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Last thread: >>10558648

Price check on pic related? AP’s Melty Whip Chocolate OP in mocha.

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Saw that the black x black version of this (missing waist ties) and black x white went for $162 and $150, respectively, on LM previously, is it really worth that much? I have the pink x white in near perfect condition I'm trying to get rid of

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Around $200 I’d say. I’ve seen it come up twice in the last two years or so on mercari around $170, so US prices are probably 180-225 imo

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With the old school resurgence, basics like this are usually fetching a decent price. I think the pink is a bit less popular than the black x white, though.

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Thanks anon. I'll put it up for auction starting at $100 and see if anyone bites

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How much Dolly Shirring OP in black would go for? I saw 2 records of this being sold between 100-200 USD in the past but different colourways

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How much would the Dolly Cat tights go for? Mine were used like once and it doesnt fit my wardrobe anymore.

Also, with this oldschool hype, how much would Wizard of Oz aplique jsk by btssb go for? Never saw a listing of it to compare zz

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