KB, 1171x415, 7220A92E-3AAD-4F6C-833C-9794EBA1297C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need to stop coddling muh disability-chans because now they think it’s appropriate to post these kinds of things in random lolita groups. No one cares about your sob story. Just ask your retarded question and go.

>> No.10542460

So... what was their question?

>> No.10542480

people with service dogs are always fucking batshit

>> No.10542491

99% it was an "emotional support dog" causing a ruckus. they really need to fix the law regarding those animals.

>> No.10542509

>there are anons still replying seriously to my one week old bait
I know it was good, but it's over, I got bored.

>> No.10542510
File: 858 KB, 828x1407, 768AB96A-61AB-4FBA-AE0A-BAEC213FE25C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nta but this is the rest of the post. There isn’t even a question.

Creeped her profile and she has an “unspecified” invisible disability. Her dog is definitely a pet that she calls a “service animal”.

>> No.10542537

You can't be obese and healthy ever, regardless of age. Your joints go to shit and you have limited mobility at times. There is no such thing as someone who is overweight and also healthy let alone, obese and healthy. And you're right, youth may only carry someone so far and that's not enough to protect against an inevitable coronary.

>> No.10542542

I am overweight and healthy and fit into unshirred Baby and Meta. Fight me, loser. Bet I can run twice as far as you in way better times, I regularly do 5-15 k distances and also lift

>> No.10542544

Ok larper

>> No.10542547


There's that "any suggestions for me" tacked on to the end of that, I guess that was the question.

I wonder if anyone clarified whether she knows that mandarin collars and high collars aren't the same thing, and high collars work better for lolita. Also the whole "drape the bodice" combined with pintuck panels sounds ripe for a mess

>> No.10542568
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1514180857682.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10542593

Not saying she is definitely telling the truth but people who have legitimate disabilities 1. Can be annoying spergs just like the rest of the general public and 2. Do often struggle with being questioned about if they're "really sick/really disabled" and that assumption that she is lying about her disability is shitty. She is annoying and clearly oversharing for attention and maybe her dog isn't considered a real service dog, but people don't have to tell you what they have wrong to be disabled and they don't have to be lying about their disability to be annoying.

>> No.10542594

Those people aren’t the ones crying about AP not going up to a 100cm waist, though. Apple-shaped people look the worst in lolita and are also generally doing most of the complaining.

>> No.10542595

>plans to drape the bodice
>Sewing Level: Advanced/Professional
>yet needs a pattern for a bishop sleeve
I’m with whoever said that this is going to be a mess.

>> No.10542721

Idk, all of the people i knew with service dogs were chill persons in wheelchairs. But when it comes to lolita with services animals... this is something else

>> No.10542733

I didn't say it had to be? I just said it doesn't look good

i m o

>> No.10542735

I mean, you said incongruous and agreed with the other poster who said yellow would be better because it was already in the print, so. No hard feelings though, I know it's just your opinion.

>> No.10542910

Why wouldn't you have a decently fitting bodice block or pattern you can draft or modify from rather than draping from scratch if you're supposedly that "advanced"? And then wanting to add pin tucks as well....yikes.

>> No.10542921

that's because service dogs are trained animals that serve a purpose for their owners and "support dogs" are just any old animal, don't need training but are often passed off as service dogs because the law doesn't require service dogs to have certification and people/places asking for validity risk discrimination lawsuits.

>> No.10542942

>colorblind walnut

>> No.10543192


What's the criteria for labeling yourself "advanced" anyway? the last time I looked it was simply based on time, which is a bit of a fallacy. My mom taught me how to sew but I basically didn't do anything with that skill until recently, yet I could truthfully say I've technically been sewing since I was 10.

They kind of need to implement a tier with actual skills grading.

>> No.10543195

This implies a rorita is going to gatekeep and nooo we can't do that

>> No.10543199

These aren't actually the same thing.

>> No.10543205

Time and experience, but some people can spend two decades sewing ruffly tubes out of quilting cotton and never improve. People who are mediocre or even downright shit tend to overestimate their own abilities. At this point I simply ignore that part of the post (unless it’s funny) and judge based on the work they show.
is right, trying to “gatekeep” skill tiers will just result in a bunch of drama. That’s how the comm is, unfortunately.

