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last thread >>10572407

i think Misako looks ugly

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Would love to see what you look like anon.

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Sometimes i feel like she staring into my soul but she looks fine either way

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One time I agreed to receive/hold one a package for a lolita I was kind-of-but-not-really friends with while she was out of the country for a few months, and ate the mini-chocolates the seller had sent with it.

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This is the A+ confessions I am here for.
100% believable.

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I thought that at first too. I don't know what changed my opinion, though. Maybe it's just that I like her so the looks kinds weren't as important. Either way, whenever she's next to Midori, I'm blown away by Midori's beauty and Misako is just... there

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i bought a bunch of christmas presents for a friend im no longer friends with, she is a sweet lolita and the stuff I got would not go with my wardrobe but it makes me to sad to sell them now

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Under my dresses are probably most of the time messy ripped apart tights because they never fit properly so I have to cut a hole in the crotch

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she kind of has a lazy eye

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not any better than her, doesn't change anything
how does a crotch hole help them fit??

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That's a good way to get runs in your tights. Just take the time to properly turn them into OTKs and wear them with garter belts to hold them up.

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Why wouldn’t you just lose weight? The lengths fats will go to to avoid being healthy I s2g

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This why would you cut a hole in them wtf

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Some people are also just taller than 5'2" anon

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I’m 5’6” and I can wear all AP tights just fine. Not even considered thin, just average. Whoever says they can’t fit in them is 100% fat.

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It’s considered tall for lolita. You sound like a LARPer who doesn’t actually know anything about the fashion.

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Not everyone is tall in the same way and like >>10583238 said 5'6 is not even tall

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It is for lolita. What is with all these newfags coming in and talking out of their ass?

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5'6" is definitely not considered tall for lolita anymore with most dresses being around 90cm now

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The length of the skirt doesn’t change the fit of the bodice and sleeves. Quit talking out of your ass.

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I am not saying it isn't tall for lolita, I am saying that there are people taller than that trying to dress in lolita in the western comm.
Not even saying brands should adjust, it is just why people have the problem.

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You were implying it isn’t and now you’re backtracking.

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NAYRT but taobao tights run really small, I'm a 5'8" noodle and just convert (non-brand) tights to OTKs. Ripping them is just a disservice, you deserve better anon

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I'm 5'9" and have no issue fitting into brand. You just sound fat

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We really take a generally bad looking fashion far too seriously. I came to this realization while staring at the coords between the CoF and ita threads and fuck, the majority of wearers really don't understand fit and even if they do, so many of the designs are just incredibly retarded looking.

That being said, I still love the fuck out of what I have, and will be buried in my brand. We just look so fucking stupid, hah.

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NTA but this issue isn't exclusive to fat girls. I have a 26 inch waist and can't wear AP tights because my thighs and ass are just too big for them.

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I said I have no issue fitting into it retard. Way to project

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....If you cut a hole in them the jagged edges start unravelling, which leads to runs in your tights....which is why you finish the edges so that

egh. I already knew you were trolling. Whatever.

Anyway, just posting for those who are too tall for tights. Properly cut them up and turn them into socks, don't just cut the crotch and leave them to unravel. Even if they were cheapie taobao, planning to go to a meetup and leaving it to chance whether or not your tights get a run is just bad planning. Peace.

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I was agreeing with the other post dumbass

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Maybe for salopettes and miniskirts but considering JSKs have adjustable straps and longer lengths for height they can account for your measly 2 extra inches of height
And again - not everyone carries their height in the same way, if you're 5'6 with that height being in your torso then yeah tights meant for someone 5'4 and under would still fit you

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5’6” IS tall for a woman. In America the average height for a woman is 5’3”. You sound like a troon trying to cope

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i see now, you’re a fat stubby burger. explains a lot

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>Say I can fit into brand tights just fine, anyone who complains otherwise is probably fat

At least put an ounce of thought into your bullshit b8 posts

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>5'8" woman
>I tower over most people
>Mini skirts are a pipe dream

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it's okay blob-chan, women taller than 5'6 exist

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The amount of tranny cope is palpable

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i only go to meetups so i can flex how cute i am and the rare/sought after brand i own

i wear lolita outside of meetups all the time. i just find the people at meets really annoying so the only thing that makes going worth it to me peacock-ing

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hi as a 5’7” born as a woman woman please could you knock this shit off. It’s gross and I’m SICK of transphobes actually just coming for normal women who don’t fall into line as the cute little feminine long haired heterosexual pretty girls that you apparently so desperately want us to be.

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t. troon

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i think you've got it backwards though, the person you responded to is shaming someone for shitting on a specific women's body type. which is good.

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>being a blob is ok but being over 5”6 means you are a tranny

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why do you hate short women?

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>everyone under your height is a blob

This is the problem, troon. Putting down the vast majority of women so you feel better about your man-height.

>> No.10583298

can we stop shitting up EVERY. SINGLE. THREAD. with anonymous catfights about whose body type is more attractive.

we get it. it's boring.

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No. This has been going on on this board for the better part of a decade. It’s not gonna change.

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>27 inch waist means you’re obese
>5”6 height means you’re a tranny
sounds like /cgl/ alright

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27” waist do be kinda fat tho

>> No.10583309

not if you’re “tranny” height

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Kek I love how everyone is freaking out about the hole in my tights. I’m not too fat but they’re too short so they hang in my crotch. I will try to make them into otks and use a garter belt though! Thx to the anon who mentioned it

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Tbh even then. Just starve yourself. Being big isn’t kawaii

>> No.10583314

case in point

>> No.10583318

>being exactly both of those

Guess I'm an obese tranny. Lol
Can I get special privileges now with all these oppression points?

