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What are some Japanese accessory brands that are a bit more unique than Western ones? Is there a list somewhere?
I want to wear more jfasion but start small.. I can find cheap unique things on taobao but would prefer to support Japanese brands. Preferably one where I can buy multiple things instead of spending 100 euro on 1 necklace.

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secondhand q-pot or tokimeki gabriel

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Anyone know of a good tailor for lolita in the Houston area, or just southeast Texas?

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I don't have a rec for you but holy heck I bet a place like Kuroshiro Kawaii could make bank hiring a skilled seamstress and offering tailoring services to locals...

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Oh definitely... and you'd know your dress was in good hands!!

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Not US based but dreamy_rinn on insta is a lolita who does alterations or commissions I think? It might be cosplay only for the commissions, I've just seen her mention both commissions and altering lolita stuff.

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Can I buy on Wunderwelt despite them not delivering to my country right now? I just want to enjoy the ETC sale

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Yes they'll just hold your order until shipping resumes. They will also give you the option to later use a forwarding service if you choose.

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Thanks anon!

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what would be my best way of going about thinning a wig? have long straight textured one and it is unwieldy thick and heavy. I have some haircutting and shearing scissors bit i dont have experience outside of cutting bangs.

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Has Xianyu blocked foreign IPs? It won’t let me reach the login page.

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Never mind, I figured it out, I’m retarded.

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just out of curiosity, has a lolita ever been seen on SubwayHands? With all the rings and wristcuffs and bracelets we wear it seems inevitable they'd grab a shot of a lolita on public transit

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If you report a reply (successfully) does the whole thread get nuked?

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no, I've been reported for trolling before and the thread stayed up

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Where do people buy lace for homemade lolita? Even more specifically (and stupidly), what are some good sources for NON-vintage lace? I'm interested in lace that a sort of fresh/modern look to it, like AP's lace.

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I'm thinking about getting new haircut but can't choose between mouth length bob and classic pageboy. Which is better for lolita fashion?

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Some people buy laces on taobao but if you can find a fabric store to check quality in person that’s my preference. Although if you live in the US most lace will be cheap Chinese trash there are still nice ones occasionally

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Both are fine if you're cute, neither is acceptable if you're ugly.

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This can be said about any haircut, tho

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What is this a replica of

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Devilinspired says it's Korean Girl. Probably not a replica, just one of those cheap dresses from brands that are sold everywhere like Sunny and Ocelot.

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I feel like there's always a discussion about lolita and its productions. What's the best source to keep up to date with where the garments are made?

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Not a replica, just generic, aka don’t buy it it’s going to be shit quality

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What is a good brand of makeup for silicone skin that can blend with real skin well and that wont wash off from sweat or that could stain fabric?

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Are there any generic 4chan rules that we need to follow or is it just the board specific ones in the pinned thread? The recent outings on lolcow have made me realise I’ve never actually read the rules for any of these sites and never knew lolcow could/would revoke anonymity like they do if you break them

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Are Meta's raschel lace utks okay for thick calves?

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It depends. They stretch amazingly, but utk dont really look that good on thick legs. It also depends on how thick you are talking, and how long, too. I suggest just getting OTK, they are more versatile anyway, and you can easily fold them down a bit and hide the fold in the thick lace.

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lolcow removes anonymity if they feel like you violated their terms????
Has this ever happened before? I can't go on lolcow to check it, its blocked by my provider :/

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it did happen with some girl named erin painter, a while ago, but I havent been to lolcow in a long time so i am not sure about current shit

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It recently happened with a mid-tier youtuber called creepshow art, just Google her username and articles will pop up. The most famous ever example though is when they outed the Taylor R/TayTay sperg-chan to be Kiki Kannibal because she was jealous of Taytay being more famous/a signed model than Dakota Rose, it’s one of the most iconic Internet things I’ve seen in recent years

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lolcow admin will tag posts of people defending themselves in their drama threads. not usually normal users.

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Does a corset look weird under a dress or blouse? Should I just wear spanks instead? How much of a difference do they make safely (not tightlacing)?

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Leave it to a drama forum jfc. >>10629247
wait how does the tagging work? like IP tracing??

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the admin of a website can easily see whose ip is posting--they don't have to go through any great effort to do it or anything. so if the same person is being INCREDIBLY suspect and inflammatory and/or consistently breaking the rules, their posts might be marked by admin-sama.

in a way, it's a sign to everyone else not to act stupid or you'll be caught for vendetta/bad behavior.

