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old bread >>10578210
sun is shining, birds are singing, soup is op. cheer up lads

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If I finally get treated for my possible narcolepsy I might finally have the energy to live my life and actually wear lolita more often. I’m so excited to get my life back! April 14, my first sleep clinic appt., wish me luck!

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do you get paid for it too? gl anon

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I'm moving out next month. Finally I'll be able to chill in my silly clothes without my parents making a deal out of it. I love them, but please keep your mouths shut. It will be way easier to be friends with them when we're not living together.

Also I will no longer need to share my tea with anyone. Casual whole ass pots for myself, hell yeah.

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No, the sleep study is for them to determine if I have any sleep-related disorders! They bring you in and hook you up to some machines and scan your brain waves and other stuff while you fall asleep/during sleep. It would be nice to be paid...

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Sending you strength, anon, if you’re doing the MSLT. I literally wanted to kill myself it was a w f u l

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Do I...want to google that

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you get to decorate your new place too niceu
sounds exciting

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Congrats! I definitely know the feel. I’m moving as well:) looking forward to being able to wear frilly things!

Also i just bought my first miho matsuda jsk. And also my first sweet jsk! Very excited to branch out. Even though i am moving in a month lol. But when there is something you want, who knows if you will see it again anytime soon.

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Just got my second COVID shot, yippee!

Now to wait a couple weeks and then I can start having a morning coffee on a patio at a cafe or schedule a dinner date with some of my other vaccinated friends. Summer in the south USA is always great for outdoor evening get togethers with loved ones so I'm super glad things are going back to normal during this time. Most of my comm is vaccinated or will be soon as well so we can do some more meets where everyone is invited rather than just the different already established friend groups (which I don't mind at all, I just hadn't been an active member long enough before COVID to really get close enough with any comm members to form my own sub group or join an existing one)

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I've been extremely jealous of people like you. I hope you got the vaccine through honest methods.

I have zero health issues that put me at risk. I'm not obese, and I'm obviously not 60+.

I'm also unemployed as a direct result of covid, meaning I no longer work in a priority-tier job. I'm going to be the literal last person eligible to get the vaccine.

Seeing people flounce around because they were lucky enough to get it and don't have to care 100% of the time anymore just feels so unfair. I have no hope that my state will open up vaccines to everyone on Biden's May 1st date. Everything sucks.

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same anon, same. it's especially awful because i live in fucking yeehaw tx so most people who go out aren't masking anymore. before i was okay with going in person to get groceries and shop at small stores since everyone was cautious, but my state went full retard.

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Why not just be happy someone is being vaccinated? I understand why they’re doing a slow rollout but why be angry anyone is getting vaccinated from a deadly virus?

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i think it's pretty obvious anon isn't actually mad. just the "damn bitch, i'm jealous, good for you" kind of mad. it's totally reasonable.

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Uh anon she kinda sounds (rightfully) mad, but taking it out on someone who probably got the vaccine through reasonable means is not cool.

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ayrt, Texas has made be so angry. That's where my parents live (and I was originally born), and they can't get a vaccine either. My mom is 64. Just one year under the requirements.

I know deep down that every person vaccinated moves us closer to the goal, but a lot of it feels so wrong. And a lot of groups at risk are being differently prioritized in different states, even down to the counties.

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I'm not taking it out on them. I didn't say they were a horrible person, just that I hope they didn't cut in line.

I'm only angry at people who lie and get the vaccine when they should have waited with the rest of us. For everyone else who fairly got the vaccine, I'm just insanely jealous.

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I'm sorry anon. My comm members who have been vaccinated include people who work in the medical field, teachers, etc. Or high risk people health wise. My partner has asthma as do I, and my other friends who've been lucky enough to get it include one who basically has benign cancer/is at risk of it all the time but decided to get vaccinated to protect herself so she could work in a grocery store to make more money, a friend with an immune condition, family who is over 50, etc.

Not sure what you mean by fair methods. I guess places aren't reading medical charts when you go in but everyone I know who has signed up for a shot was in the right group at the time they did. I know a few people who have talked about the people who are driving to take advantage of leftover shots so they don't go to waste, but that's not taking a shot from anyone else, just making use of what would otherwise be in the trash and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

I know I'm lucky to get a shot but I am only afforded this "advantage" because I'm unlucky enough to have an already troublesome chronic health condition that makes me getting sick more deadly. Rather than being jealous other people are getting it first, maybe look on the bright side that you're well enough you aren't at as much risk of serious illness or death than us and don't have other health concerns beyond COVID.

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If your mom is in TX HEB is already allowing people over 50 to get vaccinated right now and they dole out appointments more efficiently than many local governments.

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It's weird that you assume someone who got the shot lied to get it. As was mentioned leftover doses given to healthy people have been happening which is a way for even healthy people to "skip the line" without lying. Why assume someone who got it is some sort of liar? This feels like an unnecessarily resentful kind of jealousy.

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Everything you said was merited. I just get scared when I see "I'm vaccinated!" posts online because when I go and read the comments, it's been people who have literally lied about health conditions, or simply said "no one was checking for medical conditions". But you didn't lie - you deserve to be vaccinated.

>look on the bright side that you're well enough you aren't at as much risk
This is the hard part for me though. I don't think we know enough about covid to really say any of this. My genes might put me at risk, or my immune system might put me at risk. I don't think we'll really know until years later. So for now my only choice is to basically continue living an extremely limited/anxious life. And that's the part where I get jealous.

Thanks anon. I wasn't aware of that, but I'm not sure how it works if the county my parents live in is only vaccinating 65+ and certain workers? Would HEB be allowed to administer vaccines that broke those rules? I'd have to read into it.

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Idk if they're allowed to but it's on their website, and if people are already lying as much as you say, you may as well have your parents sign up honestly through their link for 50+ people and see if any towns or cities near them have available appointments. Everyone I know who hasn't gotten a shot yet is constantly refreshing the HEB appointment pages and signed up with all their local authorities too as well.

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I still don't get the craze over vaccines.
People acting like its life or death, and I'm still more convinced a experimental rushed drug that didn't go through the full testing phases made by companies that can't be sued for anything that goes wrong, is far more likely to fuck you up than the meme virus.
Not that covid doesn't exist or whatever, but it blows my mind people aren't more skeptical of this vaccine shit.

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The vaccines are probably safe, and people also just want to stop being worried about getting sick and to be able to meet friends and go to events.
And the virus is much more dangerous than vaccines, that's something we can know now.

I'm in Europe so I'll maybe get it in summer if I'm lucky but I'm really jealous of Americans now.

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Anon, I’d recommend reading the nicest possible interpretation of written stuff online. It’s hard to convey tone and it’s saved me plenty of headaches not assuming the worst

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Is this a pic of Tyler? How uncanny kek

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The virus is mostly nothing to the vast majority of people who get it (know multiple people who did, and it was "a bad flu" + lack of smelling for a week or so)
Meanwhile, if you've had to deal with medication in the past, you'd know that side effects can seriously fuck you up, and those side effects sometimes takes years to crop up.
How many latest greatest inventions turned out to start giving people cancer a few years later?

There's risk and reward, and except for people in the super high risk category for the virus I don't see the reward being worth the risk. And its not like the Q&A about the vaccines ever talk about that shit, its always stupid things like "lol duh its not gonna turn you into a fish monster", and bitch i don't care about being a fish monster I care about this experimental liquid you're shoving inside me that might give me liver failure in 3 years.

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To be fair, the vaccine is probably going to be required for travel, school/college, businesses... everything. So a lot of people want it to prepare for that reason, and you're going to hit many walls if you don't get vaccinated.

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I doubt it, making a vaccine required is a big deal considering medical information is protected information, at least in the US.
Making it required, like meningitis requires a state law to be passed that everyone gets it, which is a much bigger deal than just a few people saying its really important.

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Private entities can still require it. Using their services would be considered a luxury and they'd just make you sign something or put something in their terms of service for a plane for example when you buy a ticket that you have to disclose that piece of info and understand that. It's not impossible that some places may want to do that.

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I’ve always wanted to do a couples cosplay, but that has the unfortunate requirement of being in a relationship. Maybe next year will be the year I finally make it happen. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself every new year’s.
Oh well, at least I’ve lost enough weight to properly represent the characters for said cosplay groups, that’s a plus.

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I’ll be ur gf nonny

>> No.10580675

Not necessarily. Certain private entities can, but for things like employment and school it would be illegal to require it.
Travel is a maybe.

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I understand being afraid of vaccine side effets, but there are many people who have lingering COVID19 side effects. Even people I know who were healthy before getting it (not overweight, exercised regularly), some dealt with lingering fatigue and brain fog.

