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What do you really think of the lolita community?

I don't participate in it besides buying shit and posting here. I honestly find the community as a whole pretty awful, but I do enjoy observing from the sidelines.

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Their a bunch of gay bitches and whores

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I hate it. It's basically just an adult social media princess dress up and consoomer club at this point, not a fashion.
I want to start a website with a shit ton of archieved content including scans of almost all Keras, but one look at the current state of the community just makes me procrastinate further. Even cgl became almost insufferable and it feels like none of the oldfags are left anymore.

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I hate it. It's basically just an adult social media princess dress up and consoomer/"collector" club at this point, not a fashion.
I want to start a website with a shit ton of archieved content including scans of almost all Keras, but one look at the current state of the community just makes me procrastinate further. Even cgl became almost insufferable and it feels like none of the oldfags are left anymore.

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I hate how many old lolitas think they need to defend degenerates and degeneracy. It used to be a nice excuse to dress up and find people that like finer things in life but its so low quality now.

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I hate it. Get off my lawn

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Its too TERFy

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lolita community is a pretty broad term to begin with as your experiences vary a lot depening on location, social circle, what sites you use, etc so you can't really say "it's like this or that" because it's too multifaceted

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>I want to start a website with a shit ton of archieved content including scans of almost all Keras,
that's what lolitahistory.com already is

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cant stand the weird TERF shit on here or the extremely performative "activists" on IG. don't really like the consumptive/wasteful nature of the fashion now, especially when most of the clothes are either shit quality or plastic or both. it's absurd to me to spend 300 dollars on a new AP dress to wear once for the gram and then sell off for money for the next AP release

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It seems like there are a lot of newfags lately on both /cgl/ and FB. I wonder what's causing this boom. I can't wait for something else to trend so I can watch at the trendlitas jump ship. I'm curious about who will remain.

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Love the image OP. I can see Cartman being a scalper and running that scalping operation with gross men wearing AP on top of their clothes.

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Personally I don’t see the need to be a part of a community, it’s just clothes and if you’re too embarrassed to wear them on your own, don’t wear them? I have some friends that I can talk to about stuff but I feel no need to join a group about it. I think there’s too much emphasis put in the comms when most of them are just filled with drama.

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Is this bait? If anything, people walk on egg shells out of fear of being labeled a TERF. I'm sick of having to pretend I see a girl wearing one of the most feminine fashions on earth as a legitimate transman instead of another genderspecial that crawled out of tumblr in 2014. Or worse- having to act like there's no difference between a transwoman who has successfully assimilated and an AGP fetishist who's only into the fashion to satiate his sissy kink.

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Also noticing a huge number of trendlitas. I think it could be because of Instagram. A lot of nice aesthetic photos combined with girls growing up receiving messages that to be a cool girl you have to be masculine (think hollywood Strong Woman TM characters). Then they discover lolita and see that femininity could be a good harmless thing just for them. There's a reason many lolitas usually couldn't dress themselves properly in normies clothes. Lolita content is less niche online now and a lot more girls are starting to get glimpses of it and falling in love the same way we oldfags did. Except we had to dig deep or get lucky to discover it.

Also anime has been booming like crazy and they think being a lolita makes them like anime girls.

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I like to seperate the online community and local, irl comms: I don't really need the online community (except when it comes to sales) but I do enjoy meeting people who share my interests irl

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Calling it now. Within 3 years H&M will have an actual lolita dress in their DIVIDED section, sure it will look like taobao but afterwards the hype will finally die down.

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>wonder what's causing this boom
It's mostly the pandemic. There's a lot of good, documented research on how things like high heels gets higher and more glamorous when there's economic downturns. People flock to escapism and buy things that make them feel good while they can do nothing else. It applies to fashion and hobbies too.

If the world ever goes back to "normal," I'm almost certian that a bunch of people will fall out of the fashion. There's a lot of people buying one hype dress for $1-2k, then owning nothing else and trying to flex online. Actually being invested in the fashion is a lot harder/takes a much longer time. I felt like even before the pandemic, out of 10 people joining the fashion, maybe only 5 continue after one year. Now after the pandemic, it will be more Iike 1 or 2 people will continue.

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It's not even remotely complete, even the issues that are uploaded there have missing pages.

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Would be great if americans didn't participate

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It’s ok
I don’t really care what randoms on the internet think

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We don’t need a community anymore. It was useful when the internet was smaller and contained to live journal, when the clothing was harder to find, but that doesn’t exist anymore.

All we need is a community for beginners to ask for first coord help, a place to discuss new releases, and a place to sell clothing secondhand. That’s it. There hasn’t been a single discussion on rufflechat that hasn’t happened a million times before. We’re all going in circles. People think they’re rebellious activists just for wearing silly frilly dresses.

Just follow and befriend lolitas whose coordinates you like. That’s it.

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Bunch of crazy people. Most are toxic.

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true, although cgl I find very useful because it lets me think about new aspects of the fasion. Roomwear, home design etc is all very nice to consider

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...the fuck is that dress it looks so cheap

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Lots of spineless coddling and people who think they're super alt when they're very normie. Generally people I have nothing in common with outside of a shared umbrella interest. Too many sweets who love disney and things I couldn't care less about. Going to meets is always weird because I never meet anyone who has the same kind of interests even within the style and I just feel like I'm trying to socialize obligatorily like I would at a work or school function. I want to make lolita friends so bad but everyone I talk to/tries to befriend me is just as boring as the last.

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That reminds me of the first time I found myself in a crowd of "fellow" tabletop/card/fantasy nerds. I felt no connection or approval. I stared at them and thought "They are not where I belong. I can't connect with them. We merely share a common interest". It was an odd feeling of observation and self-reflection.

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Overall the community is full of the most annoying SJWs and wannabe activists. Useless and insufferable people trying to out 'woke' each other. Miserable with no personality and no meaningful purpose to their life. Mentally defective they/thems virtue signaling to each other and crying about how oppressed they are while having the means and ability to participate in the most luxury of hobbies. Whiny faggots who cry about everything and have nothing to offer as a human being....

I love the fashion though. Just find the majority of participants to be completely abhorrent. Fortunately, I have a few friends in the fashion who are nothing like the aforementioned majority. Grateful to know them. People like them are a small minority though.

CGL is the only worthwhile online comm. Genuine conversation can actually happen here due to anonymity. I much prefer trolls and honest assholes over fake bandwagoning SJW fags. I imagine tons of the virtue signaling isn't even honest. They just do it out if fear of rejection. I can't respect a person like that.

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So true. I can't stand the amount of low quality people and their degeneracy that have weaved their way into something that should attract class and grace.... Instead we get sex workers and their sympathizers... but I guess poorfags have to get $$ for their brand some how.

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Came here to write something similar.

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It's too tranny and degenerate now, actually.

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Do tell, special snowflake, what your superior interests are?

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> Just follow and befriend lolitas whose coordinates you like. That’s it.
Seconded. I feel like a passive observer most of the time in the "community" and I'm okay with that. The drama is fun to read about at times, and like >>10598139 said the cgl niche threads are usually pretty comfy. I just try to be discerning with who I associate with, and have made a few nice acquaintances as a result.

I also try to stay away from sweet and taobao-litas.

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From moving around quite a bit - local comms are weird and are mostly full of people who are young or 30 something year olds who are a bit immature. They're all really prone to gossip. There is a lot of munchie-ing going on as well, this fashion really seems to attract both the legitimately chronically ill and the fakers. But the nice thing is that I'll always find a couple of friends to hang out with. For that, I'm grateful to comms to at least provide me the opportunity to find people I can have common interests in. So it's a mixed feeling, but overall positive I guess.