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Cgl is full of hobbits that forget some women have normal length femurs (and I say this as a 5 ft tall womanlet)

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Spotted the ana chan

>> No.10583393

>tfw 27inch at 5"4
guess i'm just gonna starve or kms

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I'm not particularly skinny (20ish BMI) but I have a comparatively small waist and it's honestly hell finding anything fitting in normie fashion. At least let me be happy I can fit into all the old school skirts.

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For whatever reason, I kinda hate seeing profiles on LM that are aged less than one year. Especially if I see that person's history only has popular AP items. Or if they are reselling something they bought just a couple months ago. It just gives me the fad/fast fashion vibes that I hate.

>> No.10583623

What about the opposite? My account is 4 years old and I only have 1 feedback

>> No.10583629

Especially when they bid up an item worth more than its value..
At least the seller is making bank

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I keep buying stuff as presents for my lolita friends and end up keeping them

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not a single place outside of proana forums, cgl and lolcow thinks 27" waist is fat for people who arent literal dwarves.

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Japan does

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27" fits most brand, it might be on the higher end of average there, but japanese women on average also have smaller frames and differently proportioned frames, more rectangle and banana shapes versus hourglass and pear shapes.

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Same lmao

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Nah that's perfectly fine. That's like me.
It just means you probably do most of your shopping on Japanese secondhand.

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Kek why are anorexics so argumentative

>> No.10583676

bruh its happened with like 4 neant glass pieces, a boz blouse, and an usakumya pencil case. I'm so selfish help

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27" is the minimum waist size on most shirred dresses are you retarded

>> No.10583787

My confession is despite having a sizeable wardrobe, I still get upset when I lose out on an item I want. It was my own fault for not paying enough attention, but it ruins my whole day.
I'm a daily lolita and love my frilly collection, but I think I like the thrill of nabbing something uncommon the most and I'm not sure if I like that.

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they're grumpy from hunger.

>> No.10583798

I have been selling old Taobao basics lately. I started them low, but for some reason people keep bidding them up higher than I paid for them new. I get there is some convenience in having it shipped from the US but, $20 over is a little wild.
I feel kind of bad, but also I am not going to tell them no.

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Same feel.
I'm not a daily lolita, but I feel stupidly crushed when I miss something. A literal pair of socks has ruined my day before. Liking AP in 2021 is hell.

>> No.10583874

same anon, same. most recently i ugly cried over missing petit bouquet during every drop. i think it's ok and normal to be sad about missing out on something you like, as long as it's not actually taking a toll on your mental health in the long term.

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The universal lolita feel. Someone put a snipe bid in for something I had wanted, but forgot what day the auction ended. I was too late by minutes and it's ruined my whole day. I hope it takes less than 7 years for me to have another chance at it

>> No.10584008

I’ve had this happen to me so many times. Having memory problems sucks ass.

>> No.10584035

Nayrt but I'm sorry you have memory issues. I'm the opposite and obsess over listings so much, sometimes I have trouble sleeping because I just can't get them out of my head.

>> No.10584037

AYRT, my condolences anon, I'm usually like >>10584035 and obsess, but dealing with a small family emergency made it slip my mind. When it rains it pours
>Apologies for blogposting

>> No.10584059

I like lolita and Aristocrat aesthetics but I dont like being a daily lolita. I enjoy having time to Goth out or something plain but serviceable as opposed to a lace drenches curlicue scroll work whatever. Some of us can't eat cake every day without it getting old.

>> No.10584062

kill yourself.

>> No.10584087

This. People have made me quite bitter and apathetic towards them because they are such shit. I enjoy making them feel bad with my ungodly amount of nice brand, my tiny body that fits in brand, my cute face and more followers on social media (because for some reason that makes people jelly lol).

If they weren't such pieces of shit I wouldn't even bother to flaunt these things... but oh well, not even sorry I feed their inferiority complex.

>> No.10586325

Influencers like igirl and Enya etc are making Harajuku fashion populair again (amongst normies that called themselves indie in the summer) and I'm so scared that they'll eventually roll into Lolita Fashion and they're gonna fuck it all up desu
I've also already seen multiple videos on tiktok of people buying boxes and boxes of clothes from buyee like also brands like angel blue and axes femme already

not to be gatekeeping but I just don't want lolita to be trendy lmao, I can see it happening that some fucking normie buys my dream dress and then wears it for one month and that's it

>> No.10586327

i have no clue how the "desu" came in there?? lmao please read over that

>> No.10586328

I love newfags. Free entertainment

>> No.10586329

Me too. I already have lolita friends and we hang out together in lolita, and I also have no problem going out by myself or normie family/friends in lolita. I go to meets wearing only my most expensive and hyped dresses on my perfectly proportioned body to flex on all the fatties and the itas.

>> No.10586333

trust me I didn't type it out lmao, maybe it was some stupid autocorrection

>> No.10586338

Yes, I know you didn’t

>> No.10586339


>> No.10586345

I generally avoid white ankle socks topped with non cotton lace 'cause they give me skanky dollar store 'schoolgirl' costume vibes

>> No.10586348

Agreed. The only acceptable ankle socks are either the pure cotton (+ cotton lace) ones, or the really high quality lace ones like for example Moitie’s socks. But no newfriend is out there buying Moitie or Baby socks so it’s easier to just guide them to cotton lace only

>> No.10586349

It is a filter.

>> No.10586370

You first
Lol lurk moar

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I want a harem of lolitas. Only of the following cathegories:
. classic lolita
. sweet lolita
. sweet OTT lolita
. military lolita
. punk lolita

However there'd be a place for:
. cringeprint lolitas
They'd be severey abused and humiliated and be the slaves of myself and all the other lolitas.

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Egirls already started getting into "lolita" where have you been for the past year. It doesn't matter because all they care about are amazon replicas. They're too cheap to buy brand.