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You're really kidding yourself if you don't think it will be required for international travel.

>> No.10580702

Not all travel is international travel, which has more restrictions since you're dealing with another country's laws and not solely America's.

>> No.10580707

What are you trying to do?

>> No.10580709

>Oh well, at least I’ve lost enough weight to properly represent the characters for said cosplay groups, that’s a plus.
If you're still a plus you've got a long way to go.

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Y'know what? I'm just gonna go ahead an hoe it up and cross my fingers I meet someone to both have kids and continue to how it up together with.

>> No.10580720

Why do you even want kids in current year?

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Why don't you just lie and cut the line? That's what I did for me and my boyfriend. Said we were educators (technically we could be, they can't prove we aren't doing what we say we're doing lol), they don't require proof.

>> No.10580725

Don't just hoe it up. At least find a man who's willing to put out with his part of the deal.
My sister did that same thing. Happy with her daughter but the ex-husband is a fucking deadbeat. Doesn't pay child support, doesn't even visit for his custody times.
And that's by no means a rare story.

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Scoffing at "newfags" and pretentiously flexing how you've been into the fashion since 2005 isn't the own you think it is. You might as well be flexing your arrested development. If you haven't grown out of feeling superior for how long you've been on 4chan by your late 20's, there is no hope for you.

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Shut up, newfag.

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Hit too close to home, eh?

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You think that a man who is dating whores would also be a good father or husband?

>> No.10580742

that sounds based honestly. Minus the kids for me personally but I'm looking for the same

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Here’s some of the ideas I’ve wanted to do...
>Issac and Miria from Baccano
The magical-christmasland version of this idea involves bringing a different one of their outfits to each day of the con, much like how they keep changing costumes in series
>The two otakus from Durarara
complete with us lugging around a cardboard cutout of holo like in the show
>Pit&Palutena or Pit&Dark Pit
>Any two Sonic characters that could vaguely be considered a pair
>Kotetsu and Karina from Tiger & Bunny

Also, I’d assume that whoever I’m doing this also has their own couples cosplay ideas, so I’d totally be game for whatever they wanted too.

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Fuck you, lying whore.

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O Mana sama I ask you to bless my order request email I sent to Tenshi. I swear upon all my burand I will buy a main piece from you if Tenshi can order my dress this time. That and please send the sexy baby to the person who commented on the dress. Amen

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This. Part of why I don't come here as much anymore is because I honestly find gulls really cringey for the most part. They're trying to be cute funny mean girl types, but they're just embarrassing edgelords with anger issues.

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I understand your concern, but MRNA vaccinations have been in the works for at least a decade now and there is a lot more funding and knowledge on bioinformatics today. There is a thing called preparing for war during peace time and people in medical research take this to heart. To their credit they've been researching this thing since we had epidemics like the swine flu.

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you are a legit terrible person

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I know I'm not alone in this, but boredom economy is hitting me hard. I'm lucky I have a good paying job, but it's stressful and not going to meets/cons is sending me to do a lot of (window) shopping. I'm still paying my bills on time and I'm not starving myself for brand, but damn, someone slap my phone whenever I browse Fril.

>> No.10580863

The feeling I get from shopping is better than an orgasm or really anything else. Do I need therapy?

>> No.10580864

It's honestly like watching autistic teenagers throw tantrums a lot of the time. Which does make a lot of sense, considering how many gulls are literally autistic.

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why didn't you just like wait a couple of weeks and get it when you were supposed to, did you both *really* need to do it right now when there's still thousands of elderly + immunocompromised who are trying to get theirs?

>> No.10580875

I have asthma and nobody in my state wears masks. I do not have health insurance, so I can't get a doctor to sign a medically needy form.

However, I feel no shame and have told my friends who don't have any chronic health conditions to lie as well so we can go do things together. I'm fucking pumped.

Besides, when I made my appointment, there were over 25 slots and I made it the day before I went. Had to drive a few hours to bumfuck nowhere, but it seems everyone in bumfuck nowhere who wants to be vaccinated has been vaccinated. If the elderly and immunocompromised in my state really wanna be vaccinated but can't get an appointment in their city, they can make an appointment in bumfuck nowhere any time they want. There were multiple vaccination sites in this redneck ass county and all of them had dozens and dozens of appointment times.

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>I skipped the line
>I have asthma

OK then you didn't skip the line then you retard

>> No.10580890

Good luck with it.

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i asked my gf if i could mating press her in her new coord and she said "no sex in brand. it will stain the dress"
i blame you harpies for this. the outfit makes her look so sexy too

>> No.10580899

weak. i mating press my boyfriend while we both wear brand.

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Who is paying?

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it's my brand that i dress him up in, so mostly me. mostly as in he buys me dresses sometimes too. then i step on him while i wear it.

>> No.10580926


Do you step on his crotch as a dom thing too?

>> No.10580928

Oh god, I echo this prayer with my own order

>> No.10580939

>I fear no ita, for the burando is my strength!
>I fear no delay, for my strength is eternal!

>> No.10580951

I hate it when I have an idea and then someone else executes it before I finish mine. These ideas are often my one breakthrough that would change things for me. I need a breakthrough and these jackasses don't.

>> No.10580956

I can't do anything! Everything I try fails! Fuck!

>> No.10580965

Try differently try harder

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newfag spotted

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I'm finally getting treated for PCOS, it's been a looong time coming! Happy feels.

>> No.10581043

where's the non-edited version of op pic?

>> No.10581114

>The two otakus from Durarara
That would be a fun one. Those are cool characters. Hopefully I can get to do something like that too in the future. We all gunna make it.

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An honest question but is it really going to be acceptable to go out even with the vaccine? Atleast where I live they recommend that you continue to take the normal precautions.

In the other hand, it's weird but I don't miss meets. My comm had a picnic last summer, didn't attend and haven't had regrets. My brain chose to lonelita I guess? I'm a bit surprised myself because I used to travel to meets a lot but now I can't figure out why. I'm so introverted and happy lonelita.

>> No.10581132

Got vaccinated yesterday but I feel like trash today because of side effects. I guess the anon who was jealous has no need to be cause I'm suffering now. Just a mild headache/feverish feeling, none of the body soreness or other issues people have claimed to have but it's still enough to make me stay in bed and skip work today.

>> No.10581191

grats on getting rid of the beard!

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The CDC is already recommending vaccinated people can hang out with each other maskless. Once we reach an acceptable percentage for her immunity (around 70%) it should ensure enough herd immunity to be able to go about maskless. The concern is that vaccinated people could possibly still transmit the virus asymptomatically as there is promising but not enough research yet to confirm that transmission is reduced with the vaccine.

I feel the same way as you though, the pandemic has essentially confirmed I'm a happy lonelita. I think in a twisted way the pandemic has been really good for my introverted self. There are some things I desperately miss and want to get back to but semi large meetings are not one of them.

>> No.10581224

I told my bf I was going to use my stimulus to get lasik and he told me "no don't you're so much cuter in glasses", like am I not cute without them?? And glasses are a pain, I want to be able to see shit for once.

>> No.10581258

Agreed. Also the amount of times I get called a newfag on here for not religiously following every droplet of drama and wannabe efamous lolitas. I'm here for the discussion of clothes not the petty drama crumbs.

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Dunno if this the right place, but this makes me pretty sad so here we go.This girl from my old comm traded her identity away for four kids and a husband that she feels the need to publicly thank for holding their sick baby while she eats dinner. I look at her messy house and how burnt out she always is, how happy she seemed at her last meet up, how sad it is that she is literally throwing it all away in a fucking diaper box. It's not my business, but damn, her life feels like a cautionary tale.

>> No.10581276

She said she's gifting it to someone, not throwing it away. Free burando for someone who actually wears and wants it sounds like a win.

>> No.10581284

Yeah, I know. The point was more about motherhood taking away every scrap of individuality from this woman than "oh no, the poor burando".

>> No.10581289

Individuality isn't only tied to lolita. And focusing on kids isn't something that sucks that out of you. I don't want kids but I also don't believe people who do want them having them and putting a lot of their energy into doing their best with them are throwing their lives away or never going to be happy again. My biggest passion in life besides lolita and my career is art, and so many artists I follow are still able to create and have fun despite having kids. The ones with children out of diapers (toddlers to like 10 yrs) seem especially happy having them inspire their work or help make things and be creative themselves.

