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God I want my retarded rabbits appliques

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I need the bonnet in my life

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When will AP release us from this collective suffering

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Part of me is getting nervous that they are just going to quietly forget about the remaining MTOs.

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>the most widely advertised and anticipated releases of the year will be quietly forgotten
do you retards have nothing better to do or think about? step out your front door and touch some fucking grass

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Anon why are you so mean to us in this time of need

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Everyone is cranky because the mto isn’t out yet.

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If this happens I swear to god I’m going to livestream my suicide in front of one of their stores

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I'll join you, anon. You down for a group suicide?

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Same. First and last meet of my life

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My guess is that one will come out before the end of June, and the other before the fall collection. My bet is on Candy Fairy first then Nakayoshi Bunny

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well if you do that, they'll probably release it in response. so convince someone else to do it, then get the MTO in memoriam.

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Nakayoshi bunny is next btw

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How do you know?

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They don't

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Did we spook Angelic Prophet away? Usually she's posted by now.

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I hope so. These threads just became a circlejerk when she popped up.

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Go back to the boring general thread and leave us alone then

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So Ap Paris started doing tiktok and reels.
It looks like they are wearing dresses from the store for those and I don't know how to feel about this..

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Calm down. People are free to have opinions that differ from yours and use the AP general too.

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Mila is thin, older, and well-put together, I trust her not to damage anything for the 15 min she has the dresses on to film a silly video

People also try on clothes in store, or models might have wore them for fashion shows, there's a chance that anything you buy might have been on another person's body albeit briefly. If that bothers you stick to MTOs only.

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There's always anon/s that have an insatiable need to complain about Angelic Prophet though. Hating on somehow who gives out free information in the AP thread, about AP, gets really old.

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it wasn't ever really super helpful information though - it was always vague and ~12 hours before AP officially announced it anyways. Personally didn't see a point in knowing if a blouse was maybe or maybe not coming, without knowing exactly what kinds of items or what colors it's semi-useless and unnecessary "insider info" because you can just wait half a day and know exactly what's coming.

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AP prophet is a web developer for AP USA.

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It was essentially useless information and it caused a bunch of people, like yourself, to mindlessly suck up to her and reee when people pointed things out that weren’t kissing her ass.

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do you think they built AP a better website in exchange for a backdoor to know everything coming out/surefire way to get brand on release day kek

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She’s doing a shit job and should be fired if this is true.

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Anons I’m having reverse buyers remorse lol I regret not getting the JCT in white it looks so cute now that I see it everywhere

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Could at least do a better job at keeping the website up. Host your damn website on a better server. Shit's not elastic enough.

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Nayrt but it's weird the shopgirls don't have their own clothes. Don't Japanese shopgirls have to buy and wear their own items for coords despite also allowing in store try ons?

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"Useless" or not, at least it was fun. Much better than anons rapid-fire guessing who she is and trying to make her look bad like >>10607593

Also, it IS useful when she can tell us Candy Fairy/etc may only come in certain colors/cuts. Still speculation, yes, but it lessens the blow when details are actually released and it's a huge disappointment.

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This. Besides just being so much uglier in design than the Paris and Japan webstores, it works like shit.

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>trying to make her look bad

I don't even mind Angelic Prophet, but if she is the only one working on the current AP USA store site, she is doing a subpar job in both visual design and functionality. The only good thing about the site was it not crashing during the last print release for the first time in a while.

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Don't you see how dumb this is though? There's absolutely no proof she even works for AP. And you narrow it down even more?

This is the sperging that is annoying. Not people to got excited or asked her questions.

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Don't you see how dumb this is though? There's absolutely no proof she even works for AP. And you narrow it down even more?

This is the sperging that is annoying. Not people who got excited or asked her questions.

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Oh yeah I find the rage sperging annoying but also the newfag requests to be spoonfed too, though those got bad even before she showed up. I just don't think someone saying the site is awful is trying to make her look bad specifically, we all shit talk the AP USA site all the time. So of course if someone was the developer (which we don't even know if she is) they'd get told they did a poor job.

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I don't like the idea of them wearing stuff that they then sell. Kind of weird. The whole point of buying from AP direct is getting new and unworn clothes.

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At least she's not fat. That one chubby AP USA shopgirl who models dresses makes me want to cry.

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What chubby girl anon

I think the Prophet has left us maybe she got tired of us screeching

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She doesn’t care about you. And she can’t code for shit. Stop sucking her dick.

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That post isn’t trying to make her look bad, it’s saying something that is true. If she’s coding the APUSA website she’s doing a bad job because APUSA’s site is dogshit and has been for years.

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I like Angelic Prophet because it's fun gossip to think about while we wait. It doesn't really hurt or help anything.
No need to be angry.

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Nobody cares

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Are you mad that everybody gives her attention and not you?

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>thinking getting the attention of 4chan is enviable


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I mean if anons weren’t jealous they wouldn’t be shitting on her

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>thinking jealousy is the only reason not to like something or someone

Are you really this mentally impaired or are you being ironic with this post?

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What other reasons are there? Enlighten me anon-chan

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They have their own clothes to wear but are also promoting what's in-store right now with new releases to make people want to buy them by wearing them for photos/videos

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>acting like the web developer is also responsible for the business's IT infrastructure

Your ignorance is showing

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Whenever I buy something in AP stores in Japan, they bring the items from the stockroom and show that they are still sealed and unworn.

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>in Japan
not talking about the Japanese stores, talking about Paris/USA and more specifically Paris' tiktok. And what do you think they do once there's no more stock in the back? They sell the one on the rack.