>> No.10543270


Ugh the delusional ones ruin everything.

There's only two ways I can think of around this, one is to use an external definittion, eg- if they've completed an "advanced" sewing pattern. Though unfortunately Vogue's the only one that consistently pumps out advanced patterns while the other pattern companies pump out easy 2-hour patterns, and anyway it's easy enough to fudge completing them by altering some of the patterns.

The other is to set the "top" skill tier so high yet so logical it isn't attainable, for eg -- "expert" or "professional" level should be set as someone who has written a book on sewing techniques, or teaches sewing techniques at a tertiary level. Obviously these people exist, but equally obviously it'll be dodgy for a home hobbyist to claim these levels. Then, it would make sense that someone on the "advanced" level should be either a professional paid seamstress, or else has the skillset, including pattern-drafting from scratch.

Everybody else currently trying to claim "advanced" level would immediately get bumped down to "intermediate" level then, which is where most home hobbyists belong anyway.

Think it'll work?

>> No.10543704 [DELETED] 

so, how about a certain lolita posting her first insta pic following Likegate with the caption, "Life is a race"

do we think PM is gonna get #triggered?

>> No.10543714

I don't think she meant that kind of race

>> No.10543716 [DELETED] 

With the type of stretches she pulls sometimes, yeah

>> No.10543719

She's quoting song lyrics though, it's obvious what she meant cause the song talks about how it's hard to slow down in life, etc.; clearly means a race like a competition

>> No.10545972

Is there some sort of youtuber drama happening?

>> No.10545980

Maybe with Tyler?

>> No.10545997

I hope so. I can’t stand her

>> No.10546014 [DELETED] 

She hasn't posted in about a month so not likely

>> No.10546016

She posted a video on patreon today

>> No.10546022

Tyler posted a video to her patrons and WF and co are freaking out. I guess the video says something about how Lor didn't need to apologise? I'm not a patron so I haven't seen it.

>> No.10546034

I literally don’t give a shit about Lor or Tyler but I live for drama in the lolita community. Anybody who gets their bloomers in a twist over “lolita influencers” being “problematic” is retarded desu.

>> No.10546038

So people are mad that Tyler in a semi-private forum told people basic facts we all already knew about the situation (that Lor didn't need to apologize/the level people pressured her with the video was excessive?)

>> No.10546050

its unlisted but you can watch it

>> No.10546053

WF has no personality except for stirring shit.

>> No.10546069

Omg wtf Tyler I know this situation was stupid and I respect her standing up for her, but I feel bad for Lor with Tyler always bringing these situations back up against her wishes. Tyler is about to get "canceled" despite actually being on the right side of things this time.

>> No.10546072

And sniffing glue.

>> No.10546073

Tyler is 1000% right. This does feel weird though because Tyler does kind of make herself feel self important by claiming this is all bigger than Lor, etc. and is the whole community's problem. This is the problem of Lor being too nice and shitty abusive Twitter hoes pushing at her harder and harder, and really is not evident of the opinions of the community at large.

>> No.10546075
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1520598121077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that joke about not being able to breathe about 15 minutes in
I know that's unintentional but gave me a yikes chuckle

>> No.10546076

That's like, her entire thing though now. Tyler was much more likable before she decided she was God's gift to lolitas.

>> No.10546080

Tyler is a based shit stirrer

>> No.10546081

It's more like these are the opinions of twitter sjw mobs at large, and it's shockingly easy for those types to storm in and quash all discussion about topics like these by slapping people with labels like "racist" or "apologist" or "performative." Ironically sjws are the type that want to disappear people for not sharing their extreme regressive leftist views, and it seems that Tyler was making this video to make sure that Lor didn't set a precedent of giving these types of people power within the lolita community. Clearly the majority of lolitas do not agree with wf and her minions, but no one has had the guts to stand up to her and say that Lor did not need to make her one billion apologies for fear of being labelled a racist and cancelled.

>> No.10546082

WF, avina and the others are priviliged cunts that don't know what is opression for real. Bitches live a confortable life on first world, they don't know what hunger is or not having a place to sleep.