>> No.10586417

Not that anon but it's a worry because if that shit gets too mainstream then some of the nicer niche companies could cheapen their production and market towards those people.

>> No.10586553

ike I said they're buying stuff from buyee and also are all of a sudden into Harajuku fashion like fruits magazine and Kera. it wasnt like that before. If you followed some of these big influencers for multiple years you would know that they're moving towards it, and not the replica's

>> No.10586569

I set a reminder on my phone so I don’t forget, for like 15 min. Before the auction ends. Saved me a few times

>> No.10586570

Ok I’ll be nice. When you type I m o on cgl, it auto changes it to desu.

>> No.10586595

That's not going to happen. The major brands generally don't give a shit about the western market. Meta and MAM have always been somewhat welcoming of western lolitas but no brand is going to completely change their production and design philosophy to cater to some random passing egirl trend.

Even the chinese fast fashion taobao-lita companies aren't catering to egirls, it's the other way around. Brands like diamond honey are selling to CHINESE girls and are following what's popular over there, like the idol costumes, not what a handful of trendhoppers in the west are doing.

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File: 302 KB, 1242x919, 75AD65D9-F2E4-4BD9-ADDA-5D64375F5410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even tho I don’t need the inclusivity I really apprecite AtPie. The woke crowd should support them instead of the other AP

>> No.10586654

My confession is that I have ~30 pieces and only wear lolita a few times a year. I feel like a faker. But I’ve been in the fashion for almost a decade. I’m just always too tired to wear it...hoping I get diagnosed with narcolepsy and get treated so I have the energy to dress up again. I miss it so much.

>> No.10586664

imagine truly believing that japanese people aren't xenophobic, racist, homophobic, and fatphobic. this is just pandering because they need the business, unlike AP which drowns in profit.

>> No.10586705

I like thinking that cgl is just filled with 5’0 200lb women that scream at eachother until one of them can stand up and push the others down before falling down again

>> No.10586709

this probably won't work if you're ott sweet, but do you ever infuse your lolita pieces into your regular wardrobe? this made my wardrobe more versatile and kept me from feeling like my pieces were "wasted" on me when i was in a similar situation that you are.

>> No.10586731

That’s what I imagine too, though I’m pretty tall.

>> No.10586734

sumo wrestling lolitas?

>> No.10586747


Connie wrote this for them so they can be seen as catering towards western genderspecials.

>> No.10586758

angelic pretty is not going to pivot to egirl styling because some trendy western instagramers are following that style

>> No.10586759

It’s silly to think that taobao sellers aren’t aware of the egirl trend. But it’s just that it’s also trending in China. Throwback mallgoth fashion is undergoing a revival right now and non-lolita brands are aware of it

>> No.10586766

A natural feeling most people feel to varying degrees. Even like people not welcoming to others into their subculture i.e. itas.
Depends on the situation, you can't change thousands of years of selective breeding and instinct.
Meh, do as you will in your own home. Shoving that down others throats and flaunting your genitals in public is disgusting though.
If you want socialized medicine then fatphobia better become the norm because my neighbors, my friends and I better not have to pay for your chemo and insulin when you eat McDonald's plus smoke & drink everyday.

>> No.10586786

I don’t, mostly because the only time I’m really out of the house is at work, and my job isn’t super conducive to wearing anything I care about. Any time I’m at home I’m so exhausted I just wonder around in yoga pants and sweaters...

>> No.10586795

i'm not passing judgment on them for those things, i'm just saying it's true, and believing japanese people are wokesters is ignorant

>> No.10586806

Are you me? I've also been in the fashion for over 10 years and have like 30 dresses or a little more, but barely ever wear it. I haven't actually worn a dress at all since 2018. It is shameful.

>> No.10586811

I went on a massive lolita shopping haul and lied to everyone that I bought it with a stimmie so they wouldn't judge me, even though I don't think I even qualify for one but they don't know that.

>> No.10586814

I'm assuming you don't qualify for the stimulus because you make over the income cap, in which case, why are you ashamed?
I already spent my stimulus on my car and lolita. I'm unemployed and I'm already planning how to spend the money I'll get back from the first $10k in unemployment not being taxed last year. Don't feel bad.

>> No.10586819

Honestly I'm hoping that the community can just bully them out of the fashion the same way they have with other "Alt fashion" influencers in the past like with that bitch with the pink hair on yt

>> No.10586823

Anon is making an observation about a single Japanese brand, not all of Japan.

>> No.10586824

I'm not ashamed, it's just my circle are all frugal normies who clutch their pearls over expensive clothes, especially these days because they find it ~tone deaf~.

>> No.10586837

japan is a collectivist culture, chief

>> No.10586844

Why do they even know about your spending habits. I find it a bad idea to explain your financial situation to people because it sets the precedent that they are owed an explanation. They are not.

>> No.10586852

Ayrt, hang in there. One day...we’ll once again let our wardrobes see the light of day...

>> No.10586855

Curious to know if the pieces you own are more ott or able to wear as casual daily lolita?
I mostly wear casual/old school daily so it always confuses me a little to see people say things like lolita is exhausting to wear etc. but I'd get it if your pieces are a bit much

>> No.10586857

Let's think positive: when they get tired of this trend or these items become not hyped anymore they sell them, especially to lolita and jfashion 'true' wearers.
>tfw I just bought some Axes items with Buyee and other jfashion brands because I want to wear lolita daily and felt upset hearing these news

>> No.10586859

I wear oldschool and casual too but I also have chronic illness so it is exhausting to wear. I usually come home and melt into Tshirt and shorts. Also sometimes I have sensory issues wearing lolita for a long while.

>> No.10586866


.... on depop for 5x the price because they think it's so 'trendy.'