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I’m not gonna spoon feed you but people have stated why before

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Nayrt. While I share your sentiment, I can also see how the poor web developers working on AP websites have to be a jack of all trades. Probably the web master, the site's developer and the designer all sleep in the same bedroom and wear the same pair of tea party shoes.

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Ayrt, you're probably right, which is why i felt for them. I imagine that it's a thankless job, and if AP won't accommodate for better infrastructure then there's only the web team can do in terms of optimization.

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Ayrt, you're probably right, which is why i felt for them. I imagine it's a thankless job. If AP won't accommodate for better infrastructure, then there's only so much the web team can do in terms of optimization.

>> No.10607721

At the same time though how hard is it to code a site that lists all the colors on one page instead of a different page for every colorway of every item? That is unrelated to certain technical issues but would make the site objectively better. Every other AP store does it, just about any online clothing store does it, and it isn't that hard to have a dropdown, radio, or separate add to cart button for each color consolidated to one page the way Japan and Paris do.

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And it pays shit. Dunno about USA, but 1300 JPY per hour is not even gonna cover a JSK or two every month.

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Because paying someone to work on existing infrastructure is way way cheaper than having them completely fix/redo things

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Minimum wage in California is currently $14, being raised to $15 next year. Still not a livable wage for an adult.

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I know Angelic Prophet is not necessarily the AP USA dev but in the US they are probably getting paid more or doing it on the side if they're a SF local, otherwise they'd be homeless.

>> No.10607735

I meant more like I dunno how much AP USA pays to their web developer. I assumed it would be above the minimum wage.

>> No.10607741

For these kinds of jobs, you’re likely working them as a freelancer. So you have multitudes of other jobs happening at the same time, ideally. I do it for writing, personally.

>> No.10607754

This job posting says they want the applicant to work 5 days a week.

>> No.10607761

you can work 5 days a week and still be freelance or contract work

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All of the dresses minus the $1000+ dresses are able to be tried on in the stores, dumbass.

>> No.10607783

>AP made less stock of the Moco Moco Bunnys stuff
AP had about the same number of OTKs as usual, but most of them were reserved early by the tea party participants who were really excited about Moco Moco Bunnys. Iirc, the only restriction was that you couldn't get two of the same item in the same colour. A lot of people who only ordered one or two main pieces wanted all the sock colours for versatility. Even those who weren't after the main pieces bought socks to match other prints. By the time of the general release most of the stock had already been claimed. Even scalpers couldn't get much after that.

>> No.10607784

I'm very happy I managed to get it in white from a restock. I only wish the toys had pink or at least purple shadows on the white version. There's too little pink and it makes the print look sorta skewed towards blue tones. It became especially prominent when I hanged it next to my Fancy Candy JSK.

>> No.10607785

Hung, not hanged.

>> No.10607786

Anon it says right on the screen grab that you'd be a full time employee after 6 months and the first 3 months are the evaluation period. Considering they want you to work 5 days a week I don't think this is a freelance gig.

>> No.10607789

Thank you for correcting me!

>> No.10607793

Managing an e-commerce website even for a small company like AP is unlikely to be a freelance job in Japan. It's not like they have a whole team for the website and just need someone to crop a couple of photos for a basic html page once a week.

>> No.10607807

Why are you comparing AP Japan to AP USA? They obviously wouldn't have the same dev. AP USA already has to pay a higher salary to get any dev in the US, there's a reason their website is shit. You'd only get a high schooler in the US with a salary like Japan's.

>> No.10607809

Noone is comparing AP Japan to AP USA though?

>> No.10607812

Nayrt but holy shit are you retarded. Thats the whole discussion.

>> No.10607817

Holy crap, is this actually what happened? Because that would make a lot of sense.

I had assumed AP made more stock of Moco Moco Bunnys after the reservations from the tea party, but if they just used that stock up and didn't replenish it for the main release, then that's really shortsighted and no wonder I can't find any pairs of OTKs.

>> No.10607818

I'm talking about what the screen grab in Japanese said, not AP US at all. Why are you shoehorning my comment into the AP US talk when that's what other anons are talking about?

>> No.10607821

And you apparently cannot follow the conversation. Next time pay attention to who’s replying to whom.

>> No.10607826

>accuses people of not being able to follow a conversation while not being able to follow a conversation

Actually 100% retarded.

>> No.10607828

The posted screenshot is for AP Japan. It's completely irrelevant for the discussion of AP USA.

>> No.10607845

Exactly, which is why >>10607807 should have addressed their reply to the screenshot anon and not the ones who were discussing the screenshot contents.

>> No.10607881

Who the fuck cares besides you?

>> No.10607884

nayrt and anon asking this question is just asking for the person you're arguing with to start samefagging to pretend that more people agree with them

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The clothes you buy from any store are likely to have been worn. Jesus how autistic do you have to be to be bothered by that.

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File: 1.82 MB, 864x1148, dreambear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I can’t believe AP would hire someone this disgusting. Their image is supposed to be kawaii. One binge day away from a heart attack isn’t kawaii.

>> No.10607932

I wonder what Maki and Asuka think of this shit

>> No.10607940

i mean, the old owner of the USA franchise was literally a fat old racist asian man who crossdressed so... what do you expect

>> No.10607941

>right on the screen.

Sorry I don’t speak Japanese, I guess? I just went on personal experience.

>> No.10607959

If you don't speak Japanese, have you considered running it through a translator or not assuming?

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>> No.10607976

Not to be dramatic but I would have killed myself 50lbs before getting to this point

>> No.10607979

Have you seen any of the Japanese shop girls? At least half of the ones working in Kanto are fat or uggo.

