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good god you guys are having a hayday, last thread is sagging and it was just made 2 days ago >>10570984

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These threads have just devolved into sperging about off topic shit like boobs and which namefag has what mental illness. Do we really need another of these threads?

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Maybe a new thread will refresh the derailment?

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I’m starting to resent people who dress normally, and it’s concerning me. I can’t help but feel superior as stupid as that sounds

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Considering multiple of these threads have derailed I really doubt it.

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i was about to agree but than i remembered how embarrassing most lolitas look

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this is so sad nonny, are your small boobs saggy or misshapen? I've never not been spoiled in a relationship and guys will pay to see pics of my boobs without even getting to touch them let alone bang me lol. so I'm gonna guess your problem isn't that they're small and I'm sorry

RIP picrel

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I’m kinda glad I got into classic at this time. Everything so cheap compared to sweet. But also I am sad because there are not many classics and I hope we can get a revival

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I have the quite opposite. I have gotten comments how I "don't look like weird people" bc lolita is usually carefully coordinated and one person made a point about me ironing my shit is why I don't look crazy but I still feel so dumb. I feel like everybody is judging me as some sort of freak and idiot who just has to stand out. I feel like the clothes are in a one way presenting my personality but in the other making me seem like a completely opposite of what I am. I'm so tired of all the attention and normies making weird assumptions about my persona. But then again just proofs what heard animals normies really are I guess.

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Stop talking about your tits I know you're all scrotes.

I feel the same. Wearing these clothes makes me so happy but I know I look batshit insane to other people. My friends hype me up but sometimes I feel they might be embarrassed to be seen with me. I get compliments too and they make me happy but I feel like for every compliment I get 10 people are silently judging me. At least wearings masks helps a bit though.

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Ugh I replied in the old thread cause I'm a dumbass but tldr, I have "bigger" boobs than you bpdchan but have only ever been made fun of them small. I don't think I'm an ugly femcel, I think yours just might have a nice shape. I'm jealous and I hate when big tit bitches complain about "being sexualized", the only time people like me are sexualized are when creepy fucks think we look like children or some shit. I'd rather be sexualized sometimes then ignored forever or compared to a child constantly.

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>are your small boobs saggy or misshapen?

A little saggy and I have big nipples I guess? Guys aren’t disgusted by them, they just don’t really care. I don’t have any other good features to make up for it (built like a box, flat flabby ass, chubby stomach, overall fat by cgl standards). I cosplay in addition to lolita and I wear push up bras because my breasts are really malleable if that makes sense, like with a push up bra they look enormous but it’s all an illusion.

You’re lucky bpd-Chan, I’m glad you have guys that have spoiled you

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Same here. Are you from Europe by any chance?
I just want Classic friends to things with once everything re-opens

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all boobs are good,

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I always thought vw logo jewelry was ugly but after obsessing over nana i want it.. too much..

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i wish i had a nana gf. i'm largely straight but if a nana or ichiko type showed up in my life I'd swear off men forever and live happily ever after with them.

now i'm sad

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I'm sorry nonny. just remember we're all our own worst critics. and hanging around spaces like 4chan in general but cgl specifically as well as the farms, most people really aren't that hyper critical of others. I never knew wtf violin hips were or that they were supposedly "bad" until I browsed the farms. I think girls are pretty (idk if I'm bi bc I've never been with a women and vaginas aren't appealing to me, but boobs are cool and I've def wanted to kiss/hold hands w girls before) and I noticed that tons of girls whose bodies I admire have them. and so do I. idk my point is I think in general these spaces are filled with a lot of insecure people who project their insecurities onto others at times. and I'm sure you have good features anon - you're just not your type.

can I beat up the people who made fun of your boobs for being "small" nonny? cause wtf lol
I always thought I had to deal with a lot of bullying but it almost all stopped for me in high school (aside from one chick calling my legs fat). I got made fun of for being 1)annoying 2)having a lisp and 3)having acne in middle school but never my boobs being small and esp not by dudes?

being sexualized can be stressful nonny. as much as I love attention, sometimes I worry that I'd have no friends if I wasn't kinda cute and worry people just put up with me bc they wanna bang.

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I really want more classic friends :( I feel kind of disconnected from the sweets.

As you say though, I am glad classic is cheaper. Good time to build up my wardrobe.

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Not OP but feel the same way as them and from Europe

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Small boobs bully anon here, I literally had a dude friend who is currently over 22 comment on them a few times in the last couple years, about how small they are or how flat I am. That, along with people on RC constantly talking about how AP dresses were only designed to fit flat chested children really do be helping me develop that dysphoria.
I can empathize with the idea that being constantly sexualized is stressful, but to me, the benefits of being desirable outweigh the negatives. And it's annoying hearing people who benefit from a system that treats attractive people better than unattractive people, complain about it.
Anyway sorry for rant bpdchan. I just don't have spaces outside of 4chin to vent.

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Find an attractive androgynous lezbo and get them into j-fashion. It was worth the effort for me.

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Bitch go the fuck away, cgl isn't for blogging and you literally derail every single thread. I don't care if you have bpd, not everything is about you, retard.

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fuck you

ily bpdchan<3

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to think, I used to find trips annoying back in 2012 but literally anyone namefagging or tripping here now is straight unbearable

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uwu -nuzzles-

ily2 <3


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I sometimes feel embarrassed/ashamed of my wardrobe size. I'm now approaching the mid 70's for main pieces. I've been in the fashion for 7 years and have done most of my buying the last 2, when I finally got a nice salary job.
I still have enough to pay my bills first but I feel like I spend way more than my friends IRL. (Granted I do make a lot more than they do.)
I'm feel like I come off as a shopping addict.

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Maybe read into the konmari method? Though /cgl/ isn’t the best place to give you realistic advice on this topic. I’ve seen people say 200 main pieces isn’t a lot for someone who’s been in the fashion longer than you

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70 dresses in 7 years is less than a dress a month

once you start making normal people money, you realize how cheap lolita actually is. I think I've bought maybe 30+ dresses since last March because I went from $10/hr, to unemployed, to now making $25/hr

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My bf dresses like this and it’s hot

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70 is a lot to keep though. For storage space if you’ve got a decent sized normie collection that’s a lot of space. I’ve probably bought over 150-200 main pieces, but I only keep maybe 30 in my collection at any given point in time

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i have around that much and it only takes up 60% of my closet so not really

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70 dresses isn't a lot in terms of spending, but it is in the context of a wardrobe. If she was buying with the intent to collect and store them that'd be different. Collections and wardrobes serve different purposes.

Even if >>10572583 wore lolita every single day with the intent to wear every single piece, she'd be wearing each one a few times a year tops. That's pretty excessive if your intent is wearing the clothes.

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>I’ve probably bought over 150-200 main pieces, but I only keep maybe 30 in my collection at any given point in time

why do people rotate their pieces like this? genuine question, not an attack or judgment, it's just such a stretch from my own behavior and mentality re: buying and selling in lolita. i've been in lolita for about 15 years or so and only sold in a significant capacity due to a large weight change in the early 2010s. i tend to buy for the longterm and still own almost everything i've ever bought, since my tastes don't change much and my body has been the same for almost a decade now.

do your tastes change quickly? does your body change frequently? do you buy everything every time with the intention of just wearing once or twice and then selling? do you view individual dresses as "community" commodities instead of things owned by you and only you? i am so curious about this

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I'm in the same boat, and feel even worse that I'm still buying during the pandemic and barely wearing it.
I want konmari to work for me but it doesn't seem like it works well for lolita. For me, some dresses have fond memories attached to them (meetups, twinning, or being complimented) that they are hard to let go.

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there's some dresses made to be worn on fancy occasions, and some that are made to be worn more casually. Just because I only wear a certain dress once a year or every other year means I should get rid of it?

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Oh no i dont feel overwhelmed and I have room fot everything.
Its just a whole "you buy too much you're a shopping addict" dark thought.
I grew up with stingy family and buying anything other than base needs is buying too much and wasteful

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konmari is for autists

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even though ive been into the fashion for over 10 years, i have a comparatively small wardrobe. 37 main pieces if you include skirts, but 3 of those are seasonal pieces, and 3 of the skirts are more casual mini skirts. I feel like a failed lolita for having such a tiny wardrobe. all my friends got into the fandom less than 5 years ago and have double what I have.

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Quality, not quantity anon.

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my wardrobe doesn't feel very versatile, I have weird taste thats all over the place in color and theming and i got into the fashion when i was young and stupid and i am paying for it now. oh well. i hope the AP boom dies down so I can get cheap skirts and cardigans again soon

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AP stands for Age Play

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Does anyone remember bread chan? They would always post on BTB asking for bread prints. I wonder if they stayed in lolita long enough to see all the bread dresses available these days

>> No.10572736

>I remember those, that wasn’t too long ag-
Semi-related does anyone else remember raisin box chan? That was pure gold

>> No.10572737

and what about it

>> No.10572738

they have a ty channel now dont they?