>> No.10581291

lolita and motherhood aren’t opposites- there are other lolita moms but she gave it up for whatever reason

>> No.10581296

Thats why I have bc and a nice Amazon subscription for trojans, Im living my best life on my terms, kids can wait til I get settled down

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thanks soup im a soup stan now

>> No.10581356

Stay seething i’m happy i lied to get my vaccine. I want to see my mom and she had cancer recently. I personally don’t want to kill my mother and I’m not going to keep waiting when i don’t know if i’ll ever see her again

>> No.10581367

Go to hell

>> No.10581369

i hope your mom doesn't recover and dies while you're away from her

>> No.10581372

meant for >>10581356

>> No.10581377

I’m getting my vaccine Tuesday and I totally lied to get the appointment. I don’t feel bad at all. Not trying to bait, my state just opened it up to some essential workers but it’s really damn arbitrary and I genuinely believe I’m more essential than a fishing vessel crew and it’s vital that me and my coworkers get it. In many places we’re classed with police and fire but for some reason they’ve forgotten about us. Not just in my state, either. My union has been suing states all over the country for not including us for vaccines with first responders but requiring us to respond like first responders. Unemployed people can stay home, I can’t. If I get sick the plan at my work (and I work for my local government) was to quarantine us at work and make us work sick, yet the same local government classed us behind fishing vessel crews, grocery store workers and pickers at farms. I’m pretty sure people can go longer without fresh fruit in the grocery store than they can without electricity in the middle of winter. So upset

>> No.10581385

While grocery shopping today I discovered there's a possible lolita in my home town; they were wearing a plague doctor mask and heelies and I thought that was pretty cool. I never want to bother someone in public just because they're wearing something cool though, so maybe they're a gull and will see this post.

>> No.10581386

You mean you discovered a possible ita in your hometown

>> No.10581388

you mean an ita found another ita in her hometown

>> No.10581399

I guess it depends, some people don't have the energy to do more than one daunting task at a time. I myself have to put lolita aside from time to time because of school, full time work, and cooking all meals at home in addition to running my own household. I'm not a parent but homework takes up a lot of time and energy.

>> No.10581406

You saw an ita in the wild.

>> No.10581445

I plan on selling all my stuff when I get pregnant and I don’t think it’s sad. I only barely have enough time for lolita as it is, if I have a baby that time would be zero. Not saying that I don’t have other ways to take time for myself, but there’s only so much time and if I had to choose to lose one of my hobbies, lolita goes because it also takes up a lot of room in the house and I enjoy being in my choir and seeing my close friends more than I enjoy meetups. Doesn’t mean I don’t love it now, it’s just a chapter in my life that will eventually end, like all things.
I tend to be an all or nothing type of person, though. Like I’m all in right now, I have an entire room of my house dedicated to it and wear it all the time, but if I have to reduce that down to just once a month I’d rather just sell it all and get the money and have the space back at my house

>> No.10581446

nta but I hope you die.

>> No.10581448

good going, i hope i die too

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>Have only made friends with grills
>I don't want to fuck any of them, am literally just friends
>Haven't been able to make many other guy friends despite going to cons for years
>It's like a cycle where my friends just introduce me to more girls but not other dudes
>Or the guys they chill with just aim to fuck random girls
This feels very off & I want more bros.

>> No.10581584

okay so >>10581386 and >>10581406 are right in that you saw an ita in the wild. HOWEVER
>plague doctor mask
>in the grocery store

you found an absolutely based wild ita.

>> No.10581592

If you have a dick between your legs and wear lolita, I'm not going to want to get close to you.

You're getting treated that way for having a cock and I don't want you leeching on my neck for being a girl, just the same. Idgaf if you identify as a woman or just wear lolita, I don't know you, you're getting treated like anything that has testosterone in their blood and the capability to overpower me.

Seriously. I find it much safer to get close to women. Men are a risk 98% of the time for them having feelings and/or just wanting to fuck. I'll pass.

>> No.10581597


>> No.10581601

General consensus. I'm not a mana-lover, either. I don't really care what they look like, it's more about men typically are horrible to be friends with because they end up expecting to get more from the situation.

Like, I'll be nice at face value, sure. But anything below the surface is a no-go.

>> No.10581603

I can't wait for it to not be trendy for having a mental illness.

>> No.10581604

Ugly fatty chan detected. Obviously you don't know what it's like to actually be attractive to the opposite sex.

>> No.10581721

>the outfit makes her look so sexy too
are you a pedo

>> No.10581757

>tfw no gf to watch anime, make cosplays and build gunpla with

>> No.10581760

I'm not a lolita and don't know much about fashion but I think that heelies+plague doctor mask+lolita can be good if done well, it can be totally awesome. It sounds so conceptually cool, all that remains is the execution and I'm sure it can be done.

>> No.10581761

if you head over to the friend finder thread and post your info maybe just maybe you'll end up with a gf to do all those stuff with tonight

>> No.10581762

Have you tried, I don’t know, bringing something to the table? Do you look good? Do you have a good job? Can you fix a car? Can you blow my back out? Do you know how to cook more than a hot pocket?
Work on yourself before you start getting mad at women.

>> No.10581765

Did you even read his post? He showed no expression of anger.

>> No.10581772

No you don't realize. If anyone ever mentions they don't have a gf. Its because they're a disgusting ugly useless loser who has nothing to offer anyone ever and should die alone.

BTW I'm jobless, and fat buy me Brando.

>> No.10581779

He's not on where whining about not having a manic pixie dream girl because he's a well adjusted adult

>> No.10581780

I can fix a car and cook more than a hot pocket, yes. Lockdown time's just lonely.

>> No.10581781

Do you also look like an autistic 12 year old boy? You sound like you look like an autistic 12 year old boy in pink frills

>> No.10581792

>You sound like you look like an autistic 12 year old boy in pink frills
The burando IDEAL body

>> No.10581826

I'm sure when you're older than all your brand will definitely be there to chew your food, make sure you don't fall down the stairs, drive you to the doctor, schedule your medication, listen to you, pretend to care about what coronavirus was and just generally make sure you don't accidentally kill yourself in your old age.

Or alternatively have some minimum wage immigrant who just abuses you in a nursing home while you wait for death. At least you can remember the nice dresses laying in your own shit.

I'm so glad my gf had the epiphany recently of the benefits of having children means that someone in this world will care that you're gone.

>> No.10581830

Kind of in the same boat. I just can't ever break that acquantance phase with guys. Like there are some guys I work with and have known for years and get along with. But I never message them outside of work, never been to each other's houses, never spent a single minute outside of work. Girls on the other hand I find very easy to make friends with. Within a few weeks or even days of meeting it just feels very natural that I can spend some time talking outside of work, send a meme over IG and invite them over to watch something or show off something.

>just want some bros to go into the woods, build a fort and dance around a bonfire at night like Germanic pagans

>> No.10581841

Your kid's gonna put you in a nursing home anyway

>> No.10581866


I've seen nursing home residents loved more by said min wage immigrants than by their own children, so be careful with that sentiment.

>> No.10581869

I bought my first MM dress recently and I'm excited to get it and see the quality I always hear such good things about.

>> No.10581891

>I have never been in a nursing home for extended periods of time

>> No.10581894

Girls are more spcial and naturally friendly. Dudes just aren't. Even extroverted dudes are the type who just wanna go home and watch t.v. alone.
If you wanna progress with guys you just gotta be more blunt about things, don't wait for them to ask you to play CoD. Just ask them straight up if they wanna be bros on steam

>> No.10581958


Right back at ya. How the fuck do you think most of them ended up there you dumbass.

>> No.10581981

Childless, abused their kids, neglected their kids, didn't raise them to be successful people, etc.

>> No.10581988

I love how elderly people in lonely or potentially abusive situations is their fault for not making perfect children and not their adult offspring's for not caring about or having/making time for them. Keep coping so you don't have to acknowledge that no matter how good you are to your kids they can and will still leave you to rot in an elderly home.

Even quite a few Asian families have started turning to long term care facilities after a certain point because your kid is not a medical worker trained to deal with you shitting yourself or freaking out aggressively because of Alzheimer's and dementia.

>> No.10581999


>> No.10582002


You really haven't spent time in a nursing home. See >>10581988 who summed it up pretty well. Not to mention that I've seen people raise their kids well only to have fucktards come out because you can't raise your kid in a vacuum.

>> No.10582026

Literally just raise your children like they are your living, breathing extensions of yourself and you probably won't end up in a nursing home. Also, you only end up in a nursing home if you're poor.

There are also plenty of alternatives to 24/7 care. Some places offer a day care facility where the elderly go during the day to receive their daily care and return to their families in the evening. There are options to have a worker visit your home in regular intervals to advise the family and give care if needed. There are many community groups based around assisting the elderly.

My mom used to work in one and my family didn't have money for a baby sitter, so I joined her on her shifts when I wasn't at school for 4 years until she got her bachelor's degree. I have spent more time in nursing homes than most people.

