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what the fuck is that. i understand that lolita is a dollish type fashion but jfc thats some uncanny valley shit

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The fucking mask

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This had potential to be hot but just kind of missed the mark?

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All of her coords are shit

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I didn't read the thread name as I scrolled past, but I saw her familiar blue siding and thought
>must be the ita thread

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This would be cute with other shoes and a different blouse desu

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fine as alt fashion not so much lolita, but are those bear ears or something??

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masking is a straight up fetish

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They look like space buns

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Aw she’s like 15 and usually has cute coords
Leave her alone

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>long sleeve ita blouse with a mini skirt
Girl why

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Ewhores need to back the fucking hell away from this fashion (same with weebs...)

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as a normal outfit this is cute...is it supposed to be the "other" kind of lolita?

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Vendetta-chans need to back away from the ita thread.

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this is one of his better coords desu

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This is cute in an anime/cosplay inspired way. Tbh I'm lying to myself I love this

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How hard is it to not wear that shitty beret

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Agreed. Vendetta chan strikes again with a post that is not at all even a little bit ita

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You've been vendettaposting her in several threads now

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Is this Grandpa Ouji or someone completely different?

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You forgot the link to last thread OP. First so little edition names that newfags don't know what it is and go al crazy thinking it's only for specific itas, now we even can't link anymore... These OPs get worse all the time...

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Why is she standing in a chair? Especially since it looks like chairs from a waiting room. People need to sit there, no one wants to sit in your shoe dirt. Guess she's American, as they seem rather comfortable with putting their shoes everywhere they shouldn't be.

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very egirl but honestly cute, can't lie

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>very egirl
How fucking new do you have to be to think old school is e girl shit
God I hate that e girls have ruined this fashion

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it's just the harness and choker that make it look egirl to me

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>striped socks


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This is kinda cute and she looks pretty young so she probably has lots of time to grow. I don’t think she should be here, she just needs to get the silhouette a bit better

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This is fine you just don’t like fat people

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I think so

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It's that shitty nu old school look minus the band t shirt

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Okay I see it now but desu my brightness was so low the harness and choker blended right in with the rest of the black jsk

Striped socks are classic old school tho and those aren't even creepers they're just platform mary janes

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That poor meta JSK

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Brand ita strikes again.

Does she own any other wigs?

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Whew, normally I like her coords but this one is weak.

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Larpers pls go

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Okay true those aren't really worn in os that I know of, but chokers are very 90s and in os people would just combine normie fashion with lolita since there wasn't much brand yet
it's not that out of place really
Same goes for what I just said
>striped socks
literally an os staple you stupid ball sack
those are platform mary janes, you really are a shit larper or just the biggest newfag I've ever seen

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She really needs to stop shoehorning those rabbit ears into every outfit. Especially with nothing backing them (like a bonnet or so), they look like easter bunny costume ears. I get it for an OTT bunny outfit, but she literally wears them with all her outfits all the time. Did she not notice each time animal ears come up everyone says that it only works in very specific coords? Even HugBook knows it...

Also, why are the furballs on those ugly shoes off-center? They look super cheap. Did she glue them on there herself? Sure looks that way.

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the shoes look like ass but there are literally bunnies on her dress lol. somehow those are the LEAST ita thing here, considering she doesnt even have the proper silhouette.

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this is definitely not correct

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>tell us you're a newfag without telling us you're a newfag

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Those shoes are AP or at least a replica of AP. The wig is ugly but this is just a bog standard AP coord; does she have a vendetta crowd or something?

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She has a conventionally pretty face. It's so obvious anon is envious.

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Just because it's brand doesn't mean it can't be ita, especially if it doesn't match, or if the look is poorly executed. The latter anon said the shoes were the least ita item in the coord, anyway.

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No one mentioned anything about her (your) face or body, just her (your) coord. Please make it less obvious when you're mad about being posted here and come to defend yourself.

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I think her coords are just put together poorly, even if using a lot of brand. The weird poses and dead in the eyes stare kind of adds to it too. Not a vendetta just like... very brand ita. There’s tons of AP fags that don’t get posted here.

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She thinks her shitty mismatched "coords" can get a free pass from any criticism just because she's "conventionally pretty" (as determined by herself, of course.) Classic brand ita.

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Except I'm not her. Her coords are pretty standard all AP all the time. It's a bit boring and repetitive, but that doesn't justify bringing her to ita threads all the time.

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I just noticed in some of her other pictures that she has a shit ton of self harm scars on both arms

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Kind of looks like badly made 'himekaji'

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Please get your eyes checked

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Usually the one thing plus sized itas can’t get right is the shape, but this shape is good.
Everything else is yikes

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the longer i look at this the worse it gets
> seems to be a brown/beige coord, shoes match alright
> hold on are those trousers
> start to feel confused
> the trouser legs are different colours..?
> brain tumour materialises
> eyes slowly travel up the coord
> notice blouse
> instantly die of cancer

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Shes literally wearing AP bunny ears, with a dress that has bunny ears. Who said that bunny ears only ever go with OTT themed easter outfits?

>> No.10606408

stilettos with a salo, though?

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>the proper silhouette
What's the proper silhouette for a salo?

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It's actually not. She looks terrible because this outfit does not suit her whatsoever.

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NTA but fatness aside this coord is ita. The random red shoes and belt don’t go whatsoever. Especially with the random bits of blue on the bag? I feel like if maybe the bag and legwear had bits of red in them it could work. Sometimes fatties get posted because their coords suck.

