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please tell me this is babby's first coord and not a girl that's been in the fashion for a while
I don't care if it gets me called autistic but lolita needs a blouse if the dress doesn't cover the shoulders and armpit area and i will die on that hill

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i support sandals in lolita. not whatever is on her head, but sandals yes.

save this poor dress, kumya deserves better

disagree, it looks fine and balanced to me in this case

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*clarification, the OP image looks fine without a blouse to me, not that other coord

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so cute, this could go straight to the garden good vibes thread right now

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End dump. Have at it gulls.

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Agree, the sandals look cute here!

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Why this pose?

Her outfits look like she only has a limited amount of items to work with so she shoehorns in things that don't fit ie those shoes and the hair combs.

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holy cow that leg shop...

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omg what print is this?? it’s adorable

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that dress looks too tight

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I love this, it looks so comfy and her smile is cute

>> No.10625911

i wouldn't say shoehorned since those colors are in the print, but unbalanced maybe

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It's like she's trying to replicate new Taobao release photographs but fell flat. Everything looks cheap and ill-fitting.

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I agree, it's unbalanced for sure.

Her eyes bother me too. Are they crossed or does she have permanent RBF?

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>inb4 u all are jelly haturz!!! look how confident she is!!!! head to toe ap kween this is perfect!! yas werk mawma!!!!!

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the gray wig makes her look so much older

>> No.10625979

desu this was my least favorite colorway of this release but it's really growing on me

>> No.10625982

My only issue with her is, why are ALL of her photos such shit? She’s pretty and wealthy, but girl can’t take a photo where she’s centered and not somehow giving herself a double chin... the smile in the headshot is cute, now let’s try it again with the outfit shot. Maybe bring the camera higher while we’re at it and not pose like a wannabe influencer... idk. I feel like she’s so close to being good...

>> No.10625984

that's a weird dress. I like the idea of vinyl/pu leather but I don't think this works. Change the shoes, add more lacey elements to the bottom half, maybe switch out the belt for an obi? I don't know, this is messy.

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you look the way I want to look, you are very pleasing to look at

>> No.10626035

ugly man

>> No.10626041

I'd prefer it without the hat, but this is cute.

>> No.10626065


The dress looks surprisingly nice and I dont' mind the coord, but girl be tripping wearing poly in hot weather.

>> No.10626073

I love how she coordinate HL! Because of her outfits i also removed the front bow on my own HL babydoll jsk and now its so much better.

>> No.10626074

The placement of the brooches is super unfortunate.

>> No.10626075

I wouldnt say this is ita. to be fair that dress is really ugly irl and she did a good job making it look decent.

>> No.10626076

oh, damnit, i thought this was the ita thread at first, my bad.

>> No.10626080

This ain’t it boo

>> No.10626081

I can’t stand when people take pictures sitting on the ground like this.
It gives me so much DDlg vibes I almost always want to vomit when I see someone sitting in lolita like this.

>> No.10626088

That’s... a lot, anon. Maybe seek therapy?

>> No.10626112

>her eyes bother me
Wow so constructive!

>> No.10626115

Nta, but it looks like the camera caught her off guard. She looks startled. If she practiced smiling comfortably the problem would be solved. She looks cute enough to have the makings of a nice smile, especially if she let it reach her eyes.

I don’t get why a lot of this current batch of FOTW AP fans are so anti-smiling. Not smiling when you’re wearing the latest Sparkle Berry Kitten Fart Party full set looks dumb as hell 99.9% of the time.

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File: 73 KB, 960x1280, FB_IMG_1622895367893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She always looks like that.

>> No.10626130 [DELETED] 

What on earth is ita about this? it’s a great old-school coord

>> No.10626156

KEK I didn't notice until you pointed it out.