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I find the prone to gossiping thing is due to being mainly all women spaces. My husband is in different car groups and communities (full of men) and this doesn't happen. It's so drama free and I am envious. I wish the lolita community was like my husband's car community. Sad to say the only difference is all women vs all men.

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You forget the part where their database mainly relies on user contributions, of course things that are hard to find won't be up there unless someone happens to provide scans for it.

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A really old Dress from H&M, some people used it for Lolita coords

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>Genuine conversation can actually happen here due to anonymity.

Yeah if you can ignore the slog of weight wank, debate over if no blouse is automatically ita, nitpicking perfectly fine coordinates. cgl is no better. It’s just slightly easier to avoid the worst of it if you only ever check the lolita general and specific brand threads.

Every feels thread, unpopular opinion thread or confessions thread has been the same for years
>tfw fat
>tfw anachan
>reeeee i hate trans people/non white people/fat people
>edgelord bait about having sex in brand
>another “is sweet ageplay/ddlg debate”

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Same. I'm afraid of going to meets now because I'm a libertarian as well as a huge autist. I'm afraid I'll blurt out a wrong opinion or my frustration with the far left will boil over and I'll just go insane. Wearing masks also bothers me after a certain amount of time. I took mine off for just a few minutes on a hot summer day and several girls had a panic attack over it. The walking on eggshells is getting exhausting.

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Where on the board right now are people saying sweets are age playing?

>> No.10598192

Idk but I've said it several times. Sweets are fucking weird ageplayers who play pretend princess dressup and act like toddlers

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Because not being able to find people with similar interests somehow makes you a snowflake or superior?
You sound triggered.

>> No.10598194

It’s been a topic of discourse here for the last 5+ years, especially in unpopular opinion threads

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Retards have been saying this for literally forever
Beating a dead horse at this point with all the arguments in the lolita comm. It's all the same shit

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And Classical isn't age playing in denial?
And Gothic isn't just edgy age players?
And old school isn't wannabe dolls?
The pettis make it look like princess dressup no matter what substyle you are

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cope harder

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Gonna blab on a bit, but I have mixed feelings about the Lolita community as a whole.
On one hand I kind of like it because I enjoy talking to people in the community (except for the fb communities, I don't hate myself enough to do that) and have made some pretty wonderful friends in the process. I enjoy talking to people a lot and meeting others with the same interests I do, so it's nice in that regard. On the otherhand, I don't really enjoy being in the community as much as I used to because there's so many new people coming in as trendlitas, looking to be coddled & don't want concrit because they think lolitas are meanies or whatever, or random dicks and fake activists. Not only that but as someone mentioned before, EGL is becoming more of a collectors thing rather than just a fashion as the years & the pandemic go by and it's kind of frustrating.
Because of this I ended up falling into a deep rabbit hole of trying to chase after AP releases so I can have more and it didn't take me until recently to realize that the mindset I'm dealing with is in affect from both the community and my own personal issues.

tl;dr: Meh.

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I’m a TERFlita and I think lolita is too full of trannies and fakebois.

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and THIS is the problem with the lolita community, the idea that there is any hierarchy, that any of us are better than others because we wear dumb expensive frilly dresses or we wear a different kind of frilly dress, or we wear frilly dresses but only in the color black. its so stupid. its just clothes. get over yourselves.

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At this point I feel like nu-sweet is its own thing

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yes and no. it falls under the umbrella of lolita. fact is, theres never been much brand crossover in the japanese community. jfashion in general in japan is moreso run by brand loyalty than a like for the style as a whole. some lolitas in japan will have a few dresses from different brand, but overall their wardrobe will consist mostly of one favorite brand.

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nayrt but "similar interests" as a socialization tool also tends to require a similar or complementary social interaction style. two people who like "video games" won't necessarily be able to discuss video games because even if they play the same games, one of them might want to discuss strategy whereas the other fixates on story. or one of them might be a chronic monologuer in conversation, where the other person might be a more "volley" style conversationalist.

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Two things I hate about conversations. One is when I can't get other people to talk. The other is when we're in a group and I can't find an opening to talk.

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This. I prefer enjoying the fashion with my closest friends or small comms, online comms are a mess and you cannot even offer a constructive concrit because X o Y coord looks terribly ita.
Lolita and jfashion has some rules and takes effort to look good, it's not like putting random things and say "oh these look good!". You should know what fits your body type, avoid too small items, iron and clean your items and so on. Its not a cosplay where you can be "a princess uwu" for asspats.

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Pretty much this. I’m tolerating things for access to resources until I don't need it anymore. It's been nice meeting/chatting with the occasional acquaintance who isn't fucking crazy, but otherwise hell really is other people.

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Anons, me and my libertarian friends would be happy to get to know you. You won't have to censor yourself or walk on eggshells. I'm so sick of wokeness in the fashion. Shoot me an email [email protected]

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You sound really pathetic lmao

>> No.10598256

no anon doesnt

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Libertarian anon sounds retarded and pathetic and you sound retarded and pathetic for defending them.

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the community irl is mostly okay in my experience, but it does feel a little awkward to get together with people you have nothing else in common with. comms are a good tool for picking out other lolita friends who you'd actually want to hang out with.

the online community is a different bag of beans. overall, it's just... too much? there's so much posturing going on, both on and off anon. it feels like people are constantly trying to prove something--usually that they're the wokest (on fb), most attractive, richest, whatever.

all anyone talks about is what they buy or what they wish they could buy. and people are so quick to dogpile each other or make a tiny thing into a huge issue. can we expect more from a fashion community filled with recovering weebs and people with actual autism? probably not. but places like the big discord and fb just make me want to become an hero, because 90% of us are fucking annoying.

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I used to be really active, and by that I mean that I used to translate scans, to post sewing and customizing instructions, to prepare guides for newbies, to organize meetings, to comment on everyone's new pictures every day, to join and write reports on every single meeting and so on. But now, after 10 years of wearing this fashion, I've just grown tired of it all.

My local community is trash. What used to be a nice, all female space, is now taken over by a bunch of guys that don't bother to shave and wear their oojia dresses over jeans. No one cares for new releases or fashion media anymore, and I don't have the energy to keep on making new content and trying to start conversation on these topics. I'm tired of everyone and their “i want to be an experimental kawaii princess” shit.

I've taken a toned down approach to the fashion and now I'm slowly isolating myself from everyone I know in this fashion, just hoping that they'll leave me alone and eventually forget about me.

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Sorry the market didn't provide idiot sympathizers for you kek

>> No.10598276

Try spending one day on male football communities or videogame communities where most of the users are male.

These make us look like lovelies.

I'm on some all-female communities that are completely drama free. I feel that the difference is mostly related to good moderation and overall members age and background.

>> No.10598280

Cartman kawaii

>> No.10598286

You are very fortunate then. It doesn't seem to be the norm. Communities that are mostly males are way less drama in my experience.

>> No.10598308

Not at all. I have friends who have been kicked out of their ultra lefty comms for being openly conservative. Anon is completely valid.

>> No.10598322

>I want to make lolita friends so bad but everyone I talk to/tries to befriend me is just as boring as the last.

>> No.10598345

Pick me! Pick me!

>> No.10598354

anon does give off that feeling, uh?

>> No.10598357

Pretty sure you're confusing it with Lolibrary. Lolitahistory is a site by RD, scanned from her own collection of magazines.

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File: 1.59 MB, 1242x1944, BC4C5E97-B3F2-4C45-804D-B255F25782F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You allowed this to happen

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Cry more

>> No.10598366

>Is conservative thereby inherently promoting inequality, domination, and prejudice
>WAAAA meanies kicked me out of their group for wanting to oppress other people because I internalized that I'm better than them

>> No.10598372

It's like monkeys in a cage flinging shit at eachother. It always has been, but has progressively been getting worse over the past 10 years.