>> No.10607981

I hope they're not letting her wear the dresses and put them back for sale. I'd be pissed if my dresses arrived stretched out by some fatty chan.
Then again AP US is literally the worst store, I'm glad I've never had to buy from them.

>> No.10607985

I've been to Shinjuku, Harajuku and the Yokohama branch and they all looked pretty normal. Not amazingly cute but not landwhale sized. Where are these fat uggos you're seeing?

>> No.10607992

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say they may have hired some girls considered fat by JP standards, but you cannot convince me that someone of this size >>10607918 is working in an AP store in Japan. That’s like, Tess Holiday levels of fat in Japan.

>> No.10607993

I didn't buy this OP from them because of this picture

>> No.10607998

Just purchase the dresses as soon as they are released? The longer they hang around at the shop, the more likely someone has tried them on. Don't be poor.

>> No.10608004

Angelic Prophet please come back ;_;

>> No.10608005

For the love of god, go outside and touch some grass

>> No.10608008

Nta but how about you go out? I’m missing her too because it was entertaining and fun to speculate

>> No.10608009

>no u


>> No.10608017

This is the same insult you used last thread. Get some new material.

>> No.10608019

That’s the first time I have used this phrase on /cgl/. Clearly anonymous posting is too confusing for a retard like you.

>> No.10608023

who hurt you?

>> No.10608025

Kek this is disgusting

>> No.10608041

I believe AP didn’t have enough time to place an order for extra Moco Moco OTKs. The special tea party reservation lasted a week, which means it ended on 2020/12/20, about a month before the main release. It was probably impossible to have a replenishment produced and delivered in time. And after that the MMB hype subsided so they probably didn’t want to risk ordering another batch. This, or they were simply out of pompoms.

>> No.10608075

She's chubby but it's likely she weighs 160lbs max; you would have killed yourself at 110 lbs? Are you 4'11?

>> No.10608078

Because of the photo and not the garbage material and lackluster print?

>> No.10608083

>going outside during a pandemic

>> No.10608130

You are delusional if you think that’s what 160 looks like on anyone who isn’t under 5ft

>> No.10608137

I googled it just now and even average height people like 5'5 look pretty chunky/tubby at 160lbs; this chick definitely seems to be below average height.

>> No.10608139

They look “chunky” not like they’re going to have a heart attack in the next five minutes. Why are you defending this disgusting fat fuck so hard?

>> No.10608140


I'm not defending her, just confused why you'd want to kill yourself at a size that it would be totally easy to lose weight and get to a normal size.

>> No.10608142

Like, even if she weighed 200 lbs, you'd really rather off yourself at 150lbs than just stop being lazy and eat less/exercise?

>> No.10608148

Stop being so autistic. And yes, I would kill myself if I got to 150lbs. Not everyone is ok with being fat.

>> No.10608151

AP Japan restocked JCT OPs.

>> No.10608154

>not everyone is ok with being fat

Kek, yeah but not everyone is such a lazy bum that they would rather die than lose 20-40lbs.

>> No.10608155

You’d have to be a lazy bum to get to the point of needing to lose that much weight to start with retard

>> No.10608156


saying you would rather die than lose weight really does make you sound like a lardass

>> No.10608158 [DELETED] 

That’s not what’s being said. What’s being said is I would kill myself if I WAS fat because being fat is disgusting

>> No.10608160

You can just...choose to stop being lazy though? Like how do you think fat people end up losing weight? They choose to eat less and exercise more. Like >>10608156 said, you legit saying you would choose to die before choosing to be less lazy makes you sound as if you are a fat fuck already kek

>> No.10608161

All this talk about being fat just reminds every other lolita scrolling all you APfags are the reason AP is known as a fatty brand and sweet as the fat substyle.

>> No.10608162

You can really tell when a bunch of fatties get upset because they twist the narrative this much. How do you get

>You’re too lazy to lose weight!
>If I was this fat and disgusting I would kill myself

You’re missing the point by miles.

>> No.10608163

Nobody cares cause fatties only fit into JSKs.

>> No.10608164

im an ex fatty chan who isn't so weak that being tubby would make me want to die which is why i got good and slimmed down

even in the hypothetical literally killing oneself before spending a few months losing a couple dozen lbs is peak mentally feeble behavior and those people are better off dead desu

>> No.10608165

Can you gulls stop shitting up the thread?

>> No.10608167

Once a fatty always a fatty. You can never escape your clogged arteries

>> No.10608169

The thread was fucked when people took an already autistic question about AP Paris staff wearing in store stock to the point of bringing up some random fattie that used to work at AP SF no one cares about to the point of every comment being about how obese she is.

>> No.10608175

i look great and am healthy, or are you so retarded you think that eating right and exercising doesn't keep you healthy?

people like you are the weaker link and should just all commit a suicide pact to merc yourselves if you ever feel bloated so you can be removed from the gene pool

>> No.10608180

You “look great” but being fat causes irreversible damages to your insides even after you lose the weight

>> No.10608182

Nayrt but anon, I have also lost weight before and it's not that tough nor does everyone who is losing weight start from a 30 BMI (I went from a normal, close to overweight number, to a normal, slightly above underweight number) do you think that being chubby for a period of time and then losing it all has the same impact on your body as long term morbid obesity? Fucking kek.

>> No.10608183

This conversation was never about the insides, though, it was about "If I looked like the fat AP shopgirl I'd kill myself". You're just butthurt than every anon who disagrees with your mentally ill take isn't obese so you moved the goalpoast to health and moved the definition of health to never having been overweight ever.

>> No.10608184

Careful, you're going to attract gore-chan.

