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Is being skinny fat more acceptable than being out right fat? From my experience,it makes sizing harder because even if it fits you well in most places theres just one area thats like 2 sizes bigger. Bingo wings,muffin tops,saddlebags and cellulite,the true skinnyfat experience.

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That girl has a nice body and I am glad she shows it off despite the imperfections

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>Is being skinny fat more acceptable than being out right fat?

Literally yes. Being anything not fat is always considered more acceptable than being fat.

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When I was younger I used to be super self conscious but now i'm actually comfortable enough to do more revealing cosplays. Everyone would be happier going no filter instead of hiding behind the photoshop smooth tool

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She is skinny. It's just not the best picture.

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That body is trash she should be do some squats so it doesn't look like grandma trash.

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ya, its called skinny fat. It looks fine on women though, guys not so much

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Don't kid yourself. It looks fine on neither.

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what even counts as skinnyfat?
I would say that i'm probably skinny fat, but i'm not sure. I'm 5'5, 101lbs and bodyfat 15%

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no you are ana chan.

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most skinny women you know probably have some amount of cellulite or stretch marks, you just don't know it because they're never sleep with you

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Confidence is sexy
Brazenly showing off cellulite is sexy

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I cannot agree more with this. Not fat myself but it's a natural thing to have and i think it's part of the female body which looks beautiful the way it is. Those women have nice bodies and i couldn't care less about them being skinny fat.

sage for lesbian autism

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Based and attractive

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Body positivity? In MY /cgl/???

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100% this tho not specifically showing off cellulite, just confident women in general showing off real bodies

seeing pic related walking around a con is far more sexy than plastic thots who fake their way with fake tits or padding and even then overshop their pics to the point of looking like an alien

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tbf it's always better than being a fatty. If you're chubby/slightly overweight you can still be cute as fuck imho i've seen many cute girls like that but there's a point where it's just too much and you need help before you create your own orbit.
But idk i'm biased i just really love girls.

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I'm cool with it because the lower the standards, the better I look in comparison.

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I dont sleep with women. Only manly bara men because they dont have cellulite.

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Only truthful post in this thread.

Everything else is coping and new-mountain-top-ing

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You guys could always just not be lazy pieces of shit and work out you know, instead of trying to manipulate beauty standards.

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That's not what skinny fat is

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scrotes begone
>inb4 i'm just a fatty something something so you can sleep at night pretending it's all fine

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That's retarded. All women have cellulite and not everyone has the time or energy to workout when they have full time jobs. Not that you'd know. You probably got a pimply ass from sitting around on 4chan so much

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Nayrt but all women don't have cellulite. I never had any even when I was fat. I got stretch marks and my skin scars easily but I have never dealt with cellulite before.

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You probably were born fat then. Cellulite is caused by gaining weight, when the fat cells get bigger and don’t fit as tightly together anymore.

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Actually I was a skinny baby and child, got a little fat as a young teen, then lost weight as a late teen to adult. No cellulite. Maybe it's a white people thing? Idk.

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>Cellulite is caused by gaining weight, when the fat cells get bigger and don’t fit as tightly together anymore.
no it's not, it's caused by the fat being strained by connective tissue. that's why you can fix it by getting surgery to cut the tissue in certain places.

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I had cellulite when I was fat but lifting and proper diet made it go away

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Who the gave you this wrong info? Genetics is the leading factor in deciding the density and elasticity of the connective tissue holding down the skin, which causes the dimpling effect, even in thin people. Weight gain makes it more noticeable for sure, but cellulite is increasingly common the more a woman ages and the skin becomes less elastic.

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Weird question, but if it's to do with connective tissues... I'm diagnosed with EDS and still no cellulite. No stretch marks either. I thought if my connective tissues were weaker, I'd be *more* prone to cellulite, not less? I guess I should expect to develop it as I get older though? My mother is covered in cellulite.

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IIRC, cellulite in early life is correlated with stronger (as compared to their neighbors) clusters of connective tissue that pull the skin down. But yeah, you may see increased cellulite as you age if you see it in your mom. It's nothing to worry about though.

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I think it will really vary how bad your skin laxity is and the type u have. I'm mid-20s with hEDS and don't have cellulite, but I do have a heinous amount of white stretch marks I got at like age 9. My skin is a little lax n droopy. Godspeed to ur thighs, u lucky, stretchy gull.

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I feel like women are the only people who think there's anything wrong with this image
IMO it's hot

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i've noticed that too

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Both should be acceptable. Body shaming is fucking retarded.

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I agree we need more body acceptance.

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You can't work out the cellulite. I wonder why so many people fall for that shit, don't you have internet to search for it? Cellulite is not a sign of excess fat, it's literally just how the collagen arranges itself under the fat, and that pattern it is caused by estrogen. You can't do it away except by invasive "treatments" like blowing gas under your skin or lipo.

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>tfw naturally skinny-skinny and have never been above 19 BMI and never had cellulite

Feels good to be basically a demigoddess elven princess that doesn't age. I constantly thank the universe for being the most attractive woman I've ever seen. Being bi is hard when you're as hot as me because it's hard to find cute tiny thin girls that don't have disgusting sloppy saggy tits and cottage cheese all over their bodies. I wish I could make out with myself.

sure thing larper. a google search will let anyone know that's impossible

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it feels like I time traveled back to 2009 and reading a post from charlottecharms

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My sides hahaha

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>it's literally just how the collagen arranges itself under the fat, and that pattern it is caused by estrogen.
no it's not, you can get treatment for it. cellulite isn't even a female only thing.

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post yourself then

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Estrogen is also not even a female only thing

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Timestamped pic or gtfo

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seek help

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Sure Jan

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but do they like you as much as you like you

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C'mon guys, this is bait.

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make out with me anon i too am a demigoddess princess that doesn't age and has neer been above 19 bmi and bi

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has the ghost of charlottecharms come back to haunt us?
(yes i know she's still alive but she's a deathfatty now which is double ironic)

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Yeah, I wonder how all the gym whores have no cellulite but it's always the lazy bitches complaining about it

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>have big, soft 22in thighs
>work out very little
>no cellulite
git gud

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I really think it's genetic; I'm fat and haven't worked out in over a year because of rona (even with mask restrictions I'm high risk/chronically ill so I can't risk going to the gym sadly), and I have some stretch marks from weight gain but never cellulite.

