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"must be washed by professional dry cleaner"

so much for people claiming AP was switching to poly for ease of laundering. we all know it was price with this shit construction quality slowly getting worse. this is why i never bother with anything but rereleases and accessories/wardrobe staples at this point.

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>Time to go and grab a lottery ticket, lucky anon.
I don't feel very lucky. If I was, I'd have gotten the blouse.

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I can’t believe there are still people left defending AP. Like you said, it’s obvious they’re just cheaping out

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AP has just checked out and slaps the dry-clean label on everything now.

I'm not sure if the clothes are actually that fragile, or if AP just doesn't want to be held responsible for damages. I've been able to wash every single one of my old dresses on a delicates cycle, even glitter prints. AP's approach is so lazy. They're practically admitting the clothes will just fall apart.

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AP is a Japanese company with a no-return policy, they are not afraid of being held for damages for someone washing a dress wrong. The poly dresses probably really are that fragile based on the number of runs and scratches they get super easily and the wonky construction of everything lately. It's a shame because I want the good benefits of the poly to outweigh my personal aesthetic preference but it seems like AP does not intend to make it nice enough to do that. Maybe their chiffon is still the one exception, though I haven't bought something chiffon since MCD; maybe someone who owns Moco Moco Bunnies and an older chiffon like Holy Lantern or MCD (or even better, OG HL compared to a newer HL) can offer a comparison to confirm.

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It's sad cause people talk about poly being not wrinkly, but JCT has perma-puckering at the seemingly not quality controlled hem stitching that I doubt will go away. None of my cotton dresses do that. The hem stitching on a few of them is practically invisible.

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You obviously either aren’t actually a lolita or are one of the nasty ones who doesn’t wash their clothes. I have so many AP dresses with those warnings on them that I throw in the wash and then the dryer and they turn out fine and have held up for ages. Shut the fuck up, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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ayrt, i am not a fake lolita or unhygenic just because i am willing to say i wish AP would try a bit harder and at the very least construct the dresses better.

i don't hate their poly, i just hate all the glaring issues with quality control that are also accompanying the poly and make me think the dress really will fall apart at the seams way too easily.

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You cited their tag saying it needs to be dry cleaned like that actually means jack shit when any lolita who isn’t disgusting would know those tags just need to be ignored. You are retarded, stop backtracking.

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if a tag on a cotton dress with red in the print says don't wash with hot water, are you gonna wash it with hot water and let your dress bleed all over the place anon? the tags have some meaning, or used to. also that still doesn't explain your assumption about my hygiene. if the dry clean only shit is a cop out because they don't want to risk people mishandling their laundry, then that still means the item is easily damaged with poor laundering. i don't own any AP poly but i do wash my cotton items in the right temp water and follow the instructions on those tags.

i get that ur pissed you missed out on jct or whatever but no need to lash out at others because you are empty inside over losing out on a kawaii trash bag that was haphazardly stapled together. i like AP which is why i expect better of them or more than what we are seeing in the photos the anon in the last thread posted. their prints and overall designs have finally bounced back from the previous larme lull and i want to be excited about it but am not going to cuck myself and pretend AP can do no wrong when i own better made dresses from them and have seen better made poly dresses from them and other brands irl.

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I wasn't gunning for yellow but this showed up as sold out the second I got through to the item page on APJP; it really is yellow's year and we're all just living in it!

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>I throw in the wash and then the dryer
Nta but I'm dying inside, anon. Please jesus do not put your AP in the dryer.

Putting even normie clothes in the dryer causes needless wear. Even if it's not using hot air, it's still tumbling your clothes around and rubbing all the fabric together. If you want your clothes to last 15+ years, please just dry them on a rack. I still wear stuff I wore in high-school and I'm now 30.

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Pretty funny for someone so fucking new that they don't know not to throw lolita in the dryer to be calling others fakelitas

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The English on APs labels are all the same (dry clean only) because they're too lazy to properly translate the washing directions for different fabrics. If they made a mistake in the translation people would request refunds if it got damaged while being cleaned.

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Nayrt but this is strange to me as a claim when AP has a well known policy of not giving refunds as do most if not all Japanese shops, unless you Karen out like Kelly Eden did. And at that point you would get blacklisted. The majority of AP customers are regular lolita wearers and buyers so they'd never try to demand a refund for fear of that. The laziness in translation makes sense, the claim of some sort of liability doesn't.

That does beg the question though: what does the original Japanese label say? You can typically google the laundry symbols for Japan and tell without having to read, but a photo of those and the Japanese text on the newer tags would clear this up.

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Funny they claim a dress has held up for 'ages' when the oldest of this new sort of poly AP dress is far newer than a 10 year old or more cotton one.

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I’ve had my wrapping ribbon JSK since 2012 and I put it in the dryer and it’s in fine condition. Stop being so autistic. You really don’t know what you’re talking about.

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This made me laugh, and I'm convinced you're a troll now. If not, I guess keep playing russian roulette with your clothes? There's probably already deterioration that you haven't noticed.

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>Someone has an experience different than mine?
>Must be a troll!

You are an actual retard. This is some scrote tier thinking.

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All I know for certian is that you're placing extra wear on your clothes by putting them in the dryer everytime. There's no way around literal friction.

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Ok scrote. Everything happens in the world according to your preconceived notions. Nothing can ever happen that challenges your experiences.

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Found this for you. Take care, anon.

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Stay pressed scrote

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A weird as it sounds, something not being machine-washable usually means it's either super high-end or super cheap, with materials that cost somewhere in the middle usually being tough enough to wash.

The question people should really be asking is is AP producing such unusual-material items that they are not machine-safe... Or such cheap items that they are not machine safe?

I recently was battling a "raw denim" / natural indigo item that would bleed and rub off on other surfaces constantly. Going for help on boards, the feedback I got was that this was an accepted trait of raw indigo denim because it needs to be "loose" and overdyed to give it it's character. With Lolita stuff, I suspect this is what's going on with the red dyes on cotton stories; I bet that the red is over-saturated to give the "right" shade of red.

With the current Jelly Toys, I wonder if it's an issue of the fact that they wanted poly of a certain weight but they also wanted a consistent, overall print? Maybe that's why it's more "touchy" then past releases? I notice AP is trending towards lighter-tissue weight fabrics that require less intense pettis to poof out.

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Want to make a comment on this and just say it's accurate, but one aspect you also need to take into account is we are progressively accepting shitter-woven materials year after year and the worse the material quality is the worse it washes/dries.