>> No.10598382

Why would anyone trust you anon? I too am a libertarian, but I'm not outing myself online to some rando. I want to believe but you could just be saying that and then doxxing people. Idk

>> No.10598385

woah what a chad

>> No.10598389

Wow, so open and tolerant. You'll probably never understand that you're exactly what's wrong with the egl community. The woke reeeeing minority has taken on the mantle of the Thought Police. YWNBAW.

>> No.10598392

This post made me leave that group

>> No.10598393

I'm not open and tolerant to oppressors cause I'm not a liberal lmao.
No tolerance for people who literally want to deny you basic necessities and life saving resources because you don't fit x criteria. You deserve ire and vitriol for believing others are below you for existing.

>> No.10598394

>And old school isn't wannabe dolls?
And this is a bad thing why?

>> No.10598395

imagine joining a hobby that comes out of a conservative asian country and getting all sjw about it

u know japanese culture in general is xenophobic, racist, anti lgbt etc right?

>> No.10598396

>boohoohoo people are mean to me for wanting to restrict their lives, health, finances, and resources I'm SO OPPRESSED!!!!

>> No.10598398

I really want the sissies gone. I think it's SO creepy they're just allowed to interact on social media with younger women. In the 2000's and even teens, this would have been most definitely discouraged, and younger women would have been educated. Now it seems like a free-for-all. I'm not sure whether it's because sissies have discovered they can unfairly use the transgender label - and who's to say they're not actually transgender - but... it strikes me as so entirely unfair to the actual trans community, MTF trans women who struggle every day in this country to receive the proper medical care and just want to live as who they really are... The sissies in the lolita tag seem to just want to dress up in cute "little girls" clothes, and something about that just really turns my stomach. I hope younger women who are newer to the fashion take care.

>> No.10598399

Yeah no shit liking a fashion style doesn't mean you agree with the political leanings of an entire nation idiot. Japan is a fucked up place for a variety of reasons. They're also extremely sexist and pedophilic. That has nothing to do with lolita. That's like saying you support nazis if you like wearing dirndl. False equivalence.

>> No.10598401

you are financially supporting the beliefs of the people who make these clothes. so you have no right to whine about it. find another fashion

>> No.10598405

Not half terf enough, I sold 90% of my wardrobe because I don't want to be on the radar of sissy and pedophile "transbians" (male predators). The pieces I kept are all classic.

>> No.10598410

bottom surgery isn't life saving, it's cosmetic.

>> No.10598411

I’ve been on the fringes of the lolita community for almost a decade. It’s more fun being on the sidelines than it would be to actually be in a comm. I’d rather wear lolita with a couple close friends and keep in my bubble. Animal Crossing community is way more fun

>> No.10598413

so you see some of their shitty boomers stay in their shitty boomer mindset and assume the entire country thinks like that. you think it's okay to be bigoted because you're a japan worshipping weaboo and it's LITERALLY okay when japan does it, after all you've made it your ideal pure conservative paradise.

>> No.10598414

Yea, that's the shitty part. It's hard to trust anyone these days. And the worst part is having to be secretive about our political ideologies for fear of being doxxed. Being doxxed for being libertarian which is typically pretty tame. Doxxed because the left is so insecure with others who think differently... so much for being the party of tolerance.

It's honestly sad. You can email if you want. Obviously, I'm concerned about randos emailing too, just to dox me. But I'm starting to not care. And I refuse to fear these whiny brats. Not to mention it's pretty easy to read someone via text especially if they are leftist larping as a libertarian. They can't hold up the charade for very long. They are ruled by emotion and it vehemently shows. Not to mention their understanding of a libertarian or conservative point of view is fragmented and broken. If they actually tried to understand something from another's perspective they probably wouldn't be a leftist. It takes a certain level of intolerance and disconnection from others with differing views to even have such a left alignment.

Regardless, I'm just wanting to extend an olive branch out to someone who feels the way I do. Since it seems so rare to come across. You can make a burner email like I did with no pressure to reveal your identity. I'm just so over dealing with 'wokelitas' lol

>> No.10598415

Most women aren't cute enough to pull off lolita. Most non asians don't
have the bone structure for it. And the cost of the items and the hype behind them is no different than people who buy supreme products.

>> No.10598416

oh anon, they aren't sissies, their egg(_irl) just cracked. They are getting gender euphoria and hardons when they wear lolita and that is important for them! Sissies experience much of the same important sexual feelings that trans people do. It's autogynephilia in both cases, and it is fairly used. You just think trans people have to be asexual which is wrong.

>> No.10598419

Case and point. >>10598393 Clearly does not understand a libertarian or conservative perspective. Probably never tried to have a conversation with someone with libertarian views. Ruled by emotions with inability to speak on rational grounds.

Leftists can't even larp hard enough to try and dox. They would have to fool you into thinking they are also libertarian in order for you to reveal your identity. But they wouldn't be able to. They can't larp an ideology they don't even understand lol.

>> No.10598420

So..... what you're saying is some can wear Die Walkure or other military themes and not actually support Nazi ideology?? You don't say XD

>> No.10598429

Thanks for proving you don't know the definition of libertarianism or conservatism

>> No.10598430

you sure like to make assumptions about the personal beliefs of designers don't you

>> No.10598431

Bruh I'm talking about food, insurance for $800 insulin people would literally die without, and clean water. Fuck off with your straw man arguments.

>> No.10598434

sure. Sorry facial feminization surgery isn't free. /s

>> No.10598459

I am one of them but don't Care. Sorry Not sorry

>> No.10598474

that is literally the most retarded thing I've heard all week

financially supporting "beliefs" would be donating to politicians and shit

these are fucking clothes

>> No.10598478

I've one of the bigger wardrobes. I have zero community interactions other than here. Comm seems full of itas, like 2 or 3 well dressed women...genderspecials put me off. Online coord shots seem stiff and boring and now with all the poly trash they combine boring with cheap. I'l wear my clothes and enjoy my days. Thats it really.

>> No.10598480

I'm a libertarian too and I also struggle with not being able to openly discuss my ideology. It's not like I always have to talk about it, but when something comes up in conversation that I feel strongly about I want to have the freedom to speak my mind and have the others at least attempt to understand my perspective. I don't even care about other lolitas not sharing my views, what kills me is that trying to talk about it is always going to be met with negative bias and animosity.
That being said, it helps no one to be reductive. You talk about leftists as if they're by definition unable to speak rationally and that's just not true. Just like how libertarians aren't always rational either. The tone you use makes it seem like you look down on them to the point of disgust and that's only going to alienate the sides from eachother more.

>> No.10598486

>I also struggle with not being able to openly discuss my ideology.
In what context? Because I’m imagining you sperging about your views at meetups

>> No.10598487 [DELETED] 

I being a scrote would be a bannable offense on /cgl/'s lolita threads.

>> No.10598488

I wish being a scrote would be a bannable offense on /cgl/'s lolita threads.

>> No.10598491

Some of it is very toxic, judgy, autistic, bullying.
Other parts are way too inclusive and allow people to alter the fashion too much and say someone's absolute trash ita coord is "perfect" instead of giving concrit.
Overall exactly like the emo community I was part of ages ago. There is absolutely no difference. Except lolita kept itself pure to some extent, while emo is synonymous with egirl prostitute trash and e-fuckboys.

>> No.10598492

>emo is synonymous with egirl prostitute trash
So is sweet lolita

>> No.10598493

She said she's married, retards. As an also spoken-for woman, my experience also shows that men's communities (save for gaming/anime communities, which are arguably co-ed), while by no means perfect, tend to produce less petty gossip and very little constant drama. Sorry you didn't get picked.

