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"My bf didn't get a job because his profile picture was him posing with my D.Va buttocks" edition

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Good that's extremely cringe.

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My Wunderwelt order has been stuck in Japan for 2 months because they're not doing EMS to my country right now and I'm going to fucking lose it

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I know this isn't related to lolita but idk I wanted to vent about this and I mean, this person is a goth who sometimes does cosplay so it's sort of related to cosplay and fashion I guess
I've developed a crush on a literal tranny (not from my comm, I know him from elsewhere). I know it's gross but I have a massive thing for waifish goth-y guys and they're so rare nowadays, he's one of the only people I know who fit that phenotype. My type is literally going extinct and it makes me sad :(
Pic somewhat related, some dude who looks like him but with straight hair instead of floofy 80s hair like he has

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tfw no gf

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I've given up waiting for the sweet boom to end and just buy the overpriced shit so I can feel something.

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Look what happened to Robert Smith, they don't age well

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I know he doesn't look good but I think it's pretty badass to stay true to your preferred aesthetic when you grow old. Everyone looks shit when they're old, why not be cool as fuck?

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>tfw boobs too big

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Sue them for discriminating against bakas.

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I'm 130lbs for (last time i checked) 5"3-5"4 it's digusting, i gained 10 pounds with the pandemic and i had a massive binge yesterday to celebrate a birthday. I have small tits and not much curves so i absolutelycan't afford to be chubby or fat that'd be laughable.
The only thing stopping me: my boyfriend loves me at my current weight and thinks i've never been cuter and hotter but i feel repulsive and my body looks comical. I still fit into all my dresses but my waist being a good 27 inches and making me have to loosen my waist ties disgust me and I can't bear it anymore.
Be mean to me so I can read it to put the fork down

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Bruh why didn't you just get Yamato shipping

I'm sorry anon I have a huge thing for this exact type too and it's PAINFUL actual goth guys are already rare enough
Why must we suffer

Rob was never all that handsome to begin with desu but even Peter Murphy aged like milk on a hot summers day so enjoy them while ya can

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My job got bought out by a new company and they "rehired" us as new workers, so my 3 weeks of vacation I finally earned disappeared and now any extra days I wanted to take off for conventions aren't paid or (what I'm probably going to do) attending right after my shift

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I've got big dumb boobs, with a matching big dumb love of them.

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It’s hard to stay effeminate as you age. Not that he really wanted to pass, but look at Marilyn Manson, he looks like an absolute goober.

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i miss the era of jfash when fairy kei was in. I really miss milklim & maniaq. Also when listen flavor was like very bright and less edgy than it is now.

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Eat 1200 calories a day (maybe less with your height) and do lots of cardio. I’m almost to 130 myself (136lb 5’11”), just gotta work at it.

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go with your heart nonny, if he's hot don't talk yourself out of it

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Seeing what he looks like know was soul crushing, I had a crush on him too when I was younger. Don’t judge me

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27 inches isn't that big though??

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oh man id love to be in your spot
im 220 lbs and gained 50 during the pandemic while also being single
im going hard on a meal and exercise plan since march to bring me back to my cos weight lvls

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you got that body dysmorphia, huh

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A trans guy or trans girl?

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A 27" waist is hardly big. I weigh 120lbs am 5'4" and have a 28" waist with abs flat as a board.
Seek help for your mental illness not your weight nonny.

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I did too, but I'm a guy

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please seek therapy for your eating disorder

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that’s only a tiny bit squishy t b h, and it’s probably cute or not even noticeable. i guess everyone carries their weight differently, but you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself as long as you’re in a healthy range. it’s a stressful time.

i know there were tons of shitposts like a month ago calling that size huge or whatever but you really shouldn’t let that influence you (if it is). at that weight and height you’re probably not overeating, you’re just... eating. and that’s fine.

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I would go seek a doctor s advice. Being 130 is fine on a medium and large build (yes that matters) You're not overweight, but you need to watch your diet if you're gaining weight too fast. Take care of yourself, anon.

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Post body so we can judge if you're fat or not

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>5'7 135 lbs
>not even close to 27 inch waist
fuck man

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It's almost like
Being taller means you have more mass and people carry weight differently with varying bone structures...or something

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That's not a healthy goal weight

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>150 lbs 5'6
>34 waist

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Don’t care. I’m almost there and I’m almost happy with my weight for the first time in a long time. I’m almost half what I weighed at my worst, girls don’t treat me like I’m some huge creep anymore, just a regular sized creep.

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The amount of vocal newfags makes me almost yearn for the days where being on /cgl/ could get you ostracised (or even banned) from your local comm.

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11lbs down.


I miss the late 00s. Pepakura was booming. Good games were coming out and everyone wanted to make a suit. Ironman, Master Chief, Isaac. Some people even made a space marine and terran marine.

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Get therapy

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Man I'm a 5'10 guy and I'm only 8 pounds heavier than you and I'm not even anorexic or anything. Don't listen to these people, lose weight.

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I'm about your height and I'm coming down to 150lbs with 30 more to lose still ideally, and my waist is somehow only 28 inches. I'd say you could lose 5-10lbs and see if you feel any better in your skin, but you could also try toning up instead.

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138 for a 5'10 man is lanky and skinny as fuck. bulk up, bro

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Nah therapy is more expensive than brand.

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A manlet AND a lanklet? Gross.

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At least he's not fat. I dont think I'd be able to look at him without laughing, but at least he's got that.

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Anyone here into 80s/90s j-fashion? I've gotten really into it lately, but I feel like no one else is into it and that sucks.

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tfw you will never cosplay at Casa Bonita

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Anyone know where to get antique style syringes? I want to complete the look when I nod off in burando.

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I guess this is a common feel, but I'm extremely nervous about starting a cosplay project that requires expensive materials and has almost no room for error. I've always felt like I've been accident prone despite my best efforts and I really want to not fuck things up this time

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There are far too many sjws on this board now. Way too many troons and troon handmaidens in the friend finder thread alone

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Do you have prior experience with the expensive materials? I wouldn't make anything big with something new imo. Or try it on less quality/priced but similar materials to at least get your scale and methodology down.

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I hope he leaves you for someone that isn’t mental.

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I'd still fuck you.

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Ain't nothing wrong with a slam pig every once in a while, I just wouldn't want to be seen with one.

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I was nearing the obese bmi, now I'm a couple kg from healthy. That's great, but I wish i fucking knew to lose weight without undereating and spiraling into relapse. Hell, I know I'm cute and I could look so much better in lolita if I lost some more :(

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don’t be a freak about it and don’t say slurs

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the anon liking the tranny is enough of a favor, policing their vocabulary is overkill

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I like the motto "you'll look damn fine once you weigh ninety-nine"

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My Fitness Pal.

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Lol enjoy walking on eggshells to validate his womansona fetish. A permanently flaccid dick isn't worth it. Pull yourself together before he makes you start calling yourself a lesbian to validate him

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I always misuse it and go under the cals but I'll try again

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Stop trying to infect others with your mental illness, rattle bones.

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when I was a wee little soup fresh from the soup factory my mom told me if I had nothing nice to say I shouldn't say it at all. apparently my parents taught me better than some of (you)'s. I'm not naming names because that's rude but (you)'s know who (you)'s are.

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You're probably best to get over them. If you're trying to milk your goth-boy obsession out of an MTF she'll drop you as soon as she gets therapy or someone who isn't projecting her sadboy neuroses comes around lul
Good luck hunting for your endangered species

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I feel ya bruh. I've gained a bit of fat, my stomach is abt 28 inches now.. I feel disgusted. Try your best to eat as healthy as possible, avoid snacks throughout the day that aren't fruit. Count your calories. Set a time to work out everyday, be strict with yourself. If you get up to do something, try stepping in place. I hate being able to squish my arms n shit. You don't have to be 500 pounds to get rid of the extra fat on you.

