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Is it just me or does this seem all very weird? This listing is fishy and people really are bidding on it.

Recreating because other thread is saging.

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no way baby would ever be THAT sloppy, definitely a fake

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Nah, this is fine. I've owned a fair few older Baby cutsews and they all had somewhat janky tags.

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Wow the bloodbath on CC was bad today. Paypal being broken/down at the moment probably threw everything into chaos.

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Some of my baby cutsews have shit like this. It looks old from the pics posted here, and washing and drying affects the tag, since the knit material warps and shrinks whereas the tag does not

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I hardly believe scammers would work with such a clothing item as cutsew, the profit is just not worth it as well as I'm sure its not like there are a shit ton of replicas specifically of Baby cutsews

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Still crying over not getting the yellow Dreamy Baby Room JSK that went up today :(

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Is there any tool/browser extension/whatever to get instantaneous LM notifications when a saved search pops up? Like google alerts or something? I missed a DD recently from LM, never even got an email that the saved search hit

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LM sends emails at most once daily, but you may have set the settings on your saved search to be less frequent than that. And it will usually only do it at one time a day for each saved search, not as soon as it shows up so you may get it soon after it's listed or after it's already purchased. Not sure about browser extensions. The only LM one I know of is the one that lets you block certain users/sellers.

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I don't know what item this from just the pic is so I don't have full context but I have had a few older baby pieces with janky labels. I've also had to re-sew in labels that have started to fall off (not on baby pieces though) and it's possible the owner or previous owner did that and did a poor job

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Detachable collar as well.

IDK. The cutsew just looks like something you can buy off of Aliexpress

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Jesus fucking christ it looks like every other casual cutsew from that era. If you’re this neurotic about a label, then don’t bid.

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Don't be sad, anon. The dress was 55,000 yen and the pink headbow was 8800 yen. Hardly good prices.
Just wait for people to hate Dreamy Baby Room again because ~ageplay~. It's only a matter of time.

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I don't think you are understanding. The label looks sewn in. The collar isn't even detachable, realistically. It's just a collar that lays on there. There's no buttons or attachment.

I'm just saying, the listing looks fishy. It's not about whether or not I want it, moron.

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I own an old school cutsew with a detachable collar and it has no buttons on it either. kudos to the seller for not losing/claiminig it's missing and you sound like a newfag
Anyways yet another ISO post for a tacky piece with a tacky boohoo description

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I own an old school cutsew with a detachable collar and it has no buttons on it either. kudos to the seller for not losing/claiminig it's missing
>I'm just saying, the listing looks fishy
a lot of words for saying you're new
Anyways yet another ISO post for a tacky piece with a tacky boohoo description

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True, it was v expensive. Thanks anon <3

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>I am really want this dress

How are they located in the US with that bad of grammar?

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I agree with this assessment as a seamstress; knits and wovens (and the labels are woven) don't distort the same way and that's why those style of woven label (vs the in-seam hanging type or printed on) isn't that common on knits. Especially not for a t-shirt type knit which cutsews generally are

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Ew is this who I think it is? She needs to take her broke smelly ass back to the bay area.

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Why is Japanese secondhand so dead? Did we buy up everything?

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bidders maybe could ask for a pics of the other label (the one with washing instructions) if they have the same doubts. it usually has the brand name and sometimes the item code.

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Depop is a fucking mess

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"Dream of Lolita" "Beautifully made rare"

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>"B" dress
I hate this bitch

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Imagine knowing this little about lolita

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what the f it’s a hair clip

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I think there's someone bringing up the price on purpose to see how far it can go at this point, and they're not even hiding it in the comments (or their bio for that matter) either. The price was originally at $16 and then it just shot up to $300....

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Normally when a price goes that high, bidders have full intention of winning. It's a bidding war.

Also, another reason I think you're wrong anon is that they're bidding on other items from the same seller too as well

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Maybe the seller has a throwaway account to bid up their items to trick desperate people into paying more.