>> No.10626167

quality male lolita

>> No.10626179

normie office blouse and steampunk taobao dress, wow such ""quality""

>> No.10626182

Is it just me or does the way the sunlight goes through her hat and paints spots all over her face look terrifying

>> No.10626183

I really wish CoF banned Tiktok posts

>> No.10626194

>I don’t get why a lot of this current batch of FOTW AP fans are so anti-smiling.

when your only frame of reference is risa's model pics then that's to be expected

>> No.10626196

She has perfect taste

>> No.10626265

YO where is her blouse from, please. Does she say in her post??

>> No.10626271

Ok y'all correct me if I'm wrong, but y'all agree that she's wealthy and owns all the AP right? So why can't she take good pictures? She can't coord for shit most of the time, has weird dead eyes, does unflattering cutesy poses, and upskirt shots-

There is some weird balance going on behind the scenes. I truly think this is some kind of ddlg sugarbaby situation. I think an older man is paying for her AP, taking her pictures (the way they're shot just looks so fucking creepy much of the time), telling her how to pose maybe. I just get desperate Israeli bitch vibes from this girl, like she's posing all pretty but it's framed and set up in a way that's given me bad vibes from the start of when she started getting posted here. Go back and look at her pics and tell me you don't get even a little bit of what I described.

>> No.10626276

That’s some projection

>> No.10626353

Anyone would have source on the dress? It looks like the Delorme Crow from SouffleSong but the one on the website looks different.. https://www.soufflesong.com/Delorme-Grey-Crow-Jumperskirt

>> No.10626357

bitch i work a full time job and buy minimum 3 brand dresses month for myself because I deserve it ha <3 tell me I'm 100% wrong tho. anyone have any other takes as to why she's so spoiled in full head to toe brand new AP yet emotionally dead and never looks happy in anything she posts??

>> No.10626361

It's those mean jelly haters projecting because they're jelly

>> No.10626385

I just assume it’s a bad aesthetic choice, trying to look like an insta thot with the wrong wardrobe and aesthetic for it

>> No.10626618

take off the damn headwear and I adore this

>> No.10626619

because she’s autistic

and quit typing like you’re on lipstickalley

>> No.10626621

just saying, the AP and Gucci she buys or whatever does not === wealth. you can buy the same amount of shit on a small salary if you’re living with your parents with no expenses. actually if someone only buys the same type of shit without spending a good amount of money on anything else (look at her decor, it’s not particularly aesthetic or expensive) it’s a good indicator that someone isn’t wealthy.

what kind of full time job do you have if you think that buying new releases weekly means you’re actually wealthy. myself and my friends do it with room to spare, and so do tons of other people.

>> No.10626624

Voldie still doing the samey stale shit at least Nicole and Jennifer lurk here still and finally swapped some elements up. Jennifer did look like she wanted to moonlight as a holy latern stripper.

>> No.10626625

>lives at home
>doesn't pay bills like an adult but thinks those who do have whack opinions on wealth
Alright then deluded spoiled brat anon

>> No.10626635

...where did I say I lived at home? I said someone could easily buy those things if they live at home because Mi****a does.

>> No.10626648

how about fucking post their pics itt? i don't have either facebook or insta so i can't see them

>> No.10626675

Still looking for this blouse

>> No.10626747

These are so cute

>> No.10627103

This is a blue board though, that thotty HL abomination doesn’t go here

>> No.10627106

I always love her coords.

>> No.10627148

I’ve always gotten weird ddlg vibes from her because of that up-skirt angle and it didn’t click THIS much until you mentioned it.
100% agree with you anon that it gives me all the sugarbaby vibes I don’t need.

If only she could take better pictures, they wouldn’t look so oddly out of place and creepy/kink vibes with…every single picture she manages to take.
It’s literally that, because she is pretty and could do so much better but I’m thinking some gross man styles/poses/photographs her.

>> No.10627154

You people are retarded. Go get some sun

>> No.10627160

NAYRT; Go get your eyes fixed, literally there’s a plethora of examples of her being very obviously ddlg; do we need to bring up the picture of her sitting on the ground with her legs split wide open?
You can see him in a couple of the indoors shots in the TVs.