>> No.10608186

You said you were “healthy” though which isn’t true if you’re a former fatty. Quit being so obtuse

>> No.10608187

I'm not even ayrt tho, I'm >>10608182 and being a former fatty could be anything from my situation to having been 500lbs and now being normal. You don't know where they started or where they got down to so you have no way to know how healthy they were then or are now. They could have also just been larger than they wanted and not even overweight medically. Being an ana-chan is also permanently damaging and deadly but no one whines about them needing to eat more calories so it's really about looks.

>> No.10608190

If you were anywhere overweight you were unhealthy. Stop denying science

>> No.10608192

I was never medically overweight, learn to read anon.

>> No.10608194

Okay fine, since you’re so obtuse

>if anyone has been overweight then they were not healthy when they were overweight

Does this satiate your autism?

>> No.10608197

No one ever said people were overweight and healthy, they simply said they are healthy after losing weight. Again, illiterate as fuck anon.

>> No.10608199

Science has proven that being overweight and obese causes lasting damage even after you lose the weight. Cope more you uneducated fuck.

>> No.10608200

Your logic is still flawed; if someone has asthma but is still able to exercise, play sports, etc. manage flare ups just fine, are they "unhealthy"? Are you going to go up to them and be like "waaah you are so unhealthy for ever having asthma, if I ever had asthma I'd kill myself"?

The health part was only even brought up because you're too retarded to lose 20 lbs and would rather die and are assmad that people find that line of thinking stupid. You're definitely a projecting fatty larper or desperate to have something to ree about that you are so emphatically trying to "own" people who are currently slim and healthy just because they were a chubby teen.

>> No.10608202

I’m not reading this fatty-cope. Seethe more that people don’t want to be obese

>> No.10608203

quarantining braindead apfags to this thread was the right choice

>> No.10608204

I'm currently debating getting a pink one.

>> No.10608206

nayrt but how is it fatty cope when anon isnt fat?

>> No.10608207

This thread gets worse every time I swear.

>> No.10608208

Anon claims they aren’t but there’s no way they’d be THIS invested in defending obesity if they weren’t. No normal weight person would care this much about someone saying they’d rather die than be fat.

>> No.10608209

>I can't come up with a logical reason besides my own mental illness for why I think the way I do so I will just not respond

>> No.10608211

I'm not the only one who thinks you're dumb, anon. I'm not defending obesity, I'm defending losing weight and not committing suicide for a stupid reason.

There's no way anyone would be THIS invested in defending their desire to kill themselves before getting off their ass and onto the treadmill unless they were secretly obese trying to larp as a skinny person.

>> No.10608212

Calm down fatty.

>> No.10608215

>tells ayrt to calm down
>simultaneously 5lbs away from ending it all
nonny you seem like the tense one here

>> No.10608216

That’s some serious projecting you’re doing.

>> No.10608219

Yeah duh. If I buy secondhand I always make sure to check for damages too.
Never had an issue with stretched shirring cause I don't buy from fatty chans.

>> No.10608220

I'm the ayrt and to be real with you senpai you just seem hell bent on being mad at anyone if they don't also get suicidal at the thought of accidentally going over their calorie limit for the day.

>> No.10608221

I've never actually seen a dress with stretched out shirring? Could someone share a pic? I've only seen mutilated pieces where fat people take out the shirring entirely cause it wouldn't fit them.

>> No.10608223

Again, you are projecting. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that people are getting so assmad over a comment that is tame by this boards standards. There’s no way you aren’t fat if you get upset over a relatively common comment here like this.

>> No.10608225


People regularly talk about not wanting to be fat but also everyone here also thinks ana-chan comments like the if they were fat they would kill themselves and their idiotic stories about their hair falling out bc they 'starved themselves' and still aren't that thin are annoying as shit. I can see why anon would find it really dumb. You're also kinda desperate and upset enough to argue back with them over it in a goddamn AP thread of all places. Both of you need to stfu desu.

>> No.10608226

TLDR seethe and cope

>> No.10608227

I wish the pink was more pastel like Fancy Candy special set. The weird variation in saturation and cool tone of all the JCT colorways made me not even try for any main pieces.

>> No.10608229

I’m just trying to close this hole in my heart left by Fancy Candy.

>> No.10608236

It's the zoomers.

If I had a penny for every time there was a complaint about no new MTO info, I could pre-order 3 nakayoshi bunny OPs for free at this point.

>> No.10608280

Running an image...though a translator... For something I ultimately don’t give that big of a shit about.
No, Anon, I did not think about doing something so stupid.

>> No.10608284

Nta but Google translate (the app) can translate images.

>> No.10608296

160? Are you fucking crazy? Unless she’s like 4’10”

>> No.10608317

Wouldn't Meta be considered even more of a fatty brand? Their plus plus size is literally a tent

>> No.10608320

yandex also has image translate, no need for app even

>> No.10608321

Meta has begun catering to fatties with their plus size but I feel like fatties still gravitate towards AP for some reason. Just like BTSSB has some full shirring skirts and dresses that fit them (they weren't really designed for fatties like the meta ones tho) but AP always seems to be the target of their demands for size inclusivity. Even when other brands have some options, they just use those options as a "look AP, they can do it, so you should do it"

>> No.10608337

Because wearing AP gets you more internet attention

>> No.10608423

If anons spent as much time getting professional help for their EDs as they did sperging out about being fat/being skinny then the quality of this board would vastly improve

>> No.10608428

This is literally it. It's only for internet clout. That's why they're crying and targeting AP. It's like constantly trying to change a toxic relationship when you have supportive friends and family who will help you- you just need to stop fixating on the shitty relationship.
And I say this as someone who does enjoy AP but knows that other brands exist.