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I feel this. My salary nearly tripled in the past 3 years, I purge my stuff every now and then because I can't stand the excess.

>> No.10572745

For me, it's a mix of impulse buying and my tastes changing. Sometimes too I just like to buy a one-off dress to try or wear once and then release it back in the wild.

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Also what this anon said. I have a handful of pieces are are more suited to themed events (A pirate coord, a nun coord, and OTT tea party coord, etc).
I genuinely love all the pieces I own. If I look at it and don't love it, i usually put it up for sale.

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I have about 70 main pieces, including skirts, in my wardrobe and i wear almost all of them on a regular basis. it’s not absurd to have more pieces than that if you plan on actually wearing them. I feel like i still regularly don’t have very much to wear and can’t wait to have wardrobes on par with several of my friends

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If you don't want more then don't get more.

>> No.10572764

Art. I have a pretty substantial normie wardrobe, and my job requires professional clothing, plus my other hobby clothing (skiing). Lolita is just a part of my life, so when it starts taking too much out of my wardrobe space and I start to feel a little cluttered I audit and let things go.

>> No.10572767

Art. There are pieces I never rotate out, like my milky chan etc. For me it’s mostly about space and use. If I haven’t worn something in a year, there’s no need to keep it and I’d rather have my space feeling tidy and fairly minimalist.

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i'm impressed you can do that anon, i'm just a fucking magpie and get too attached to my lolita. i've sold some stuff in the past but mostly because i didn't like the cut/had an arc where i realized i hated cat prints and sold all of them

between having normie clothes, work clothes, less normie axes femme/casual jp brand stuff, and lolita, it's getting to be too much. maybe i'll cull the normie clothes entirely...

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got myself one of these precious bois
I un-stitched the internal pouch, un-stuffed it a little, installed a bigger pouch
now I can finally carry a smartphone in a brand bag, no regrets, highly recommend

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I do want more and I’m trying, but I also don’t wanna deal with the insane market for AP right now, and filling the voids in my wardrobe with taobao just feels like empty filling. Like junk food calories are empty calories.

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I keep thinking I could give the money I would spend on this to charity or something better but it so pretty...

>> No.10572794

>filling the voids in my wardrobe with taobao just feels like empty filling. Like junk food calories are empty calories.
Nayrt but this is the perfect way to explain taobao.

>> No.10572804

Idk you can still wear a different main piece every day of the month, excluding seasonal and minis. Maybe focus on accessories and blouses to redesign your coords. And SHOES you can't forget about shoes.

>> No.10572805

omg anon can u sent a pic? ive been thinking about doing that to mine too! Im not really one to know how to sew but do u think a noob could do it as well?

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>maybe i'll cull the normie clothes entirely
Outing yourself as an unemployed turd lol. I’d bet my left ass cheek this is k8 lmao

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nayrt but i truly thought of just making my normie wardrobe a minimalist capsule while completely maximising my lolita wardrobe. The latter sparks too much joy and the former is just a lot of laundry at the end of a week.

>> No.10572819

It's soup and they have too much free time on their hands nOnNy

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I was blown away by how gross her apartment is when I visited. I was totally shocked at how she could invite someone over with it looking like that. She’s a pretty legit hoarder IMO.

I’ve basically done that. I rarely go out at all so it’s not a big deal, I do worry about post covid normie clothes. I’ve got basically none now lol

>> No.10572830

...yeah, my normie clothes i don't use that aren't my work clothes. did you read my post at all?

>> No.10572831

samefriend but adding onto that, i work remote like most people rn (at least people who aren't in healthcare or working retail) so even if i sold my work clothes it wouldn't make much of a difference.

I'll give you thay k8 is gross, i just don't see what i said in my post that made you jump down my throat

>> No.10572833

I can justify spending $300 on dresses, 50 on head pieces, 40 for socks, but I still can't wrap my head around spending $150 on a blouse. Brand blouses are nicely made but in my head I just see them as shirts and feel guilty spending more than 50 on them.

>> No.10572834

Kek, does she still have shit crusted onto her toilet? Years ago she had guests over with a nasty shit stained toilet.

>> No.10572835


My normie clothes are all now work appropriate swankiss and milk. I feel very happy with it and also my closet is huge, but i feel so nice to look at pretty things. Maybe you could try that?

I’m happy that I threw away almost all my actual normie clothes (except exercise wear and ‘shit’ clothing for if I have to go through a bad part of town)

>> No.10572838

Way to out your friend, fatberry.

>> No.10572839

was kind of thinking the same thing. why do people post about their friends here while clearly identifying themselves as their friend? it's such a 1 braincell move

>> No.10572852

not unemployed and I have no normie clothes. seethe.

>> No.10572856

NTA but as a fellow sufferer of gastrointestinal distress I feel her there lmao. Never had guests over with a shit toilet, but my toilet is shit most of the time tbph.

Milky berry isn’t fat anon. You’re just being a fucking cunt

>> No.10572857

If you’re k8, hunny ur unemployed. Shilling stanky outfits of third rate brands on an app that already sinking doesn’t count as a job, and your shitty apartment shows that.

>> No.10572861

some people work from home, or have jobs friendly to alt fashion, anon. I have some normie clothes but not enough to consider a separate wardrobe. just some jeans and shirts for off days.

>> No.10572862

Kate doesn’t have friends, just people she hasn’t stabbed in the back yet.

>> No.10572869

I believe you're entitled to >>10572816's left ass cheek because your comment could be applied to a lot of people. I work in healthcare and either wear scrubs or business attire. I've been expanding my jfashion wardrobe so that I'd be able to wear it to work too. I hope to ascend to a normie-free closet.

>> No.10572871

I feel the same. I always need another blouse, but I would rather use the $150 dollars on another jsk.

>> No.10572879

I have worn nothing but pajama pants and different shirts for the past like, 3 fucking weeks. Dressing up doesn't bring me any sense of stability. I keep clean and all but damn. God damn.

>> No.10572894

It's better to have a small wardrobe you love rather than a lot that you will rarely wear.

>> No.10572919


I was like this until I saw a blouse I really liked, didn't buy it, decisively decided I would look for it secondhand. Proceeded to obsess over it for the next couple of years (it sold out on release). It was scalped right after release and I never found the colourway I wanted for less than retail even a year after release. When I finally bought it I didn't even wear it, I hung it up opposite my bed so it'd be the first thing I saw when I woke up.

Granted, that was a very strange blip in my brain, has never happened before and never happened again. In hindsight I feel like I should have noticed something was up because usually all the blouses blur together and I really care more the colour and neckline don't clash instead of exactly which blouse I have on. This one blouse, though, I had it memorised after one look and could draw it in detail on the spot from memory.

Anyway, I was gonna say, if I ever found another blouse lodging itself like that in my brain. I'd just fork over the $150 rather than suffer over it. Money can't buy true love, but it can buy a $150 blouse. I wouldn't do it for other blouses that blur together, though.

>> No.10572923

gross af, I have GI issues cause muh hEDS and I don't let my bathroom/toilet get disgusting even if I'm not having guests over, if you get your toilet super gross everyday than you should be cleaning it everyday that's unsanitary.

have you not been leaving the house nonny? I did that for like a full month since I literally have not gone anywhere since before the end of last year :( I did start putting together coords and wearing them at least 1-2 times a week, just around the house. it seemed to improve my mental state a bit, you should give it a go. I'm terminally bored being stuck inside

if you hate me, you should all wanna manifest me getting my vaccine, cause once I do that I won't have time to be online because I have a mile long list of things and irl friends to hang out with once my weak bitch ass doesn't have to worry about getting the dead from

>> No.10572978

>I keep thinking I could give the money I would spend on this to charity or something better
You don't own anything like that to anyone anon. If buying a dress makes you more happy buy the dress.

Beside, most charities are pretty scam-y anyways. Most of the time money goes to the top and little to the actually charity. It's often enough also just made as a trick by rich people to get around tax by "gifting" the money to your own charity or that of your friends and to buy off guilt for being selfish rich spending people.

>> No.10572979

>Brand blouses are nicely made but in my head I just see them as shirts and feel guilty spending more than 50 on them
Good business blouses can also easily go between 100 to 150 euro tho. And those have no lace or anything.

>> No.10572981

As a formerly poor person I don't understand why so many poor lolitas have such a filthy houses. Cleaning your house doesn't cost you much beside a tid bit of effort. Even if you just do the basics it's better than what we often see. There is no reason to have to make photo's in houses as filthy as we regularly see (mainly itas) posting

>> No.10572983

I've bought a lot of clothes over the years that I try on and they just don't work on my body, so I sell them.
It was all part of the process of finding what looked good on me. Over time I have found the colors from each brand that look best on me and built out from there. I still mess up and buy cuts that just don't work on me sometimes so those get the boot too.
I'm 5'9" so there was a lot of trial and error at first. Getting into the KonMari/minimalism stuff helped me let go of the stuff I liked but didn't work on me. Honestly, it makes me feel so much better knowing I can try new things in lolita and sell them with relative ease if I don't feel good in them.