I recently have started buying petticoats from the 1890s through 1900s and they can all go in the wash and dryer; none of them have fine lace, but all have sturdy (thick-threaded) lace trim and are made of thin cotton. When I look under a magnifying glass I can see that the weave is really, really tight. Most have unfinished seams on the inside and the raw edges are fuzzed but not fraying back at all.

So while washing your garments does break them down overtime, we also need to keep in mind that we are also buying poorly-constructed fabric in the first place.

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At least it's consistent with my past purchases. I've only had defects when the dresses are made in China. I don't get it. Other Japanese brand items made in China are fine.

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yikes you need to lose weight

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t. Fatty

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Post your legs then, anon.

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Some AP stores in Japan have announced closures from April 25th to May 11th.

Looks like we aren't getting releases for a few weeks.

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Poor lace on your dresses. That’s all I can say about using the dryer.

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Speculation but the releases might be moved online or shops that are not affected by the SOE might have new items as normal.

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Yeah I think they should continue with online releases and the store lotteries and just let people pick up things after May 11th. It would be awkward otherwise for AP to try to fit in two weeks of missing releases.

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This is pretty common for all brands though, even for other j-fashion like Liz Lisa and Axes Femme. Their labels also say dry clean only, but it's totally fine to wash them. No offense but you sound pretty new to j-fashion as a whole.

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I'm sorry you missed it, anon. There's still some stock reserved for the in-store lottery, but now that a lot of shops are closed, they might put some of it up for sale in the online shop. Keep that in mind and watch out for restocks.

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It’s almost like different brands use different factories

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Still waiting on that MTO AP

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ayrt, i literally only wear lolita, and while i have heard of brands saying dry clean only just to be safe and have looked at all the lolita washing guides in the past, it is just a shock to me it still says must be dry cleaned when people say that poly dresses are so sturdy and easy to care for compared to cotton which is part of why AP is making the swap--despite instances of poly pieces getting damaged very easily posted to cgl.

the fact the dress is not sturdy enough for them to simply have washing instructions for the newer material kind of tells me that to AP, poly dresses are not actually easier to launder than cotton, which is a disappointment to me since i do want a good reason to hop on the poly train and enjoy new prints. but that plus the poorly assembled dress, recent milky bears, and more have just all together made me feel like AP is being cheap and doesn't care anymore, even if i am more excited about their latest prints than i have been about some past ones. the issue isn't just laundering, it's a lot of things combined. anon above just sperged out, projecting, calling someone filthy and accusing them of not washing clothes at all for having the nerve to point our various concerns about AP which is excessive and unnecessary.

it is fair to say the tags don't mean much, but at the same time, that doesn't negate the larger point i had, which is that AP's material changes are largely driven by profit and their own convenience, not by their customers' convenience which the ease of laundering claims about poly would imply.

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t. anon who doesn't know what perspective is (if not troll)

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The cleaning tags generally are paranoid but thats not to say every dress can be safely put in the wash.
The older washing guide was great and has saved me a lot in the past for older dresses

>> No.10601486

>t. anon who doesn't know what perspective is (if not troll)

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Right? Why are people surprised about this. I've never owned a single brand dress that doesn't say dry clean only and I've thrown every single one into my washing machine with no problem.

>> No.10601534

Wow really? You mean China isn't one big factory??

>> No.10601544

Ayrt and honestly? I think this is just a Japanese thing that's not exclusive to ap. My poly Liz Lisa stuff is super easy to wash, but it also has the dry clean only tags. I think you're reading too much into this desu fampai. Also I'm pretty sure the original reason for the switch to poly was that it takes up less wardrobe space.

>> No.10601546

wardrobe space is also a fair reason for the switch that seems to be a legitimate part of it. i have just heard tons of anons in the past talking about how they want or prefer poly dresses of certain prints cause they are easier to care for than cotton, never wrinkle, etc; maybe they only meant avoiding bleeding, but I have never had issues with cotton bleeding even though i own a good bit of prints with red, and i just steam my garments if they wrinkle.

i agree i'm thinking too hard about it lol, just feels weird that a bunch of people have acted like cotton dresses are so fragile when i feel like they really aren't unless you make zero effort. and again, AP quality issues go far beyond material choice. the actual JCT fabric actually seems nice looking, but those not lined up scallops, weird skipped hem stitches, and less dense embroidery on the lace of newer pieces all kind of compound into a less nice garment. even absent of all the laundry convo, i still feel disappointed in the quality of this release.

>> No.10601548

I have a screenprint poly dress from AP that I bought lasted that bled. So unless they set the dye correctly, it’s not much of a difference.

The reason is due to the ironing/steaming that goes into cotton and the space it takes up. AP said it themselves

>> No.10601555

I think that ap's quality control has been hit or miss for a very long time honestly, there's also bad examples of cotton too like jewelry jelly. Imo both have its merits and disadvantages, but I also agree with your previous point that ap probably mainly switched to poly to save production cost. Then again, they never really adjusted their prices to the inflation did they? So I'm not really surprised either way. But I also agree that the quality we've seen so far is disappointing and I really hope it won't crush any potential mto or re-release. Not because I want the print, but because I want the blouse and visors. Those seem to be really good quality from what I gathered so far among my friends.

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>I don't get it
Congratulations on being as retarded as the other poster

>> No.10602030

Anon, they were pretty obviously being sarcastic...

>> No.10602566

JCT OP came in and the fabric is indeed rougher to the touch than my other dresses, but imo not bad! No wonky hemming with weird stitching on mine

>> No.10602573

Congrats on the non defective dress anon! Do your scallops line up? Would you mind posting pics so we can see what the better constructed ones look like?

>> No.10602581

I'll take some pics, the OP is different than the JSK the other anon showed though so for example I don't have wonky bunnies in my lace cause the OP doesn't feature those bunnies

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File: 3.90 MB, 3000x4000, IMG_20210426_201720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bodice pic, nothing wonky or asymmetrical

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And the lace

>> No.10602586

In the pic the stitching is far more noticeable than irl!

>> No.10602604

If my JSK arrives with wonky scallops, I plan to just completely remove them. I wasn't too keen on that design element to begin with.

>> No.10602614

Suddenly I wish I got it in sax instead of lav. I’m glad yours is looking okay!

>> No.10602615

Is the colour accurate on this photo or is it brighter irl?

>> No.10602626

sax was my first choice so I'm glad I managed to get it!

its more vibrant irl, but not as dark as on the stock photos if that helps?

>> No.10602646

Honestly feels like AP just gave up on Candy Fairy and Nakayoshi Bunny. If one of them isn't announced for Golden Week or soon after, I'm just kind of done.