>> No.10546083

Tyler is a cringy clout chaser

>> No.10546092

someone please dl so we can have a copy when it eventually gets taken down

>> No.10546095

It's still unlisted and link available on Patreon only rn. I don't think she is going to let people bully her into submission over this.

>> No.10546097

I can't stop laughing at her finally wearing a dress that would match with hime sleeves and she doesn't wear hime sleeves

>> No.10546100

Hime sleeves would look weird with how she does her low pigtails imo. If she had her hair down and made her headbow stand up a bit more I think it would look good with hime sleeves tho.

>> No.10546128

>WF and co
so basically just wf, neorococo, and avina? wf is going on in her stories about "people who were harmed"

literally who was harmed though, this is a victimless crime. the worst anyone would have felt was brief surprise adn disappointment "oh no, lor is a secret trump supporter" but lor quickly cleared that up and so everyone went about their day

and we again have neorococo talking for/over poc in a really embarrassing way. at least wf and avina have a leg to stand on re: personal experiences with racism and speaking as woc even if they're idiots. neorococo is white but desperately wants those oppression points for some reason and keeps injecting herself into discussions of race in a way that feels like blackfishing instead of allyship

>> No.10546130

>people who were harmed
oh for fuck's sake, I wish "harm" was people being dissapointed and confused for like a hour about a lolita youtuber's political offiliations

>> No.10546134

Yeah desu all these fucking posts whining and being upset/disappointed with Tyler are generally unnecesary. Like the best argument I've seen is we don't want to give actual racists a leg to stand on and embolden them into ignoring critique or requests for improvement, given that us black lolitas do still face discrimination in jfashion communities in various ways ranging from "microaggression" comments about hair texture to legitimate racist troll comments and whatnot on black content in general. Even then though, Tyler wasnt complaining about racist people being held accountable, she was pointing out how ridiculous it is for people to treat Lor the way they did and the hypocrisy of WF and her owning, loving, wearing, and then selling DW for profit while whining about oppression, Nazis, etc. And pointing out how tons of people besides black people and poc have reasons to hate Trump or have thoughts or feelings on the situation too.

Oddly enough they seem to be being less harsh and more just dismissive, maybe because they know they can't bully Tyler the same way and make bad faith claims about racism and offense because she's not too nice to see through it like Lor is.

As much as I hate Tyler's habit of babying Lor and sticking her nose in things, she really is right here in general. I kinda wish she'd made the video outside of her newscaster salty persona and style so people would have been more receptive to it, but at the same time fuck those people anyway for being so awful to Lor over accidental bullshit. This shit makes me feel nervous about being black in the lolita comm because I worry everyone will subconsciously associate me with the vitriol of the shitty people making a big deal out of nothing.

>> No.10546172

I don't love Tyler, but she's right here.

>> No.10546180
File: 640 KB, 1440x1925, 20210129_234503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welp, the BLC put out their little statement on Tyler's video in their IG story. Who runs that account, anyway?

>> No.10546182
File: 806 KB, 1440x1880, 20210129_234537.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10546183
File: 948 KB, 1440x1950, 20210129_234614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ask because they also screencapped PM/WF's story and posted it to theirs.

>> No.10546185
File: 846 KB, 1440x2011, 20210129_234638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10546188

As a latina in the community.... This shit just makes me laugh. She never said black people don't deserve an apology for racism, what a reach. There are so many bigger issues that we should be focused on, not what YouTuber accidentally liked a post on insta, it's just straight up fucking stupid as hell lmao

>> No.10546203

I was in lolita when Die Walkure came out, I remember the getoffegl post like it was yesterday.. and I'm sorry but it was wrong then just like it's wrong now. PM literally overlooked nazi-ism because she wanted a fucking skirt. PM is really no better than Lor and I hate that she just gets to handwave it away like "teehee I didn't know better!"

>> No.10546204

WF is a fucking bird. She canceled and blocked me when I literally didn't do anything to her. I was just friends with someone she didn't like at the time. I don't understand why the community blows so much smoke up her ass. She's just thin and has money to blow on brand. She's nothing special.

>> No.10546207

>literally who was harmed though

I once read this quippy twitter post (I know) which said something to the effect of "everything is violent on twitter except for actual violence." Everything that WF types out reeks of this statement desu, and is what is wrong with the online community right now.