She really would be good in this fashion if her photos weren’t so obviously taken by a creep of a scrote.

>> No.10627180

A dude in the TV? I thought she was in a relationship with a girl.

>> No.10627189

Is that supposed to somehow prove its not some weird kink still?
So she has a mommy matrix instead of a daddy dom? Somehow I feel that’s worse and proved the point even more that it’s some weird kink.
Or wow her girlfriend can not take photos for shit and needs to learn angles better; either way the point still stands the up-the-skirt pictures are the literal worst and people in lolita need to stop taking them.

>> No.10627259

Can someone with a FB account do a dump of all the ILD coords?!

>> No.10627299

Ok thanks for adding this, I thought someone else got those vibes too, plus I had no idea about the pic of her sitting w her legs open or reflections in her tv of a guy taking her pics uh I'm gonna barf. why can't we gatekeep gaslight girlboss these people out of our spaces... kinksters must dieeee

>> No.10627319

I didn't found any photos like described in her Instagram. Maybe i am blind. Maybe you just want to produce some drama about her because your live must be boring. Who knows.

She is still young and still can learn to find her pose. Maybe she only have a mobile phone for photos but no stand for the phone ... or its not high enough. Maybe her mom took the pictures.
There is a easy solution: just ask her kindly

>> No.10627321

I'm so glad I left CoF.

>> No.10627364

ESL whiteknight appears, is that you zoe

>> No.10627365

It has been said to her, what are you a newfag?!
She’s fully aware the angles make her look like she’s posing for weird creepy kink horrors, she doesn’t change a thing. A tripod is like maybe 20$ on Amazon…she’s rich af. She’s actively choosing to take pictures from that angle and it definitely is a ddlg/mmlg sort of thing,

>> No.10627368

This is not accurate, the photo in which she is doing the splits is not inside, and she's doing the splits like a dancer might. She's not spreading her legs open in a forward position like an age player.

>> No.10627373

Really like this one, so cute and polished

>> No.10627383

I wish one day I am posted itt

>> No.10627403

If you do the dump, you can post yourself

>> No.10627405

lol no.

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File: 840 KB, 1284x943, 7F815DA0-34CE-4230-81B4-FE1FB2275181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>like a dancer
So then you agree - it’s not lolita anymore and posed in such a way that is just…untasteful for the fashion.

>> No.10627412

I'm afraid gulls will guess the self post

>> No.10627413

It's not even a proper split

>> No.10627415

Yeah I agree it's a shit pose, but I don't think it looks like ageplay

>> No.10627417

It does with the added angle of literally every other one of her photos - then it just screams ageplay

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ILD dump

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End of the dump

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Aw this one is cute

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>> No.10627442

This is just straight up weird

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>> No.10627448
File: 899 KB, 1512x2016, 194205074_10159869250484298_6229800760903416535_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10627450
File: 230 KB, 1440x1080, 196703049_4029928910376437_4910583019469184955_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10627452
File: 802 KB, 1440x1440, 198829895_10159884917223352_4559013768717024283_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm done dumping too.

>> No.10627457

This was already posted to the ita thread, does not belong here, it’s horrendous

>> No.10627459

I can understand this girl might be a dancer but all her photos just always give me ageplay vibes. They’re so bad, she needs to learn how to pose better because THIS is definitely not it boo.

>> No.10627460

CoF is everything. Don't post, unless you know what the fuck you're talking about newfag.

Lurk moar.

>> No.10627462

Like this one - what is the pose? Her eyes are dead af and she looks like she needs help and to understand how to smile with your eyes, but this gives me so many ageplay vibes it’s always cringe to see her anywhere because we all pretty much know she’s just doing lolita for the kink of it.

>> No.10627465

She probably has a mental disorder. Dis-associative types usually have dead eyes like that and she has cutting scars. Most lolitas are fucked up, so I wouldn't be surprised anyways.