>> No.10602651

yeah if cotton was flawless, we wouldn't be getting a sugary carnival re-release. its faded and aged terribly. along with jewelry jelly like you said, and dreaming macaron.

>> No.10602657

I don't think anyone finds cotton to be completely without flaws, no material is. And we have gotten rereleases of pieces that are not cotton like HL and MCD. We are getting a rerelease because it's popular and within AP's ability to remake, not because people didn't keep their dresses in good condition or they ended up fading over a decade or more, not counting the actually defective releases like JJ.

The SC rerelease in particular is a result of its popularity and AP keying in to the sweet boom, not the condition of older dresses.

>> No.10602666

Jeez, I thought that stitching was a run in the fabric already.

>> No.10602668

Cotton doesn't just "age terribly." People abuse their clothes. See the crazy anon above who throws everything in the dryer.

>> No.10602671

This. It's not even abuse a lot of the time, people just do not know how to take care of their clothes in even the most basic sense like fucking CLEANING them. Ex., every sweat stained dress on LM right now.

>> No.10602675


If the rereleases were based on how faded or damaged secondhand dresses are and cotton being doomed to age poorly, jewelry jelly would have gotten one by now.

>> No.10602680 [DELETED] 

Living rent free in your head, huh?

>> No.10602688

Yes because I cry for all the AP ruined by stupidity

>> No.10602693 [DELETED] 

And yet none of my items are ruined. Stop being so autistic.

>> No.10602695 [DELETED] 

You've already proven to have poor judgment. I very much doubt you could tell if your items were damaged even if it was staring you in it face.

>> No.10602697

You've already proven to have poor judgment. I very much doubt you could tell if your items were damaged even if it was staring you in the face.

>> No.10602701

The big cities in Japan are under a state of emergency so big shopping centers are shut down. I highly doubt they'll be announced over GW. Mid to late May would be more reasonable.

>> No.10602702

NTA but calling others autistic while doing dumb autistic nonsense like chucking your brand into a dryer is peak autismo shit.

>> No.10602704 [DELETED] 

Seethe and cope more, retards.

>> No.10602740

I have dreaming macaron and it's as good as new even after all these years? Granted I have it in black and the print has a high contrast though.

>> No.10602756

Be mad somewhere else and stop shitting up the thread, dryer-chan

>> No.10602762 [DELETED] 

I’m not the one who brought it up again retard.

>> No.10602815

Jesus christ shut the hell up

>> No.10602848 [DELETED] 

>replying to a post several hours later telling people to shut up


>> No.10602898

Sorry I don't refresh this thread every five minutes like your sped ass

>> No.10602947

I have it in pink and yellow, the pink has a dirty haze to it and overall it’s just uncomfortable to wear and the JSK is wrinkled no matter how much ironing I do

>> No.10603042

Quite a few gingham items are coming soon, among them an apron skirt and jewellery. And the jewellery comes in that recently-popular-colour.

>> No.10603045

Will the jewelry contain gingham aswell?

>> No.10603046

Any fruit or leporidae themed jewlery?

>> No.10603052

Yes, it will.
Both will be available as part of the LBS series. One of the items features the "shy" bunny from the print. If I remember correctly, it was featured in the lookbook. Very few colourways, unfortunately.

>> No.10603066

wow, you're one toxic person

>> No.10603099

Fantastic Balloon & Funwari Parfait both have gingham, curious which it'll be. Fun, I guess.

>> No.10603100

What's the fifth LBS colorway?

>> No.10603196 [DELETED] 

not prophet anon, but I'm pretty sure the 5 colorways are white, pink, lavender, yellow, and black.

>> No.10603240

i really hope LBS will come in sax :o

>> No.10603258

is Funwari Parfait another new print coming?

>> No.10603267

Wtf are those

>> No.10603301

Are you new or just stupid? They're solids and pics of Fantastic Balloon were in older threads.

>> No.10603303

pls post pics, I haven;t seen this

>> No.10603329


>> No.10603332

>what are archives

>> No.10603338

they were both included in the OP pic to an AP general like 2 threads ago lol>>10603301

>> No.10603340

meant to reply to >>10603267

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No, it's this.

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File: 83 KB, 1078x1440, 157603823_1952459874955952_2869558213870979714_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And Fantastic Balloon is this.

>> No.10603418

hate this.
cute, glad to see something in yellow, but i hate how baggy it looks.

>> No.10603442

Shut the hell up you spoonfed newfag

>> No.10603455

eat some chocolate and go to bed, grumpy.

>> No.10603465

Piss off with your shitty takes and I'll think about it, love.

>> No.10603475

>shitty takes
you mean AP's shitty takes on what lolita is.

>> No.10603504

There’s a restock of some items from the Milkshake series in the JP web shop.

>> No.10603523

I believe the bodice fabric on the upcoming gingham OP is the same AP uses for their cutsews.
Good guess!

>> No.10603529

Why doesn't AP USA take PayPal? It's so frustrating having to type your card info out every damn time you check out.

>> No.10603534

Probably to avoid Americans refund scamming/trying to force them to allow returns.1

>> No.10603542

Thankyou anon :)

>> No.10603738

Or they could just save your card info like any other website online...

>> No.10603777

You can do that with Chrome/autofill so there is no particular reason for AP to do it. I think it would be better if they took PayPal and I heard they used to so idk if they got scammed or there were issues but something must have happened for them to not anymore.

>> No.10603778

Chrome autofill actually is slower for me due to the extra pop up window that prompts for the security code, so I never use autofill on APUSA

>> No.10603787

Idk if it's cause I'm ready for it but it is so easy to use the number pad to hit those 3 numbers and press enter that it never slows me down.

>> No.10603803

Dude, it sounds like you’re just pathetically slow. It takes like one second to type in a 3-4 digit security code. If you’re like me and you normally have touch ID on your Macbook, just disable it beforehand.

>> No.10603807

i love sax <3 thankyou <3

>> No.10603808

Tfw using my top-of-the-line gaming computer and fiber internet to snipe pretty dresses instead of playing video games.

>> No.10603818


>> No.10603828

Do you never shop anywhere else? And chrome isn't the only web browser. There's a reason why one click buy got popular. Why would I want to waste more time with PayPal in a bloodbath.

>> No.10603834

I shop other places but none of those other places are sites with release bloodbaths and I use PayPal for them. I also use PayPal on AP Paris and it's fine and I always get what I put in my cart.

Also browsers besides Chrome use autofill, in fact even my mobile phone browser uses autofill and I managed to get wristcuffs in a bloodbath on my phone a couple years ago despite my phone being way slower than my computer. Idk if you're just super slow checking out but AP not saving your card info does not seem to be the issue here if other people have no problems.