>> No.10598494

This thread kinda prooves it, the community is mostly circling around things not related to the fashion in the slightest. I guess I'm salty but seeing poorly dressed men getting endless asspats on CoF is what ended the interest in the Facebook communities for me. The likes and all have nothing to do with the fashion at that point. Also, it's pretty hard to explain but I sometimes feel like some people just want to change the entire fashion for themselves without going through the effort to make it work for them.

>> No.10598495

>tend to produce less petty gossip and very little constant drama
That’s because, as a women, you’re not really included in the shit going on.

>> No.10598497

I was always the sort of person to avoid drama and learned to ignore any of the ita-y people in my comm and just get on with my life as they'd eventually disappear. I love the central core of my comm. Some of them aren't the best dressers but really nice people so I tend to just ignore when, perhaps, they don't look their best. I know my own looks aren't always perfect, such is life. I took the same approach in online FB groups - scrolling past the ones that flagged to me as cringy or sissy or whatever.

For some reason, seeing >>10598358 on BSOLF really really pissed me off. Sure, we've seen obvious sissys appear on there before but this one has taken the biscuit. I can't even put it correctly into words as I'm not sure why exactly it was this post in particular. I'm a member of BSOLF as it used to have genuinely good questions, it feels like now it's just a bunch of absolute shite. Maybe it's always been trash but I've grown more tired of the crap as I grow older? Every single comment was positive when I saw this post. This is a maid costume with heart glasses. This isn't EGL. It also unsettles me that (I looked at his profile) he looks like he lives semi-near me. If he's pandered more, then it's possible he'll look for a comm sometime soon and it'll likely be mine. The idea makes me sick.

After seeing this post I looked through COF and looked at the like count for various photos. So many of the perfectly normal ones rarely scrape 100 whereas some absolute fucking shite gets 4-5 times more.

I wear and am active in both lolita and kimono comms. I often compare them in my head as they have comm similarities. They both obviously come from Japan. They both have rules one should keep to. They both attract weebs and hence both comms occasionally have to deal with assholes turning up on costumes saying their looks are just as valid as those who have spent a lot of money and time perfecting their looks. But kimono comms are often better at combating freaks and creeps.

>> No.10598501

Lolita will one day become as bad as the cosplay community where everyone has an onlyfans just because its the done thing

>> No.10598504

>fter seeing this post I looked through COF and looked at the like count for various photos. So many of the perfectly normal ones rarely scrape 100 whereas some absolute fucking shite gets 4-5 times more.

this is why i go to CoF threads here instead of the real thing. no like count-based algorithm decides what i see there, because the ones with a high like count are usually just over-the-top, efamous, or men/genderspecials, but the ones i actually like the most tend to fly under the radar

>> No.10598507

Completely agree. I wonder if we could all start liking the normal coords we see on COF? I'm going to start liking all of the more generic, simple photos even if I don't particular like them/ they're not my style.

>> No.10598538

bold of you to assume I'm a liberal.

You just sound like a stupid crybaby to anyone on the political spectrum. Maybe you should go somewhere and deal with it.

>> No.10598540

I'm still so annoyed at myself for selling this dress. It was really soft and comfortable.

>> No.10598560
File: 2.23 MB, 1999x1333, Simone-Rocha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>H&M will have an actual lolita dress
they actually have a "lolita-inspired" collection by the designer simone rocha atm

>> No.10598571

I did buy a lot of that collection for my general wardrobe. It is reasonably priced and well made. I'd recommend it if it's still in stock in your country/ you see a good deal second hand.

>> No.10598574

lolita inspired doesn’t count. Also this is larme shit

>> No.10598575

Half-related but I really think trannies are a bit creepy. Discovered this through the fashion.
Being a classic lolita onnagata myself, I find it incredibly strange seeing someone else do it while pretending and believing himself to be an actual woman.
Also because of people like that everyone assumes bad things about me. Trannies really piss me off.
I just wanna be like Hizaki, not become an actual woman

>> No.10598604

>bold of you to assume I'm a liberal
So how would you describe yourself?
>inb4 "centrist"
The goalposts have moved so far in the last 20 years, that word has lost all meaning. So don't use it here.

>> No.10598610


I mean, it’s not AP, but this looks nothing like larme. It’s not lolita either, but the detailing and slightly creepy mood definitely recalls old school.

>> No.10598613

you sound like a newfag who has never even looked into the magazine, also the designer is a oldfag weeb that makes 90s jfash inspired designs

>> No.10598615


I want to think they actually just meant lame, and not larme but we they're probably just unaware of what larme is like

>> No.10598617

That’s nice to hear anon, I was tempted but H&M stuff I’ve had in the past has been poor quality (almost as if it was sewn by third world children). Idk how this collection was produced but I’ll keep an eye out for it second hand.

>> No.10598618

Stop larping and lurk for another year until you at least learn common terms, retarded scrote. Both you and the trannies are bad and should fuck off.

>> No.10598620

yeah, their normal stuff is terrible but I find their collabs to be good quality. I got some of the William Morris stuff a few years ago and that's also well produced.

>> No.10598627

It’s full of insecure and hurt people who project their insecurity into others and believe it’s fine to hurt them

Real life meetings tend to be okay as you can choose who you talk to and people in general are less likely going to be bitches when talking to someone face to face

Online it’s chaos, the algorithm will end up showing you the most vocal members of the community who tend to be the worst ones. Also, as far left as I am, I have to agree that virtue signaling about serious social problems in a stupid way has become a real problem, I blame it on USA lolitas, their country activism is total batshit and completely based on individual responsibility and shaming others

>> No.10598634

This board has gone to shit too since the pandemic, literally just the same shit repeated over and over again and everyone going crazy over every tiny hint of "drama" they can find

>> No.10598635 [DELETED] 

It’s been like this since at least 2016. It’s just gotten worse and worse

>> No.10598655


>> No.10598656

Who said I was a centrist? You’ll never know what I am, because I don’t need to advertise what I am on 4chan to become friends with other lolitas, since I’m not an autistic social outcast in my comm, like you apparently are.

>> No.10598658

Things started getting worse than usual with OTT classic

>> No.10598664

>reasonably prices
>$200-$300 on average

I know we spend a lot of money on frivolous dresses, but let's not pretend it's reasonably priced

>> No.10598665

I never heard of OTT classic, is that the nu wave classic thats kinda more hime/rococo than classic?

>> No.10598678

You shoulda seen it in 2008 if you think it’s bad now

>> No.10598682


>> No.10598683

It’s the thing with the art print dresses and skewer crowns

>> No.10598685

in 2008 /cgl/ was 99% cosplay with a single lolita thread everyone posted in

>> No.10598688

I'm posting on Crystal Cafe and you can't stop me.

>> No.10598703

Go ahead and join your tranny brethren

>> No.10598709

My descendants are smiling at me, lesbo. Can you say the same?

>> No.10598719

I can't stop thinking that it's exactly where we are headed. If you look at porn sites they are overflowing with cosplay and Japanese style makeup.

Something so pure as jfash is being destroyed by Western thots and it pisses me off because nothing can be done about it.

>> No.10598759

>She said she's married, retards
it's not about wanting to be picked to marry anyone, dummy lol it's about her trying to be part of a community that's not meant for her, and trying very hard to defend it in hopes that she'll be "accepted". The same vibe as "I'm SO different from the other girls"

>> No.10598764

"ErMaHgErD HeEs GuNnA StEeL mAh WeEmÔnHoOd!"

OK transphobe.

>> No.10598767


Not that anon but nobody should have to be forced to accept others.

>> No.10598772 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but it’s hilarious that people use transphobe/transphobic as an insult. You’re goddamn right I’m afraid of a man with mental illness severe enough to mutilate himself and that has a 90% chance of being a violent misogynist or sexual predator.

