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Is it just me or does this seem all very weird? This listing is fishy and people really are bidding on it.

Recreating because other thread is saging.

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no way baby would ever be THAT sloppy, definitely a fake

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Nah, this is fine. I've owned a fair few older Baby cutsews and they all had somewhat janky tags.

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Wow the bloodbath on CC was bad today. Paypal being broken/down at the moment probably threw everything into chaos.

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Some of my baby cutsews have shit like this. It looks old from the pics posted here, and washing and drying affects the tag, since the knit material warps and shrinks whereas the tag does not

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I hardly believe scammers would work with such a clothing item as cutsew, the profit is just not worth it as well as I'm sure its not like there are a shit ton of replicas specifically of Baby cutsews

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Still crying over not getting the yellow Dreamy Baby Room JSK that went up today :(

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Is there any tool/browser extension/whatever to get instantaneous LM notifications when a saved search pops up? Like google alerts or something? I missed a DD recently from LM, never even got an email that the saved search hit

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LM sends emails at most once daily, but you may have set the settings on your saved search to be less frequent than that. And it will usually only do it at one time a day for each saved search, not as soon as it shows up so you may get it soon after it's listed or after it's already purchased. Not sure about browser extensions. The only LM one I know of is the one that lets you block certain users/sellers.

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I don't know what item this from just the pic is so I don't have full context but I have had a few older baby pieces with janky labels. I've also had to re-sew in labels that have started to fall off (not on baby pieces though) and it's possible the owner or previous owner did that and did a poor job

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Detachable collar as well.

IDK. The cutsew just looks like something you can buy off of Aliexpress

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Jesus fucking christ it looks like every other casual cutsew from that era. If you’re this neurotic about a label, then don’t bid.

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Don't be sad, anon. The dress was 55,000 yen and the pink headbow was 8800 yen. Hardly good prices.
Just wait for people to hate Dreamy Baby Room again because ~ageplay~. It's only a matter of time.

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I don't think you are understanding. The label looks sewn in. The collar isn't even detachable, realistically. It's just a collar that lays on there. There's no buttons or attachment.

I'm just saying, the listing looks fishy. It's not about whether or not I want it, moron.

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I own an old school cutsew with a detachable collar and it has no buttons on it either. kudos to the seller for not losing/claiminig it's missing and you sound like a newfag
Anyways yet another ISO post for a tacky piece with a tacky boohoo description

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I own an old school cutsew with a detachable collar and it has no buttons on it either. kudos to the seller for not losing/claiminig it's missing
>I'm just saying, the listing looks fishy
a lot of words for saying you're new
Anyways yet another ISO post for a tacky piece with a tacky boohoo description

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True, it was v expensive. Thanks anon <3

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>I am really want this dress

How are they located in the US with that bad of grammar?

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I agree with this assessment as a seamstress; knits and wovens (and the labels are woven) don't distort the same way and that's why those style of woven label (vs the in-seam hanging type or printed on) isn't that common on knits. Especially not for a t-shirt type knit which cutsews generally are

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Ew is this who I think it is? She needs to take her broke smelly ass back to the bay area.

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Why is Japanese secondhand so dead? Did we buy up everything?

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bidders maybe could ask for a pics of the other label (the one with washing instructions) if they have the same doubts. it usually has the brand name and sometimes the item code.

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Depop is a fucking mess

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"Dream of Lolita" "Beautifully made rare"

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>"B" dress
I hate this bitch

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Imagine knowing this little about lolita

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what the f it’s a hair clip

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I think there's someone bringing up the price on purpose to see how far it can go at this point, and they're not even hiding it in the comments (or their bio for that matter) either. The price was originally at $16 and then it just shot up to $300....

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Normally when a price goes that high, bidders have full intention of winning. It's a bidding war.

Also, another reason I think you're wrong anon is that they're bidding on other items from the same seller too as well

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Maybe the seller has a throwaway account to bid up their items to trick desperate people into paying more.

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can they really do that!?... It's against the rules, isn't it?
I think...

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nayrt but why are you so annoying?

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Before recent account verification methods, it was easy to have a second LM (I even made a second one to keep anons on cgl from scrutinizing my purchases on my main account)

It wouldn't be that hard to use the account to bid up your own listings since unless someone reported it mods would probably not be checking IPs on every login and looking for it.

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Just looked that this person's profile and they are a self-proclaimed "collector" ("retired from sweet"). My best guess is that they get off from seeing high prices so they can brag about owning "expensive" AP items, that are just artificially inflated.
Either that or the seller already agreed on a price with the buyer privately, and it's just a placeholder bid.
Either way, it's pretty stupid.

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Hello anon!

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NTA either but
are you lost from twitter? Fuck off back to where you came from rping avatar-chan.

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I was at loss of words thank you kind anon

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For the love of christ, please stop constructing your sentences as if you're translating Japanese for an animu, weeb

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Also speaking of "against the rules" avatar/signature use is a reportable offence.

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But seriously, this clip? I’ve seen it for sale before. It’s not rare

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That poor shirring princess

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Have kind of an awkward question, bought an older piece for nearly £400 and it came with some pretty bad undisclosed damage, seller is willing to do partial refund but how much is fair? Can go into it more and post pics if people are interested

>> No.10630053

please describe the damage or post pics. it really depends.

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Staining like this on the lace on both sleeves

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oh, that's not that bad. i mean it's annoying because it was undisclosed. i'd ask for around £70 back.