>> No.10603838

I just find it irritating. I never said I have trouble. I generally purchase in the AP JP bloodbaths which actually does save your cc. Not sure why you're so defensive of their shitty website.

>> No.10603860

I'm not defending the website, it sucks for a lot of reasons; just saying them not saving your card info is a you problem/not a huge enough deal to really complain about when there are tons of ways to save your own info, other AP stores to buy from which are also objectively the better AP stores, and other sites exist that also don't save your card info so it's not like this is an exclusively AP problem.

If it never causes you any trouble, why bring it up?

>> No.10603870

AP usa not accepting paypal is a "you" problem.

>> No.10603871

Yeah it is. So I use what they do offer if I shop there and shop at the Paris store which does accept PayPal.

>> No.10603961

Why are you acting like you're not the one who brought it up?

>> No.10604021

Because I didn't. I am not the one who brought up them not taking PayPal. Someone else asked about it and I answered once speculating on why, and then you or someone else complained about them not saving cc info.

>> No.10604025

Angelic Prophet please tell me will there be plush bag releases soon?

>> No.10604033

What plush bags are you anticipating?

>> No.10604071

Anything bunny honestly. Not too much into milky bear so I didn’t care for the recent bags.

>> No.10604083

You have to admit, we pay so much money for "Walmart quality". None of these dresses are worth the price, especially if you compare them to highstreet/lower end designer stores that sell clothes the same price but with good craftsmanship and more luxury materials.

>> No.10604086

Then kindly shut the fuck up if you have nothing valuable to add.

>> No.10604088

It would be better if you at least gave examples of brands that have
>good craftsmanship and more luxury materials.
It would make you look less of a troll.

>> No.10604090

Not to PL, but from someone who works with luxury fashion production, just because it's luxury does not mean it's good craftsmanship or high quality materials. There really isn't much of a difference anywhere anymore except for custom work or couture.

>> No.10604091

Ok then leave anon. Personally for me the dresses mean a lot and they make me incredibly happy.

>> No.10604093

Are you depressed?

>> No.10604094

as someone who owns some VW, anon is full of shit.

>> No.10604111

That's a shame, I was finding that some brands were going downhill quality wise. I think that's why people who shop for luxury products prefer vintage designer. (And no, to whoever replies, I'm not comparing lolita with Chanel or D&G, this is separate.)

They surely make us all happy, but it's something that's pretty noticeable + the truth.

Do they have better quality pieces in comparison to AP or Meta for an example? That's interesting.

>> No.10604117

lolita isn't expensive because it's quality, it's because it's a niche fashion. it's only slightly more expensive than western alt fashion brands like tripp, which aren't quality at all.

>> No.10604124

The blouses (least ways of what I own) seem to be poly. Tshirts are just jersey knit. Skirts are basic skirt material. The love heart jacket I own is also jersey knit. Pants feel like regular pant material you'd get from kohls.
My pants snagged on a dresser handle and popped a button off.
It seems with high fashion you're paying more for the design itself. It's higher than walmart quality, yes, but it's not much higher than burando. The fact its not too much different than kohls or the loft quality wise is why I make an effort to buy things that are a unique/interesting design.

>> No.10604130

I believe there's one thing worth noting. Many higher end brands have a bunch of different lines (e.g. Red Label, Gold Label, Anglomania in case of VW) which vary significantly in price, quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Usually only the lower end lines seem to be priced on par with Japanese lolita brands, and they rarely use luxury materials.

>> No.10604132

You can kindly stfu about them not saving your cc info then, you're adding zero value as well, at least I gave an answer as far as why they may not take PayPal when someone asked. All you did was whine.

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Saw these modern day AP clones on IG and it felt so nostalgic despite being new. Please enjoy anons.

>> No.10604158

In my experience brands targeted towards older audiences with plainer pieces have higher quality

>> No.10604159

>none of these dresses are worth the price

this has been said a million times, but consider a new print JSK release:
a custom printed fabric (4 or 5 yards-ish, depending?), custom lace (3-4 yards), other trims of varying yardage, buttons, a lining... it's the sheer volume of materials that add up. yes, you could go to a lower end designer store and get something well constructed for the same price, but i bet you it won't have as many different materials. that's lolita for you.

i'm sure since they make large runs they can get their materials slightly cheaper, but i think it's safe to say it's around 1/4 - 1/3 the cost of a dress. then it needs to be constructed. then they need to make a profit. really, for what we're getting, their prices are completely fair.

i won't argue that their quality in construction has declined. but they could easily charge more t b h.

>> No.10604166

anyone know where do jp lolitas get their wigs?

>> No.10604174

Prisicila usually

>> No.10604175

I'm actively trying to recreate the clone-look again. Fuck this nu-lolita garbage

>> No.10604177

same, nusweet looks like shit, would much rather be an AP clone than an ita

>> No.10604179

i get what you mean but everything they're wearing is new (aside from the shoes maybe)

>> No.10604181

Toy Doll Box is new-ish but is still very reminiscent of older 2010s sweet border prints. I hate the colorway in the pic but it's a cute AP clone trio nonetheless.

>> No.10604182

I'm sorry anon that sucks. Pastels age badly in general.

>> No.10604184

>recreate the clone-look

Anon, any group of girls twinning in AP are AP clones. All you have to do to recreate it is wear identical AP coords in a group. Clones were never exclusive to a specific style of coording, they just had to all look the same.

>> No.10604197

you fucking know what anon meant

>> No.10604208

>the JSK is wrinkled no matter how much ironing I do
I have a couple of JSKs made of that same material, it's just a bitch to keep it unwrinkled. Wish it was on more normal fabric.

>> No.10604216

No I really don't. Unless you mean what, maybe that one picture of the girls in Magical Etoile and the blonde wigs? They were never the only AP clones and it could be literally any other group twinning look.

You sound like cringe wannabe elitists. Aspiring to be able to wear a brand full set with a couple other girls sounds like the lamest 16 year old shit, not because twinning is bad but because most experienced lolitas who love a specific brand already own a fullset or two and have twinned in multiples before and see it as a fun optional activity, not some aspirational thing that is that difficult to recreate.

Cry more.

>> No.10604227

>Cry more
You actually sound like your panties are up your asshole over the anon saying they were going to recreate the clone-look. Why you mad tho?

Just wearing AP doesn't give the 'AP clone' look, considering the majority of girls who wear all AP don't look like that.

Prove me wrong, you mad lunatic.