>> No.10627468

I see no scars on the pic

>> No.10627469

It's not in that photo. It was in previous threads, where her scars were visible. I don't know the photo exactly.

>> No.10627481

she looks like she'd shush me in the library, and I'm ok with that. simple coords are nice.

what's their insta?

don't you think if she was doing her kink stuff she'd be happier about it? this >>10627465 sounds more likely, but could be both, I guess.

>> No.10627484

That 2013 baddie makeup so does not work with this outfit

>> No.10627488

so you're the one putting your dick/and or clam on her and buying her things. can you just shut the fuck up and can y'all keep your kinks to yourself please

>> No.10627490
File: 111 KB, 1080x390, Screenshot_20210607-155352-679.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which one of us anon

>> No.10627495

Looking like a vintage nurse isn't kawaii
This is cute
That face filter is scary
I really like it
Baby's first coord
Needs a blouse
Another baby's first coord
Very cute but I'd change shoes for blue ones
Aren't half body pics forbidden in CoF?
This straight up ita
I like this a lot
Mask make this ita
Bad for lolita, good for alt fashion >>10627443
Open toe shoes is old-fashioned and ugly
Nooo not socks with tights
Cute like a cloud
Shoes better be red
Wow, I can see her coord so well/s
They look like old hags

>> No.10627498


>> No.10627513
File: 141 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1623097334510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627515
File: 111 KB, 1014x1268, FB_IMG_1623097456609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627517

Ugly girls shouldn't wear lolita

>> No.10627518
File: 101 KB, 856x960, FB_IMG_1623097414943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627520

Cry about it

>> No.10627521

It's not Halloween, jeez

>> No.10627525

Half those people are conventionally good looking

>> No.10627527

She's so cute i wish she would change her hair just once

>> No.10627529


>> No.10627542


>> No.10627546

Pretty sure that’s what we’re asking of her, retard.
We don’t want her weird ageplay angles in our fashion - either change it or get the fuck out kinkster

>> No.10627590
File: 564 KB, 750x982, A1B76AC8-E081-4314-8ACC-BD20FAA5AB80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627592
File: 505 KB, 750x1073, 7FDEAF4E-0227-4956-9CAE-FBC919A548FB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627594
File: 564 KB, 750x734, 0D584845-84B9-4745-A7E6-698CD7BCC3AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627595
File: 420 KB, 750x782, D8511E5A-B2A9-4DCE-BCA7-D56C8F335322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627607

This is so short!

>> No.10627610

Interesting that anytime someone brings her up in the thread, there’s a huge “random” dump and way too long posts, also the defensive nature of this screams it’s you or your gag of a “girlfriend” (mommy) you supposedly have

>> No.10627613

wow she gained so much weight.

>> No.10627614

I love this

>> No.10627615

I usually only like blouseless coords on super skinny girls but she looks super cute

>> No.10627617

that bag is to die for omg

>> No.10627620

I love her coords, she’s always so put together

>> No.10627621

Everything matches so well here.

>> No.10627622

It doesn't look bad, but a shawl or bolero would make it a bit more elegant.

>> No.10627624


>> No.10627625

What’s the issue?

>> No.10627633

She is anon and you hating her for posting here a decade ago doesn't change that

>> No.10627696

Let's fly to San Francisco during a pandemic to mooch clout off the comm there!!! Wow!!!!!!

>> No.10627708

In what world is that what happened? She just took a pic in front of a cute house.

>> No.10627713

Nah she is cute. I don't understand the vendetta against her, who the fuck cares or knows anything about her. The fact that lolcow says nothing about her should say a lot.

>> No.10627714

“Mooch clout” lololol no one cares about any of this

>> No.10627715

people like Voldie and tripfags back in the day on cgl are part of the reason cgl got a drama ban places like lolcow and kiwifarms are the cesspools of gossip that they are tho

>> No.10627719

The fuck you think she's in San Francisco for? Go back to your flyover state.