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The staining didn’t come out with dry cleaning
And one of the button holes was really frayed, I got it patched up by a seamstress but it’s still noticeable, (the dress is front buttoning) not so much when covered by the button though but at the end of the day it’s still damage
Sorry could not get 4chan to accept file size

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This was on the inside and also the collar doesn’t sit right (hard to photograph)

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Idk if this somewhat shows what I mean

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oh shit, sorry didn't realize there were more. why not just ask them to refund you for the amount that the cleaning service and tailor cost you, plus a little more?

dry cleaning techniques aren't always very stain-busting, it's worth doing an oxyclean paste on the affected areas.

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Should probably say it did come with socks too just for transparency sake, and it was also bidding so I chose to pay that much, but again, was only expecting slight yellowing, which I don’t mind I think it’s a charm of older pieces, and a couple loose buttons which a non issue they’re so easy to fix

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That looks like pretty substantial damage. If you had not paid a seamstress, it's potentially a throw away. I see people drop the price of something all the way down to mid-50's for this amount of damage. It depends on the piece, for sure but this is a lot for something over 500$.. You should be asking for way more back, because you'll have a hard time ever making that back with the damage on there if you chose to resold.

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older meta lace at the collar always sits weird in my experience. you can lightly (and gently) steam it to get it to sit a bit straighter, but because of the way it is sewn, it will always be kinda weird.

Been a lolita since 2004 and have a lot of meta pieces with that lace that does the same.

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scalper drama coming to depop?
i mean, if you buy shitty LL for $200 it’s your own fault

>> No.10631195

God I hate depopers.

>> No.10631216

ngl I will find the occasional gem on depop but 99% of the time it's junk or overpriced

>> No.10631377

Honestly I actually like and own some Liz Lisa, and I’m still absolutely disgusted by this.

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Open a Paypal case, jesus christ.

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Anyone else spot this ugly thing? Wish the mods would grow a spine and be more selective about handmade and offbrand

>> No.10632476

I think it could be cute for fairy kei or general yume kawaii, but not lolita. Also seems a bit pricey but I'm a poorfag

>> No.10632478

aw, it's not ugly, though i don't love that they're kind of ripping off milky bear. it's a strangely reasonable price for a handmade crochet sweater. that takes days of continuous work.
but it belongs on etsy or depop, not lacemarket. i'll give you that.

>> No.10632485

The colors aren't light enough. For the labor put in I guess it's not that pricy but let's be honest it's a bunch of acrylic synthetic crap. I would never pay that much for synthetics

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>Also seems a bit pricey but I'm a poorfag
Aesthetics aside, that's pretty cheap for the amount of time that goes into making a sweater (though probably still not worth it for the yarn quality).

>> No.10632495

>Estimated knitting time
That's a crocheted sweater you retard. The times aren't the same or even comparable

>> No.10632496

nta but as someone who is very proficient in both... yes it is. especially if you're just doing a straight stich like that. knitting stockinette vs crocheting single crochet should take a comparable amount of time.

>> No.10632497

You have no idea what you’re talking about just stop

>> No.10632521

I genuinely don't care. Keep your etsy shit on etsy, especially when it looks ageplay af.

>> No.10632564

I would have assumed that was a realdoll if I didn't find it here.

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Seeing stuff like this makes me so sad, the damage is 100% avoidable but people simply don't bother to store their clothes appropriately. You don't put a dress with elastic straps on a hanger like this and then get upset when they stretch out to the point it's unwearable/needs to be fixed.

>> No.10632614

Every time I see this kind of stuff I assume the person failed school or is just really stupid.

>> No.10632618

I always offer a minimum of 15% if it was something I wasn't aware of.
$60 should be enough for a delicate cleaning by a pro.

>> No.10632622

Wow that's not just staining like I thought. This is major damage and they should at least refund you 35% to 45%. Stains that don't come up with dry cleaning? Multiple signs of damage like buttons coming away and fraying in many spots. That's not something someone would not notice upon an initial inspection. I hope they make things right.

>> No.10632649

Yep, I've bought multiple dresses with stretched out strap shirring and it's so easy to avoid it just by not putting it on a hanger.
I've tried replacing the elastic with mediocre success.

>> No.10632651

it is super easy to repair stretched shirring, and if you cant do it, it is fairly cheap to get a seamstress in your town to do it

>> No.10632661

guys, she has a bootleg plastic disney princess party tablecloth hung on the wall as a poster. she probably doesn't even know how to bathe properly.

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Some Japanese scalper trying to sell the SF-limited Snot Bear ring for almost $500

>> No.10633642

what a baka lmao

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Am I being autistic or is it just a bit retarded to have one measurement in inches and the other in cm?

>> No.10633665

You’re autistic

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Speaking of idiots and shirring princess...

>> No.10634182

If it’s missing the waist ties that doesn’t mean the dress itself isn’t in like new condition. Stop being so autistic.

>> No.10634185

Were you dropped on your head as a child? Do you have brain damage? Legitimate question.

>> No.10634187

Stop projecting you phenomenally autistic cow

>> No.10634206

Awe, it's tacky in the best possible way I love it.
Definitely not lolita but would work for decora or even possibly fk or spank

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File: 89 KB, 640x531, CB25B1CA-1B09-4E16-800E-F48585FB3EBC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the hell is happening here? Now I'm even happier I managed to grab both from La Luice while they were still available

>> No.10634369

Haha yeah cause they totally have a class on clothing care in school

>> No.10634459

You literally have a vast amount of information at your fingertips literally every day. You can learn for yourself.

>> No.10634487

you literally wear princess dresses, don't judge

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what's up with all the ISO posts lately

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what's with all the ISO posts lately

>> No.10634534

People not understanding what lace market is and what it isn't. It's always fucking newbs, too.

>> No.10634535

last one i saw before pic above was someone with 100+ feedback

>> No.10634545

Late to the party, but what cutsew is this? Is it old? I've had a couple burando pieces with sloppy tags before that I bought straight from the brand. This is really not as sus as OP thinks.