>> No.10604228

You sound bitter and hollow inside kek

>> No.10604238

>Just wearing AP doesn't give the 'AP clone' look
The clone aspect is literally just the twinning though. Wearing 2000-2010s OTT sweet my oneself is still not being an AP clone. You literally just need multiple people wearing identical AP coords to create AP clones.

Leave it to gulls to take anon posting a cute pic and find reasons to rage over it because they have to aggressively shit on a cute group of girls twinning in coords of a late 2010s dress just to express they they like earlier 2010s sweet. You can always just say you prefer a different era of sweet, not try to redefine what AP clones were/are.

>> No.10604260


kek imagine calling someone bitter and hollow because they think having lolita friends to twin with is normal

>> No.10604318

Samefag mad that they don't look like an AP clone, anon.

>> No.10604334

I don't think you understand what samefagging is anon. Replying to a conversation isn't samefagging. I'm >>10604238 and >>10604216 and I was never pretending to be someone else. You apparently don't understand what AP clones are either though so I'm not surprised.

>> No.10604336

there is no way that material costs alone account for 25% or 30% of the retail price of AP. AP now chooses the cheapest possible materials and produces their clothes in the cheapest possible countries with lax child and slave labour laws, and the number of different custom trimmings on a standard AP jsk is barely anything now. stop trying to convince yourself you’re not being completely shafted by new AP

>> No.10604345

Toy Doll Box really was the last good AP print.

And I thought it was ugly when it first came out.

>> No.10604381

This. And they’re not going to change anything unless people stop buying, which isn’t going to happen. Fortunately I don’t like any new prints, I imagine it’s frustrating to be torn between liking the print and knowing it’s bad quality.

>> No.10604383

I wish I had someone to be AP clones with ;u;

>> No.10604399
File: 495 KB, 1593x1804, Badplacement.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am deceased.
I just got some of my JCT items from Japan, and the star glitter just HAD to be right between the legs.

>> No.10604402

Some people would have paid extra for that, lucky you anon

>> No.10604405

He's shy

>> No.10604406

Is there a blackmarket for accidentally-sexual AP items?

>> No.10604432

It has nothing to do with the star but the mouse is so much cuter in person than the stock photos. Glad you were able to get it!

>> No.10604461

this, this, this, a thousand times this, from someone who also has worked in the industry.

At the end of the day, businesses want to make money. CEO's like their money. Cutting down on overhead is just part of business now. If it's cheaper to source production in Bangladesh now than from China, then they're gonna source in Bangladesh. EGL brands aren't immune. It's not 2001 anymore.

>> No.10604463

thanks anon. I looooove the candy OTKs with the stripes on this print.

>> No.10604473

Anon... I'm sure this was the case in the early 2000's, and perhaps even into the teens, but I just don't see this being the case now.

Covid and the supply chain interruptions because of the pandemic may have changed things for now, but for certain, AP is deliberately choosing lower-quality materials and factory work in lieu of quality fabric manufactured in their home country of Japan, and a home factory.

I know for a fact that much of Japan's cotton fabric, for instance, is sourced from Brazil. Other fabrics, more synthetic, could be sourced from Asian countries other than China; China's production costs are rising.

AP is a business. If it makes more sense, overhead-cost-wise, to source from Asian countries where production costs reflect lower, then they're going to do that. They just are. Yardage has very little to do with it, and is at best a minor factor.

>> No.10604494

Interestingly enough, I got my Colorful Star blouse in and it says Made in Japan on the tag! The JCT visor, barrette, and OP are all Made in China

>> No.10604496

>cheapest possible countries with lax child and slave labour laws
Which countries would those be anon? I've seen all the same countries on the tags that they've always used.

>> No.10604500

It seems that most of AP's blouses and cutsews are still made in Japan, even now. All of my (blouse and cutsew) items over the years are like that. There must be a factory they like/trust or something.

>> No.10604549
File: 427 KB, 1418x1863, Starface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon! I'm excited that I got all 3 rings I wanted (even though they seemed like the easiest items to get?) I think they go really well with Fancy Paper Dolls.

Bonus picture for you. I actually like the random placement I got for the sax ring. The star glitter is almost on the center of the head.

>> No.10604550

Time to place your bets, how late will AP post the update?

>> No.10604551

11pm friday jst looool

>> No.10604560

I almost feel like there won't be updates for a few weeks.
Isn't Japan shut down because of COVID? And doesn't Golden Week just complicated all of that too?

>> No.10604561
File: 32 KB, 567x542, 4C2ECD12-7ACD-4A61-8148-3D5A57325E38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have 3 orders with APUSA currently “sourcing from Japan”, I’m being patient but that’s a lot of money to have tied up in limbo, I know there’s probably delays due to covid restrictions in Japan

>> No.10604564

It's been like that for awhile now, anon. My orders say that too. Don't worry. AP isn't going to walk away with your money.

>> No.10604566

It’s less worrying about being scammed and moreso worrying about not actually getting my order due to an error in the item being oversold. I’m mentally planning new coordinates and I’ll be bummed out if it falls through for whatever reason.

>> No.10604573

I don't think they'd go that long. However, my wallet would appreciate it.

>> No.10604579

I understand being nervous and over thinking, but it would be very, very rare for AP to not send the correct quanity and then cancel your order weeks later.

I realize it's not impossible, but highly unlikely, and if it did happen, the person who had the order with the latest timestamp would be booted, not necessarily you.

>> No.10604581

Also wanted to mention in case you're actually new and don't understand - AP USA should already know if they oversold on release day. That's when the cancellations happen. They know how much inventory Japan is sending them.

>> No.10604582

You’re so kind, thank you anon! I’m feeling much more relaxed now.

>> No.10604584

I hope you can stay calm until they ship your orders! I'm an anxious person, so I get it. But stressing out isn't worth it!

>> No.10604585

AP US cancels orders within the first few days after a new release. If it's been a few weeks I wouldn't worry.

>> No.10604601

Not the whole Japan, only certain cities.

>> No.10604636

It would be nice if they'd announce there won't be a release instead of just not posting. I guess there's still time though.

>> No.10604642

Maybe I'm just stupid, but I have an unshakeable sinking feeling about AP. I just feel like they are failing, like the ship is really starting to sink.
I've been invested in AP for years, and this is the first time I've felt truely distant from them. It's this the beginning of the end?

>> No.10604643

I don't think AP is in trouble. My personal interest is waning though. It's sad because I like what they're releasing, but I'm tired of getting one item a week, if that. I'm ready to give up.

>> No.10604646

Whas will be the release this week (if any)? Was it lots of gingham?