>> No.10546211
File: 21 KB, 438x438, if a star is in front of the moon we are in deep shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's got guts. I can respect that. Maybe it could have been shorter, and maybe not so personal, but she raised a few good points. The parallels to abuse that she brought up is, for me, something to think about.

This star placement though. This is wrong.

>> No.10546213

squatting is racist and so is dancing to music. Because everything is owned by black people.

>> No.10546215

This. Until WF apologizes publicly I don't give a fuck about her feelings.

>> No.10546216
File: 174 KB, 420x420, 1559000866956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's funny is this "spirited defense" is really a public callout of Lor if you think about it. The thesis of the last 3rd of the video can be boiled down to "this is what happens when you don't have a spine," and Tyler posting it against Lor's wishes is yet another "if you had a spine this wouldn't be happening" moment on a kind of sickening meta level. I say sickening because it brings me back to a time when I was much younger and naively thought doing manipulative stuff like this would help people. Spoiler alert, it's a great way to destroy a relationship.

"This is what happens when you don't have a spine. I publicly drag up your dead drama and antagonize the people you tried to make peace with. Now grow a spine or I may be forced to do this again in the future. Begging me to stop is futile. Remember, I'm your best friend and most loyal defender." t. Tyler

>> No.10546217

oof you've opened my mind anon

>> No.10546221

If you think about it, Tyler making this video after Lor BEGGED HER NOT TO is just another sort of abusive relationship. I think Tyler is right, but when she got into talking about "abusive relationships" it made me think about how HER relationship with Lor could be perceived as equally abusive.

You asked me not to do this thing? Not to start drama? Not to leap to your defense? Not to defend you? I'm going to do it anyway because I love you. Whether you want it or not, I'm going to ignore what you want and do what I want, because this is what love is supposed to look like. I'm doing this for you, aren't you happy? We're friends. I'm doing it because it needs to be done.

If Tyler keeps doing this, I feel like it might put a strain on her relationship with Lor. We can't know the details of their private friendship, but this would definitely be hurtful to me.

>> No.10546230

Damn anon thank you, this was the push i needed to unsubscribe. This whole situation is just going to make Lor look worse when things had mostly settled down and Tyler is basically just screwing her over by making this video. I don't think this will just put a strain on their relationship; I wouldn't be surprised if Lor cut Tyler off after this. I don't love Lor or anything but this is fucked up.

>> No.10546244

Who designed the Die Walkure set at Metamorphose? Are they still at Metamorphose?

>> No.10546253

>we should not have to grovel and beg

Yeah you just want white people to grovel and beg for forgiveness when they've done nothing more than fucking misclick holy shit

Reading all of this reminds me of arguing with my abusive NPD ex. He'd throw out every valid point I made as if I hadn't spoken at all and then repeat dumb fucking shit like this and act like he was a victim

>> No.10546256

Fuck PM, she can eat shit. Im glad tyler called her ass out, bitch had it coming

>> No.10546257

It was 10 years ago so probably not, but I could be wrong. Meta wasn't like AP back then where you knew who the designers were.

>> No.10546261
File: 375 KB, 1080x1355, Screenshot_20210130-033801_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10546272

What will it take for this ugly bitch to shut up, I don't even care that much for Tyler, but I hope she drags pm for being the attention seeking, reaching bully that she is

>> No.10546284

God I hate wondercunt

>> No.10546287

where’s wf’s 15 minute apology video explaining why she owned nazi adjacent clothes and made money back off of the set instead of burning them? oh and she needs to include all the cites and sources with all that she’s done to better herself in relation to the jewish community. Now.

>> No.10546288
File: 346 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20210130-040920_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10546290
File: 491 KB, 1080x1353, Screenshot_20210130-040934_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>10546288 continued. Interesting her tweets defending her having die walkure are also deleted

>> No.10546295

>violently anti black
so lor accidentally liking a trumpet’s post and everyone that sees through her and her 3 other pals’ batshit vendetta are commiting hate crimes. ok

>> No.10546297


>> No.10546301

Gonna do 200 prison squats today for Lor.

>> No.10546304

She's not even good thin, she's skinny fat and looking way too hangry and old for Lolita. Lor isn't pretty either, but she tries to look agreeable.