>> No.10582029

Immigrants aren't the predominate people in the US who work in that field, so I'd be careful. lmfao.

Old folk's homes have some abusive ass people looking to take advantage of older gens. It's pretty predominate..

>> No.10582033

Any place full of people getting paid low wages to do gruelling or exhausting work that have power over someone weak will be rife with abuse. Same with childcare, police officers, all medical facilities in general when nurses get desensitized to people's pain and problems.

>> No.10582035


Sometimes 24/7 care is the only option particularly if you can't move around and sure, you can maintain like 8-16 hours of it as a primary caregiver, but you're going to burn out after a while. Also idk where you are but caregiving is crazy expensive in America, even upper middle class people can barely afford someone to come for a few days a week. Even "affordable" options are crazy high and none of it is paid by health insurance.

And of course this is counting on a quite frankly flighty insurance plan that your kid can actually take up the slack.


The point was that some people were dumped there by unloving children anon.

>> No.10582038

Sure it's crazy expensive, but you get paid pennies. Like >>10582033 said. The majority of the states don't pay those workers that well. It's sure as hell not based off of how much you pay for caregiving lmao.

>> No.10582040


I mean that's somewhat the point. Anon is making kind of a big deal of making his children unpaid caregivers to pick up the slack for underpaid caregivers. It's a weird boomer argument that quite frankly doesn't really hold up.

>> No.10582043

You think I'm caring for my parents when they get that old? I live with my grandma who has dementia, its a hell I wouldn't wish on anyone. The first sign my mom has dementia, her ass is going out on the street.

>> No.10582046

Thank God people like you don't reproduce.

>> No.10582050

You know, can't wait to move out and live that DINK life

>> No.10582053

I want kids someday but that’s is no guarantee that just having kids means they will care for you when you’re old

>> No.10582054

Aren’t you sweet?

>> No.10582055

>you probably won't end up in a nursing home. Also, you only end up in a nursing home if you're poor.

That’s just not true. My mom loved her dad but he developed Alzheimer’s that made him violent while she still had two small children in the house. He had to go into a nursing home. Average people are not a substitute for trained medical professionals. Love alone does not replace a Ph.D, caring for an ailing family member on your own is fucking exhausting, you will get burnt out and you will resent that family member, because unlike a nurse, you don’t get paid and you aren’t off the clock.

>> No.10582062

>ue. My mom loved her dad but he developed Alzheimer’s that made him violent while she still had two small children in the house. He had to go into a nursing home. Average people are not a substitute for trained medical professionals. Love alone does not replace a Ph.D, caring for an ailing family member on your own is fucking exhausting, you will get burnt out and you will resent that family member, because unlike a nurse, you don’t get paid and you aren’t off the clock.
The CNA's also resent the people they care for, despite being paid. Also PHD is far off from being required to be a CNA.

CNA is literally like a entry level nursing position and I would really hesitate to call them a 'medical professional.' They can administer things and they get paid to clean shit bed pans and bathe them, but I'll be honest when you're that old you basically are mentally an infant. It's just unfortunate that old folk's homes that pay workers more, but that's why their clients get abused and taken advantage of by entry level nursing positions.

>> No.10582066

My mother is a physically abusive psychotic bitch who gets worse and worse with age (flat earther, thinks aliens are going to take us to an otherworldly paradise if we overthrow the government). I'll take care of my father if need be but that cunt can fend for herself when the time comes.

>> No.10582071

This. Having kids is something you do because you want to raise KIDS, not because you want long term elderly care.

If you bring another human into the world for selfish or transactional reasons then you deserve whatever disappointment you feel when those independent humans grow up to not be exactly how you planned or wanted them to be.

>> No.10582078

>thinks aliens are going to take us to an otherworldly paradise if we overthrow the government

Do you have any proof she’s wrong about this part though? Flat earth is BS but the Gov obviously knows about Aliens and doesn’t want the gen pop to know.

>> No.10582079

Also have a psycho mom. She isn't even old (only 40) and already awful. Not spending any time or money on her care when she was a psycho bitch and I managed to stay alive and turn out okay in spite of her, not because of her. I'd take care of my dad if I had the money but he's dead. And I plan to help care for my one remaining grandma financially if the stress of having evil awful children like my mother and uncle doesn't kill her before she needs the help.

>> No.10582082

>Also, you only end up in a nursing home if you're poor.

This isn’t true. Most people who are actually poor can’t afford nursing homes and live with family, or on a more morbid note, just live alone until they die from being unable to care for themselves. There are also plenty of elderly care facilities that market themselves as higher end and cost hundreds of thousands to get into.

>> No.10582086


Yup. The argument of "but what if you need blood and kidneys and caregiving??!?" Will never hold up for people who don't want kids because you need to first of all foster a bond that will actually hold up through times of hardship, and I'm pretty sure shitting out kids to be free caregivers with no love or purpose will end really well and totally fulfill that purpose /s

>> No.10582091

>flat earther, thinks aliens are going to take us to an otherworldly paradise if we overthrow the government
Real ass dude of the year

>> No.10582093

Nta but the point is most people with jobs and children don't have the time and energy to care for someone with dementia or alzheimers. Love has nothing to do with it.

>> No.10582094

my grandma moved into a high end "retirement village" kind of place. she basically lived in a big gated townhouse community (one floor only). it had gardens and a pond, and she had a caregiver that would take care of her, like clean her house, drive her to the store or shop for her. my mom and her hated eachother, so she spent all the money for my mother's inheritance on her homecare.

>> No.10582126

Your grandma sounds based

>> No.10582165

>Bring people into the world so they're obligated to clean after you when you're shitting your pants
You sound entitled. I feel so bad for your girlfriend.

>> No.10582172


Sounds like you have a plan for yourself. Are you ready to take care of your mom too?

>> No.10582186

All brought to you by the societal expectation of a nucleur family.

>> No.10582199

Why does every feels thread made by soup turn into a dumpster fire spergfest

>> No.10582200

I can’t get my medication because I recently married and changed my name. My doctor won’t give me a prescription without the names matching and my insurance takes almost two weeks now to send me a new card. But I’m actually doing great atm

>> No.10582270

You're assuming the worst case scenario. Most old people can look after themselves but need assistance for certain tasks. Yes obviously if someone has a severe medical condition that changes things. I'm talking about relatively healthy individuals who just get put in a home because nobody wants to deal with them.

Pensions here generally cover the cost of a nursing home.

Obviously there are legitimate reasons for people to be put in nursing homes but the majority of residents there are able people who were out there because they couldn't afford anything else.

Also there is zero chance a PhD goes anywhere near the patients. It's 100% low skilled immigrants.

>> No.10582271

look at me guess I'm an influencer now

>> No.10582279

>Why does every feels thread turn into a dumpster fire spergfest


>> No.10582281

Remember when most was cgl related? Yeah me neither

>> No.10582299

Girls are pretty. This is good.

>> No.10582303

confirming this. They like to beat the elderly too because being a refugee or immigrant can be very stressful.

>> No.10582387

>Girls are pretty
This makes me sad

>> No.10582391

Just got into a bad car wreck while wearing lolita. If you see a tiktok with a lolita standing on the side of the road in melty sky, it's me. The wreck wasn't our fault, we got rammed while we were turning on a green left arrow. Some teenager ran a light going like 50 and hit the passenger side (my side).

I got knocked unconscious cause I was looking down and scooched up forward on my seat when the airbags deployed. If we had been turned any further she would have smashed into the passenger door instead of the headlight and I'd be so fucked. I'm glad I'm not dead guys. Near death experiences are nuts.

>> No.10582394

That's some wild shit anon, glad you made it out there ok! Hope your brand didnt get too fucked either

>> No.10582396
File: 233 KB, 1068x2048, 164343638_479329449763435_905154294479754332_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The bow on one of my AP rings broke off somewhere in the car, hoping to find it when we go get our stuff out from the cabin so I can glue it back on (picrel lol). Other than that, got some indentations in my AP tps, oil stain on melty sky socks, and some of the pleather on my melty moon bag seems to have ripped off. I feel like the dmg to the shoes/bag isn't super noticeable but it bugs me.

And we had just gotten take out BBQ and it go covered in oil/glass. Sad day but glad we're not hurt.

>> No.10582398

damn crazy stuff. hopefully you didnt get any lingering trauma, stay safe

>> No.10582402

make the person that hit you buy you some brand

>> No.10582403


I would call it grateful and dutiful. I'll take care of my mother when she gets old until she dies since I am grateful for her care and she deserves to not have her last years be surrounded by people waiting for her to hurry up and die.

Yes. It's one of my biggest goals in life is to earn enough money that I will be able to take care of her in her old age.