It's bad enough it's happening to certain vintage, I would fucking hate for this to happen to cheap axes femme of all things.

>> No.10586868

I saw many jfashion brands (especially liz lisa or ank rouge) items on depop sold for a higher price. Sure, many of these sellers seems to me jfashion genuine wearers not teenagers that wear trend hopping styles or small shops but it's a bit sad to see these items sold with higher prices. Still better than e-girls that wear the fashion on tiktok for cringy videos.

>> No.10586872

Why you don't try otome and girly jfashion? Brands like ETC, Jane Marple, Axes Femme, Leur Getter, Fint, Amavel and An another Angelus? I wear mostly this type of items because full lolita could be a bit too attention grabbing, petticoats irk me to use daily (I use them for pictures or meets) and most lolita shoes are uncomfortable. I just say my outfit it's not lolita because no petti and it looks like frilly jfashion with a brand cutsew/blouse, skirt and simple boots with laces or mary janes.
I have sensory issues as well so having something too tight or not confy enough make me feel nervous.

>> No.10586950

>my circle are all frugal normies

ew anon why
i've basically made it a rule to only associate with people who have some level of disposable income and some focus on hobbies. i'm too old to have friends who are either too broke or too thrifty to meet up with me at a con or grab drinks with me

>> No.10586956

Are you me? I have a chronic illness too. I like to wear Lolita when I leave the house, but I never leave the house. My poor brand, sitting there unloved.

My other confession: I love OTT and hime style, and I couldn’t give a flying fuck about people calling it Cosplay Lolita or shitty g on me behind my back. I left my comm bc of that (and bc I was a massive asshole.) It’s so much better being a lone Lolita, but I do miss events.

>> No.10586960

My confession is I think you are all terrible terrible people

>> No.10586961

posting here automatically means that you are a part of these terrible terrible people lmao

>> No.10586962

did yall saw that tiktok of a girl buying a ton like 20 something angel blue/vanavana kids shirts from mecardi and selling it on depop for $100?

she did a try on of some of the "crop tops" and she was bursting at the seams
her @ is dullgerm
and @ squeerat did a tiktok showing dullgerm's tiktok

>> No.10586992


I'm guessing you're the type of comm member who shits all over cgl during the meet but then lurks here to "keep tabs." Maybe you're a mod. Either way if you're posting in one of these kinds of thread and not just in the draw thread for free art you're kind of one of us.

>> No.10586993

one of us, one of us

>> No.10587006

Doubtful that a mod would say any of this shit. Usually janitors are people who lurk more than anyone else, as well.

Plus, they know who each one of you are. There's nothing anonymous about 4chan to mods.

>> No.10587013

>Doubtful that a mod would say any of this shit.

>> No.10587020

im sick of otks. i hate pulling my socks back up. bring back more utks

>> No.10587021

utk gang!

>> No.10587022


I'm talking about her being a local comm mod but with the way jannies power trip sometimes it's not out of the realm of possibility.

>> No.10587024


Also lol at you jumping to the conclusion I'm talking about jannies.

>> No.10587045

I photoshop myself and lie about my 10lbs weight gain. No one knows i'm actually 130lbs with a 27inch waist and not 120lbs with a 25inch waist since no one ever sees me (i am around 5"3 - 5"4). I got disgustingly chubby during quarantine and i need to diet but no motivation. Someone please shame me about my weight until i do something or else i might become fat

>> No.10587048

10 lbs isn’t that much, do some light exercise

>> No.10587055

seconding the other anon that 10lbs weight gain isn't a lot, especially for quarantine. people becoming actually overweight/obese is a problem, but it's understandable to have a little chub during these times. i hardly know anyone who hasn't gained a couple pounds in the past year.

just watch your diet a little and you'll be back to normal within a few months.

>> No.10587058

how about you take your ana ass somewhere else like Tumblr or tiktok a 27inch waist is perfectly normal

>> No.10587061

If you’re 5”3 then it’s kinda chubby, but I guess chubby is normal, so you’re not wrong.

>> No.10587079

I gained weight but now I actually fit in my dresses, I really didn't notice how ana-chan I looked before. I was making my waist ties work way too hard to not make the dress look like a bag

>> No.10587082


Depends on your body type. Because I'm 5'3 have small tits and ass 27 starts to look a little depressing on me. It sucks to be apple shaped.

>> No.10587102

AYRT I have a mix, including some otome pieces. But I spend only 6-8 hours a day awake. I also have a bit of chronic pain (probably from how much I sleep) so wearing lolita is really taxing, honestly just getting dressed for work is hard. It’s really discouraging but I have my fingers crossed the sleep clinic I’m seeing this month can help me.

>> No.10587103

I’ve been having health problems causing me to drop dangerously close to being underweight again, after I finally hit 110lbs a couple years ago (I’m 5’1”). I went back to 101lbs and it scared me because I didn’t think my appetite issues were as bad as they are. Not an ana-chan, just have problems actually eating for some reason-general disinterest in food...

>> No.10587104

Is there a specific reason you think you have narcolepsy and not something else? Because being tired and having chronic pain sounds like an autoimmune disorder

>> No.10587105

My docs tested for everything else. Thyroid issues, anemia, auto-immune disorders-few months ago they took ten vials of blood for tests. Basically, the only thing left it could really be is narcolepsy, and it does match up well with my symptoms. I’m pissed it took ten years for this to come up

>> No.10587106

Humble brag?
Nayrt but for most of my life I was 110 pounds and 5'6". I was fine.
101 pounds and 5'1" is not dangerously skinny. Am I missing something?