WF wasted her entire youth on tantruming like a toddler because daddy pays the bills, but she has no style, no personality, and no life.

>> No.10546305

Black people are human beings but wondercunt is fucking garbage. I honestly wish she'd drop dead. She's been nothing but a blight in the community for YEARS.

>> No.10546306

All Tyler has to do is go, "Remember when you owned DW?" and shut it down. It's ridiculous. They've all said their piece at this point and the majority of the community has agreed that Lor really did nothing wrong. It's obvious PM has a weird envious vendetta towards Lor for being successful and white and people listen to her. She's angry that her coords get 30 likes and her social justice posts get 200% more likes but can't see that it's nothing to do with her race or anything else. What a silly issue to start in the first place.

>> No.10546324
File: 417 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20210130-050446_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10546326

>punishing them via bullying
Well you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you, Cimone?

>> No.10546333 [DELETED] 

best part was mxlkcircus demanding that lor actually say the words "i'm sorry" in her apology (apparently it's not a real apology unless you actually say "i'm sorry" ??) ... only to then declare that PM's apology for the nazi skirt was fine when that throwaway account tagged her since PM hid her apology in the replies where no one could see it (after she went around like "if you do something racist you need to own up to it publicly" )

I thought tyler was gonna point this out to mxlkcircus... but nope

>> No.10546334
File: 173 KB, 1080x430, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WF liked the reply.
It's telling that WF and her ilk only focus on social media outreach and engagement instead of considering the feelings of the people they are bullying. What cruel people.

>> No.10546340 [DELETED] 

It would have been better had Tyler not dragged their personal friendship into it, especially since Lor asked not to be "defended." Ofc, Tyler should still be able to speak out about this because PM's hypocrisy/personality is a whole problem... but that could have been done without Tyler playing up the "see I'm such a good friend that I'm making this video cuz friends don't let friends be treated like this" act

like we all know the reason she made the video isn't bc "friends"
at best it's bc she's tired of PMs shitty personality and decided to take one for the online comm (who is too afraid to speak out lest they be dubbed racist) .... but most likely it's to make that $$$ by stirring up old drama

>> No.10546341

That's the part of this that bothers me the most, if you have an issue with how the community treated Lor or you agree with any of Tyler's points publicly you're immediately a racist. Its stupid. It makes me not even want to be a public member of the community lest I also accidentally like something or say the wrong thing and WF hears about it. I fucking hate it here.

>> No.10546342

Now imagine being black and having an opinion different from the rest of the crowd. I know some black lolitas who agree with Tyler but absolutely won't say that publicly lest they get dragged.

>> No.10546345

>purest maiden
>looks like a dude in middle management who lost a bet and was forced to dress like that in every picture

>> No.10546347

wf and company would just call them white ass kissers/self hating.

>> No.10546349

I would find WF better looking than Lor if she had any sense of enjoyment or happiness on her face in pics and wasn't an evil cunt, but she doesn't. Lor makes up for her homeliness with excessive kindness and WF was clearly taking advantage of Lor's kindness.

>> No.10546351


I mean using I'm sorry or I apologize is what makes something an apology, but Lor never should have had to apologize for an accidental like. At worst she might have been reasonable to say "I'm sorry if my liking this by mistake caused it to end up on your feeds" but it is unlikely that happened, and she doesn't owe that to people.

There were other people like Sunshine by Hester that liked that photo, presumably also by mistake, is PM gonna call Hester a racist nazi and demand an apology despite her being a Jewish woman because black people are more oppressed in her mind? It's all bullshit.

>> No.10546374
File: 210 KB, 640x468, FB82052B-6207-448A-95C4-040CD62274F9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“legitimate hurt”? don’t make me laugh

>> No.10546386


>> No.10546389

PM is an ugly human being inside and out. I've dealt with people like PM in the past, the social justice warriors who just need to jump on a cause wagon to make themselves look better. That entire Twitter witch hunting crew needs to be cancelled before they drive someone to commit suicide over their bullying.

>> No.10546390

"Most proeminent members" coming from someone from Europe just shows how much she is just bandwagoning this whole issue.