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>t. butthurt cute goth tranny

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Bad feel, missing a dream listing because your SS isn't as fast as you are.

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£450 Mercari/Closet Child/Mandarake order made it safely into my greedy grabbing hands without hitting customs, AND my work's paying for all of it

pic related, the clothes are men's jfash most of this board don't care about so I'll just post the figs

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I measured my rib cage and it’s 90cm. Just my ribcage. Not my bust. And I’m 5’1”. And not fat. Anyone want to lend me a gun to shoot myself with?

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That's literally smack dab in the middle of average for an adult. Curb your mental illness.

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I like being skinny
I'm just a twink

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When everyone is pretending not to notice the new girl's cameltoe.

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See, the thing about losing weight consistently and in a healthy way is that it demands that you develop a structured diet, and that involves dietary reeducation.

First thing, create a diet which makes you MAINTAIN your weight. Not gain, not lose, just stay the same. It has to be healthy, some carbs, some protein, etc. After that, you can start manipulating your diet. Want to lose weight? Cut some carbs, take out some off the quantity of your meals, etc. Want to gain weight? Do the opposite.

The thing is: it has to be organized. Otherwise you'll just rebound back (or even worse, get even fatter) if you try some crazy diet.

After this, want to go even further? Add some exercises. Measure how your body reacts, does it feel you need more carbs? More protein? Play with the fat/muscle ratio of your body.

- a ex-/fit/zen who helped her gf achieve the body SHE wanted

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My friend was going to get married on the same weekend as Katsucon 2021. Obviously neither of those happened.

Now she rescheduled her wedding for Colossal East and her bachelorette weekend for Otakon.

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how do i find a cosplay gf...

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Buy full-length mirror
Dress up as girl
Easy as

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How do I not panic when going to interviews for entry level jobs?
I know I shouldn’t worry and I should think about the extra money I could have for more brand, but Jesus is my anxiety through the roof.

>> No.10622478

im already doing this though, whats next

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This is the THE most autistic thing I’ve ever done, but act like Patrick Bateman. You’re not John Anon applying to an entry level log auditing job, you’re Patrick Bateman.. applying to an entry level auditing job.

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Wear cat ears and glasses

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One of the big things that's stopping me from having more confidence to wear lolita/jfash out in public is how I'm concerned people will mistake me as underage. I already get mistaken as underage in normie clothes, which I think is stupid because no kid around here goes out in a dress with pantyhose and jewelry, but I feel like if I wear cute things it'll just reinforce it. The other day a nurse tried to stop me from getting vaccinated and kept asking me my birthday over and over; you need to be 12 to be eligible. Plus I don't want to attract creeps and criminals looking for easy targets. I don't mind people thinking I'm weird/different for my styles but for certain reasons it really gets at me when people think I'm a little kid and it makes me feel like I have to dress super mature and officelike all the time.

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How...young are you to have people thinking you're younger than 12...?

>> No.10622528

I’ve had good luck with “tactical breathing” beforehand and keeping a hot water bottle on my lap during phone interviews.

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18, but I'm shorter than the average 13 year old in my country. Usually most people don't guess as young as she did though

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Uh you basically are a child. Calm down.

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You absolutely are anorexic, that is not a healthy weight. I was at a similar height and weight a few years ago when I was on a shitload of adderall, and would get head rushes and lose vision because I wasn't eating. Admittedly I was also doing a lot of sports but still.

>I'm just a twink
I mean hot, but you can be a twink and still be at a healthy weight. Eat more protein and lift, like, some at least.

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It's ok, anon. Nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight but don't work yourself up too much about it. It's harder to reach your goals healthily when you feel gross. Remember that other people don't see it the way you do, clearly your boyfriend likes it, and I mean cgl is just full of skellies.

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I am so close to getting my hands on a really inexpensive vintage industrial sewing machine but the seller is being extremely noncommittal. I have the money, what's the issue?

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I knew you had to be a teenager to get those kind of responses.
Part of me thinks you're also just saying 18 because it's the min age req to be here
And you're actually younger
Either way you are still a child so not surprising people still treat you like one

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I used to love looking at worn lolita coords, especially on the street snaps and from Japan.

Over 10 years later and for some reason i just have kinda sad, blah or negative feelings looking at cute coords online, especially from the western comm. I don't know why that is but it started with the pandemic and the sweet boom. I'm a huge sweetfag so now I just assume every ott sweet coord with an old dress is a shitty trend hopper. I can't wait for a new trend to appear.

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Yeah in retrospect it was a silly post to make because of how underage it sounds. I understand that I'm still young but the thing that bothers me is when people who are the same age as me will talk down to me. Since they're letting me attend college in-person for the first time soon, I'm worried that I'll give off an impression that gets me socially ostracized.

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I'm one of the weight gain anons from the past thread, I got out yesterday and spent the afternoon exercising and it felt so good! Hopefully I can lose this lockdown weight

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don't go lmao cce is going to be the only con worth going to this year

>> No.10622772

EXCEPTIONALLY based and acting pilled
It is technically extremely autistic but generally having the way you want to come off in your head and then acting it is a great way to pull this sort of shit off

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>February 2020
>get sexually propositioned by a Harley Quinn cosplayer
>deny; go to Arby's instead
>go on Facebook today
>she's on the con's group page
>mfw she got chlamydia

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I just know she had to be nasty when going to Arby's was better than getting laid

>> No.10622780

I didn't look that young at 18, just was usually guessed to be a 2-3 years younger, but to confess, wearing jfash to university made my impostor syndrome so much worse. I usually don't care about what people think of the way I dress, but I was having a hard time academically and socially and once I thought people were going to judge me for bad grades, I was worried the way I dressed would make it so much worse. (Spoiler: people were, at least to my face, incredibly nice, and if I did open up and ask for help I got it in spades, so really my biggest problem was myself). So don't get too in your own head.

You can't control how other people perceive you, but you can control how you respond to those perceptions. From my experience, there aren't really cliques like in high school because the schools are so large and everyone is so spread out, but people do tend to end up getting acquainted due to proximity, and as such make friends with people from the same dorm, lab group, etc. I don't think you would end up ostracized, as long as you're nice, anyone you might talk to will have a chance to get past first impressions. But certainly jfash change what that first impressions ends up being. Clubs are a fantastic tool for making friends, so if you can join one, take advantage of it.

If you're still worried about it, but the idea of not wearing jfash often makes you sad, you could always compromise and wear more toned down or jfash influenced normie.

>> No.10622813

Thanks anon, this is really nice. I think I'll just try it out and see how things go, who knows, I might meet some other people who like jfash

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Thanks a lot for the tips anon, I'm already introducing a little cardio and trying to be mindful of my diet! Would you say that frequenting /fit/ can be beneficial on a weightloss journey or nah?

>> No.10622827

Fit is fine, there was a really good pro ana forum but it got taken over like a week ago

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I don't fuck strangers. It saved me from chlamydia.

>> No.10622829

No skelly forum is better than MPA 2, but which one you're talking about?

>> No.10622830

You must be fun at parties

>> No.10622833

Oh, I was talking about mpa

>> No.10622837

Well it was about time, that shit was unmoderated and full of predators

>> No.10622838

t. anon with gonorrhoea

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I'm 24 and I've never had a boyfriend. I wear lolita, watch anime & cosplay sometimes. I'm not ugly, and I'm borderline underweight. However, I have aspergers, & every guy I've been on dates with who's into anime stuff seems to want to get into a physical relationship immediately, and I'm not comfortable with that. I just want a slow progressing romance like some shoujo anime or something sweet like that. I fear I'll always be alone.