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always makes me think the rest of their home must be unfathomably dirty if they don't even have one clean spot to take a photo in

>> No.10572989

Surprised she isn't hanging out with Naturally Racist.

>> No.10573012

Maybe because a majority of them are bad at organizing their lives in general? If you really are dirt poor maybe don't get lolita. They often clearly lack self awarness and just slap the dress on forgotting about their hair, hygiene and background which also mostly doesn't cost extra. Another factor could be bad upbringing as most lolitas are still young adults figuring things out and mental illness such as depression. It's like a substyle of itas so I wish we could hear what's actually behind it.

>> No.10573014

I can see someone being too depressed to do those sorts of things I guess. but how can you be too depressed for basic hygiene but not too depressed to post photos of/invite people to your filthy rattrap?

>> No.10573021

Clinical depression doesn't really have any set rules on what you can or cannot do.

>> No.10573022

yeah that's fair I guess clinical depression doesn't factor into whether or not someone is appropriately ashamed of their filth

>> No.10573118

Not poor but my house is in constant disarray because of ADHD. I know what shame is though and don't let people see that. Either they don't care or they've normalized it and assume that other people don't care.

>> No.10573189

I have adhd too anon and struggle to keep up with tidying up, but there's a difference between messy and straight up dirty/unhygenic.

>> No.10573194

Yeah, when I was younger i didn't notice my backgrounds being messy possibly due to ADHD. So I think being young and not understanding your mental illness could have something to do with it. Now i know to tidy quickly and to use dry shampoo! Small things that you might not think about when you're younger until after you've already posted

>> No.10573198

Exactly. I have adhd and while I often leave boxes or books and stuff out but it’s never unhygienic

>> No.10573200

>talking about people not being appropriately ashamed of their own filth


>> No.10573211

This is what I have to keep reminding myself. I do have to say that really thinking about easy and accessible storage solutions make things a lot easier to maintain. I always had an issue putting everything away after washing since my lolita wardrobe was in a closet across the house and I was just wearing the same coords that were already out. I ended up taking the plunge and retired my normie wardrobe. Now, everything is super easy to access and don't have as much shit hanging everywhere. Same goes for getting better kitchen shelving and entryway furniture. Making things stupidly easy really helps. Every loves Marie Kondo but I also recommend looking into interior organizational design for adhd specifically. There are some really good videos on youtube.

>> No.10573230

When I was poor growing up my house was often a fucking disaster. We did clean, but there was just a lot of bullshit working against us.

For one thing, a lot of surfaces always looked dirty even if they were clean, because of staining or damage. This is especially true of things like the carpet. Plus living poor often equates to more people living in a smaller space, leading to more junk everywhere and more damage to the home that can't be repaired.

Then there was the issue of not having time to clean and maintain things properly. Both of my parents worked at least two jobs for most of my childhood, and in the US most people can't dare use vacation days or sick days unless it's an absolute emergency. So they never had time to do basic things like washing all the windows or shampooing the carpet. Days off were taken up entirely by essentials like laundry and grocery shopping. They didn't even have enough time to make dinner each day, I took over that chore starting when I was about 8.

The only reason our house never looked like one of those ita hoarder houses is we couldn't afford enough crap to fill it up.

And there's also the issues of storage space and being able to afford organizational items. Nicer homes generally have lots of closets, cabinets, built-in storage, even entire rooms dedicated to one particular thing (like craft rooms, laundry rooms, or offices). Some of the houses I lived in when I was poor didn't have any closets at all so everything had to go in dressers or on shelving units (expensive). I remember being a kid almost everything I had was just kept in cardboard moving boxes because we couldn't afford any kind of furniture besides my bed and a few small things from the thrift store.

>> No.10573298

fuck was it that long ago? i hope she's still there.
Whatever happened to Shantung OP anon? Did she finally get it? I was rooting for her each thread.

>> No.10573303 [DELETED] 

From what I can gather, yes?
Someone listed shantung a few months ago.

>> No.10573333

I also grew up poor and got ADHD, autism, light case of OCD, and depression (all diagnosed by psychologist/psychiatrists) and despite the fact I know such things are very different for every person, I can rarely relate to people here having same diagnosis (or at least claiming so). Also got a very hard time truly understanding why people don't get their lives in order and lack common sense so often (I do have my life in order right now. Life is being pretty good for me right now despite the pandemic). Like I get it in theory, but feelingwise I feel it's still dumb and they could do better, especially when blame is put on mental illness or circumstance. It's very frustrating and I talked with my psychologist who says that with my diagnosis the lack of being able to understand anothers' viewpoint and being overal lacking in empathetic feelings is normal and something I will have to learn to live with, which I'm working on. I'm trying to improve myself not to make myself feel bad over it and find ways to deal with it propperly, in which I'm really improving. But despite knowing this I find it hard to understand or feel any kind of sympathy for people get houses dirty like >>10572981 or react as SJW or with other typical ita behaviour (or idiotic drama like $1000restyle-chan at the 2nd hand thread). Because deep inside I feel like "just man up and do what has to be done". Worst problem is I also have this to friends, so I end up faking empathy for their situation and having an inner fight between my true opinion and wanting to be honest, and not wanting to be a dick nor loose my friends. I mean, some opinions you just know are gonna hurt feelings no matter how you say them.

>> No.10573336

Didn't fit in one message so here's part 2.

/cgl/ is one of my few outlets. Thank you for allowing me to be an unempathetic bitch to stupid people (I don't troll as outlet, I'm just joining conversation with honest and unfiltered opinions, like I like to think most people that are interesting to talk to here). Also wonder if some of the ADHD, autism, and/or depression people here can relate as I feel I never can relate with the gulls here talking about having those.

>> No.10573340

The thing is, you don't have to understand or feel empathy. Usually when you're in the throes of mental illness, you don't even realize what state your life is in. You just wake up feeling better one day and look around in surprise at the mess around you, wondering how it got that way. Wondering why it feels like you just woke up for the first time in months, so empathy when things are actively messy isn't really helpful or necessary. So don't worry about it, you know? It is what it is.

>> No.10573344

Oh, and in terms of saying opinions that are hurtful? If you can't fake empathy or if you have a judgmental opinion, just keep it to yourself or find a more practical/helpful way to express it. I.e "Have you tried x?" some people don't even know the life hacks that can help them keep up with their lives better. But if for you, it really is plain old elbow grease then just shut up and don't say anything at all. You aren't their mom, therapist, or maid so it doesn't matter what you think of their living situation

>> No.10573363
File: 319 KB, 450x337, 401303-7282-2015-06-24764439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think black colorways of sweet prints are god awful ugly. There are very few of them that look good, in my opinion. I absolutely do not understand the appeal and I kind of wish AP, Baby, etc would use that effort for another colorway instead.

>> No.10573370

I don't think the black colors are ugly, but I agree I would rather get other (especially pastel) pastel colorways instead of black. They also seem to not sell out as easily these days too at AP Paris and USA

>> No.10573373

I think it's because the pastels look too washed out against the black. Some brands are able to make it work but AP especially doesn't bother to darken their pastels against the black to make it all come together better.

>> No.10573384

>But if for you, it really is plain old elbow grease then just shut up and don't say anything at all.
This is what I do. But the situation is a bit more complex. I am indeed very judgemental and harsh naturally. But being like that in public gets you more problems that good things so I behave like a nice well mannered person. Gets you much further in life.

Like, I grew up very hash having one parents who was shit and gladly abused her children to make herself feel better so I've been looking after myself since I was a kid. But my sister's are the total opposite and close to extremist SJW type people who make safespacey where everything is kind and nice and who didn't get their lives on order at all, so without a doubt it's at least partly just the way I am. I care for them so seeing them like that hurts, but they also don't want help. They're very self destructive to the point I wrote one of them off in general, because I just lost that sister already. Feels sad but then, that "man up go on" feeling takes emotion away after decision has been made.

If I can say things nice I do so. And social media can just simply scrolled passed it. It's just that not replying on chat messages and rl conversation because I got nothing nice to say may also be bad. I just hope they'll think I'm too busy to reply. Some close friends know my situation to varying degrees, that creates some understanding that me shutting up is me trying to be nice. And also sometimes positiveness as my compliments become more meaningful.

>> No.10573386

My wardrobe is almost entirely black colorways kek

But I agree with >>10573373 that a lot of times the pastels are too washed out especially on AP's stuff. It winds up looking like floating blobs on the black. I wish Meta did more cute prints like Juicy Basket, March of Duck, or Happy Balloon, because they always do such a great job of translating the design across colorways.

>> No.10573389

Still, some situations just feels like there is no good answer. I mean. In theoretically I perfectly understand other people. I just, feel like they need to stop whining and just be pragmatic and do whatever they can to make it better or at least not worse. Many people wouldn't be in the shit they're in if they did. I also easily manipulate people and situations if I feel it gets me better to where I want to be. I have a few close friends that I really care for, but that simply makes part of my goal keep them as friends including keep them happy. And in the past I've noticed that when people screw me over but also if just contacts waters down, so does any feeling of care. People who screw me over I gladly hurt if I can get away with it. Still I manipulate gladly when it comes in handy. And for people I'm not close with, I really don't care what happens to them.

