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Cosplays you could wear out without looking like an autist

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I hate this fucker with ever fiber of my being but here

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Personal favorite

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Honestly any character that dresses normally and doesn't have crazy ass anime hair you could wear outside and look normal

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at least shave and style the hair omg

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I have gotten away with dressing up as these 2 including pink jacket, however I can't find the flat ties that they wear so it's always with a pointy end tie just a little nitpick I have when I dress up as them

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She hulk cosplay without the green skin. Just use torn shorts.

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nice wesker cosplay

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>dat ass
Obviously a top tier cosplay

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dude seriously don't go out wearing this as your casual wear or you will get sent to your nearest asylum

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Who she?!?!?!?!

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most of the lolitas on this board

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A tikthot on Tiktok

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Toki and Skwisgaar from Dethklok

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>all the normalfags buying amazon costumes and half assing it but still getting tons of attention on social media because demon slayer is IN right now

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