>> No.10546391

No, she won't make money. She's already lost patrons since the vid was posted. I really believe she did it to call out PM/WF, and because Lor was apologizing for supposedly racist things that really weren't, and Tyler wanted to set the record straight. People like WF unfortunately have the power to ruin this community, especially by attacking someone as high profile as Lor. The outrage is probably fake, but it will affect everyone.

>> No.10546392

General question - Pixieelocks has 2x the following Lor does. People aren't calling PL racist for not featuring more BIPOC people on her channel... so why Lor? easy target?

>> No.10546393

Did she delete the video already? Cannot find it

>> No.10546394

read the thread

>> No.10546395

Sorry and thanks for spoon feeding my blind ass

>> No.10546397

Pixielocks hasn't been part of the lolita community for years, that's probably why.

>> No.10546398

it's unlisted but should go public today, the link is in this thread

>> No.10546399

she actually has gained at least 10 patrons since last night but has lost money on patreon overall

>> No.10546400

Why is every one of her captions like this? She'll post a coord and then type up three paragraphs about how everything is awful in the world and I don't know if she's trying to get woke points or what but it's really tiring.

>> No.10546401

>People like WF unfortunately have the power to ruin this community
If the community is this fragile, then good. Let her "ruin" it.

>> No.10546402

Tyler is an idiot for making this video. I don't care if you're on Lor's side or WF's side, this video didn't need to happen. Tyler is a narcissist who has now twice made videos against Lor's wishes about issues like this. What's worse is all the people in the comments kissing her ass when all she's doing is reviving a dead issue and flogging it back to death.

What's worse is that any actual racists in the community are probably going to feel incredibly validated by this video, and it'll only loop back to prove any points that wf might have been trying to make. WF is annoying as fuck but she's become a reason for any racists in the community to dismiss legitimate concerns that anyone else might have.

Burn lolita YT to the ground and just start over.

>> No.10546403

Sorry for the "What's worse" use , head hurts

>> No.10546405

This is what irks me too. If your friend asks you NOT to do this then don't. I really hope Lor calls her out on this, even if privately. She's done this twice, she doesn't care about her feelings at ALL.

>> No.10546407

She should have made a video about WF desu that chick is cancer

>> No.10546408

This. WF is trash and so is Tyler for disregarding and infantilizing Lor so hard repeatedly.

Tyler is also a gaslighting shitty person for telling Lor "look I know you got bullied and abused online, but think about how it made ME feel to have to watch you be bullied and abused, think about how the REST OF US are gonna be cancelled because you are way too nice for your own good, you're so selfish."

I used to feel indifferent towards Lor and Tyler both but now while Tyler is right about the situation, he is clearly an awful shitty friend who think she knows best even when someone repeatedly begs her to mind her goddamn business. Lor's worst problem is being too agreeable/nice but that is miles better than Tyler.

>> No.10546411

This would have made much more sense/been much harder to dismiss. Tyler could have talked about how it is valid for black lolitas to feel isolated or devalued in the community but that that is not an excuse to allow WF to be aggressive and abusive to others when she lives a privileged AF life as a racially ambiguous wealthy person and is a hypocrite

>> No.10546412

So this is basically only happening in the lolita comm atm because of WF / MC / LS / A etc?

>> No.10546418

Exactly. The WF call out was warranted, but the way she did it was not. Stop doing things without your friend wanting it. She's capable of making her own choices and Tyler making it about herself is weird.

>> No.10546420

"Mean girls" may dominate communities at times, but as soon as everyone sees thru their BS, they fall too. Ive seen it happen in other comms not just lolita. And it doesnt bother me that Tyler made this video. If the issue isnt addressed Lor will continue to be a target. Someone had to say it. Standing up for your beliefs will never make a person popular with the masses. She may have lost a few subscribers but it also looks like she also not only gained a few more, as well as a few others bumping up their patreon tiers in support.

>> No.10546422

$5 PM hasn’t even watched the video

>> No.10546423

Funny thing is, I saw it as Tyler standing up for a self bludgeoning victim of abuse. As someone who was in an abusive relationship previously and has worked in a toxic abusive environment at my last job, the last 10 minutes of that video were palpable. I was able to end my cycles of abuse but not without having to make a scary job change and dealing with a stalker ex. I was fortunate I had a friend stand up with me against the stalker ex and he was dealt with..my job....no one stood up for me and I endured daily beatdowns from not just my manager but others in the dept. This shit is REAL to me. It feels very personal even though its not about me. But seeing someone else go thru it triggers me and I will not shut my mouth when I see it. We can all help each other grow & do better without turning situations like this into a coordinated online attack.

