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Let's discuss why this community doesn't need ANOTHER 101, let alone one that someone is trying to turn a profit off of.
Also included is the discussion of not paying contributors for work they did on your indie brand (in a broad sense, it doesn't have to be just this specific ita).
Have at it gulls.

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IDK. Lolitas try to make money off of Lolitas or noobs, literally..always.

I have people constantly make me overpay for shipping on LM. IDGAF about some dumb book.

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Careful anon, the last thread got deleted within an hour of its creation because Bigot Rose's orbiters reported the thread. It didn't break any rules either. It's extremely sus.

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Bigot Rose - kek
What’s the story there?

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I wish someone would just translate Misako's book so we can be done with this nonsense.

Rather than a guide book, I rather have a history book of lolita fashion, like timelines and all that shit.

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Even if this was not the best quality, I'd consider buying it if the contributers were paid. Physical lolita media is rare now but in good faith I can't buy it. Pay the people who helped make this.

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Yeah, weird how that got deleted but not the entire thread about Lor.

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Janitor probably has connections to the person in question or is the person. Trust me when I say the janitor is likely a lolita. So there's extreme favoritism in hard directions. Mods don't give a shit, they just mark yes or not to delete/ban. It was extremely obvious when I got banned for replying to someone posting a picture of some "fat lolita"-picture that was exclusive to "some particular group." Imagine getting banned for replying "that cut is wrong for her body type." I had to actually fucking go into the channel to get unbanned. It was completely stupid to be banned over.

I didn't even post the photo, but some janitor had their panties in a bunch over that girl in the new sailor OP of Dream Sky in the ita thread.

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You don't think that thats her? Would make sense that only person who would want be a janitor for CGL is a fucking ita

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Jannies aren't allowed to delete posts just because they don't like it or if it's about themselves so they're breaking the board's rules. Whereas >>10624555 the Lor thread is still up and that could be viewed as singling a person out. Make it make sense, you know?

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they totes got paid with a book copy, duh. baka anon.

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Imagine how ita this would look on a real person with the solid light colored tights and black x purple coord

Learn to coord before giving advice

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It's Miss Tsudere's art and she also needs to learn to coord before giving advice or attempting to make more lolita at heart artwork kek

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she also needs to learn how to do art.

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Yeah I’m not for shitting on beginning artists but she’s not a beginner she’s just permanently bad.

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So Kara drug addicted, lived in her car now lives with her parents, turned Christian. Interesting. She only told her story to the community as to avoid it being spilled then having to explain it. So we can all applaud her recovery. She made the decision to do drugs and support a criminal industry that destroys lives. That kills people out right through violent actions and kills through the drugs themselves. That traffics females and minors. Her money for drugs supported that. Oh but she is religious now and lolita saved her. Jfc.

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Kek it’s just so humorous to me that she uses herself as a martyr like somehow NO ONE else in this fashion has EVER struggled with addiction/mental health in their lives - she’s just the only one who thinks she can use it as a sympathy ploy to attempt to sell her crappy half-assed work.

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They can sure hand out bans when they don't like something.

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Probably her or someone she knows.

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It's just bad artwork and them trying to bring attention to someone's bad art work. The line art is ok, not great. Someone seriously needs to learn how to CG before putting shit on a book. It's not rocket science and there are tutorials all around the internet. Hence, bad LAZY colors.

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It’s not even her work, just her unpaid intern. She has no art skills whatsoever.

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I honestly feel bad for the contributors. Once again we need a call out thread for unpaid labor in lolita. The number of models I've seen do full day shoots and not get paid with anything or occasionally just given shitty overstock merch is actually insane. Why is lolita the exception? You'd get wrecked for trying to get people to work for no pay in basically evvery other space. It's even worse when you consider how exposed/vulnerable/cringe some of these contributions are. Imagine putting yourself out there like that, and having it permanently in print, and not even getting paid. Insanity.

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nobody forced them to contribute. that's why the quality of contributors is what it is. the ones whose work is worth something just said no, it's that easy.

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Seconding >>10624541 - why the name? What happened anon?

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So the post on LU has been deleted, but there is still an old post from November when they had first posted about it. I really do hope that the artists involved do get paid back for whoever buys the book themselves.

Her entire persona feels fake to me, in all honesty. She’s only been in the fashion for a few years now, yet she acts like she’s on top of the entire community. Especially with the 300$ coord stuff. If anything, why not actually try to help newbies in the fashion by showing them how to actually purchase lolita. You won’t be spoonfed your entire time when you wear the fashion.

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The friend who posted about the pre-order on LU dirty deleted too. What's going on?

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>her unpaid intern

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Sorry anon. I'm >>10624634 and I re-read what you commented. I think we're talking about the same deleted post.

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It's so easy to buy lolita now too. Brands have international and/or English websites and Taobao is everywhere. Even newbies who are too lazy to figure out buying from Taobao have their pick of resellers. Giving this bitch $300 that she's definitely keeping at least $100 of is so stupid.

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Exactly! And God saved her using lolita. Now no one can say anything bad because lolita is her life support, her savior. She gives this mercy and grace to no one else. She will cut people out if she thinks they will make anyone stop buying her stupid ass flea market craft accessories.

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Sorry for the shitty censor job.

One of her friends is claiming they are getting paid for their contributions but there has been radio silence on this from Bigot Rose.

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You literally could not pay me enough to wear this crap, so pity won't make me wear it, either. Who is buying this?

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Let me guess, her personal simp?

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i have genuinely been wondering who her market is and who buys this shit

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I have no idea who is wearing Christmas decorations with a freaking $1 necklace attached. This is shit they do in Sunday school crafts.

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This is crap they do in vacation bible school at best. Cheap Christmas tree snow flake attach a metal ring and call it jewerly. Good fucking luck.

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Because this was a success! Lmao, cat hair! Omg "I don't want Petty" it just keeps getting better!!

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these bezels she's using are pretty big so the earrings are fucking huge. what kind of ugly photo is this?

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Jo. Jo is buying this. I could also see Lor sporting this kinda crap too Tbh.

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Oh nonny, you didn’t see the best one

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The fuck is this shit? Art and crafts time? How do you think you could sell this garbage and call it a buisness?

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why perler beads wtf

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Someone on here pointed out how bad the artwork is so I looked at the preview pic... Oh boy this looks like someone traced the hole image

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She doesn’t even credit the indie brands she sells on her website

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I own Misako's book and read it using Google translate on my phone. Not the most ideal, I know, but it works!

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When I see shit like this I feel like I should step up and make useful contributions to the lolita community but then I remember no

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why would you need a book though? Just watch Lor's thousands of videos targeted at helping noobs, and if you want to learn how to coord better, you could just watch videos on normie fashion and try to translate it to lolita

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Who would even care to buy that? Lolita isn't that complicated in the end and you can get all the information you need from brand coord examples if you're not stupid

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The artwork is horrible, the design is so poor and the coords are boring it looks like it was created in BSoLF
can't believe they chose such an ugly cover image

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There was a lot of backlash. There was another delete in another group. Mainly a mix of people saying what is this and people trying to defend it. I suspect that’s why it’s been deleted. If you look on her website the book was supposed to around 70 usd. Then she lowered the price.