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Cellulite doesn’t matter if you have a nice ass

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post them

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Is that Shea Standefer?

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At that height, weight and bf% you're definitely skinnyfat. Its not a size thing, its a composition thing. If you ate more/exercised more you could turn some of that fat into muscle, and even though you'd weigh a little more you'd look better.

t. 106 lbs/5'6"/12.5% bf

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Have you lost your period?

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how can you tell the difference between stretchmarks and cellulite? I'm still underweight but got these signs on my butt and I can't see which one is it

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The only people who genuinely think this way are underaged and/or virgins who have only seen a naked person through overly photoshopped images or drawn hentai pictures. Either that or a woman with very, very low self esteem, who takes it out on other women

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stretch marks look like scratches, cellulite is just a lumpy look.

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this unironically

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The image could easily be fix up a bit. Honestly the photographer is just using jpeg! If I put more time I would clean up that ass more!

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>encouraging the use of photoshop


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Unironically based
I’m not even a coomer this is just the truth.

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Why be skinny fat when you can just be bara fat?

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get banned soon

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Oh no what ever will I do?

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Shut the fuck up twig

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That’s not skinny fat, skinny fat would be like being 5’3 and carrying 130 pounds well

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Because you'd still be fat, idiot.

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>when they have full time jobs
It's easier to make excuses than to actually work out
Absolutely based.
All my cellulite was gone after 1 year working out, heavy lifting and building dat muscle mass.
It takes dedication, something almost all women lack, that's why it's hard to achieve.
But the results are so worth it. Seeing salty bitches irl is hilarious tho, they nitpick on any little thing about you but at the end of the day they're fat and i'm fit as fuck.

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ngl, you type like a scrote.

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the fuck is that..

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No anon you're supposed to believe them, don't cute girls on the internet talk about how other women lack male traits like DEDICATION? Isn't that the norm?

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what wrong with photoshop? Just means less time adjusting settings on the camera during the shoot and more time adjusting lighting and such afterwards.

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>mfw i'm 5"3 and 130lbs
>carrying it well because it all goes to my ass and thighs

heh. i'm a nurse and i'm too fucking tired to work out. call it excuses idc i have a job unlike you

scroteposter begone

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>male traits like DEDICATION
what the fuck?

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A god among men. Drefan cosplay. The most manly bara cosplayer there is.

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Is that Fat Bastard? Crap, I can't unsee.

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Nah drefans titties are bigger and firmer.

>> No.10552051

I was talking about the whole face and facial hair.

>> No.10552054

I was talkin' about his big tiddies.

>> No.10552212

fat bastard actually looks more natural than those weird uncanny valley retards,they're probably kill themselves in some gay retard way like injecting silicon into their balls or mason jars up their assholes

>> No.10552250

Why do you talk like a retard?

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this made me feel warm inside.

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struck a nerve there?

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How do you work out so cellulite disappears?

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you couldn't have shared a less informative more annoying video.

literally just work out. it's unfortunately different for everyone where you lose fat first, but it will eventually help.

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I weigh 110lbs and have cellulite on my ass, it's just dependent on each person's body.

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litterally nothing to do with the subject at hand but nice projection kek. I was born with a vag. Seethe and dilate

>> No.10552746

Keep posting, this pretty good

>> No.10552776

For someone who talks using this much vitriol, are you sure *you* aren't the retard?

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treadmill going up an angle.
elliptical going up an angle
Stairmaster or stairs in your building
do one of those 3 for 30 minutes to an hour. Most people that a bit overweight will be great in 28 days.
Diet changes also.
For ass do some ass workout to build the muscles. It will build the area out nicely.

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for reducing cellulite you don't want to add muscle because it will just push the fat toward the connective tissue more

>> No.10552802

You want to add muscle if don't want to look skinnyfat and jiggly when there's nothing there but skin. Plus more muscle helps you burn more fat or something like that. You can go for lean muscle rather than bulky muscle but in the butt area where lots of people have cellulite they would probably rather have a big and toned butt a tiny bit of cellulite than a small squishy bony butt with no cellulite at all

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what exactly did you do to this image, did you just raise the contrast a bit and airbrush?

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>Don't let troll bite you

>> No.10554734

>not everyone has the time or energy to workout when they have full time jobs
>drinks and does drugs in their free time

>> No.10554736

if you don't understand the question, don't answer.

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>It takes dedication, something almost all women lack
Outed yourself as a larper with this one, scrote.

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Just don't be fat?

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I did a few things.
I used capture one and reduce highlights.
Raise contrast and sat but not on the skin.
recovered the shadow a bit in the hair.
Ass reduce clarity. reduce to much and it looks really bad.
open photoshop to remove the logo as it's often cleaner that way.
Lightroom can get the same results.
Photoshop has better tools and actions(all in my normal workflow).

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Women unlike man have less visceral fat.

Often for women their fat will collect around thighs(ass), hips, calves and triceps.
For the most part the treadmill, Elliptical and Stairmaster will provide steady level cardio and muscles building.(be it small).

With most of the fat not being visceral and above the muscles. The build up of muscles mostly in the ass with some other movements should provide a much nicer ass.

cellulite as a whole does not go away in a week. You would need to work on it for 3 months to see any kind of results. The benefit some women have is the lack of training will let them build some muscle faster at the start. If they are within 20-25% body fat they may see results within 28 days. So long as they can also keep at a calorie deficit(5% below maintenance) with high protein count.

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Cellulite is a normal secondary sexual characteristic in adult woman and isn’t related to being fat, it’s just how women’s bodies work. You need to go out and meet real women, nonny. Marketing firms have given you brain worms.

>> No.10555030

I never said anything about cellulite. This thread was about being skinnyfat not even cellulite explicitly. All I did was answer the question, "is being skinnyfat better than being full on fat?"

And yes, not being fat is almost always universally better than being fat. You must have meant to quote someone else.

>> No.10555069

No, she's just dumb fuck fattie. With a bad case of cellulite.

>> No.10555101

>Cellulite is a normal secondary sexual characteristic in adult woman and isn’t related to being fat
it literally is but go off. it's not a natural female characteristic.

>> No.10555102

Nayrt but I would argue cellulite is natural, just not an inherent thing all women have. It is connected to fat though as well as genes. The less fat and more muscle you have, the less cellulite you will have, sometimes it totally goes away and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you're fat and you have none and sometimes you're thinner and have some. That's not fair that it's not universally an easy to get rid of thing, but that's life.