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can they really do that!?... It's against the rules, isn't it?
I think...

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nayrt but why are you so annoying?

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Before recent account verification methods, it was easy to have a second LM (I even made a second one to keep anons on cgl from scrutinizing my purchases on my main account)

It wouldn't be that hard to use the account to bid up your own listings since unless someone reported it mods would probably not be checking IPs on every login and looking for it.

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Just looked that this person's profile and they are a self-proclaimed "collector" ("retired from sweet"). My best guess is that they get off from seeing high prices so they can brag about owning "expensive" AP items, that are just artificially inflated.
Either that or the seller already agreed on a price with the buyer privately, and it's just a placeholder bid.
Either way, it's pretty stupid.

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Hello anon!

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NTA either but
are you lost from twitter? Fuck off back to where you came from rping avatar-chan.

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I was at loss of words thank you kind anon

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For the love of christ, please stop constructing your sentences as if you're translating Japanese for an animu, weeb

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Also speaking of "against the rules" avatar/signature use is a reportable offence.

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But seriously, this clip? I’ve seen it for sale before. It’s not rare

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That poor shirring princess

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Have kind of an awkward question, bought an older piece for nearly £400 and it came with some pretty bad undisclosed damage, seller is willing to do partial refund but how much is fair? Can go into it more and post pics if people are interested

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please describe the damage or post pics. it really depends.

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Staining like this on the lace on both sleeves

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oh, that's not that bad. i mean it's annoying because it was undisclosed. i'd ask for around £70 back.

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The staining didn’t come out with dry cleaning
And one of the button holes was really frayed, I got it patched up by a seamstress but it’s still noticeable, (the dress is front buttoning) not so much when covered by the button though but at the end of the day it’s still damage
Sorry could not get 4chan to accept file size

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This was on the inside and also the collar doesn’t sit right (hard to photograph)

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Idk if this somewhat shows what I mean

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oh shit, sorry didn't realize there were more. why not just ask them to refund you for the amount that the cleaning service and tailor cost you, plus a little more?

dry cleaning techniques aren't always very stain-busting, it's worth doing an oxyclean paste on the affected areas.

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Should probably say it did come with socks too just for transparency sake, and it was also bidding so I chose to pay that much, but again, was only expecting slight yellowing, which I don’t mind I think it’s a charm of older pieces, and a couple loose buttons which a non issue they’re so easy to fix

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That looks like pretty substantial damage. If you had not paid a seamstress, it's potentially a throw away. I see people drop the price of something all the way down to mid-50's for this amount of damage. It depends on the piece, for sure but this is a lot for something over 500$.. You should be asking for way more back, because you'll have a hard time ever making that back with the damage on there if you chose to resold.

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older meta lace at the collar always sits weird in my experience. you can lightly (and gently) steam it to get it to sit a bit straighter, but because of the way it is sewn, it will always be kinda weird.

Been a lolita since 2004 and have a lot of meta pieces with that lace that does the same.

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scalper drama coming to depop?
i mean, if you buy shitty LL for $200 it’s your own fault

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God I hate depopers.

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ngl I will find the occasional gem on depop but 99% of the time it's junk or overpriced

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Honestly I actually like and own some Liz Lisa, and I’m still absolutely disgusted by this.

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Open a Paypal case, jesus christ.

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Anyone else spot this ugly thing? Wish the mods would grow a spine and be more selective about handmade and offbrand

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I think it could be cute for fairy kei or general yume kawaii, but not lolita. Also seems a bit pricey but I'm a poorfag

>> No.10632478

aw, it's not ugly, though i don't love that they're kind of ripping off milky bear. it's a strangely reasonable price for a handmade crochet sweater. that takes days of continuous work.
but it belongs on etsy or depop, not lacemarket. i'll give you that.