>> No.10604649

You are so fucking stupid

>> No.10604652

Why, elaborate.

>> No.10604653

Don't worry, they'll announce this week's release soon.

>> No.10604654

Nta, but because your first post was mind-numbingly clueless. If you've been here for two minutes, you'd know we're sitting here waiting for AP to announce this week's release. Learn to read the room.

>> No.10604657

The most recent prophecies mention LBS and a lot gingham items. They didn't specify what will be released first. No dates either. My bet is on Funwari Parfait though.

>> No.10604661

They’ve literally never been more popular or successful

>> No.10604662

I think it's cute. Looks sorta like a belly button.
I also got a mouse ring and there's about 10 stars in it, more than in the bigger bunny and bear ones.

>> No.10604663

>10 stars in it
Jesus. Is the mouse just covered in stars? My yellow and sax ring didn't have many pieces of star glitter in the actual motif. There was a bit more in the band.

I'm waiting on the pink ring from AP USA and wondering what it'll look like.

>> No.10604665

I know and it's probably just me being biased. But AP is only popular/successful because there's more people than ever in lolita. I don't think they are popular right now because they are actually making stuff that's better than before. They rely a lot on and coast off thier old image (2010).

The sinking feeling I get is AP becoming a super watered-doen version of itself. Releases are getting worse to deal with as well (lotteries in Japan, VIP lists with moving targets, etc).

>> No.10604666

I wish it was! It has a couple of star clusters with 3-4 stars in each. I didn't even notice at first cause I didn't look too closely. If the stars were spread more evenly, it'd probably look as if it were wearing Cosmic OP.

>> No.10604667

I decided to look at the glitter placement on my items, too. Looks like the bunny on my bracelet is sporting a Three Stars Clip.

>> No.10604668

Then what are you saying? By saying things like “they’re failing” and “is this the beginning of the end” you make it sound like you think they’re going under as a business, which they’re definitely not because they’re more popular than ever as the other anon said. If you’re saying their designs, quality, and customer service are at an all time low, then hundreds of other people already recognise this

>> No.10604669

>designs, quality, and customer service are at an all time low
I guess this is more of what I'm saying. I meant that they're failing and currently coasting, and it's going to start catching up with them eventually. Maybe I'm using the wrong words.

It feels like the beginning of the end because AP has solidly decided to continue on a path of being sub-par. I think the trend of older designs being sold secondhand for $500-2k will continue because they will be the "real" AP that everyone wants. I don't really see AP bouncing back. I want them too, but they've just been fading.

>> No.10604671

Nta but nobody ever said they’re more popular because of their quality. Idk if you noticed this will all kind of popular things but they rarely are high quality.
To all of the anons here peeing their pants because of declining quality of AP: go buy old ~quality~ prints and kindly leave the new stuff for us, thank you.

>> No.10604673


>> No.10604674
File: 141 KB, 500x600, pk_1619598355.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funwari Parfait it is

>> No.10604676

>go buy old ~quality~ prints and kindly leave the new stuff for us, thank you.
That's what I'm already doing honestly. I haven't bought a new AP dress in years (not including MTOs). I've been buying accessories from new releases, but not dresses.

>> No.10604677
File: 146 KB, 500x600, 3917233F-5C8B-4848-B7BC-DBE45ACB0738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really like this colorway. I wish they advertised this one instead of the white/red.

>> No.10604679

Yeah, I definitely slept on this based on what we'd been shown.

>> No.10604681

Love the colors, just a boring execution.

>> No.10604682

Absolutely love this color choices but the cut is meh

>> No.10604683

Give us something else

>> No.10604685
File: 135 KB, 500x600, pk_1619620141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

personally not into the OP and skirt but I'm excited for the cutsew

>> No.10604686

It's not even the quality for me. It's that the designs suck ass. Exhibit A is this week's new release >>10604674.

>> No.10604691
File: 396 KB, 930x1587, E0NjhxYVEAII_sy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10604692

Is this shopped on tf??

>> No.10604698
File: 137 KB, 500x600, 1_sx2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a strange dress, the bodice seems to be made from a cutsew material? There's no zip on the back. I feel like I would like this dress more if it wasn't for the big round buttons, I hate them with a passion

>> No.10604699
File: 160 KB, 500x600, 2_wh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The apron nor suspenders are detachable, why ap

>> No.10604701

Imagine looking this ugly and not even shooping can fix it, good lord

>> No.10604704

Yes, I would pay good money for that ring kek

>> No.10604706

if it weren't for the weird inner lace, I would think this was a lazy oaf release. Very weird.

>> No.10604707

Wtf is with the photoshop anon

>> No.10604718

AP doesn't do proper product photography where the background is white, instead they use grey and a cutout in photoshop. Looks terrible for anything with a sheer overlay though.

>> No.10604720
File: 272 KB, 500x600, 1_sx3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My post? That's just a picture of the back of the dress that I got from the ap website, I didn't shoop it. Idk how to explain other anons autism however.

I hope the release is unpopular so I can get it in the summer sale, but somehow I doubt that

>> No.10604726

Does anyone know if there will be a release next week or does golden week mean there won't be a release next week? I was hoping for fantastic balloon this week :(

>> No.10604733

It sounds like we agree on the points where AP is failing, but I don’t ever see this “catching up with them”. Regardless of how a few salty old hags like us yearn for the old days, AP is raking in thousands more sales than ever before while also making more profit on those sales than ever before by cutting down manufacturing costs so heavily. Maybe a few old customers think the brand has lost its innate appeal but AP management obviously couldn’t care less because the AP money printer is going big brrr

>> No.10604735

The last day of Golden week is next Wednesday.....

>> No.10604739

Oh.. I'm an idiot. Thanks anon

>> No.10604751


>> No.10604752

nooooooo i liked it and you ruined it for me. it really is the outer layer that does it

>> No.10604753

This desu, especially if the organza layer is shiny irl

>> No.10604755


>> No.10604758

>But AP is only popular/successful because there's more people than ever in lolita.

This is true to a point but please keep in mind that as old timers, we tend to place older AP designs on a pedestal, and the livejournal years in general. Newer lolitas didn’t experience that. If you got into the fashion during Covid, you know about the big popular prints like Sugary Carnival of course, but Milky Fawn wouldn’t mean anything to you. The newer stuff is also easier to get ahold of right now, and sure the old stuff is good quality but it’s also still over a decade old, that will always look a little lackluster to a newbie compared to a new release.

Releases are getting worse to deal with because AP is popular. If you don’t like their new stuff that is okay but you don’t have to make up reasons as to why everyone else does

>> No.10604760

>they will be the "real" AP that everyone wants

Only to people who glorify the past.