>> No.10582404

that's terrifying. I'm glad you're okay!
this, say your back hurts and squeeze some money out of them

>> No.10582405 [DELETED] 

>see exact petti I was about to order on LM for $30 cheaper than new
>120 cm waistline
damn I hate fatties

>> No.10582438

Probably gonna have some ptsd from it desu. My bf is more shaken up than me. The poor guy. Even though it 100% wasn't his fault he's blaming himself and feeling like shit and it makes me so sad since he is a great driver and always does everything right.

Thanks gulls. And oh for sure. I don't even have to play up back pain, my shoulder/neck is pretty fucked and the hospital discharge papers diagnosed us with deep contusions (bf has a chest wall contusion). I'm in a lot of pain and I have a gnarly bruise on my leg. Like I can't get comfortable with how bad my neck/shoulder/knee hurts. It fucking hurts to laugh. We're contacting our friendly neighborhood ambulance chaser asap.

OH BTW I didn't mention the fact that our car spun around wildly like three times. Horrifying and I'm glad I was knocked out for that part of the experience. Getting hit by a car is very loud, too. Seems obvious but I never thought about what an awful and loud noise it makes.

>> No.10582444


I remember the time an old couple rammed into me when I was learning to drive and the old man got out to blame me even though I wasn't in the wrong.

>> No.10582445

Boomer moment

>> No.10582452
File: 20 KB, 345x437, 201801-s-03-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally got invoiced for my IW order but the only product I was really excited about (pic related) is apparently out of stock... guess I'll set up my saved search again...

>> No.10582593

Hi gulls, I am the nic addict anon from a few months ago. Just checking in to finally announce I have completely kicked my habit and been clean for a few weeks now! It felt really good waking up next to my man and hearing him say "Your skin is so clear, it must be because you're not smoking anymore". Like (!!!!!) I felt like it hardly made a difference, especially for a man to notice. It made me giddy like a fucking high school freshman! Aaahhhhh!

>> No.10582600

Sorry to hear this happened anon. I got hit by a kid clearly stoned out of his mind, and while the treatments did nothing to help my pain (my back is FUCKED) I did get to set aside a little money for what I call the "fuck that shitty jeep" dress.

>> No.10582602

grats! You won't smell bad anymore either. As a previous addict I never knew how bad I smelt till I came clean. I feel so embarrassed about it now.

>> No.10582605

JFC, I hope you treat yourself to some top tier brand after that

>> No.10582606

Truthfully I haven't touched cigs in over a year because I switched to vape before fully quitting. But I'm no longer noseblind to either, I hardly even realized vape has a weird synthetic scent until I tossed all my shit. What I will truly miss is my favorite edgy pastime of smoke shots in a full sweet coord.

>> No.10582642

I don't care if you whores are tired of strawberry prints I want a Melty Berry Princess rerelease

>> No.10582664

same, sis, same.

>> No.10582670

I want to wear cosplay around the house but it's uncomfortable. I can't move freely, I can't lie down whenever. Any kind of gloves feel too thick for me to wear while using my pc. I can't make a helmet and straps around my head give me a headache no matter how lose. Casual clothes are peak comfy and anything that looks cool is too impractical.

>> No.10582674

My head hurts again

>> No.10582693


I'm fresh from a two day long headache.

>> No.10582704


>> No.10582765

Why do ytppl pretend smokers have a "smell" to them? Literally not true.

>> No.10582766

Yes they do, moron.

>> No.10582767

I think it might vary from smoker. Some people can absolutely reek of cigarettes while others don't smell *as* pungent. Imo it might have to do with an overall person's hygiene and their smoking habits (do they smoke only outdoors or do they smoke indoors?)

>> No.10582770

They literally stink like stale cigarette smoke all the time. Their clothes. Their cars. Everything stinks.

>> No.10582771

Yeah fuck those white people and not wanting to smell your cancer fumes amirite

>> No.10582774

They do

>> No.10582776

Obviously white people are scourge because no one else can smell cig smoke but white people, because white people are evil.

You know what? We should go outside their houses and burn crosses and tell them to get out of here!

>> No.10582777

Nice b8 from someone who is prolly actually white and just bored

>> No.10582781

You can also end up with retarded children you end up taking care of until YOU die.

>> No.10582788

>You know what? We should go outside their houses and burn crosses and tell them to get out of here!
Why do you want to feel oppressed so bad

>> No.10582866

I wish lolita outfits were smaller desu.
It looks better on smaller girls in general and accentuates their thin figures.
Fatties just ruin the style.

>> No.10582868

MM is wonderful! You should look forward to it. What dress is it?

>> No.10582871

Some 'fatties' look alright to me. Depends what you consider fat. People here think a ~68cm waist is fat. I think anything above 75cm waist is fat personally. Also depends on their body shape. If their waist is smaller and they have a more pear/hourglass shape I think it can look okay if they know how to dress for their body type. If they have a big stomach, though... I haven't seen fatties with a big stomach look good in lolita.

>> No.10582872

A 68cm waist IS fat though unless someone is like 6ft and at that point it’s probably a troon and that’s a whole other set of problems on its own.

>> No.10582873

The chances of having a retarded child is very slim and if I'm honest, depending on the level of retardation, I would just give them up. I also plan on having more than one child, so even if one turns out bad, there's at least one more.

I know a couple with a very heavily autistic teenager, as in completely non-verbal, still shits himself and dry humps guests. Their entire lives are just looking after him; they will die, he won't care and he'll just go into state care. I personally think they should just cut out of the "take care of him until you die" part and just give up parental rights now and put their efforts into themselves or at least other people who could appreciate their care on a deeper level other than comfort. He wouldn't care if they died, he would only be upset that his routine has changed, there's no point in ruining your entire life for that to be your legacy.

>> No.10582874


Why what? Why wear cosplay at home?

>> No.10582875

68 is fucking huge you God damn whale. Holy shit.

>> No.10582881

y'all have to be larping, even when i was anorexic and sub 100 lbs i had like a 65 cm waist and 3 cm isn't a huge difference

i wish gulls would stop projecting their insecurities about their body on everyone else, it's nasty

>> No.10582882


It's a matter of height.

>> No.10582883

I’m sorry you’re built like a fridge but that isn’t normal

>> No.10582884

yeah, i'm like 5'4. even then it's still not huge, and i wasn't fat or thick looking at all.

i have 0 doubt that most people posting stuff like that don't fit their own standard of "thin."

>> No.10582885

That's because you're a man and have a rectangular torso. Normal women don't have that problem.

>> No.10582886

>rectangular shaped women don't exist

>> No.10582888

FYI. 68cm is barely considered a small (almost a medium) in most brands.
And medium is code for fat.

>> No.10582890

American brands I’m sure. Which have fatty vanity sizing. But jp brands? No

>> No.10582891

this is 18+ site

>> No.10582892

Well I'm talking American brands you fat whale. And 68cm is medium in American.

>> No.10582893

I’m not the fatty. I’m saying 68cm is fat and American sizing calling that a small doesn’t mean it’s actually small. God you’re fucking retarded. Learn to keep up with a conversation fucking sped.

>> No.10582895

Eat a sandwich then you dumb skeleton holy fuck clearly your brain needs nutrition if you can't even tell that I was literally calling it fat in the post you initially responded to.

>> No.10582896

>u FAT!!
>no U are FAT!!!!!!
>st upid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reminder that /cgl/'s primary age group is like 27-35

>> No.10582898

To be fair, most women outside of /cgl/ also act like this. I’ve worked in tons of woman dominated spaces and this is not an uncommon thing.

>> No.10582900

/cgl/ is at it's best when it's girls ripping into each other about shit nobody can verify and nobody should really care about.

>> No.10582904

It's like that one scene in metalocalypse where people are screaming "you're gay!" at eachother over the internet.

>> No.10582905

You smell.

>> No.10582907

>recover from having anorexia
>come back to /cgl/

oh no

>> No.10582916

I mean, I still don't really see a 68cm waist as fat. If people get the numbers out of the equation and just look at a human being on the street I don't think people would really think of them as a fatty.

As >>10582881 said, 65cm waist isn't that big a difference and ya'll thinking 65cm waist fat? I just don't understand it at all. Feel free to think 68cm waist is huge but idk if I'm convinced. If anybody has pictures of someone with a 68cm waist exactly I'd be happy to see them and re-evaluate but those I've seen with 65cm - 68cm look fine.

>> No.10582920

get out of here, seriously. Or at least stick to stuff like the fashion-centric threads that are least likely to have gulls yelling at each other about weight

>> No.10582921

Don't let /cgl/ trip you up, just pay attention to your personal circumstances and medical advice, anon.

