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Last thread: >>10564854

> Newest releases
> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.

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First for Zombie Lolita!

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favorite piece is van helsing academy by violet fane, when I wore it before covid, everyone complimented me on it.

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VF is shit quality

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different anon, I agree, but man that print is so nice. I wish they'd use better fabrics and have better construction because I really love that print. Their shit quality is what deterred me from buying that series.

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i can agree to that. i do wish the fabric was a bit better but i'm overall happy with the dress. i love the print and i wish there are more vampire hunter prints like it.

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if the fabric was better quality i'd have bought Otome Nostalgia even though it doesn't match a single thing i own.

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Otome Nostalgia in a cotton would have been super nice and way better for summer. That dress makes me sweat like crazy and I washed the belt on a gentle cycle just so if the dress faded it would still match, and it FELL APART, the lining just fell off. I've never had interfacing or lining on an item just get wrecked and peel like a banana in the wash (heck, a banana would have held together better in my washing machine). I guess if you get a stain on your ON belt you're fucked and have to dry clean or spot clean it. Probably going to make myself a white leather belt that is actually well constructed and repurpose the heart buckle on that.

For the shit service, shipping my order late, the wonky headbow that looked awful, and the fabric, I think ON and VF has made me certain I will never waste burando level dollars on an indie brand again.

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>Gentle cycle
You realize that Japanese companies have said if you're going to wash lolita, then to hand wash, right? What the hell made you think putting something in the wash was a good idea..

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plenty of lolita can be run through the washer on a gentle cold cycle, it's not like it'll fall apart like fast fashion lol

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>You realize that Japanese companies have said

Anon, VF is not a Japanese company and the items are polyester, on top of that it is well known that Japanese companies call everything dry clean only when you can easily wash most stuff with no issues, cotton, poly, etc. And Japanese companies usually say dry clean, not handwash.

Only the newest of people are unaware of this obvious fact. Which, there is nothing wrong with being new, but don't come in thinking you're educating someone on something and larping so hard when you're just incorrect.

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do you think they'd ever do an MTO for cotton reprints?

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Japanese companies write that in English but in Japanese they write the actual care instructions which are usually what cycle to use.

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Continuing from last thread, what would be another hidden detail in a print you'd like to see?

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I'd love to see insects.
Butterflies, ants, beetles... Incorporated in a tasteful manner

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not so much a hidden detail but more interesting print motifs in general. not the hyperspecific taobao type shit
>different religious motifs, book of revelations type shit
>medieval art, mythology, etc
>dragons (dragon-chan notwithstanding)
>spooky medieval unicorns

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it's dumb and im not sure it could be done in a tasteful manner but i would like to see someone do corpses well as something other than the focus of a print. Various stages of decay, half buried. That sort of thing. Death is always Vampires and clean skeletons and whatnot, but i'd like to see a decayed body in a coffin occasionally. Or at the very least someone with wrinkles. I feel like Aristocrat has a lot more skirt space and could probably pull it off if you were smart. Plus it would be the style most suited to having images of older people on it.

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This is giving me dorian gray vibes and I am consumed with need

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