>> No.10627722

>anyone who travels does it for clout
>no one is allowed to leave the midwest or they want clout

I don't even live in either place but you sound like a retard, SF alone is full of more human waste than the rest of the country is with dog poop. People don't go there for clout they go to see the few good things for fun.

>> No.10627735
File: 128 KB, 526x701, 197281292_4309242262443550_5369710427678938404_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627736
File: 74 KB, 526x526, 195696677_4432911356743136_7448822687338767855_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627737
File: 57 KB, 508x640, 198268713_1207249326394542_4826918650703896044_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10627738

I hated Neon Star Diner and Girly Sticker but I don't hate this coord. Not my favorite but color wise not the worst

>> No.10627739

What isn’t the issue, are you retarded or blind?
No blouse, no petti, nothing special about this at all. There’s no inspiration or personality, you did the bare minimum and that’s putting a dress with matching kc on, figure out how to coord newfag or gtfo

>> No.10627776

Her turnout and ankle flexibility is pretty shit for a dancer…

>> No.10627778

AYRT, personally I agree - which brings me back to why the fuck would you ever pose lolita in this way?
The amount of ageplay vibes I get from her, it’s so obvious someone else buys her her brand and takes gross pictures of her like they’re building a spankbank

>> No.10627779

Haro the hot mess

Has she stopped claiming she's half Asian yet?

>> No.10627806

This is a ladyboy

>> No.10627808

To be fair pettis and blouses aren't required in old school, which is clearly what she's trying to replicate

>> No.10627809

Doesn't mean it looks good. The only reason why petticoats weren't a thing back in the day was lack of availability and the style was still developing. Wear a petticoat. It's 2021. Idagf about your old school wannabe shit, that photo is trying too hard and it doesn't look good

>> No.10627816

I’m pretty sure they’re Mickey ears and that she’s at Disney

>> No.10627819

Anyone else feel like this girl is really clout chasing and has no idea about the fashion beyond sweet lolita?

>> No.10627820

clout chasing sure, dunno about the other part. I think it’s annoying when people do stuff like giveaways and ask for likes and shares but that’s me

gotta admit though I’ve given her the nickname “The Crimson Chin” in my head

>> No.10627844

she had a long hiatus on IG and IIRC, the hiatus began before the pandemic

>> No.10627846

What does that have to do with anything?

>> No.10627873

Isn't this a shitty replica of the Lief nurse set? Design replicas are ok I suppose but I'll always find them tacky.

>> No.10627874


Yeah, she really has no idea about substyles other than sweet. she posted a black sweet coord and was like 'this is gothic teehee!'

Also suspect she might be part of a pod on ig, but hey if she can keep up with it good for her.

>> No.10627875

I've seen her tag/describe sweet coords as gothic and classic lolita before. She seems clueless on a whole but her coords are at least decent.

>> No.10627879

I find pods to be filled with overly fake famewhores, but that's just me I suppose. The bland superficial interaction with fake nice comments gets very tiring.

>> No.10627880


AYRT, but it honestly doesn't seem it does much for engagement either except just as a bunch of fake comments clogging a post imo. IG has fucked the algo over anyways, so she's playing a losing game without expanding into general broad interest topics (like IVB with motherhood or PL with DIY sewing and broad interest 'cottagecore')

>> No.10627883

You're fucking retarded and can't read apparently, that's literally what I said. Fuck kinksters, they should all die
Why would I criticize her if I was the person fucking her and buying her things??? Like. fucking gross for one and you are truly retarded

>> No.10627884
File: 891 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210608-003210_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck you, cunt

>> No.10627885

Chunky bbw queen

>> No.10627887

Insta seems to be on a road to dying with the algo being the way it is. Lolita is too niche for any form of influencer fame, good observation on IVB and PL though. Even Fanny has her vintage and some weird trad wife fanbase.

