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Come one, come all. Lay your stupidest questions upon this here thread. Together, we can work towards eliminating the single question threads that plague our board, amen.

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Unanswered question from last thread:
I'm trying out Japan's Mercari through buyee for the first time. If you buy multiple items from one seller, does the seller automatically consolidate the package for Buyee or do you have to request it somehow? And if you do, how do you do that? Do you still pay for Buyee's consolidation once it reaches the warehouse?

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Sounds like you’re the stupid one. There’s not even 50 posts in the other thread >>10613741

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Sure am! Typically there's a "stupid jfashion questions" thread and one for everything else, so I saw the lolita and assumed it was specific.

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Can someone explain to me why the hell tucking is seen as a necessity for men cosplaying women but most people seem to think packing is a step too far for women cosplaying men?
And I get it, tucking obviously is needed for any sort of tight bodysuits or pants but like, I see it recommended to guys wearing cosplays with skirts where they definitely don't need to subject themselves to that kind of discomfort

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The answer to both your questions is that nobody wants to see a penis they didn’t ask to see.

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I have a simple black cap that I want to stitch some white motives/lines/whatever into. Whats the least dumb way to do this ?

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can someone id the skirt? or just the brand at least

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It’s Tsumori Chisato.

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Are skin-colored tights ita? Could they even work with anything?

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Are there any shops that specialise in cute plush toy bags? Pic for reference, I like kumyas too

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Yes, if you're wearing them without socks over. I've seen people use them as a second layer in winter coordinates or under socks if they're self conscious about their legs, but not as a substitute for legwear.

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Are false eyelashes one-use only or are they reusable?

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They're re-usable, though you might want to learn to wash and care for them.

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Why does the secondhand market chaos thread keep getting deleted? The last one didn’t even make it to 5 posts

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By hand if you don't have an embroidery machine. You'll need an embroidery hoop to keep the fabric taught and iron on stabilizer wouldn't hurt; but don't worry, as the name implies, it's pretty easy to use.

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I'm looking for these heavily lace topped socks. Where can I find them?

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Is the only way to save a listing on buyee to put it in your cart?

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Including the newest one. They’re literally getting deleted for no reason at this point.

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How do cosplayers apply perfume if they apply it at all? I'm worried I could fuck my costume up by staining it not that it's ever happened to my normal clothes.

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put it on your wrists and behind your ears before you put on your cosplay

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i feel embarrassed asking this but is usakumya the name of the species or are they all named usakumya. Saw a girl who gave her kumya its own name ("This is my usakumya, [name]!") and it confused me

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This is the usakumya origin story.

>Deep in the forest of a faraway land, there lived a stylish little bear. On a sunny afternoon, the little bear happened upon a very long-eared bunny. In that moment, his heart was stolen by those lovely ears. The little bear wanted nothing more than a pair of long ears for himself. Thinking he too could have long ears, the little bear sat in front of the mirror and pulled on his round ears until they turned red. The little bear cried and cried every day because his ears remained the same.
>Then, one day, the little bear saw a lovely girl wearing BABY’s clothing. She listened to his story from beginning to end, and decided to grant the little bear’s wish! As if by magic, the girl presented the little bear with an exquisite bunny-eared bonnet. The little bear placed the bonnet on his head, and looked at himself in the mirror. All of a sudden, the tears stopped. The little bear looked just like a little bunny with red eyes from endless crying and long ears atop his head.
>The girl exclaimed, ‘So cute! Where I am from, we call bears 'Kumya.’ From now on, you will be known as 'Usakumya-chan.” The little bear was so happy, he traveled to Candyland, where the girl resides. Everyone in Candyland wears BABY’s clothing, and everything there is cute and sweet. Usakumya-chan and the magical girl spent many fun-filled days in Candyland.“

I think it's implied usakumya is just one bear, there's not a whole species of usakumya's running around.

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I don’t know why but I just find that story to be so cute.

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Oh wow I had no idea the red eyes were from ENDLESS CRYING lol. Thanks for sharing!

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BABY better hire you and publish a children's book right fucking now.

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this is off the btssb site

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Reading this warmed my heart. Thanks for sharing.

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You can also see if your preferred fragrance is available as a rollerball, so it's easier to apply to just your skin even if you're already dressed.

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their plushes are pretty adorable

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Does anyone recognize this bag? I swear I've seen it from some jfashion thing

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What are those lolita bunny bags called again?

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Nakayoshi bunny?

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The absolute state of /cgl/

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>inb4 these are the same anon

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which ones? there are tons of bunny shaped lolita bags of various characters from almost every brand

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Dude there are so many bunnies

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That's the one, thanks!

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That is one stupid question Anon

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it's been endless summer since Tyler made that cgl vid years ago. and 2020 too, now it's just getting worse.

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Yes, at least for Mercari and other shopping. For auction, there's a watchlist which saves separately from the cart

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anyone preorder the rhs from baby awhile ago, have yall received them/had them shipped? I haven't gotten any email from Baby, but I did win the lottery for them. Is it normal to take this long?

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Does anyone else have an order shipping with Yamato that’s taking way longer than usual to have any update? Mine is now 4~5 days still no update which is super unusual for my area. Is shipping from Japan slow recently?

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So it's a boy?