>> No.10582922

Isn't height and proportion the most important part anyways? maybe 68cm is fat if you're like 4'10 but definitely not if you're tall. I'm 5'8 and had a 70cm waist when I was underweight

>> No.10582926

the most important part is not listening to what retard gulls have to say about bodies.

>> No.10582927

Yeah, exactly. A japanese medium is probably more likely to be around 68cm simply because people, on average, are shorter in japan. Everywhere else, it's not so much being fatter as it is just naturally scaling up because you're taller. I think so, anyway.

I suppose I can see 68cm waist being fatter on a 4'10ft person, actually. I'm talking, like, 5'4ft+, though.

>> No.10582928


>> No.10582930

yeah either these gulls are all uwu tiny girls under 5 ft tall or they're talking out of their asses

>> No.10582935

weight discussions just make me laugh now bc of French ana-chan existing. i know she's on the exact opposite end of the spectrum but it shows that, when it comes to /cgl/, it's entirely a "damned if you do damned if you don't" situation

being ultra skinny doesn't make you cute, ultimately as long as you're not overweight and your face isn't offensive you're golden

>> No.10582951

u must be really really short or have a skeleton kink lmao

>> No.10582982

I am becoming so dead inside that I can't even hear the voice at the back of my head screaming anymore.

>> No.10582992

Are you drinking enough water?

>> No.10582994

Idk. Dehydration can do that to you?

>> No.10583011

Dehydration is the cause of like... 90% of our problems.

>> No.10583030

Eglantyne jsk in pink! I’m a sucker for florals.

>> No.10583040

I’m annoyed because mine come and go very easy, literally every time I sleep it cures itself but than another one appears a day after

>> No.10583047

My headaches are similar. I’ve narrowed it down to a few causes: dehydration headache, caffeine withdrawal headache, bad neck position and posture headache, and/or jaw clenching TMJ headache.

The worst ones are the caffeine withdrawal headache. I used to chug half a can of monster energy drinks every morning to keep the headache away then sip on another can throughout the day and night

>> No.10583055
File: 122 KB, 360x474, 1610820785948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sitting here thinking that our entire lives are meant to gain capital all for the sake of a fiat currency that begins to devalue the moment you get it because some fat bastard wanted to keep playing grab-ass in Vietnam. Now I have to give up more time to gamble and give a shit about stocks in a losing battle (dollar's fucked long-term) to retain some value in the time I gave up to make my boss money. And I have to pay money for the substance the state deems acceptable to not constantly feel like shit, but now I'm just poorer and don't want to have sex. I get nihilism now.
But damn, I got a really nice moss green dress, and that shit is my color.

>> No.10583059

Monster Ripper used to be my favourite until stores started importing Pipeline Punch. I don't understand why the white Absolute Zero is a meme. It tastes bad and makes me a little nauseous.

Money is just means to an end. It doesn't matter. What matters is what you make of it.

>> No.10583061

>And I have to pay money for the substance the state deems acceptable to not constantly feel like shit, but now I'm just poorer and don't want to have sex.
rip anon. after ~8 years of taking an antidepressant i went cold turkey (nobody needs to tell me how stupid that is, i know). being able to actually feel negative emotions is pretty wild and i'm having to relearn how to manage them

but i can feel vagina tingles again and i lost 5 pounds, so that's cool

>> No.10583064

>bad neck position and posture headache, and/or jaw clenching TMJ headache.
Can you even get headaches from that, I thought mine are too much electronics and shitty diet

>> No.10583073
File: 103 KB, 826x945, TMJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.10583131

Nayrt but I have been wondering if my jaw sort of clicking when I fully open it can be a sign of this? I suffer from headaches also and it seems I can't fully relax my jaw especially when I'm stressed. However it's never painful to move my jaw even if it clicks and pops.

>> No.10583143

I am trying to fix my sleep schedule. I want to sleep so bad but I must stay awake for nine more hours. I don't have the brain power to do anything.

>> No.10583153

we're in this together

>> No.10583154

I had this for years then i just went away on its own

>> No.10583156

I’m in my 30s and my jaw still clicks non stop. Drives me nuts.

>> No.10583166

I dated someone who's jaw clicked and it pissed me off so badly I put serious consideration to just punching their jaw into place in one desicive shot but I dont think they'd be ok with that, much less in the surprise manner I had planned.

>> No.10583167

2edgy desu~

>> No.10583197

Nah, I have misophonia, I hate chewing sounds as it is

>> No.10583290

Ayrt yes that might be a sign, check with your doctor though. My jaw clicks too but doesn’t hurt. I get Botox injections twice a year on my jaw muscles to treat the headaches.

>> No.10583291

Just learned my mother is having an affair and I've been unknowingly bankrolling it.

>> No.10583328

Pissed off at a friend that just came down with covid and is spreading it everywhere and not quarantining. They are getting the government assistance for it as well.

Turns out said friend went to a bar and got into a fight, had their ear ripped and the kicker is, they went to a friend's place to get it sewn up rather...than a hospital.

I'm tired of hearing stories about this friend every week now. There's always something and when he caught covid, we thought he'd finally chill out but no.

>> No.10583329

Even with adults it's not usually 'just a friend.'

We've gotten into this weird age of acceptance of emotional cheating on partners, lol. It's just enabling the next steps that come after.

>> No.10583347

>6ft and at that point it’s probably a troon
Sad mention for the west/north Europeans where this length is somewhat common for woman and just a bit above average. Also:
>tfw you're ancestors where discribed in historical Japanese books as "big nosed red haired giants"

>> No.10583349

Anon are you sure he's a friend? Because the way you talk about him/her sounds more like an annoying acquittance you dislike but can't despose of in a socially acceptable manner.

>> No.10583353

>Even with adults it's not usually 'just a friend.'
Maybe surround yourself with better people if that's your experience. I have many friends of the opposite gender and never cheated even if I could, and I know a lot of people just the same. Altrough there are enough assholes who cheat, there are also enough people with basic decency not to.

>> No.10583359

>ny friends of the opposite gender and never cheated even if I could, and I know a lot of people just the same. Altrough there are enough assholes who cheat, ther

Depends on how close you are to people. I'm not saying friends aren't a thing, but you shouldn't be emotionally leaning into other people while in a relationship to extreme degrees.

Also in case you didn't realize, people usually don't have control of the people that their partner surrounds themselves with. I'm not entirely sure why you're thinking it's a 'me' thing. I've just seen a lot of girls normalize using a guy as an emotional bf while neglecting their own relationship and telling the guy they should prioritize the friend over the relationship they are in in this current day and age.

So - yeah, go ahead and think it's about me. You sound like someone that probably is included in the shit-for-boundaries category that got salty.

>> No.10583410


>> No.10583433

I just want to live in peace and to have to care about the outside world. What I would give to be a peasant in years gone. Nothing outside of your little plot of a land mattered. New king? Doesn't change anything except who collects my taxes. New religion? Doesn't matter since I don't have a church near me anyway. Some army is burning down the capital? Doesn't matter, I'm not near the capital. All that matters is a healthy body, a healthy family and a healthy crop.

Sweet oblivion
A season to miss, parting
Maybe some time else

>> No.10583494

Oh to be a garden hermit


>> No.10583496

I married someone who’s jaw also clicks so we can just click away together in harmony

>> No.10583510

I feel so depressed gulls, even when I have no reason to be. I live in a niceish place and have a good paying job and a loving partner, even got a $10k raise at work recently. But some days I lie in bed incapable of doing anything no matter how much I want to and feeling guilty about it, worried my employer will fire me because I'm not as productive as I want to be, even though I've been given no indication that's a concern. I tried to get testing done to see if I have ADHD or another condition that may be the reason for some of my executive dysfunction, mood issues, etc. but the person doing intake was being really mean to me because I was groomed by a pedo as a child and never got up the courage to report the guy. Basically blaming me if he ever groomed or hurt anyone else. I didn't tell them about my interest in lolita because I didn't want to make their judgement of me even worse. Other offices for psychiatric evaluation haven't responded to my requests for appointments yet.

I just want to figure out what's wrong with me and get better but even the people I'm trying to pay to help me do that are callous and unprofessional about things. I've had bad experiences with one therapist in the past that's made it hard for me to reach out for help, and the one really great one I was seeing before the pandemic is overbooked so I wasn't able to see her and talk about how things are going either.

*sigh* even my burando doesn't make me happy to wear or look at lately. I'm not sure what I should do. I am vaccinated at least so maybe going to the gym now that it's safer for me should provide some serotonin and confidence in my body when I feel up to wearing lolita again. I don't have a ton of friends besides people I met in college. Maybe I should try to form closer relationships with some of my comm members or other people with similar interests.