>> No.10627920

The fact you’re even this level of angry clearly says she is an age player being groomed/abused by someone who just trolls cgl.
Either learn to take better pictures that don’t make it look like a weird fetish or just get the fuck out is the point.
We’ve said nothings wrong with her face or her coords, it’s the grotesque angle that makes it look like kink.
Do better, get over yourself.

>> No.10627938

>but color wise not the worst
Are you blind or are you her?

>> No.10627940

Left's glasses make her nose look like they are attached, like gag glasses.

>> No.10627941

She should just wear peaking bloomers to cover her obese knee braces

>> No.10627942

This is cute but this lady always creeps me out. she has that ana face that makes her look 20 years older.

>> No.10627945

she looks normal anon, what are you talking about?

>> No.10627952

Not that anon, but she has the weird overly, deeply wrinkled face and sharp features that severely underweight people get. I do not think she is severely underweight, but she has always come across as vaguely ED to me as well

>> No.10627954

I don't think she's underweight, she just has prominent cheekbones from what I can see?

>> No.10627957

what is it with this board and calling every smaller sized person anorexic though.

she who must not be named = anorexic, most of the people on here are not.

>> No.10627958

>what is it with this board
Most of them have vision problems cause all the excess fat doesn’t allow them to fully open their eyes.

>> No.10628039


>> No.10628040

only ugly girls wear lolita baby

>> No.10628044


>> No.10628046

usakumya’s little hat holy shit

>> No.10628054

This. AP and Bany dresses were designed to fit small Japanese girls & women, not hambeasts.

>> No.10628055

who is this?

>> No.10628065

Anon…. She is tho…

>> No.10628080

nta but no she's not, pretty sure she's peruvian(?) and has the latin american blood to match

at best she looks turkish, but no, she is not asian in the slightest

>> No.10628084

Lmao you seen her 23and me or something ? You do realize there’s an extremely long history of Asian migration into South America ? And btw 97% of Turkey is in Asia and turkish genetic origins are central Asian…

>> No.10628087

she's shown her parents in her instagram stories before and they were either not asian or so mixed that it doesn't even matter anymore

why do y'all want to be half asian so bad

>> No.10628088

Turkish people are Asian pretty much everywhere but the US census anon. Turkish actress Damla was nominated for an Asian screen actors award alongside Chinese and Kazakh actresses. Burgerland politics is not the end all be all of who is or isn’t Asian.

>> No.10628091

>doesn't even matter anymore
Ope! There it is. Tbh anon it kinda sounds like you’re the one who wants to be Asian. If she shows her parents then she’s clearly not dodgy about it. Why are people so fucking intense about insisting they know what someone else’s ethnic origin? Genetics are fucking weird and can play out in a lot of ways.

>> No.10628092

Say it with me: Not all Asians are East Asian.

>> No.10628094

It's because if you're light skinned people group you in as "just some white person" a lot of the time, despite there being multiple ethnicities. Too many people are purist Nazis now.

>> No.10628095

man if you're going to give your opinions on like 15 different coords, at least make them not shit opinions

>> No.10628096

She actually looks Half Indian or Nepalese to me. She looks just like my housemate who is literally from Nepal.

>> No.10628100

>extremely long history of Asian migration
I’m 1st gen Brazilian and took an Uber with an old Asian driver. Imagine my surprise when this old Korean dude spoke perfect Portuguese and damn good Spanish. Turns out thousands of Koreans immigrated to Brazil in the 60s/70s/80s alongside Japanese. I had literally no idea.

>> No.10628102

as someone that's Asian but doesn't look it, this guessing game of is she or isn't she Asian that you're playing is pretty hurtful to us as a whole

>> No.10628106

Exactly. People seem to forget that you have four grandparents, so it’s possible for someone to have at least four very distinct and impactful cultural/ethnic identities.

>> No.10628109

Damn me neither, I thought korean immigration was way more recent (I live in an area with A LOT of koreans)

>> No.10628114

I was shook lol. He was probably 70+ and just chimed in our conversation about directions.