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Not sure if this helps, but I had a Yamato package a few months ago not have any updates past a scan in Japan. It eventually showed up later, like everything was normal, but the "Details" button never gave me a localized tracking number (in this case, UPS because I live in the US).
That's maybe 1 out of 15 packages I've had shipped Yamato. So maybe they goofed on yours too?

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What's something not too complicated for babby's first pattern drafted from scratch? I see a lot of suggestions for skirts but I don't wear them and would feel bad wasting material, I was thinking drawstring pajama pants or shorts?
It's a purse. Do you see a tiny little rabbit penis on it?

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To any anon who ones Dolly Damask by AP, is the fabric actually damask fabric? I looked on lolibrary and on the AP website and it just says Original Butcher (Polyester 100%). If it's really damask jacquard imma be surprised.

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*owns. I'm retarded sorry.

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Is buyee down or is it just me?

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No, a girl. But baby made 2 boy kumyas. A pen and a black rucksack iirc

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i mean my thread once got deleted days later because i said i think Misako is ugly do they even need a reason at this point

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Just you anon

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Anyone knows how old Airy Michelle is?

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>a pen

Try https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ in the future

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Ok but who says it’s a girl? Does the translation just happen to use male pronouns? I’m honestly just curious.

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It's very normal for Japanese text to refer to the third person without mentioning gender. It's harder to do in English so the translator probably just defaulted to he.

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Is it normal for body line lace to yellow?

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why else would they feel the need to specify a boy usakumya if the default wasn't female?

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Does anyone know the name of this jsk?

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Thank you anons

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it's normal for any lace to yellow if it's dirty, wash your clothes
soak it in oxiclean to remove the yellow

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How long has it been since Bodyline stopped selling their chiffon blouse(pic related, L527)?? does the new management take suggestions/requests from costumers?I haven't ordered from them in years, and this used to be a wardrobe staple(need a replacement)

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No one wants to see a boner poking through a skirt. tuck that shit. Both arent even comparable

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Average dick size isn't going to look like you're packing usually. Also no one likes dicks. Not even girls.

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i believe i saw them still up for sale maybe a year back or so

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I key so when bidding on LM it actually makes sense to just start in the lady few minutes? And i just put in my maximum basically? For example it’s on 99$ somebody bid 100$ so i put in 150$ and it jumps to 101$ ?

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they have a FAQ page that explains it

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Hi anon, I am not the anon you're referring to and do not even own this dress, but I just wanted to chime in to tell you that damask and jacquard are specific types of weaves, it has nothing to do with fiber content. Jacquard is a pretty broad term and in the classical sense means any woven fabric made on a jacquard loom (and traditionally was only made of silk but this has not been true for centuries), which is a mechanized loom that controls each warp thread independently (as opposed to a rigid heddle loom). They're often used interchangably, but damask is simply a more specific type of jacquard that is reversible because it has a nice appearance on both sides (while jacquards as a whole may not necessarily be as brocades are a jacquard but are not reversible due to their floating weft threads. you can think of this like all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares)

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What's the point of panniers with lace and designs on them when nobody will see it?

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Found the larper

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I guess my place to post is here because board tourist.
I near completed my first cosplay, or comoleted it but there is still things I could add. It's some full black tactical Mobile Task Force, but I guess I won't find anythink like it here? Is it all just anime characters, lolita and other jap stuff?

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Here first time since like 2013... I am so confused. Did tripfags die out or something? Not seen a single one scrolling through some threads

>> No.10621974

yes, there are basically none

>> No.10621975

because it's pretty?

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Wooow. Man that's kinda sad. I was hoping some of the more involved ones would have stuck about so I could circle jerk a little and catch up.

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The ones who have stuck around are typically cunts or trolls, so don't miss them too badly.

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What is the opinion of sunflower seed ss?

>> No.10621983

I'm confused. What's your question, anon? Are you looking for a thread to self post?

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At what price point would you say is a bargain for a kumya? I saw a kumakumya mini rucksack pop up for ¥13000, should I go for it?

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No but I thought this board would have a bigger variety of cosplays, is it really just lolitas and some anime characters instead? I'm probably pissing people off by saying that, but I don't know any better.
Sometimes items are hard to find, or horribly overpriced if you find them. For example I'm not gonna pay 45 bucks for a nylon knife sheath, just because it's the only one that is Molle compatible.
I don't wanna ask /k/ either, because real stuff is always more expensive, plus some items in my cosplay are more asthetics than practical.
I guess I'll drop some questions in the help thread tomorrow and see if anyone has recommendations.

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In general /cgl/ is a 75/25 lolita to cosplay ratio. The 25% of cosplay does tend to lean primarily to anime and video games, but we also used to have military, historical, larp, and fantasy specific threads pre-corona. Corona and a lack of cons have killed the majority of cosplay on here for the the time being. When cons return, so will the con specific threads. Superhero and armor builds would typically have their own threads or frequently be seen in the WIP or selfpost threads. You absolutely can still ask the help thread if you have any questions, there should still be people with that type of experience lingering around. It might help to ask other communities like on reddit or something too though.

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Okay, thanks a bunch for explaining Anon. As I said I'll just post in the help thread tomorrow, I gotta sleep for now.
As for reddit, I never really go there, but lurking won't hurt. I'll keep an eye open for threads here.

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>Usakumya-chan is transracial

>> No.10622011

Looks like AP?

>> No.10622042

AP Canary JSK

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aw man that's too bad. I've heard that they sell Bodyline rhs "replicas" on taobao, has anyone ever found any other non-shoe item there?