>> No.10634554

anon its literally the second image posted in this thread and we already came to the conclusion that op is a newfag

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File: 804 KB, 1779x600, belt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.10634614

Belt. Waist ties missing.

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>> No.10634669


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more more more

>> No.10634834

this is so specific, what are the chances for this to work out

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File: 300 KB, 1284x745, 5ED763DC-A457-4A7A-9ADA-5F652DC83BDE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stumbled across some girls mercari with some cute jfashion in december (clothes i ordered from her smelled like shit though)
Since then her shop names were
>closing 12/31
>closing february
>closing march
>deleting account in april
Is this some sort of threatening sales tactic or what?

>> No.10635061

Yes anon, it’s been around literally centuries...

>> No.10635063


>> No.10635134

I think LM should straight up ban handmade and offbrand. I have never seen good handmade on LM

>> No.10635139


>> No.10635147

how do you keep your pants up while you perform?

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>> No.10635172

What's considered an abnormal amount of time between purchasing something and not hearing anything from the seller? I bought something on Friday and still haven't heard anything from the seller. Sent them a message too and nothing. No invoice or anything yet. Not sure what to do if the seller never comes around...I guess the transaction just never happens?

>> No.10635292

i mean, it is possible they were doing something on the weekend, being out of town or camping or something where they couldnt check.

>> No.10635298

other anon could be right. give it a week I would say. does it say the message has been read?

>> No.10635329

chinese lolitas

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90% sure this is zoe's new account...the descriptions and photos are really similar and its sus that the location is 'Europe's..

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File: 692 KB, 1079x1556, Screenshot_20210621-143331_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10635471

the photo is very similar to hers, minus the wooden floor

>> No.10635479

Who would possibly be willing to trade Miracle Candy for this mediocre basic shit? They're better off trying to sell it and just put that money toward a WTB.

>> No.10635576

Look I can admit this trade is very stupid but you can't just go around calling Ichigo Millefeuille mediocre basic shit

>> No.10635581

>ichigo millefeuille
>basic shit

Tell me you're new to the fashion without saying you're new to the fashion

>> No.10635620

Christ they bid on one of my items but I don't want to deal with this psycho ever.

>> No.10635622

Report back to us if it’s z’s name

>> No.10635635

The listing hasn't ended yet. I don't want to sell to her whatsoever so this puts me in a bind.

>> No.10635669
File: 244 KB, 1400x1018, collage of autism.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At this point it'd be more shocking if it WASN'T her

>> No.10635671

if she wins just say you only sell to accounts 6 months and older or something
Put that in your TOS right now

>> No.10635676

Get a friend to outbid her and never actually charge your friend for the item and just keep it

>> No.10635749

They would need to fake a passport or new active facebook account in order to get verified for selling, so I doubt it.

>> No.10635797

Don’t you just need a PayPal address? I have 3 LM accounts

>> No.10635804

Literally how

>> No.10635817

and most importantly, WHY?
what do you need 3 LM accounts for

>> No.10635819

They prolly need it to bid between their own accounts to make the prices increase.

>> No.10635835

definitely her, i sold something to her. the name was zoe and the address was in france

>> No.10635846

Yikes. Can someone report her to LM?

>> No.10635997

Not anymore. They changed their verification procedure for new accounts in 2020 or 2019.

>> No.10637205

NTA, but I'm assuming they don't actively use them all at the same time. I have 2 accounts because I ended up hating the username I picked when I first joined, and back then I pretty much exclusively used JP websites, so the <20 feedback I had wasn't much of a sacrifice.

>> No.10637306
File: 210 KB, 720x523, Screenshot_20210624-154805-416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did they buy these from a drug dealer? Because they are seriously hallucinating.

>> No.10637319

You aren't funny

>> No.10637409

yeah they're on something, I don't think a pair of these have ever sold for more than $175

>> No.10637454
File: 48 KB, 426x640, 21-06-08-y-15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>condition: excellent
>item description:
>intense tobacco odor

>> No.10637495

KEK as if they're worth the price AP sells them at

>> No.10638657
File: 129 KB, 484x645, princessgore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She... she took out the shirring....and still wants $90. I'm still new, but doesn't this make it worthless? How do you even redeem the poor thing?

>> No.10638658

Trying to make money off of fatties with the 52 inch+ busts/waists. Get brand without the Michelin man look!

>> No.10638659

what will this even look like when worn..?

>> No.10638662

awful probably

>> No.10638664
File: 135 KB, 1200x1500, potatosack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably like a deflated sack, unless you have oversized mammaries/backfat to fill out the fabric tube. So kawaii!

>> No.10638669

Look... I've legit got adhd. I forget shit. But I had a buyer who was really really interested in one of my listings and asked me a bunch of questions about it and ended up purchasing for the BIN price but I sent her a message asking for her PayPal and she hasn't even read it yet. It's been 48 hours I think? Should I start to worry?

>> No.10638670

it has been the weekend, in summer. give her some time, perhaps she is out. can you not just send the invoice though? her paypal should be listed

>> No.10638671

I didn't see her PP listed on her profile anywhere. Am I being retarded? I thought PayPal emails were private and not publicly listed on LM unless someone put it in their bio

>> No.10638676

i'm honestly not sure, I only buy on LM, not sell. But sellers have always just sent invoices to me without me having to give it to them.

>> No.10638684
File: 1.84 MB, 2404x972, 097.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wasnt this skirt like 30 bucks new?

>> No.10638695

And probably $15 shipping. Theyre selling it for $51. Between conversion fees amd shipping they're selling it at cost.