>> No.10606425

Put a damn petti under it, at least TRY to get the bell silhouette before you call it lolita. thought this was common knowledge?

>> No.10606428

This type of salos doesn't work with bell-shaped pettis though.

>> No.10606431

My experience has been different. just don't hike it up to your tits and you should be fine.

inb4 "you must be ita"

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I see summer is starting early this year

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Anon from >>10606301
First off, I hate the brand ones as well. AatP also has some shoes with weird balls on top of them, hate those too. There is a reason there have been wtf burando threads since the early livejournal days. And those old ones where filed more with wtf than this cgl thread. Point is, brand makes dumb stuff too.

More to the point tho, the shoes in >>10606279 look like she glued those balls on cheap TaoBao heels herself. Look how off-center the left one is and how the right one looks like it's about to fall off and folded weirdly. The ball on the back of the right shoe just looks like her panty is folding weirdly, it's just very unflattering. Besides, those are not the only problems. The ill fitting (or at least very unflattering on her body) salopette combined with heels (combined with the pose showing off the generally considered sexy legshape heels give you) combined with these stockings combined with the low look under my skirt shot is also bad because all those things together give DDLG vibes

Just "there are bunnies" and "it's AP" doesn't stop it from looking bad. If you have a more casual outfit and two random bunny ears popping out of your head with nothing to balance it out, it looks like an easter costume. It's not about not fitting the theme, it's about balance. Just like you don't wear a 3F bonnet with a casual JSK and turtleneck cutsew coord. The items on itself can be fine in the right outfit, but the combo looks weird. And she just wears them with literally every outfit, hence the shoehorning. It's not like she's thinking this is the best combo or got those ears to match this ill fitting salopette, she just wears those shoes and ears all the time no matter the exact outfit or how it balances. The common "Animal ears can look easily costumey, but good quality ones can work in the right coord" doesn't mean trow ears on everything with an animal on it and it'll be fine.

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Who would’ve thought that the ita thread is filled with non lolitas. Bunny ears with coords is popular among people who wear ap. That’s why they keep releasing them

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yeah, she's always off to me too. actually i haven't seen anybody post about it, but she got her mom into wearing sweet too--picrel

she just seems kind of unhinged and like her life revolves around AP to a kind of unhealthy degree (and i mean more than your average sweetfag gull). as a result her coords are just a mishmash of everything she's bought recently. i really don't think she's all there, and i mean that in the... least mean way possible.

>> No.10606448

>good quality bunny ears working with a coord doesn't mean good quality bunny ears working with good quality clothes with that very animal on it

that is exactly what it means tho

>compares wearing a 3F bonnet/casual jsk/turtleneck with a salo/bunny ears

that false equivalency tho

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Is that what Halsey's up to these days?

>> No.10606453

I wouldn’t exactly consider this ita but it grinds my gears a little to see a mentally ill genderflake hoarding all these valuable pieces. Especially when they also complain about privilege and poverty and so on.

>> No.10606455

>that is exactly what it means tho
Geez, you're stupid. Is life really so much easier when you put in the effort to twist things the wrong way and find ways to misunderstand so you can fight against it? Seems so tiresome to do.
>"the right coord"
does not equal
>has the same animal on it
It means "everything is balanced out correctly". Balance isn't limited to the theme and the quality of the items. There is also a part where the shape, size, and amount need to fit together. And those are completely off here.

>>compares wearing a 3F bonnet/casual jsk/turtleneck with a salo/bunny ears
I did not, I'm comparing 3F bonnet with an otherwise casual look with bunny ears pointing out of your head in a casual look. Don't care if it's a salopette, a skirt with a cutsew, or whatever. The point is the lack of balance, not muh salopette.
>that false equivalency tho
Both are very in your face out of the norm headdresses mixed with a casual look, so no it's not. The only difference is that animal ears are, if anything, more controversial and harder to make work.
Since you're obviously more interested in defending your itaness as opposed to actually learning and improving, I'm not gonna waste more time trying to explain. Enjoy keeping getting posted here with your ugly shoes and badly coorded bunny ears. Seems you love to come here to defend yourself, so at least you got something to do.

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Tbf they're wearing them so I wouldn't really consider that hoarding. I just don't get how they're constantly going on about dysphoria and what not to do trigger it... Then dress in hyper feminine clothes. Like ??????

>> No.10606459

I've just accepted that they're a spoiled perma-brand ita at this point. My guess is that they came from money and are now complaining because they have to make a budget.

Maybe one day they'll finally sell off their wardrobe

The contrast isn't complimentary, there's no cohesive theming, and the only reason it looks remotely passable is the fact they have high quality pieces. The rare Mary Magdalene ita

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Typical retard who can't explain what "balance" is and instead calls people stupid. Bunny ears aren't casual or non-casual. They just exist. So calling them "off balance" is fucking stupid.

Stop rambling on and on about "durr muh balance" without being able to back it up. Literally the only off-balance thing is the shoes and the brooch being so close to her coochie. The shoes and single cooch-brooch make it ita, not the ears.

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I was about to call vendetta but you’re right, anon.

>> No.10606465

You just sound salty

>> No.10606467

Who gives a shit? You bitches will find anything to gossip about.

>> No.10606471

Her coord is ita but this has nothing to do with that. Why are you bringing it up? Tons of lolitas have self harm scars.

>> No.10606474

body damage is ita. painful to look at. use some damn concealer.