>> No.10559906

too hard

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>> No.10560117

Imagine being so insecure that you consider someone telling you to workout a "troll"

>> No.10560280

Imagine being so insecure you have to tell others what to do with their bodies.

>> No.10560281


Could just look at the Mayo clinic lowdown instead of "debating" what cellulite is/isn't, who gets it/doesn't.


>> No.10560293

Imagine being a fat ugly bitch who can't workout and getting mad at people who tell you off for it.

>> No.10560315

This basically confirms what every reasonable person said. Not everyone gets it, being fat, not exercising, and female makes it more likely, it's partially genetic and there's little that can be done if you are already fit and have it.

>> No.10560334

It's just so easy to keep your toxic thoughts inside your own stupid face, but you choose to be a retard.

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>It's just so easy to keep your toxic thoughts inside your own stupid face, but you choose to be a retard.

Maybe try doing some exercise you fat ugly bitches. I'm tired of these fat cunts getting mad at people for telling them off. Try eating a salad next time and doing some squats fatass.

>> No.10560401

Maybe all that fat is clouding your judgement anon

>goes on 4chan expecting non-toxicity

>> No.10560439

You should probably just not be bothered by how other people look, anon. It's making you retarded.

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File: 34 KB, 680x695, grayons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You should probably just not be bothered by how other people look, anon. It's making you retarded.

What bothers me is when ugly fat bitches dress like sluts and demand we like it cus it's "Their body their choice." Yes it is your choice. It's also mine to call you fat cunts out. Shut the fuck up and hit the gym fatty.

>> No.10560552

Why? Their bodies literally don't intrude on your life in any way, but you being a dick to them does. Don't be a faggot.

>> No.10560571

nta but ugly or fat people intrude on my life just like anything else outside, such as dog shit on the road.

>> No.10560576

I have to see them though. Like i don’t want to see vomit on the road, and I don’t want to see sad fat fucks who don’t have self control or disclipline to put down a fork

>> No.10560585

but the whole meme behind skinnyfat is that they don't look fat until they're naked. so you don't have to see them in public.

>> No.10560615

Their bodies literally don't intrude on your life in any way

How about causing the price of insulin to skyrocket because you won't shut your Type 2 mouth? Eh, you fat fucking cunt? Does that count as intruding on the lives of others? I have friends who are fucked because of you and your blubberkin. I hope you get a maggot infestation between your folds and die.

>> No.10560621

That's not why insulin is price spiking you moron. It's because pharma companies are shitheels.

>> No.10560626


Of course, it has nothing to do with the increase in demand. It's not your fault, it's the big pharma. You butter golem. Do like the other fantasy creatures and go extinct.

>> No.10560635

You forgot to bolus for angry posting on 4chan

>> No.10560661

So insulin's demand has tripled since 2002, but that's mostly because of better and earlier diagnosis. Type 2 Diabetes isn't endemic to being fat, it's mostly sponsored by bad diets due to poverty.

Your fatphobia is gross and unscientific.

>> No.10560669

In my experience a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes comes on when someone has suddenly lost a large amount of weight in a short amount of time

>> No.10560690

Please go back to whatever scrote boards you came from.

Signed a clinically underweight girl with no cellulite to speak of.

>> No.10560719

In clinical data, the prevalence of Type 2 is directly correlated with the availability of diagnosis in poor and impoverished communities. Between 2002-2018, the primary research we have available shows that there is no relationship to obesity, but rather people who are forced to have sugar-heavy diets, usually with empty carbs because of how cheap they are.

>> No.10560753

>it's mostly sponsored by bad diets due to poverty

"Oh no, we are so poor that we eat fast food everyday". Seriously, idiot? It costs less to eat little than to stuff your face, and it costs less to buy the ingredients and cook your food than to buy it premade. But I guess you wouldn't be into lolita if you weren't terrible with money.


Boards are unisex, cunte.

>> No.10560758

i know you are a troll, but people in poverty generally eat poorly because they don't have lots of time to cook or cooking knowledge in general.

>> No.10560761

I’m saying that one of the first symptoms of type 2 diabetes is sudden weight loss.

>> No.10560763

We all know you don't go here.

>> No.10560769


I am people in (the verge of) poverty. I don't have cooking knowledge or spend much time cooking. Beans, rice, pasta, leeks, cabbage, tomato, eggs and carrots to name a few are cheap and you can cook them quickly. And like I said, it's cheaper to not stuff your face. Imbecile. You are lecturing people on things they know better than you. And not only that but you're so certain of your fairytales that nobody can honestly hold a different opinion.

>> No.10560788

those things aren't healthy for you, idiot.

>> No.10560792

Sure thing scrote, you probably eat cheetos all day anyway. If you actually cooked that shit you'd know prepping and washing the fuckload of dishes created when cooking this shit, by hand (bc most poor people dont have dishwashers) takes a minimum of an hour when you don't have any help. Time is an even more valuable commodity to the overworked poor than an extra few bucks spent on TB. And the TB they're eating is probably the highlight of their otherwise shitty day. Take a fucking sociology class and stfu.

It costs less to eat less, sure, but cheap fast food is one of the few "nice" pleasures/treats that poor people can afford - hence why poor people tend to be fatter. The only joy they get in life is eating some food that's literally engineered to be particularly delicious while being high octane cheap garbage. They can afford a $2 meal at TB as a treat but can't afford to buy things like new clothes, healthy treats like fresh fruit (which they might not even have access to, I don't even live in a food desert but everytime I've ordered groceries for the past 3 weeks all the berries/grapes I've gotten have been inedibly rotten literally the day they arrive to my home), a new video game, nice skincare, what have you.

And before you call me a fatty, I'm the clinically underweight anon and I'm a housewife so I know how much time and effort it takes to plan and cook meals like you're talking about from scratch. I do it every day at least once a day. And I'm only cooking for me and my husband, most poor people have a shitload of kids. Grocery shopping and meal planning is already time consuming and complicated, and I'm not on a strict budget, I have unlimited time, and meals for 2 are easier than meals for 4+

>> No.10560793

We are talking about people who aren't autistic and want actual meals, not some haphazardly strewn together crap.

>> No.10560794

nayrt (I'm the one who wrote the irritated essay in response to them lol) but all those things are healthy? I'm assuming they're talking about brown rice and whole grain pasta. Eggs are healthy as long as you only eat 2 every couple days or stick to 1 a day.