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>> No.10622875

if you lay out your desires to take it slow men are generally respectful and game to try from my experience. not sure if this is a situation where you've communicated this and he pressures you anyway, in that case keep dumping those assholes. also being alone is fine. don't fall into the trap of being so desperate to avoid loneliness you settle for some loser that ends up essentially being your child instead of a partner. better to be alone than that

if the issue is that you're not communicating your needs and wants because you want it to be romantic "like some shoujo anime" that shit is fiction. i know it's not romantic to seriously discuss relationship stuff early on but it will help you avoid fuckboys and save you time.

>> No.10622883

This was exactly me a couple years ago except 5’2 and I have a small frame. Noticed my clothes getting tight but it didn’t hit home until I saw some pictures of myself and felt disgusting. 130 can definitely be bordering chubby depending on your frame. I started going to the gym 3x a week, cut out snacks (a dessert every so often is ok, I was snacking a lot between meals) and made some small changes like walking to work every day. Didn’t change my diet too much other than the snacks or count calories and it worked for me! I am hopeful for you.

It helps to take things slow and steady because it’s easier to maintain.

>> No.10622889

Listen to >>10622875 anon, anon. I'm just like you, and the best thing I ever did was to lay out my intentions right from the beginning. I started to clearly say that I wasn't interest in sexual contact unless I felt safe and trusted the person enough, and that I'd prefer to wait and develop a relationship before trying anything of the sorts. If the person wasn't into that, I'd just dump them, no need to keep by your side someone with a different goal in relationship or who won't respect your own time and boundaries.
With time I eventually met my now husband, and I'm really thankful now for having set those boundaries from the beginning.

>> No.10622890

Pls be my cosplay sperg gf
t. 25yo sperg

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>thinking sex should only be with someone you love and trust

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Big bellies are beautiful

>> No.10622918

I have plenty of fun peeing without pain.

>> No.10622919

Let me guess, you think sex is the most romantic and personal thing in the world, don’t you?

>> No.10622930

The hell they are. Are you fat?

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>> No.10622944

Sex should be with people you want to have sex with and when you want to have it, else it's rape.

Being the condition for that love or anything else is up to the individual,anon.

>> No.10622945

Wee woo wee wooo Incel alert incel alert

>> No.10622946

Rape is only justified when the person who loves and trusts you will still never want to fuck you desu.

>> No.10622947

Woof woof arf arf bark woof woof

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I'm bored af too but pls don't bite

>> No.10622950

If you’re dating someone, expect to have sex with them. If you don’t, but date someone anyway, you’re practically asking to be raped. That’s how life is.

>> No.10622952


Nerds tend to be sexually frustrated. Plus culture promotes promiscuity. Also while sex used to be regarded as a reward for bonding, now it is considered as a tool to measure the potential compatibility.
With that said I wonder what it's like to date a girl with aspergers.

>> No.10622953

>reward for bonding
Wut? Sex literally IS bonding, you retard.

>> No.10622954

Nah, you're the retard

>> No.10622956

People literally bond by having sex. How do you not understand that?

>> No.10622957

Yeah, and it's also a reward for bonding. Two things can coexist.

>> No.10622958

Now you're speaking my language

>> No.10622959

How do you think people bond before getting the reward then?

>> No.10622960

Not everyone fucks like bunnies upon first meeting someone. You've heard of dates, right?

>> No.10622961

Bonding won’t get very far without having sex though.

>> No.10622970

I care about men's jfash. Please post your haul!

>> No.10622987

It 100% will you filthy coomer
Some of us are actually capable of relating and bonding with others without fucking first

>> No.10622988

tell that to all my friends who married dudes they met in MMOs
some of them took years before they met up in person but they did LDR the whole time
both people were always losers desu. but they are all married with kid(s) now so they are happy enough

>> No.10622989

Rapist spotted

>> No.10622990

>Tfw you're trying to act like you're proud of your 8 months pregnant looking belly and not insecure but still gotta shoop the shit out of your face

>> No.10622991

You're inevitably still going to fuck at some point though. Don't downplay the importance of sex.

>> No.10622994

Well my husband and i "have sex", but it's with my boyfriend while he watches.

>> No.10623013

I am also autistic. I was up front with my boyfriend at the beginning with what I need and expect from a relationship. Fortunately he was very patient and we've been together for about three years now. If the person you're talking to can't provide you with what you need, it's better to know immediately. Also, in my experience guys who are into anime are usually creeps.

>> No.10623014 [DELETED] 

Forgot to add: you still need to be realistic with your expectations. Shoujos are fiction, but there are great guys out there who can make you happy if you're honest with them.

>> No.10623054

I'm a recovering cutter and I want to do it again so badly it aches, but scars aren't kawaii and don't go with lolita.

>> No.10623055

It gets better anon.

>> No.10623056

Thank you. I know you're right. I quit for three years and I was a serious cutter - going to the hospital every time - and I know if I've done it once I can quit again. I just have to keep repeating to myself that scars aren't kawaii and razorblade + hospital money is burando money.

>> No.10623057

I had the same struggle and lolita and thinking about looking cute and investing in burando helped me

>> No.10623062

I was both a cutter and bulimic as fuck, but have somehow quit both and now rarely think of either. In fact, a lot of times I feel so much shame and regret for how I treated myself. We really do need to learn to be our own best friends, and to love us as we would a child or pet that we had responsibility and love for.

I can't go back and change how I treated myself, and I still have scars and damage constantly reminding me of that, but I can always remember to love and cherish myself even when it is hard. You can do it anon! I had no support at all so I know how hard it can be, but it is totally possible and I have faith in you.

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I was talking about marriage.

>> No.10623191

I'm the same height as you and only weigh in 98lbs

Lose weight fatty

>> No.10623193

Are you Asian? Because if you're white and weigh 98 thats anorexic, but if you're of a light boned race then you're fine

>> No.10623219

Nayrt it's not anorexic, but underweight. Please don't mix up these two.

>> No.10623226

I have such a difficult time making friends. I get really bad anxiety in social situations and i end up saying very little and I feel like it comes off bitchy. It doesn’t help that I’m not 100% fluent in the language commonly spoken in the country I live in so it takes a lot of mental energy for me to follow conversations and make sure I’m understanding. I’m just feeling down on myself right now.

>> No.10623241

she called the other anon fat. pretty obvious ana-chan.

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>tfw you have 1 year to lose 70 pounds

>> No.10623353

>every guy I've been on dates with seems to want to get into a physical relationship immediately, and I'm not comfortable with that
did you tell them that? otherwise they might think you're not interested, or not attracted to them, and just nope the fuck out.

>> No.10623363

Nayrt but I assume the issue is the guys nope the fuck out immediately because they aren't getting pussy and that's all they really want anyway.

Intelligent men are smart enough to know that just because you don't want their dick in you immediately doesn't mean you're not interested in a long term relationship.

>> No.10623364

How much did you end up losing?

>> No.10623400

>I assume the issue is the guys nope the fuck out immediately because they aren't getting pussy and that's all they really want anyway.
Did you ask them?
Not trying to blame anyone here. I'm just suggesting that if anon wants something specific (a relationship that starts romantic-only and only gets sexual later, in this case), communication always helps.
>Intelligent men are smart enough to know that just because you don't want their dick in you immediately doesn't mean you're not interested in a long term relationship.
Hard disagree here, "they'll be smart enough to know I'm interested in a long term relationship even if I don't want sex now" sounds like wishful thinking. They might think that way, or they might think you're uninterested. It depends on how you communicate. I think talking is the way to go.