>> No.10604761

i don't think it's that so much as wanting nicer fabrics, better construction, and simply preferring older designs. it's not that deep.

>> No.10604762

But that’s a very small amount of lolitas. There’s also a lot of AP lovers in Japan who buy every release and have many old releases. So this isn’t a universal opinion.

>> No.10604769

just because people buy new doesn’t mean they can’t think old AP is better

>> No.10604776


Guys...japanese lolitas do this so they can figure out if they would like the piece on them or not before buying it. Stop sperging over everything every two minutes.

>> No.10604777

Let’s see how you look

>> No.10604800

This looks like a damn square dancing shirt.

>> No.10604809

Yeah but ginham

>> No.10604815

It looks like a less detailed version of Lovely Check. I guess it has different colors though, but the red version is bad in comparison.

>> No.10604830

Shit, I was going to try for it and you ruined it for me. I guess you saved my wallet though.

>> No.10604884

Anyone see Pearlie Cute's new video?

>> No.10604887

I saw it; I might watch it later. Feels weird to title it that she won't be buying AP anymore; like did she only ever buy secondhand?

>> No.10604889

>55 minutes

please give a tldr, the title intrigues me but I dont have that time lmao

>> No.10604897

>was too ashamed to wear her toy fantasy op from 2015-2018
>explanation of lacemarket’s bid system
>tiktok, stimmy money, and chinese lolitas caused the sweet boom
>thinks brand is an investment
>if you buy a dress for $1000 you can only resell it for $100
>don’t buy expensive prints if you’re new to lolita, wait until 2024 for when they’re cheaper
tl;dr she feels threatened by rich dumb newbies who can drop fat stacks on old dresses. I wonder if she was one of the anons trashing the twinkle mermaid buyer.

>> No.10604903

>Caring about the community means you feel threatened by people blowing their money

>> No.10604906

Stop harassing new lolita’s cordelia.

>> No.10604907

You sound more like a newbie threatened by a veteran giving advice desu

>> No.10604908

Honesty it disappoints me that the majority of lolitas I have seen being "cheap" or feeling threatened/upset by the rising prices (or at least commenting about it very publicly) are some fellow black lolitas. It's rude to judge people for spending money on what they want just because you can't afford it in an unnecessary niche fashion to begin with, but on top of that, it just puts out this image that black lolitas are judgy and aggressive with those we disagree with which isn't universally true, when we're already trying to recover from everyone thinking that way after the dumb Lor apology "scandal".

>> No.10604951


>> No.10604989
File: 28 KB, 250x333, 206db58a-36c6-530e-8608-1b422da96b4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm gonna ask it here cause I can't find the wear photo thread (I literally don't even remember what it's called anymore sorry)
but does anyone have some coords of the memorial cake op in black?

>> No.10604994

kek I just found it sorry gulls for being dumb

>> No.10605018

No USA release this week then? They would probably have sent out the email by now.

>> No.10605020

USA releases drop on Friday noon PST so obviously nothing this week.

>> No.10605023

They've done noon on Saturday before, including earlier this month.

>> No.10605070

can she stop laughing at her own comments for five minutes, her videos are nearly unwatchable

>> No.10605072

>55 minutes of her rambling in her shitty accent
She needs to work on shortening her videos because she tends to make them all one hour long. She also comes off as an ill-informed newb. Seethe harder.

I also think this post should be discussed in the online comm/Youtuber thread/whatever related topic is active.

>> No.10605078

It was really difficult to watch and I couldn’t make it through more than about 2/3rds of the way through because she just kept laughing at her own jokes and pulling focus to her laughing at her own jokes through editing. Like maybe once or twice would be fine but it felt like every five minutes I was watching a cut of her shitting herself laughing over how “funny” she thought she was for being snide and sarcastic.

What I did watch of the video could have just been boiled down to “I’m mad about the sweet boom because I can’t afford it”

>> No.10605084

Lol this

>> No.10605151

The dress still sold out in less than a minute. I think people are desperate for anything AP at this point.

>> No.10605154

I’m surprised this sold out but the star sailor dress didn’t. imo the sailor dress was cuter. This release looks really odd to me.

>> No.10605161

This release seems like it'd appeal the the Chinese lolitas, so I assume they scooped them up.

>> No.10605162

There's just tons of people in lolita now and AP never really increased production. So with more people and the same inventory, almost everything will sell out.

>> No.10605168

The funny thing is, my comm is almost entirely black lolitas, and they're all major brand whores. But none of us really post on social media or get involved in petty online shit (we all have, you know, careers and lives and shit). My irl experience is that black lolitas are the least judgy and stingy and aggressive, and are instead are just really enthusiastic nice people who love cute bougie frilly shit.

It's shitty that wokies of every color are poisoning the online sphere. Our fashion is niche and exclusive enough without throwing in stupid af identity politics and race drama on top of it.

>> No.10605172

I find it odd that you all assume she can't afford it. But then again this is cgl, where gulls always cry everyone's just poor.

>> No.10605211

I think gulls just want to feel rich and supreme when they know that they are not all very wealthy and some have awful spending habits

>> No.10605248

>AP never really increased production

>> No.10605269

You don't have to think you're rich to have the budget for the lolita clothing you want. You just have to be responsible and have a decent paying job for the place you live. Bonus points if you're an adult that lives at home like a student because all your excess income can go to lolita. And buying brand new is cheaper than buying the current sweet-boom influenced high secondhand prices anyway. Also to me "can't afford" is the same thing as "would never buy" in the sense that the end result is the same: they don't buy the item. But not being able to afford it or willing to spend more on it isn't inherently bad. The bad part is wanting to force people to their same standard of what is acceptable.

Telling people they have bad spending habits is silly because usually the ones who do are those who are putting money they don't have into the fashion and reselling their stuff to buy new stuff constantly. All the lolitas I know irl rarely sell their items once purchased and aren't hype beasts always looking for something new; we buy lolita like normal clothes: if we like an item and can get it in a release, and it goes with our wardrobe, we'll buy it.

I'm not the type to jump to the assumption someone is jealous but when people say you have to have a shopping addiction or tons of debt or whatever to have a lot of things, it just makes me feel like they envy those people and want to try to knock them down a peg with assumptions to console themselves.

>> No.10605335

Does the stock in AP physical shop in Paris match the stock on the website one to one? Or do they have some items that aren't listed on the website?

>> No.10605344

>when people say you have to have a shopping addiction or tons of debt or whatever to have a lot of things
She didn't say any of those things.