>> No.10606478

Yeah people with burn damage or injuries should just really stay inside so you don't have to cast your precious delicate eyes on them

>> No.10606479

literally fuck off

>> No.10606481

yikes, I posted the picture and even I think that’s a really gross sentiment. Get over yourself, the world doesn’t revolve around you, narc.

>> No.10606482

Kill yourself

>> No.10606483

I hope you get repeatedly struck by lightning and survive with a body covered in jagged scars.

>> No.10606485

Wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being a crazy like the french ana-chan. Standard APfag. It's just more attention whoring

>> No.10606486

At least give people context. They made the jsk at school and are just doing a quick try on over normie clothes. Say whatever about the dress itself but this isnt even trying to be a coord

>> No.10606487

Concealer won’t cover up raised scars you retard

>> No.10606488

Glad to see some of you actually have morals.

>> No.10606489

NAYRT but they're wearing three different traditional "neutrals" and none of them go.

It grinds my gears that we get to see some MM out in the wild and it's...this

>> No.10606490

Holy fuck, go outside and touch some grass. It's really not that serious.

>> No.10606491

Thanks for the exposition that makes a lot of sense

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I’m guessing you don’t give a fuck about how rude it is to point something like that out huh?

>> No.10606494

Ayrt, mental illness is rampant in this community. Personally I think she just gets more hate because she’s slender, has a decent sized wardrobe, and is not horrifically ugly. That upsets the mentally ill uggo lolitas-at-heart that flock to this board.

and I say this as a former sh-chan. Thankfully mine are never visible in lolita, I don’t mind other people’s, but personally they embarrass me and remind me of a horribly rotten time in my life.

>> No.10606495

>former sh-chan
Same. Even if people don't say anything, they'll still notice the scars and judge the shit out of you.

But I think you're right. It's almost looking off that she is conventionally attractive because we're so used to seeing mediocre and ugly faces

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personally i only think she’s off-looking in sweet because she doesn’t have the particular feel for it, if that makes sense? compare models Miranda Kerr with Adriana Lima- both are gorg but only Miranda would look good in sweet. regardless she’s pretty and her coords are fine- she doesn’t deserve to be posted in these threads.

>> No.10606509

>Huge fluffy ears sticking out
>Totally casual
Nyart but wtf are you rambling about and why do you care so much about defending ugly bunny ears. It's been said for years by pretty much anyone who came out of their ita and/or weeaboo phase that animal ears are hard to pull off. Why care so much for an ita coord?Sounds like you got posted, sorry about that gull

>> No.10606515

Eh not that bad. Still not good or flattering but she could just use a little advise

>> No.10606520

ironix because that one burn victim lolita constantly got shat on her for looks here. some of y’all are seriously hypocritical

>> No.10606521

this is actually one of her less weird ones imo, but it helps that it's all jelly candy toys x mocomoco. like she actually balanced the colors. it's just the shoes.

this is just my theory about why her coords don't sit well--they often feel less like a cohesive outfit and more like a showcase of what she bought two weeks ago. the photos themselves just have that energy. idk i guess there's something to be said for curating your outfit as opposed to just sticking a bunch of stuff on.

i don't have anything against her, but i think that's part of the issue people have

>> No.10606531

That "typical retard" quite literally explained balance while you're going crazy over some uggo ears in an uggo coord acting like "balance == good quality & consistent theme" and nothing else matters when it comes to balance kek. But sure Yan, those ears that are twice the height of an OTT sweet headbow are casual and totally fit this coord. Who doesn't wear huge pieces that stick out like a sore thumb with their daily outfits? Can you even call it lolita if your outfit looks like a proper outfit where everything fits together?

>> No.10606540

>Retard A: Stop rambling without being able to back it up!
>Retard B: Just wrote entire blogposts trying to back up an argument with some WK on cgl
>But those blogposts worth of text are invalid according retard A 'cus
>"They just exist"
>And things that exist are always balanced and can always casual
Yeah, thats about what to expect from two idiots fighting on cgl nowadays. Can we go back to the time people only shit up image threads with interesting discussions, funny reactions, and simple hate on the ugly?

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>animal ears are hard to pull off

yeah this is fine advice for complete newbs in 2008 when brands didnt release animal ears often and they werent trendy. that was years ago, animal years are are released all the time by AP. we can drop the "they are hard to pull off" meme.

pic rel an example of lolita with bunny ears, not an ita coord

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Last but not least, who needs matching colours if you can have filters?

>> No.10606562


not ita at all??

>> No.10606563

Willie Nelson?

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animal ear headbands can look fine with casual coords, but you're assuming that her coord is a different kind of casual. there's those who assume causal to be a simple coordinate, and those who see casual as in something lighter or easier to wear. salopettes are more casual than an OP or JSK, they require less poof and are less constricting, but can still be worn in an OTT coord.

she's wearing an unnaturally colored wig, full accesories, what about that is casual as in wearable?

honestly, the main problem with her coords is her posing, the face shooping, and how the photos are taken. she's a little awkward, but that isnt ita.

>pic rel, a salopette coord with *gasp* bunny ears!

>> No.10606565

god this looks cheap

>> No.10606566

I think she’d look pretty in Moitie actually.

>> No.10606568

anon, the coord you posted isn't even casual. and you're wrong. within the context of the fashion casual does mean simple because the word in japanese normie fashion (where it came from in lolita) refers to a specific style of simple, minimalist clothing.