>> No.10608468

AP makes/made cute things but so many equally good brands exist, it isn't just entitled plus sized people who overhype or focus only on AP to a fault. BABY is best brand to me since I love that they still have many cotton print releases, plus I like old school so BABY and Meta are my top 2 with AP bringing up the rear with a few specific prints I like and some of my favorite accessories. Nothin wrong with being an AP exclusive brand whore if that's your thing though.

>> No.10608470

They're delusional if they think they're going to get attention for stuffing themselves into an AP dress.

>> No.10608484

AYRT- I'm mostly a meta whore. It's getting to be half my wardrobe is meta and the other half is a mix of other brands. Baby I think is in second in my number of main pieces with AP at very close third. Meta is still more than twice them combined.

>> No.10608489

Not delusional anon. Take a look around. Fatties in your burando get tons of likes and comments, even when they’re bursting from the seams. Like it or not, wearing AP helps fat people build a following.

>> No.10608512
File: 43 KB, 500x600, 0C751A4A-EE37-49B3-9B46-E591C8650FB2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let’s get back on track and talk about AP. SF is getting an exclusive colorway of the lop ear headdress.

>> No.10608513

Is it this colorway or another one? Their color is usually mint.

>> No.10608526

Different anon but it's true. Look at the two married UK girls and killer show or whatever her name is. They're morbidly obese but their comments section is full of "yas queen!" itas.

The funny part is some of them brag about having clout just for having a few followers. Imagine thinking you're somebody because you look like an uncomfortable sausage squished an AP dress.

>> No.10608550

Legit sad that I'm not excited for AP releases anymore. Ever since the announcement time changed to like 3am Friday my time and Japan releases are by lottery, I've just given up staying up to see it.

>> No.10608556

It's this one

>> No.10608569

I'm still here lurking in the shadows. A bunch of stuff I mentioned in the previous threads is yet to be released (most notably LBS) so I thought I'll wait a bit before throwing in some new info. And nothing much was happening during Golden Week anyways.
I said it before, but I guess I'll say it again. If you're interested in some specific items and their cuts or colours, feel free to ask and I might be able to answer. I won't just dump everything I know here.
This is funny because I was one of the anons trash talking the AP US website in one of the previous threads.
Likely no new plush bag designs in the foreseeable future. But there might be some extra stock of Dreamy Lyrical Bunny and Lovely Hanikami Bear reserved for certain stores.

>> No.10608570

I hate that the release is so late. At least before they were dropping it within a couple hours of their noon, now it's in the evening.

>> No.10608573

Glad to see cgl didn't scare you away.

I'm going to get hate for this question but - is there any new info for the MTOs? Or is there any new MTOs we don't know about in the works?

>> No.10608584


>> No.10608585 [DELETED] 
File: 461 KB, 876x400, ED855FCB-5F10-4F08-B3D1-5A381CD06252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10608587
File: 241 KB, 500x600, FEAF2C74-63EC-4F58-AED0-99C1F399B04F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems like yellow is not exclusive.
I‘m not interested in the release overall, because bunnies and strawberries aren’t my thing, but I have to admit it’s a good release! Nice details and all, good for them.

>> No.10608588
File: 265 KB, 500x600, F41A1E0F-9185-4290-A8C1-535C5399DC0D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The jewelry this week is really boring, but I see Risa wearing some LBS necklace and ring, so I guess jewelry drops next week?

>> No.10608589

Way too much red in this release for me, but I'm happy this turned out to be cotton. I can only hope for the day AP ditches polyester releases.

>> No.10608590
File: 391 KB, 600x841, C9C43A67-259F-437D-91BD-53033112D8CE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost didn’t recognize this as AP

>> No.10608591

I really want to like the yellow jewelry, but it's just so... plain. I'll probably skip it and see if I want it when AP USA has their release.

>> No.10608592
File: 351 KB, 595x842, D94D4D6B-1864-4E69-8E6D-4E8E3A85B810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I vaguely spot the shape of a bunny in the photo on the left. The colors seem nice. The floral print looks a bit boring to me.

>> No.10608593

Ugh. More cherries.
But this also looks like cotton, so maybe AP is paying attention..?

>> No.10608594
File: 160 KB, 731x721, Screenshot_20210507-005430_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy hell. It's a fucking bunny basket.

>> No.10608595

Wait, I'm an idiot. It's just the white Goodnight Bunny plush bag in a white basket with flowers. False alarm.

>> No.10608596

I need to know what that dress in the background on the left is. I hope someone does photos/scans tomorrow.

>> No.10608597

Aren’t physical shops closed? We‘d have to wait a few days for the orders to arrive then.

>> No.10608599

Same. It looks a lot like Be my Valentine. But the bright spots remind me of eggs? I have no idea.

>> No.10608603

No news regarding NB and CF. As to new MTOs, I probably wouldn't know in advance.
LBS jewellery and socks will be released later, as well as another accessory with bunny ears.
Not all of them are closed. The emergency state is not nationwide.
>>10603042 All of the gingham items I was talking about are finally out this week.
>>10599113 Still waiting for the fifth LBS colourway to be released.

>> No.10608604

I want to see it in other colors. The contrast between black and white kinda steals the focus away from the print. But the blouse (or is it a cutsew?) has a cute collar.

>> No.10608605

Is the fifth color a shop exclusive? Do you know why its being released separately?

>> No.10608606

It's been a while since we had a cherry print.

>> No.10608610

Maybe it's the special set or something

>> No.10608614

Is it just me or does someone else feel like AP has someone new making banners for their website? The most recent two or three feel somewhat off design-wise to me. The current background looks odd, too.