>> No.10605453

When I was there in 2018, I bought Doll's Tea Party and as I was paying, the shopgirl said they just got the matching tights in stock and they were in the back, so she went and got them for me. I don't know if that's a regular occurrence.

>> No.10605456

Interesting. Thank you for sharing this.

>> No.10605527

Sometimes they have items that are not listed on the website.

>> No.10605557

sax visor anon, someone has listed one on lm!

>> No.10605575

classicfag hopping in but Mary Magdalene makes amazing clothing by any standard and a brand new whyteleafe was only 26 hundred yen.

>> No.10605578

but every brand was good quality pre 2013

>> No.10605579

This is the AP thread. AP. You know, Angelic Pretty?

>> No.10605580

they said "lolita", which I took to mean in general, point taken though
This is true

>> No.10605582

It wasn’t just MM, solid OPs from AP and other brands were all around that price in 2009. Just look on lolibrary- VM dresses were less than 30k yen on average and now they’re 40k yen. AP has definitely been cutting corners, but every brand has gone down in quality and up in price because of inflation.

>> No.10605595

And they went out of business and struggled to get back into making stuff.

Japan’s economy has been struggling for a while now.

>> No.10605636

>And they went out of business
sauce? I mean I know they had the bungle with Farutteto in China, but I wouldn't call that going out of business. The coats they recently sold to seem to sell over expectations too. I'm not sure why they haven't been active since then, but it's speculation to say it's because of economic reasons.

>> No.10605656


Nu VM is noted to be highly expensive and with less detailing. The quality is still very high but the nearly double price reflects the increasing amount of work to have good quality. It doesn't help that a lot of their items are made in Japan, which likely exacts a greater production cost.

Sage for classic faggotry, but in general, most brands' quality has been going either downhill for a while or has been getting pricier from 2008 onwards.

>> No.10605801

Thank you anon! Already sent the seller a message, fingers crossed that I can get it <3

>> No.10605817


How new can you fucking be?

>> No.10605968

AP USA orders are starting to get shipped. Good way to end the weekend.

>> No.10606063
File: 47 KB, 719x744, 20200828.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10606297

Feels like AP releases aren't being posted to Lolita Updates anymore. Is there a reason behind this? Did something happen?

>> No.10606338

Is Mila working for AP Paris again?

>> No.10606395

As far as I know Lolita Updates is riding with a stick up their ass of vigilantism towards other countries, so likely. The facebook is hardly worth following if they think they have sway over the marketplace.

>> No.10606404

They have clothes made in china so they're cancelled. Meta is cancelled as well because of D. Walkure.

>> No.10606407

I get faster & more frequent updates by following ss pages (mint kismet, etc) than them lately.

>> No.10606410

I see recent updates from Meta though. Could it be because fatty-chans favour Meta more?

>> No.10606414

Possibly? I know that meta was on the "cancelled brands" spreadsheet along with AP.
I'm also not a fatty-chan (but I am a meta-fag)

>> No.10606415

I don’t keep up with FB drama but really? Are we really at the point of “cancelling” brands for making clothes in China?

>> No.10606416

>"cancelled brands" spreadsheet
What fresh hell is this?

>> No.10606421

Most of it was who was reposting the "Xinjiang cotton good!" generic post after that fiasco, but it also included Miho Matsuda, Jane Marple, AP, Meta, and other brands for non related reasons.

>> No.10606427

Considering she's the one in their tiktoks I'd say yes

>> No.10606443

I fucking hope so, gives the rest of the world more of a chance then

>> No.10606538

I doubt this is the reason.

>> No.10606539

Get out of the thread western fatty lolita brand supporter

>> No.10606549

Conspiracy theory, Shopgirl-chan is actually the former shop attendant from Paris who got fired because of the leaks.

>> No.10606559

AP has always been a fatty brand too though. Sweet is the fat girl substyle and the venn diagram of fatties and APFags would be almost a circle if AP wasn't so popular in China.

>> No.10606572

If someone here owns both Colorful Star Parka and Bunny College Parka, is the fabric on both the same or is the latter made of a thicker material? Also interested in how it compares to hoodie-style cutsew OPs like Bunny College, Bear Glittering Ribbon, Lovely Check Ribbon Cutsew OP, etc.

>> No.10606619

so we Little Bunny Strawberry this week or what

>> No.10606643

Older AP is sorta small, but it’s mostly the sleeves that are very narrow, not the waist or bust measurements.

>> No.10606654

Anyone is able to post updates about new releases to LU. Considering AP announces their releases twelve hours before they go live, there isn't time to discuss them. To anyone bitching about the lack of updates, post them yourself. It's not some deep dark conspiracy.

>> No.10606767

Some of the unshirred stuff is smallish but it's still not tiny

>> No.10606774

I'm jealous that the JCT stuff is getting resold everywhere, but the Moco Moco Bunnys socks STILL ellude me. My SS wasn't fast enough to get the sax pair that sold. I swear AP made less stock of the Moco Moco Bunnys stuff, because that's maybe the 3rd listing I've seen for the socks.

I wish AP would rerelease actual popular stuff instead of Petite Heart and Topping Heart over and over again.

>> No.10606781

I know stuff selling out instantly online isn't always indicative of how things sell in stores (ex Little Witch), but do AP stores even have anything in stock anymore?

>> No.10606823

I'm under the impression that the USA and Paris stores have nothing popular in stock in-store. I assume the same for Japan - when I went in 2019, there wasn't anything but leftovers. It was pretty devoid.

With the lotteries in Japan, it's probably been more variable, but I'm sure stuff gets bought pretty quickly once they open general sales.

Basically, if you're hoping to find some coveted item in store, I wouldn't bet on it.

>> No.10606833

Well gee I hope the non-existent clout was worth it

>> No.10606850

Calm your hate-boners.

Seriously, I'm convinced everyone who complains about Angelic Prophet is just visiting from the general thread to crap on AP or something. She's done no harm and gives us information for free. It's the least problematic thing ever.

>> No.10606932

Anyone get any of the items restocked on AP USA yesterday?

>> No.10606936

This, or they are envious APfags.

>> No.10606944

new thread >>10606943

>> No.10606983

Probably envious LARPers

>> No.10606986

She already did say she's not an actual shopgirl


>> No.10606989

Nope. I was really surprised they had any extras (maybe Japan shipped them as a "just in case"?). I saw the post on instagram 14 minutes after it was posted and everything but the mint earrings and black candy border socks was already sold out.

>> No.10607053

Yeah, I feel like the reason might just be they group is just slowing down and they're running out of steam to post updates often. Lolita Updates is dying.

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