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Let's see some spring/summer inspiration!

What's your favourite brand and why?
What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
What's your favourite new release?

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I'm going to post some things from milk that I'd buy and I'd appreciate anons' opinions on

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Can anyone recommend brands similar to Jane Marple but a little bit cheaper?

I've been wearing lolita for nearly 2 decades and I never thought I'd say this but I want to wear something more casual and mature. I'd love to buy a whole bunch of Jane Marple maxi skirts but they're twice as expensive as Lolita clothes. I've worn Jane Marple before and I didn't think the overall quality was twice as good..

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This just looks like pajamas to me and not even in a cute way. You’d look like a suburban dad on vacation.

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I have something like this from Milk but I'm afraid of wearing it to the beach because I don't want to be viewed as an adult baby :(

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that's a really odd looking combo

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That's what I love about it

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Hey all, any recommendations for brands like Nile Perch and Spank!? Thanks in advance :)

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I really want ETC to do more skirts so hopefully this release is popular

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Anons how do you wear polyester OPs in summer without smelling like old sweat?

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>What's your favourite brand and why?
ETC, because their sizing and cuts are perfect for my body
>What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
JSK without blouse
>What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
Recently I only buy something if I really need it, and if I buy something new I make myself sell something too
>What's your favourite new release?
Pic related

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Wrong thread for that

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menthol body wash for men does magic

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I was looking for pajamas, this one looks a lot like some pair sold at Aliexpress. Keywords started with kawaii/cute, some clicks later it showed up.

Quality could be on the bad side, but they're easy to find at a cheap price. Either way:

>What's your favourite brand and why?
All time favorite was Cache Cache for French clothes that lasted for years. Not lolita but femenine and comfortable.
>What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
Long pants with light fabric, pastel colors are good. No need to get all the hair out of my leg all summer, let the skin rest.
>What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
Nothing. I put all my wardrobe in one website, so the pieces could be compared in a single image. Web closed down, so now it's a phone app with similar looking stuff.
>What's your favourite new release?
What release? I never check for popular pieces, just whatever fits me, fashion can come and go, a good fit can be timeless. Normies don't really care, and that's fine.

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Yumetenbo started a girly shoe brand:

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Are there any Japanese brands that release "otome kei" midi and maxi dresses and skirts but aren't priced as high as Jane Marple and Pink House?

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I want to buy a cooler bag that goes with girly jfashion style but they all look ugly or are literally for children (too small)

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Cath kidston

Just 2 letters away from cheap..

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Dropped picture. It fits an upright wine bottle.>>

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Thank you! They are out of stock but I'll keep an eye out

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Merry Jenny
Rivet & Surge (closed last year but you can find stuff secondhand)
Ruby & You (very beige)

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Thanks! I knew about merry jenny but i didn't think they do any fun prints

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It's still in stock for me https://www.cathkidston.com/en-gb/prints/shop-by-print/cherries/402602559130IVORY.html

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I'm not sure if it's worth it if I buy it from there because I'd have to pay import tax and administration

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>What's your favourite brand and why?
JM, I just go nuts for royal and historical motifs and their textures are to die for
>What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
I've been going apeshit buying up 2ndhand cutsews from Milk/ETC/JM for the summer since I've given up on finding new blouses that are cotton or have square/round collars+short sleeves. Cutsew dresses, too.
>What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
Just a lot of the above from CC, I'm looking for things to survive summer so looking for open necklines, short sleeves, and ivory/offwhite (since I look terrible in stark white).
>What's your favourite new release?
Nothing really comes to mind. I don't tend to buy a lot of main pieces in spring/summer since I like dark main piece colors and motifs. I've been eying Milk's jewelry lately.

Like said above, I'm trying to collect more summer-friendly materials right now, but it feels so hard to find breathable tops in a variety of styles lately? Any recs for blouses without peter pan collars? ETC would always be perfect for summer except almost all their blouses seem to be either PP collar or long sleeves.