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Usakumel Dolezal

>> No.10622153

i've found the detachable sleeve shirred blouses that everyone seems to be looking for sold on taobao before

>> No.10622172

Are you meant to wash kumyas? If so, how?

>> No.10622173

Just dry clean them

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How much do you think I could sell this OP for? It’s Afternoon Girl by AP

>> No.10622200

Honestly, I think it’s supposed to be a trans metaphor.

>you almost got it
>transracial is equivalent to transgender

>> No.10622211

you're probably only meant to spot wash them. I got one secondhand that was super musty though. soaked it in hot water and detergent for a while, then soaked it in clean water, wrung it out a few times. then I used a blow dryer on the hand magnets and zipper so they wouldn't rust. I let it hang dry from there and it took like two days to fully dry. would've been less if i put it in the sun.

>> No.10622219

Any tips on buying from xianyu? Just found out that sellers don't like to give out photos until the payment has been made. How do you avoid items in unexpectedly nasty conditions?

>> No.10622238

I've also had Yamato simply never update with the local tracking number, but it still arrived in about the usual time (3-7 days). I think it might just be shipping being a little overwhelmed still.

A lot of plush are spot clean only. The stuffing can start to mold if it doesn't air out properly after washing.

Read feedback and hope for the best

>> No.10622272

Is there something like danbooru for cosplay photos?

>> No.10622290

For people that have Meta's raschel lace socks, are the lace tiers made from lace of different widths or is the same width of lace sewn on the socks at different locations?

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File: 1.38 MB, 3024x4032, raschel_lace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hi i have these socks. the bottom layer lace is sewn slightly below the first layer.

>> No.10622297

thank you!

>> No.10622324

Instagram and twitter

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Detachable sleeve cutsews, any brand…is there a special term in jp for this so i can search mercari?

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>> No.10622492

When is this sailor Op by Strawberry Witch going to be available?

>> No.10622611

I'll be moving to the East coast in the coming months.

What are the East coast Discord groups for con-going? I probably won't be going to any cons much earlier than EOY, but it'd be good to check out a group. My goal is to find one that isn't run by a literal unironic white supremacist like the Midwest Discord was.

>> No.10622614

is lolitahistory the only place I can find old j-fashion magazine scans?

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File: 91 KB, 705x854, CDFjGLaxpNhVrybVf3BYIIS7pNzfua7a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the name of this print and what are the chances of it being a replica?
t. retard

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File: 51 KB, 356x405, 11000599381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clarification: I know it's Moitie, but wondering if this jsk in particular is a replica.The price is really, really low, but there's a chance the seller simply doesn't know the value of MMM.

>> No.10622623

It’s a replica. The print is iron gate, and that clearly is not it.

>> No.10622624

Oh well. The price was too good to be true. Thanks, Anon.

>> No.10622631

When is the best time to check mercari for new listings?

>> No.10622633

Thanks! So I guess you're not really expected to wash a kumya if you got it from a secondhand seller and nothing seems wrong with it? Just making sure^^

>> No.10622665

yeah, I never would've washed mine if it didn't stink. if you get yours and it looks dingy or smells bad, try washing it. if not, you're good.

>> No.10622671

There is no best time. People upload all the time. I've missed things when it was the middle of the night in Japan and I've missed things during the day. Stuff goes up whenever the person selling it decides to post it which can be whenever. Obviously things will be more likely to go up during the day in Japan, but it can be any time of day. There isn't really a specific time I've experienced as better or worse for new listings.

>> No.10622697

Is there a way I can browse xainyu without having to confirm my identity via passport with my taobao account? I’d use a shopping agent to help buy but I just want to see what’s on the market.

>> No.10622718

What kind of OTKs are good with long calves?
And what kind of tights fit wide hips?

>> No.10622737

How can I talk to a mercari seller?

>> No.10622738

You don't

>> No.10622739

Aw okay, ty

>> No.10622746

I don't think those are autistically tagged and categorized

>> No.10622755

I know. Unfortunately that's your only options, my guy. I wasn't saying it to be cheeky.

>> No.10622760

If a cosplayer has a really awesome weapon at a con is it off putting to offer like say $2k for the weapon upfront?

>> No.10622800

What's my most comfortable natural fiber option (NO synthetics. i mean it) for a lining that will go directly against my skin all day in the summer? It also needs to be a woven, not a knit. It sounds counterintuitive but I'm thinking wool might actually be beneficial as it wicks away moisture and fine wool wouldn't be scratchy.

>> No.10622804


>> No.10622808

Why not just use cotton muslin or broadcloth?

>> No.10622811

Curly bangs in lolita: are they cute and how do I know if I'm doing it right?

>> No.10622812

Why don't lolitas recommend wearing corsets under petticoats? They stop your petti from digging into your skin and smooth out your shape without needing to be tight. I keep hearing complaints about tight petticoats and dresses that show off stomach rolls and I just don't get it.

>> No.10622845

Are AP otks thick (NOT fat, just a little chubby) leg friendly?

>> No.10622846
File: 56 KB, 400x546, d270308fa0ad54bea40d27676215ac55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I get a lolita-friendly petticoat that's fitted at the hips and flared afterwards? I've seen those in 1950s fashion and they'd be better suited to my figure (I'm fairly slim but have very wide hips and a prominent butt compared to my waist, so pettis always look huge from behind). I wear A-line classic and otome and don't need a lot of poof.