>> No.10606578 [DELETED] 

>when brands didn't release as often and they wheren't trendy
>We can drop the meme
Way to show you're a newfag. It's never been a meme, it's truthful advice based on things commonly going wrong. They're told to tread carefully because of weeaboos putting on cute animal ears and because it looks costumey very easily if not coorded well. Both haven't changed, so the "meme" can stay.

Brands have always been releasing them and they aren't particularly more trendy now nor are they made more often. Good ones only became more accessable in the west as has literally any lolita item. You see them more for the same reason you see less eBay lacemonster itas. That doesn't stop itas from putting them on in coord where they look bad, nor does showing an image of a completely different coord. No one said it can't be done at all... Besides they still look a bit random having two fluffy things sticking out a head tall. It's much better than salopette bunny chan and not ita, mainly because everything else looks good, the full skirt itself already helps with bigger headdresses (unlike that shapeless salopette), and everything including the ears matches so looking "a bit random" doesn't ruin the look. But some well placed headbow (or other headdress) would still make it look better balancing the height out with more width.

>> No.10606582

God this shit is so embarrassing lmao

>> No.10606584

>ignores ap bunny ears getting scalped
But ya everyone else is the newfag

>> No.10606585

>ignores pretty much any at least semi-popular AP gets scalped atm
If everything is trendy nothing is, so it being scalped AP is pretty meaningless

>> No.10606606

okay but im not the one calling any of these coords casual. for some reason >>10606441
was calling >>10606279 casual for no reason.

and minimalism is antithetical to lolita. i see two definitions of casual and they both can co-exist. AP makes salos, mini skirts, cutsew shirts and parkas for casual coords, but those would never be considered casual by any normie standards.

>> No.10606607

Anons are talking about her shitty outfit, not her face. Learn to read. She shoops to high hell so she's prob an uggo irl.

>> No.10606609

this looks pretty bad too desu

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File: 134 KB, 1080x1081, 119062308_649980615956791_5052108367083738360_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she's conventionally pretty guyz ur just jealous

>> No.10606616

I obviously wasn't one of those people. There are more than ten people on /cgl/.

>> No.10606617

I think newfriends still read advice from 2010-era blogs. Like black and white is ita, don't wear cat ears ever.

>> No.10606621

What part of this looks mismatched? It's a set, with white shoes and probably white cuffs + kc...?

>> No.10606625

>And things that exist are always balanced and can always casual


>> No.10606629


Damn, didn't know height was an indicator OTT now! Fuck, I my slightly-taller-than-average self must look fuckin bonkers.

>> No.10606630

this response might be funny if it didn't have so many typos.

>> No.10606632

bunny ears are like... surprisingly casual, considering how lolita is. nice job outing yourself as a larper tho

>Why care so much for an ita coord?

because im a retarded lesbian femsimp, okay? that answer your question?

>> No.10606634

you're not helping your case with that, she clearly has really nice features and bone structure

>> No.10606639

1. The shoes just dont suit the salo and it really annoys me
2. Gives me big ddlg vibes for some reason

>> No.10606650

She looks bloated and frumpy as shit but keep defending yourself.

>> No.10606657

How ugly are you if you consider these nice features?

>> No.10606659

Wtf is up with the French comm, you bitches are as toxic as the cigarettes that make you all age so quickly.

>> No.10606664

That was my first post on the matter, I just think it's hilarious that picture is the worst you can do

>> No.10606665

What do you expect from French people?

>> No.10606671

There's literally nothing wrong with her physical appearance yall are just pressed to be pressed

>> No.10606672

She is absolutely average outside of her shoops. Like you said, she does have decent bone structure which counts for something but she has the same boring features as a lot of mediocre looking eurofags.

>> No.10606677

Conventionally pretty is just that, conventional. Your average woman is pretty.

>> No.10606679

even in her candid modeling pictures she really isn't as cute as several of the other girls. idg what anons are smoking

>> No.10606716

The average person I'd ugly af idk what you're on but canyou all shut the fuck up about this bitch already damn

>> No.10606719

Emphasis on person. Average woman is still decent looking at the worst. Average man looks like a potato.

>> No.10606722

Wouldn't your average woman be average? That's why they're average. Jesus anon don't strain your brain.

>> No.10606731

Is this even attempt at lolita?

>> No.10606733

this is just untrue. look at the entire lolita comm. it's higher than average for ugly women.

>> No.10606737


>> No.10606743

My point is that even ugly women are better looking than "attractive" men.

>> No.10606745

i think anons are trying to scale attractiveness of average women? or trying to claim there is a higher percentage of ugly vs pretty women. but that still doesn't make sense. the average woman will fall on the middle of the scale between pretty and ugly women, and average women aren't pretty or ugly.

>> No.10606753

it was posted to CoF so yes

>> No.10606764

This, because women tend to put effort in

>> No.10606766

Asuka the AP designer has arms full of SH scars, arguably it's on brand for an AP fag kek.

>> No.10606773

Proof or it didn't happen faggot

>> No.10606779

Are you a fucking newfag

>> No.10606782

That's why she always wears sleeves or arm warmers, way to out yourself as a newfag kek

>> No.10606789 [DELETED] 

How is accessories going into height but not length making proportions weird related to you being tall?

>> No.10606791

Yes compared to the smaller bows and headbands casual outfits tend to use, bunny ears totally fit in there more than they do with the huge bows which are still only 1/2 the size, bonets and other OTT accessoires... You never saw a casual coord did ya? Guess you're just some another of those 2010 sweet obsessed trendhoppers.