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>70 usd

She's fucking batshit. No one pays that amount for a book, especially about lolita unless they are lolita. "Lolita 101" being that high is not for newbies. That's not available for people just starting, she's just trying to make money off of Lolitas.

This shit just sounds like a ponzi scheme you read about to "make money quick and easy on the side."

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Oh yeah. Then, there’s the whole bodyline starter coord that others have mentioned. 300 dollars for a jsk and taobao accessories.

It’s not worth it.

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Honestly this whole thing is giving me mlm vibes except hons actually get some spare change whereas her goons here are just getting ~exposure~

>> No.10624886

MLM and motivational speaker vibes

>> No.10624887

OK. Seriously, but is she really selling other people's art prints? Does she realize that her selling someone else's art prints is HELLA infringing on their artistic rights? Just because you commission something, doesn't mean you can resell their art in print form..


The fact this doesn't redirect to the artist's pages and it's very noticeably different artists, makes me think she is just profiting $$$.

Not that it's good or anything, but still.

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these are just a few of the people who contributed to the book. lmao. some are worse than others, but i would never look to any of them for any kind of advice about lolita.

that's what happens when you take submissions from anyone, i guess. what a trainwreck

>> No.10624899

I don't even think she had open submissions. Pretty sure those are just her friends.

>> No.10624900

>Just because you commission something
It does if she secured commercial rights. However, if she did not explicitly secure commercial rights in writing, they can sue her over it if they’d like.

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Is the top right dream sky sailor OP girl.

>> No.10624902

Doesn’t look like she gives anyone she collaborates with any credit on her website or her Instagram. That’s just scummy

>> No.10624904

Very, especially if you are buying art from other people or taking free art. You can't just put it on pins and print it to sell.. That's straight up thievery.

>> No.10624905

I doubt she was smart enough. There's also multiple different artists' stuff she's selling.

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I do honestly feel kinda bad for them because there’s no way they could have known what they were getting into at the start. Like the number of times you just go with something in Lolita because you don’t want to cause drama or problems in your friend group/comm is very high, and I can see how that got out of hand for them. For example, my friend launched and indie brand and asked me to model. I agreed to be nice but the dresses were hideous and I didn’t see them till the day of the shoot and I didn’t realize that she’d be plastering them all over social media. I thought they were just for her Etsy store and that my face wouldn’t be in them.

>> No.10624908

Preschooler craft

>> No.10624910

i don't feel bad for them, it was their decision and they wanted attention. they got it

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Bigot Rose?? Deets please.
She's complete shit. But is she also a bigot too? Definitely a biggin kek. I need more reasons to laugh at her pathetic existence.

>> No.10624922

>Those glittery ass demonias

>> No.10624931

They're all in the amino comm together so yes, they are just her friends.

>> No.10624933

She doesn’t have friends in her local comm?

>> No.10624934

I wouldn't know, I just dabbled in the amino bc am lonelita but realized quickly I rather stay lonely. It's literally just that group of people who are most active on there

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Damn i rather buy glb for that money and i can’t even read japanese

>> No.10624948

OnS and GLB, even the rarer ones new in plastic or with uncut patterns go for less than 70USD are more helpful lolita guides.

I'm a graphic designer and spent a ton of time on binding books for art or educational and recreational reasons and seeing shitty books probably printed on blurb with ugly art and selfies as contributor photos being sold at premium prices just makes me roll my eyes.

I wouldn't complain if this was a passion project not charging much more than cost like those mediocre kei club magazines (at least I don't remember them being pricey, but I could be wrong), or something, but I think any attempt at a definitive guide to the fashion will end up being outdated anyway and the people who care so much to make one are overzealous newbies in over their heads, the rest of us know the rules.

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to me this book is like when people see those self-help book ads and then publish their own shitty book.

>> No.10624955


Bottom right keeps spamming her coords in our comm which are all meh to borderline ita. I would never take advice from her.

>> No.10624964

That’s the owner, so I guess we know she has a comm at least.

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That’s the thing nonny, we’re all basically experienced enough we wouldn’t need to pay even 50$ for a damn 101 book. And the people who MIGHT need it? They should use that 50$ to actually buy accessories that will fit with their coord and improve their outfit, not paying for advice when you literally can get that same advice anywhere on any resource for free 99.9% of the time.

It’s just such…low hanging fruit IMO. Like you could write a whole book on the history or more advanced coording or pretty much anything else having to do with the community but a 101 because you want to “compile” all the “other resources” out there truly just sounds like she shoved a bunch of other people’s work/resources into a book and plastered her name and a price onto it.
Like…do better? Why is it so hard?

>> No.10624974

I think my biggest problem is that is so clearly not a passion project. It seems rushed, sloppy and worst of all it’s information you can find for free

>> No.10624981

The artists should just all get together and sue her dumb ass though, maybe it would teach her a lesson about not just stealing other’s art for your own personal profit.

>> No.10624984

Exactly. It's not a passion project, it's a money grab

I think the artists gave her permission to sell it though? There's an "about the artists" page on her website. Fun fact, Gravelvet is going to sell with her soon.

>> No.10624985

Yes, that’s what I’m getting at, it’s so scattered like her coords and that half-assed jewelry line - it’s like scattered/sloppy just IS her brand

>> No.10624986

I’m pretty sure she’s taking advantage of their naivety, not necessarily stealing in the original sense.

>> No.10624987

Ayrt and yeah, agreed. It's a money grab plain and simple and a low quality one marked up price wise and isn't worth the paper it's printed on. There are honeslty probably Tumblr era infographics with average art quality that better define lolita rules and styles more than this book.

Even something basic but with a fun twist like a book explaining what we already know about lolita simply and with nicely set type and good illustration bound in a hard cover on nice paper, but adding extra stuff like cute paper dolls with parts that match the different neccesary pieces of a coord or have different substyles or something would be more interesting.

Or even a how to book on lolita lifestyle, like small sections with pretty artwork that gives tips on entertaining, recipes to bake, crafts to take up, decor ideas, etc. could be cool if executed tastefully. That's the frustrating part really, that even a tiny bit more effort would lead to a far better product than what they put out and would maybe then be worth the $50 price tag if a lot of work went into it.

>> No.10624993

Exactly, nothing new is being brought to the table, nothing creative. Like >>10624985 said, the whole brand is just sloppy.

>> No.10624994

It'd literally rather buy GLB or old magazines for lolita from Japan.

And it's cheaper.

>> No.10624995

I don't think anything happened. She's a greedy piece of ita shit but so far no one is coming forward with anything. Probably it just sounds clever.

>> No.10624999

Damn it's $50???? I guess I shouldn't be surprised given the price of her boxes full of shitty children's crafts.

Sooooo.... $50 for her scribbled loli coloring book kek.

>> No.10625001

She refuses to take concrit, on her coords and business ideas. People tried to tell her in LU and she ignored all of them and proceeded with her shitty ideas anyway.

>> No.10625004

Tbf not taking concrit isn’t really bigoted behavior. I do wonder if the nickname has more weight though

>> No.10625009

It's very telling that instead of giving up the profits and selling the book at cost as she said she was going to, she'd rather give the contributors what is probably a pittance of the profits so that she can still make money off it.

>> No.10625010

When she first posted asking for contributors on LU, she said the cost would be 5-10 dollars. How did that get raised to 50?

>> No.10625011

I think she grossly under estimated production costs and is now scrambling to break even.