>> No.10583526
File: 94 KB, 1024x676, 1566678928056m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no gf because everywhere I go is nothing but gay dudes
Any of you gulls want to date? Must be on the east coast or willing to relocate, I'll pay the bulk of moving fees if we seem cool together.

Some things about me
>6 figures job (low 6 figures but I don't live in cali either)
>Mid 20s
>keep somewhat fit through jogging and calisthenics (160, enough muscle to be self sufficient by dyel by /fit/ standards)
>some minor acne scars on my nose but new face care routine has gotten rid of basically all of it
>low maintenance and cost. Happier to spend money on you and dates than myself.
>low number of sexual partners but greater than 0.
>I drive a tesla and have my own house
>cosplay some armored characters
>like the lolita style (I'm not gonna wear it though)

Any girls interested? All I ask for is to be there for me to watch movies with on the weekend and cuddle. Sex periodically but no rush.
If you wanna live with me cooking would be nice cause I suck at it. But I'll do dishes and laundry.

>be less than 140 pounds
>at least be somewhat cute
>like anime or other geek hobbies we can bond over
>isn't going to sperg about politics 24/7

>> No.10583533

Your hand doesn’t count as a sexual partner buddy. Be gone scrote.

>> No.10583535

You sound nice and this art is cute but if you're from /vp/ that is one hell of a red flag

>> No.10583538

Ha, unfortunately it's not the /vp/ flag. It's the /u/ flag.

>> No.10583542

I literally wish you were my boyfriend instead of my current bf. But I'm too into political theory to leave you for him, so

>> No.10583543

If you're actually serious about this you should try to provide other interests or facets about yourself cause this makes you sound pretty boring desu

>> No.10583548

Well to be quite honest I am boring and I'm happy with that.
I'm not the type person who likes excitement or outgoing things.
Give me some vidya to play, some books about dragons, and a stack of manga. And I'll be a happy man. I wish more girls were like that desu, rather than having "fun" together, I really just want someone I can enjoy being with.

>> No.10583559

I just saw the mention of "gay" here, and that made me remember that I've felt fed up with gay people and wished I could be friends with some cishets. Well, that was what I felt when most of my interactions were with cosplayers. But now that I haven't had much to do with other people in I while I just feel like I don't care much anymore.
Some of it may be how gay people just constantly show off their privilege. They can be open about their sexuality, and they have the social community around themselves to be open about it, unlike me, I barely have anything resembling friends. And if I were gay, I'd have to keep it secret because I don't have any friends that I'm close enough to to say that.
And I've always had to keep it secret that I've been cishet, in the cosplay community partly because people I hang out with take pride in not talking to cishets, but also in "real life", society really shames one for liking someone else. I'd open myself up to bullying if I were open about having romantic feelings for others.

>> No.10583563

normie reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gtfo normie scum

>> No.10583569

maybe you're just bored. find something you can immerse yourself in that makes you happy.

>> No.10583572

>I just saw the mention of "gay" here, and that made me remember that I've felt fed up with gay people
Me when my friends keep going out for iced coffee. Fuck yall. Give my wallet a break.

>> No.10583578


Making fun of soup brings me joy. The ayrt should try it.

>> No.10583579

I hate asexuals.

>> No.10583581

>I'll pay the bulk of moving fees if we seem cool together.
>the bulk
red flag already, if you're not willing to pay all moving fees would you really be willing to spend money on your gf?

>> No.10583583

I >>10583559 think I should stop feeling this way, I'm not homophobic or anything but it's still not a good thing when seeing gay flags annoys me. That wasn't how I felt before. Cosplayers can be really shitty about these things, and I partly feel trapped in cosplay anyway, I don't have many friends so I'm forced to keep going to cons and cosplay events for some social interaction.

I told that thing to a friend who's gay, and I think they may have been hurt, and I want to apologize for saying it to them when I knew it'd be an attack against them, I felt I should've done it many months ago but I also said that I was cishet when I told them that and the combined shame of having said that and the worry and shame about how they'd react when they knew I were cishet made me scared.
Now I don't feel that much worry about them knowing I'm cishet, so I just need to say it some time.
I miss them now, haven't talked since, but I'm also just really toxic to them in general so maybe I just should give up on them. I still feel like I need to apologize though.

Asexuals really annoy me. They act like they are some sort of oppressed sexual minority, when they actually are the least oppressed out of all.
Everyone who feels attraction to other people have to live with the shame in society and the fear of being hated for who you like. Asexuals are free from all this. And whatever things asexuals have to complain about apply to everyone else too if they're in the same situation.

>> No.10583584

I'm asexual, but I just can't stand other asexuals to the point I'd rather die alone than date one. The one thing I dislike about being asexual is that I'm stuck between those two choices.

>> No.10583586

that anon should definitely not do that. I was thinking stuff like lolita vlogs, read books, get into photog etc.

>> No.10583589

Because doing part is different than doing everything.
I'm not hiring a servant, I expect someone I'm with to at the very least be able to provide for themselves if I didn't exist. While I'm more than happy to help out with things, I'm not your dad.

>> No.10583591

Any straight gulls here constantly attract lesbians. Even before I got into lolita, in college with normies the only gay girl out of the group would "joke" about making out with me. At house parties the experimenting girls would get drunk and try to kiss me. Became a lolita, went to a meet, got touched and hugged by a member who I later found out was lesbian. Looks wise people generally call me cute, never beautiful or pretty. Anyone else go through this?

>> No.10583592

You can tell soup is an Asian male bc when bored one of his top hobby ideas is to get into photography kek

>> No.10583593

I guess a limited dating pool is one limitation of being asexual. desu I've never really known if asexuals are interested in dating at all, I've kind of assumed they don't even though I've seen some talk about it

>> No.10583595

Some are interested, some aren't. I am, but it's not something I need and definitely not to the point I'll date someone I can't stand just because I have no other option.

>> No.10583596

The only red flag here is that you expect a potential partner to pay for all of your moving expenses like you're his sugar baby. Grow up.

>> No.10583600

I wasn't listing off my hobbies. my hobbies are looking at pictures of big trucks, chopping wood, carrying heavy things from one place to the next, wood working, and other manly things.

>> No.10583601

I've waited since January or December for Love Heart Embroidery to release and it's going up for reservation tomorrow. But I think I'm too tall for it, and honestly, I just can't personally justify spending nearly $400 on a dress when I have dresses I love already in my closet. It's such an adorable dress, I love embroidery accents... I hope one day I might be able to get it. But that's what dream dresses are.

I'm a little bummed, but I'll let it go.

>> No.10583604

I actually kinda sympathize with asexuals. I was constantly pressured to date when I really wasn't interested in anything besides playing sports, watching Fist of the North Star, and listening to the Bad Brains. It got really fucking annoying. It felt almost like everyone had decided to place this obligation I didn't care for without bothering to ask what I wanted. I avoided mixed groups for years because of it.

>> No.10583615

>new release is an instant DD
>refuses to buy it for retail when it'd be easy to reserve
>*sigh* guess that's just how DDs work huh

A...anon...you do realize, that is literally not how DDs work?

>> No.10583621

this has happened too me a lot too and a couple i'm thinking of off the top of my head were super pushy and made me feel really shitty

>> No.10583626

maybe you look like a lesbian

>> No.10583651
File: 678 KB, 560x686, farout_lolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lockdown 2020
>gets fat, can't find my brand
>move to dangerous/high-crime area
>get followed by men, offered money, harrassment
>get depressed, misses Lolita, feels like I need to cover up to stay safe and not get followed home
>dig around on eBay, start vibing with old granny jumper dresses from the 1990s
>pair these sunday school teacher dresses with lolita blouses and the puffy sleeves that have come into fashion
>learns about the cottagecore trend
>sounds like my vibe, maaannn
>continue to buy frumpy things, get compliments from old ladies, pair back with AP accessories and jewelry, purses too
>runway for spring 2021 generates articles focusing on cottagecore as a normie-recognized trend
>go out today and get 6 separate compliments from strangers for cottagecore outfit

I'll get back into my brand eventually, but I am so happy to have re-kindled this fuzzy feeling under current life circumstances.

>> No.10583653
File: 61 KB, 750x750, 98ba48c230f378e064a02ec15c3b7227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Come nightfall I was no longer sleepy. I managed to go to sleep sometime between 11 and 12pm. I dreamt I was either sleeping in my room or walking around the house but everything was darker than irl. Normally there is light coming from the street and I also leave a light on so the house doesn't look abandoned. I woke up at 3:25am and it was a struggle to sleep until sunrise when I gave up. How about you?