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I've seen some people say that terms EGL and EGA should be used only for moitie coords (or coords with moitie main piece).
Is it really like that?

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Corsets usually do look bad under lolita. They're too bulky even when they're cinching you. Use shapewear or spanx to smooth yourself out, or lose weight to reduce your size. Trying to use body-shaping clothes to fit into clothes you're too big for doesn't work.

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What magazine is this snap from?

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How do you deal with wearing lolitia on your period? I’ve always avoided it but this time I had planned to go somewhere in lolita one saturday and my period decided to come more than a week early.

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The same as wearing anything else on your period.

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A trifecta of tampon + pad + period underwear has never failed me

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yes, I've seen fatties wear them and they look fine.

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no this is retarded

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It's from the Gothic & Lolita photo book

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Thanks anon!

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Will I ever be a true Lolita if I never buy from Taobao? It seems like a huge headache and I really don't have the time or energy for that mess.

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some people think never buying from taobao is what makes you a true lolita

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lol what

no, you don't need to buy from taobao to be a lolita. unless you're buying from amazon or aliexpress instead, then i'm giving you side eye. but if you're only buying brand and don't mind paying a small premium to taobao resellers, you're fine?

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There is nothing wrong with not buying taobao

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>will I ever be a true lolita if I don't buy chink knockoff products?
Is this an elaborate shitpost

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Does anyone know if NightWhisperLolita on etsy is reputable? Am new

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they are legit. they both resell taobao stuff and collaborate with taobao brands to make plus size versions of their items for the western market.

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I have a 96 size bust, and I was wondering if I should get size M or L for Nameless Poem. I fit everything else in M, however the bust 100 seems like a lot, and M is slightly too small. What do?

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what's a good fabric dye if I want to get moitie blue?

I want to dye some white bed sheets

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get the L.

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how tf do taobao preorders work if you're using a shopping service. please help your local dumbass (me) out

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You order it like normal and pay what's requested. When the second payment slot comes up you order that too and pay like normal. They will likely ask what your first order number was to match it all up and you tell them.

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for spree now and 42 agent, you put in the order for the first payment, and they will adjust the price so you pay the entire price up front. that way they don't have to chase you down for the second payment.

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What time does the AP Japan website do their restocks or is it random? I always miss them.

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Are you considered not fat or something if you can fit into Asian sized clothing and only buy from asian burando?

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yeah. and if you fit into unshirred oldschool then you are peak smol

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What's the best place to learn how to sew by hand? There's a bazillion resources online, I don't feel like hoping multiple websites or putting an endless stream of tutorials. Target is sewing small pieces, like pin cushions.

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nayrt but wondering what would measurements/measurement ranges would be considered very small, small, medium/average, large, and very large by Lolita/Asian standards?

Americans think I am microscopic but I'm not really clear about what I am from an Eastern point of view. Some products seem to imply I'm still tiny while other stuff seems to consider me a bit large.

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this is a really weird thing to be considered about, just check your measurements against what you want to wear? lolita brands don't generally have small/medium/large, some taobao brands do but they provide measurements.

like are you just looking for people to tell you you're smol or what

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*concerned, not considered. sorry it's 8 AM

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It was more about the cultural perception than trying to fit into anything, since I am curious about what different standards different parts of the world have. But to be honest I don't love being called small in America so part of me does want to be considered a normal size somewhere in the world

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Taking out some of the wefts might be your best bet.

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When I follow this thing the second loop ends up looking strange and is hanging at the bottom, is this normal? Why can't I make a normal bow? I have a shirt that you have to tie or else it's just open and I just can't get a proper bow in it..

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post pic of your fucked up bow for diagnosis, otherwise AP paris posted a video tutorial on their instagram page a while ago

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Where to get lolita crew socks with lots of stretch for giant calves? Would meta be good?
Normal socks always leave marks on my legs from being a little too tight.
I’m not fat. i can fit into old moitie fine but I have thick runner legs from exercise.

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As a fatty (not obese, just overweight and tall and muscular) who also runs and works out and has thick trunk legs, someone who supposedly isn't fat shouldn't really have this issue. Having said that, I do fit into meta socks with no issues so if you are honest then you should be good.

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Honestly idk like i constantly have this problem if you can see here. Like I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong.

I wear socks up all the way and they fall down and do this crap on my ankles. I do have small feet so maybe it’s the size small socks with the large legs

But I will try meta!