>> No.10622847

That's actually a good point. Since this is the stupid questions thread: any recommendation for decent quality corsets for a fair price?

>> No.10622850

Not really, I put on a little bit of weight and mine don't really fit me now

>> No.10622852

What about IW and Emikyu ones?

>> No.10622856

I'm going to my first con this year, how much should i realistically expect to spend on merch/ commissions?

>> No.10622857

they're even less forgiving

>> No.10622864

gonna become a skinny legend for the burando I'm waiting for then. Ty anon

>> No.10622866

If you just want the bare minimum I brought up a $10 corset from amazon will do fine. Just don't use them as actual shapewear or you're in danger of hurting yourself. But to actually answer your question I recommend a cincher from Isabella Corsetry- they're about mid range price wise, good quality, and safe to actually tighten.

>> No.10622888

Ayrt thanks anon one day I won't jiggle when I walk... sad emoji

>> No.10622922

Depends how complicated the commissioned items you want are, and whether you're just going to buy stickers in AA or go crazy.

>> No.10622975

Lyocell or cupro.

>> No.10622993

Is it possible to wear twintails with both a rectangle headdress and a veil without looking like a retard? Ott meetup in my comm and idk if I'm going too hard lol

>> No.10623005

post a pic from the back if you're too worried and others may be able to help (bc idk)

>> No.10623010

that sounds terrible

>> No.10623026

Yes, that's like asking to buy the shoes off someone's feet. Someone would probably gratefully take the money, but they're definitely going to be taken off-guard.

>> No.10623047


>> No.10623049

Malco modes

>> No.10623069

Cotton absorbs moisture instead of wicking it and will feel sweaty and gross after a few hours. Also this is to line a calf length leather coat so muslin isn't robust enough of a weave to withstand that kind of weight

>> No.10623070

twintails would probably look stupid with a veil. rectangle is fine if you can get it to lay right.

>> No.10623071

I agree with malco modes; they also offer them in many colors. I bought a secondhand MM petticoat that was at least 10 years old and it still held it's shape. They're worth the investment. Additionally if you're not willing to spend the money, you can find these sorts of petticoats all over Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc. When I was new, I bought one off Amazon and with some simple sewing (cutting off the fitted part so it was shorter/adding a new waistband, adding fishing line to the hem so it was stiffer) it made a pretty good and cheap petticoat

>> No.10623079

A lightweight, woven merino is better than cotton or rayon for sure if you want it to be moisture-wicking.

>> No.10623081

Because corsets still add bulk/layers and don't always give a good shape for lolita

>> No.10623088

>Also this is to line a calf length leather coat
Well that probably would have helped to mention.

This, the added bulk just makes the problem worse for most.

>> No.10623142

There was this chinese girl with really cool and pretty larme-esque outfits on IG but I can't remember their handle at all! Help?

>> No.10623150

What are the ideal measurements for lolita? Like, what size to not really have to worry about fitting into things.

>> No.10623153

Waist is probably >66cm, thinking of MM
Bust <84? Not sure.
Others idk

>> No.10623158

corsets do not create a shape that works for lolita bodices. if you want anything, use shapewear.

>> No.10623159

does anyone know something about the brand "black sugar"? I can't find any info online

>> No.10623160

Any recommendations for good shapewear?

>> No.10623162

oh I just found it, it's a store in Paris
the question was bc I found a second hand jsk with this brand.. does anyone know if it's any good?

>> No.10623183

I think less than 84 will have you swimming in a lot of sweet releases nowadays.

Anon the answer depends on your preferred style. I think other anon's answer works for classic and gothic, but for sweet you actually want to be slightly bigger these days. I'd say Bust 86 and waist 68 or so is the minimum to not be swimming in a lot of dresses, so ideally maybe 86-70?. You'd have a better time with skirts if you're smaller, though, but skirts barely seem to get released anymore.

>> No.10623674

>bought shoes via shopping service
>arrived in wrong size
>they confirm purchasing the wrong size
>size i need sold out by now, will not restock
>shopping service offers refund if i send them back (they pay shipping)
Kinda pissed about this, especially since I will probably never get the correct size ones because resell market is dead for that
Should I ask them to also refund me partial of the shipping cost I paid to get them here?

>> No.10623690

What shoes anon? If they have recently been released it’s not unrealistic to find someone to trade with

>> No.10623753

Is it ita to buy lolita from aliexpress? I want to try lolita and I see some dresses on there that look okay in the reviews, obviously ali material is usually cheap but I'm not sure if I want to commit to paying $200 for liz lisa etc considering I've never worn lolita before

>> No.10623758

I’m more into old-school (although at the moment it seems like everybody is), so I’ll hope for the best at 86/66.

>> No.10623765

this almost reads like a troll/joke but I'm going to be nice and give you the benefit of the doubt and seriously reply
>Is it ita to buy lolita from aliexpress
>I see some dresses on there that look okay in the reviews
they only "look ok" because you don't know better. to any real lolita they look like shit
>paying $200 for liz lisa
1. liz lisa shouldn't be costing you $200 2. liz lisa isn't lolita

considering you think liz lisa is lolita whatever dresses you're finding on ali probably aren't even lolita dresses. please get some help/mentoring.

>> No.10623769

The sad thing is that these newbies don't even try to source information on google, nowadays. There's SO MUCH INFORMATION ON LIVEJOURNAL!