>> No.10625020


I missed all the comments, does anyone have any screenshots from it?

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Every zine I've ever seen is for charity and anything above cost goes to the charity, that's why artists do them for free.

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Thanks so much, you're doing god's work, but you didn't block names out so we might get nuked.

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File: 299 KB, 828x1409, 7C90EFBF-C584-4CF9-906A-01909DCDABD1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 295 KB, 828x1432, 3FDF4353-486C-4C18-BA1D-47B4D70C2E88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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And that’s all I got. There were close to 200 comments on the original post iirc

>> No.10625037

Knew I was forgetting something ugh

>> No.10625040

It was closer to 70$ before but the 50$ is just the “pre-order” pricing - in other words the 50$ is a DISCOUNTED price for the slop she’s putting out.

>> No.10625042


It's ok. That aside, so much tea to go through, thanks again!

>> No.10625048

I’m with you anon, shouldn’t have dragged her friends into her bullshit since she clearly didn’t know what she was doing

>> No.10625049

The fact that many people TOLD this girl previously this isn’t a good idea makes the fact she’s STILL trying to sell it total cringe. Is it worse when people tell you to stop and you still do it? I don’t feel bad for commenting on her slop quality anymore because like honey…the community gave you their feedback and you flat out did not listen to a word.

Stop trying to just make a quick buck, it’s literally so gross and all the lolitas see you.

>> No.10625052

It made me realise how a lot of the people backing her up are lolita-at-hearts

>> No.10625053

top kek

>> No.10625055

Miss T really did go hard on the defensive for something that supposedly she makes no money off of...

>> No.10625057

>do better research
She totally ignored it and said fuck it, I’ll do it anyway and just slop it together at that.

>> No.10625076

The website changed recently so individual items are no longer listed, but her accessory packs were also more expensive than the total amount of the items if you bought them separately from her. she was charging an extra $15-$20 just for her to randomize them and throw them in a box. She didn't even personalize the boxes she gave out that she knew would be reviewed. The one from FKJo was hilarious.

>> No.10625079

Apparently she scrapped the whole subscription box idea after it flopped so hard

>> No.10625089 [DELETED] 

>fuck jo
It’s perfect.

>> No.10625091

Apparently she also did with her “jewelry” line too. This is why all her stuff is just so cringe worthy, she doesn’t put enough time or effort into honestly organizing herself and her whole brand ends up being just as scattered as her coords.

>> No.10625096

Firstly, thank you anon for the screenshots.
The attempt to seem humble with the narcissism argument KEK

There are so many cool things to create and contribute to the community, and she had to choose that...

>> No.10625115

Where the hell did you get my VBS craft from 15 years ago?

>> No.10625139

Just buy brand pieces if they want to waste $70.

>> No.10625141

It's funnier if she is a bigot too. Bigot Rose does have a nice ring to it.... Or even Piglet Rose kek.

>> No.10625149

I just want to know what kind of retarded person needs a book like this. you have to have a complete lack of creativity to need a book to instruct you on how to get into a fashion, and then you also have to be a complete dumbass to be able to know how to use the internet well enough to find this book but then not well enough to find all the information here for free elsewhere.

>> No.10625155

are you blind anon? It's the cream cookie collection cutsew OP

>> No.10625157 [DELETED] 
File: 72 KB, 1200x675, merch-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we all know how.

>> No.10625159

Fuck off and die /pol/

>> No.10625163

The point isn't who needs it (no one does), the point is her wanting to make a quick buck. I truly don't believe she even thought about how helpful this book would even be more than just wanting money from noobs

>> No.10625164

you know i'm right tho. she's a greedy bitch, clearly

>> No.10625188 [DELETED] 

Based. Kind of looks like her too.

>> No.10625233

and are you retarded? they meant "is that the same girl that wore the dream sky sailor cutsew and looked really bad" (it is) not that that picture is THE picture

>> No.10625236

They’re not the same person I don’t think

>> No.10625238

Can't find a photo of her wearing it but judging by her shopping addiction, there will be one coming in October.

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File: 248 KB, 564x3210, ita101book.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not the original caps, but I came to my computer and realized I had it open still. just the main comments and one reply section. think i got all the names,

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File: 582 KB, 695x811, Screenshot (3).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our blessed Lolita-Sama has graced us with another photo of her progress.

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File: 276 KB, 1080x1668, 20210604_002038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally this sponsored post interrupted my regular scheduled scrolling.... kek

>> No.10625245

Bigot Sama working so hard to teach us her ways UwU

>> No.10625247

Pretty funny how even one of the people defending her is saying it’s shit quality lmao

>> No.10625248
File: 114 KB, 1080x1080, 190739733_337580087781969_8132524739092305563_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking at her personal (but public) fb, she definitely reeks of desperation.

>trying to sell her crusty half used resin supplies for $300
>friends with someone who fully admits she got a replica dress from wish
>'part time social media manager'

The last one goes back to her trendy keyword salad that she loves putting together in her blurbs. So many empty words like 'empowerment' and 'authentic' when she's just trying to make a quick buck off of lolitas at heart.

Anyways I'm capping but maybe I should take this to the farm?

>> No.10625275

Wait she paid to have it sponsored?! No wonder it’s $50 in pre-order and $70 full-time, she’s clearly not paying her contributors fairly because instead she’s trying to pitch it to ANYONE, it’s not for the lolita community obviously, she’s trying to rake in more itas like herself and Lor and make profit off of it because people are too stupid to use google and probably think her ita 101 is a “good resource”.

>> No.10625333

where can I go to see the items she picked out for the starter kits and the box she put out?

>> No.10625370

Is this the same girl that suicidebates when people give her criticism?

>> No.10625382

This, nonny, is why the lolita community as a whole does not support her - anyone who gets into the fashion because of the overpriced shit she sold them, then sees that same information plastered everywhere for free, is clearly too stupid in the first place. Not only will this be a benchmark for the community to immediately side eye and ita-fy anyone who says they got into the fashion this way, but she’s permanently branded herself as a greedy, bigoted slob in the community.

>> No.10625383

It’s pretty much in the thread already, but if you want to lurk harder she still has all her sloppy listings on her kindergarten website.

>> No.10625384

I wouldn’t be surprised kek.
She seems to dish out unwarranted concrit but can’t even take a second of it before she turns from yt savior to yt victim.

>> No.10625390

to be fair, ads are targeted, so if you are seeing it, it is likely because you search or interact with other similar content. Someone who only cares about cars and guns and never interacts with this type of content wont get the ad

>> No.10625556

Unpopular opinion, but despite the horrible content I actually have respect for this girl for getting to this stage of putting this out. There are so many people who try to start their own zine or book or website and go completely nowhere except for just talking about it and naseum. Or start projects and give up part way.
She got free content and actually worked to put it together somehow and try to publish.
For all this talk, I sadly don't see any better attempts from the western comm. It costs a lot to print a book, I doubt she will make any profit but at least she will have an accomplishment of getting something out there.

Who's ready to make something better?

>> No.10625560

The point is that ppl do offer better resources for free. What would a book help you with anyways?

You are probably too new to know that even cgl made 101 handbook thing.

Also it is cheap to print a zine, that’s part of the concept.

>> No.10625571

When you’re a greedy bitch money is a great motivation to get shit done, it’s really not that impressive.