>> No.10587108

For me personally it’s extremely uncomfortable to be the weight I am, especially because I dropped ten pounds in a really short period of time. I have mixed feelings about my weight but I have this fear of it going back to 90

>> No.10587110

Keep in mind that weight distribution means different things for different people. Weight looks different on everyone. That's why you really should focus on general health and not the number.

>> No.10587116

Ayrt, I do! I wear other j brands outside of lolita, especially my workwear wardrobe. It’s just specifically getting into a full coord that is taxing sometimes. I love the rest of my jfashion wardrobe but I do love the times I have the energy to wear lolita

>> No.10587128

I shouldn’t worry about it so much, but having an undiagnosed illness makes me more anxious about it than I would be otherwise...

>> No.10587199

lel I'm 85 and 5'1" and still not noticeably underweight, why are there so many histrionic fatty-chans in lolita

>> No.10587203

This >>10586766 anon here. Just wanted to say sorry. I'm a scrote and was drunk posting. Those are my biggest confessions.

>> No.10587207

>I'm a scrote
stop posting then

>> No.10587213

Shut up Bri

>> No.10587223

No, I'm having a mid life crisis, /cgl/, /vr/, /n/ (but not bike threads) and /tg/ are the only places I can feel like it's the early 2000s again. I will continue living in denial and posting here until I can handle aging and the modern world.

>> No.10587228

thats okay anon, just realize that no one wants to know if you are a man or not, I recently had to accept some hard truths too and remember that living in the past is unhealthy.

>> No.10587234

Thanks, I need to wallow in this for a couple more weeks then I'll sort myself out hopefully. I don't mean to shit up your board.

>> No.10587235

I started counting calories this week and it is depressing.

>> No.10587236

Are you using an app like myfitnesspal? It really is depressing how much sugar is hidden in shit.

>> No.10587237

Hey anon, I did last week too. Stay strong! It sucks but you'll get into a rhythm. Just be careful with serving sizes, in the beginning that opened my eyes quite a bit. Proud of you for being healthier

>> No.10587239

Anon, wallowing in your own self pity will get you no where. What you need to do is to go outside, go to a bar or club and get some pussy. Get a reliable job or finish college, make friends and have a good time. It might be too late for you, you might have serious issues and many other possibilities but Im not gonna sugarcoat shit for you. If you dont grow balls you will die alone, full of regret and despair. The worst part is that I know you will fail because you are so fucked up now that you could never go back. I dont know your situation, you could be a few steps away from your goals but knowing that you are on this site, I already know that no matter how much someone like me would hold your hand until you finish in a girls pussy would never have the balls to even talk to a girl. MAN THE FUCK UP.

>> No.10587242


I’m using the app lose it which so far has been great. I like that I can control what my goal is and how fast I want to reach it. I’ve made my goal very realistic so I can try and lose some weight slowly and hopefully these changes I’m making will just become a habit. A lifestyle change. I’m not terribly overweight but for my height google would say otherwise haha. How do you stay motivated?

>> No.10587244

It's depressing but the truth will set you free.

>> No.10587252

Probably because there are people here that think being 5'3" and 130lbs makes you fat. Neither of them are capable of realizing that weight looks different on everyone.
People can be 5'4" 90lbs and still look normal and healthy just like they can be the same height at 135lbs and barely look
any different.

>> No.10587253

I'm rubber. You're glue. What ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

>> No.10587254

Fuck I typed out a huge blogpost response but got cucked by my vpn and lost all the text. Tl;dr I'm not worried about being alone but am having a for real midlife crisis. I was hot shit and dated all the cool lolitas in my 20s, was in a cool goth band. Got old, fat and bald. Can't cope, pretend it's the 15 - 20 years ago for fun. I have a fine career and own an actual Victorian seaside farmhouse.

>> No.10587255
File: 20 KB, 244x209, 1*[email protected] [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic rel is me but unironically

>> No.10587257

Hi anon, I'm >>10587237. Honestly just getting out and moving around has been helping me stay motivated, plus longer days and nicer weather. I also try to track food in the moment so I don't forget to do it later. Using meal prep containers / premeasured amounts help too.

>> No.10587258

well it sounds like you are in a stable place and have good memories, You're older than me and I shouldn't be giving you advice.

>> No.10587262

Absolutely not. I just googled 5'3" 130lbs and a bunch of pics from reddit, myfitnesspal and myprogress pics came up and 90% of them were visibly chunky and fat. As in they would not be able to put an OP on their shoulders.

There are people that " still look normal and healthy just like they can be the same height" but they are the rare outliers, not the norm.

>> No.10587309

Im 5’2 and 130 lbs and i fit into a lot of older ap ops

>> No.10587310
File: 34 KB, 341x659, ehue1rv327i31~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're picking and choosing and not listening to what I said. You can find plenty of people who look skinny at that height and weight. Pic rel.

>> No.10587311

Samefag responding but I'm 5'3" and wear a size small, am considered skinny and petite, and have a stomach flat as a board. I just happen to carry most of my weight in my ass.

>> No.10587312

Bad example she looks fat and old trying to utilize angles to fake being thin.

>> No.10587313

Whatever you say ana chan

>> No.10587315

Cope, fatty

>> No.10587318

I don't think it matters if anyone's coords are boring or mediocre or if they have an ugly face. We hold lolitas up to stupid standards just to wear clothes and for what? You wouldn't get mad about an ugly person wearing a wedding dress or someone styling their wedding dress in a plain way because nobody's trying to be a model or show up in a fashion editorial. They're just wearing clothes for the sake of wearing them because they personally want to feel pretty. The same logic should apply to lolita. It's not scandalous to not look perfect, we're all just a bunch of dumb bitches wearing cute clothes.