I wish my country and continent weren't going to hell. I would move to a rural area, get a pet hedgehog and breed insects to release in the wild. Bees, butterflies and cicadas.

>> No.10583665


Nice, anon! I love cottagecore as well, even if people here make fun of it for being a tiktok trend. It's much easier to make a coord out of imo and it feels more relaxed. I still wear lolita a lot, but cottagecore is when I need to get out of a rut and I want to lounge around in dreamy 1970s clothing.

>> No.10583669

I've never met a lolita I've clicked with and I'm losing hope I will ever have a lolita friend.

>> No.10583671
File: 177 KB, 900x506, nene2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get my start date for my first full-time job out of uni
>very good money
>now more worried about finding work between graduation and the start date so i can keep funding my lolita spending habits

anyone need a full stack developer for...... 5 months

>> No.10583701

>I have all these [objects] why am I not happy?

Because [objects] don't make people happy.

>> No.10583704

You're a piece of shit

>> No.10583705

Gay flags annoy me because I hate the prevalent gay culture. I fucking despise effiminate lispy gays and their fucking generic cookie cutter personalities that they all have. They're all so fucking uncomfortable with themselves that they've adopted a personality that isn't them to avoid being hurt. They're so fucking promiscuous to make up for their bottomless pit of self-confidence that their entire life becomes the solicitation of sex. Then when you address their awful personality they bring out the defensive narcissism, "You hate me cause you ain't me." type of shit.

Just fucking act like a normal human being. I don't even hate homosexuality, that's just how some people are but I really fucking hate gay culture.

>> No.10583710

So is /cgl/ a dating board already ?

>> No.10583712
File: 836 KB, 498x292, 2ac45868f16c88f0aedcbf91752f8fa3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Make a small game!


Objects don't make people happy. People with objects make people happy.

>> No.10583713

Same. In my country we are still vaccinating people who are over 65.

>> No.10583715

This is a bad place to look for a gf. Gulls fall into 3 categories

>Girls who make $$$ and already have a man/woman or just don't want one
>Mental and/or physical chronic illness and requires a caretaker
>Fat and/or ugly

>> No.10583716

Two categories then. The rich and the deranged fatties.

>> No.10583717

pls post contact info

>> No.10583725

Nta, I have never been fat. I have a boyfriend so am not actively flirting but I have noticed that most guys I get to know look me more like a friend from the start. Even if they don't know I have a boyfriend. I think it has to do with my character more than my looks.

Then I have this friend of mine who is about as skinny as me but she has very different character from me she is kind of shy and cute in a shy way and she gets flirted everywhere.

>> No.10583726

Sometimes your kids are not going to take care of you and I would hate the idea that my parents made me to be their nurse. They have their own lives they are not here for you even if you made them.

>> No.10583727

Your kid can also die before you.

>> No.10583730

You'll feel a lot better if you hunt down and expose that pedo.

>> No.10583731

I'm deranged, but I'm not fat.

>> No.10583733

I have things I can easier tell to my friends than my boyfriend as he is not that good with talking about things he is not interested. But I also don't consider that big of a difference between the feelings to my friends and my boyfriend. I love them both and they are both as important to me. I just don't have sex, kiss or live with anyone else than my boyfriend.

>> No.10583734

You don’t kiss your parents ???

>> No.10583740 [DELETED] 

>tfw physically chronically I'll gull gf who can't walk by herself to take care of and constantly have sex with because she can't feel her lower body enough to get bothered by it

>> No.10583745

[email protected]

Im just gonna ask for a timestamps no b.s. Pic of yourself and to hear a bit about your interests and personality.
(I'll admit now though I don't have a tesla and just wanted to make a bit of a joke there. Got an apartment too but up in the air if I want to move into a townhouse or normal house once this lease expires, depending on my living situation next year I guess)

>> No.10583749
File: 247 KB, 2632x1583, red_alert_remastered_tesla_tank_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't have a tesla

>> No.10583750

I find tesla to be extremely overrated. Sure he had some nice ideas but overall there's a good reason Edison is more well known.

>> No.10583758

No, we don't do that in the country I live.

>> No.10583766

Because he was easier to work with?

>> No.10583795

Same. I don't know what it is with this. The lolita's I've met are all nice, but I just can't get through the awkwardness and mind numbing small talk stage. I'm also a goth, and my experiences with trying to find goth friends has been awful too. They're either mean and envious type of bitter people, or just already have a big circle of like-minded friends and don't have any interest in new people. I'll never find any friends with similar hobbies. I'm just so tired of hanging out with people I have nothing in common with.

>> No.10583799

Every time I think im getting my autism under control, some situation will come along and ill have no idea what the person is trying to say. When someone I dont know is "kidding on the square", or complaining about something I do but then saying they're joking, I have no clue if they're being serious or not. Are they bringing up an issue with me but tying to soften it by saying they're joking? Am I retarded?

>> No.10583951

>6 figures
Damn you're cute. Number?

>> No.10583967


>> No.10584001

Also because he rushed to patent and profit from things by putting his name on it. I heard he even hijacked some patents and got his in first since he worked at a patent office. Not sure how true that is. Also Edison murdered an elephant to try to falsely prove alternating current was inherently safer than direct current or something. I Iike elephants so this offends me.

>> No.10584162

You could also die today, but you're not basing your entire life around unlikely scenarios.

>> No.10584164

I have this. Just assume complete seriousness in everything and eventually people stop trying to joke with you.

>> No.10584219

you have 2 options. have children, who MIGHT, no guarantees, take care of you, or have no children, and every guarantee, NO ONE will take care of you.

>> No.10584229

You summed up my point exactly.

>> No.10584234

Other way around. He used AC to electrocute the elephant because that was what Tesla primarily used and advocated for and Edison knew that for electrical grids, AC was absolutely the best option. If electrical grids were to run on DC power it would mean having a powerplant every few miles. So to demonstrate that "you don't want this in your house with your children" he killed an elephant with AC to show that "if it can kill a elephant, it can kill you." to discredit Tesla as a hack and who's inventions had no future. Despite the fact that the DC voltages running on electrical grids at that time were extremely high and way more dangerous.

>> No.10584293

And my point was to not have children if the only reason to make them is getting a nurse when you are old. If someone does not want kids they should not make kids and really the society should start to think some kind of plan for the future when less and less people are going to have kids. I am also happy to say that in my country we have many ways to help old people who are alone and also those are not expencive to the old people. It's not as scary to become old and alone here as it seems to be in USA.

>> No.10584300

Nobody said the only reason to have kids was to have them nurse you when you're older.

> the society should start to think some kind of plan for the future when less and less people are going to have kids

The plan is to get extremely rich and then spend all your money on a welfare state and simply wait out the old people until they die and the economy can grow again. Right now, countries which have substantial elderly populations are in what is called "Post-Growth" economies where even if the economy does grow, any money made is just put into the care for the elderly rather than towards productive means. That's what Japan and Germany have done. It's what China is trying to do before they get too old.

The other alternatives are
>Tax the working generation into the ground, resulting in social upheavel
>Let the old people fend for themselves, resulting in social upheavel
>Bankrupt the state with welfare, resulting in social upheavel.
>Import millions of cheap immigrants from countries which don't share any historical, ethnic or cultural ties to the natives, resulting in social upheavel

The only other option is to automate the entire economy which can't be done yet or take the Chinese method and just start euthanising people because you have such a massive surveilance state that any unrest gets immediately crushed like it's 1984.

>> No.10584308

Maybe I am wrong then. But a lot of this conversation sounded like trying to scare people who don't want kids into making them to have a nurse when they are old.

Thank you for the information about Japan and Germany.

>> No.10584405

I don’t want to, but that’s pretty much the only thing I can do at this point

>> No.10584453

What if I want to have kids for love? What then suckers?

>> No.10584489
File: 37 KB, 800x450, A0BF4251-220B-41EF-974B-9D3557F80FBF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10584494


>> No.10584504

On the kids and nursing homes thing, I feel there's massive cultural divide here. As an Asian, I will and must take care of my parents until they die just as they took care of my grandparents lest my whole extended family shun me. One day I hope to have kids of my own too, hopefully they won't get poisoned by the Western mind and take good care of elderly me.

>> No.10584527

depends on the type of home i guess.
its not that i don't care about my parents, its just a matter of what's better for them? being around my house alone all day losing their minds and hiding money inside the walls? or being at a home with nurses on call, surrounded by other old people who they can interact with and have things to do.
plus i mean taking care of them is fine, but i still need to work. and while i don't mind taking time off for them, taking 5-10 years off (how long it took my grandma to die for example) isn't a small thing to do.

>> No.10584571

I'm the original anon who started the shit storm and in full support of taking care of my mother until she dies. I'm white as snow

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