>> No.10560796

Yeah I didn't even mention that in my long winded response >>10560792 because I assumed he just meant using those cheap things as base ingredients for actual meals with actual seasonings/sauces/etc. Which takes a lot of fucking time. But honestly so does just haphazardly throwing those ingredients together would be somewhat time consuming if we're taking dishes into account.

>> No.10560799

brown rice is not healthy. it just has almost no vitamins rather than none.

>> No.10560814

I know y'all don't see a blood sugar spike after eating your beans potatoes rice pasta etc but I do and it's not pretty

>> No.10560836

>cellulite ridden leg
>nice body

>> No.10560840


Are you retarded? What is healthy to you? Grapes and sparkling water? Spirulina? Some other frivolous superfood?
"Healthy" doesn't mean "health potion". It means it doesn't take a toll on your body like plastic garbage does.


There's your problem. You're a sheltered twat. Your chores take you hours because you haven't learned to make haste and manage your time. Your meal planning is "time consuming and complicated" because your options aren't limited by a budget. You're getting rotten fruit because you don't go to the super market to pick it yourself. You need limits in order to learn to be effective.

>Take a fucking sociology class and stfu.

Right so, I should go to a college so that a professor removed from poor people's reality can describe to me my daily life as a poor person. You are underweight because your brain is missing.

>They can afford

And they could afford better stuff if they saved their money instead of throwing it away in shitty food daily, thus skyrocketing their life costs. No, not all poor people are poor because they get shafted. Lots of folks are poor because of their shitty spending habits.

>meals for 2 are easier than meals for 4+

Casseroles come in bigger sizes. You can cook food for multiple people at the same time. And yes, I wash my dishes by hand. And I mop my own house unlike you, princess.

>We are talking about people who aren't autistic

Students on a budget, farmers (the majority of the population for centuries) and even Gandhi are all autistic to you. And your definition of an actual meal are buckets of chicken. Bitch, you're a dumbass and you are fat because you're treating food as a vice.

>> No.10560844

Just because you have diabetes doesn't mean that those things can't be part of a healthy diet for normal people with functioning insulin levels. Those foods are perfectly fine, in balance and moderation as with anything

>> No.10560855

>I should go to a college so that a professor removed from poor people's reality can describe to me my daily life as a poor person

Actually you should go to college because as a poor person, it's in your best interest to get at least an associate's considering you literally get free money handed to you to go to college and then usually have over $1000 leftover to spend on whatever you'd like. But you're not poor so you probably don't even know what I'm talking about.

>You're getting rotten fruit because you don't go to the super market to pick it yourself

You have no fucking idea what I would do to be able to safely shop for my own groceries. One of my favorite non-luxurious things to do in the before times was grocery shop because it brings me a lot of joy.

>Casseroles come in bigger sizes.

Casseroles are usually disgusting midwestern slop and often unhealthier than a couple TB tacos. Why do you assume I don't mop, cleaning is the main thing I do at home.

>Lots of folks are poor because of their shitty spending habits.

lol literally nobody who is poor would suddenly become not-poor if they stopped going to taco bell sometimes in favor of cooking at home, you sound like a white dude from an upper-middle class family with too much time on your hands.

>Weird strawman about chicken buckets in response to a diff anon


>ignored the vast majority of what I said

Because I'm right and you know you're full of shit and larping as a poor person hahaha.

>> No.10560898

Do you think fast food is what's doing it to poor people? No, it's pasta and bread you dumbass. Poor people eat cheap carbs, not fast food. A box of pasta is like a buck and feeds a family a couple of times.

>> No.10560909

I think they are on keto etc.

>> No.10560916

Just interested but is taco bell really that cheap in USA. Where I live it is quite expensive for fast food. Like 10 euros a meal. I still agree that not buying fast food does not take anyone out of poverity but some money may be saved.

>> No.10560941

I can get two doritos tacos for under $3 including tax at my local bell.

>> No.10561370

The complexity is that a lot of poor people work high-impact or repetitive manual labour jobs that tire them out, so coming home and cooking just isn't in the cards. People only have so many resources available to them, physically and mentally. When anons claim "well if you just planned better", they're speaking from a position where they either haven't felt that pressure, or think they have but not actually.

Poor people also don't eat out nearly as much as elitists think. McDonald's was a treat for me growing up because it was expensive food by my family's standards. We ate a lot of sandwiches and canned food, which are all high in sugars and carbs. My mom didn't have time to cook because she worked two food service jobs and my dad worked as a cabbie. Anons who look down on people because of their weight are always these cuck losers who don't understand what real labour is and don't have enough empathy to even just leave people the fuck alone.

>> No.10561377

This is exactly why the only time I hate on fatties is in the context of lolita fashion. It's really just not a fashion for anyone over like 25-26 BMI tops, with the ideal range for lolita being 17-20. Fatties in lolita clearly have the money for an extremely frivolous luxury hobby, they should lose weight before trying to wear a fashion made for tiny petite ladies. There are niche alt fashions that look good on fat people, like pinup/vintage stuff, so they could also just opt for something that would actually suit them.

I'll defend fat people in every other context because everything you said is spot on. Some folks really do just have health issues that make them bigger, or mental illnesses/hard lives that make watching what they eat and finding time for exercising pretty hard.

>> No.10561397

Tbh I still don't agree with this. Just let people be fat. Body policing people in any context is weird and I know plenty of lolita who're plus-sized and look good.

>> No.10561540
File: 6 KB, 400x300, 62B23AF5-894B-4478-B5CC-665E3612B355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

T. Obese

>> No.10561543

This thread is wild, I am most def fatter than the girl in OPs image, but I have less cellulite. I am 155lbs and 5'7'', but I work out almost every day.

>> No.10561556

saddening posts are saddening as fuck

>> No.10561576

This is exactly why the only time I hate on whities is in the context of lolita fashion. It's really just not a fashion for anyone who isn't asian.

>> No.10561626

>T. azn whale

>> No.10561650

Yeah, I understand this. I was really just interested about the prices as in my country the taco bell is not that cheap.

>> No.10561674

Nowadays lolita fashion on the tiny petite ladies can make them look like theyre wearing ill fitting clothes since lolita pieces are being made with bigger measurements while still only being one size

>> No.10561676

That's purposeful because the current trend in japan/china is to look like a waif drowning in your clothes.