>> No.10546424

Actually....check PM's instagram stories. She posted about it immediately last night.

>> No.10546425

Oh no, I saw the story. But I’m pretty sure she watched about 5 minutes and just decided since Tyler is white what she was saying is racist

>> No.10546427

>Black women are statistically more likely to die during childbirth than any other race
>Black people being murdered in their own homes by police error
>Black children being discriminated against and bullied in schools
>Trump making actual racists feel comfortable to attack Black people and other minorities in public areas

But Obviously Lor accidentally liking an Instagram post is the most important thing right now, and making her apologize over and over again is going to solve all racism. Got it.

>> No.10546428

No one is bothered by Tyler standing up for Lor, but Tyler said nothing publicly and then waited until Lor was finally "safe" and it all blew over to shove a wrench in things and made it all about herself with her *it was so selfish of you to let yourself be abused, can't you see how hard it was for me to see that?* talk at the end

>> No.10546433
File: 1.06 MB, 1440x1654, 20210130_093044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BLC also shared MC's story.

>> No.10546434

god i hate cimone.

>> No.10546435
File: 986 KB, 1440x1734, 20210130_093107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10546436
File: 144 KB, 2013x663, pearlie-cute-response.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Props to pearliecute for stating the obvious (ironic that she's from the UK given Tyler was just shitting on the Brits last time she rushed to babby Lor's defense) about how most of us black lolitas were more than satisfied with Lor's first "my bad" response/really were just worried about her, and Tyler is acting like WF and her minions are at all representative of all PoC or black lolitas at large which is harmful and sort of dampens her point.

>> No.10546438


But Obviously Lor accidentally liking an Instagram post is the most important thing right now, and making her apologize over and over again is going to solve all racism. Got it."

I can't agree more with this quote.

>> No.10546444

Based on profile pics in the comments, too, it seems like most black girls have similar responses. Tyler could have done this better and actively chose not to so while people aren't upset, we are disappointed.

>> No.10546451
File: 70 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone seems to be missing the point. Tyler has just as much a right to say how she feels seeing her friend abused as Lor has to being abused if she chooses. Did she overrepresent the anger in response to Lor's actions? Perhaps, but that's subjective. Was the timing of the video off? Yes, but her patrons know she's been working on it since Lor's apology vid and these things take time. The real, REAL issue is that no one seems to want to call WF out for this publicly and tell her to stop being a hateful cunt. Especially other poc. If other poc really disapprove of her actions, there should be a united front saying "You crossed a line, you owned Nazi clothes, you need to shut up, you don't speak for us." But because she's allowed to be a loud obnoxious twat, of course this happened. This is HER doing, not Lor's, not Tyler's, hers. But white people can't say anything because they're racists, and other pocs who speak out will be gaslighted into feeling guilty for not being angry enough. Stop letting this manipulative narcissist speak for everyone. Just look at the way her bullshit is worded. She's acting like some kind of ambassador. Stop. Letting. This. Spoiled. Brat. Speak. For. You.

>> No.10546453

Tyler is based af for the video. The people who are upset about it didn't watch it or have glass bones and her brand of humor pisses them off I guess. I just subscribed to her patreon actually.

I hope wondercunt falls off the earth soon.

>> No.10546457

She addmited to not having watched it

>> No.10546461
File: 205 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210130-110524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, so WF is the only one who can cancel lol ok got it

>> No.10546462

>Tyler has just as much a right to say how she feels seeing her friend abused as Lor has to being abused if she chooses.

Then she should have said something two weeks ago, before Lor had to post 3 apology statements.

>> No.10546464

New thread here

>> No.10546465

Multiple people like >>10546436
have agreed Tyler is right for calling out WF but that they feel off about the response because of the video overall and the way she handled it, for a variety of reasons between acting like we all agreed with WF when any comments section on any of these posts proves otherwise, and the way Tyler has repeatedly gone against her friend's wishes selfishly and in pursuit of juicy drama when it could have been approached differently.