>> No.10598774

"FeEl DaH sUpEeRiOrItEe Uv MaH NaChUrAL GoDdEsS-giVeN vUgJyNuH"

Your sentence, in a pea-shell

>> No.10598776

OK transphobe.

>> No.10598778

Men pretending to be women are deranged as we see in this thread

>> No.10598779

Says the one who would think it's A-OKAY to inspect a child's genitalia without their consent. Strange behavior for a "feminist".

>> No.10598781

Just GTFO of lolita entirely then. ^_^

>> No.10598782 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but a hy do you trannies always bring up peoples genitals, and specifically children’s genitalia? That’s not what crosses our minds when we say we are concerned about troons. And we don’t have to look at your genitals to clock you.

>> No.10598787
File: 76 KB, 585x680, Trans.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because transactivism focuses most of all on the rights of children to transition medically. Children's genitals not being mutilated is a source of obsession for trans and AGP pervs. It's something that will always be brought up and childrens spaces they keep trying to infiltrate.
41% yourself <3

>> No.10598794


It's creepy that this person is seeing nothing wrong with imposing it's will upon the flesh of other people's children.

>> No.10598795

You will never be a woman. You will never look as good in lolita as women.

>> No.10598798

That's fine, we all left it ever since you fucks invaded it a few months after it was created. Have fun larping with other men.

>> No.10598802 [DELETED] 

>there’s literally no other humane way to let children grow up other than forcing them to take unnecessary and potentially harmful hormones to block their natural process of growing up

Literally retarded

>> No.10598805
File: 234 KB, 600x800, 1421017102934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least we weren't completely flooded with oversensitive newfags who refuse to adapt to imageboard culture, fatties, scrotes and 0 moderation back then. I'd trade 2013/14 cgl over the downward spiral we are in now for any cost.

>> No.10598807

Call me a closet fucking lesbo bitch, but a man comfortable with himself and his interest in women's luxury fashion, who wears it right, is sexy as fuck
I love Mana so fucking much


>> No.10598810

I don't think you understand the term lesbian.

>> No.10598812
File: 118 KB, 724x884, manasama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10598813


>> No.10598816

I didnt fall in love with egl because of some dude. I fell in love because other women wore it and looked divine

>> No.10598817

Boycott moitie

>> No.10598819

>some dude

>> No.10598827

Fucking what now.

>> No.10598833

Why is he holding the cape in front of himself the whole time? Is he secretly fat or something?

>> No.10598838

baiting me to check what's underneath it huhu

Really now, I love his autism and flamboyant gestures.

>> No.10598847

Nothing to discuss. He is perfection.

>> No.10598854

Libertarians aren't the same as conservatives. And we don't want to opress people. We want freedom and open discussions.

>> No.10598860

What's really pathetic is crazy lefties not being able to handle the opinions of someone as milque toast as a libertarian.

>> No.10598867

>And we don't want to opress people. We want freedom
Oppression goes hand in hand with white understanding of freedom.

>> No.10598868

It's always about race isn't it? I want *everyone* to have freedom, POC included. To assume that POC need the government to "help" them be successful in life because they can't do it themselves is racist. You're racist.

>> No.10598873

This. Just looking at the derailment upthread.

>> No.10598874 [DELETED] 

BIPOC want to be treated like children but only if everyone pretends they aren’t treating them like children. If you mention the advantages they’re being given under threat of violence they’ll call you racist

>> No.10598876

Deal with it Euro-fag.

>> No.10598885

right lol
most libertarians have beliefs that align with leftist beliefs, they just come at it from a different perspective ("muh freedom")

most libertarians are pro-choice, anti-police/prison-industrial complex, against most restrictions on gay / trans people, against the war on drugs, it's just a different philosophy driving those stances than it is with leftists

>> No.10598888

No. This is a japanese fashion and cosplay board not your political sperging blog.

>> No.10598894

We were leftist... at some point before wokeness became the new left.

>> No.10598898

Just say you don't get it. You have the same talking points as a conservative.

>> No.10598899

You don't get it. But of course if anyone who denys their racism it proves that they're racist right?

>> No.10598901

>be upset about men thinking they are women in lolita fashion specifically
>check thread 2 hours later
>full on amerinigger sperging
>shitty cliche buzzwords about their shit country's politics
The a absolute state of cgl

>> No.10598904

Irl: my comm is very small and not many people keep up to date with new releases and things so it's hard to know what to talk about.

Online: 90% of lolitas live in a bubble. Closet Of Frills has gone to absolute shit in the past 2 years for some reason. Someone could pair flats with a work blouse and the comments are like omg we stan. While I think majority of lolitas are sour bastards,we have gone the other way to the point where telling people their 12 inch Pleaser dominatrix heels aren't suitable for lolita can cause people to run and get for the mods.

>> No.10598905

If I was free to speak anywhere else I would.

>> No.10598907

Follow up from this

OTT sweets need to chill the fuck out and realise that they have no fucking idea what they're talking about when it comes to the other substyles. "It would be nicer with pink teaparties and KC" on a classic lolita coord or "the black shoes don't go with the coord!" on an obviously very oldschool coord

Shut the fuck up

>> No.10598920

So you're a troll, just effing with people on an anon board. Go back to /pol/, larper.

>> No.10598925

How many of those people giving that crit are actually well dressed sweet lolitas, though?

>> No.10598931

I’m a lonelita. I stopped participating in facebook lolita groups because it’s easier for me to just curate a feed of good coords to look at on instagram, and most of the discussion topics in lolita facebook groups are irrelevant to me (mental/physical illness, racism in the usa, plus size clothes, etc). I only come to cgl now because I like to see thoughts on the actual quality and design of the clothes, which still gets discussed in some threads here.

>> No.10598947

I’m so sick and tired of putting together actual lolita coords and posting them as often as I can, only for them to get overshadowed by sissies and itas. The online comm has gone to shit.

>> No.10598948

ask me how i know you've never been to japan or know any japanese people

>> No.10598953

I'd rather have a group or social media site.

>> No.10598960

The fact you're even competing with rejects for internet attention is sad, anon. Please respect yourself more, you deserve better.

>> No.10599003

Lolitas are lying to themselves when they say "lolita isn't a costume!! >:("

>> No.10599005

NTA but Japan is put on a pedestal by weebs and tourists thinking everyone and everything in that country can do no wrong.

>> No.10599009

..but wasn't the whole point of dressing in lolita back then a type of rebellion against said conservative culture?? It's an unusual and flashy fashion that can alienate the ordinary onlooker and often goes hand in hand with their goth scene.

>> No.10599011

Are you sure you understood the comment you replied to

>> No.10599041

It's because it's men who don't think like women imposing these ideas. Literally woman's biology is to protect children. This is not that. They sound like predators

>> No.10599042

Bro. There's moderation, but they only do something as sensitive SJW fucks. They don't do jack shit otherwise. The board is not the same with these bad mods. At least Miyu posted cosplay, fucking shit mods

>> No.10599077

i get the frustration of being overshadowed in the online comm, but make sure you're enjoying yourself in the fashion offline too. if your enjoyment comes primarily from posting online please just sell your wardrobe and go

>> No.10599122

Japan's liberal culture is completely different from America/the west's liberal culture. BLM was largely ignored by native Japanese because they don't have enough black people to care for example. They're so much less PC.

>> No.10599126

Japanese culture has nothing to do with current year western TRA rhetoric. I doubt Mana would ever demand his right to use the women's bathroom and ask little girls if they want him to teach them how to insert tampons.