>> No.10625575

>I sadly don't see any better attempts from the western comm

>> No.10625579

It took me so long to find a copy of this for a decent price. I wish the publisher would make a digital version available. It's really good and hit me right in the feels and made me remember why I got into lolita.

>> No.10625582

What the fuck? My comm did a book club for this several years ago and it was like, $15.

>> No.10625591

Maybe other people gave up because they have standards and couldn't make enough good, high quality content. This book looks and sounds half-assed, like the rest of her stuff. Little thought, low standards, cheap quality, only here to make money. For the price she is charging, I'd like to see some real high quality work before I agree with you.

>> No.10625593

I bought this last summer and it was this price. Weird. Guess it's time to sell it for a quick profit.

>> No.10625616

that's not the price the authors/publishers w/e are charging. it's out of print (at least the english one?) so that's what people are selling theirs secondhand for

sucks that it went out of print, it's great

>> No.10625630
File: 10 KB, 190x266, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A lot of lolitas have blogs. I remember referring to fyeahlolita as a beginner, and honestly the content there looks and is better than this stuff being put out, even if it is a bit dated. And it's free to boot. Getting a self published book on the market is not the flex that it seems, see pic related.

>> No.10625638

Sure she can 'make' something (have other people do the work/art).... She can assemble something, is a better way of phrasing it. But making a product no one wants isn't really my idea of success or accomplishment... Not to mention dragging and dropping a bunch of content into an indesign file really isn't very hard to do, nor is it hard to ship that file off to be printed.

No one does it because the information is already out there. Easy find and better quality. Most people also find it unreasonable to charge others $50-$70 for this information.

>> No.10625641

GLB made a special volume called Boudoir with some pages dedicated to the different years of lolita through street snaps (sadly it stops at 2008). It’s so interesting to see the evolution of any style and I’d love a proper book dedicated to the history of lolita fashion.

>> No.10625642

Misako's book makes me want to actually git gud at Japanese again so I can read long form content better.

>> No.10625651

It's totally worth it, anon. Go for it.

>> No.10625653

Ah, okay, I don’t use Amazon so I didn’t get that. Makes sense given that it’s a book for a niche community but still sad.

>> No.10625670

Someone did translate the pages about casual Lolita, it's on Tumblr somewhere

>> No.10625671

Actually unpaid labour is common in many industries especially when women are involved.

>> No.10625673

Do new people even buy books? I thought kids learn everything on Snapchat and tiktok and Instagram now

>> No.10625686

Yes we read books boomer

>> No.10625688

the average age of a lolita is like almost 30 per the /cgl/ lolita survey. the majority of us are aware of what books are.

>> No.10625692

This is the most boomer post on /cgl

>> No.10625699

Younger lolitas are just less likely to use cgl. The actual age of the majority of active lolitas averages out at about 25

>> No.10625714

guess what number is close to 25 anon. It's 30.The average /cgl/ survey age was maybe 27 or 28 iirc.

>> No.10625717

Hey guys, newlita here. Can someone explain to me what a book is? Is it a type of accessory?

>> No.10625728
File: 42 KB, 600x469, book purse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think they're bags???

>> No.10625740

Why would people who already wear Lolita buy this book? It's aimed at people who haven't really started yet

>> No.10625743

you can be a new lolita and also be 25, at the same time, shocking I know

>> No.10625859

You’re just gonna drop this and not provide a link?

You suck anon.

>> No.10625902


>> No.10625926

I got you bro




>> No.10625951

Thank you based anon

>> No.10625964


This one does custom bag books, I haven't tried it yet, but if I could get a book with GLB for its cover, that would be amazing

>> No.10626053
File: 207 KB, 1080x1080, CD908510-05DC-4A71-A413-C1BA022A3AFD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gag. How does she write this swill?

>> No.10626063

Honestly it's not awful. Reminds me of something Momoko would say if her character was less comically self-centered.

Her money grubbing tendencies aren't great but that doesn't neccesarily mean every aspect of her existence is cringe or bad.

>> No.10626077

It’s not just the money grubbing tho, it’s how sloppy her coords/work is FOR that level of money grubbing.
The fact she can’t coord, can’t take concrit, and then further dishes out unwarranted concrit of her own is somehow worse than just being a hypocrite.


And while I might agree not every single aspect of her is totally horrendous, let’s not forget the gulls call her Bigot Rose (even if nonny doesn’t want to share why because it’s not anon enough for the board, there’s probably a reason).

At this point, I’m wondering, should we chance that this is even her own original writing?

>> No.10626078


>> No.10626086

I'm fairly certain only one person calls her bigot, but either way everyone knows you don't believe what people say on cgl with no caps or proof.

But yeah I think it's general consensus she's not qualified to be selling $70 beginner lolita books and desu anyone who was qualified enough would just tell a newbie to go buy a cheap secondhand brand skirt for that price as it'd be a more valuable step toward wearing lolita than a stupid book.

That being said, I'm not a fan of digging up and nitpicking every detail of someone's existence even otherwise harmless or boring stuff just because they did something bad or dumb or cringey. I guess I don't feel like wasting the energy on someone. That's kinda why I think unless she says or does something new or of significant entertainment value it's no use seeking out content from her to complain about. I may be in the minority of gulls I guess for not really enjoying complaining about people with little to no point (or complaining when the point's been made already)

>> No.10626135

Even better!

Thank you both

>> No.10626137

>I'm not a fan of digging up and nitpicking every detail of someone's existence even otherwise harmless or boring stuff just because they did something bad or dumb or cringey

Where was this energy for Lor accidentally liking an Instagram picture?

>> No.10626228

Well you're mistakenly assuming I'm one of the people who was upset with Lor when I'm not. And like I said, I'm probably in the minority of people for not being obsessed with every online mistake or cringeworthy behavior, most gulls seem like they are.

I never cared much about that whole saga desu, just seemed like people bored and antsy for something to get upset over, then when it finally died down Tyler decided to rile people back up for views and it just caused endless arguments over what was bullshit in the first place.

>> No.10626503

>I'm not a fan of digging up and nitpicking every detail of someone's existence even otherwise harmless or boring stuff just because they did something bad or dumb or cringey.

Why are you here then? kek.

Also, I don’t think any part of this post nitpicks her “boring” or “harmless” things nonny - she’s taken other new brands item’s and put her name on them and sold them under the name “Bibelot Rose Artist_”, giving no credit to those actual artists and never promotes anyone but herself. People bought her items not even realizing they’re made by totally different people who also have their own shops where you can buy directly from the artists themselves.

She’s trying to profit off of others and that’s just not morally right behavior we brush off as “harmless” and when you do that it’s called enabling.

Though it seems by your response that you’d probably support Nazi-chan and be like “oh let’s just…ignore the controversy, Nazi’s aren’t that bad”

Thanks for the kek.

>> No.10626504 [DELETED] 

I'd agree with you on the art theft and intellectual property plagiarism but seriously you're the kind of person that would kill someone's cats because you thought their owner is problematic. You need help, this is /cgl/ not KF nor lolcow. We're not here exclusively for drama we are here to fucking discuss new releases and other lolita topics.

What Bibelot Rose is doing is incredibly fucked up but it is separate to the conversation as to whether cyber stalking someone is okay.