>> No.10623409

I used to be a consoomer and in the last couple of years mostly stopped.

However I've been feeling lately like I miss it... The idea was that without focusing so much on material things, I'd spend more time on learning things and hobbies. And I do, but it doesn't feel satisfying. I get bored of things easily. I also spend more time thinking about my problems, which are not real problems and thus don't have real solutions. I don't want to go to a therapist because I've gone a few times to different ones and just found it a waste of money. One of them kind of made my life worse.

I guess I need a "purpose" and the material stuff was giving me a false sense of purpose all along. But it's been a long time and I have no more real sense of purpose, and don't even really want one. At least with the consooming I had something else on my mind besides stupid made up problems. I just hate living.

>> No.10623412
File: 127 KB, 469x500, 0718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any Huelanders around?
Do you guys think we'll have cons next year, at least?

>> No.10623416

this is around 7 pounds a month
you can do it, it's just dificult, and you need to maintain a loss rate of around 1.5lbs a week

>> No.10623419

ugh, an annoying girl I hate is going to a meetup I'll be attending. I can't even be mean to her because she constantly victimizes herself in her ploys for attention. I know this post makes me seem like a massive bitch because I am one so I'm just gonna wear head to toe brand and hope for the best. Give me strength, gulls.

>> No.10623420

Have you considered rape?

>> No.10623422

Sex really isn't that important
You're just a coomer who can't survive without it

>> No.10623435

Date someone without fucking and tell me if it's still not important then.

>> No.10623436

one, on the first date (which was just coffee) he suddenly started making out with me in a parking lot and I was super caught off guard, esp bc it was super normal conversation beforehand.
Another stopped texting me after I declined sex at the end of the date, & another guy I'd gone on two dates with but then started pestering me about seeing me in a sexy maid outfit.
This has been my only dating experience in the past 2ish years before covid. I haven't tried at all since the pandemic, obvs. Might be of note that these were all guys I met on tinder.
>if the issue is that you're not communicating your needs and wants because you want it to be romantic "like some shoujo anime" that shit is fiction.
I meant more that I'd prefer that a romantic relationship stem from becoming friends or something first, and building from that, but I feel like current dating culture goes really fast and I don't understand how people seem to have feelings and be in a relationship so quickly

>> No.10623469

Found a cheap secondhand brand dress in good condition at my local online marketplace.
Then I saw that the model looked a bit off.
Noticed that it was a male trying to fit his enormous shoulders into it.
He even reduced his shovel hands by wearing gloves and positioning carefully.
Then I found out that he had a sissy fetish.
Bullet fucking dodged.

>> No.10623477

Who gives a shit cheap brand is cheap brand

>> No.10623478

I have and that wasn't even my ldr
Seethe and dilate

>> No.10623536


Tinder is a hookup app. Why don't you try approaching guys in the street instead?

>> No.10623539

Just because you don’t have standards doesn’t mean that others don’t

>> No.10623542

It's not inherently a hookup app. Or at least it wasn't originally supposed to be.

I'm nta but I've had Tinder profiles and specified I am not interested in casual sex and want a relationship and men will still dive straight in and assume they're getting laid and act whiny and hurt when I reject them. No matter how much you communicate men that are trash will be trash.

I agree IRL is probably better though. I met my partner that way, and meeting them, being friends first, and having interacted with them in a group setting to see how they treat other peoole and what their personality is like when they're not trying to show off or be on their best behavior for you is really helpful.

>> No.10623545

>actually trying to communicate instead of just unmatching
the mental energy

>> No.10623589
File: 692 KB, 650x975, monero-chan3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'd prefer that a romantic relationship stem from becoming friends or something first
Are you a cosplayer? That is something I've seen happen a lot in local groups.
my nigga, you're likely not gonna to live your shoujo manga love story with boys you met on Tinder.
The app itself is fine, but if you're NOT looking to get touchy, then you have to tell them, because most people install that app _because_ they want to get touchy and have sex etc etc
That being said, don't give up! I've actually met a good friend of the opposite sex on Tinder. Our personalities matched well but I was way too busy with university and work back then to actually go on a date. But we got along really well, there was no pressure from any sides, and we'd meet each other to hang out on cons.
What I recommend is putting your nerd interests there so people can come to you to talk about it, not just because they thought you were cute. Do that while keeping in mind that most people _will_ want to get phyisical soon anyway.

>> No.10623591

Bro, your first mistake is using a dating app. Especially since a lot of people treat them like hook up apps.

Having said that, I think you can meet people online and become friends then progress to relationships, but I think it comes from just doing something you like already (gaming, or putting yourself out there somehow, either through art posting, forums, tumblr or other social media). I met my Man on tumblr, believe it or not, and I met my ex through WoW.

My current partner is amazing as hell, and as long as you are okay with LDR, meeting online is a great way to go if you are more like me. Iäm introverted as fuck, prefer making friends first then progressing to relationships, etc. It isnt always easy to find people okay with LDR, but it is possible, and plus, you can always go meet up. My current partner and I have been together for a year now and have plans to meet up this year. Going half way across the world for his ass, but I am super excited and happy. Dont give up, just dont expect your romantic times to come from a dating app. Do what you like and put yourself out there online a bit, and you will eventually meet someone. You just have to put yourself out there so people can get to know you.

>> No.10623595

This post is good advice.

>> No.10623604

Usually I don't post here because
But damn is this thread making me feel weird things about my weight, like I've always been a huge lanklet and considered myself thin at my current 6'0 155-165 lbs, but I realize its a decent weight and I'm not severely underweight like I was in middle/early high school- 5'3 90 lbs.

I used to always get worried people would think I was anorexic, and always had to explain myself, but always thought of self-image weight issues as being silly. Like, I knew I was thin and needed to gain. And I knew fat people who worked to lose. But folks who just... think they're fat at a healthy weight and start trying to lose more than they should? Or fat folk who think they're a ok- or too thin? Thought it was a meme til I started browsing these threads. I bring this up now because some of you all are kinda whack in this regard. obviously everyone's body is different so I can't speak for anyone but myself, but don't ruin something that's already in a good state. i don't know how to help, but know that you're probably already fairly healthy and only need a bit of fitness and conditioning, rather than something intensive. Unless you're a 300 lb landwhale.

>> No.10623654

Any dating app is going to connect you with touch starved people who are looking for something sexual not sure what you expected

>> No.10623656

>Waaaaa a nasty man thing touched my precious burando even though all my other secondhand burando probably has nasty shit on it from previous owners anyway

>> No.10623687

If its my burando I don't want you touching it. Secondhand or not.

>> No.10623692
File: 95 KB, 1000x1000, sasharamen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never again dating a girl who does a "loli voice"

>> No.10623706

That's what secondhand means though... That someone wore it before you.


>> No.10623736

I did unmatch those people fairly quickly because I put the fact that I wasn't into casual sex IN MY PROFILE and the dumbasses didn't read it and would be all "well no one wants you anyway bitch" or "well I thought I had a chance" and shit when I reject their sexual advances.

>> No.10623751

Only a few mentally ill manhaters use "scrote".

>> No.10623794

I used to chadfish and post results on /fit/, a lot (of course not all but a lot) drop that when they get matched with some random male model I found on yandex, and it gives absolute goober false hope that they can just talk their way into bed

>> No.10623836

And after I buy it and clean it, it is not for other people to touch. You're sounding weirdly entitled towards touching other people and their clothing are you okay?

>> No.10623845

Nobody disagrees. Your whole issue is that a sissy owned it before you. Which is dumb.