>> No.10628116

yall need to stop commenting on people's physical appearance on this thread, debating someone's race and whether or not they have an eating disorder has nothing to do with their outfit baka

>> No.10628119

>she’s not Asian
>suggests she looks Turkish, which is Asian…


>> No.10628126

No one cares, long posts can fuck off

>> No.10628128

Indians are asian and even Russians are asian. It always becomes apparent when the ignorant AF race purists come in.

>> No.10628132

Yeah, Brazil has the largest population of japanese outside of japan

>> No.10628145

This is the cutest otome nostalgia coord I've seen, except for that random lavender hairbow that goes with nothing. It ruins the look.

>> No.10628154

Bitch I don't even have an Instagram account, I've never messaged this person, I didn't know who she was before this week!!!! Now you have a fantasy/fetish going on, not me. Frankly it's creepy.

>> No.10628172
File: 67 KB, 1080x1082, FB_IMG_1623149415564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> deeply wrinkled face

get help anon

>> No.10628178

Bitches will see a healthy, skinny, not hambeasty white woman with a strong nose and a silver screen 50s movie star face and be like "shes wrinkly, she's too skinny, she creeps me out :((((" like bitch.... god forbid someone has strong bone structure. Sorry you don't have cheekbones I guess.

Post your arms so we can judge you now :)

>> No.10628186

They are probably just black fat bitches with fat noses.

Fat noses are ugly. I'd take a sharp nose over a fat nose.

>> No.10628192 [DELETED] 

Seriously, black bitches will make fun of white (including Jewish!!!) women's noses and then put an ounce of highlighter on their nonexistent nose bridge to make it look more straight/white/nonblack. The only girls who made fun of my nose in school were dog faced black bitches with nostrils you could hide peanut m&ms in. It's simply jealousyyy baybeeeee

>> No.10628194

You two really had to go the down the racist route huh? Stupid fuckers (and I'm white like a sheet of paper before you try me)

>> No.10628195

Keep replying boo, fuel your own fire, kek

>> No.10628199

this, its enough to say gulls are just jealous and move along.

>> No.10628200


Tell me you're unhinged without telling me you're unhinged.

>> No.10628208

I mean most people who want to be cute tend to want a round/heart shaped face with little shadow/dimension cast on it, pale, but still a good bit of facial fat for youthfullness, and a thin body. So yeah a typical western face of anyone over age 25 is gonna look haggard compared to the literal doll or Japanese model ideal.

>> No.10628214

most Western people - especially europeans - don't get a round face and a skinny body. Its usually one or the other unless your face is the last place you lose weight.

She's a very attractive 20-something woman, not a child with a round face, and there's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.10628217

I know that she looks okay and nothing is wrong with her, I was just mentioning that for a lot of people the ideal is one specific thing and even if someone is pretty if they don't suit that, then people won't find them appealing. I think she looks fine desu.

>> No.10628220
File: 683 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20210608-191734_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yep, gulls would rather look like this than a normal human being lmao.

>> No.10628222

This isn't even slim. she's a bit pudgy. I literally said doll or Japanese model, you don't think most girls here would rather look like Misako or other lolita models in their 30s and 40s than the average western 40 year old white woman?

Even beautiful western people like that one girl who's an AP brand ita but is really thin/pretty are often seen as not well suited for sweet lolita especially.

>> No.10628223

Learn2read anon. This girl is far from a model, thin, or heart shaped in the face kek.

>> No.10628225

i think we’re past looking like a normal human being in this hobby

>> No.10628226

I agree with that anon. Go hide your snacks in your nostril, fatty.

>> No.10628227

so what, people who don't look like a Japanese doll shouldn't wear the fashion?

>> No.10628231

I don't think they shouldn't wear it, like I said the girl in question looks fine, I was simply acknowledging a lot of people have a limited view of what is appropriate or cute enough for lolita and even if they're, wrong, biased, or everyone else looks fine in it, some people just think that way and will be shitty/nitpicky about looks.