>> No.10606793
File: 157 KB, 1440x1919, FB_IMG_1620110714730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related another bad one. Simply having bright yellow ears already makes it look costumey with the pale yellow dress. That's how easy it can look bad. Wrong tone of color? Looks like Easter costume ears. So yes, still easy to fuck up.

>> No.10606794

The shoes are pastel purple, how is that white?

>> No.10606796

How is accessories going into height but not width making proportions weird related to you being tall?

>> No.10606809

Not only the shades of yellow are different but the bows and tags around the ears look cheap. It reeks of shitty handmade Taobao quality.

>> No.10606822 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 1024x1024, 3CE66BC3-1C42-4004-8033-FFA1C5A1637D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10606860

nothing about this is ita.

>> No.10606864
File: 94 KB, 756x756, c4967d4c59cdc355d32e107bea7a439a_758c1bf2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10606865
File: 159 KB, 720x855, 4de981ce5c4c42a99f15617484b30a08_0673d7e8_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10606871


>> No.10606873

This is why obese people need to refrain from lolita. Lolita fashion is about presenting the coord. Not the body. When you're so big that your coord is lost, you're too big for ita. Her fat engulfed whatever ita tit show she wore here.

>> No.10606874

The cursed full frontal shirring. I hate when so much skin tightly wrapped around excessive, eating disorder fat reserves, is exposed.

>> No.10606875

Can people please buy a gd tripod and stop trying to break your neck getting into a mirror frame.

>> No.10606876

COF is primarily responsible for shit shows like this.

>> No.10606877

This screams, "Goodwill Finds," to me. Idc if it does have brand pieces. That jacket style is prime thrift store collection.

>> No.10606878

>too big for ita

>> No.10606879

The shape of the JSK is absolutely perfect. This stands as a statement to those above recommend weight that their hip size is not a replacement for a petticoat.

>> No.10606881

A little advise? Wear a dress that fits, not one that is so tight it shows the buttons underneath. That blouse doesn't work, it's more of a classic style than sweet, if it's even a lolita blouse. Allow some bangs to fall on that forehead. Maybe wear make up. Shoes are cheap Taobao and it really shows. Those normie socks need to go.

>> No.10606884

A blouse that actually matches, better petticoat would have possibly prevented this from showing up here. Wrist Wear would be nice. As it is, it looks extremely cheap but even a matching color tone blouse would improve it.

>> No.10606885

Fuck off these are nitpicks at best.

>> No.10606886
File: 151 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1620127964821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My french fb group has no standards

>> No.10606896

>the paedo artist skirt
Lord have mercy

>> No.10606901
File: 148 KB, 526x958, 182175373_3889286554480934_6664221863369043314_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10606905
File: 232 KB, 500x600, A8088654-F030-4E70-9D1D-E89ED94FF36D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The oh so not ita burando ones look just as crappy and cheap tho. Bunny ears should go back to Lop Ear Bunny headdress, Fancy Bunny Fur beret, Sugar Bunny parka, or at least be worn more diagonally, flopped, or with something other headdresses so it doesn't look like two furry antenas.

>> No.10606906

I actually like that dress but this coord is crap. Is it even a coord if you only wear normie stuff otherwise, it looks horrible.

>> No.10606920

It's not hoarding if you were never entitled to those pieces anon

>> No.10606921

I don’t like this coord overall but I do actually think the jsk is really cute! I hope she coords it better in the future bc it could be really cute

>> No.10606922
File: 35 KB, 290x387, VM Victorian Lady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it’s Victorian Maiden dumbass, do you not understand anything about classic lolita and how florals are a motif?

>> No.10606923

okay,edgy pedo

>> No.10606924

Nayrt but it’s literally a brand skirt, calm down

>> No.10606931

nta so? the artist is absolutely disgusting why would you want to support that
ngl I used to be a fan of his work until I knew how gross he was, separating art from the artist is impossible in this case

>> No.10606942

this. all the themes in his art are uncomfortable now.

>> No.10606948

They're fucking animal ears. How you manage to pull a "what level of lolita do these fit into" out of your ass is astounding.

>> No.10606950

bunny ears don't add width, what are you on?

>> No.10606955

i guess i get what you mean, but "casual lolita" is a thing that's meant to mean toned down so it's confusing because of how weird japanese is with english loanwords. a salopette OTT coord is definitely not casual.

>> No.10606960

with the lighting + filter they're clearly white... is this a blue dress white dress situation

>> No.10606966

If he’s publicly so gross, why aren’t people boycotting Miho Matsuda actively instead of either supporting the collab or not talking about it at all? I’m not doubting it, but I’m confused at how a weirdo like that ends up collaborating with a Japanese brand that has decent reach and pretty good quality pieces. And then nobody says anything about it. Pretty disappointing if true desu

>> No.10606967

Jesus. Is she still wearing lolita? Isn't she like 40-50 now?

>> No.10606969

Being able to read unlike you? I said bunny ears add a lot of height but no width causing weird proportions unless you balance that out somewhere. And that that has nothing to do with being tall, because tall people aren't proportionally unbalanced unlike putting fluffy antennas on your head. That anon is in weirder stuff than me kek

>> No.10606972

People did say something when it released tho. And well, why did Bodyline not get boycotted when Mr. Yan was still the manager? Because almost no one really cares enough for issues that are far away from them to actually put in more effort than complaining on social media.

>> No.10606973

Pretty typical. Mental illness and lolita.

Samefag whiteknight mad that mentally ill is being brought to light.