Try to fucking search through egl livejournal if you're just now trying to start out. Almost all questions, discussions, and answers are on there. There's so much distortion of what lolita is nowadays, but there's SO. MUCH. INFORMATION on that livejournal. Please use it.

>> No.10623770

Or even just here in the archives. I can't understand how there's itas still with the abundant resources of information on almost any relevant site, the explosion of helpful guides from the huge community we now foster, and the extreme ease of access to brand/high quality goods in comparison to just a decade ago.

>> No.10623771

Right, but of an odd question, but does any gull know what happened with the 2 Scottish Comms? No idea why there are 2.

>> No.10623803

Is taobao the same? I've started looking at the livejournal but its a pain in the ass to try and figure out how to use the site so I haven't figured much out yet.

>> No.10623806

Taobao is a bigger pain than LJ. Start with the handbook it’s full of forbidden knowledge like “don’t be sloppy”

>> No.10623809

If you think livejournal is a pain in the ass to learn and you are actually having problems figuring it out, I mean this in the kindest way. but i don’t know if this fashion is for you.
Aliexpress and taobao and the other sites you can use to buy lolita, are gonna be half or mostly in chinese/japanese. And any english will be weirdly translated. You’ll need to figure out a lot of things yourself.

>> No.10623810

LL isn’t lolita and moreover, you can buy brand new LL from their overseas website for less than $100.

>> No.10623811

egl lj has a "good for beginners" memories link right on the front page.

>> No.10623822

please join the lolita mentoring discord.

>> No.10623935

what are your favorite types of coords/pieces to wear in summer? I want to start actually going to meetups this summer again for the first time in a decade but I overheat really easily

>> No.10623958

Cutsew and skirt, or OP with a slip/layer under (like uniqlo airism tanktops)

>> No.10623972
File: 512 KB, 1216x1215, P0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone know what brand this skirt is?

>> No.10623978

lately I've seen the term "coser" being used to refer to cosplayers, mostly in asia, is it just a difference in name or is there an actual difference?

>> No.10623983

Jsk with a short sleeve lace bolero

>> No.10623988

Short sleeve OPs (preferably those that are more like JSKs with wide straps) and always take a parasol and fan.

>> No.10623993

Possibly handmade, or a really weird yumetenbo collab.
i don’t think any brand ever used the type of doily lace like this skirt has

>> No.10624032

Are there any non-replicas that act the same?
i.e. a plush handbag for lolita but offbrand/taobao

>> No.10624046
File: 614 KB, 1440x1667, Screenshot_20200711-055336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wouldn't recommend it. kumyas are such a staple of sweet style that anything you get on taobao is just going to be a very obvious not-kumya, you get what I'm saying? if you want the cute animal look for less, I'd get a more plain bag and just put cute little plushie charms on it, something like Rilakkuma or My Melody.

>> No.10624053

I'm trying to buy a blouse from Meta, but they're selling a yellow blouse and a white one. I don't know which is "Antique White" and which one is "Off-White"

>> No.10624056

The yellow one is antique white

>> No.10624063
File: 426 KB, 2048x1366, B2920584-E84D-41F0-AB8C-7309537040B0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anyway to take photos with long wigs wear the wig doesn’t separate like this?

>> No.10624067

No, you fill it in afterwards

>> No.10624073

Bumping this question

>> No.10624077

Pretty sure all the links are dead https://jmagazinescans.livejournal.com/

>> No.10624088

I’ve been invited to a tea party meet and I’m embarrassingly new so my stupid question is does tea party automatically mean ott? I do wear sweet but I don’t gravitate towards ott and I’m guessing I need to buy something fairly fancy if I’m going to a tea party?

>> No.10624090

Oh thank god

>> No.10624091

No, it doesn't automatically means ott but if I were you, I would ask a tea party host if a specific substyle is required

>> No.10624094

Can I wash a stiff bonnet in the washing machine?

>> No.10624097

Depends, is it at someone's house? Then it's most likely not OTT, is it at a venue? Then its OTT. Then again, you could just wear a fancy dress and be done with it. Go with what you want.

OTT isn't really it's own genre, it's just a different way of styling, for example, you could have old school sweet, OTT sweet, and modern day sweet and all three would fall under the sweet banner despite being vastly different.

>> No.10624165

Yes it’s at a venue we’re doing “afternoon tea”. I’ll definitely ask the host if there’s a sub theme, thanks!

>> No.10624182

Sure, if you want to ruin it

>> No.10624186


>> No.10624517

Is it bad if I genuinely like bodyline? They're cheap and affordable and a majority of their old pieces are nice and plain looking. I'm not a big fan of prints but I absolutely adore the cuts on a lot of old bodyline dresses.

>> No.10624519

Nah, I think they have some cute pieces too. They’re better than some Taobao brands imo

>> No.10624621

i just bought a dream dress off someone for $100 (same OP is on LM right now for $450)

the shirring has been taken out of the back somehow and the sleeves being cut with scissors to try to fit the previous owner....
is shirring very expensive to have installed by a seamstress?? it hangs off my back so bad without it that i have to wear a cardigan to make it not look like a potato sack from the waist up

>> No.10624816

>be me
>be tomboy for years
>develop special interest in lolita (yes, autism)
>you can’t do makeup for shit despite being in your 20’s
>plus you have shaved hair
Not really worried about the hair part since wigs are a thing in this fashion, but as I like gothic&classic I’m wondering if anyone has resources for learning makeup that’s appropriate for those?