>Rivet & Surge (closed last year but you can find stuff secondhand)
DA I'd never heard of this brand but looking them up it's such a shame they've closed, their stuff is adorable! Any other smaller brands that have more jewel tones like this and JM?

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>What's your favourite brand and why?
MILK. It feels like everything is made perfectly for my body. The style is like this sweet spot between casual and “kawaii” fashion and the materials are really nice quality.

Other fav brands are Jane Marple, Katie and Qpot.

>What's your favourite look/thing to wear right now?
Longer OPs are my go to for the average work day. Tshirt/cutsew coords for summer.

I also love Milk’s fruit/berry prints. Especially in black x red colorways.

What have you bought recently and how do you decide what to buy?
I’ve been pretty stressed out from my job so I bought a lot lately. I got this >>10628019 in the white colorway with that same leopard print top. And picrel gingham OP in yellow. I got tons of complements on it.

Also the black OP from Jane Marple’s cherry labels series. It’s pretty oversized though so a little out of my comfort zone.

I mostly buy new but there are a few old pieces I’m searching for.

What's your favourite new release?
See above. So far nothing from fall/winter collections really caught my eye.

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Oh shoot I rly messed up the green text didn’t I

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i only come to this board to look at pretty girls, idgaf about cosplay

are beautiful

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I have pic related in navy and it's too short and baggy to wear with my usual skirts and jeans. Any advice?

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>sweet clothing
>in a non sweet/pastel color
I've spent 0 and I want my money back. Don't take it personal lol.

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maybe wear it over high wasted shorts or under overalls or over a long sun dress

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Did Pink House always manufacture in China or is it a new thing?

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I love these sailor dresses that don't look too childish but I'd never pay 500 euro for it.

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I think https://shop111373248.world.taobao.com has similar pieces for low

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i can't buy from taobao from my region unless i use a shopping service so i've never used it and can't view most of the products. can you really trust shops that sell dresses for less than 10 euro?

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taobao has customer protection for 6 months, they hold the money and only release it to the seller when the buyer is statisfied with the purchase and marks it as such, agents do the same

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High waisted bottoms

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What would Secret Honey be classified as typically? I bought a dress from them recently, that well.. it's nearly lolita. Fits a petticoat, darker colors so I can't really traditionally think of it as otome. Hearing "soft lolita" makes sense for a lot of things but that term is brand new to me despite being into lolita for years.

What is soft lolita traditionally defined as? I really want to get a grasp on the definition for it.

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depends on the release really, but the shown one is just フェミニン

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>What is soft lolita traditionally defined as?
The jp comm really doesn't use that term, it's like bittersweet something that doesn't really exist and is just another term for casual lolita.

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I was seeing some stuff like girly kei listed in Japanese a lot when looking up their stuff.

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It's from Misako's book. The pages are translated somewhere on Tumblr.

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which the outfit in >>10646787 is not because ガーリー is defined by lots of ribbon, ruffles, and playful prints

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>defined by lots of ribbon, ruffles, and playful prints

You could same about lolita to be fair, what distinguishes some styles from others in jfashion is always going to be up to personal taste or preference after a certain point of similarity.

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This new print is so cute

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Thanks for the name!

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Just buy some vintage Laura Ashley

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Still, that vintage LA in that particular style goes for 100$-150$ at the moment

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Man, I wish I’d bought more of them when I could buy piles of them for $8-$12 at my local thrift stores 5 years ago or so.

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Yeah everyone is saying that now. It’s insane some prints now go for 400£

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DML has a collab with Disney going on for once.

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they've done a marie from aristocats a few times

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I'm more enthralled with Amavel right now. I'm guessing they are doing more of a vampire theme because of Halloween coming up.

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Looks washed out

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Anon, muted colors like that have been popular for few years already, their regular stuff looks like that too.

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I would sleep in this

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Soft yellow seems pretty pastel to me.

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Which normie brands do you buy from for basics? I miss trying things on different sizes in-store

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Forever21 has nice things every spring.

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Looks faded and used

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