>> No.10626507 [DELETED] 

LUL you mad bro?
I don’t think anyone is cyberstalking and I’d never kill an animal.

Seriously this whole comment is top kek.
Literally leave then - no ones forcing you to stay to have a conversation about someone’s terrible business/business practices.

>> No.10626509

The business practices are fucked.>>10626228
is pretty cringe for implying that a public figure, actively trying to gain profit off of other people's unpaid work is the same as cyberstalking a random person like that French girl. It's literally not the same

>> No.10626514 [DELETED] 

>thanks for the kek
>you mad bro
>this whole comment is top kek
>c o m m e n t

tell me you’re new to /cgl/ and trying too hard without telling me you’re new to /cgl/ and trying too hard

>> No.10626519 [DELETED] 


You must be thinking pretty hard about killing cats yourself to make that comparison. Nobody is killing cats here, everything posted is on a public forum and nothing has been mined from any private accounts. Go clutch pearls somewhere else.

>> No.10626534 [DELETED] 

>tell me you’re new to /cgl/
I was around back when we began using nonny as a term of endearment, so good luck with that one. At least I don’t want to kill animals and support Nazi’s - real trash people out there but maybe calm down and come back when you want to discuss why shit buisness practices isn’t welcome in this community rather than take your petty rage out on a random board.

>> No.10626552

Christ you're annoying and derailing shit.
Can we go back to discussing the book of ita already?

>> No.10626560


Anon, I'm >>10626228 and idk in what world I ever implied that the girl who made the dumb 101 book was being cyberstalked or bullied or whatever. All I meant was I don't care enough about her to nitpick or complain about her cringey description of lolita that someone posted just cause she is a greedy money grubbing opportunist, when the description itself it isn't really interesting or that out of the ordinary for those types of people who take lolita too seriously.

Did you mean to quote someone else? I fail to see how my indifference towards someone's basic bitch behavior and preference to discuss things they actually did that are annoying, wrong, etc. over a lame about page or whatever is anywhere near what you are trying to imply. Unless you're ESL and confused or think I'm someone I'm not you're not making any sense.

>> No.10626565

Ayrt (I'm also >>10626560; other people itt replying to you were not me), and I never said her book or shitty shop were fine, idiot. I just said her cringe description of what she thinks lolita is from that screenshot was not that much crazier than how a fictional character like Momoko would describe it, and even if it's laughable, it wasn't relevant to her failed business or shady practices and overpriced scam book, so it feels pointless to me to go looking for stuff like that to complain about rather than just discussing something more interesting. Idk where the Nazi accusations are coming from; since when does caring less about petty things than some people do make anyone a Nazi?

Learn to read, and stop projecting dumb bullshit into any post you don't like or agree with ffs. And cgl doesn't exist just for shit talking or posting people for no reason. Thst stuff happens It's a place for general lolita (the fashion) discussion, not exclusively general lolita (the people wearing the fashion) discussion. Sometimes that overlaps but I mostly come here to help in DD threads, discuss sewing and crafts, and talk about new releases, among other things. There's literally a "comfy" thread here almost regularly that's just cozy lolita or jfashion pictures; only retarded noobs think this board exists exclusively for nitpicks and shit talking.

The whole "why are you here if you don't want to call some random greedy newbie a bigot with no caps or proof and shit talk her for reasons not relevant to the legitimate reasons people think she is stupid?" Is just the dumbest shit. Please go back to lolcow, cc, or wherever tf you came from.

>> No.10626566

>I was around back when we began using nonny as a term of endearment
that was literally this year kek

>> No.10626571

You can literally just not come into threads like this then, you are the creator of your own problem.

>> No.10626573

This thread was one started out of legitimate criticism of the person though, which I have no problem with so that makes no sense. Neither do the random Nazi accusations and newfaggotry.

>> No.10626574

>You must be thinking pretty hard about killing cats yourself to make that comparison.
NAYRT but >>10626503 immediately jumped to screeching about supporting Nazis when people told them they was nitpicking about a description that wasn't really offensive besides being cringe. I agree that they are trying way too hard.

Bibelot Rose, her projects and book are cringe and scams, but the exact wording in her marketing ads are whatever compared to the fact that she's selling an overpriced, shitty book with advice you can get for free without paying her contributors. If you're just trying to blow up drama through every single detail then take it to the farms, there's a reason they exist separately from this board.

>> No.10626577

Thank you for having some common sense, anon. This board feels like it's become overrun with all the worst types of new people lately and it's driving me nuts.

>> No.10626597 [DELETED] 

One idiot eurofag was pushing nonny for years and used it sarcastically. Fuck the fuck off, covidlita.

>> No.10626608

No shit, it look like Madame kei. What's with that stupid pimp walking stick?!

>> No.10626647

Someone in the deleted LU thread tried to defend her going on about self publishing costs when people were disgusted and pointed out the price. They seemed to be under the impression it was hardcover and thus justified

>> No.10626652 [DELETED] 

>Shiny sissylet
Am not surprised it too is a efame hungry goblin

>> No.10626669 [DELETED] 

because the Black lolita is clearly involved in criminal activity

>> No.10626696

Wait! English isn't her first language? Or is she still vim middle school? Or she skipped professional editing? Which of the 3 options?

>> No.10626705
File: 469 KB, 663x406, Screenshot_20210606-141030-153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

States, "There's no Lolita 101 Book" on the very day this book drops. Well played Lor. She comes out of self banishing to let the ita kingdom she rules know they need not read such hearsay.

>> No.10626706
File: 238 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210602-002622~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10626712

Farm! This definitely goes belongs there in the Fields.

>> No.10626714

She had posted about doing a live Q&A this morning about the book, but didn't even do it. Losing credibility left and right

>> No.10626716

Print on demand is such a thing.

>> No.10626718

I wonder why though..no RSVPs, didn't feel the love???

>> No.10626722

I know she tossed away some pretty loyal friends. People that actually gave her money in support of her. For one reason or another she felt they threatened her business and she seriously turned on them and cancelled them. Closed them out in seconds. After their emotional and financial support. Seriously. If she is isolated she created that herself.

>> No.10626729

To be frank, this wasn't very good. Lots of whiney comics with no actual lolita content other than a few tiny nods to the fashion. It's fine for a comic book anthology of sorts but is pretty hollow in terms of actual substance.

Misako's book on the other hand is fantastic.

>> No.10626734

it's so poorly drawn you can't even tell if she's black
anyways the rings and the purple give off the pimp vibes

>> No.10626748

It is hardcover and she's fkn stupid about how she's going about it. She's getting the books for 20$ ea if she orders an 100 of them. Someone must explain to her she's never gonna sell 100 of these

>> No.10626753

the comics are about lolita? interview with novala? the contributors are lolitas that all have been around awhile talking about their experiences and somehow managed to sell the book for a cool $15-$20

Feel free to give me your copy if you don't want it anymore, anon.

>> No.10626762

Anyone wanna comment on why she only ever takes pictures in one single corner? Like does she not have space or any other place for pictures? It’s so weird and awkward that she’s like…shoved into a corner.
The box was also just as bad too and why take your pictures upward? It makes her face look even worse and it gives me slight DDlg vibes because it’s kinda up the skirt.

I just don’t understand how she can’t even frame her terrible coords well either - is there any redeeming thing about any part of her lolita/business or is she just a permanent ita?