>> No.10624840

What short haircut will look good with lolita?

>> No.10624848

Anon, If you are worried about fixing it being expensive…why did you buy it? Fixer uppers can be a lot of trouble and it already sounds unwearable without getting it fixed.

I would be very surprised if it was over $100 to re add shirring. but I don’t know where you live or how bad the previous owner fucked it up.

>> No.10624867

anything shorter than chin length is difficult to pull off in lolita

>> No.10624892
File: 109 KB, 736x883, 376998ae0a03f1a1b045c0164abe3ad9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a mouth-length flapper type bob. Similar to picrel but with straight bangs and more exaggerated "points" on the face framing part.
I just do glossier-type skin tint/mascara/brows/tinted lip balm. I wear gothic, old school, and some classic. That's pretty hard to fuck up as long as you take care of your skin and brows. For more specific 'looks', k-beauty youtubers are a good place to start

>> No.10624896

I made a dumb move and sewed my red skirt with white lace before washing the red fabric first and I'm scared that when I wash it that it would run on the lace.
I think I can help stop this with shouts color catchers but idk do I have to do it every time that I wash for now on?

>> No.10624909

Yup, cold wash too

>> No.10624911

Where the fuck can I find a vkei community? It's the deadest fucking thing ever

>> No.10624967

>I just do glossier-type skin tint/mascara/brows/tinted lip balm. I wear gothic, old school, and some classic. That's pretty hard to fuck up as long as you take care of your skin and brows. For more specific 'looks', k-beauty youtubers are a good place to start
Thanks, that sounds easy enough. Also will check out a video tuto or 10.

>> No.10624970

Any lenghth bob cut will look good

>> No.10625035

what's a good place to buy fabric online?

>> No.10625041

I was gifted a VW necklace that I suspect might be a knockoff. how can I tell for sure? and if it is a knockoff, can I still wear it since it was a gift? I wouldn't ever buy a knockoff but it's cute.

>> No.10625047

You can take it to a jeweler. Since it was a gift you should be fine to wear it, just don't lie and tell people it's real if it turns out to be a replica.

>> No.10625102

I should have clarified, I mostly meant visually. but thanks! I'll take it to a jeweler in a couple weeks.

>> No.10625166

I hear fabricwholesaledirect, darhmatradingco, etsy, silkbaron, spooonflower, and fabric.com mentioned a lot

>> No.10625180

Is cotton AP really that much better than poly AP or are people just memeing? I've only held one poly chiffon JSK from them (Little Witch) and it felt gorgeous. Maybe I'm just poor.

>> No.10625183

Their chiffon is the only good poly pretty much.

>> No.10625195

So the angelic pretty jp site releases at 12:00, what time is that in cst?

>> No.10625197

Google it anon

>> No.10625206

I've tried. Thanks for nothing.

>> No.10625207

Do they go by jst?

>> No.10625209

Is mbok completely dead?

>> No.10625221

you seriously can't figure out to google "japan time"...? maybe buying from AP JP isn't for you

>> No.10625242

not worried! just have no idea how much tailoring and stuff like that may be for a lolita dress, hoping someone else may have had some kind of ballpark. whatever it costs will be worth it just to have it in good shape again!
I managed to fix the sleeves with no trouble, thankfully

>> No.10625280

Literally just google jst time rn and compare it to your own time retard

>> No.10625400


>> No.10625404

This is autistic but what kind of bags do you use for lolita if you carry a lot of things?

>> No.10625406

I just buy bigger plainer bags, usually from taobao brands. morning glory has a lot of good stuff, the big size of the magic book bag holds quite a bit of stuff. though I also have seen people carry two bags, one that matches the coord and then a tote bag or something to actually carry stuff.

>> No.10625427

I have tatting as a hobby. Is tatted lace used in lolita fashion?

>> No.10625493

If you're too dumb or lazy to figure out time zone conversions with Google you're too dumb to figure out how to purchase an item from their webshop too and will just slow down the site for the rest of us by accessing it.

>> No.10625513
File: 539 KB, 1280x1280, 20210604_140248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, so bodyline shoes: is each unit hit or miss or are some styles trustworthy? (shitty collage incoming of the models I want to purchase)

>> No.10625514

its funny because you don't even need to convert anything Google will literally just tell you the time in JST

>> No.10625534

I only buy big bags for the most part, so it's giant MILK heart bags or at worst like >>10625406 said, one tiny bag that matches and one to carry my actual shit.

>> No.10625576
File: 48 KB, 640x1177, 1618177129237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YOU STUPID CUNTS i just wanted to know if they go by jst

>> No.10625590

Actually the original question was what JST noon was in CST which was a dumb question.

On top of that if you have to ask whether a Japanese brand is going by JST, maybe reconsider your entire brain

>> No.10625592

How can someone whose skull has never contained a brain remember to breathe?

>> No.10625617

I really want the buy the moi meme moitie red headdress that is exclusive to atelier pierrot tea party. However, i am slow in the head and want to know if they would ship it out like they normally do or would i need some kind of shopping service to pick it up.

>> No.10625624

you're really asking if a Japanese website run by a Japanese company...uses JST???

>> No.10625822

They're good for the price (when on sale) and sturdy enough. I have a pair of those heart buckle ones and there's no peeling whatsoever in the last year or two. Just be careful of the sizing.