>> No.10638701

Their PayPal email becomes visible to the seller on the listing page in the green box at the top of the screen after the auction ends or they BIN. So no one has to exchange info technically as >>10638676 said, you can just send the invoice and only message to confirm shipping details or whatever if there are no extenuating circumstances.

My favorite transactions are ones where I simply hit buy, they ship it to my listed PayPal address using the PayPal shipping label system so it sends the tracking to me in an email from PayPal rather than checking LM messages, and I receive my item without ever having to interact with a human. Some people prefer more hands on transactions with extra confirmation in case there are errors like apartment numbers disappearing from addresses randomly though which has been an issue here and there according to cgl.

>> No.10638735
File: 157 KB, 828x1365, 1C53AA29-9B62-4D0E-90D7-49175146E542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The audacity

>> No.10638738

What does this smell like anyways?

>> No.10638740

Knowing most Japanese perfumes and scented products a very fresh possibly floral scent. I think they listed the notes and all online before but those always vary a lot for perfumes.

>> No.10638753

Imagine having the $ to blow on this AND being enough of an AP supporter to do so. I really could never, both bc I don't meet those criteria but because I can't imagine buying perfume without trying it on first

>> No.10638758

Just fyi i think it’s maximum 60€. I fucking hate people using the excuse of “had to pay ss” or “lot of taxes” for ridiculous prices like this

>> No.10638881

Lmao somebody better call the scalping police somebody might make $5

>> No.10638883

Tbh I think it will look way nicer without the shirring. I own this in two color ways, and I might try it since the shirrings cuts my boobs in half. I’m not even large chested it just looks kinda weird.

>> No.10638887

Oh but anon, you get FREE shipping!!!

>> No.10638888

>Tbh I think it will look way nicer without the shirring
Are you high?

>> No.10638913

Do it lmao

>> No.10638928

Who fucking cares? It's listed in Canadian dollars anyways. Cry about it in your FB tag groups.

>> No.10638990

It’s like you guys forgot waist ties exist. If you’re thin it would actually be really cute.

>> No.10639020

>seller bundles some unrelated shit into an auction for a desirable item to increase the price

>> No.10639101
File: 439 KB, 1080x1962, Screenshot_20210628-045217_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10639104

This is obviously a mistake, why post it here?

>> No.10639135

obviously a typo but a solid representation of how buying from overseas sellers since covid has got me feeling with the increase of shipping rates

>> No.10639139

Right? Imagine being this kind of neurotic poorfag where even the chance that someone might make $10 gets you so triggered that you bother to make a post on here.

>> No.10639141

It is and I do not want to sell to her at all. I wish you could blacklist on lm

>> No.10639154

Just put it in your tos that she or her alt accounts are on your personal blacklist

>> No.10639165

NTA but just wondering what's up with this person? I know who Zoe is in passing, she tried to sell me something on Facebook a while back. She was fine though.

Is there a reason she is bad to sell to/buy from aside from her revolving door habits? Or a reason she would need a 2nd acct to begin with?

>> No.10639169

last month or so, SS accidentally shipped someone’s package to zoe, who was also a longtime customer of that ss. Zoe then tried to sell the things on lm even after the ss and the gull it was supposed to go to, contacted her to try and get it back. Zoe doubled down and made excuses not to give it back before it went viral and people pressured her to give it back. The ss quit after the whole thing too. That’s why Zoe made a 2nd account to try and start new

>> No.10639200

unless you have a magical ass having worn item is not worth the 5 dollar extra.

>> No.10639203

I see your trolling attempts in the other thread have failed. Try harder.

>> No.10639205

>The ss quit after the whole thing too
Friendly reminder that however much your paying your ss it’s not enough.

>> No.10639206

whoever you think I am you're wrong, but go and cry about it.

>> No.10639233
File: 409 KB, 658x940, screen shot 2021-06-28 at 18.37.12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10639235

of course they're a scalper kek

>> No.10639239

That is absolute nightmare fuel.

My SS quit recently without much notice, I wonder it it's the same one ? She was a Xianyu one based in Canada, Toronto I think.

What ended up going to Zoe by accident?

>> No.10639245

Just check her past sales on her original lm account as some of the items actually sold before people knew they were stolen or cgl archives as many threads discussing the debacle got deleted.

>> No.10639247

>Basic shit

Miracle candy goes for less. Stop being a newfag.

>> No.10639248

It's like you forgot that sewing doesn't work that way.

Waist ties literally do.not.solve.everything.

>> No.10639265

waist ties won't do anything regarding fit in the shoulders and bust though

>> No.10639273

how do you know when someone is a scalper vs just unknowing

>> No.10639280

You can read about the zoe drama on the farms. At least the stuff there doesn’t get deleted. She’s still selling on french vinted under another name too just fyi

>> No.10639282

They listed and then re-listed at a way higher price. Unless they are the one that bought the original listing, then they listed it after buying it. IDK. I saw the thing pop up and disappear as soon as it popped then this new listing says "re-listed" with a WAY higher BIN.

>> No.10639309
File: 1.67 MB, 960x2079, 86BE0457-676B-4596-847B-0E12B87921C3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yah i had the original one bookmarked and i guess it sold for bin price within a few minutes.so the seller then deleted the other listing for the other color and made the price so high

But don’t they have glb pattern for this exact rabbit?

>> No.10639354

They're literally still in stock and are selling for $90 brand new

>> No.10639369

Did some reading and it was my SS that was involved ): which is very sad because she was a really great SS who was really dedicated to her customers. Z just made this personal lol.

>> No.10639371

Oh shit it’s still in stock?! I’m gonna grab one then thank you anon. Also why on earth did the other anon pay $250 for

>> No.10639391

Yep, in all sizes and colors too. I kept checking back to see if they'll restock it after everything sold out, and they did, so I managed to grab a couple myself. Godspeed, anon!