>> No.10626764

Ok this whole thing is fucking stupid but $50 in general for a full color self published book is actually not insane. Y’all clearly don’t know how business for authors works. I publish stuff for my AA. It is my income. I need at least a 40% margin because that has to include all overhead costs and taxes. The whole idea is poorly conceived- but the price is the least of my problems with it.

>> No.10626766

Pretty sure Lor is only doing this to get ready to shill her own shitty Lolita 101 book. She’s mentioned similar ideas in passing before and she’s certainly not making any headway on the weird dance wear Lolita brand she’s shilling now.

Tbh I was thinking the same thing. Assuming it costs $25 to make, $50 is actually about right. These weird no one should make money in Lolita people have none of this energy for the crazy margins big brands have, yet come down the throat of every small creator trying to have a profit on their work. Having said that, I’d rather poke my eyes out then read or support the work of this particular “creator”

>> No.10626770

You're both stupid. A simple Google search will tell you that this book isn't $20-25 to make. All quotes come out to $11-16. If this is your job, sorry you're not doing well. The details are 125 pages, 9x6in, full colour.

>> No.10626782

She probably just doesn't have a tripod and has to set up her phone in a particular table that is a certain height. That's what i assume anyway

>> No.10626787

>sets a specific time for Q&A
>doesn’t even show up
>doesn’t post an update (excuse) to let her “followers” know
Great business practices, keep it up

>> No.10626789

Awhile ago she scheduled a Live event with another lolita but it had to be reschedule because she literally overslept. lol

>> No.10626845

I charge $48 for my art books and I’ve sold out at the last 6 cons I went to, and I’ve sold over 300 copies on my website. I pay $8 per book for printing and around $2 for shipping. $50 isn’t crazy at all if your book is actually good. Hell, if she was profit sharing with the other contributors I’d still be fine with it desu. If her book involved actual hardcore research/travel expenses I’d also consider it a reasonable price but the issue isn’t the price it’s the content. Plenty of independent creators charge $30-75 for their books/zines and do just fine, they just happen to be making shit people actually want to buy.

>> No.10626883 [DELETED] 

Hi Kyra, so as you are reading through these just wanted to say Karma is a bitch. But you knew that already.

>> No.10626898 [DELETED] 

I get she has college, her church because you know God forgave her but she cannot forgive anyone, her bf, her family, her volunteer work, her glue gun craft accessories business and her book so she over sleeps on her social media appointments

>> No.10626920

Lmao the thought of her having 100 books plus all the cheap plastic jewelry and Taobao dresses stored in her home is really funny for some reason, I wonder how much stuff she has horded now?

>> No.10626924

All of this yet she looks like an its kek

>> No.10626926


>> No.10626931

maybe that's why she only ever takes pictures in that one corner?

>> No.10626933

Friendly reminder that we’re crossing over into harassing/doxing/irrelevant territory again.

>> No.10626948 [DELETED] 

She lives in room she rents from a family member. Recovering drug addict better than living out of a car for sure.

>> No.10626949 [DELETED] 

What the fuck?? On CGL??? Nooooo????

>> No.10626968 [DELETED] 


Everything was taken from a public profile and wasnt used for the means of trying to find out where she was. Nobody is harassing her on social media. Try again and look up what doxxing actually means

>> No.10627070
File: 86 KB, 1080x1080, B09D838F-01EC-43EB-A2EC-8DF267ED6060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like there’s a new feature to her website. No update on the Q&A though.

>> No.10627108

oh my god I just connected the dots that top middle is dildo-chan

holy shit this is the funniest lineup i’ve ever seen

>> No.10627113

Wow. She really thinks she's important enough to have forums? We have /cgl/ and Facebook

>> No.10627132

requires you seek out your target and pester/bully them directly
requires taking private information and making it public without or against the consent of the target
>Irrelevant Territory
I 100% agree.

... However, friendly reminder, discussing publicly posted information is not 2 out of 3 of the things stated above. It's really important for people to remember that social media is public and that you can't expect privacy when also wanting the same information to be publicly known. You can't say "How did anyone know that?!" while also saying; "I hope everyone in the world sees my post".

>> No.10627164

imagine being a teenage or child that really likes lolita and wants to get into it, so your parents or grandparents buy you the book thinking it will help you read more about a hobby that interests you. Imagine it's your expensive, big ticket item gift. Imagine how disappointing it'd be

>> No.10627166

lots of lolitas on cgl answer questions for no profit, demanding no recognition. We are pissed because taking free information/photos/content that other lolitas dedicated their time to answering and then cheaply stealing it to profit off of is low. We already are content producers.

You already see the 'something better" on /r/Lolita, FB groups, discord, etc. We just have the class not to be thieves.

>> No.10627184
File: 18 KB, 320x99, 0D65EBFC-5CB8-44DA-B827-8CBB03FA0284.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Missed the best part
>you can join now to connect with other lolitas, right on my website
Oh good lord this is not what we needed. We already have facebook and cgl - she really thinks she’s that special or people would want this feature?
Who is even joining this? For what use?

>> No.10627215

so why would I pay for her book if I can just ask actual lolitas on her forum?

>> No.10627219

This is actually why she has to take pix in the one corner so no one sees her hoard of unsold stock.

>> No.10627272

I remember some lolita zine was out a while ago, I can’t remember what it was called. It looked nice and was full color. I didn’t get one at the time but now I wish I had. I do like physical media this just ain’t it

>> No.10627274

Dentelles? Just below the knee?

>> No.10627275

Heavenly Creatures came to mind, but I don't think that one had a physical release.

>> No.10627473

Anyone have any updates on Bigot Rose?

>> No.10627508
File: 71 KB, 348x450, 9780823026227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the more frightening part of this shitshow is that whoever would be buying this book wouldn't realize how much of a disappointment it is until much later. It's the equivalent of giving a Christopher Hart how to book to someone who can't draw a circle - they're not gonna know better and they just got a whole lot of bullshit they're gonna have to unlearn later.

>> No.10627510

I'm pretty sure I had my mom buy this book for me when I was a kid and I already drew way better at that point. I felt pretty annoyed lmao.

"Mom, why did you buy me this trash."

>> No.10627618

Christopher Hart was the worst. Not saying white dudes can't draw manga but good god he just created caricatured parodies of what most manga actually looked like and billed it to kids as legit. I have zero doubt he is personally responsible for every shitty anime DA oc and people still doing those awful extreme triangle faces with square eyes in their art even though there are tons of better drawing resources and anime for reference these days

>> No.10627743
File: 259 KB, 1153x1196, bibelot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this really 41 dollars? looks like 5 dollars worth to me

>> No.10627744
File: 252 KB, 1144x1216, pride.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ahh yes, cashing in on pride with cheap shit that is way overpriced

>> No.10627745

You mean…just these 5 items? For $45?! That’s as much as her worthless book

>> No.10627746

This isn’t even her work, she’s literally reselling another artist’s work you can buy directly from their page.

How much more obvious does she need to be that she’s just trying to cash grab and profit off of others - she isn’t even gay and this isn’t even her work.
She needs to get out.

>> No.10627749

She sucks but shops do this all the time where indie brands let them sell their wares. Typically the brand sells the shop their stuff first so the actual creator gets a guaranteed sale/cash but then the shop goes and sells the pieces at a bit of a markup for their profit.