>> No.10608616

>Not all of them are closed. The emergency state is not nationwide.
Yeah, but we can only rely on SS to post scans or someone leaking scans from weibo and I think the state of emergency applies to those in these regions.

>> No.10608625

Is the 5th colourway sax? Im trying to decide if I buy this week or wait! I really hope it is..

>> No.10608628

Really want to see close ups of the other dresses on this

>> No.10608629

I am extremely hyped for this.

>> No.10608631

Summer 2021 is when AP officially died for me. If they're using these for the look book ad, I don't expect the other prints to be amazing.

>> No.10608632

Wasn't there a popular SS in Osaka? AP Osaka is still open despite the state of emergency because it's a standalone shop not located in a shopping mall. The only shops that are required to stay closed are those with floor space of more than 1000 sqm.

>> No.10608636

Ohhh shit cotton???

Praise Mana-sama, my prayers have been answered.

>> No.10608642

I think it’s mintkismet and she‘s been struggling with her help a lot lately. However, she might actually be the one sharing the lookbook first.

>> No.10608643

If you read the announcement, yes, it's cotton. Seems like 2021 is the year I buy an AP main piece again besides MTO.

I already have lyrical bunny ears that look almost exactly like the current ones minus the strawberry, but I'm hoping they release some Lyrical bunny ear wristcuffs in a similar color scheme to the ear colorways. Not very hype for the gingham jewelry personally but it is very cute and summery.

>> No.10608644

I don't know if it's gonna end up being a shop or event exclusive. It's hard to predict based on the info I have. Sendai shop reopening in scheduled for the end of May and they will probably have a Renewal Fair. And Laforet is likely going to have something to make up for the GW event that never happened. Maybe it's reserved for one of these events.
For some reason white, pink and black colourways of LBS were ready earlier than yellow. They planned to start selling the first three colourways as early as April 24 (Laforet Golden Week event). But not yellow, the most anticipated colour that was on the look book cover. And we're only getting it now, on May 8.
So maybe (warning: speculation on my part) the fifth colour is also delayed by the factory or someone else in their supply chain.
It's not a new LBS cut if this is what you're implying by "special set".
In this case I would recommend to wait. I don't know how easy to get it will be in case it ends up being a store or event exclusive. So keep this in mind when deciding whether to buy this week or not. Do you have a preferred cut?

>> No.10608645

I'm also excited. I just want to see the whole collection already.
Less competition for us.

>> No.10608646

I bet someone on weibo will be faster.

>> No.10608649

She's struggling to mail her orders too. Anons in recent threads said she hasn't sent their items out and they waited almost a month.

It's a long shot but have you seen the summer look book yet? Are there any worthwhile prints coming in the next season? I figure you're in Japan based on the time you post and seem to have more insider knowledge than the shop girls so I wonder how far ahead you know the new prints.

>> No.10608650

I'm the one who asked about it being sax. I prefer it to be a JSK or skirt but would buy it if it was an OP too desu. Thankyou for the info, much appreciated, I will just keep an eye out for more news about it!

>> No.10608651

I would also like more info about the summer look book!

>> No.10608652

Haha, enjoy your ban for posting soft core porn idiot

>> No.10608658

I will always want a blueberry print but maybe when I’m 50, AP will finally give in. But that’s something I’m always in the back of my mind hoping for. I doubt this year forreal.

>> No.10608667

Idk what this was but I'm glad I missed it.

>> No.10608673

I'm so sick of gingham, I just want Candy Fairy

>> No.10608679

another summer lookbook question, but can we anticipate a re release of the Fairy Frill Apron?

>> No.10608698

I don't know if anyone posted this already but you can kind of see LBS here

>> No.10608718

Someone else who wants blueberries? Good to know I'm not the only one. I suggested it to Kira Imai at an event (when she was accepting suggestions) so I'm still hoping.

>> No.10608719

I would kill for a print with illustrations similar to her fruit series!

>> No.10608722

Same anon. I’m glad the print is not entirely gingham. The jewelry and accessories are a no go for me though

>> No.10608738

I’ve had a dream before where she did a blueberry print for AP and I’m upset because of course it was a dream.

>> No.10608743

Honestly all of her fruit series is adorable and I wish AP would do something besides cherries and strawberries. I love them both, but I want more.
There was only the one lemon print, but that was because it was trending in normie fashion.

>> No.10608745

Lol Paris ded

>> No.10608750

I want some more lemon prints, man (coming from someone who LOVES strawberry prints)

Blueberries are a pretty cute idea, maybe even something with a cluster of berries (raspberries and blackberries?)

>> No.10608762

The gingham jewelry is simple but cute, why does nobody want it? Oh well, makes it easy for me.

>> No.10608766

So what did you get?

>> No.10608767

black op and kc, and all of the red gingham jewelry. it feels so nice that i can finally be confident they didn't oversell, since both were still in stock for a while.

>> No.10608770

Nothing yet. I'm not counting my chickens until my order status goes from payment accepted to item reserved.

>> No.10608777

The lookbook kek

>> No.10608780

So I just wanted the new lookbook, and shipping to me is about $40 usd.. when even for jewelry with jct it was around $12 usd. I know I saw Paris update about shipping and how they will automatically combine when you buy from the same series now, but did anyone else have an influx for shipping?

>> No.10608786

I’m in the eu though so probably not too helpful but i had an order where i payed 18€ and they refunded me 4€ after it shipped because i think their system overcharged me or something

>> No.10608788

Lovely gingham crew socks in black and pink, which is all I wanted. I think the deep pink color could look cute with sax Fancy Candy.