>> No.10628243


>I have imagined slights from my childhood about my nose so I'm taking it out on random anons instead of seeking therapy

I have a really cute button nose and I can fit into tiny burando so I'm pretty cute, but go off

>> No.10628251

idek where the nose topic came from at this point

>> No.10628254

Keep replying on an anonymous board, trying to validate yourself. No one cares.

>> No.10628429

She shoops the hell out of herself and anyone with eyes can see that. Off topic but I'm tired of her fake woke SJW posts. It's obvious she's in an engagement pod too.

>> No.10628437


Ok, keep using this as a substitute for therapy yourself nonny.

>> No.10628443


>> No.10628492

She's Peruvian but said multiple times she wishes she was asian.

>> No.10628543

NAYRT but take it from someone who's been hospitalized--the arms and neck are a telltale sign.

She's very pretty and it's a great coord, but she's clearly underweight.

>> No.10628544

Damn your bloomers sure are in a twist lmao why are you so mad about something so insignificant

>> No.10628585

She looks fine

>> No.10628596

she's a lil chubby

>> No.10628597

Who cares

>> No.10628613

For a blimp, she looks fine.

>> No.10628615

get help

>> No.10628617

Take your ED projection elsewhere. Seriously.

>> No.10628661

The hate for this girl is almost comical. Anytime she posts to COF all gulls do is screech
>she's ugly
>she's fat
>looks like a man
what else am I missing?

>> No.10628663

nta, i don't really hate her but i think people do because she hangs (hung?) out with girlytoot and the gang.

also, and i recognize that this is mean and probably unfounded, i find it kind of sus that she has modeled for brands and i feel like she probably submits heavily altered pics... because i've seen her irl and it's not... great. i think that might make some people angry.

>> No.10628665

I'm sure everyone thinks you're absolutely gorgeous irl, anon. Jesus christ. She's super average looking, I've seen her irl too. Looking like a fucking human being is apparently not allowed in this community

>> No.10628676

she has no lips. you forgot.

>> No.10628681


I think her reactions too? Like it's sort of just inviting the sharks over. Not saying she deserves it, far from it, but it's more telling of cgl in general.

>> No.10628850

Her nose is indio af. As in, South American native. Some have folded eyes but the nose is totally different than SE Asians

>> No.10628937

Take your (you) selfposter. Good job showing how mad you are by posting these minutes apart.

>> No.10629008

Every time an anon points out she has no lips, she wears that god awful hot pink lipstick in her next picture. She posted it today kek.

>> No.10629039

Oh ho ho we got a forensic nose specialist here… lmao

>> No.10629043

I mean all Half Persians have the Persian nose no matter what their other half is so having an “Indio” nose doesn’t at all preclude her from being half Asian you retard.

>> No.10629163

I noticed that as well. lol

>> No.10629174

No one cares about skirt length in fucking 2021

>> No.10629180

How can you tell when someone is clout chasing vs just wanting to get involved in the community?

>> No.10629187

uh... if you want to get involved with the community, just talk to other people. i don't think anyone considers "like comment subscribe share upvote" getting involved with the community.

>> No.10629196

Honestly though if someone is creating content (blogging, youtube, etc.) where do you draw the line between trying to actually share it with other lolitas vs clout chasing? At the end of the day if a lolita is sharing lots of coord shots on insta and wants concrit and wants to chat with/get to know other lolitas, she needs more than 5 followers to actually really feel involved. Purist as you wanna be, it’s hard to actually feel involved in the giant online comm, so I never know where to draw that line

>> No.10629208

I mean, who the fuck really cares. Just do what you like. Even if you arent clout chasing, someone here will assume you are and talk shit.

>> No.10629255

you are delusional

>> No.10629651

Telling people to like share comment and follow in every story and post is some basic clout chaser shit.

>> No.10630001

Yall are so fucking awful to this girl

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