Generally just end up feeling like a uncaring judgemental person people would think is an selfish asshole fakely acting like a good person, but deep inside is just faking and manipulating each situation to do me a favour (which I do, technically. That's the main reason I'm nice to most people).

Often it's like, I get how people and mental illness work. I just can't find a way to care. So these people still keep me feeling like they should just suck it up and are being dumb and digging their own grave for not being pragmatic. Which I know is unfair, but can't really change this feeling and reaction I get to it. Partly why I went seeing psychiatrist and psychologists. Which was a huge step for me to do.

>> No.10573391

I agree with >>10573373 but I think aside of that point the black colour ways are best because they're a bit more toned down and less pastel vomit in your face. But then, I'm not a sweet lolita with a reason (but I do enjoy seeing sweet coords, including pastel vomit ones. I'm not hating. Just generally preferring the toned down feel of those colour ways).

>> No.10573393

Also feeling like this belongs more in the feels tread by now, apologies. I swear it started from a confession point of view.

>> No.10573397

Agreed, and bittersweet is pretty dead anyways. I wish they would have done a yellow, mint, or white colorway with the rerelease. If only to mix it up a little.

>> No.10573466

I don't understand it either. I know people who spend months saving up for brand but "can't afford" (read: can't bother) to hire someone to clean their house. If you can afford brand but don't want to clean your house, you can afford to have someone come in and do the work for you. The only people I really have sympathy with are the people who live with smokers, as they are universally pieces of shit that refuse to understand that nicotine stains the walls BADLY. The yellowish tone of the nicotine turns an okay-ish room into a disgusting looking room full of filth.

>> No.10573475

I find doing a dark blue/navy works better than black does in these cases. Black just ends up looking so harsh with the pastels.

>> No.10573519

Are you me?

>> No.10573524

Eh, maybe it depends on where you’re at, but brand is way cheaper than a regular cleaner where I live. I pay about $120 a week to have my house cleaned, well over the cost of getting some monthly burando.

>> No.10573536

I guess think it's a matter of country then, most people (including me) certainly can't drop big dollars on brand every month but most people can certainly afford someone to clean. Which to me makes it all the more weird, the priorities are all backwards. I guess it makes sense why a lot of these people are also perma itas, lack of knowing how to budget leads to not knowing how to dress.

>> No.10573544

I feel like in most places though you don't hire a person to clean unless you're super busy with a food chunk of disposable income? Idk like I guess it's cause I clean my own home and don't like strangers in my house but I would rather have a messy (cluttered, not filthy) home and buy lolita since I never have company than pay someone to come in and clean for me. My grandma cleaned houses for a living and her clients tended to be busy people with kids or older people with lots of hobbies and a middle class income at minimum.

>> No.10573549

gonna add a confession before i add to the derail

i'm self conscious of the fact that i look like a noob on lacemarket. i've belonged to the site for 7 years but have <10 transactions because i hate shopping this way, i'd rather just buy secondhand from cc/ww and only sell at swap meets in person because online sales are a hassle. but i have an irrational fear that someone will refuse to sell to me for that reason because my record is so sparse

>I.e "Have you tried x?" some people don't even know the life hacks that can help them keep up with their lives better.

if you're going to give unsolicited advice at all anon (because many if not most people who are venting are not seeking advice, just support), make sure it actually IS a "life hack" and not just "have you thought about konmari" or any mainstream or easily googleable solution.

>> No.10573593

>the priorities are all backwards
welcome to the loli world. It's a running theme for people to straight up not pay for meds, vet bills, rent, utilities etc. but still keep and expand their wardrobe.

>> No.10573594

we should start a running list of lolitas who've gone begging for money without even trying to curb their spending habits or sell off their clothes

>> No.10573597

the vet thing is what pisses me off the most. If you want to put yourself in an early grave by prioritizing burando over meds it's a free country but don't put a fucking pet through that just because you can't lay off the spending.

In college, I sold my dream dresses several times over to make ends meet. I have literally no sympathy for people who e-beg.

>> No.10573605

To shorten others blog posting it’s a combination of magpie hoarding that happens when you grow up not knowing if you’ll need xyz at some point in the future and won’t be able to afford to replace it (thus the hoarding) and the lack of time for parents who are constantly working to clean much less be able to show their children how to clean properly.
That said I don’t understand the insane mindset that comes from poor itas blowing insane cash on brand and not bothering with learning how to apply makeup or use a hairbrush. Not many people see your house but all of society society sees your face and shames you into at least learning the basics usually.

>> No.10573606

Agreed. Even when done well it looks so insanely ugly

>> No.10573614

I feel like OTT sweet lolita IS kinda ugly by definition though? Black sugary carnival is iconic because it’s chaotic and loud with a bit of alt-fashion edge and works super well with OTT - I really love it

>> No.10573616

Agreed about certain prints. Sugary carnival in black is a delight but moco moco bunnies is beyond shit. Also brands - I have a couple BTSSB sweet prints on black and their colours stand out stronger

>> No.10573621


They did, didn't they? I always thought of black sweet prints as a something they did before they figured out that navy worked out better.

There's also brown (country of sweets), we still often get wine red (because chinese lolitas), and there was that phase with the ivory lace (whipped gallery), but most of the prints that should be black x pastel now usually go with navy x pastel instead. SC is basically in black because it's a re-release, and the other ones where they messed with the re-release (Honeycake poly/size changes, Milky Planet) didn't go down well.

As for why. The darkest colourways often looks the most different to the other pastels. It's an easy way to get more styles out of a single print illustration and now people will buy two or more colours to style differently.

>> No.10573622

><10 transactions
Are you me?
I hate shopping on LM. I've had the worst luck with western sellers.

>> No.10573634

Not really lolita related, but whenever I see NTA it makes me chuckle because I'm also a redditor and it takes me a moment to remember that it doesn't mean "not the asshole"

>> No.10573650

Holy shit anon, this so hard honestly. I generally struggle to care for others personal problems (not shit like actual social justice issues, etc,). I know that's wrong, I also would never invalidate anyones feelings, and I do make the effort to help when I can but it's so forced sometimes.

>> No.10573651

Agree, some are ok but a lot look cheap as hell and that says a lot since sweet in itself is inherently tacky

>> No.10573682

A lot of the time when I go out in lolita I don't wear makeup. I don't like wearing makeup every day and I look fine without it. When I post online I throw on one of those Meitu makeup filters just so no one will give me shit for it, but I wish it wasn't seen as a necessary part of lolita.

>> No.10573683

Exactly this. I know the fact I just don't care (for neither others' personal problems nor social justice issues. All of it get's a "life's unfair, deal with it" thaught) and am judgemental is wrong, so I don't act upon those feelings unless I thaught the consequences trough and am ok with them. But on the other side it's also hard to deal with because you still feel that way. Like, I am nice because I like to keep friends and live a calm life in society and that doesn't work if you're an asshole, but deep inside I do feel like a unemphatic asshole who just acts nice for the gains.

>> No.10573685

Where I'm from the lolita book isn't well known, and I had no clue about that kind of lolita. I only learned about the book and sexy/lewd insta lolita shit because I came into the international lolita community, and was super confused at first why everyone had such an issue with the name.

Still hard for me to understand why others (generally non-lolitas) can't understand homonyms, but that's another thing.

I wonder if people from countries where lolita is just a name have huge trouble going to the USA or other countries the book is well known. I feel for them.

>> No.10573749

Same. I've always been shit at makeup and hate the feeling of having crap on my face... I just use a face sticker.

>> No.10573769
File: 299 KB, 500x600, a8de93f3-9c66-4fa8-ba2e-7e6dda62964f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to think the same but then I saw Mademoiselle de Paris.

>> No.10573771

>I'm also a redditor
Oh how times have changed

>> No.10573880

it bothers me immensely when people capitalize the word "lolita"

it's not a proper noun and it just draws attention to the name in an unflattering way. the book is a proper noun. the titular character's name in the book is a proper noun. so i want to associate as far from that as possible. it also seems to be either noobs or non-lolitas who capitalize it moreso than people who participate in the fashion in a meaningful way

you don't see people going around capitalizing "goth" or "fairy kei" so why the fuck do people capitalize lolita

>> No.10573882

The iPhone autocorrects it sometimes

>> No.10573888

...lolita or Lolita, to everyone outside the fashion is the exact same thing. Caps or no caps doesn’t do a single damn thing. Everyone will just think it’s the book anyway. You know how lax people are with proper grammar these days.

If you want to associate it as far as possible, just call it egl like many people do. Or gothic lolita.

>> No.10573892

Auto correct. Stop being so autistic

>> No.10573933

I have Dolly Cat in black, and I love how the colors stand out. Some black AP dresses really show the colors best in black

>> No.10573944

More for me! This is a very popular opinion, isn't it?