This has all the elements of something I should like, but so far I'm not super keen on it. It reminds me of that Emily Temple Cute dress with the jam jars. I'll reserve judgement until I see more pictures though. That blouse looks cute, and the hair clip.

>> No.10608792

Hmm.. yea it says the shipping cost in my cart before I have even paid, so I’ll check back in a bit. And even if youre in eu, thanks for your input though!

>> No.10608800

That happened to me for the Milky Bear bag and I'm not in EU. They charged something like 70 Euro for shipping and refunded about 20. lmao I didn't check the shipping cost before purchasing.

>> No.10608802

Got me the yellow JSK! I already have that polka dot blouse and the wristcuffs. Need bunny jewlery now.

>> No.10608822

Got nothing cos the website broke and it was all sold out. Thought about trying my luck on the Japan site later, but have never ordered from there before. Does anyone have experience with it? I have my tenso address sorted but I'm worried that cos I have to put my billing address as my Japan tenso address too my card won't go through (I'm in EU)

>> No.10608824

>Does anyone have experience with it?

>> No.10608826

Apparently not since people keep asking this question EVERY release.

Just make a cheap test order of a small accessory or something if you're super worried honestly. I just bought socks my first time to confirm checkout issues and have had no problems since.

I'm just going to wait for the USA release for LBS as I have non lolita hobbies I'm spending more of my excess money on lately. I guess it'll probably crash but since everyone in the USA are chubby chans I know the OPs and skirts will likely stay in stock longer and those are my preferred cuts. I kind of regret not requesting LBS way back at the time of the fashion show from Tenshi; I didn't know for sure it was cotton back then and could have just ordered and basically forgotten about it if I had.

>> No.10608827

Tenshi's local store is closed so she isn't able to get LBS until they reopen at the end of the month.

>> No.10608828

so did the us store forget to upload the plush bags or did they sell out in less than a minute?

>> No.10608829

The blouses and bags were cleared out pretty much immediately after release, yeah.

>> No.10608831

They sold out in thirty seconds or so

>> No.10608833

Meant for >>10608828

>> No.10608837
File: 1021 KB, 600x1095, little_bunny_strawberry_wh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love their soulless little bead eyes

>> No.10608838

I love that it's going to be cotton.

>> No.10608839

I know, I'm screaming

>> No.10608840

I hope it bleeds like milky berry and ruins all your fun

>> No.10608841

Cheer up anon.

>> No.10608843

I got my pink wristcuffs hell yeah.

Wow, who pissed in your cheerios?

>> No.10608845

Where does US store even announce when they will have a new release up? Sorry in advance for stupid question.

>> No.10608846


>> No.10608847

They do it via email, 1-2 days in advance. Their releases are 2-4 weeks delayed from Japan typically. but yes, go to stupid questions thread next time.

>> No.10608848

Gotta love that slave labor cotton.

Nothing feels more luxurious like wearing Lolita soaked with blood, sweat, and tears.

>> No.10608849

Yes, cry harder about not getting it

>> No.10608850

As if poly items aren't made with slave labour

>> No.10608851

More for me

>> No.10608852

Since LBS dropped, I assume Happiness Balloon is next and final? Do you know if anything else is getting released with it?

>> No.10608853

I've got some bad news to tell you about almost literally every other piece of clothing ever

>> No.10608854

Not getting what? It hasn't released yet, moron. lmao

Also, 4chan and SJW don't go together. Don't lump me in with those ignorant plebeians. They can't afford brand to begin with.

>> No.10608857

Paris released it this morning. Stick to posting vendetta posts the ita thread

>> No.10608861

Gotta love that permanent layer of poly plastic polluting the Earth.

>> No.10608864

>It hasn't released yet
You're an idiot. Nice way to out yourself. Please leave and never come back.

>> No.10608866

Oh man did I just DREAM that paris release yet, then???

>> No.10608889

I'm sad so many people went for those shitty quality bags. Recent AP plush is trash-tier and I regret my purchases.

>> No.10608891

Nobody actually cares about your opinion though. People are going to buy what they like regardless if it’s something you personally like or not

>> No.10608893

>you are only allowed to post in this thread if you suck ap’s dick

>> No.10608895

The world doesn’t revolve around you and your opinions

>> No.10608896

You missed the point. I think the recent plush has been cute. It's not that I don't like it, it's that the quality is horrendous. Think "buying brand, but receiving a replica."

I wish someone had warned me before I bought some of the recent AP plush because I was so disappointed, I threw them in the back of my closet. I can't wear them because I hate them, but I also can't resell them for retail knowing how shitty they are.

If people know how bad the quality is and still choose to buy the bear bags, go for it. I'm just sad for the people who are expecting pony tier quality and get an arcade prize instead.

>> No.10608898

sounds like you’re coping that you got into ap during its worst era

>> No.10608899

Nobody cares

>> No.10608901

Anon what plush did you get? I was considering getting one the next time they release one

>> No.10608902

Did you get the face bag?

>> No.10608903

Sadly, I have to agree. I have a first release Milky Bear and ordered the lavender one with the MTO and if I didn‘t order it directly I might’ve thought the lavender one was a replica. And the newer bunnies are just as bad. It’s just saddening to see how bad they have gotten: cheap chunky fur, mis-placed eyes or noses, wonky stitches. The plush bag quality dropped exceptionally low.

>> No.10608904

I got the MTO Lyrical pouch, the recent lyrical bunny face pouch, and the good night bunny bag. All of them had defects and the fur is shiny/thin. The good night bunny pouch was the most disappointing.

I didn't get the bear face bag because the others made me too wary. I don't think I'm going to buy any new AP plush again.