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If your socks fit but just fall down try sock glue.

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Has anyone got a really good sewing tutorial for a headbow they swear by?

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I think the indentation on your legs just happens. Moving around and stuff does make even normal peoples legs swell just a bit, which might leave marks in your body. Also, bras and things do similar to people, fat and skinny. it just happens.

You will have no problem with meta though, they are nice and stretchy and amazing.

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Is it better to hang pettis/paniers or put them in a box with lots of room so they don't get squished? I bought a BTSSB and AP one recently and want to make sure I take care of them well.

>> No.10630088

Brand pettis are usually organdy/organza, so yes, absolutely do not squish them. I've always hung mine upside down and that preserves them well

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Thank you anon!

My wardrobe is pretty packed which is why I was considering box-like storage for them. I worry that hanging them will squish them too much on either side?

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do not hang your petticoat unless it is hard tulle


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I hate washing my clothes by hand, so I was thinking of getting one of these. Has anyone used them before?

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obvious newbie and retard, but what do you mean by hanging them upside down? I cant picture it.

>> No.10630202

turn it inside out and hang it from the inside-out waistband

>> No.10630207

i really want to believe they mean turning them inside out and hanging them by the waistband. the alternative would be too retarded, but they hang them in the first place, so who knows...

PSA for everyone else, NO do not hang your petticoats that are made of a soft material. i've seen it recommended more than once and it's outright wrong. store them in a drawer, or in a bag, or something to that effect. they will floof right back up after you take them out of the compressed space.

if it's the scratchier hard tulle material, then hang it. if it's soft, stuff it somewhere.

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Probably a dumb question but how much space in cm should there be in unshirred blouses for a comfortable fit? I have an 84cm bust and am looking at one that measures at 86 and am concerned about it being too tight.

>> No.10630316

IW recommends 4-5cm, but as someone with a US F cup size I need 8cm and wouldn't mind more.

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2-5 cm or slightly more underneath the measurement is generally the rule. also note that a lot of lolibrary/brand measurements are slightly smaller than reality for some reason. are you able to wear a sports bra just in case?

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sorry 2-5 cm+ is for unshirred JSKs and OPs, misread your post

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According to abrathatfits, I'm a 30DD to DDD but depending on the bra I'm anything from a 32C to 32DD. I guess I'll aim for about a 6" difference since I'm not flat chested like most Japanese lolitas are. Thanks for the help

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Do you have any app to recommend to try out different make up styles and see what fits you best ? Preferably that can be used on desktop too, if possible.
I only know meitu, but it's not made for this, and only works on mobile.

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I don't

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How do I find out when Baby restocks their basics like blouses and headdresses, do I just keep checking their Twitter and hope I don't miss any updates?

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Having a couple of cm room in an OP is necessary if you want to be able to breathe.

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How do people poop in complicated costumes or coords? Do they make a little flap, or just blast ass beforehand and hope nothing goes wrong?

>> No.10630712


coords are clothes, not a costume, the same as other clothes.

>> No.10630741

They think about easy access when making the costumes (velcro straps, snaps, 2-piece costumes, etc) or go to the bathroom earlier than when they need to in order to have time to take it all off before desperation sets in.

And like the other anon said, coords are just dresses, stockings, panties, and bloomers so that's really no different than usual.

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get a knockoff bridal buddy

>> No.10630753

>>>costumes OR coords

>> No.10630757

They asked about both so I answered the one I had information on. OR implies you can pick one. You're the retard.

>> No.10630771

It's retarded to speak about something you know nothing about. Anon spoke from their expertise and didn't speak about what they don't. You can't even accurately comprehend the meaning of "or" in a sentence, retard.

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How do I keep body fluid off of cosplay aside from condoms? I am going to film a hazbin hotel/sonic orgy at Galaxy con at an Airbnb I'm renting and film it for pornhub.

I don't want to ruin a $200+ costume.

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How do I buy from Atelier BOZ? Do you need a SS?

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I have a blouse I really like that I want to wear with a skirt, but it's quite sheer and my bra shows. I'm guessing I just have to suck it up and wait until I get a thicker blouse that'll coord with the skirt? Not sure if there are any lolita-friendly ways to hide my bra otherwise.

>> No.10631245

Literally just wear a tank top under the blouse that matches its color or is flesh-toned

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I'm going to have velcro on a removable face padding lining on a helmet so I can wash the fabric touching my disgusting sweat. Is it better to have the soft or hook side on the removable portion?

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