>> No.10639394

I was thinking of getting one of these, but I wish I knew how much it held. There are two versions, one is bigger/pricier, and I just wonder if it will fit what I want in it...

>> No.10639411

One of the AYRT, I have the backpack and it fits everything I could ever need and more. A friend has the smaller pochette and it's surprisingly roomy. It could fit her phone, a medium size wallet and a few lipsticks. Hope this helps!

>> No.10639414

do you have a link? i can’t seem to find a web shop for putomayo

>> No.10639416


>> No.10639419

thank you!

>> No.10639422

Thank you so much! Oh, now that makes me really want it, actually, because that sounds perfect.

>> No.10639590

This is not Putumayo but a different brand.

That is because the brand Putumayo no longer exists.

>> No.10639592

it's the same bag from la luice it's just sold by different stores baka

>> No.10639595

the ss also messed up and then called the whole situation drama

>> No.10639600

the whole situation WAS drama though. lol

>> No.10639602

Probably the wrong choice of words as I know that they were shocked and saddened about Z like the rest of us

>> No.10639605

imo it was unprofessional to call it drama, the whole situation started with their mistake.
Shipping something that expensive to the wrong customer is pretty worrying to me. Even if they still did orders I would be extremely dubious using them.
If z wasn't infamous and active online, a public shaming wouldn't had "resolved" the situation.

>> No.10639607

I dont think anyone was shocked and saddened about Z... I think quite a few lolitas would have kept the items. So many people in this fashion scream poorfags who would take advantage of any mistake if it was to their benefit. At least Z eventually sent it back, but I bet a ton of people would not have done the same.

>> No.10639615
File: 96 KB, 640x640, 0bad78f4-1f90-4aaa-b77d-fc6e1d5bbb28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the Putumayo one isn't even really Putumayo

>> No.10639616
File: 823 KB, 1352x948, Screen shot 2021-06-29 at 12.23.38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

did they just re re listed it

>> No.10639621

True, it would have helped if they had double checked their shipping labels and contents. Although I think they said at first it was the warehouse mistake?? Confused

>> No.10639630
File: 1.22 MB, 1815x608, imagethief.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This isn't their photo, tf? Why the hell would you steal a proof photo?

>> No.10639632

then just report them. they need their own photo and if they dont have it report it. it gets the listing removed.

>> No.10639645
File: 47 KB, 1898x130, Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 14.34.16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shout out to this buyer lmao

>> No.10639668

Kek did both of their buyers back out after realizing their mistake, or did they stock up on these pochettes to sell?

>> No.10639669

Never mind here's my answer, good on them! Glad I posted about it here

>> No.10639673

>t. that bint who kept splitting hairs over the semantics of people calling Z a thief despite her ~technically~ not breaking any laws

She cure you of cancer or what

>> No.10639675

this. that's not even correct, it is technically mail fraud once she was notified of the issue.

>> No.10639678

I was just saying that a lot of other people would have likely done the same. This fashion draws a ton of mentally ill scammy types. Not trying to defend her. What she did was retarded, but it isn't surprising in this community.

>> No.10639687

Projecting much?

>> No.10639710

You guys realize this the seller is Milk Box right? She hasn't worn lolita in years. It's possible she didn't know the value of the bags has changed

>> No.10639711

>She hasn't worn lolita in years
how would you know that

>> No.10639714


>> No.10639715

thats literally why I'm asking

>> No.10639716
File: 147 KB, 960x960, D6F2C10D-D081-4131-ADD2-06EF5B39D999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah the seller is def aware, the current listings are still bin $255 and she’s been left negative review about the scalping for the previous listing. and she left negative review in turn lol

>> No.10639719


She literally made a YT video about it???? Do you not know who she is?

>> No.10639722

Ayrt and okay, that's pretty bad. Seems like she's being defensive/lashing out because of the negative review.

>> No.10639725

Idk seems like the buyer was mad that they found out the bag was available cheaper after the purchase and butthurt about not getting to do a payment plan. Both of them sound stupid.

>> No.10639729

Yeah which kinda sucks since she has so many good reviews so it’s weird she decided to lash out this time?? I almost sold something that was fake (i didnt know) and when it was pointed out to me i apologized to the buyer and canceled the sale, no big deal and nobody got a negative review. It would have been so simple to just do that instead of doubling down, i will never understand people like this

>> No.10639730

Oh, I didn’t know that! I know that there are a lot of people in my comm that want the Putumayo bag and do not want the La Luice one, but how are you even supposed to know if it was sold by Putumayo then?

>> No.10639732

??the putumayo bag is the la luice one, putumayo was just a reseller

>> No.10639734

its the exact same bag anon

>> No.10639748

just bought myself one, bless you anon <3

>> No.10639751

I remember asking for the link in an old oldschool thread and the link anon going all "let me spoon-feed it too you since your so dumb"
I know it's petty but I still hate how they were acting as if I was stupid for not being able to find out that it was sold via a random rakuten store

>> No.10639755
File: 69 KB, 1666x248, Screenshot 2021 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

diferent people, not everyone has a hate boner for her & I can see that the ss did everyone wrong in this

>> No.10639803

Hey anon, that was me. I didn't intend for it to come off that way, it was meant as more of a friendly thing! I'm sorry if I made you feel like you're dumb for not knowing, you're definitely not and at one point I didn't know where to get these myself. I genuinely enjoy helping gulls out

>> No.10639804

Realistically. The SS should have taken the hit. We're just too close to each other as a community. But in terms of business, the SS is at fault..