>> No.10561677

lmao this thread is wild. Is OP Shea Standefer tho?

>> No.10561781

Lolita doesn't need people like either of you desu.

>> No.10561849
File: 65 KB, 500x356, 1568711730777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People like you are called "squalid by prosperity". You studied a meme course, get feed your husband which does all the actual work, order your fucking food like a fat cat and have never in your life been so downriden as to actually fast on water only not by choice. Yet here you are, bitching about people with actual life experience telling you that the majority of poor people is and remains poor because they are retarded or at least are unable to learn from their parental mistakes. All your words are nothing but excuses. Would I gladly take a cheap ass 800kcal hamburger for 2$ to allow myself a luxury? Fuck yes. But 99% of the time I think it over and realise that from thoe 2$ I could as well buy half a week worth of starchy base for my meals or some meat or eggs or more nutritional value lasting me far longer than 30minutes before I become hungry again due to simple carbs. Oh, and btw honey, cooking for multiple people is actually cheaper per serving. Not only can you buy bigger bulk but you also waste less energy when using your oven economically. Once again, you have no idea waht you are talking about.

Stop trying to shill your wasted sociology money white knighting for basic retards. There are 1001 excuses but all it takes is disciplin and brains. There truly is nothing worse than upper class tards trying to lecture society and the poor fucks especially on stuff they can't even imagine and only know from their shitty ideological propaganda outlets.

>> No.10561852

> There truly is nothing worse than upper class tards trying to lecture society and the poor fucks especially on stuff they can't even imagine and only know from their shitty ideological propaganda outlets.

Heavy projection from an upper middle class white man. If alllll it takes is discipline and brains why aren't you a millionaire? Pull yourself up by the bootstraps!

The funniest part of this is I was actually raised in poverty and you clearly have never been poor.

>> No.10561861

>Heavy projection from an upper middle class white man
I'm a pregnant immigrant slav which worked her way into the lower middle class from absolue poverty. Poverty like no electricity on the regular, eating dry buckwheat or nothing for weeks and considering a single wiener or splash of heavy cream in my lentil soup to be a rare feast once a month maybe when the stores had some real hard sales on beyond best-before food. You've never been real poor, if you haven't tried to curb the hunger with hot watery instant brooth.

I mean, if your parents have been retarded in poverty that at least explains your choice of university course and views of life.

>> No.10561865

I assume you support socialized healthcare

>> No.10561873

Anybody can be cured from supporting socialied healthcare by watching a single season of "My 600lbs Life".

>> No.10561875

OMG this is such a hilarious fucking larp, keep going I want you to develop this character more.

>> No.10561877
File: 68 KB, 1022x731, It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are no poor people which don't match my text book examples and I'm gonna ridicule people with rl experience for the sake of my ideological bubble

>> No.10561878

C'mon, you really won't add anymore character development? We all know you're a maleposter.

>> No.10561879

Really going all in with this LARP. I bet your character is also against welfare, she seems like the type with a crab mentality. Can we get a body type description for this character? I need a visual for the story.

>> No.10561880

You know what, if the thread is up tomorrow I'll post my paszport and maternity document just for you, sweety. But as of now, it's nearly midnight, so sleep tight my salty frend.

>> No.10561883

I can post my character's Slavic passport and maternity documents too! Great worldbuilding!

>> No.10561884

Ah yes scrote, please post your mail order bride's documents. You should be working to save for her K1 instead of wasting time on 4chan, though.

>> No.10561886
File: 992 KB, 250x250, vVkoPPU.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The seeth is tangible.

>> No.10561891


this is almost copy pasta quality, I love this.

>> No.10561895
File: 329 KB, 657x705, 48355391_2014903732138232_6682402962871943168_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10561905

I saved it to my pasta folder kek. Gonna use it sometime for sure.

>> No.10561906


>> No.10561913

you just need to work out like an hour a few times a week.
that's doable no matter how much you work.
shapely women >>>

>> No.10564868

Dude I work literally 70 hours a week and I still have time to workout. Stop making excuses. Literally everyone can eat healthy and excercise.

>> No.10565788

wrong. i am 5'2'', 89 pounds. still have cellulite on my upper thighs. it's not controllable as i also work out

>> No.10565807

Even then you can still do certain exercises during work hours

>> No.10567022

lmao eurobeat kasumi is a chill dude even if he just does pervy shots. idk I still like his over your "fix"

>> No.10575554

>works out
this doesnt compute
stop doing only cardio, go into lifitng, change diet to gain muscle

>> No.10575561

I find cellulite unironically attractive when its on someone who isn't super fat otherwise.

>> No.10579075
File: 6 KB, 240x210, 1594116289602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10579294

cellulite is genetic and i don't give a fuck if it's on a skinny woman

>> No.10579415

Being absolutely swole is cooler though
discord dot gg/UQED8AEfey

>> No.10579419

I'm not opening that link.

>> No.10579420

All I'm saying is you can get big and cosplay all the cool characters

>> No.10579503
File: 127 KB, 576x432, 1615216857095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys and gals, just exercise fir ten minutes a day for the start. If you can't spare that little of time to make sure your body doesn't kill itself, then you are lying.

Fatty writing this btw. We all know it doesn't feel good and isn't healthy. Don't just let yourself be miserable. You can do it.

>> No.10579611

exercises won't save you from being fat if your caloric intake preserves your body fat level

Many weight lifters actually experienced one of biggest fat gains in their life when doing intense weight liffting.

>> No.10579696

>discord dot gg/UQED8AEfey
That's just /sig/ self improvement general

>> No.10579737

It's a good start if you are a fatty though. If you were to be fat and not move ever, life would be significantly harder.

>> No.10579926
File: 40 KB, 512x648, 1565043939691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whoa, magic eye

>> No.10579928

cellulite doesn't bother me at all; it's actually kind of hot seeing it on onlyfans type photos because they feel more realistic. I don't get this obsession against it.
fat people bother the hell out of me though, obviously. gross.

>> No.10579970

I miss my gfs thighs ;_; I miss her stretch marks, the veins in her boobs, the cellulite. It's body that's been lived in, worn in some parts as pangs of life etch into the skin. I love her tummy skin flabs from weight loss that she was embarrassed to show for a while, and how she trusted me to accept and love her body.
The sexiest thing is the post coital basking in love, her on top, all her weight, her being, sinking into me. Maybe life's not so bad.