>> No.10623856

Huh, I've seen it a LOT here and figured it was just common practice.

>> No.10623882

FDS popularized it

>> No.10623885

Actually a lot of people who don't hate men use it just for fun against stupid dudes who also use terms like roastie.

Idk why some anons get so butthurt over it being used when it's the same as calling someone a retard. It's really directed only towards stupid males showing their asses or that people are disagreeing with so it's kind of used the same as retard or autistic really.

>> No.10623898

It's a fun word to use

>> No.10623957

That's positive growth anon
Good for you.

Are YOU okay? You seem to be incapable of processing the fact that secondhand clothing will always have been touched/worn by other people. You're just in a snit about that person possibly being a man. It's been worn and touched by another person like any other secondhand brand. Get over it.

>> No.10624162

You see it a lot because the board has little traffic.

Scrote is directed at any man for having a dick. Roastie is directed at sluts.

>> No.10624184

>Scrote is directed at any man for having a dick. Roastie is directed at sluts.

Roastie is directed at any woman for having sex more sex than any person using the word approves them having, or for being older than 15 because of retarded incel notions that all women are used up sluts by the time they're legal because they think porn stars and ethots are representative of the average woman.

Scrote isn't always just used at any male poster by the majority of lolitas, it's the annoying ones who act like they know lolita better than women who wear it or ones who butt into conversations with unsolicited opinions and tend to announce their maleness like "I'm a single guy and know nothing about lolita but..." and people tell them to fuck off because no one asked them, the same way if a girl butted into a male dominant thread with a random ill informed opinion people would be understandably hostile, only it happens far more to women that men try to explain things we already know better than them to us, so it's like 10x more annoying than it already is at base level for either gender.

Both of them have different intended contexts but are also thrown out at anyone someone disagrees with because they're generally insulting, like retard, autist, etc. but because scrote is male specific people want to whine about sexism over it when in the broader scope of things the people getting called scrotes have no problem with sexism (hence, the roastie being used at "sluts", when the concept of a slut has obvious sexist connotations and is only used at women) they just got their feelings hurt that we have a mildly amusing insult to throw at men and some of the board uses it.

>> No.10624202

>in the broader scope of things the people getting called scrotes have no problem with sexism (hence, the roastie being used at "sluts")
I agree with everything else you said, except this part. Only robots use "roastie", and people who don't like one of those, imo tend to not like the other either.
I'm not the slang police though. If peopl are going to feel pissed at a word, you're might be better off from 4chan.

>> No.10624203

my expendable income is about to drop to nothing. no more lolita for me. good bye serotonin

>> No.10624233
File: 193 KB, 1200x1600, 1200px-Ladybeard_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My SO wants to cosplay a very feminine/kawaii anime character and is spending a good amount of money to do so. I don't want to hurt his feelings or anything but I only sense disaster. He wants to pull off the "kawaii uwu anime character" vibe and desu I don't think as a biological man with his bone structure he will be able to. I'm also worried he isn't going to live up to his own expectations and will be depressed about how he looks.

>> No.10624267

Congratulations anon!!

>> No.10624277

yes its finally time to kms :)

>> No.10624306

How about a lovers suicide?

>> No.10624308

i've been on my period for 5 days and i just want to fucking wear lolita oh my god

>> No.10624314

Just tape it shut, works for me

>> No.10624322
File: 29 KB, 540x483, CK1I_ifWgAAck0I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for making me laugh at least

>> No.10624337

What good is that. Learn the seamstress's art instead.

You know you should tell him. Think of it as an exercise for when you'll have to reign him in during his midlife crisis.

Roastie is used to describe promiscuous women, similar to manwhore for men. Not a woman who has slept with three-four men over a quarter of a century. It comes from the belief that an overexerted vagina gets stretched into looking like roast beef. We have been over this before and you have been called out by both men and women.

>Scrote isn't always just used at any male poster by the majority of lolitas
It isn't used by the majority of lolitas period. It's a forced meme. And yes, it is thrown around at the mention or suspicion of a penis. It's always "fuck off scrote" and "/cgl/ is a girls' board". Even in unisex threads like the feels thread.

>who butt into conversations with unsolicited opinion
You are going to elicit an opinion from people in the same space as you. Do something in private and it's a private opinion. Do something in public and it's a public opinion.

>tend to announce their maleness like "I'm a single guy and know nothing about lolita but..."
Sounds like anon was giving context on his opinion. I've no idea how someone could take this as a flex.

Sexism is you equating promiscuity in women to an inborn and characteristic thing like the scrotum is to men.

>> No.10624390
File: 2.00 MB, 637x450, 697a015.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going camping this weekend with some bible study friends. Going to be a fun time :)

>> No.10624393

>tfw virgin with a roast beef vagina

>> No.10624395

>We have been over this before and you have been called out by both men and women.

kek I'm not even one of the people using the term, it's just whiny baby behavior to complain about one and not another. Plus we're on 4chan, grow some thicker skin ffs.

>> No.10624407

Mongolian Dress Discussion and Fetish forum

>> No.10624412


Anon, you (or someone like you) seem hell bent on saying it is one single mentally ill woman on this board who says scrote, and while I don't unless I'm trolling, I'm almost certain it's more than that.

On top of that we're on cgl, the majority of people here male or female are mentally ill, and if you are going to complain about sexism, maybe you should also be worried about other -isms like ableism, which is what you're engaging in when you claim or agree with those who claim that being mentally ill is bad or inferior and using mental illness as an insult.

We get it, you don't want women to have more sex than you agree with and feel justified calling them roasties because they deserve it for being such awful sluts, but you are also sensitive about being insulted in a way that refers to your manhood, boo hoo. No one believes you actually care about sexism when you're attempting to change the definition of it to victimize yourself because a word offends you.


>> No.10624413

>tfw total slut with cute innie

>> No.10624416

Equally gross but in a different way

>> No.10624422

Its literally not

>> No.10624431

It’s nasty. I know. At least I’m asexual so no one is going to see it anyway.

>> No.10624512

Japonica forgot to snipe bid on an auction for me. I'd left lolita for a few years and this was the first auction I was interested in in a really long time

>> No.10624515

Rip anon
Yeah they’ve been kinda lagging it lately. They get a lot more people ordering these days.

>> No.10624520

Have a good time. Bible study seems fun. Makes me wanna start a religion.

>> No.10624587

>first date with a girl next week
>shes super sweet and I like her a lot but idk how to flirt with girls so all of our convos have just been friendly small talk
what do anons? I took for granted how nice it was to be on the other side of just letting gender stereotypes work their course and lettings guys handle all the initiation for that but I have no idea how to approach it smoothly with this girl. My other friend saw our text convo and said we talk like friendly coworkers, not two women who are interested in each other and going on a date soon. Fuck.

>> No.10624638

Just keep getting to know her and being her friend. It's hard to make something work out if you both are just acquaintances. Good luck anon.

>> No.10624654
File: 82 KB, 1080x1041, 1616962017522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being her friend
>Tfw infinite women friends by just being friendly
>tfw 28 yo /fit/ tfwnogf5evervirgin
Man idk chief.

>> No.10624655

I'm sure it's great. Don't feel bad about it.

>> No.10624659

so i my parents r getting old si i decided to sign up for an ems class because it's a good skill to know. annnyyyywaaays they make you toch ppl an shit and it's pretty weidchamp. next week there's going to be full body checking and you have to take your shoes and socks off so that pppl can check your feet and that's just straight up uncomfy. I dont want ppl touching my big toe let alone my little one. i think i should just drop it

>> No.10624691

I had to nope out when they checked my butthole and always regretted it.