>> No.10608939
File: 70 KB, 800x800, -reservation-little-strawberry-lyrical-bunny-headbow (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the bunny ears in pink and in white, and the lovely gingham ring in red. The site was so slow I just chucked things in my bag and checked out lmao

>> No.10608989

>I have no clue where Japan gets it's cotton from

>> No.10609033

so anyone score within the 5 minutes everything was in stock for with the site completely crashing?

>> No.10609037

When I finally connected everything was sold out.

>> No.10609040

As annoying as the site crashing is, I'm happy maybe this draws more attention to how unprepared AP is to handle demand.

>> No.10609042

Yellow was sold out when I got the page to load for the apron skirt. The other colors were still there, but I was only trying for yellow.

>> No.10609051

Who got a blouse? The time zone is bad for me, I only get things that don’t sell out. I wasn’t sure if other people liked the off the shoulder but I think it’s very cute and like the way that style fits my shoulders

>> No.10609052

Meta and BTSSB have prints with blueberries if you don’t mind secondhand. I love AP but it’s true they don’t have much print theme diversity

>> No.10609057

AP could do an awesome blueberry print. if they think blueberries are too dark, they could put them on a cute winter print or something.

>> No.10609061

It combines well with lavender. It could also pop well on white like they do with strawberry prints.

>> No.10609078
File: 531 KB, 1125x1119, 559F4A85-23F3-428F-9EA4-3F77B4C7C8AB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She clearly likes the idea.

>> No.10609080

i wonder how much say she has regarding her collaboration prints' themes? i haven't read any interviews with her or anything, so maybe it's mentioned somewhere. i'm curious if AP comes to her with "we want teapots and creepy bear-babies" or if they let her go buck wild

>> No.10609086

Really wondering if there’s a print from her in the summer lookbook

>> No.10609089

I hope not. Her prints have been trash for years.

>> No.10609101

God, I would give so much for a blueberry on white dress.

>> No.10609106

I bet they just tell her a season - "spring/summer 2022", maybe at most a vague theme like "marine". Then she sends them a few sketches and they pick which idea they want to pursue, like most design jobs. Then some tweaks to layout and color balance.

>> No.10609110

I managed to grab everything I wanted, but I was only going for accessories this time - the print is a bit meh this time around.

>> No.10609116

I got the milky bear face bag and I think it's adorable and can't see anything wrong with the quality. The fur is so soft and full and not shiny at all. The white nose is a bit shinier but I don't mind. Overall I can't see anything wrong with it.
I'm not denying you had a bad experience with the other bags I just thought people might be interested to hear about the face bag in case they are considering it.

>> No.10609118

I have it too, and while I definitely love it, it’s not as good as the old ones. Some of the fur on the ears on mine are loose and need to be trimmed.

It’s definitely not trash, but it’s not godly either. At this point we’re paying for design

>> No.10609122

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm still kind of skeptical just because I got burned.

The fur on the newer plush is still soft, but soft for me doesn't equal good, necessarily. Some of the worst polyester fur is still "soft." It's so soft, it's limp.

The shininess was apparent in stock photos and photos I've seen online from coords. It looks like the same fur used on the three plushes I was disappointed by (if you have any of the ones I mentioned in my earlier post, I'm interested to know if it's in fact the same fur). I'm sorry for doubting your assessment, but hopefully one day I can see the bag in person and see if what you're saying is true!

>> No.10609132

Any gulls manage to snag any AP from closet child today?

>> No.10609145

No, I was asleep. Did you get anything? What caught your eye?

>> No.10609146

I didn't but woke up and saw the email for it + had a quick browse and there were a lot of good things available! Probably would have been difficult to get

>> No.10609155

I also saw the email. Some really good things but so much gone so quickly!

>> No.10609171

I would really be shocked if she did blueberries in my lifetime. Or if anyone did. I would probably shed some tears of joy.

>> No.10609178

I would have thought that the site went to that "traffic" page a lot and things were gone in seconds from what I've seen

>> No.10609182

Lookbook pictures?

>> No.10609203

Yes probably!

>> No.10609228

Please someone scan lookbook pages soon, I have been thinking of what possible wonders that damn book could be holding since they gave us the grain of sugar that is the front cover.

>> No.10609230

I can do scans when i get it but maybe some anon is quicker than me

>> No.10609284

I only managed to get the Romantic Lacy blouse after trying for two dresses and failing. It looks questionablely faded, but was ranked A? Not sure how it'll be in real life.

Missing the Twirling Ribbon OP killed me. I was paying for it and the page was loading for confirmation, but it sold out. I went back and tried for Candy Fairy, got payment to load again, and it sold out. So if I had gone for Candy Fairy first, I would have gotten it. It stings. But I never actually have hope of getting the best AP items for the night. I luck out with a consolation item every now and then.

I want the sweet boom to die so CC can go back to being manageable. My brain is so certain that secondhand will always be hellish now though.

>> No.10609314

It might just be their lighting with the blouse.

Yeah all the JSKs went so fast. I tried for Candy Fairy even though there will be an mto and another one I can't remember the name of and because the site wouldn't let me through multiple times I lost them just like you!

I know how you feel when you're redirected to your cart and see the red writing

>> No.10609322

At least missing out on Candy Fairy isn't life or death now. The MTO has different lace/tulle, but I'm sort of hoping maybe people sell the old Candy Fairy once the MTO is fulfilled. They probably won't, but
I can dream.

>> No.10609368

It might happen a bit like honey cake!

>> No.10609430

I wish it came in red, and maybe blue.

>> No.10609552

New thread >>10609421

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