>> No.10639807

Anon, some people prefer to drama situations rather than blame the actual individual at fault. Shit like this happens all the time. If Z had been the SS then that's who would have gotten shit. Neither of them are in the right, no. But it's obvious there's some dislike for Z already present in the community. Not blaming the person conducting a business is just fucking catty tho

>> No.10639817

> I bet a ton of people would not have done the same.
Jesus christ can we not do this again?
The situation wouldn't have been nearly as bad if Z had just owned up and sent the items back. Normal people feel guilt. Normal people wouldn't risk getting blacklisted from thier SS by purposefully being negligent and ignoring messages/ trying to profit off of a mistake.

>> No.10639821

lets leave this discussion in the past im so done with it, last time 3 whole threads were fucked bc of it

>> No.10639824

Yeah, people get sent the wrong package all the time irl, not just lolitas using an SS. Shit happens.

Hell, I got an expensive package meant for someone else just last week. The normal response to the situation is to take it back to the fucking post office and have them send it to the right person, not to get on ebay and start hawking your stolen goods. Not only is that immoral AND illegal, it's also idiotic bc this is such a niche hobby community.

>> No.10639875

Wow. Honestly fuck this buyer. Imagine thinking that because you could have bought it cheaper elsewhere your suddenly entitled to take backseys. And then to have the audacity to leave negative feedback showing not only what an idiot you are, but also for something that’s completely unmerited. You don’t get to leave negative feedback because you didn’t like the price of the listing YOU saw with your own damn eyes and clicked BIN

>> No.10639877

Not quite, it’s a private label, design yes, brand authorization no

>> No.10639881

This. I had a buyer back out of a sale because in the time it took her to pay the invoice someone else listed it for cheaper. Fucked my entire auction. It’s the same thing. When you bid/ buy it now, that’s a contract to pay for the item at the agreed upon price. It’s totally uncalled for to leave neg feedback as the buyer here since you’re the one who broke that agreement, not the seller. The buyer left neg feedback first, which is honestly insane given that the seller probably wouldn’t have left any feedback otherwise. If this were allowed basically every sale would be at risk because there’s always the chance that what you’re selling could come up cheaper within an auction time frame. LM ain’t Walmart. You don’t get to return something because it went on sale a few days after you bought it.

>> No.10639914

you're retarded

>> No.10640007

you get wrong packages all the time??
where the fuck do you live zimbabue?

>> No.10640009


>> No.10640010

Oh really! Thank you for clearing that up that actually makes me feel a lot better haha, maybe it was just a language miscommunication type of thing bc English is my second language

>> No.10640016

pretty sure the seller would have left negative feedback regardless of who left it first. lmao.

you really think someone wouldn't after the seller cancelled it??? lol

>> No.10640027
File: 18 KB, 609x67, eeeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the buyer, I didn't leave negative feedback first, the seller did. I also told the seller when I was cancelling that I would accept negative feedback.

The issue is that the seller lied about the payment plan situation making things seem worse, when all she had to say was I cancelled...I mean I did.

The seller has a right to be upset, I'm not mad over that it was just the lying that irked me.

>> No.10640046

If there is a legit reason, sellers may leave neutral feedback after a cancellation or just none

>> No.10640050

No they were right, you're pretty retarded for not knowing how to use the archive.

>> No.10640056

it was never said that they were linked before lmao, I'm talking about months back

>> No.10640059

NTA but my high-end apartment complex makes us use this package “concierge” service called fetch, which is really just a domestic package forwarding service like tenso where we have to send it to a warehouse and then schedule delivery to our actual apartment. They manually sort and re-label packages on arrival so they make mistakes ALL THE TIME.

>> No.10640060

I’m a seller and i don’t blame you, i mean it sucks to back out of a sale. but paying over double for an item you can get new is quite in bad faith for the seller. Yes next time you should double check before you buy stuff. but the seller definitely shouldnt lie about what happened like that and then double down by relisting again for more than the item can be bought NEW for , like wtf

>> No.10640065

that's ridiculous. they should just get a smart locker system like mine has during corona while our concierge isn't here.

>> No.10640118
File: 151 KB, 593x1052, 039D9BB5-4227-4BD6-906A-37CC77448F6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is someone trying to sell literal baby clothes on LM. Just use Depop or something wtf

>> No.10640121

Is this vanilla bear kek

>> No.10640145

12 listings and counting. What the fuck?

>> No.10640147

It's so annoying

>> No.10640152

I’m going out of my way to report each and every listing but mods must be asleep at the wheel.

>> No.10640172

I miss the smart locker, they make us pay an extra fee each month for fetch. Some of my packages are valued easily at 3k. So fucking stressful.

>> No.10640175

Up to 14 now. Would the mods see a Facebook message faster than the reports through the website?

>> No.10640179

ive had better luck with facebook messaging them. theyre faster that way

>> No.10640183

Jesus, if my new apartment has this, I'm either having shit sent to my office or my parents'

>> No.10640191

Had a seller come back after shipping from another country to tell me PP charged them a fee and they want me to pay for it. Along with paying for the fee + the fee in the transaction.

I don't mind paying the fee, but is it unfair to ask her to compromise and let me pay through Google Pay? lol. It's nearing 18$ USD just to pay for fees.. that I wasn't told about prior to buying, nor shipping, nor transaction. I think it sounds illogical to pay for a fee and also the fee to send the fee to a seller.. lmfao. what.

>> No.10640193

Get a PO box. Also USPS shows you information from when it hits their post office warehouse for what mail is coming to you from Informed Delivery. It's really easy to remedy shit forwarding from a third party, if you already have a scan that it was supposed to get to you.