>> No.10579976
File: 31 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1614999085121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck this is wholesome

>> No.10580014


>> No.10580035

Please go to Imgur. No wholesome here.

>> No.10580572

Exercising is a good start (which I was talking about btw), but yeah, you do need to manage your diet. Both are very important. I should've mentioned that in my post, but whatever. Either way, sparing 10 minutes for a workout and researching what diet would be right for you is something everyone should do.

>> No.10580580

exercise only works as a way to lose weight if you are spending many hours a week doing it, or as a way to suppress hunger as getting out of the house helps improve mood and gets you away from an easy food source.

>> No.10580620

I call em like I see em sorry you get triggered by the word "wholesome"

>> No.10580643

Working out requires so little time it's almost hard to describe. 30 minutes to run a slow 5k- 18 to row that at max resistance.

A minute to bang out ten pull ups or dips, a set of hanging leg raises, half an hour for a full body circuit workout.

If you don't have 30-60 minutes to spare, you're either in the hospital or lying.

>> No.10580645

pull ups are very difficult for a woman to do. even very fit women struggle to do more than 3. all the women i know who can do pullups are extremely buff in the arms.

im bitter because an ex of mine always talked about how pullups are the best and easiest exercise to do, it works out all of your upper body muscles and burns the most calories. so i got a pull up bar and low and behold i discover its fucking impossible even if i were to get shredded.

>> No.10580651

You can start by practicing hanging there, and using a stool or something similar for support. Look into doing pullups if you can't do one, there's a lot of guides online.

>> No.10580655

based and insane pilled

>> No.10580726

Hi, disabled anon here: Kindly go fuck yourself.

>> No.10580745

Unless you're literally a quadriplegic and can't move you can still exercise.

>> No.10580796

I just do pull ups (really chin ups) because they're fun for me. And yeah, women struggle with them. Move on to something else if you can't do them- they're fun but they don't actually matter.

If your limbs work you can work out.
If they don't, you're so rare if an exception as to be irrelevant, and you know it, you butthurt cunt.

>> No.10581639
File: 419 KB, 500x749, aaaaah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

much better then pic related

>> No.10583846

I can’t understand this mentality. She looks good to me. Still though, at this point in life I just want a girl that weighs less than me who is into anime that I can cuddle with at night. Don’t need a supermodel.

Probably, I don’t know many guys irl (Chad or otherwise) that wouldn’t desire this woman. Only online are the standards super high.

>> No.10583898

desu not fond of the fix. too much contrast and overexposure

>> No.10585087
File: 115 KB, 528x462, smug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nope, still very regular. but I've also been on the petite side for most of my life
no, that would be straight up fat lol. I think 5'7" and 130 lbs could count as skinny fat. >>10551925
>she thinks she's carrying it well

>> No.10585121

push the whale back into the sea!

>> No.10588536

Is this a cringe thread?

>> No.10588783

It's not gross it's just texture to help with grip. :^)

>> No.10598535

YOU bite the troll dipshit redditor

>> No.10598643

Honestly, fat people have no business cosplaying.

>> No.10598650

It’s a general genetics thing. Some people have a lot and some people have barely any to the point where it isn’t visible.

>> No.10598869

this bitch posts on FDS

>> No.10598877


>> No.10598882

how's the search going? you need a man bby girl? i will love you the way you always wanted to be ~<3

>> No.10599555

Post physique

>> No.10601179

You have never suffered for even a second in your life.
This tells me everything I need to know:
>If you actually cooked that shit you'd know prepping and washing the fuckload of dishes created when cooking this shit, by hand (bc most poor people dont have dishwashers) takes a minimum of an hour when you don't have any help
You are completely useless and do not know how to cook. Go work as a line cook so you don't spend 10 minutes on cutting 2 lbs of carrots, you actual invalid.

>> No.10601186

Nayrt and not saying I agree with them but you do realize one hour is a standard amount of time to cook a full meal, not counting cleanup, right? Depending on the recipe of course but still.

>> No.10601234

do you even know how to fucking cook?

>> No.10601240

>thinking cooking as a line cook with multiple coworkers is equivalent to making a meal as one single person

>> No.10601256

Clean-up never takes more than 5 minutes of hand washing. Ever.

What the fuck is she making? If it's standard-fare soups, which is what most people make, then the amount of time in the kitchen ABSOLUTELY should not go over 20 minutes, and that's being generous. You can chop 5 lbs worth of veggies easily in 5 minutes, brown whatever you need (onions, garlic, whatever), then just simmer and leave it to boil. Pouring the soup into tupperware and cleaning the pot, cutting board, soup, Etc takes 3 minutes. Shit like leek and potato soup is even faster.
Even more involved soups like bouillabaisse which involves deshelling shrimp/lobster, butchering and descaling my fish, and making a rouille does not take more than 30 mins of actual kitchen work. Consistently taking an hour for BASIC SURVIVAL FOOD is insanity. You can make stir fry for a week and clean the kitchen in 12 minutes.

Are you making fucking noodles by hand, or what?

I suggested that because this manchild clearly doesn't know how to handle herself in the kitchen. Bet it takes her at least 10 seconds to mince one fucking onion.

>> No.10601262

>but you do realize one hour is a standard amount of time to cook a full meal, not counting cleanup, right? Depending on the recipe of course but still.
That doesn't mean you sit over the pot/skillet, watching it for the entire hour. You leave it on and continue with the rest of the day until it's ready. Roasting a chicken and cutting it up afterwards then cleaning up forces me to spend a whopping 3 minutes in the kitchen in total. 3 minutes total of "wasted time" as she puts it.

I'm stealing her post and baiting with it on /ck/. It's too good.

>> No.10601270

>You leave it on and continue with the rest of the day until it's ready.
it puts me at ease that you're so irresponsible you'll die from some dumb shit like this.

>> No.10601274

My house is not going up in flames because I'm braising something in the oven for a long time or gently simmering something over the stovetop on the lowest setting. I'm not saying to outright leave the house, but you should have enough experience to know when something is very obviously not going to burn or pose a hazard.

>> No.10601276

>roasting a whole chicken takes 3 min of prep AND cleanup (you do realize how short a literal minute is right?)
>doesn't check on or baste your food
>clearly isn't spatchcocking the bird

kek I bet your chicken is unseasoned, half overcooked and dry and half underdone, and has gross slimy skin instead of good crispy skin. I'm not even poor but would rather eat Taco Bell than whatever the fuck you're making. On top of that your dishes will have salmonella left on them anyway since you clearly aren't washing them thoroughly with soap.