Who knows, maybe she'll join kiwi farms just yet? I think people seem to forget lolcows came out of cgl to begin with because of the rules. But you bitches don't get that if you post online, you're free game. The audacity of idiots coming into the ita thread to whiteknight tho. It just exposes your newness and how much we should disregard you.

>> No.10606976

be more clear. the added height of bunny ears doesn't look weird. bunny ears are used with literally every type of clothing under the sun and still look fine even with clothes that don't add "width"

you're literally just making up excuses to call something ita.

>> No.10606977
File: 604 KB, 1160x546, mean girls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

calm your mental illness and hatred, anon

>> No.10606980
File: 24 KB, 262x208, Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 17.49.02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10606981

Neither of those are nitpicks. You're just a shitty ita whiteknight

>> No.10606995

NAYRT but just because burando makes it, doesn't mean it runs the risk of looking like tacky 80's fare in the wrong hands.

The fact that they make it look so cheap is further to their detriment. Their whole outfit screams "look at how much brand I own", and your wk-ing is sad.

>> No.10607012

So is Misako

>> No.10607031

Lolita owns brand = this outfit screams "look at how much brand I own"!!!!

Lolita doesn't wear brand = cheap taobao whore

Seriously you people need to figure out where you stand on certain topics. Or just accept you're jealous that this person owns more MM than you.

>> No.10607040

Plenty of brand outfits are not ita, anon. Plenty of classic outfits that sport multiple brands aren't ita, either. >>10606451 both looks ita and like they're intentionality trying to flaunt their brand because they piled on a bunch of rare/status items that wholeheartedly don't go together.

You sound a bit heated, and I'm sorry if I've struck a nerve but there's more to making an outfit than just piling on clothes. This is ita.

>> No.10607045

Is this in Singapore???

>> No.10607047

The only "status" item they're wearing is Cordelia though. And Cordelia isn't even that much of a status piece beyond not fitting fat girls. This is just a coord with classic lolita items.

>> No.10607049

And it's being worn badly, your point?

Also depending on who you ask most (recognizable) MM is considered a status item nowadays, considering the market is so scarce.

>> No.10607051

We're in the same boat i fucking hate the french comm it's so shit here

>> No.10607064

Sweetfags shouldn't be allowed to have opinions

>> No.10607065
File: 704 KB, 1125x1193, E781EAE3-90DD-41EF-854F-4ED6E31BA69F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumb fuck

>> No.10607066

I genuinely wonder what you have to do to reach this level of sad. Connect with people irl for your sake, please.

>> No.10607071

Plot twist, I don't wear sweet. Their outfit is it's and your deflection is embarassing

>> No.10607075

How is pointing out that the jacket is burando wk-ing? Are you one of those newfags who learns a new term and then can’t stop using it incorrectly?

>> No.10607080

My point is that literally nobody except poorfags and fatties would see that coord, regardless of how shitty it is, as flaunting rare items. Stop projecting.

>> No.10607084

You seem REALLY triggered over a normal coord. It's not particularly good or bad, but you're acting like it's the most offensive thing on the planet. Sorry you're fat.

>> No.10607090
File: 52 KB, 526x701, 182255742_10225390029046071_1144160198612764150_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607092

I'm not defending but her caption did say baby's first coord

>> No.10607093

I hate it, but it goes with the look she got going on

>> No.10607095

Not a fan of the tights/entire head area, but she kinda just coorded it with all black so not the worst? I have a hard time calling it full on ita.

>> No.10607097
File: 391 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20210504_222929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607101

Fatty is a bully by proxy then

>> No.10607102

she aint wrong kek

>> No.10607103

this is the most embarrassing post on this board right now

>> No.10607105

If cgl is bad why mention it?

>> No.10607107

They're not wrong though

>> No.10607109

true that it hasn't been coorded well, I'll agree on that

>> No.10607110

It's hilarious how when itas attempt to act like /cgl/ posters are bad, they're also revealing to everyone that they come here often enough to be acquainted with the culture, and then acting as if that doesn't say something about them

>> No.10607111

This has been said dozens of times but not everyone who comes to cgl is bitter/mean/salty/shitty or whatever. Some of us mostly lurk, only visit for brand updates, come here for crafting, DD, room threads, etc.

I personally browse ita threads to see if specific people I find interesting are improving since most pics are from CoF and I rarely open fb anymore.

>> No.10607115

would you guys openly talk about being on cgl or when someone would ask?

>> No.10607117

Some comms have an insta ban rule for cgl. I personally like cgl for finding friends, dream dresses, and I enjoy seeing the coords in COF thread since I do not have a FB account. I occasionally check to see if I’ve made the ita thread too but it’s usually for the dumbest reasons. I think most of us come to cgl and just don’t admit it.

>> No.10607121

A ban rule for cgl?? Damn

>> No.10607122

She posted this asking for help/advice with her coord though

>> No.10607126

Actually doesn’t look bad for a first coord

>> No.10607130

Oh ok so you don't wear the fashion at all. That makes much more sense.

>> No.10607151
File: 432 KB, 1440x1440, EysWheuWQAUvveJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607166

I wouldn't go out of my way to bring it up but I wouldn't lie about coming here. I really think the majority of lolitas at least lurk here, even if they'd never admit it since we're ~mean~

>> No.10607167

Sounds accurate. These LARPers probably pick out some loliable dress, egirl garbage, or aliexpress and call themselves 'lolitas.'

>> No.10607168

This looks fine.

>> No.10607170

How is this ita?

>> No.10607175

Gives off The Stichess vibes

>> No.10607191

I check every few months, like right now, but anything more than that gives me an aneurysm.