>> No.10640194

That’s against PayPal tos. Don’t pay it. Save proof she asked you to pay for it. If she Won’t send your item open a claim against her

>> No.10640195

That's what I figured. Is it against LM policies? I think she already sent the package since I have the tracking, I just don't want to be a dick. But this shit was already an inflated price for a secondhand scalped blouse from a country that shipping cost 60$ as well.. lol. Not her fault, though.

Ultimately if Google Pay works out, then that's a good sign for the rest of the lacemarket community for buy/sell. I guess I look at it like a test. But I've already spent alot to pay for 2x the Paypal fees.

>> No.10640196

This is what it says on LM

2.) Paypal is the required method of payment on Lace Market. Any other method of payment (cash in mail, etc) is not encouraged or supported by Lace Market. Paypal personal payments are not permitted, and fees must be paid by the seller, not by the buyer as a surcharge. Violation of these rules could result in removal of listings or disabled accounts.

You can report her to the LM mods also if she leaves you a bad review for not paying the fees

>> No.10640202 [DELETED] 

>You can report her to the LM mods also if she leaves you a bad review for not paying the fees
Damn. Well, that's good to know. She already overcharged for shipping, I paid 57.68 euros, receipt shows 55.69. On top of that she lied and said that the fee was 11$. I did the calculation from the website and it's 7.24. I guess maybe it's a moment of silence for the girl in response, if she's already shipped it out. I figure even using google pay to pay the fee is another violation for the rules lmao. I'll just keep abiding by the rules then. Thanks for the help. She dug a hole for herself by sending me the receipt and that I already overpaid for shipping.

>> No.10640206

Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to let her know, so she doesn't run into it again. (I looked at her account and it's relatively new)

So I'll just try to inform her and give her the benefit of the doubt..

>> No.10640207

Idk man 55 compared to 57 isn't really overcharging. She might have had to pay for the box, tape or whatever other packing materials. I get the other complaints but I don't think the bitching about "overcharging" is warranted.

Point the TOS out to her and say you'll take it to the admins if she doesn't drop it.

>> No.10640210

I misread the pricing for everything, so I deleted the post. But yeah, sure but the packaging shouldn't be expensive for a small item.

>> No.10640213

Also keep in mind 55 to 57 difference is a lot into USD. Lol. I'm not going to be aware of pricing in euroland.

>> No.10640216

No it's not? It's 65 compared to 67. I just checked.

>> No.10640219

You can get prior stuff for free but if you want something else like a bubble mailer the post office will charge you like 3 bucks for that shit.

>> No.10640220


>> No.10640223

You using the paypal currency conversion? Because that's a lot more.

>> No.10640225

Yeah. It's a small blouse though. I'm already paying scalper prices as well.. lmao

>> No.10640227

PayPal says 63 to 65. Just say you were wrong about the overcharging bit. Jesus Christ.

>> No.10640229

Idk how post offices are in Europe, just deal with the fact she probably had to buy some packaging. You're gonna pay scalper prices but complain you got charged like 2 extra bucks??? Lmao

>> No.10640231

Why are you still hammering on a deleted post? I even said I ignored it initially. Stop being so concerned about something else other than what my post was originally about.

>> No.10640236

Because I think you're dumb for even complaining about that bit. Being asked to pay the fee is a legit reason to be mad. But the "overcharging" complaint annoyed me. I'm just making sure you know that's a dumb complaint because I'm an asshole.

>> No.10640237

it's cause you're responding. stop being a retard.

>> No.10640238

I really don't care what you think, Larper. Keep being mad.

>> No.10640242

My quoted rate is: 1 USD = 0.8018 EUR

So no, you're not right. I think it's pretty stupid to be mad over something that has nothing to do with you but if you want to shorten your lifespan, be my guest.

>> No.10640243

Haven't worn lolita the past few years so I'm going to sell off all my stuff. Are AP prints from 2010-2015 AP still in demand or have they rereleased their older prints so often that there's no point in bothering to resell?

>> No.10640245

Definitely sell it, there will be people interested for sure.

>> No.10640248

A lot has re-released. It depends on which prints you're trying to re-sell. A lot of the big ones got a re-release. Fantasic Dolly, Sugary Carnival, Magical Etoile, Toy Parade has a remake called Toy Fantasy. I might be missing some, but those are the big ones that I know about from that era. Some older prints still go for a lot, but some don't.

>> No.10640250

The price will only go down, it has already peaked but it has stayed pretty high compared to before the boom. If you want to sell, do it now and you'll have some extra cash to get back into it later at a lower price if you choose to.

>> No.10640252

Thanks anons. I've got stuff like Cinema Doll, Chess Chocolate, Loyal Rosette, Wonder Queen and Holy Lantern. Honestly haven't been in keeping an eye on anything related the past few years so I have no idea what's going on. I'll check LM.

>> No.10640254

Holy fuck you're an idiot.

>> No.10640255

Oooh thanks for the tip! I think I'm over lolita for good these days, honestly just want to get rid of everything because I have no space.

>> No.10640256

Keep being mad, moron.

>> No.10640257

You're the one who is mad. I'm bored rn and you're a dumbass.

>> No.10640258


>> No.10640280
File: 28 KB, 480x312, 4959332006_8349c00c10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can't believe you said that. I'm SO ANGRY, I'M LITERALLY SHAKING RN.
Go burn down your city, activist.

>> No.10640291

Are people ever willing to ship to an address that's not the address on file for the buyer's paypal account? I moved countries last month and I'm still using my old bank account and paypal, and haven't had a chance to get a new bank account here yet. Just trying to gauge if I should even bother messaging the seller about it.

>> No.10640295

It opens it up to fuck the seller over, so no

>> No.10640296

Can you just set up a forwarding address

>> No.10640297

you could ask them to re-invoice you with the correct address, they might be willing to do that. you can add any address to paypal regardless of it matching your bank account or not.