>> No.10625869

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind

>> No.10625987

Hey anyone know where to get a good quality maid dress/apron so I can live out my catgirl maid fantasy? I don’t mind dropping a bit on it

>> No.10625993

Meta has some rectangle headdresses attached to headbands. I really like them, but I don't know if it's worth paying burando prices for a couple of headdresses. Does anyone know if there are taobao shops that sell rectangle headdresses attached to headbands?

>> No.10626029

what is good quality to you?

>> No.10626031

You sound poor

>> No.10626036

I've seen several taobao shops have them, I just don't have them off the top of my head
fiscal responsibility is more of a sign of wealth than being poor

>> No.10626038

Fiscal responsibility is not dropping $200k on a Lambo, it doesn't mean you can't spend $50-70 for a headdress. If that's a big deal to spend you're just poor.

>> No.10626043

what are you a boomer? our generation is going homeless en masse and will likely never be able to afford a home even with dual income unlike previous generations. Unless you are Steve Harvey's or Beyonce's kid you should be seriously be worried about spending 70 dollars on a headdress that is known to be a beginners sewing project and literally cheap af to make

>> No.10626049

nice bait

>> No.10626050

You’re in the wrong fashion then

>> No.10626051

I can afford to spend $70 on one headdress, but I'd prefer to spend the same amount and get two or three. Plus Meta only has five colours and only one is a colour I like.

>> No.10626052

Tell me you failed math, without telling me you failed math.

>> No.10626103


>> No.10626146

Nayrt but it's a luxury fashion. If you can make your own headdresses, good for you but people are willing to pay $70 for brand headdresses so that's the price point. And people buy them because they like it.

>> No.10626173

you mean a fashion that began as diy? How new are you? Fucking covidlitas

>> No.10626174

Do you think goth is also a luxury fashion? Punk? Grunge I know you think should be designer or its not real to you.

>> No.10626187

Don't act like retard. You can thrift a gothic coord or a punk one but lolita is a niche fashion and is hard to find besides shops and communities that specialise in it

>> No.10626193

It's a niche fashion, not luxury

>> No.10626195

how do i computer?

>> No.10626232

How do you wear a pin or brooch without it handing awkwardly off (or even potentially damaging) thinner fabric? Or do I just need to get sturdier blouses?

>> No.10626235

First tip is to make sure you use the whole length of the pin, more surface area will hold it better and less risk of damaging the fabric.

>> No.10626253
File: 212 KB, 500x600, A83B136A-43DA-45E2-9E9C-8C8629DA36F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This post is just pure desperation but does anyone know where tf I will be able to buy a Lolita Blouse in pink? (I don’t even dare searching for yellow). I searched the whole internet gulls. Lm, mercari, wunderwelt, cc, depop gosh even dumb taobao reseller. Where bitch where??

>> No.10626279

Any type of blouse? Maxicimam on CDJapan has a few, and I think they have some left in plus size too, check lovely maxi. Meta has a few up too, including yellow ones

>> No.10626280

This, I really need to learn how to sew bc some of this isn't worth $70 like basic rectangle headdress for example

>> No.10626312

Bodyline has their bunny ear blouse in pink still

>> No.10626318

It’s long sleeve though i was looking for short sleeve but thank you! Do you know when they restock?
>>10626279 thank you anon I’ll take a look

>> No.10626320

Hey! I have a cotton pink short sleeve AP blouse I might be willing to part with, drop your email anon!

>> No.10626323

My mail girl!

>> No.10626358

Sure, there's a big DIY culture in lolita. But it's the specialised shops like BABY that established lolita we wear today.
Niche and luxury are not mutually exclusive. It's a luxury because it's niche. I meant "luxury" as in it's got a somewhat high price point and not a necessity for daily life. But yeah you would be right if you can afford to wear lolita on a daily basis.

>> No.10626378

I'm not the retard pretending lolita began with Baby.

>> No.10626447

I feel dumb asking this, but this is the stupid question thread after all. Can you handwash Holy Lantern or does it have to be drycleaned only?

>> No.10626481

What are the best clip hangers to hang jsks to preserve the elastic? Not to be too autistic but I don't want metal clips, I'm thinking of velvet. I don't want them to leave a dent in the fabric over time. So gulls, any particular faves?

>> No.10626505
File: 130 KB, 768x1024, ED8cbElUEAA7hJy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't know if furry shit is even allowed here, but I'm attempting to create a Lucario costume for future cons. And I'm going off of the official Nintendo mascot as a basis, what exactly is the fabric type being used here? and where can I get it if you have the answer.

>> No.10626510

This is a safe for work board, furry. Take it to a red board

>> No.10626512

Is there somewhere I can find a Brazilian lolita who can act as a shopping service for me? I live in Australia and the shop I want to buy from quoted me like 400 USD for a 1kg package.

>> No.10626516

You can ask here, in the fursuit thread >>10550977

>> No.10626538

Gentlest cycle and detergent made for delicates, inside out, front loading washer only. Better if you can just hand wash it though.

>> No.10626549


>> No.10626580

Isn’t it a bit ita?
>>10626320 drop me a mail nonny

>> No.10626581

Anon if you're so incompetent you can't find a simple pink blouse on your own and then someone links you a perfectly fine blouse and you call it ita idk what to tell you

>> No.10626585

L009?? That one is short sleeve what blouse are you looking at?

