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does this board apply to /fit/izens that are interested in cosplay?

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what is this even asking? are you asking what character you should cosplay if you're a bodybuilder or something? fuck off if you're not creating any kind of duscussion.

and since you're too stupid to search simple keywords, but I think this is what you want:


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>what is this even asking?
if this board is just about lolitas or whether it pertains to cosplay for any kind of character, I looked at the catalog and didn't see any post relating to muscular cosplays
this is a more helpful answer.

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There used to be fitness cosplay threads but the coomer mods got rid of them and let the jailbait tiktok threads stay.

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Fitizens get out reeeeeeeeeeee

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jannies are shit on every board it seems
what have I ever done to you :(

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Read the sticky

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Only if you cosplay JJBA

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need roids to really do it justice imo

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>what have I ever done to you :(
make off topic posts for one. Not use the help thread. Blunder my eyes with a useless single question thread.

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Not the same guy but you prob blunder countless peoples eyes you fatty lmao go get fit.

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I don't give a shit if there's a demand for /fit/ here, just follow the board rules and culture ya fucking goof

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sounds like fat cope to me tbqth famalam

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