>> No.10640298

Some might, but but your bank account billing address doesn't have to match your PayPal shipping address exactly (at least in the US), so you can just add the new address and select that one as your shipping address when you pay, so long as they send a proper invoice and all. If a seller ships to a different address than you selected via PayPal, you both lose buyer and seller protection I believe.

>> No.10640319

Toy Parade and Toy Fantasy are two different prints.

>> No.10640322 [DELETED] 

Toy Parade has a remake called Toy Fantasy
Dumb fucking newfag, shut up

>> No.10640323

>Toy Parade has a remake called Toy Fantasy
Dumb fucking newfag, shut up.

>> No.10640329

I already have a forwarding service, but because packages and mail go through a different warehouse, the forwarding doesn't apply to packages, sadly.

That's the thing, I can't add my new address to the account because when I try, paypal assumes the new address is in my original country so I can't enter my correct postal code and all that. Now, when shopping online, I've been able to enter my new address into paypal's checkout interface no problem, and get items shipped here. But as far as I understand, I don't have the same option when someone sends me an invoice.

Yeah I figured it comes across as scammy unfortunately

>> No.10640331

You actually don’t have to add it to your account, but the seller will have to have a bit of Paypal know-how for this. You can message them your address, and on their end they can invoice you (with a proper invoice, not just a money request) while putting in your address when typing in your name and email, thus tying that address to the invoice regardless of what’s on your account.

>> No.10640342

Afaik if you move countries, you have to open a new PayPal account. At least that happened to me when I moved.

>> No.10640378

Private labeling is not what happened when the other post shows Puto doesn’t even use their own label inside it. Reselling is huge in Japan, atelier Pierrot sells lots of indie stuff but it doesn’t make it AtPie

>> No.10640379

It's a remake, you idiot. You probably weren't even around for Toy Parade being 1k$.

>> No.10640389

Going to the bank hasn't been a priority in the past but I have to do it eventually.

Thank you so much for the clarification! I messaged the seller with that information so we'll see if they're up for the hassle. Hopefully! And I definitely have to get my shit in order soon.

>> No.10640390

*in the past month, oops.

>> No.10640412

They're separate prints you absolute larper. Toy Parade had different cuts when they came out so if that's what you meant, try harder ESL chan.

>> No.10640595
File: 283 KB, 750x1261, 6738269A-4875-488F-A3CA-B5D04F52AD6D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What drugs are they on and where can I get some

>> No.10640596

Please leave the fashion.

>> No.10640598 [DELETED] 

Its not just you


>> No.10640603

nta (because they're retarded) but unfortunately most of the things you listed aren't that popular. most of the prints that are popular are those that were popular with OTT sweet at the time. prints that are all pastel (or the black colorways of pastel prints) go for more, but things that you listed generally don't go for that much. but for popular prints the original releases that have recent re-releases are still coveted, especially with the fabric change. i'd wait a while to see if the kinds of prints you have become popular again as a reaction to OTT sweet hype, much like they did when they came out originally. it's always surprising that chess chocolate isn't popular at all anymore.

>> No.10640604

Be careful using your paypal in a new country, they will freeze it in my experience.

>> No.10640652
File: 185 KB, 613x640, 4A2C05B2-3C2A-4CAD-814F-451ED72E8A4F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I don't know why you couldn't just fact check yourself by looking at lolibrary but here we go.

Toy Parade was released in 2007, including knee socks, a JSK, OP, long sleeve OP, skirt, KC, tote bag, and round bag. A 2012 rerelease included a JSK, OP, low waist skirt, salopette, KC, half bonnet, and OTKS. There was also an eco tote bag and a salopette set. It was released in pink, mint, lavender, white, and black.

Toy Fantasy was first released in 2011, including a hooded salopette, OP, JSK, skirt, OTKS, KC, and half bonnet. Also made were an umbrella, folding umbrella, blouse, bolero, parka, wallet, long wallet, pass case, vanity pouch, multicase, mirror, and probably a couple other things I'm missing. In 2016 they came out with a pouch, and in 2017 they made a mini towel. Then in 2020, Shinjuku had a MTO that included the OP, JSK, hooded salopette, OTKS, KC, and an apron-style skirt set. It was available in pink, white, sax, and black.

I'm probably missing some things since I wasn't really into Toy Parade and our records that far back are sketchy; not to mention some items they make for releases are named differently. Anyways, I hope you get it when I say strawberry jelly and strawberry jam aren't the same thing even if they sound the same; nor are Harvest Moon 64 and FoMT the same game, even if they have the same characters. (I know, pretty specific example lol)

I know you were probably still shitting your diapers when Toy Parade was first released, but here's a lesson for you: you can admit to being wrong. All you had to say was "Oh right! Whoops!" but you chose to double down on your overconfidence and ignorance and make yourself look like a jerk-off. Lucky it's anonymous. Try acting differently in the future and you might find life goes generally better for you.

>> No.10640665
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>apron-style skirt set
Just a minor thing. but the apron cut was not an MTO and I don't know why lolilbrary has it listed as such.

>> No.10640671

Considering I got my info from there, makes sense I'd be wrong lol!

>> No.10640931

>buy item on LM
>two days and seller still hasnt contacted me

>> No.10641022

Thank you anon!! Also I feel seen that you seem to have a good idea of what else I might have just based on a few prints lmfao.

>> No.10641041

can you bid lower than the "first bid" the one that the seller put in? she's put it really high already which is not worth it imo

>> No.10641181

No...? That's not how bidding works

>> No.10641380

It's called a starting bid for a reason you retard

>> No.10641527

Lmao wow some of you gulls are dulllllll

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