>> No.10626588

Shit anon thank you!! I must’ve been so blind

>> No.10626630

When making a good looking maid cosplay, what fabric should I be using? Polycotton is too thin and looks shiny at times.

>> No.10626668

How can I get more followers/likes on Instagram?

>> No.10626674

Dress well and take pictures with good lighting, don't overuse tags, post a story every few days

>> No.10626723

>[email protected]
I sent you an email.

>> No.10626725

Like, comment and follow other lolitas, tag as much as u can

>> No.10626802

i find new people through the stories of people whom i already follow

>> No.10626821

So basically I need to be friends with popular lolitas?

>> No.10626842

I mainly want to avoid anything that's too lingerie-y and will look nice in photos and that has like no cheap shitty lace

>> No.10626890

nope. tag your pics, people follow tags so you'll show up on their feed that way. if they like your coord they might share it to their story and then other people will also see it.

>> No.10626938

Are other character bags/accessories such as cinnamoroll, pompompurin, my melody, or rilakkuma considered to just be a poor mans substitute for usakumya in coords or can they stand in their own?

>> No.10626939

Where can I get some classic cardigans/boleros (ivory would be nice) that will fit a 98cm bust? Innocent World has some blouses that will fit me so I thought they'd have boleros too, but theirs only go up to 89cm.

>> No.10626951

Just get a decent sized, attractive one that doesn't look like a cheap kids toy... otherwise just get some character straps/plush clips

>> No.10626971
File: 783 KB, 1080x2173, Collage 2021-06-06 19_39_38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think they're considered a novelty item for a themed coord like if you're going to disney or to a themed cafe and want an outfit inspired by a character; whereas kumya is more generic and can be worn with an otherwise unthemed coord.

>> No.10626975

that's because the boleros are stretch material. if you fit their blouses, you should fit their boleros.

>> No.10627135

ok, don't laugh, but:
my friend is dragging me to hooter's soon. should i just wear my normie clothes? i'm expecting a new jsk i really wanna show off but i just don't know if i reasonably should wear it at hooter's of all places.

>> No.10627143

Wear your best coord and watch the girls there be really nice to you lol. Idk sounds fun. Unless this is a troll then fuck off lol

>> No.10627147

Does anybody own Shirley Temple or older Emily Temple items labeled 160? If so, how's their fit, is it straight up children's clothes? There are a few main pieces I'm looking to get, but no listed measurements to be found anywhere, sadly.

>> No.10627149

I honestly wouldn't wear lolita in an establishment that feeds off of the male gaze/male desire lol. You'll probably get lots of dudes looking at you. Do whatever you want though.

>> No.10627151

I just fold my heavy velveteen JSKs in half over the hanger, that way the straps won't get stretched under the weight of the fabric. They do take up twice as much space, but I've got plenty of room to spare, so it's not a huge issue for me.

>> No.10627161

Hooters themed coord

>> No.10627163

do you want to get hot-wing sauce on your new dress?

>> No.10627227

This might be the dumbest question of them all, but how do you order things through Vinted? Will sellers ship directly if you ask, or do you need someone local to buy it and then forward it to you?

>> No.10627229

unironically this.

>> No.10627236

I threw a pair of bloomers in the dryer and they seem fine. What items can you typically put in the dryer?

>> No.10627240

most items honestly. just use a delicates bag and no heat air fluff.

>> No.10627241

Just message them but you need an account. I’ve had people messaging me not from my country and it was fine by me. Honestly vinted is dumb for not making it at least all EU countries

>> No.10627267

How do I ordered from MAM website?

>> No.10627273

I want to get the baby logo tattooed on my neck, is it gonna look stupid?

, i feel like it would be cute but also I do a lot of rash decision making

I work in tech and my coworkers have tattoos, also i can cover it with a scarf

>> No.10627276

Can anyone recommend a petticoat model that works well with Mary Magdalene's midi length OPs?

>> No.10627341

why not get it somewhere that is more covered so that you don't have to wear a scarf in the summer? it's a heart shape, so maybe get it on your chest. but i wouldn't do a brand logo personally because if the brand has some scandal it will be really awkward. maybe kumya or some other element from your favorite print would be a safer choice.

>> No.10627361

Actually you gave me a really interesting idea! I dont really like prints, i’m more interested in lace monsters. But torchon lace being tattooed on me could look pretty nice. I think i will do that and i could put it on my body in areas easier to cover up for work!
Also thats true that if baby had a horrible scandal it might be awkward for me

>> No.10627577

Any tips for getting the most value out of your purchase on Buyee? Tips like "spend 'x' amount of money or 'x' amount of purchases to make the fees worth it" or something? I'm about to pull the trigger on consolidating my purchases into one package, but I want to be double sure first.

>> No.10627588

There is a visual kei discords still active https://discord.com/invite/XxgcWTv

>> No.10628420

use an SS or just buy it through CDJapan

>> No.10629137
File: 776 KB, 705x638, Kuvatõmmis 2021-06-10 125832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which Baby bag is this? Can´t find it in lolibrari, at least not under bags by baby category

>> No.10632420

Is greasepaint the only way to get fully opaque titanium white face coverage? I'm not what one would call swarthy but certainly not white enough to wear white foundation and still be 100% white looking. I want something I can put eye shadow and other makeup on top of.

>> No.10633174

there's no skincare and makeup thread at the moment, so I wanted to ask you guys if the flaxseed thing really does make your hair look nice

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