>> No.10632485

The colors aren't light enough. For the labor put in I guess it's not that pricy but let's be honest it's a bunch of acrylic synthetic crap. I would never pay that much for synthetics

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>Also seems a bit pricey but I'm a poorfag
Aesthetics aside, that's pretty cheap for the amount of time that goes into making a sweater (though probably still not worth it for the yarn quality).

>> No.10632495

>Estimated knitting time
That's a crocheted sweater you retard. The times aren't the same or even comparable

>> No.10632496

nta but as someone who is very proficient in both... yes it is. especially if you're just doing a straight stich like that. knitting stockinette vs crocheting single crochet should take a comparable amount of time.

>> No.10632497

You have no idea what you’re talking about just stop

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I genuinely don't care. Keep your etsy shit on etsy, especially when it looks ageplay af.

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I would have assumed that was a realdoll if I didn't find it here.

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Seeing stuff like this makes me so sad, the damage is 100% avoidable but people simply don't bother to store their clothes appropriately. You don't put a dress with elastic straps on a hanger like this and then get upset when they stretch out to the point it's unwearable/needs to be fixed.

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Every time I see this kind of stuff I assume the person failed school or is just really stupid.

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I always offer a minimum of 15% if it was something I wasn't aware of.
$60 should be enough for a delicate cleaning by a pro.

>> No.10632622

Wow that's not just staining like I thought. This is major damage and they should at least refund you 35% to 45%. Stains that don't come up with dry cleaning? Multiple signs of damage like buttons coming away and fraying in many spots. That's not something someone would not notice upon an initial inspection. I hope they make things right.

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Yep, I've bought multiple dresses with stretched out strap shirring and it's so easy to avoid it just by not putting it on a hanger.
I've tried replacing the elastic with mediocre success.

>> No.10632651

it is super easy to repair stretched shirring, and if you cant do it, it is fairly cheap to get a seamstress in your town to do it

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guys, she has a bootleg plastic disney princess party tablecloth hung on the wall as a poster. she probably doesn't even know how to bathe properly.

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Some Japanese scalper trying to sell the SF-limited Snot Bear ring for almost $500

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what a baka lmao

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Am I being autistic or is it just a bit retarded to have one measurement in inches and the other in cm?

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You’re autistic

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Speaking of idiots and shirring princess...

>> No.10634182

If it’s missing the waist ties that doesn’t mean the dress itself isn’t in like new condition. Stop being so autistic.

>> No.10634185

Were you dropped on your head as a child? Do you have brain damage? Legitimate question.

>> No.10634187

Stop projecting you phenomenally autistic cow

>> No.10634206

Awe, it's tacky in the best possible way I love it.
Definitely not lolita but would work for decora or even possibly fk or spank

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What the hell is happening here? Now I'm even happier I managed to grab both from La Luice while they were still available

>> No.10634369

Haha yeah cause they totally have a class on clothing care in school

>> No.10634459

You literally have a vast amount of information at your fingertips literally every day. You can learn for yourself.

>> No.10634487

you literally wear princess dresses, don't judge

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what's up with all the ISO posts lately

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what's with all the ISO posts lately

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People not understanding what lace market is and what it isn't. It's always fucking newbs, too.

>> No.10634535

last one i saw before pic above was someone with 100+ feedback

>> No.10634545

Late to the party, but what cutsew is this? Is it old? I've had a couple burando pieces with sloppy tags before that I bought straight from the brand. This is really not as sus as OP thinks.

>> No.10634554

anon its literally the second image posted in this thread and we already came to the conclusion that op is a newfag

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Belt. Waist ties missing.

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more more more

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this is so specific, what are the chances for this to work out

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Stumbled across some girls mercari with some cute jfashion in december (clothes i ordered from her smelled like shit though)
Since then her shop names were
>closing 12/31
>closing february
>closing march
>deleting account in april
Is this some sort of threatening sales tactic or what?

>> No.10635061

Yes anon, it’s been around literally centuries...

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