Tons of black jfashion wearers, Lor's followers, etc. have LITERALLY said we think Lor didn't need to apologize that hard or at all, that WF is ridiculous and problematic, etc. None of us really have any power or pull in the community though since all the really efamous lolitas are white and Asian though, so I guess y'all just didn't see it/ignored the comments that are agreeing with you just so you can be mad.

The same way Lor didn't owe the black community an apology, black lolitas don't owe white people the satisfaction of stating what is obvious: WF sucks and is shitty. It's not letting her speak for us if we've said how we feel and y'all want to ignore it to be mad at one or two people none of us like anyway. The same way MAGAtards don't speak for all white people, WF and her mini-mob very obviously don't speak for all black lolitas.

Plus, the same way Lor doesn't want to deal with the SJW backlash, why would black lolitas want to put a target on their back for WFs petty attacks by making a "statment" when none of us are even influential figures anyway? Even then though many people have spoken up about it; is people straight up saying they disagree with WF and Lor didn't do anything wrong not good enough because ONE asshole has a bunch of power and a twitter mob?

>> No.10546468 [DELETED] 


>> No.10546469

How safe was Lor really though? How do we know things were reslly ok with her after the video she made? Just because someone isnt posting daily doesnt mean they are ok after a triggering incident. It only appears to die down because the attackers dont have "new material" to attack.

>> No.10546474

I put safe in quotes.

Even if she didn't feel safe, this is the second time Tyler has made a video like this after Lor literally begged her not to. WF and co are flaming garbage, but Tyler is a selfish friend for continuing to use Lor as an excuse to stir the pot without/against her consent. A supposed friend would have done something sooner like >>10546462 and others have said. Tyler could have been there for Lor personally and publicly in the middle of it all and improved the way the community responded to it by being more serious with her critique and not a whiny fake news anchor character for once.

>> No.10546501

This is exactly how I felt. Abusive relationships are extremely difficult to handle on your own, and the only way I was able to break the cycle and leave my abusive ex was with help from someone who was strong, confident, and willing to step in where I couldn't help or defend myself. I saw Tyler's video in a similar light.

>> No.10546515


>> No.10546521

How many black lolitas are there now, discouting obese zoomers in shitty taobao not many I would wager. Blacks don't the the monopoly on being oppressed. Im so fucking sick of their whinging and I'm from a country that was colonized by the british empire. Lor obvs wants that yt bux and tylers a closet conservative. You can't be on 4chan without it rubbing off.

>> No.10546566

>Yeah you just want white people to grovel and beg for forgiveness when they've done nothing more than fucking misclick holy shit

This so damn much.
I'm curious what she wants white jewish girls to do.

>> No.10546596

WF is Antisemitic, so she wants Jews to shut the fuck up because they're white passing.

>> No.10546674

You have excellent points and I agree with you however, I think this whole issue has very little to do with actual racism or race. It's about WF and co bulling someone and using racism as a cover to do so, I think the real issue is that everyone allowed this to happen in a public space without intervention and that WF can use real issues as a defence whilst doing so

>> No.10546707

our comm banned people for shit-talking on cgl even though the mods themselves post on cgl and rc:u regularly. it’s hilarious how ironic it is

>> No.10546771

>all she's doing is reviving a dead issue and flogging it back to death.
She's a gull. What do you expect?

>What's worse is that any actual racists in the community are probably going to feel incredibly validated by this video

>> No.10546928

ok tyler lol

>> No.10546929

those are certainly all words

>> No.10547013

This was needed. I remember all the anons saying in another thread that she was too sjw to make a video and I'm not disappointed she did. Obviously some of the shit she said is inflammatory, but the overall idea and intention was right.

This whole ordeal started by WF is just top kek

>> No.10547146

My feelings exactly. The issue was done and dead, but she just NEEDED the extra clout and brought it back up. Tyler was wrong, and we all know it.
Tbh I agree with >>10546216. Their relationship seems off. If Lor was smart, she’d cut Tyler off for this and save what little face she has left. That statement she made on the video did very little to help.
And honestly, reading this board, the racists already feel plenty emboldened, so I’m choosing to ignore them. They’re just mad at life because they’re gonna age like a rotting banana.

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