>> No.10573946

Has it ever occurred to you that Lolita is also a name

>> No.10573958

It sure didn't occur to you that anon wasn't talking about the name or the book.

>> No.10573959

Anon I feel you so much. My friends make fun of me for my small boobs all the time, saying big boobs wouldn't suit me anyways and whatnot, especially when they're being kinda racist about it and saying it's just how Asians are?? Literally had to stop watching Tyler for some time, because he constantly being like: SmAlL tItS oNlY about AP's releases got really fucking annoying and also did dig at my self-confidence (I know it sounds stupid but I could feel how awful I felt everytime). One of my friends got a boob job last year and I'm seriously considering doing the same at this point...

>> No.10573968

You don't need implants, anon. I know that self-depreciating thoughts and anxiety can make other people's comments seem really important, but do you really think the unfair comments of your insecure friends are worth getting risky and invasive surgery over? They're not. Your body is the way it is on purpose. You look amazing the way you are.

>> No.10573974


You need better friends. My ex was like that to the point where he jokingly said he'd inject my boobs with growth hormone to make them bigger and that statement sort of did a number to my self esteem. I mean some of it could be joshing, but if it's repeated and you're constantly the butt end of that fuck that noise. Get better friends who support the ittty bitty perky titty committee, trust me you'll be better for it.

>> No.10573993

Thanks a lot anons. It's just been really hard for me desu. But you're right, I've just been super down about it lately after some "jokes" from my friends earlier this week really got to me, but I always just pretend I'm okay to not make them feel bad about their comments... Maybe I do need better friends or I should make them know their comments really hurt me, but I turn into such a people pleaser and super conflict shy...

>> No.10573997

I totally understand not wanting to "cause a scene" by calling people out on their judgemental and hurtful comments, but at some point you have to draw a line. Think of it as being for THEIR sake instead of for your comfort - if they're your friends, don't you want them to have a better idea of what's acceptable to say in polite company? You shouldn't go all out and estrange yourself from your friend group, since social contact is so important for normal functioning, but do take a step back and think about whether the way you enable your friends to be judgemental and superficial is detrimental to their development, as well as being unfair to you who bears the brunt of their emotional immaturity.

And above all just bear in mind that your body is your body the way it is because it knows the best way for your body to be. Human beings don't grow and develop according to fashion trends. Live healthily and happily and the body you have will reflect that, anon. Wishing the best for you.

>> No.10574006

I too am an iddy biddy tiddy Asian, and I've gone through your struggles. I've grown to accept my body over time, and I believe you'll get there too. Lolita and jfashion helped me accept my body more. Funnily enough so have e-thots posting advertising their nudes everywhere lol. I'm not against people getting surgery unless they haven't done a lot of self-reflection and planning. I used to whine about wanting a boob job, but they aren't a one-and-done thing. They require maintenance, which I wouldn't want to deal with in the future. Your feelings are valid and you aren't alone. The screeching in RC set off a lot of people's body dysmorphias. It just seems stupid because we're used to people downplaying the issues that smaller people have, but bodyshaming is wrong period.

>> No.10574018

Another itty bitty tiddy anon here. I've also had to endure a lot of this, both from guys and people in my family (I'm the only female with small boobs)
I used to want implants mostly because I wanted to look good in normie clothes and be accepted by men. J-fash has helped me realize I can feel cute in my own way and I don't have to surgically enhance a part of my body I have no control over just to fit in.
I also found out about Breast Implant Illness (google it if you don't know!), it's pretty scary
With time I learned to love my small breasts and the advantages they bring without suffering too much about the disadvantages, hope you will too <3

>> No.10574052

eugh. retard.

>> No.10574084

G cup tits here. It SUCKS! I have back pain, it’s hard as hell to find bras that fit, and I end up looking fatter in a lot of clothes because of my chest. It’s a hell of a lot easier to make them look bigger than smaller. Just get cutlets or a bombshell bra.

>> No.10574125

> Just get cutlets or a bombshell bra
or don't. Anons are fine the way they are

>> No.10574140

How new are you? That's been used as a funny variation of sage for years.

>> No.10574141

>defending bpd-chan
Anon, please. She's not funny.

>> No.10574152

I find the way she's able to trigger so many gulls pretty hilarious. 10/10 troll.

>> No.10574249

90% of what's posted in the ita threads only constitute "ita" due to the picture being taken in poor lighting, around unflattering surroundings, or the person not making a completely portrait-perfect pose, and many coords posted there, if photographed in better lighting and with model-like styling, would look completely fine, even good

>> No.10574253

Being annoying and never shutting up isn't "trolling".

>> No.10574306

Thank you so much anons. I feel a lot better about myself and ofc my years of dysphoria isn't gonna be magically cured on 4chan, but I genuiebly feel better and feel like I can work towards just lovning me for me.
Also thanks for making me laugh anon, but I do feel the bra struggle since I rock a AA cup, which is i possible to find too :b

>> No.10574358

Ok newfriend :^)

>> No.10574360

My confession is that I enjoy buying and collecting lolita pieces more than I enjoy wearing them. Maybe it’s the Corona blues, but last time I tried a nee dress on I felt super awkward and preferred to just take pictures of it. I kinda wouldn’t mind only posting flatlays and detail shot of my hauls for a year.

>> No.10574361
File: 246 KB, 1024x1536, Image-Thailand-Hot-Girl-Nilawan-Iamchuasawad-Pure-Beauty-Early-Morning-TruePic.net (20).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that if you have tattoos, unusual piercing, or you color your hair in unnatural colors - you're a degenerate.
Stay pure girls!

>> No.10574362

Buy into the "Asian women are all biologically pure tradwives" meme all you want, they still don't want to fuck you any more than western ones do.

>> No.10574363

Also, girl in you pic has dyed and permed hair you retard.

>> No.10574366

>filename: thailand-hot-girl

that might not even be a girl my dude

>> No.10574385

based troll

>> No.10574387

Thailand hot girl = a dude

>> No.10574389


>> No.10574403

It's not only about the main pieces, having lots of blouses, legwear, and accessories matters too. I would rather have a smaller wardrobe of really versatile pieces that I can wear again and again styled different each time, than a huge wardrobe where I can only wear each dress one way before I run out of options with it.

>> No.10574530

I'm jealous of Tempest Paige. I've been jealous of her for over a decade now. Her family seems like they love her and would support her in any endeavor she chose. They're rich and they've been buying her tons of burando since she was like 14. They helped her open a shop, and we all know the only reason that shop is still in business is because her parents pay the lease for her. No shop like that could have survived covid if she actually had to worry about making profits. That's always been my dream. She's also cute and popular and good at makeup and wig styling. I wish I was her. I love you Tempest, I hope you know how lucky you are for your family, looks, and popularity.

>> No.10574637

i don’t think my wardrobe will ever be completely cohesive and im starting to wonder if its even important. i have a main style and substyle and plenty of items to match those, but i also have quite a few real outlier pieces that are very different from my main style, and only go with a few of my other things. if i love the outliers, im starting to think it doesn’t matter

>> No.10574644

Damn. Mbn. Now I'm jealous of her too

>> No.10574646

This doesn’t sound like you love her, anon.

>> No.10574717

Do you think she's nice? Do you think she is popular irl, as in, she has close friends? I always wonder about that when it comes to online figures. A lot of the even mildly popular people I know keep irl people at a distance and have trust issues

>> No.10574723

she’s a bitch and a spoiled brat, I suspect she’s self posting again to make herself relevant again

>> No.10574726

Literally, who?

>> No.10574732

Then a degenerate i shall be :^)
girls love me, men eye me, fishes fear me

>> No.10574733

>not knowing meow tan

>> No.10574755

>would support her in any endeavor she chose
that's awesome and all, but i would want my family to be honest with me if something were a waste of time/a bad idea. e.g., running a no-name niche jfashion store that serves no purpose other than keeping me busy and taking my family's money.

i stopped being jealous of pretty rich people after being friends with pretty rich people. they can buy everything they want, but they're usually super out of touch with reality, have nonexistent social circles, and are depressed out the ass

>> No.10574791

this is valid.

>> No.10574792

Right? Fucking newbs I swear

>> No.10574809

She's a gull, so I wouldn't be surprised. I find it hard to be jealous of people who get everything handed to them, eventually that'll run out and she'll have to take of herself. No reason to be jealous anon.

>> No.10574820

>her family is rich
>bought her brand since 14
>helped her open a business
>that's always been my dream!
>she's so perfect and kawaii desu nee!
you are her, and you're clearly not satisfied with your life. get off tiktok paige, find someone who will love you, scrub your face vigorously of your badly applied war paint, and sell your dollskill thot sets. you don't have the body for it anyways. kek

>> No.10574824

why would anyone love her with a body and face like that kek

>> No.10574846

Can we not with meow tan drama again? It’s 2021.

>> No.10574861

>good at makeup

There's no way this isn't a self post or someone who isn't at least half blind.

