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Last thread finally died >>10447706

New 80s vintage stores are popping up left and right, such as Feel in Love! and Kakera Star.

Useful (Active) Links:
>JP Newssite -https://harajuku-pop.com/
>Shoplist - http://fairy-tips.tumblr.com/shops
>What is Yumekawaii (archive) - https://web.archive.org/web/20180813082200/https://tokyogirlsupdate.com/yume-kawaii-girls-20150855504.html

If you want to see the latest jp coords, indie brand releases or need general inspo, make sure to check out Twitter's ゆめかわ hashtag.

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Any thrift finds?

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kind of hard when thrift stores are still closed, I ordered the swimmer lp tho

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Her legs are terrifying

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They look fine. Stop it with your obese mentality

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Go be American somewhere else please

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it's just a perspective trick with the chunky shoes and loose clothes making her legs look more thin in comparison.

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I’m so confused, has anyone successfully bought from Kakera Star/aniR/live de marche? Tenshi doesn’t purchase from aniR because it’s too complicated to get goods from her

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ana-chan please

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Cry more about how normal legs are “terrifying.”

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What's your MPA username? Are you doing the Alice diet? 2468?

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Her legs look nice. Not inhaling mcdonald's constantly =/= "terrifying"

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Don't worry, it's probably edited

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That's the Listen Flavor shop manager, and she really looks like this in all Kawaii International videos featuring LF too, it's just the shoes+posture.

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she looks like her bmi is 14

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no she doesn't, especially so given her height

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So wait you think BMI 14 isn't just as thin on a short girl as on a tall girl?

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this is not what bmi 14 looks like sorry anon

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I wish the fatties ITT would stop sperging about this shop girls legs. We can tell you’re jealous, now stop shitting up the thread

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No one wants to look at your thinspo or bonespo. Get help.

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Japan is a whole 'nother country, you fat fuck. They actually are fined if anyone is overweight, there. If only that were the case for you, huh.

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I actually think the photo is a little stretched. Methinks she’s a normal very skinny Japanese girl with a touch of help from Meitu

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Not to mention that BMI 23 is already considered overweight in Asia.

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you know that’s a myth right? they don’t fine people for being fat the physician will just give you diet and exercise advice to decrease the risk of diabetes and other weight related illnesses which is pretty standard.

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I found a cute lavender pleated skirt at a goodwill! It's a 2 so I'm using it as weight loss motivation lol

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They do not fine an overweight person directly, but their employer may face penalties under certain conditions.

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Dude thats like how it is in America, your employer's health insurance costs increase if your employees are obese.

We could film a whole documentary about how employees are forced to diet and back it up with that one episode from the Office where Kelly develops an eating disorder as a claim that since the show was meant to be relatable these sorts of challenges in offices often leave their workers sick frm yo-yo dieting.


Look at how normalized it is!
This is also why everyone in America, based on what we know solely off Friends, SATC, and Disney animations, is so skinny.
Did you know Britney spears was called fat for being pregnant?
Did you know Kylie, a successful business woman was forced to do lipo as a kid????????
Everyone in America is skinny, look at their movies, singers and celebrities!!
Also look at how skinny all the cast members of Love Island or whatever look like!

They're normal people! They are skinny because America values thinness, has high demands for health from employees and is very health conscious (insert statistic on how many own a gym membership)

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>America values thinness
>and is very health conscious
...almost the half of the US population is obese according to health statistics, just saying

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Is it possible to wear a more boyish version of fairy kei or yumekawaii without looking like a tumblr gendertard? I used to wear yumekawaii a lot a few years ago and still have my old clothes but I felt like the skirt and thigh high combo didn't look right on my proportions (not fat btw. about as skinny as that shopgirl). I've always looked best in more boyish styles because of my broad shoulders and height

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nayrt but a country can value things without every person there ever living up to that value. Most people are not attractive but the majority of the world values attractiveness. Most people are not rich (even in wealthy nations) but the majority of the world values money.

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is it possible to wear cute, flowy pastels with pants basically? yeah.

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Would you prefer something like this? I've seen a couple fairy outfits with harem pants instead of skirts.

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and here's one with overalls

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yeah, just don't have facial hair and wear pants/shorts/overalls.

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I’ll do a dump for you. The TLDR is just try to stick to wide bottoms. Bloomers, pumpkin pants, harem pants, those really baggy 80’s grandma pants, etc are the most common

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This has a little apron skirt thingy but is still pants

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Bloomers are really easy to find too and look good as bottoms. I’ve seen a lot on mercari recently.

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End dump

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Looks like someone tried to rig the ACDC RAG design contest this year. Makes sense. The designs from the cheater were fugly, there’s no way they would have won naturally.

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Smart of them to recede the winners. They would have lost money manufacturing clothes that no one would buy.

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It was pretty obvious too anyways.

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yeah despite the obesity we could still make a compelling documentary for north korea about how much thinness is valued

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No she does not. My legs look like this and I my bmi is 20.

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Feel in Love has their online store up and running

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Lucky you, I’ve been BMI 20 my whole life and my legs are like tree trunks but flabbier

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I am very athletic and have been told that I look 5-7kg lighter than what I am. Also have reversed triangle body shape and so my weight does not go so much to my legs.

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Why is everyone ignoring that the height of the shoes are making her legs look thinner too? Take them off and they will look more ""normal""

>> No.10619547

I agree but why are you answering me I did not say that they look odd or anything.

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The acdc rag contest winners are so let down, the pastel winner isn't even pastel but black-white.

>> No.10619966

they announced like 5 additional pastel winners today anon

>> No.10619987

which aren't the main winners, which is the whole point of the contest

>> No.10620002

point of the contest is your design getting chosen to get turned into an official shirt, which all of the pastel winners are, so

>> No.10621199

and? doesn't change the fact that the contest is flawed, and the main winners get a flight to japan

>> No.10621217

lmao what? No they definitely don't, the grand prizes are $200 store credit and a tshirt with your design, and the additional winners get $50 credit. It's shit-tier quality clothes. It costs ACDC almost nothing to give the winners store credit and a shirt.

No shit any contest that is decided with how many likes something can get is inherently flawed, dumbass.

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FS got new clothing stock.

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prove it

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where are the cute short skirts I liked so much?

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After the successful 90s kid perfume re-release, Mezzo Piano seems to target all ages now with the new "grown up" section, huh. Still expensive af tho.

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I really hope Starmii's owner is ok, she made all her accounts private in april and no life signs ever since.

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Randomly popped up on my Twitter feed:

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Fashion Nova has a huge retro MLP collection atm, very easy to integrate into fairy looks (also plus-size options):

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Can anyone recommend some good brands that aren’t milklim, nileperch, spank, listen flavour, ACDC rag, swankiss, swimmer, fs and milk? I want to check out other brands that I haven’t heard of (yes they can be indie, taobao or closed/preowned) I prefer Japanese brands so I can throw them in my shopping service order but any country origin works.

>> No.10639625

wtf is wrong with their makeup wow..

>> No.10639670

omg refuse to be usual! What a blast from the past. I had some really cute MLP ripoff print hoodies from her, sad I sold them in my 20s because I didn’t think I’d ever wear pastels again kek

I love Neon Moon. They’re Korean but they have a Japanese online store. Takes a few weeks to arrive into Japan though so you have to time it right if you’re bundling things from a few stores.

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This is so cute, but I can think of literally nothing small enough that I'd want to store on it.

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Some UK brand collab with Younapi:

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