>> No.10587319

I think I saw some sellers selling this type of clothing but I'm not sure if it was her shop or not, that is awful!
At least you can wear jfashion but not wearing lolita and seeing your wardrobe rotting and unused is upsetting
>mfw my poor AP skirts and dresses
>I use AP cutsews with normie items but still
>I prefer to wear Axes Femme classic or gothic outfits because they are so easy to wear and tone down

>> No.10587321

I'm 5'2 around 120 lbs slightly, I'm considered petite by western standards and I fit most jfashion items except non elastic skirts, very tiny gyaru style shorts, one size skinny pants. Most western clothing is too big on me especially blouses so I buy mostly crop tops, short skirts that fit me above knee and finding a dress or skirt that doesn't look too long or too big on my chest is difficult.
Just a smaller framed hourglass that carry the weight on my butt and thighs, infact I can hide my weight gain easily since I have almost no boobs, skelly skeletor shoulders and arms so girly jfashion hides the big parts.

>> No.10587326

buddy were the same size let’s twin

>> No.10587434

Finally someone that is like me! We can twin definitely like these AP clones minus the AP items if you don't wear sweet.

>> No.10587472

You can do it! I've been counting calories too. Lost 44 pounds so far, still got some to go. But it helps a lot!

>> No.10587477

oh, same anon! i hover 115-120. used to be like 100 lbs but it made my face gaunt, so i don't hate being this weight desu. i'd rather have a cute face and a tiny bit of chub.

>> No.10587482

anon I'm so fucking jealous I have no ass and it kills me

>> No.10587483

That’s awesome. You give me hope anon!!

>> No.10587484
File: 275 KB, 1280x1600, 2555EFFB-DEDB-4940-B1BC-627F52B13C86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m about to do this 30 day butt lift challenge. You should do it too! My friend just did this one and loved it.

>> No.10587512

ooh, thank you! this looks fun and doable

>> No.10587525

You sound insufferable.

>> No.10587634

You're not wrong. I can't tolerate myself most days.

>> No.10587637

Im gonna roll my eyes at you

>> No.10587641
File: 529 KB, 1079x1078, 1606915768183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10587651

hope you recover from your mental illness soon damn

>> No.10587652

Same, I care about my face shape, having hollow cheeks due to weight loss isn't kawaii for my face and my body as well.

>> No.10587653

id do anything to not have chubby cheeks

>> No.10587655

Here’s my confession. I left my comm bc of all the stupid drama.

I kind of miss the drama tho, and want to return.

>> No.10587656

Same here. It's a shame cause I liked the way my arms/legs looked but my face was way too thin and not at all kawaii

>> No.10587702

pro tip, bulimics get chubby cheeks. Start purging and get the best of both worlds

>> No.10587710

the female brain

>> No.10587729

Your teeth also rot and your breath smells like shit though. Better solution to add to overall facial volume is fillers (people who get fillers for targeted sculpting are dumb cause they all even out and make your face look chubbier in the end, the best use of them is typically to add volume to a gaunt face or reduce wrinkles in older people caused by facial volume loss).

>> No.10587732

Gross stop trying to spread your mental illness. Bulimia cheeks are saggy and not cute at all.
I'd like to keep my body free of ulcers, organ damage, and smelly rotting teeth, thanks.

>> No.10587735

Wtf are you saying anon? I am not bulimic nor I want to do anything that harm my body to lose weight?

>> No.10587749

I'm a fatty-chan but lolita has made me actually want to get healthy and loose weight. maybe i won't die of a heart attack just yet cause of some pretty dresses lmao

>> No.10587772

My confession: I’m a sex worker and a lolita. I keep the two extremely separate and I detest ddlg/ageplay. I’ve used my onlyfans checks to buy dresses before.

>> No.10587778

I hope you are doing sex work safely and have an exit plan for what industry you want to go in after. I see nothing wrong with what you are doing

>> No.10587781

i need a location, a number, and a price

>> No.10587803
File: 229 KB, 683x1024, B5EEAB02-6D1B-4C3D-A87B-4DE536D4A8BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it common for fairies to be stereotyped as slutty? My friend who's into casual j-fashion (as opposed to me, a lolita) advised me against wearing it bc there's apparently some "preconception". I've only seen posts about it like >>10581853. I don't know what people think of fairy kei outside of the usual ageplayer shtick. Is it a recurring phenomenon at conventions or something? Enlighten me please, all I want is to look cute in leggings and a t-shirt.

>> No.10587806

This is probably bait but as long as you keep the two separate no one actually cares.

>> No.10587812

>and have an exit plan for what industry you want to go in after.
>I see nothing wrong with what you are doing

make up your mind

>> No.10587815

Nothing wrong with being a sex worker. Definitely make sure you have an exit strategy and you’re paying your taxes tho

>> No.10587817

uh....no. fairy kei is more like being seen as immature/childish because of the clothes and motifs. the post you're referencing is obviously just a catty bitch that's not over their ex yet kek

>> No.10587822

ignore this anon. it’s their choice if they want to be a struggling sex worker at age 50
most sex workers retire by 30s so the smart ones have exit plans.

>> No.10587825
File: 74 KB, 320x454, 1604784438151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made a fake gofundme claiming to be a MTF and got $2000 and spent it on jfashion and lolita shit. No regrets kek.

>> No.10587828

Godspeed anon, you're gonna make it one day. We're all gonna make it sis.

>> No.10587831

Amazing. I could barely get $1000 for an actual project that later won a bunch of awards...

>> No.10587833

>ignore this anon. it’s their choice if they want to be a struggling sex worker at age 50

Ignire your ass. Sex worker is a broad term. In BDSM professional commercial dominas of that age are far from struggling.