>> No.10624712
File: 64 KB, 1080x624, 101029081_10202412941147099_4909963143423197184_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My bf just turned 30 and is scared he can't be kawaiii anymore.

>> No.10624775

not my butthole!!! damn haven’t felt an earthquake in a min spooked me

>> No.10624871
File: 1.12 MB, 763x772, dedgoof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wondered why a girl in our cos group was so awkward around my bf. Turns out he banged that thottie last year before we met.

>> No.10624938

Ems? Like emergency medical services? I think it's worth sticking with. And you'll probably get to check butts too. But... it likely will be in either training or medical context

>> No.10624956

Hes lying

>> No.10624963

>want to date a female cosplayer
>all the non-slutty cosplayers are only interested in women
why it be this way

>> No.10624977
File: 242 KB, 960x1280, b3fc67366e11d484c3e19d5ae7abc792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my bf knew i was into lolita before i moved in, but he didn't quite know how into it. we've been together for a couple years. we had a weird conversation that started with how he didn't really like one of my headdresses, then he kind of let drop that he just doesn't like lolita very much

i feel hurt, but i'm probably just being immature i guess? i have a big(ish, i know standards are different) wardrobe and wear it 4 days a week, more if i can. i've been at it for a decade. so knowing he doesn't really like it just hurts. it'd be like me saying "i don't like black t-shirts and black pants" or "i don't like rick owens" (lmao) because that's what he wears.

but he's really supportive, he's done so many lolita-adjacent things with and for me. like getting a dd that was close to $600, taking me to tea, taking outfit pics, hell our second bedroom is my lolita/craft room. he's done all of those things for me, and gave all of it to me, without me asking for it. so i guess the fact that he doesn't really like lolita makes all of that more amazing, since his only motivation was to make me happy. he's really great!

but i do wish he liked it, and i can't help feeling sad and wishing i knew sooner. if he knew how i felt he would tell me i'm being silly and that he just wants me to be happy or something, but i can't shake it.

>> No.10624980

I bought a jsk in 2016 for $150, wore it once, stuck it in storage, and just sold it for $200. Feels good
More for me then

>> No.10624982

dump him and find someone who doesn't shit on your hobbies

>> No.10624989

People are allowed to have different hobbies in relationships. Someone being akin to liking it too, is basically sharing a hobby with you.

My boyfriend *maybe* likes it. But it doesn't make a difference if he does or doesn't, because I'll do it anyway. I guess I don't buy certain things cause he calls them easter dresses lmfao. But I think the best thing you can do is just laugh it off.

If he's supportive of it. I think that's literally the best thing you can ask for, imo. Especially if he bought you a dream dress for 600$. He really just cares about your happiness and truth be told, Lolita is not a male fashion nor is it to appeal to men. That's why you should be ok with this, but the likelihood is that he just enjoys you without all the makeup, the clothes, the frills, more than anything. That's better than anything you could ask for imo.

>> No.10624991

Socially inept femcel detected.

>> No.10624992

Expressing he isn't a fan of lolita isn't shitting on her hobbies and he seems otherwise extremely supportive. Maybe he just didn't realize how worked up about it his partner would get over him saying it? My bf doesn't really care about lolita at all but does kind of take moments to be like "this girl I follow or who is dating my friend seems to wear lolita, isn't her outfit cute/do you like her style?" Despite never really listening when I show him cute new releases I am excited for and all. The way everyone's partner tries to engage with their interests will inevitably vary but as long as they aren't being unsupportive or telling you to stop what you're doing, it's fine for them to simply not be into your hobby.

>> No.10625002

My gf makes fun of most my hobbies but I can't do better so I deal. Its not that bad.

>> No.10625008

To be quite frank the only way to get a partner who actively "likes" lolita....is to date a lolita. It's great that he is supportive, that is pretty much the bare minimum and all you can expect from straight dudes. It's a niche superfeminine hobby. I'm sure he has a hobby you're indifferent to. Mine doesn't care about lolita but every present I want and get from him is dresses, he's supportive. If I liked BJDs instead it would be the same thing. It's normal, you're being silly. Date a lolita if you want super lolita life

>> No.10625017

lmao bugchaser

>> No.10625018


I think >>10625008 hits the nail on the head. I guess I was initially hurt as well when my partner told me that, but he shows support by always going out with me to froofy places and taking my pics and letting me have my time with my coord. He recently took up target shooting as a hobby and sometimes I'm a bit ambivalent about it, but I respect his time with it and honestly I'm just glad he has a hobby he likes now so it goes both ways.

>> No.10625043

I know how you feel attractive goth tomboys are what I die for and there are so few goth chicks that somehow have enough femininity to look like a girl but also get that tough strong ass frame I love.

>> No.10625046

He likes your fat ass and thighs. Also a little belly is cute. Work out and get toned so you can have the booty, the thighs, and a flat belly with some flab. He will do whatever you ask.

>> No.10625050

But we love camel toe. Why do you need to hate on a girls body. One day she will be fat and old and no one will want to see that at all.

>> No.10625058

I got accepted into my 1st choice for college! I also have to pay a $300 non-refundable admission fee. ; n;

Oh well, I can always buy brando later

>> No.10625085
File: 102 KB, 423x250, 1622738852999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10625110

Too bad they wouldn’t fuck you

>> No.10625119

your bf is saying he loves you in that weight, he is not doing you any favors, from now on prettend he fucking hates you getting fat, cause it's low key reality, ask him this, if he'd like you being a nice weight, if he says no don't dump him but slap him.
Long story short, stop being fat for you and for him.

>> No.10625122

hahaha die bitch

>> No.10625144

>Also a little belly is cute
Literally coping

>> No.10625148

I don't know if anyone cares but I managed to get the seller to commit! I'm paying and picking it up in two days. It's a WW2 era beast that will serve my heavier duty cosplay needs well and is fully functional. I've wanted an industrial for so long so it's a dream come true to get one for so little

>> No.10625153

Same height and weight...ouch anon but I feel this.

>> No.10625174


>> No.10625437

Um no I am not

>> No.10625441

i am thinn and i think a soft tummy is cute. like obviously not a huge big belly, but a little bit of fat you can poke is cute.

i think it bears repeating that being very thin is not all it's cracked up to be. it won't magically make you cuter, unless you're actually overweight. in fact, at anon's size here >>10621396 losing any significant amount of weight would probably thin out their face and make them more gaunt looking, which is Not Cute™.

chasing some weird unattainable ideal is the true cope. losing weight won't fix your mental illness.

>> No.10625458

You remind me of something I've read on Giambatista Vico.


You have gone through the barbarism of sensation, the materialist sensual phase, and now you are in the barbarism of reflection, where abstractions curl into one themselves in a dissatisfactory nihilistic mess. The way out, as annoying as it sounds, is religion. Throw a dart, any of them will do.

Also, eat a double bacon cheeseburger.

>> No.10625466

>tell guy on tinder im trans
>"thats fine, im bi"
Not the answer I was looking for.

>> No.10625473

Trans doesn't mean shit towards sexual orientation, idiot.

>> No.10625475

Stop chasing gay guys aiden. They don't want your pussy no matter how big your clit is

>> No.10625476

I'm in the process of selling off virtually all of my lolita and jfashion clothes because I haven't worn them in years and can't justify holding on to them. It's weird. I thought I would be sad. But I don't really feel anything about it.

>> No.10625478

You might interpret it as
>don't worry about it, I'm part of LGBT too
Honestly I don't think he had ill intention.

>> No.10625479

So uh...what are you going to wear now?