Idk in what world spatchcocking a bird to make sure it cooks faster and evenly, removing entrails if that hasn't been done, seasoning and/or marinating, preheating the oven, cleaning the crusty bits of liquid from a roasted meat item from a pan, AND cutting and placing an entire bird into storage containers and in the fridge (after they cool for food safety and to not fuck over your fridge) only takes 3 mins.

I don't even necessarily agree with the anon above that poverty is an excuse for obesity; I was at my thinnest when I was poor mostly living off soup and oatmeal and the occasional fresh fruit and veggies I luckily had access to, but your retarded notion that all of these things take almost zero active kitchen time is just false. Even if all of these things take literally 3 minutes for you because you have experience, which is unlikely, line cooks going at fast speeds trained to be efficient are going to be far faster than a normal untrained person in the kitchen. If you ignore everything else, that fact alone makes what you're saying time wise not possible for the vast majority of people.

>> No.10601284

Takes 3 seconds with a spoon. Usually during 15 min intervals, okay, added.
Sure. I don't always do it. Add another 30 seconds.
>removing entrails
3 seconds.
5 seconds.
>Cleaning the crusty bits of liquid
Get a better sponge. 10 seconds.
>Allowing the chicken to cool
I obviously don't have to include this.

Yeah, I'll concede that if I'm not doing an extremely basic roast and not working very fast, it's longer and I was exaggerating. My bad. It's more around 6 minutes of total kitchen work.

Rest of the post is irrelevant to me.

>> No.10601287

>Marinating unnecessary
fucking white people I swear; my asian grandmother is offended

>> No.10601288

>braising something in the oven
that's not what braising is, faggot.

>> No.10601295

3 minute anon confirmed can't cook. 5 seconds of seasoning sounds like he isn't even adding herbs or anything, just...one seasoning I guess? salt?

>> No.10601296

Are you retarded? Look up what braising is. Yes, braising meats in an oven with a bit of red wine and stock is an extremely common thing.
I'll have to tell Pepin and Julia that they've been wrong all this time.

>> No.10601298

you don't braise in the oven...

>> No.10601300

You're a moronic cooklet. You absolutely can place meat in a ditch oven then stick it an oven and BRAISE it.

BRAISING has nothing to do with the method of heat transfer, and EVERYTHING to do with what's in the pot, which is browned food in fat being cooked on relatively low heat with a small amount of liquid. You absolute nematode.

>> No.10601301

Nayrt, braising can be done in the oven but you brown the food in oil first which takes at least the 3 minutes of active cooking time you are claiming it all does. Heating up the oil, cutting a chicken up and browning those separate parts unless you have a huge skillet or pot in which to toss a whole chicken big enough for multiple meals for a family for a week (if it is a pot or dutch oven at that point you could have just braised on the stove to save dishwashing time later), which adds more to prep time than just removing the spine and flattening the bird.

>> No.10601302

looks like the fuming /ck/ line cooks found this thread. I'd be angry too if I had to work a dead-end job like food biz

>> No.10601304

Yes, this. Exactly right. Thank you.
>which takes the 3 minutes of active cooking time
I was just saying that for roasting a chicken. I fully acknowledge that braising takes longer kitchen work. Still nowhere near an hour.

>> No.10601312

We are still talking a full meal, not just a chicken. Poorfags also have dull knives and shitty probably not nonstick cookware, which make it harder to cut quickly or clean fast as well. Your get a better sponge comment forgets people are specifically arguing under the context of "super poor people have a hard time coming home and cooking a full meal because they are exhausted from work and can't afford certain luxuries that make cooking and cleaning up easier". At least that is what my point has been. I don't think because something is hard it should be an excuse like "oh well poor people can't help they are fat", but minimizing the basic amount of time that takes to pretend it isn't hard is a waste of an argument when you're clearly wrong in this context.

The argument should be that being poor makes it hard but is not an excuse, not that poor people or anons itt are somehow lying about how long it takes someone not employed as a cook to prepare a whole healthy nutritionally balanced (and calorie conscious if they are trying to lose weight and not just maintain an already healthy weight) meal for 4.

On top of that this thread was about cellulite which is hugely genetic, some obese people have none while some thin/skinnyfat girls have a lot. You can cook a healthy meal every night and get all the exercise you can doing pushups or strength training and cardio in your living room when not working 40+ hours at a shit customer facing job and cooking meals and doing dishes, but only so much can be done when genetics are a factor in cellulite specifically.

>> No.10601492

Meal prep on the weekend, and freeze what you've made. You can make your own microwave meals cheaper than they are in the store and you can freeze nearly everything for months. I've found plenty of used chest freezers for under $100 that are 5-7cu ft. Make a big batch of veggies to go with your meats and split them into portions. Make the meats, or cook them on the meal day in the oven or crock pot. None of it is all that time consuming. You save time by making it ahead of time and you sacrifice a couple hours on the weekend instead of sitting on your couch watching TV (substitute sedentary activity of choice here). If you want to eat right, you have to put in some effort, but it's easier to be fat and lazy/blame it on long hours than to put in effort and learn how to cook and meal prep. It's cheaper to make your own meals than to eat fast food, if you're not going for name brand, organic, or whatever other expensive shit is catching your eye (not like FF places are using top ingredients, either).

It's not as insurmountable as lazy people who can't cook act like it is. You're not going to spend hours every day in the kitchen making chicken(or any meat) if you season it and put it in the oven. 20 minutes prep time, and occasionally checking or flipping the meat while it cooks. You can set timers and do something else. You're not making a fucking banquet.

>> No.10601495

>conversation is about seriously poor people
>crock pot
>deep freezer
Costs money and you need a car to get a large freezer home, many poor people have no cars.

Also people working fast food, retail, etc. often have no off days because they cannot afford it. You're thinking that their job and life situations are far more generous than they really are. We're not just talking lower middle class ghetto people who could try harder. We're talking actual poverty.

>> No.10601505

>at 5'7"
kek ok tranny

>> No.10601507

you retards post height and weight as if it means anything when it's all about the body shape and where the fat rests. i smell immense insecurity itt.
Reminder cellulite isn't an indicator of anything most of the time and a large number of women have it no matter how much they work out.