It's a common thing to do but yeah she's a known greedy opportunist.

>> No.10627750

aliexpress tier

>> No.10627754

She’s gotta get her drug money somehow. Once an addict, always an addict…she’s just switched over to lolita.

>> No.10627757
File: 86 KB, 1080x1080, 2BF589DE-A695-40B0-B277-439B58BC2E6C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New Artist/ Victim added to her site.
>Created a forum on her website that nobody asked for.
>extended pre-orders for her book because she is having trouble selling and knows people won’t pay $70+ for it.
> Never apologized or re-scheduled after missing her Q&A.
>Added an «about the artists» section to her website overnight, clearly after reading criticism on here about her not crediting artists.
This was all in the past two days.

>> No.10627763

So it would seem she reads cgl, yet somehow her coords still look the way they do? Did no one tell her?

At least she doesn’t get on her weird box anymore.

>> No.10627764

Not defending her cause she sucks, but she’s always had an about the artists page.

>> No.10627765

she just needs to gtfo lolita fashion

>> No.10627768

Yeah before they didn’t link to the artists page so you can just buy directly from them and stop wasting your money on her slop business. Plus they said shit like “Bibelot Rose ___” like they worked for her and weren’t independent artists themselves.

>> No.10627774

The page was missing from her site recently. And she never had their actual brands listed like >>10627768 mentioned, it was just «Bibelot Rose Artist___»

>> No.10627777

Part of me wants to buy the book ironically so I can see how bad it is, but then I’d have to give her money, so it’s not happening

>> No.10627834

I just hope she sends a copy to whatever lolita youtuber just so we can see what's in it, even if it means we have the bare with the youtuber in question pretending to enjoy it.

>> No.10627839

Please dont, itll be leaked soon enough on libgen or some other platform

>> No.10628290
File: 891 KB, 1423x1779, 198296620_343776467162331_2504563436361138986_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New pieces coming soon. Looks just as crappy as her old pieces.

>> No.10628392

this looks like a paint splatter

also use a lint roller on your jewelry bust

>> No.10628405

that's a cute pin and cute stars but you wouldn't catch me dead wearing a pronoun pin jfc it's a telltale sign that you're annoying

>> No.10628410

They’re not even her work lol

>> No.10628590

>You already see the 'something better" on /r/Lolita

gonna have to disagree with that one chief

>> No.10628662

that's really sad. And here I was hoping we'd eventually get a second book. I also got my copy for fifteen dollars or so last summer. Glad I got it then, but still...

>> No.10628767

r/Lolita is better than the 70$ toilet paper

>> No.10629040

i remember her commenting on a fb thread that she found lolita because of her kinks. she said it was because she can be submissive without being sexy or some shit like that.

>> No.10629068

just JOIN THE REPUBLICANS OR THE CONSERVATIVES if you're a masochist jfc. I hate kinksters so fucking much

>> No.10629589

So pretty, very rotten is one of several better books out there and it doesn’t even cost any where near what is being ask for this shit.

>> No.10629597

The contributors are getting payed with a percentage of the sales, she talked about that before

>> No.10629617

She said the contributers were getting a PDF file of the book. I don't recall her saying she will pay them unless if you have caps to jog my memory.

>> No.10629628

She originally wasn’t going to pay them, but in the latest LU before it got deleted she said they were getting a portion of the proceeds

>> No.10629955

I wish they would reprint it, you used to be able to get it for 20$ but it's going for 50$ + used now

>> No.10629957


>> No.10630019


>> No.10630081
File: 62 KB, 940x334, paidlol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10630085

TLDR; she can just run off with the money and say she made no sales, if she did make sales.

>> No.10630949
File: 489 KB, 750x1052, 1BB3E192-7CF1-4CED-B725-2D02877718C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The backcover (I assume) and various sample pages are up on the website.
Nice bullet points

>> No.10630950
File: 534 KB, 750x1032, 4A67F442-0CB3-48E5-9587-6AFA6C18DD4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The layout is ...underwhelming.

>> No.10630953
File: 583 KB, 750x1042, 567EB1FC-840F-46CC-9427-86360DF07057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like the layout and amount of text would be okay-ish for an online publication.
In a printed book, I like more in-depth texts. It feels like there’s not that much substance to it.

>> No.10630955

As a graphic designer I hate hate HATE these bullet points. The layout in general is not great but it should be instinctual to not do bullet points like that.

>> No.10630956

??? idk who this chick surrounded herself with, but no one ever told me to stop liking pink and I never felt society pressured me not to like it either

>> No.10630960

as a illustrator and graphic designer I just want to say that my eyes just melted off looking at the front cover and just all the design choices they made. what a mess

>> No.10630964

This page is horrendous. Written in comic font, like a 6th grade diary journal. Insulting.

>> No.10630965

I seriously want to know who is buying her trash? This is absolute kindergarten level, Mother's Day gift shit we were forced to make that ended up in the garbage. Is that who produces her stuff? Forced labor? A bunch of toddlers?

>> No.10630999

I'd argue the layout is overwhelming in how awful it is.

>> No.10631010

> messy formatting ft. awful choice of fonts
> the bullet points
> totally not forced, overwhelming logo squished into the corner
this is awful

>> No.10631046

This was legit made on Canva

>> No.10631051

the layouts remind me of the ddlg shops that I see while scrolling through on Instagram

>> No.10631055

>smart women... reject feminie affect
>girl hate
This person has no fucking idea what they are talking about. It reads like a man trying to relay the ~female experience~

Also can we stop shoehorning gender into everything? K, thanks.

>> No.10631056

It's like they asked themselves how they could make two paragraphs exhausting to read. Busy font in a bright color with a busy background. It just needs some flashing lights. And whoever centered the paragraph needs escorted out of design.

>> No.10631057

>"choose a beautiful print and frame it with your beautiful face"
I absolutely hate this ESL-tier quote.
Your hair "frames" your face. Your face does not frame a print. Gives me nightmares.

>> No.10631059


>> No.10631062

for real, who the fuck was discouraging girls from liking pink? the "i hate pink actually" tomboy phase usually comes from little girls responding to the pressure to be feminine, and as a grown woman working in a professional setting, femininity is absolutely expected of me. despite that, if i came into work wearing a hello kitty tutu or my coworkers came in wearing spiderman suits it would be inappropriate because it's fucking dress-up, not because of gender coding. they're desperate to reframe the norm as some kind of subversion lmao.

>> No.10631066

it's so stupid because they do actually discourage grown women from wearing pink and enjoying "cute" things, but she wasn't talking about that. she missed the mark totally.

>> No.10631069

They could have talked about the problematic nature of 2nd wave feminism and misogynistic ideals working together to discourage hyperfemininity and project the image of being childish onto anything cute or feminine in a way that doesn't appeal to men or imitate them in an attempt to be seen as equal, but instead they did....this.

>> No.10631100

>ESL-tier quote
glad i am not the only one who thought this. it seems like a clunky translation

>> No.10631168

Why does this look like a Power Point with too many words on one slide?

>> No.10631190

As someone who completed elementary school I hate these bullet points.

Literally if you ever made a presentation or assignment with bullet points like this you'd get chewed out and have to explain yourself.

I don't understand how anyone would have thought this is a good idea as a format. wtf.