>> No.10607194
File: 26 KB, 559x460, 51aa1ab9cdfdf66629c3a7d8e4857c35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10607199

Needs a headpiece but not ita, nitpick-chan.

>> No.10607201

because it's lavender?

>> No.10607205

because it's an awkwardly proportioned mix of jfashion an normie clothes, I would guess

>> No.10607222

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her posted here before. Or maybe all the people with green hair blend together.

>> No.10607228

I think she kind of reminds me of the girl that looks like female sexy baby.

>> No.10607240

that's what I thought too but the caption really did say that it was her first coord

>> No.10607249
File: 2.68 MB, 2176x3264, itacollar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the cringe collar from amazon ruins it

>> No.10607256

Galaxy prints are so fucking ugly, I can't look at them without thinking of the incredibly overpriced dress I bought from Hot Topic when I was like 12 kek

>> No.10607279

that too, yeah

>> No.10607285

How is this ita fake woke SJW not banned from all EU comms jfc

>> No.10607289

I don't recognize her, who is she?

>> No.10607294
File: 1.37 MB, 2834x3801, ita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considers herself a seamstress.

>> No.10607301

Elegant Goth Lolita. We need to drop the E. It's gone. This shit isn't elegant. It's not lolita. It's trash.

>> No.10607305

It's how it's worn. Brand doesn't spare it from being ita. It looks like a Goodwill bag sale found a home.

>> No.10607306

A mod in my comm loves to talk about how she posts on cgl and is completely unashamed about it. She has a reputation for being a bitch and posting fellow comm members here.

>> No.10607311
File: 61 KB, 683x1024, 0a58c989b0532b2aadfedaad426daaa65c6151cer1-1366-2048v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607313

Seriously, what is with all of the nitpicks in this thread?

Take your beef to the farm. The coord is a nitpick.

>> No.10607317

literally who?

>> No.10607319

Speaking of nitpicks...

>> No.10607326
File: 120 KB, 960x960, EC6EDFB7-8B6E-44CE-98C6-32EDAD1F2AD1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607327
File: 267 KB, 1440x1440, 37A41EC4-E3AE-4674-ACEE-C43976349195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607345

Pretty sure this was the ita thread not nitpick thread.

>> No.10607350

All these years and this bitch STILL refuses to do her eyebrows in a way that doesn’t look terrible.

>> No.10607353


The little crown is fucking ridiculous if you don't style it well and I'm laughing

>> No.10607363

Idk why she put the hairclip on her chest but this is cute

>> No.10607364

Why are you defending that shit coord so hard?

>> No.10607367

not proper lolita but also not ita.like, at all.

>> No.10607415

Do you know how replying to posts works? Integrate or stop fucking talking to yourself.

>> No.10607419

She owns a lot of shit doesn’t she? Maybe she just has a shopping addiction but doesn’t care about looking put together.

>> No.10607431

Perma-ita. She’s been around for years and 9/10 of her coords look like trash despite wearing so much brand

>> No.10607438

I think it’s hilarious you all just accept it instead of doing something

>> No.10607445

What are you going to do? Ban the mod? Think before posting next time.

>> No.10607446

I wish she'd shoop her scars instead of her face.

>> No.10607450

except it isn't goth

>> No.10607455
File: 504 KB, 608x420, 16202047854246315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not proper lolita

>> No.10607456

Not proper lolita =//= ita

>> No.10607475

You can start a com and FB group and ban her.

>> No.10607484

Ita means painful to look at, you tard. It's not lolita, but it's not painful to look at either.

get off cgl, larper.

>> No.10607489

I lowkey like this.

>> No.10607495

jesus, those eyebrows

>> No.10607503

I never lied about it when the subject was already there or I got asked directly, but there is no need to bring it up. Honestly, people who love to bring it up are generally edgelords anyways, thinking 4chan/cgl makes you cool. But unless your comm is full of snowflakes I don't think being on here needs to be an issue because most people agree cgl isn't all evil. Even when I talked to a girl who was very sensitive and didn't visit cgl because it hurt her feelings (which honestly, is a much better and more mature reaction that go cry about how mean cgl is which I never seen her post about), she could agree that if you can put the hate aside there can be some useful thing here too. It really depends on what you're doing on here I guess. If you just lurk or are generally reasonable it's fine. But if they find out you're being a salty bitch telling people to kill themselves all the time while posting your comm on the ita thread that's something else.

>> No.10607505

Why tf did you tag a VM blazer with your unwanted opinion, larper

>> No.10607506

I'm pretty open about it but it's not like I post people here either. My comm friends are pretty chill, if we do talk about cgl in the post-meet hours then it's usually about classics like the btssb ironing board

>> No.10607507

Honestly, I regularly post her here but I passed for this one. It's is one of her better looks. It's not great, but I kinda find it passable? There are worse here called nitpick. Outfit wise she mainly needs a blouse that matches in colour, wear tights or OTKs instead of under knee socks, and have a less cheap-looking headdress. But maybe I'm just having low expectations for her by now. She really needs to fix those eyebrows tho. Just have them done once and fill in the brow well would do wonders. I don't even mind the rest of her make-up. It's sad she likely will never improve as she's been a perma ita for so long, but I feel this shows she might look ok if she would actually try despite being overweight and having a horrible face.

>> No.10607509

NAYRT but you really are defensive over that blazer, nonny

>> No.10607519

nayrt but it just really shows how little people on this board actually know about the fashion/anything outside of sweet and it's embarrassing.