>> No.10599131

I'm angry how e-girl/emo shit style is contaminating lolita coords, as I said I don't mind brolitas or any gender as long they dress fine, I mind itas that want to use this crap in lolita even if they are cis women. I see also some defending drag queen makeup in lolita, please no. >>10599003
Ikr totally, they say this but what they wear it's OTT outfits only for pictures and meets because they consider lolita as a costume/cosplay, not as clothing to use anytime in their daily life. With other jfashion like larme, gyaru (also neo-gyaru) and so on this issue is less common because the wearers use their items as actual clothing for their free time, daily life and work if possible.
It's easy to wear lolita daily if people won't insist to get these OTT tulle and lace mess shit instead of more functional and less fussy items.

>> No.10599133

Nayrt but Japanese people are pretty "PC" in the sense that it isn't socially acceptable to hold super strong opinions and is seen as strange/offputting, the things that are considered offensive are just different there because context is different. Like with BLM, sure they don't have enough black people to "care" but also all non Asian foreigners are pretty much treated as other or different so people being black has less to do with it, completely different context than America or the west (and Africa) where African slave trade, apartheid, Jim Crowe, and tons of other compounding factors are relevant.

>> No.10599162

This. So many people in this thread are weak as fuck.

>> No.10599164

You guys are fucking idiot zoomers. I don't know where the fuck any of you think anyone is wearing emo nowadays. We're not in the early 2000's. No, egirl style is NOT emo. Fuck. You guys are idiots, stop larping like you've seen a shit ton of change to lolita when you don't even know what actual emo looks like.

>> No.10599167

e-girl shit is nu-emo/scene.

>> No.10599168

This thread is about comms

>> No.10599173

Mana said trans rights

>> No.10599174

not all trans people are John Yaniv and twitter goons anon.
Those need to be exterminated, that said.

>> No.10599181

Not all are like Yaniv but they all benefit (especially the goons) when trans are accepted without question.

>> No.10599183

Nta but OP meant the lolita community overall

>> No.10599187

>90% chance of being a violent misogynist or sexual predator.
Have you ever actually met a tranny irl

>> No.10599189 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but I have and that number sounds right

>> No.10599193

It's neither. Emo and Scene weren't even in the same ballpark, idiot.

>> No.10599194

Yeah. They still look like dudes, still have raging testosterone. Imagine, guys who already suck at managing their emotions then deciding to take estrogen. What wonders unfold from psychopathic emotional outbreaks with no idea of how to manage emotions. You just get muscly psychopath. No one wants to be around that shit.

>> No.10599196

>Emo and Scene weren't even in the same ballpark
do you have brain damage?

>> No.10599211

Found the triggered emo kid. E-kids are most definitely nu scene/emo and are just as if not more annoying.

>> No.10599213

Yep. As a daily lolita it makes me cringe so hard whenever I see people complain about not being able to wear lolita outside of cons/meets because it's "too fancy" or "uncomfortable" like
Maybe don't wear your biggest petti, 63638 accessories, a huge veil, and your most ott op then? It's really not that hard to wear normal every day coords that aren't even necessarily casual

>> No.10599215

You seem to be thinking about the true early aughts emo style but that was swallowed by stereotypical MySpace “emo” by the mid 2000s. Scene style was formed by the mall goth/emo “style” clashing with the generic normie internet girl style at the time. Current egirl style is taking elements from cosplay, “jfashion” (really just aliexpress knockoffs of knockoffs), and scene style,

>> No.10599217
File: 135 KB, 800x800, 1E2AFBFF-85F6-4B0F-B309-3FC04D76DABA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And pastel goth. Pastel goth “style” is probably the biggest influence on egirl style. Pastel goth was the first time jfashion elements crossed over with western alt fashion.

>> No.10599221
File: 710 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-04-20-21-11-12-764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you think that only westerners are bad, this video is tagged with gothic lolita

>> No.10599223

>Pastel goth was the first time jfashion elements crossed over with western alt fashion.
holy shit no.

>> No.10599227
File: 22 KB, 400x531, C216E298-2539-4EA9-9987-D3075CCE9E43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please show me where else then? Because sites like ROMWE and SHEIN started back then and made replicas of jfash clothing items like the Syrup sheet collar dress, or the Katie collared cat shirt, and those were worn by girls on lookbook and tumblr who know they were knockoffs. Tumblr in general introduced a new generation of teens to jfash, the way tiktok is now.

>> No.10599229
File: 37 KB, 560x800, D23D1E59-F407-42CA-8BCD-EAF5D35F1D80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I meant *didn’t know they were knockoffs
this was a onespo replica they sold

>> No.10599241

This honestly hits me really hard. I'm so sorry, anon. Seeing things like this really make me hate myself for having been too chicken shit to have starting earlier. I feel completely trapped in this nu-sweet dumpster fire and the only escape is digging up the fossilized content that's still left and just mourning the lose of enthusiastic creators like you.

>> No.10599246

Pastel goth is jfashion, only because japanese fashions like Listen Flavor made it. Listen flavor still produces pastel goth fashion to this day, honestly. There is some cross over to Western goth elements but that's because goth is international, but ROMWE and SHEIN are chinese companies. It just was trendy, so companies in china like usual produced shit similar.

>> No.10599258

You obviously have no idea how much quality garment fabrics cost per yard, especially custom fabric. That's not even considering notions. You'll still end up spending $200+ per making your own dresses. What you're missing is that better quality garments are more expensive upfront but will last much longer than cheap trash. It's slow vs. fast fashion 101, anon.

>> No.10599264

My local comms are pretty chill, online is a hellscape though and I hate how coddly it has become. If you give any concrit that's not meek and submissive asspats you're instantly labeled as a bully. Like sorry not sorry but I don't sugarcoat things just because it's babby's first coord. Direct concrit best concrit.

>> No.10599265

Well what are your interests then?

>> No.10599268

>women gossip way too much men are way less drama

Gtfo then

>> No.10599272

>more of a collector's thing
Agreed, and I also think this boomed with the pandemic. Ime most lolitas only wear the fashion to go out and with nowhere to go, they kinda just start collecting.

>> No.10599283

NAYRT but that's like taking one abusive mother and saying all women benefit from being given rights to their children during divorce. It's a misinterpretation of the actual situation and even then doesn't detract from the overall problem of misogyny. I don't see how an actual reasonable person could benefit from a situation they were never going to take advantage of anyways and it's not like Yaniv was freely allowed to be a creep, they were immediately ostracized by general society after the whole tampon thing afaik.

Kek right? If you hate women so much go hang out with the car boys. Or join a brolita community if you think women are the root of the problem. See how that goes.

>> No.10599304

I did notice a bit of chunk on him when he was seated and promoting the tea cups.

>> No.10599316

Libertarians are retards. Seriously. Never in my life have I met a single one with more than 2 brain cells, both of which are exclusively reserved for explaining why we don't need roads and screaming about legalizing pot.

>> No.10599318

Tbh I don't really think it's a gender thing. The only place I ever hear anything about creepy men taking over is on here, and the occasional reminder asking people not to drag their normie bfs to events.

I used to love the community but now it just seems super cringey. It's not just fakebois and gender specials. It seems like a much broader culture shift. Everyone expects to be catered to. Everyone is expected to participate in the mob mentality whenever somebody does something they disagree with. I'm so over the whole let's-pretend-everything-that-offends-me-makes-you-a-nazi thing. It seems like even inane disagreements are legitimate grounds for a total meltdown in the comm, and that's honestly just exhausting af.

>> No.10599322

>I'm tired of everyone and their “i want to be an experimental kawaii princess” shit.
I feel this. It seems like lolita is a passing fancy for most people, or just something to experiment with for insta points. It's really hard now to find friends who are genuinely interested or knowledgeable in the lifestyle/fashion itself.

>> No.10599324

>You will never look as good in lolita as women
*looks up Mana and brolitas*
*looks at the sea of fugly whales on CoF*

ehhhhh. There are plenty of bio-men who look WAY better than women in lolita.