>> No.10631192

I hate this pseudo feminist shit. A man would have ironically wrote it better. A guy writing an assignment for a girl he knows would have been more convincing than this, it feels so fake and inauthentic.

It's like it's 11:57pm and she needed to submit an assignment for 11:59 so this is what she came up with.

"Girl hate which is still a common trope in social media"
Girl-hate would flow better, but self-hate would have made better sense. Its soo low effort

>> No.10631211
File: 370 KB, 1440x1440, AEAEC614-BA53-47C0-BC1D-BCFFB17D68BE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does she look so crusty? You would think if she was doing a photoshoot she could edit herself to look nicer or something.

>> No.10631212

Her face isn’t beautiful, that’s what truly gives me nightmares is that someone who looks like a grotesque pig somehow wrote terrible shit that’s even worse than her jank face and is trying to sell it like she’s promoting community or some shit

>> No.10631213

What the fuck is her face doing in the top left picture? And her lipstick is smeared halfway down to her chin like a child put it on her and she just…went out looking like that?

>> No.10631215

The fact she’s trying to sell product with probably the worst coord I’ve ever seen someone make with this dress; it’s virtually a war crime she owns brand and does this to it

>> No.10631217
File: 111 KB, 512x640, 78CE4070-8675-4934-9C6F-2FDE6CE6EB98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somehow it got worse.
She literally can’t pose and what the hell is her makeup doing smeared all around her lips like a kindergartner did it?

>> No.10631219

This is exactly what I just thought!
How can she just leave her makeup like that; it’s disgusting and she looks like she can’t do makeup at all.
How did the photographer not tell her “hey your lipstick is just straight up all around your face” or even not take closeups of this girls face and actually get product shots?
Unless this just shows how narcissistic she is that her face needs to be plastered on everything. So much for community

>> No.10631220

this piece is so ugly. why is she proud of this?

>> No.10631221

The irony in trying to promote product that you can’t even see because only her face is in focus

>> No.10631229


This has the grammar of a 4th grade hooked on phonics workbook.

>> No.10631258

Her lipstick is like that in every photo so I think she does it on purpose to make her mouth look bigger but unfortunately it just makes her look retarded

>> No.10631268

is she Jewish? Why are so many of her products and coords featuring 6 pointed stars?

>> No.10631274

For the majority of coordinate photos, it's just a friend or SO taking it. They're not professionals and don't check for smeared makeup, flipped up skirts or other mishaps. Not trying to defend the photo but that's likely what happened here.

>> No.10631275

her hair is so greasy... i don't know how she manages to make her face look so dirty all the time. maybe it's the bad highlighting.

>> No.10631372

I think it’s cheap clip-in bangs - you can see that theyre a slightly different colour to the rest of her hair, and they’re much shinier than the hair in her plaits.

>> No.10631378

Why did she shop out her leg and not not half her waist, it the grease on her face? What was offensive about that leg it had to go??

>> No.10631381

Oh wait, I see it, tucked behind.

>> No.10631564

I wouldn't trust this woman to give me lolita fashion advice

>> No.10631573

Oh she absolutely thinks it makes her look better (the weirdly overdone lipstick) she got concrit about it in the amino app but wouldnt fucking listen

>> No.10631631

Years ago, my friends made fun of me for doing my lipstick like this.

>> No.10631689
File: 211 KB, 512x640, 1623638552321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"choose a beautiful print and frame it with your beautiful face"

>> No.10631777

I love you anon, please marry me.

>> No.10631781

No, those are her bangs, she clearly just doesn’t take care of herself or shower enough.

>> No.10631816

Anon... thank you for giving my horrendous imagination a physical form.

>> No.10631846 [DELETED] 

She’s so bloated, she looks even worse than usual

>> No.10632529

The nightmare never ends

>> No.10632537
File: 857 KB, 1732x1732, 200504996_348199170053394_8066109775517756384_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately it's about to get worse.

>> No.10632545

Why is the 101 and the logo on the right cropped off?

>> No.10632546

Her white ass petti sticking out - what the actual fuck?

And her logo is half cut off, she didn’t account for bleed, what an idiot.

Who would pay 50$ for this CRAP?!

>> No.10632550

She has a live on her shit business insta and I can’t…all the pages are cropped like the cover.
It’s bad. This isn’t worth even 10$ for this shit quality

>> No.10632551

the live was cringe af, one of the pages she showed was literally her as the face of lolita fashion.

>> No.10632566

She did not use her jank face as the poster child for lolita.
Lord no, this book needs to be burned with the rest of her ita coords/whole wardrobe at this point

>> No.10632572

I want to make some shit book about lolita now too

>> No.10632595

do it, make a lolita 101 but call it Ita 101

>> No.10632599

I'll make sure her picture is included

>> No.10632601

The crop and lack of bleed killing me aside, how bad is the print quality if the paper is already losing pigment from opening the cover? Even home inkjet prints don't get fucked up that quickly.

>> No.10632606


>> No.10632611

kek that's tragic, even dollarstore paperbacks are better quality - if you're gonna scalp your followers, at least try a bit harder

>> No.10632653

What is the name of her business insta?

>> No.10632681

what is this? I had some of his books and nothing looked like this?

>> No.10632712

this hurts

>> No.10632717


>> No.10632722

Why does she look like she has downsyndrome? Legit looks a retarded kid proudly showing her mom the scribble she did in special ed class. 'Momma can we put this up on the fridge with a magnet?' I can't take fashion advice from someone who can't even dress themselves. What is this shit.... Why don't her friends stop her from this foolish behavior. Does she not have any real friends who care about her??

>> No.10632729

She should have at least tried to dress better if she was going to post marketing images with this trash...

>> No.10632732

They either tried and she didn’t listen or got so screwed over by the project that it ruined their friendship

>> No.10632758
File: 319 KB, 1539x1519, CYMERA_20210616_110337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10632813

On her live she said that she was amazed that it had a barcode, saying that she would put it in libraries too

>> No.10632877

Bibelot Rose I believe

>> No.10633042

Prime example of why the fat positive movement is awful. She clearly got fatter over the last while and instead of diet and exercise she does nothing about it. Not only does she dress sloppy but her extra weight makes her look extra sloppy.... And she do as all fatty chans do, cry oppression and when no one buys her book she will say everyone is just racist against fat people.

>> No.10633138

Whelp other thread got nuked. I wonder why /s

>> No.10633140
File: 654 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20210616-185438_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shes actually lost money
Good. This should dissuade her from doing things that are obviously bad ideas.

>If I were a new Lolita I would gladly pay for one on one mentorship
Lolita is literally just wearing clothes. Do you pay your mom to teach you how to dress? No one needs to pay someone to tell them how to wear clothes. A more valuable experience is just trying a coord and seeing if it works out, developing your sense of taste, etc.

>> No.10633158

Because people tried to give her actual concrit.

>> No.10633215

Good thing she’s charging $97 for mentoring and another $300 for having the person spend on her ugly ass coords

>> No.10633237

At this point I'm just patiently waiting for her first lolcow thread

>> No.10633292

There’s some new screens in the lolita general thread

>> No.10633294

go ahead and make it happen anon

>> No.10633352

am I blind or did the new, other thread get nuked again with only a couple of posts?

>> No.10633354

did they get deleted? I can't find them

>> No.10633356

the thread's on lolcow

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