Anyway, I'm tired of western lolita's selling their clearly stained, old, highly damaged clothes for high prices just because it's brand. If I buy used, I only buy from Japanese sites since they actually price things fairly.
That and every single item I've bought off lm was dirty and clearly unwashed. Maybe even never washed. Disgusting.

>> No.10574863

That's pretty true. They go through a never ending cycle of feeling guilty for not working, working a little, realizing working sucks, then they give up because they can and feel guilty again. They also try on social circles like accessories that they also feel guilty about, so they push them away. A total waste, if they have no personal vision or ambition.

>> No.10574865

This bitch is such a crazy and aggressive sjw on Twitter

>> No.10574885

I had to unfollow her because she always talks about the ED community. Nobody cares about your mental illness.

>> No.10574886

>dolls kill thot sets

are you sure youre talking about the right person?

>> No.10574887

what mental illness, shes obviously fat and doesnt have an ED

>> No.10574889

You can be fat and still have an ED, anon.

>> No.10574916

In what world is she fat lmao

>> No.10574919

I keep thinking about switching to classic. Sweetfags are unbearable and I'm tired of strangers thinking I'm into weird shit.

>> No.10574921

There are multiple kinds of Ed and literally only one of them has any kind of weight requirement.... you sound stupid. At least pick something real to criticize her for

>> No.10574936

You are stupid. I wear lolita too but I don't think it makes me superior to anyone around me.

>> No.10574939

t. hoarder-chan

>> No.10574943

Cgl thinks everyone is fat.

>> No.10574946

You're probably a hambeast. I'd bet money on it.

>> No.10574948

Confession: I find it hard to make friends with normies. All of my closest friends either wear jfashion or cosplay and I’ve noticed I have difficulty forming bonds with people who don’t share those hobbies. I have a few normie friends but honestly if I could just live in a world full of other lolitas I would do it in a heartbeat.

>> No.10574982

being fat IS an e.d.

>> No.10575006

I used to have a large wardrobe but since I bought a house and moved in with my boyfriend I don't have an extra room for my wardrobe anymore, so I had to sell a lot of it. Also the spending money is more tight. The 800€ extra money I had now mostly goes towards the mortgage, house related bills, saving up for renovations, nice vacations (if the world ever gets back to normal), etc. Priorities change, you are not defined by the number of clothing you own.

>> No.10575235

Did you move into a 1 bedroom with him? Why couldn't you have an extra room?

>> No.10575250

I'm having the opposite problem. My friends in the fashion community feel so surface level. Maybe its my comm but it feels like everyone I've met in the fashion is so cautious and careful of what they say that they seem disingenuous. Like I'm going to post them or something if we have even the slightest disagreement. Or its a collab/boosting relationship that has them leaving for greener pastures in a few months.

I find it exhausting and have kind of given up on building strong friendships in this community.

>> No.10575254

maybe it works for you guys but this sounds absolutely miserable anon

i agree with >>10575250 i never made any meaningful connections in my local comm except for one person. they are friendly enough people but just not anybody i'd choose to be friends with. so many of them are so young and have such different priorities than me, not even in terms of life stage or interests but involvement in the fashion too. and conversations tend to devolve into money problems, sizing problems, or social justice problems (not even in an overt sjw kind of way, but i still don't want to talk about the US government's latest anti-trans legislature with a bunch of frilly strangers on my day off)

>> No.10575302

We used to live each in our own apartments when we started dating, that's how I could justify my own room for my clothing. But as we moved together, everything became so crammed I couldn't stand it anymore. And now even in the house there is not enough space to dedicate a whole room to my clothes. The house has 3 bedrooms, one has been converted into our home office, 2nd is our bedroom, and the last room is reserved for our child.

I'm not miserable. European houses are just generally smaller than American ones, and we are decently middle class. I'm also perfectly content with a 40 main piece wardrobe instead of my former 80 piece wardrobe. And it still requires a 3m closet, that is still a lot of space.

>> No.10575377

Holy shit, does anyone have the link? I need to see it

>> No.10575389

don't you have room in the office closet for clothes?

>> No.10575495

Confession threads are just content trawlers for youtuber videos no one watches.

>> No.10575557

confession: i passed on two wishlist dresses recently because the sellers were both fat and i dont want puckered seams and stretched out dresses. im a chestlet and already have issue with AP being too big but im sad.

>> No.10575573

I had this happen once, the dress I bought was stretched beyond it's limits, the seams and delicate overlay fabric were ruined. I don't even mind if you wanna stuff yourself in something that doesn't fit, but that is damage and should be mentioned in the listing if you sell it.

>> No.10575855

We all know that they don't mean that anon. Beside, they all claim it's due to other issues they can't control and they totally don't eat too much. While we all know they do. Them telling themselves those lies are more likely a mental issue tho

>> No.10575862

Being fat is a legit ED. Physiological and psychological factors really make it hard (but not impossible) for your body to do anything but maintain your weight. And the emotional dependency on food people have (beyond bodily functions and issues they face losing weight) is a symptom of disordered patterns. Fatties also binge a lot. A big thing fat people do is try to starve themselves with fad diets, inevitably fail, and then binge and take in excess calories. Binge eating alone is an ED

>> No.10575868

>Physiological and psychological factors really make it hard (but not impossible) for your body to do anything but maintain your weight

uhhhh source? i'm slim/average weight but it's entirely because of longterm consistent effort to maintain a certain level of activity and pay a certain level of attention to food intake. if left to "intuitive" patterns it seems like most people eat more (or at least eat richer things) and move less to conserve energy because our biology hasn't caught up to the fact that we have grocery stores

guess it depends on what you mean by fat though. obesity has ties to eating disorders. being 10lb overweight probably does not for most people

>> No.10575871

When I say fat I mean obese. Things like set point for example, where your body increases appetite by a certain proportion to weight you have lost tends to be applicable specifically to obese people because that's where health dangers start and what has been studied. And you usually have to have unaddressed psychological issues and an unhealthy disordered relationship with food (or really rare conditions like Prader-Willi) to become obese.

>> No.10575873

a big difference between skinny people and fat people is gut microbiome. healthy weight patients who get fecal transplants from overweight/obese donors become fat themselves.

>> No.10575882

Yeah that's one of the many physiological factors I mentioned. This is /fit/ talk at this point but my point was just that being fat is a legit ED.

>> No.10575960

>imagine being a slave to how much muh sugahs the bacteria in your gut want

>> No.10575976

listing was deleted, i think it was sold for like 8k yen or something absurdly low like that and sold almost instantly. shantung op didn't get it :(

>> No.10576806 [DELETED] 
File: 940 KB, 608x1063, Mercari-Pretty [Dress] [Knee length dress] (¥ 6,800) Used or unused flea market.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still here and searching and thank you! But yeah, what the other anons said, I missed out on it on my birthday lol. It went for 6800 yen but at least there exist more pictures of it now!

>> No.10576808
File: 886 KB, 608x957, Angelic Prettyワンピース使用済み10年以上前の物です全体的に使用感があります現状でのお渡しになりますご理解のある方のみご購入お願いしますロリータ・ロリィタ・ゴスロリ・ゴシックコ�.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still here and searching and thank you! But yeah, what the other anons said, I missed out on it on my birthday lol. It went for 6800 yen but at least there exist more pictures of it now!

>> No.10576870

What's something you hated when you first started but is now a large part of your wardrobe?
I'll start.
I thought they were lame. Like why bother wearing a skirt when you could wear a dress? I started to love them more as I started wearing lolita daily though. They're so cute for casual coords and lower maintenance.

>> No.10576875

Read better, you missed the complete point. I didn't say it isn't a legit ED. I said that's not what they mean. They're just having huge lists of self-diagnosed disorders for pitty points.

>> No.10576883

when i started i swore i'd only be a 2010s sweet 5ever but now i pretty much only wear old school gothic/classic

>> No.10576921

Hahha o honestly I’m kind of the opposite - when I first started out I thought I’d only ever wear super serious formal kuro gothic, now I’m a mess of fun messy putumayo punky stuff, oldschool gothic, and even dark sweet/the controversial b-word.

>> No.10576959


Green. I had a whole rant to my fellow lolita friend about it. Now I own 5 dresses and am looking for more.

Skirts went the opposite way for me, I had a more balanced wardrobe when I started but I just didn't like them as much as dresses (OPs/jsks). Just easier to throw one on quickly for daily lolita than overthinking a skirt coord.

>> No.10576964


Mint green or green green?

>> No.10576979

When I started I wore classic bc I was very concerned with looking mature and "normal". I hated old school because it looked dated, and thought sweet was super cringey.

Now, my entire wardrobe is sweet, idgaf about looking mature, and I love the old school resurgence.

>> No.10576980


Forest green. Although I do have one AP dress where I'm not sure if it was mint or sax.

>> No.10576982

When I first started, I was so against cotton. I live in a hot place and I really loved chiffon prints (CCC, Milky Cross, Suya Suya). But I realized as time went on how easily they snagged and how I preferred the draping of cotton vs. an obvious petti under poly or chiffon. Now I just suffer in the 80 degree weather wearing Toy Parade OP because aesthetics > everything else.