>> No.10599337

>honestly just exhausting af.
My views on the comm to a T. I guess we all just forgot the part where lolita is meant to be a fun escapism.

>> No.10599338

Lolita basically just went the way of cosplay. What started out as a hobbyist sub-culture for enjoyment has evolved into a monetized community where it's everyone for themselves for clout, new releases, 2nd hand market leads, etc.
A girl in my local comm got caught giving shit ig advice to try to stunt other people's growth. There was always a bit of competitiveness in lolita, but lately it just feels really ott.

>> No.10599339

I'm seeing an increased interest for gothic and it worrries me

>> No.10599340

>giving away shit ig advice to stunt other lolitas growth
That is fucked. Does she not understand the principal of 5 mediocre girls next to each other look as a whole hotter than they would if they were on their own? She leads a sad existence

>> No.10599344

Clearly you've never met a single one at all. Your understanding is extremely shallow.

>> No.10599351
File: 58 KB, 400x536, tumblr_namacrB6nV1rpyuq7o1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pastel goth entered jfashion because the trend was being worn by other people. it was not invented by listen flavor. it wasnt even listen flavor being worn often back then besides their lavender bat sweater. the replicas being made back then were not of listen flavor clothing. i think pastel goth influenced japanese fashions like yamikawaii. the kreepsville bows were worn by kotakoti, pastelbat, andi autumn and eva cheung, they were the main inspirations of that trend.

>> No.10599352

nta but yeah. Libertarians are fucking stupid. So so so so so so many examples.

>> No.10599355

A libertarian talking about shallow understanding LMAO. I'm literally dying laughing at this comment.

>> No.10599380

Anon, every libertarian I’ve ever met has been either stoners who think that anything they’re too dumb to understand must be a sign of bloated government or tragic middle children who see contrarian politics as a way to seek the attention they desperately crave.

>> No.10599384

Pastel goth has been in and out of Lolita fashion since the 90s. Not sure why people get so butthurt about it.

>> No.10599388

lolita is not quality garments, it's expensive because it's niche and it can be. it's an exclusivity tax. only poor people think that price indicates quality.

>> No.10599389

those items were already being produced for the fashion though. it was pooularized by the west as "pastel goth" but this kind of thing already existed in japan before it came about. just because it wasn't called that in japan doesn't mean it didn't already exist there.

>> No.10599390

It used to be rip. I was going through my old school pieces and damn they were nicely made.
It’s like people completely forgot about, for example, the lavender black colorway of carnival applique.

>> No.10599392

>tragic middle children
Where is the lie....
I disagree. The quality now is certainly not what it used to be, but even now AP still does single stitched finishing and other structural features you won’t find on a cheapo dress.

>> No.10599394

>exclusivity tax
Only newfags and poorfag think Lolita is “exclusive”

>> No.10599396

Again you know nothing except shallow stereotypes. I'm a libertarian because my ideals align with libertarianism. I don't even like weed but people have a right to put what they want into their bodies. And more government seems to be the solution to everything even when the government is the direct cause of the problem.

>> No.10599397

Give one example. I'm tired of generalizations. You have a shallow understanding of libertarian philosophy.

>> No.10599423

Imagine being so stupid, you don’t even know how to google all the stupid shit mainstream libertarians have said. Throwback to Gary Johnson being booed off the stage at the libertarian debate for saying that he supports fucking driver’s licenses. I repeat. LIBERTARIANS ARE FUCKING MORONS.

>> No.10599424

Who needs drivers licenses when you’ve got no roads?!? Lmao

>> No.10599426

NTA but I could give you hundreds. Libertarianism is just objectivism for stupid people. Both idealogies are utterly useless outside of some mildly amusing thought exercises.

>> No.10599427

I’ll say the same thing to libertarians as I do to these idiot leftist communist wannabes. If you think it’s so great, why don’t you try living in one of these countries with no government? Why not move to China, Russia, North Korea etc. ? Go see how that works out for you.

>> No.10599429

>countries with no government
>China, Russia, North Korea
Excuse me?

>> No.10599433

Obviously that’s for the wannabe commies.

>> No.10599434

What year are you from?

>> No.10599435

>one of these countries with no government
Funny thing about libertarianism. There’s not a single libertarian country in the world. Libertarianism is essentially an elaborate larp.

>> No.10599436

90s baby

>> No.10599437

Except I'm not an ancap and I don't want to live in a country with no government. I never said that. You're strawmanning.

>> No.10599438

This is kinda my answer to everything.

If you think trans-women and men in lolita is such a problem, go make your own comm.

>> No.10599440

Bruh your whole ideology is a straw man. Iibertarians are fucking retarded. At least the alt right have a semi-functional approach to their new world order

>> No.10599441

Basing the opinions of every libertarian on the Libertarian Party is extremely stupid.

>> No.10599442

imagine thinking ur smart for repping the party that doesn't believe in drivers licenses lmao

>> No.10599443

Okay if you're not going to actually provide any real rebuttal while attacking my position then just shut up.

>> No.10599444

I'm not "in the party" minarchist libertarianism is just my philosophy.

>> No.10599445

libertarianism as an ideology is stupid. It doesn't matter what the party says, or what individuals believe. The fundamental idea that we do not need substantial government for a country of our population, diversity, and land mass is utter idiocy.

>> No.10599446

Anon ur philosophy is retarded

>> No.10599447

LMAO I give you e-boy intellectualism. Actually hysterically stupid.

>> No.10599448

Believing we need a big central government for such a large and spread out country is stupid.
I mean the EU worked out great didn't it? /s

>> No.10599450

You literally asked for “examples” of libertarians being stupid, then backtracked so fucking fast. What a “philosophy”

>> No.10599451

Face palm. Anon go read a book ugh

>> No.10599452

funny. There's no libertarian country in the EU, in fact, they are generally quite over regulated by US standards but ok

>> No.10599454

HAHAHAHHA fucking scrote. The EU is insanely over regulated, hence the poor gulls on here constantly complaining about the insane customs fees. Go back to the cave you crawled out of, you don’t belong here

>> No.10599455

When I was studying in the UK I got hit with a $40 customs fee for a fucking pair of socks.

>> No.10599456

... yeah that's my point.

>> No.10599460

Maybe the comm would be less crazy if there wasn't an insane degree of manufactured scarcity. AP has no reason not to make more product other than to hype their brand. If the materials were expensive I would understand, but at this point it's just fueling this insane culture of buying, selling, and generally sperging out over every little thing.

>> No.10599464

The scalping has gotten so bad I can't even enjoy the fashion anymore. I'm sorry but $80 for a pair of socks?!? $800 for a special set that literally went for $100 less than a year ago? I don't even bother trying to buy any socks or accessories direct from the brand anymore, and even second hand sites are picked clean in moments. I miss being able to have a prayer of buying an item I want to wear. I hate it when people try to cry "poorfag" or "newfag" or whatever too, because at the end of the day it's a fashion, and what brings me joy is being able to wear the clothes I love. The competitiveness is so crazy I just feel stifled and unable to grow my wardrobe.

>> No.10599465 [DELETED] 

Ok poorfag

>> No.10599476 [DELETED] 

It’s not scalping if the prices rise as an auction. That’s just the market changing. Seethe harder

>> No.10599478

Completely agree with your first paragraph! Thanks for say it.

>> No.10599482

NTA but scalping is what drives the auction prices so high. Anyone who's ever seen an AP release or gone on second-hand sites knows why it's nearly impossible to buy straight from the brand. Scalpers en masse are buying up items and dumping them at twice the price minutes after they buy it. It's a valid complaint about the current state of the comm, where it's basically impossible to complete your set without feeding the scalpers, which only increases the scalping problem. The only thing I hate more than scalpers are sissies.