>> No.10607520
File: 2.40 MB, 1242x1656, 207hkcxyqax61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607541
File: 439 KB, 720x491, Screenshot_20210505-124748-159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ita comedy at its finest. FJK partnered with BR and still complained throughout the entire review. One of the accessories had a cat hair on it. 22:54 time stamp to begin the Comedy Central.

>> No.10607548

Kinda understandable that she complained, good subscription boxes don't fuckin exist.

>> No.10607557

Is that her work? I'm so glad I have an iron and a ruffler foot...

>> No.10607558


Isn't it good she complained despite the partnership? This is why I'm baffled at people holding influencers up on a pedestal though - you're beholden to companies you're not passionate about for your food on the table and rent. I see youtubers peddling bedsheets and vpns on their video and it sounds exhausting trying to find people to sponsor you to keep yourself going.

>> No.10607560
File: 116 KB, 1024x1024, FB_IMG_1620236894814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This "mexican lolita coord" is an embarrassment to both mexico and lolita

>> No.10607563

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

>> No.10607564

I like it, but shit hair

>> No.10607604

FJK traded her store items with Bibelot Rose's to sell on each other's website. Bibelot Rose has self made elementary age craft products and stuff she buys from Twilight (Etsy store). FJK said that the items Kara made had faults in them. Some plastic looking thing had bubbles, a badge pin had printer errors, a charm on a ring was to big to actually be practical. FJK said she wouldn't be buying a box as this given for review. She said one item was cheap, she would only actually use 2 out of the 7 items in the box. What gets me is that Kara knew FJK would be doing a review and at least 3k would possibly be watching. And those were the best of what she could put in the box, with the cat hair.

>> No.10607607
File: 62 KB, 251x180, Screenshot_20210505-125543-071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what Fluffy Joe had pop up when she said that the boxes were a good value. Savage.

>> No.10607614

It's an incomplete coord. It's missing the dumpster.

>> No.10607615

Looks like something you'd find in the costume aisle in Walmart.

>> No.10607629
File: 129 KB, 720x860, _20210505_124140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607630
File: 121 KB, 720x893, _20210505_124152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607637
File: 197 KB, 1024x1024, 6EE7317D-E20B-46E7-9453-82D68ACF01E9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is so fucking ugly

>> No.10607638
File: 758 KB, 698x834, Screenshot_20210505-160200-582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just another twat fuck

>> No.10607639

Hard agree. It's so embarrassing. Asspats on COF about culture. I am Hispanic and this is ita as fuck.

>> No.10607650

Already posted >>10607560

>> No.10607688

Fuck I really didn't need to see this level of degeneracy today makes my skin crawl what a nasty bitch

>> No.10607703
File: 3.69 MB, 2048x2006, Screenshot_20210505-123530.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607709
File: 118 KB, 535x1024, 20210505_162631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607711

This picture looks old.

>> No.10607713

For some reason I don’t hate this

>> No.10607725

A lor-ita production. Burn it.

>> No.10607727

You really need to reassess your choice in fashion then. Get your nose out of Lor's ass and learn what a coord is.

>> No.10607734

Go dilate

>> No.10607739

Love the apron. Hate everything else.

>> No.10607743

This makes me sad, but also the Coolabah goon in the background kek

>> No.10607771

the apron would be cute with an actual Alice theme.
The thing she did with the socks is kinda cool, but I don’t like anything else about this.
this much makeup and filter on anyone just looks so bad. Not to mention the boob shoop.

>> No.10607790

Perhaps she wanted to show off the stereotype that Mexican lolitas are ita as fuck. In that case good job representing because it looks like shit.

You've got shit taste then, there is literally nothing redeeming about this shit.

>> No.10607796

Is she Mexican? Because no Mexican person ever actually celebrates cinco de Mayo hahah que pendeja

>> No.10607797

Proof not all cute Asians are incapable of being ita, because this is ita as fuck. Can you even call this a coord when it's barely more than a JSK with very thin straps?

>> No.10607815
File: 188 KB, 828x536, 683FECE8-0C01-4BAC-A80C-27C3E76609A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The description

>> No.10607863
File: 94 KB, 669x881, 25e5581849bd6d142de2518deb27aa4dc2bf7fc4r1-669-881v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607896
File: 98 KB, 720x715, _20210505_202840.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607899

Imagine how much of a low-life you have to be to be "proud of your culture"

>> No.10607923

In comparison to her other coords this isn’t that bad.
She has a good amount of brand, idk how she literally has not improved at all?
She seems really nice but omg please, something else other than the plain white tights and 0 accessories.

>> No.10607950
File: 137 KB, 773x1539, 182621445_10220266734839627_384886208665661806_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10607971

She’s not overweight. She just has a round face. Look at some of the pieces she owns, they’re pretty small.

>> No.10608016

yes lolita is now ruined, done caput

fuck of you sound super repressed

>> No.10608022


>> No.10608038

Nice gatekeeping everyone

>> No.10608056
File: 471 KB, 840x1400, degnbtu-9ded3bd5-f28b-4c36-a8d9-f41c0d2663d5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, it's a man

>> No.10608107

That lip liner made me barf

>> No.10608369

no cuz i actually really like this

>> No.10608524

feels like a majority of these boil down "dont be ugly and cosplay"

>> No.10608525

Fuck off

>> No.10608534

woman moment

>> No.10608544


>> No.10608544,1 [INTERNAL] 

im def average at best in looks, but i thank god that i dont look like this jesus

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