>> No.10577006

this is probably stupid, but doesn't cotton breathe a lot better/do better in heat than chiffon/polyester? i live in a hot place and while cotton definitely feels heavier, chiffon makes me way grosser

>> No.10577010


Most burando is lined (except *most btssb/aatp). So even if you have a cotton dress it would still be polyester on the inside.

Also from a hot country and personally I find the blouse being cotton/breathable worked a lot better with lightweight polyester than choosing a cotton dress.

>> No.10577011

The lining is still poly in some pieces so it doesn't help too much. I personally have a cotton petti and light unlined cotton dresses and cutsews that I prefer in summertime.

>> No.10577012


Nayrt but where did you get your cotton petti from? I have been looking for one forever.

>> No.10577015

Peacockalorum on Etsy. Their wristcuffs are shit but I did enjoy this petti and it gives a nice shape with moderate to low poof for old school or casual wear. I also sometimes wear homemade cotton bloomers for a tiny bit of poof without a petti.

>> No.10577180

80 degrees isn’t even hot though....

>> No.10577210

>Not sure if mint or sax

Is it marshmallow bunny or that other one...

>> No.10577215

Nayrt but when you live in a high humidity place it is. Japan was cooler in the summer than my home country but it was so much more humid it was harder to deal with and I sweat way more.

>> No.10577228

I think it also depends on your body. I also struggle a lot with synthetics no matter what, but since the lining in dresses is limited to the lower bodice and skirt, it doesn't bother me as long as I have a blouse. I'll never wear a poly OP though.

>> No.10577317

My confession is that of the 31 main pieces I own, 8 are bodyline. At first it was a bit embarrassing to say "a quarter of my wardrobe is bodyline" like that, but thinking more about it I don't regret them at all. I don't buy anything at regular price, only during sales, so I spent around $20-25 per piece, sometimes less. For the amount of money I spent I could have had a single brand dress at retail price, or maybe 4-5 used depending on lucky secondhand finds.

I like having stuff I'm not overly worried about ruining (which I would be with brand, even if purchased cheaply). I've been able to do all sorts of messy actitivies in lolita like countryside hikes, apple picking, sweating my ass off playing laser tag, etc. That said though, I think I've pretty much exhausted all of their decent pieces so I don't think I will be buying any more from them in the future. And I do wish that when people recommend Bodyline to newbies, they'd stress to only shop during sales or free shipping events, or it's not really gonna be worth it.

>> No.10577476
File: 704 KB, 1078x1235, Screenshot_20210317-013025_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my dream last night she and I were at a meetup in gothic lolita. We had a good time until I accidentally misused the word "facism." I don't remember the context. She got upset and I kept apologising but nothing I said could stop the rant on various nomenclature/vernacular/diaspora of language.

>> No.10577481


Ha. It's Melty Cream Donut. I think it's mint but it looks a lot more blue irl than the stock photos.

>> No.10577622

I have a couple friends, both happen to be trans women, one who passes pretty well and one who doesn't, and both are interested in wearing lolita with me. Being a lonelita since I started and not having a local comm, I'd love to have friends in the hobby, but I feel like both of them just could not put together a decent coord since their fashion sense needs... work. Not to mention all that would likely fit them is ugly Taobao dresses. I feel bad for sorta gatekeeping but I really want to spare their feelings.

>> No.10577624

redirect their attention towards some other feminine j-fashion style, for the love of Mana

>> No.10577625

Of course, that’s because she’s a huge bitch

>> No.10577646

Nayrt either but 80 absolutely is hot wtf are you on about? The hottest month of the year doesn't even average above 75 where I live...

On that note I'll be moving down south to a much hotter climate soon and I'm really sad I'll be losing pretty much all of my winter wardrobe. I love layering and wearing long sleeves, coats, gloves, and scarves. I feel like I'm going to have to totally relearn how to dress myself and what I like...
I have no idea how you gulls stand it in hot climates.

>> No.10577654

80 is like a cool summer day. It isnt that hot for anyone who actually has a summer.

>> No.10577656
File: 18 KB, 350x237, 350px-Heat_Index.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't say boiling hot weather I said hot. 80 is most definitely not cool. Humidity is also a huge factor. If you can develop heatstroke/heat exhaustion it's hot out. Pic related.

>> No.10577699

Embarrassed to say you own bodyline?
I think all non-conlitas own a decent amount of bodyline and taobao, for all the reasons you listed. The sales are really good and you can wear them for casual wear.
What are the pieces you own and think are decent? I own only a handful of them and most of them are older stuff.

>> No.10577874

>all non conlitas own bodyline
Speak for yourself you fucking pleb.

>> No.10577876

>I think all non-conlitas own a decent amount of bodyline and taobao

>> No.10577879

Can't relate desu. I bought some bodyline blouses and they felt like such crap quality compared to my Baby blouses I sold them to the itas at a swapmeet in my local con.

>> No.10577895
File: 46 KB, 1125x651, 5oieah2tnqj21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally no. The quality of fabric and lace on taobao/bodyline is such shit it embarrasses me to even try to wear them especially mixed with brand. I own one (1) bodyline blouse and it sits in the back of my closet. The dip in quality is so stark and obvious I feel like a joke putting it on.

>> No.10577896

this. i had bodyline years ago that i threw out.

>> No.10577927

i don't understand how one person can consistently have such retard takes

>> No.10577930

I have one bodyline blouse that i think looks ok, but you can't tell me anything on the bodyline website right now looks good.

>> No.10577931

I miss the LJ days. Let’s all go back to livejournal!!!

>> No.10577932

bodyline shoes are bomb yo

>> No.10577944

bodyline is pretty polarizing on here, so that doesn't help haha. I was mostly talking main pieces - I do own two blouses, so I can say that unless you can see that the lace is crochet/cotton, don't get it. The non-cotton lace is very scratchy. The shirred chiffon blouse is fine.
That aside I own:

>L325 - solid corset skirt, brown, no longer available. Kinda wish I had it in black too.
>L353, floral high waist skirt in black. Super cute.
>L489, solid JSK in black. The lace/braid used here is ok, but I don't think the contrast looks good on the red and blue colourways, so I'd only recommend black.
>L348, solid old school-ish JSK in sax. This one has nice lace on it, all cotton. My favourite part is that the waist ties have bows on the ends.
>L066, plaid OP in red. lace is cotton and it's very comfy for casual coords. Fabric is on the thicker side.
>L560 - sweet tart jsk - in red. It's fine, on par with mid tier taobao, tho I think Infanta's dress with this fabric was cuter.
>L391 - squirrel party jsk in pink - I bought it at a swap meet for $15, for the occasional pastel sweet craving. Unless you find it for that cheap I don't recommend it. The print is cute, and so are the bodice details, but the skirt is a really awkward length and shape. I have to combine different petticoats to fill it out properly, a problem I never had with brand or taobao. For that reason, I'm gonna say it's not newbie friendly. If you want pastel sweet, go to taobao, it's drowning in that stuff.
>L587 - rose stripe bustle jsk in wine. The braid, and chiffon ruffle on bottom are decent. The print has tiny cats among the roses if you look closely. The skirt is lightly lined but not the bodice. Honestly I love wearing this, it's so comfy and cute. And the wine (and gold) matches an IW lace bolero I have perfectly.

I've also bought the sailor OP in green, but gave it away to a friend. It was $3. It was cute worn, fabric was a decent weight.


>> No.10577945

there are a few other pieces that look interesting (like some of the floral OPs with bibs, or the ones with sailor collars) but I would not call them beginner friendly, and definitely not worth with the current prices and shipping. I might buy the sailor dress again so I can twin with my friend, but I'm gonna wait for a sale and free shipping.

the shoes are good, although I'm say they no longer carry my favourite style (classic heel with a bow in front)

>> No.10578007

I miss it too, but it just won't be the same now that sjw stuff have engulfed the community.

>> No.10578030

Don't know from personal experience but my old roommate bought a pair years ago and the sole wore a hole through after a single wear.

>> No.10578037

her feet were made of acid

>> No.10578044

They wore through from the bottom of the sole not the other way around....y'know...the part that actually touches the ground?

>> No.10578051

are you really seriously replying to that?

>> No.10578057

I'm not implying anything I'm clearly stating it because it's basic logic. If a hole wears through the bottom of your sole and barely shows through on the insole it's because it wore through on the bottom. Pretty obvious and simple.

>> No.10578060

Read this wrong but shrug

>> No.10578062

please control your autism, faggot.

>> No.10578083

Maybe it was a lemon? I've had two pairs for like five years and they're fine aside from a few scuffs and creases

>> No.10578088

i am the one who said her feet are made of acid and i appreciate u replying to me anyway

>> No.10578452

Honestly, I had bodyline when I started out but I sold it all. Even their best fabric feels very plastic like and their lace is either simple cotton lace you can't differentiatie shapes in, super shiny poly lace, or generic rose lace. Nowadays with TaoBao even for cheap items they are not worth it.