>> No.10599483

that's obviously a scrote hun

>> No.10599485 [DELETED] 

> NTA but scalping is what drives the auction prices so high

You’re retarded. Opinion discarded

>> No.10599486

>the difference is mostly related to good moderation

Of all the communities I've been part of, the lolita comm has some of the worst, ass backwards modding I've ever seen.

>> No.10599488

someone needs to go back to eighth grade and learn about supply and demand I see.

>> No.10599489 [DELETED] 


Fuck off newfag

>> No.10599490
File: 136 KB, 810x500, its-ham.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. >>10598772
Mentally ill people like these men pretending to be women need to seek help for these illnesses and not turn their penises inside out, pump their throats with hormones and slap on a wig and think "i'M uH WoOmEn." When you have to endure the full experience of being a woman like bleeding through your vagina for days, sometimes weeks at a time and rolling on the ground in agony during those days. Or when you pass a human being from your body the size of a small watermelon or endure mood swings out the wazoo. When menopause hits or when you endure sexism everyday. I can go on and on. Then you can call yourself a woman. No, these tranny faggots with XY chromosomes want the perks of being a woman without enduring the consequences of being one. Take your misogynistic views on real women out of our spaces and fuck right off the edge of my uterus. Keep calling us transphobes because at least we know who we are and what we want unlike swine like you that doesn't know what is up, down, left or right. We want YOU out of our spaces.

>> No.10599492

> ass backwards modding

My comm mods did nothing when:
> a comm member shared non-consensual nudes to other members
>A member got caught stealing shit at an event
>A member kept bringing her abusive boyfriend to events

HOWEVER, gave an insta-ban when a girl defended Lor for the whole missclick-gate. Basically, mods only take action when the issue is trivial at best, and said action will score them woke points.

>> No.10599494

LMAO be more of a scrote

>> No.10599497

We're here, anon. We're just quiet. I'm sure a ton of people would appreciate the scans, when you have time.

>> No.10599500

There is a 0% probability that a woman wrote this

>> No.10599501

Some people like talking about mutual interests with people without having to explain from square one. You don't have to besties but it is definitely a rare pleasure to find someone you click with in the fashion.

>> No.10599502

>We want YOU out of our spaces.

No, we want YOU out of our spaces.

>> No.10599504

U really wrote this to try and accuse OTHER people of being mentally damaged? You sound absolutely unhinged. Take your meds crazy

>> No.10599505

sounds like typical terf shit to me.

>> No.10599506

Interestingly enough, this is my home board. So far you've been wrong about everything you've said about me, which is hilarious. Why is it so hard for you to accept that someone who considers /cgl/ their home board would find you cringy and insufferable? Die mad about it.

>> No.10599509

Not new, just old and tired of this shit. I want to support the brands, not the leeches.

>> No.10599510

Nah, women don't talk about their bodies like that. try again scrote scum.

>> No.10599511 [DELETED] 

Sure jan

>> No.10599512

go on lolcow and you'll see you're wrong.

>> No.10599513

I think facebook kinda killed lolita for me. From then on, it sort of developed into this visual ass pats clout community that just really didn't vibe with me. I think lolita was about 900% better before mass social media.

>> No.10599517

take your meds schizo

>> No.10599519

like scrote trolls haven't infiltrated there. Tbh any time I hear terf talk I know it's someone really fucked up. Like honestly? Normal people don't spend their time that obsessed with anything, least of all what some other rando is doing with their life.

>> No.10599520

There are a lot of crazy trans people for sure, but these psycho lesbo terfs are some of the most bizarre self-flagellating tubs of lard and sadness I've ever seen in my life.

>> No.10599521

have you seen lolcow? it's 99% mentally ill women who obsess with men. it's like reverse /r9k/, complete with threads bitching that men only like x, y and z. crazy women exist too, you can't ignore them forever or they'll start to become dangerous.

>> No.10599525 [DELETED] 

A scrote wrote these posts

>> No.10599529

This. It's funny to me how one of the big talking points is that transwomen are sick in the head, meanwhile terfs are consistently the most psychotic people I've seen.

>> No.10599531

try again. I'm >>10599520

it's not news. People have talked pretty extensively on here about the weird category of incel terf women in lolita.

>> No.10599533

Anon, I'm a millennial in my early 30s, I lived already the time when "old school" emo was the hype, I don't want again this crap into lolita. Or at least say it's not lolita, just a frilly emo outfit.
>t. a goth that was some sort of emo during teenage years
From what I saw, scene and emo people intermingled often and shared music and similar clothing items.
Same, I'm more of a soft lolita/otome daily person than full lolita outfits (Axes femme is life) but I get annoyed when I see people saying "lolita is too much!I cannot wear it at work or when I go out!", bitch please get some plain jsks or skirts, simpler blouses or ditch them for cutsews, use more jackets and lolita parkas, plain shoes, tights or less decorated socks, totes instead of animal shaped bags, hair clips and small alice bands instead of OTT lace headdresses. I think many of these people cannot even coordinate a normie outfit that is different from a t-shirt and jeans/leggings, because lolita as a daily fashion requires a bit of coordination and general fashion knowledge to not look like a costume or ita. Sticking to dark and neutral colors help too, for example black, white, ivory, darker red, brown, beige, navy and royal blue and muted/grey toned pastels instead of raging bright pastels.

>> No.10599678

same anon, same

>> No.10599712

That's very scrote to write, AMAB.

>> No.10599943

I love my local community. It's had its ups and downs over the years. But I enjoy our meets and get-togethers.

I enjoy attending large events, either at conventions, special large events, or big meets. I've met great people around the country and it's always great to see them and meet new people who are interested in the fashion.

Though when it comes to the online community, it's a different story. Ever since we've migrated away from LJ and scattered throughout different social media platforms, everyone is a character in it for their own dopamine hit. Everything is a show and a spectacle. Everything must be all or nothing, and up to scrutiny wrapped in a box labled "concrit".

I think /cgl wants to think they are above all of this. But the anon side of the community is just as full (if not more) of batshit loonies, larpers and roleplayers. People don't show their everyday coords as much anymore because of this. It's like the community only accepts perfection, and at that point, let's scrutinize everything else and project our own insecurities on others for show.

I honestly prefer to stay out of the online aspect and enjoy the fashion in-person where it's pleasant and down to earth.

>> No.10599997

>People don't show their everyday coords as much anymore

i havent found this to be true, but like you said, it's a lot more scattered across social media platforms. there are so many accounts, for instance on instagram, where people post everyday coordinates, but they all have <1k followers, their posts get <100 likes, and they don't use hashtags/don't have regular posting schedules/don't have an instagram "theme" so their coordinate photos are mixed in at random with everyday photos of other things or other outfits.

there's no shortage of posts or accounts like this--they just have very low visibility. finding one is like a goldmine.

>> No.10600110

This guy just mansplained womanhood to a board of women.

>> No.10600201

I don't know most of my friends don't gossip lolita or not. They would even think that me reading cgl is too much. I think it just depends on person. Some gossip some don't.

>> No.10600243

Do it, anon. There's a lot of us that'd really appreciate reading that old archived content. You have to ignore the online communities like any other online group.

>> No.10600248 [DELETED] 

What reality are you living in so I can switch with you? It's not TERFy enough. I'm genuinely thinking of making a "womens only" lolita group and pretending I have no idea what trans, sissies, and enbies are so I can openly call them men. If a girl in my group sides with trans people, they'll get kicked out. It just makes me sad almost all comms have no spines.

>> No.10600379

what kind of munching goes on, would you mind sharing some stories? I love hearing about the insane stuff munchies do

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