>> No.10625481

imagine dumping a person you got to the point you're living with because he once said "I don't like thing"
I'm not trying to make less of you anon, but I wonder how long your marriage will last if this is enough for a break up

>> No.10625484

Just normal clothes I guess. I have a few casual, more unisex jfash pieces in my wardrobe still. I always felt like I was in drag in lolita. I think despite being an honest to god female my features are too manly looking for it. I mostly wear clothes from the men's section in my daily life anyways. I've done a few cosplays in the past. I wouldn't mind getting more serious about that and putting my time and money into that instead

>> No.10625486

Sounds like a plan. You could also go for ouji if you really felt like it.

>> No.10625511

invest in a menstrual cup anon. never had a drop touch my clothes since. they’re actually magic

>> No.10625520

Imagine not being happy with your dinner and telling the waiter to have it redone. Why settle for less than what you deserve?

>> No.10625523

I'm thinking about it. There are a few pieces I can't really seem to let go and they tend to be the ones that would work with ouji like berets

>> No.10625525

meant to reply to

>> No.10625526

it's not a husband's job to pretend to like your hobbies wtf that's not even kind of similar

>> No.10625529

is this not a thumbs-up for them being down for whichever genitals you do or don't have?

>> No.10625538

yes.. lol

>> No.10625540

Could be seen as them saying that they're attracted to guys as well, and sees that poster as a guy

>> No.10625672

Its not his job to make me lasagna without asking, doesn't mean I dont like it when he does

>> No.10625678

a waiter doesn't make you lasagna anyways, but it is a waiter's job to make sure you're satisfied with the food you bought.

and her bf already does that - he supports her hobby, buys her $600 dresses, takes her out to do lolita hobbies and takes outfit pictures etc etc.
It'd be the equivalent of your husband making you lasagna, multiple times, buying it for you, taking you to lasagna restaurants, and kind of letting it slip he doesn't like lasagna. But he still makes it for you, and takes you to those restaurants, and doesn't mind when you eat it for yourself.

>> No.10625704

>It'd be the equivalent of your husband making you lasagna, multiple times, buying it for you, taking you to lasagna restaurants
Take notes scrotes

>> No.10625712

if you know your partner likes lasagna, sure, take notes

>> No.10625956

I love sex. It's so emotional.

>> No.10625995

I hate sex, it's emotional

>> No.10626003

that was my take was well

>> No.10626105

Been pretty depressed recently as my bf shamed me for buying a bunch of dresses and it was first time ever buying legit Lolita (not crap replica's)- and I have endometriosis and pcos at fcking 21 and my period had gone missing for a month due to being super stressed so I had no idea when it would be. Well, my flow (sorry if it's tmi) is so damn heavy it makes me massively anemic, it's so bad I have to wear depends because if I don't and wear a regular maxi the blood leaks when I'm sleeping. Well we were on a walk and he said "if you hadn't of bought all those dresses, I wouldn't have had to buy you a box of depends. You do realize that cost me like two dog walks (lol) to get you those." I mean, I don't think I'm in the wrong for being upset right? Like, I recently have been struggling financially and bought the dresses with a paycheck like few months back and things have gone downhill since then- is it wrong of me to feel like I shouldn't have to cut off a limb and sell it to be able to afford having a period & is it wrong for me to be super pissed with my bf?

>> No.10626116

My boyfriend is 182cm and 65kg and looks toned and good. So I don't think being 5'10 and 138lbs is bad.

>> No.10626144

It is healthy by bmi though. It is bmi 19.57.

>> No.10626191

You can’t buy them yourself?

>> No.10626201

>i went bankrupt buying dresses so my bf had to buy me diapers
What the fuck am I reading?

>> No.10626206

I legit used to know a guy of this type who went on and off hormones like three times, decided he was trans, decided it was too late and quit, felt like shit off the therapy and started back up, blah blah.

I really suspect going goth was what tranny guys did in the 80s-90s. Tbh you see a lot of the same autistic misfit behavior.

>> No.10626247
File: 150 KB, 600x597, R-13483916-1555228118-1712.jpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>rewatching Utena
>decide to listen to Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak
>pic related pops up in recommendations
>Ikuhara listens to some of the same music as me
Roll me over and turn me around. Let me keep spinning till I hit the ground

>> No.10626260

I'm a camgirl that gets paid under minimum wage and due to the pandemic it's gotten even worse, but when people got their stimulus I was making a lot more but now that they spent them all I'm not making as much. I was never able to get a job before the pandemic due to school related issues and my family moving a bunch.

>> No.10626274

It's easy as fuck to get a menial job these days. Hell, the McDonald's in Moab was advertising $18/hr when I was there last week

>> No.10626277


Not really, it's always *up to* 18/hr so you're most likely going to make 11.50

For the amount of hard labor and bullshit you'll go through for no benefits + low wage, you might as well cam

>> No.10626296

Yeah, but you can put wageslaving on your resume and use it to get a better job.
Most places aren't going to accept selling pictures of your butt as a form of previous employment.

>> No.10626300

>hard labor
You just want to laze around masturbating all day

>> No.10626308

I worked at McDonald's when I was 16 a while back and due to severe social anxiety and their rules quit on the first day. Was told that there was a "No tip" policy and a woman at the window asked for a boy toy for her son which received a girl toy so I gave her one and switched it out- so she tried to give me a $5 tip and held up the fcking window for ten minutes trying to force me to take the money while I explained I was a trainee and that I could get fired and that they had camera's on me, she tossed the money at me, I asked me employees around me what to do and they told me to just stay hush hush and keep it and deny it if I got caught so I quit the first day. Just remembering that shit experience gives me heart palpitations. So I can't work at McDonald's because I'm barred from applying there after I quit.

>> No.10626309

Also anon, I didn't start as a camgirl because I wanted to, I applied to so many fcking jobs and couldn't get a single one. I got sick of putting in so many apps and getting nothing back so I saw it as a last resort. I hate my job but I feel I have no choice but to do it because I've not had any other options.

>> No.10626316

I've only ever had two jobs, worked as a detassler when I was like 13 for a week during the summer, and was a hostess at a Mexican restaurant for six months before I was let go when I was fifteen. Every single time I put that I've only had two jobs on my resume I get waved off after every interview. I'm now 21 and have been trying to get another job for years and years but because I have zilch experience and employers won't give me a chance I get screwed. All I can do is hope once I get out of college things will change afterwards.

>> No.10626336
File: 19 KB, 481x449, 63cc5868df5dd79d099f9e288ce61dc2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking real shit
it's fucking difficult to get a job. Most of the time you have to rely on luck or know someone who already works there

>> No.10626368

I feel awful all the time, i cry almost every day due to my mental illness but therapists have been nothing but shit and a waste of money. I don't want to have to pay for one again and i rather have brand. But i am so miserable i don't know what to do i really do not want to be wasting money on that

>> No.10626375

or do work yourself, becoming self employed, and stop relying on other people to employee you. Let the market decide if you are valuable skills, not some boomer manager at a faceless corporation.

>> No.10626389

you live in a fantasy world anon, it's way easier said than done.
>let market decides if you are valuable skills
get out that echo chamber anon

>> No.10626391

>implying most people have a choice
How much more detached can you get lol

>> No.10626392

did you fuck up in school? are you not pursuing further education? and not just through an establishment like uni—are you literally not learning anything new and marketable at all, in spite of the resources available to anyone with an internet connection?

>> No.10626395

ur ugly say goodbye to earthboy MA BELL

>> No.10626396

Everyone be taking this way out of context. They don't like the person selling it. Nothing to do with owning second hand stuff. Just that the person trying to sell this item was a man pretending to be a girl, while having a sissy fetish.
I wouldn't want to buy from them as well. Scared they will try to keep in contact or some shit.