>> No.10587836

By normalfags? yes. Colored hair? what a slut. Weird clothes? What a slut. Covered knees? what a slut. Bandaid on her nose? probably sucked a dick too hard, what a slut. You just can't win

>> No.10587838

I know, people would rather give money for some MTF to cut his dick off and get fake tits when people are dying for being gay in other countries, people are starving because of a pandemic, but nah they're not uwu super oppressed trans women. I didn't qualify for a stimmy because I'm unemployed due to COVID (Canadian stimmy laws are different) so this was basically my stimulus check lol.

>> No.10587844
File: 68 KB, 900x470, map.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your comment about MtF aside - dying for being gay happens mostly in countries that are green blue and brown on this map.

>> No.10587846

>color coding Africa as brown


>> No.10587848

No one cares you're just one of hundreds of thousands of alt girls whoring herself out.
You aren't special.

>> No.10587856
File: 346 KB, 526x548, noname.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't wait for Trisha Paytas to discover lolita fashion and stuff herself into AP

>> No.10587864

>professional commercial dominas
dominatrixes require A LOT of training and knowledge beforehand. including a very specific personality type. it’s not that easy that anybody can just switch career one day and do it successfully

>> No.10587865

dont even say that, now it's gonna happen

>> No.10587867

this would be hilarious

>> No.10587868

you don't say

>> No.10587870

which proves my point? a lot of sex workers would end up struggling in their 50s if they all think it’s that easy to switch careers and become pro granny domme desu

>> No.10587872

>which proves my point?
It rather proves mine.

>> No.10587877

ok granny domme. please continue to spread your wise plans for future poverty to the naive ones. you’re doing great work

>> No.10587879

ok lawnmower grandpa

>> No.10587881

my pets gifted me bitcoinS in 2017. im retired in my 30s. you can think whatever you like

>> No.10587895

>think whatever you like
that's exactly the way I roll

>> No.10587905

>that's exactly the way I roll
to the poor house

>> No.10587912

towards the setting sun

>> No.10587918

>towards the setting sun
with your homeless shopping cart

>> No.10587919

with my litter of kittens

>> No.10587938

>with my litter of kittens
while smelling like cat piss & shit

>> No.10587942

you have interesting fetishes, tell us more

>> No.10587953

you’re the one associating the homeless smell with fetishes. you should tell us more

>> No.10587954

interesting form of denial

>> No.10587960

Stop shitting up the thread y'all.

Idk why but I had a weird dream where I posted in my local comm pretending to be a former coworker, using her picture? Nice gal, no connection to lolita at all. I got found out and banned, and felt awful, and had no idea why I did it since it made absolutely no sense. And then I woke up and was so relieved it wasn't real. I think it's a sign I'm spending too much time here...

>> No.10587961

kys whore

>> No.10587968

no u

>> No.10587972

indeed, there is no such letter in that whole sentence

>> No.10587988

kek. ok fine, you win

>> No.10587997

now make out

>> No.10588057


>> No.10588450

First week down and I’m down three pounds!! There is hope.

>> No.10588457
File: 26 KB, 720x476, 1617312086661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fairy kei is when a sweet OTT lolita gets some severe STD, they evolve.

Sweet lolita (virgin) => OTT sweet lolita (high body count) => fairy kei (bodycount near to infinite, plus sever STDs)

Despite thet I wanns fug all of them.

>> No.10588620

please describe how so I can do this anon. ily

>> No.10588628

Don't get your hopes up anon, it'll only work if you already look like a man.

>> No.10588719

>implying I used my actual face
if you're too dumb to figure out something this easy you don't deserve the money

>> No.10588722

just use lor's picture.

>> No.10588725

If you are born privileged enough to use sex work exclusively to pay for frilly dresses, you can't really be considered smart in the slightest.

>> No.10588726

Sounds like a great way to get charged with fraud and end up a felon

>> No.10588727

Good for you.
It's actually incredibley easy. I've seen numerous people on twitter fake them and get away with them easily. You can take a picture of yourself with your face obscured and write vague details about being kicked out, a minor and needing femininizing products such as shoes and dresses. You would be surprised how little details people ask for and that nobody will question you because you are allegedly a poor little tranny and right now trannies are considered the most oppressed group on the planet in western society. Make sure after you reach your goal you delete all your socials and every trace once your done and blame it on transphobes.

>> No.10588730

It won't happen if you leave no evidence.

Another thing, make sure you hang out in a lot of zoomer influencer spaces, they will give your campaign some more traction.

>> No.10588768

Based kek

>> No.10588770

Oh right, I forgot that when you delete things on the internet they are actually gone forever. Also, money trails are pretty obvious

>> No.10588777

You would be a horrible con artist anon. Doing anything on the internet like that is one massive trail.

>> No.10588866

cope and seethe and dilate

the thing is, I have plausible deniability. there's no proof I'm NOT trans.

Yeah, remember the whole Sai incident where they faked being kidnapped for being trans and it got exposed that they scammed over $100,000 through various gofundmes?

>> No.10588873

i love you anon i hope everything you bought fits you well and arrived in mint condition<3

>> No.10588907

OP and blouses I bought get here tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll enjoy them <3

>> No.10589351

if that’s true then that other anon needs to rethink her priorities.
sometimes i forget that not all sex workers are underprivileged and trying to pay for an education and save up for a better future

>> No.10589403


Wow you and everyone and their grandma. So special and unique.

>> No.10589415

Im tall as hell. As a teen I bought a replica AP dress just to fit into something for once. I bought actual ap and of course, the quality is amazing but didn't fit. My favorite prints never did.
I got shamed for the replica thing as a teen and pushed that same shame onto others, but as an adult I see no problem buying replicas if the clothes never catered to you to begin with. The brand isnt losing my money, they never sought to have it to begin with. When brands adapt for taller sizes I support them with my wallet.
>inb4 u look like shit waa
I bought a replics once, i was underage and crying tears of joy that I could put something i found beautiful on my tall body for once.