>> No.10578534

This. I also feel like the cuts of the jsks and OPs are always really boxy and never quite fit right on me, I think the only bodyline items I currently own are shoes. 9/10 times I can tell someone is wearing bodyline just by the fit

>> No.10578538

It's kind of interesting how after awhile in lolita you realize all brands have "tells" in the construction even for generic items
The plastic in bodyline is so terrible, the last time I bought from them I bought a blouse that looked cute and it felt like I was wearing a garbage bag.

>> No.10578540

Can you share what you think some of the tells are for some popular brands? E.g. AP, BTSSB, Moitie, IW? I’d be interested to see if we think the same things

>> No.10578581

It's hard to say for me because it's more of a "if you see it you know" it thing for me and I also don't know I have the garment construction knowledge to really articulate it. A lot of it is how different brands construct the bodice. AP tends to have shorter bodices than btssb and other brands. IW dresses are sort of "long" in both the bodice and skirt. Meta dresses seem to have fuller skirts with more gathers whereas moitie dresses have fewer. Those are just some differences, there are probably others and that's not even talking about art at all.
Really old school stuff was a lot more samey and I'll often think something was from meta when it's actually ap. What are yours?

>> No.10578651

Can't wait for saturday. Btb revival is heartwarmingly catty.

>> No.10578668

Oh damn same, I only realised what was happening this week but seeing like 400 comments today is absolutely crazy... last time I checked it a few months back I swear there were multiple weeks with like.. no submissions?

>> No.10578691

It’s probably going to explode after the shitshow on rc a few days ago

>> No.10578784

What happened on rc?

>> No.10578788

I think it's about the all skinny white cis are fatphobic transphobic homophobic racist bitches
And Japanese brands who don't accommodate 200inch busts are included in that

>> No.10578797

fat white person is complaining that skinny white girls are talking about fat people enough and that brands don't have bust measurements of 400cm or something despite not buying pieces when they are produced larger.

>> No.10578800

Thread got deleted, here it is if you're curious: https://warosu.org/cgl/thread/10577324

>> No.10578858

Only if people bother to post secrets about it! Come on, gulls, let’s all contribute something..!

>> No.10578884

Was she a fatty or a tranny or a man?

>> No.10579033

None of the above.

>> No.10579076

i weep for you. I hope you're reunited with her someday anon. Not to be homo or anything but i always thought of you when i saw that streetsnap

>> No.10579079
File: 82 KB, 600x336, 1542125677729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk if this is a sign of being in the fashion long enough but I feel like the discussions and questions here have been literal newbie stuff. Otherwise it's the same old bittersweet thing all over again maybe lolita is dying next? It feels just so hard to develop an actually meaningful discussion but I'm also a lazy ass who can't start it myself. I have left fb lolita communities for this reason long ago but judging from secrets it looks like they have not developed in better direction. Also boohoo good old days but I feel like lolita has generally shifted. Fast fashion and everyone doing it for instagram points, going through dresses and trends like crazy. I get feeling good because your coord is liked - I like the feeling too - but it feels like certain artistic point of coording is vanishing. No one gives nor wants concrit anymore and even sandwich style crit is considered rude and just nitpicking. I wish I could discuss my coording process or something somewhere but just blabbering to nobody feels a bit autistic. I guess I have reached the point I'm romanticing the good ol' days.

>> No.10579087

i mean, what meaningful conversation do you want? and if you have this arsenal of secret coording knowledge and deep topics, why not contribute them?

i get what you're saying to some extent, but you're expecting too much from a fashion community.

>> No.10579122

Well, I guess it's easier to just list what I don't want. I admit I'm expecting too much but in the other hand something just feels so different. I'm not that knowledged on coording/lolita in general imo which is one factor that makes it hard. But the things I would like to see discussion about the development of lolita, including community, quality and trends. And actually knowledged people to dip in. I'm extremely interested what factors have led to these things but I feel like I just don't have the knowledge to keep the convo up. I know in a way these are chewed up topics. It would also be fun to hear what newlitas think about the fashion and what it means to them. Is it really so different than it feels?

>> No.10579127

do you need the community to be interested in the fashion or something? it sounds like you need to join like a crafting hobby or something.

>> No.10579132

I feel similar, anon. I feel like I've read all these same discussions over and over again. The only interesting things on the board lately is stuff like the RC drama, but then it's also depressing and in hindsight something I feel I shouldn't spend my time on. I wish it felt like we were discussing new things that contributed to the fashion.

And I also agree about the social media sentiment, I decided to just open my own blog once and for all. I would be really interested in hearing your coording process!

>> No.10579139

No? This was solely about the topics discussed in the fashion not about my general interest in the fashion. Apart from here I do not take part in any comms really. It's not so hard for me to accept I'm being weird with these thoughts.

I think the RC drama is so depressing because it's so thinly connected to lolita anymore. Seriously I would be down to hear how to make lolita community more inclusive and not just "all white skinny people suck" and absurd demands like brands to sell huge dresses for same price. Absolutely 0 value. I feel like lolita has changed so much we would actually have something new to discuss. But the culture currently is not to discuss. It's my pain generally with social media, not just lolita. It's so fast paced and the content is so short lived. Just not for me. I need to get into the blog scene though, I have seen talk about it here and sounds like something I would enjoy. Maybe I will even get into blogging myself, used to love that stuff when I was younger.

>> No.10579145

Does anyone actually know how to get into the lolita blogging scene?

>> No.10579147

at the risk of sounding trite, just... start a blog! interact with other lolitas' blogs if you want them to see yours, share it with your friends, use it for your wardrobe post and link it on livejournal, etc. it's just like regular social media, but slower.

i'm starting one because i'm sick of regular social media. there was interest in the lifestyle thread, too. we should just do it and start a small resurgence.

>> No.10579156

some people have a mental illness, like I have depression you literally can't see the floor most of the time in my room. although I do photoshop the bg out of my photos or I take pictures in another room

>> No.10579157

I hate the "all girls are princesses" phrase and overly princessy stuff in general with a burning passion. I'm not the fucking princess i'm the frog

>> No.10579160

Link it on what livejournal? Egl is so dead!! And how do I go about finding other blogs? Thank you for your help haha

>> No.10579163

How not like other girls of you

>> No.10579180

>rejecting femininity
I understand your feelings but with all due respect why are you commenting in a fashion that literally requires frilly lace and poofy skirts in order to participate in it?
Are you going to say you're "Gothic" or something because newsflash those lolitas look like princesses at a funeral or in mourning. No one is going to look at you and think you're tough they're just probably going to call you an edgy little bo-peep.

>> No.10579182

i meant that sometimes people create their wardrobe posts on their blogs, then post that link to EGL livejournal during wardrobe post season. but you can also post it elsewhere (e.g. that new wardrobe post group on fb)

if you make an account on neocities you can use the search term "jfashion" or "lolita" and you'll find some, also just google "lolita blog carnival" and i think some old blogspots might pop up

>> No.10579186

“Edgy little bo peep” hahahah ffs put that on my gravestone

>> No.10579221

sorry you like to delude yourself anon. You're no princess and will never be.

It's not rejecting feminity to say i'm no princess.
I wear some sweet as well but i dislike the whole princess roleplay aspect some people seem to incorporate in it. Also hime.
When Princess Skye was a thing is when my hate for it all began

>> No.10579222

was she the lifestyle lolita blogger from like, 12 years ago? I know people found her grating, but I so miss her.

>> No.10579228

I miss her too

>> No.10579250
File: 25 KB, 428x422, d69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really hate how often I see people calling their coords or items gothic when they're very clearly sweet in black.

>> No.10579309

Maybe they just relate more to gothic style? honestly pastel sweet just looks like age play so maybe they don’t want others to be confused. Idk I’m drunk.

>> No.10579321

that wouldn't happen as often if people could use the term "bittersweet" without people throwing a fit.

>> No.10579460

seeing all of this political reeing actually makes me seriously consider browsing the lolita reddit for a while

>> No.10579471


I'm with you there anon. I thought of avoiding online comms entirely.

>> No.10579532

Princess Skye can stay off lolita for good. I'm glad she won't come back.

Remember how she frequently referred to other lolitas (and wank comms especially) as ogres? The implication being that only she and her frilly followers were the true lolita princesses? Or the time she demanded one of her friend made a public apology over some super generic felt charm that was totes her design donut steal? Her delusions, bad writing, and her cronies were laughable.

You guys look at the past with rosy tinted glasses. Anyone calling themselves lifestylers or princesses are (and should be) usually made fun of for being deluded.

>> No.10579532,1 [INTERNAL] 

Recently, I had a cosplay party at my house. I thought it would be fun, but it wasn't very fun. Everyone swelled up, vomited and in the end, you can just say they demolished my house. Such chaos has not been in my house for a long time, in addition, everything was very polluted. I was advised by an excellent cleaning company in London https://www.emop.co.uk/balham-cleaner and they saved me from that

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