>> No.10626397

You can work AND go to school anon

>> No.10626400

point me where i said otherwise, please

>> No.10626404

What the fuck are you on about
This discussion is about menial jobs

>> No.10626411

then maybe get an education or learn a skill so you don’t have to work a menial job forever, dunce

>> No.10626415

nta but what if im really that stupid

>> No.10626416

then you deserve to suffer i guess

>> No.10626444

My bf treats me so well, it's the first relationship I've never been screamed at or insulted. He's been spoiling the hell out of me lately, buying me food or new clothes a few times a week. Shame he lives so far away, I just want to be with him.

>> No.10626449

>He's been spoiling the hell out of me lately, buying me food or new clothes a few times a week
So he's lovebombing you

>> No.10626451

Nurse Practitioner, you take 1-2 years online schooling then 200 hours of shadowing and you're clear to work as a nurse

>> No.10626452

Try seeing if your state has a job portal, got a temp job from that let me put my food through the door

>> No.10626454

Yeah, if you say it like that.

Just say you developed people skills, camera/photography skills, and learned how to market yourself in a competitive marketplace

>> No.10626455

I liked my job at an ice company. It was a simple, blue collar job, but I found it more rewarding than any previous job I'd had.

>> No.10626464

literally none of that means shit and will get you a job at maccas or a movie theatre at the very most lmao

>> No.10626491

there are ~10 million self employed people in the US, its not a fantasy

they do have a choice, everyone does. You can start your own business right this very second. Thats what so great about it, the ability to make money depends ENTIRELY on you, and not some rando boomer manager that should have retired 20 years ago.

>> No.10626559

I mean, do you have severe social anxiety? I can probably get you a job as a bank teller or otherwise if you're not retarded, beyond that though I'm sure that Chick-fil-A or some other higher class service industry job would probably take you, Costco is a dream to work for.

>> No.10626561
File: 3.33 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20210605_133924173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We left a day early because it rained a ton, but we went on hikes Friday and Saturday so those were a lot of fun. Overall we hiked around 12 miles total, plus did some ax throwing, some archery, some grilling, and fire pit activities.
Really great time, had a lot of fun, boy oh boy is it nice to be back in my bed now though.

>> No.10626613

It's like dating a few girls except they're all the same girl just presenting masks of what they think you want plus they ask a lot of questions. Bonus? Weird kinks
Source : am one

>> No.10626620

Tell his loser ass to get a real job.
>dog walker
Is he in middle school?

Lose weight to lighten your pcos symptoms. I've had it since I was a young teen and even depends wouldn't help my heaviest days so no sympathy there sorry. Price we pay for not taking care of ourselves.

>> No.10626679

sign me up

>> No.10626687
File: 44 KB, 359x266, 1538616950490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>having ILD meetup next week
>so excited to have a comm meetup after 16 months
>mods decide it's all outdoors and no mask needed
>suddenly, 300 pound ita landwhale who's immunocompromised posts that she's showing up
>she hasn't been to a meetup in ~3 years
>has to go around in a walker
>asks that we all wear masks because she might get COVID
>mods make a policy announcement change requiring masks at the meetup
>seething inside my head

>> No.10626708

One broad is too much for me, now I gotta deal with multiple ones? Pulling the emergency eject on this one.

>> No.10626861

I'm going to start off with I'm a bad person for thinking this but, man. My sisters bridal shower photos just got back, granted she is a few years older then me, and smoked at one point but.
I just want to thank lolita and this board for my 7 step moisturizing routine and liberal use of sunblock.

Do I look like a ghost? yes. Is she nagging me to get a tan before the wedding, also yes.
I uh, want to keep my skin looking like a comparative fresh babies ass tho so I'm going to skip on that, ty.
I hope I keep what I have going going as I get a bit older.

Please moisturize and use sunblock.

>> No.10626941

>7 step moisturizing routine
Do tell!

>> No.10626947

i'll never understand why people want their skin to look and feel like rough leather. smooth pale skin all the way

>> No.10627010

They don't think it'll happen to them

>> No.10627038

>nagging me to get a tan before the wedding
tell her to kill herself
the only good tan is for tanline play

>> No.10627226

i got the vaccine this weekend and i feel so tired.

>> No.10627250

I've been nonstop tired after I got my shot a month or two ago

>> No.10627269

>for tanline play

>> No.10627270

Cultured individual detected

>> No.10627281

I dunno about you, but where I live they literally cannot keep places staffed there is such a need for workers. It's easier to get a job than ever before.

>> No.10627283
File: 110 KB, 680x680, ddspi7p-766897cf-28ee-4c9a-8f7c-340c99ffc11f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>brutal depression
>lay in bed and haven't eaten anything in 2 days besides cigarette smoke, tap water and ice cream
>get up and clean the apartment
>do makeup
>put on my best coord
>fall asleep on my beanbag listening to album below and spill my 2 liter coke bottle filled with tap water
>wake up to wood floor swollen, cigarette ash on my moitie and cat poo stink


>> No.10627288

i've been tired for the past 2 decades

>> No.10627323

My shampoo and bodywash smell too much like my ex, any suggestions for a guy?

>> No.10627377

Well what do you use? I just use the cheapest Suave/V05 stuff I find, occasionally Old Spice body wash is cheaper somehow so I get that. I can't really offer scent recommendations unlesd you give a baseline to compare products too.
Also, my sense of smell is extremely stunted.

>> No.10627435

Mmm... stinky

>> No.10627740

Stop smoking

>> No.10627949

Sorry for super late reply anon but yes I do have severe social anxiety.

>> No.10628000
File: 25 KB, 474x474, OIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never met a woman who smelt like coaltar yet

>> No.10628206

Can you drive? Delivery and courier jobs don't require much social interaction, just a "sign here" at most.

>> No.10628409

This is an option >>10628206
As is truck driving

>> No.10629052

Lili it's gonna be ok lots of people think you're cute now break up with your tranny boyfriend I'm physically better than he is.

>> No.10629380

motherfucker your fine, go get therapy asshat.

>> No.10629535

I feel you, good luck

>> No.10634261

I weigh 132 and I'm 5ft6... I've already lost 40lbs...um..

>> No.10635305

Depends are 10 dollars. He is pissed off for 10$?? He is making you feel like shit over ten fucking dollars?

You're fucking him most likely, so it's not like it's weird for him to buy you pussy products. Think about it. At the very least he is masturbating to you.

I have friends that are men that bought tampons to keep around in case I have an emergency.

I have bought friends bandaids for 20 bucks in airports because they had blisters. Same with aspirin. Because 2 hours of my life is nothing compared to the medical comfort of my loved ones.

You know Cosplay medics? They give out pads and fashion tape for noooo reason and spend a lot on supplies for perfect strangers.
Strangers that they have *no emotional attachment to* nor relationships with.

Remember high school/college? People would gift or lend pencils, pens etc. all the time. It added up being way more than pads but most never made the phrase "well mAYbe if you didn't buy a MUFFIN in the caf you could afford a pen" drop. Because that would be autistic as fuck.

And your bf (who is future faking most likely) wants to tell you that you deserve to feel like shit because you asked him to spend ten fucking dollars on you??? 10???

He isn't the one and you deserve better. Literal strangers at conventions are treated better than you.

And "lose weight" is not advice.
Inducing amenorrhea like some of the anons suggested is not a solution for irregular periods.

>> No.10635306
File: 52 KB, 640x640, 428722011_0_640x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Depends is also a pad company in some places. Also men are retarded and think pads and diapers are the same thing so he may have bought something with the same name as a diaper company so that when he relays the story he can pretend he had to buy her diapers and the audience not understanding full context will have a skewed understanding of the situation.

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