>> No.10589416

Shitty b8

>> No.10589556

So greenland and iceland don't even exist huh...

>> No.10589572


>> No.10589853

Everyone knows greenland and iceland are mythical countries, anon.

>> No.10589882

I like to refer to fat lolitas with the he/him pronouns. Because imo youd have to be a man to give so little of a shit about your appearance you can't even be assed to lose weight.

>> No.10589888

It's best not to be too literal. Keep in the general ballpark but you don't need to autistically be 100% accurate.
Cut out snacks and sugar drinks, theyre the biggest calorie gains. Its also easier to skip meals than it is to make them smaller, if you have weak willpower instead of 3 small meals, you can try 1 big meal a day so you can plan around that. (Feels nice when you say "I'm gonna have lobster tomorrow!" And focus your day around that, and you're still only at the 1k calorie mark because you ate nothing else)

>> No.10590106

Not bait, i geniunely dont give a shit if companies that only make one size go under. I mean look at what Rhianna did to victorias secret (not like it was hard, their products were shit)

>> No.10590109

Victoria's Secret made multiple sizes, plus Lane Bryant was the same thing but plus sized and better quality supportive bras. VS just made shitty overpriced bras and mediocre cheapo lacy underwear

>> No.10590116

Skipping meals, eating no snacks, and eating one meal a day are all terrible for you.
For one, eating less is only going to slow your metabolism down. Another thing is that it's only going to make you hungrier which is more likely to lead you into overeating.
Healthy snacks between meals helps to keep your energy up, hunger down, and the likelihood of overeating down.

Don't give such horrible ED inducing advice.

>> No.10590127

>muh meme diets though!
No. All that matters is cico.
Muh metabolism bullshit is just that, complete horseshit.
You are not going to kill your metabolism by eating less.
Cope more fatass. There's a reason you'll always be fat.

>> No.10590132

And if you then start to eat normal healthy 3 meals a day again, you will get back all the weight you lost in the time that you only ate one meal a day so it's literally useless and only makes things worse

>> No.10590137

Fucking lmao the amount of fat logic in this thread. And you bitches wonder why you're so fat. Kill yourselves please, you are all à disgrace to humanity.

>> No.10590139

the amount of anafags on here is fucking lmao, I don't even have to say kill yourselves please bc you all already do that anyways

>> No.10590140

I can't believe we've reached a point where normal sized people is considered ana. It's not even funny.

>> No.10590143

>can’t believe we’ve reached a point where eating one meal a day and literally nothing else is considered ana

Damn, you’re right! Whatever is the world coming to

>> No.10590151

I think what the diet poster is saying is that you CAN skip a meal to compensate for a big calorie meal, not suggesting you do it everyday.
The point is that you shift your calories around to compensate for the splurges. You can also just cut calories by a little the rest of the week.
Not ana, but you don't need 3 meals a day if you are not feeling hungry. You are right that you shouldn't leave yourself hungry, but when you first start dieting it's hard to realize a little bit when you're really hungry vs bored/just eating on a schedule. Get some low calorie, fiber rich vegetables to fill in those gaps if you are real hungry.
But in reality some people just don't get hungry throughout the day and regularly eat only two meals a day. I was always like that. I still eat a healthy amount of food, just in two sittings.

>> No.10590163

Found the fatty who has literally no idea what she's talking about. Lose weight you fucking whore, your kind is unwanted by the normal portion of mankind and will always be. Though you must be so fat even a 300 pounds loss would result in such a fucked up body you'd be better off killing yourself.

>> No.10590173

lol cringe

nayrt but as someone in her mid-20s and a healthy bmi, you sound INCREDIBLY like you’re an angry fat person projecting/larping as an ana-chan

funnily enough the vast majority of people DON’T recommend eating disorders, and instead can lose weight by listening to their bodies. for example some people don’t feel hungry in the mornings and break their fast with a larger lunch, whereas some people like eating filling breakfasts, but having lighter soups/salads for most lunches etc etc. for a lot of people it’s just a case of cutting out snacks and a lot of creamy coffees/alcohol/sugary drinks, or even just adding more calorie-burning activity to their lives. so desu, fuck you and your idea that adopting unhealthy behaviours is the only way to not be a, ahem, “fucking whore”


>> No.10590179

>skipping breakfast means having an eating disorder
God you really are a retard, thanks for proving my point. Keep going and I'll spam fatty gore to make you realize what you condone. Hopefully it'll make you fuck off forever and lose the extra 300 pounds.

>> No.10590181

stop projecting, its obvious that you are 300 pounds yourself since you keep bringing it up <3

>> No.10590182 [DELETED] 
File: 1.11 MB, 2956x2707, GangreneFoot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keep telling yourself that fatso. Also you asked for it.

>> No.10590183

What is reading comprehension

>> No.10590184 [DELETED] 
File: 194 KB, 949x768, afp20140401p569-f3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeast in your folds isn't kawaii anons.

>> No.10590186 [DELETED] 
File: 78 KB, 463x600, JYzZRbaqqeK3aTSucH_c8WQF6W1X4lJHikDhIVL3JoY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my weight affects only myself

>> No.10590187 [DELETED] 
File: 64 KB, 728x661, 1c80128f8475cbacee772fff8d4cf03f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are real bodies by the way. Not mannequins <3

>> No.10590189 [DELETED] 
File: 709 KB, 800x553, ta3kvrl0snv31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jeez I'm still not banned. Guess you really DID fuck off.

>> No.10590193 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 420x578, fat-xray.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome my help in your weigh loss btw.

>> No.10590194 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 838x628, f0xysiji1px51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops, I made a typo. I meant *for my help. Guess I'll post one more pic <3

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