>> No.10601509

Unpopular opinion: i like the softness of skinny fat chicks and chubby girls it has a certain appeal and just looks comfy to cuddle
>inb4 "cope"
i'm just a /fit/ dyke with a soft spot for that shit

>> No.10603846

Ah yes, if only everyone just tried harder.

I smell a poverty poser.

>> No.10603992

What the FUCK happened to the thread LMAO

>> No.10611393


>> No.10615959
File: 57 KB, 720x960, 1621407314691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All im seein here are fatties seething about having to workout to get a good body. No one needs to be perfect but holy shit just get off your ass and go to the gym sometimes

>> No.10615960
File: 49 KB, 640x427, 1621386545009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fatty detected. What matters is body fat percentage, which requires height and weight plus other measurements to calculate

>> No.10615962


>> No.10615963

I would clean that ass with my tongue

>> No.10616156

i know from my nutrition class that woman are supposed to be around 17-24% body fat for maternal stores. men can be less body fat
if you go under 10% BF, u’ll start to lose ur period so be careful

>> No.10616162

??? brown rice has more fiber and doesn’t spike ur blood sugar after a meal like white rice... ??

>> No.10616166

obesity costs millions of tax payer money every year

>> No.10616169


>> No.10616426

she's fine wtf she's not fat

>> No.10616453

you are incorrect XY-chan

>> No.10616517

I'm going to need two hands for this. But I agree confidence and good posing easily overcomes minor imperfections like cellulite, acne, and muffin tops.

>> No.10616677

Skinny fat guy here and I agree. Looks like shit on me

>> No.10616699

Agreed. You get skinny fat by doing cardio and not strength training

>> No.10616748

>all the sperging itt
Cellulite is like saggy tits. Yea being fat makes you more likely to get it but it still happens to plenty of people who aren't. I've always had a little bit of cellulite even when I was underweight. I also know plenty of women who don't have any despite being on the chubbier side. I'll be the first to admit it can be unsightly but people here are either claiming only (skinny)fat people get cellulite or that every woman gets it and both are just plain wrong.

>> No.10617758


>> No.10620212

>grumpy incel

>> No.10625135

even though cgl is toxic as fuck, this thread actually is super motivating. Everyone on public forums are constantly concerned with telling people theyre perfect the way they are, you never really get to actually hear what people ACTUALLY think about things like cellulite/etc.

Im all for loving myself, but cellulites ugly, and i wanna get rid of it. been working at is for a few months so far with slight results. I cant find the reply, but someone said they look fire after a year of working at it. big ty for the motivation, because its been feeling a little pointless the past little while

>> No.10632045


>> No.10632049
File: 74 KB, 1280x720, 1586029344699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You probably got a pimply ass from sitting around on 4chan so much
tell 'em

>> No.10632091

Speaking of charms, she's trying to get inflatable tits and is trying to have a baby now

>> No.10632097

I wanna get rid of it but I'm starting to feel like my only option is lipo or killing myself.

>> No.10632099

>be overweight
>have no-cellulite
ask me anything

>> No.10632105

Oh shit, just saw the pic of her uneven inflatable tits on lolcow. They look awful

>> No.10632106

omg drop pics

>> No.10632110
File: 243 KB, 680x709, aaf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, it's easy. But we make an effort to do otherwise, because we're not as lazy.

>> No.10632159

I can't post the link, just go to the camgirl thread on /snow

>> No.10632161
File: 263 KB, 1411x1529, 1620029249034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do scrotes not know how skin works? Have you ever seen a naked woman? Do you think it's natural to look like a polished marble floor at every angle of your body????

>> No.10632164

anyone else only come to cgl to beat off

>> No.10632201

It is if you aren't a lazy piece of crap. Stop drinking and get that marble body so you can do what god intended and make some babies. Its literally why youre a woman.

>> No.10632208

delusional virgin

>> No.10632212

Shut up I've impregnated dozens of women. I made my mission in life to impregnate as many women as possible and to go to anime conventions. I am living the life and doing my job as God's gift to women.

>> No.10632228
File: 55 KB, 397x496, 09A67589-1DED-4935-BA21-4D0588CD568B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Skinnyfats look worse because their body isn’t proportional. They never ever look good. There are some fat people that look okay depending on how fat is distributed throughout their body, specially if they’re tall.

>> No.10632275

Do you realize that women with low bodyfat % have trouble conceiving or are you just retarded? Your claim to have impregnated dozens of women is a clear LARP since you don't know this.

>> No.10632298

Women can be at 20% bodyfat and still be toned. You should read up more about bodyfat percentages. Besides a lower percent doesn't mean its impossible.

>> No.10632483 [DELETED] 

Skinny fat is never acceptable, but I suppose it's better than being fat.

And yes, I am a cross-boarder.

>> No.10632484 [DELETED] 

>blah blah blah I'm fat and will NEVER. IMPROVE.

>> No.10632923

>all women have cellulite
Fucking lmao. No they don’t. Cellulite is common in the west. But not /all/ women have it. Just because you do doesn’t mean you have to try and cope by claiming it’s just a secondary characteristic to being a woman lmao.
>The lumpy appearance of cellulite is caused by fat cells that have grown between the connective tissue under your skin. This causes cellulite’s lumpy appearance.
You have to look at the cause, it has to be vaser lipo ans not traditional lipo, and there are other treatments.

Proper water fasting may work, keto with a calorie cut, HGH even etc, add some muscle, as it’s a fat deposit.

>> No.10632933

oh sorry, only *90% of women have cellulite instead of the full 100, my b

>> No.10632944
File: 15 KB, 400x400, zsh7tWxL_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

as long as the fat is in the ass and thighs I'm more than good with it
In fact I prefer it to skinny girls

>> No.10632957

she has good curves and did a bold cosplay, despite skin imperfections
I'm thinking based

>> No.10632959

based and sexy
I'll say more: cellulite doesn’t matter at all if you have a nice ass

>> No.10632963

nigga, I have thick legs and visible abs, that shit can be genetic

>> No.10632977

That's what skinny fat is.
It's when the body features are not made out of muscle but out of fat, but it's little enough so that they can take the shape of a skinny fit person.

>> No.10633211

After seeing women that do and do not work out i can tell you it makes a world difference.

>> No.10633217

I guess not eating like a piece of shit and actually taking care of your own body is unnatural? Keep coping fatto

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