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What was your biggest emergency while in cosplay?

I once dropped my buster sword in the street and a bus ran it over. One of my ex-friends spent $2300 on a Genji Overwatch cosplay and immediately poo'd in it. Same friend was at the Dragon Con where those girls were nearly killed.

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Wore a full closed-off suit cosplay, the zipper broke off at the top while waiting in line for the bathroom.

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Wasn't mine, but we were painting a friend with latex as the Demifiend from SMT3 and he kicked over the bucket of liquid latex and it got all over the bathroom and some friends' belongings. Took forever to clean up.

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>the Dragon Con where those girls were nearly killed
Nani the fuck?

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Some guys threw chairs from the 10th story.

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Friend had a costume that had a white dress with a fairly short train. Almost immediately after entering the convention center, someone spilled coffee all over it and also managed to leave gross footprints all over the train

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I was wearing a cosplay with short skin tight skirt and had white strings on to not have visible lines showing. About an hour in the convention place i went to the toilet and realized my period had started. My hotel was a few km away and i had no tampons with me, it was horrible but surprisingly nothing too bad happened.

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Thankfully these didn't happen on the same day, but I had spent weeks working on a hair prop for my costume. I spent the entire night before the con finishing it. My friend literally walked in to wake me up the minute I finished. We decide to check out vendor's hall first in the morning and I didn't even take more than 5 steps before some asshole checked my shoulder and knocked it to the ground, breaking it irrevocably for the rest of the day. The prop wasn't obtrusive in anyway, it was even smaller than the width of my body. He didn't even pause to say sorry, so I can only hope everything he wanted that weekend was sold out.

Another time, my bestfriend was just starting to get into cosplay and sewing. I had offered to help her a few times, but had a costume of my own to finish (another pulled all-nighter), so I couldn't help her at the end. On the day of the con, her stitches came undone and her dress was literally falling of her. We cobbled together some safety pins, bobby pins, and hair ties to keep it on under a sweater, but eventually she gave up and bought a cute outfit from the con instead. It ended up working out better than the costume which was a saving grace, but it sure learned me a good one to test wear my costumes before the con.

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>white strings
Are you talking about a thong?

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I would be seeing red after that. Unforgivable.

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I’ve fortunately not had much bad happen to me outside of the usual con costume disintegration.
The most worrying moment was definitely the time my Inferno Cop “cosplay” kept trying to fly away in the wind whenever I went outside.

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Thank Misako my daddy makes me wear a diaper to cons.

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woah you can totally see her pussy through the dorito bags if you zoom in! based creepo photographer

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>One of my ex-friends spent $2300 on a Genji Overwatch cosplay and immediately poo'd in it
Is that why he's an ex friend?

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I'm trying to imagine what she did for "sewing" if it was so bad that it came undone so far that the garment was falling off. Was it hand-sewn with no knotting? The worst sewing job I've done was like rough cuts, raw edges hidden under the waistband, and a fit like a burlap sack.

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Friend dressed as deadpool split the butt of his suit. Coincidentally, I was King Candy so there I was wearing poofy shorts over leggings.

seeing Deadpool in those poofy shorts was hilarious though.

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Not an emergency, but a really annoying case; was taking photos with another cosplayer in the halls, he had a hefty boffer sword (that were totally unrelated to the character he was cosplaying, I guess it was a stand in), I had two eva foam swords. We do a pic of us locking swords in battle. He swings his boffer strongly, right into my foam swords, breaking the wooden cores with an audible "snap", then looks at me with a goofy grin like it was supposed to be cool or cute or something. It was supposed to be a fucking pose, not a mock fight FFS. I was pretty tight but I guess autists are to be found in the hobby. Learned to idiot proof my props not just for myself, but for others too.

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Yeah, it was hand-sewing because she wasn't confident with her machine yet (which looking back on it would've been the safer option, but like I said I had shit to do so I didn't oversee her process much -- oops). She had altered a premade dress that was too big for her. It wasn't like coming undone by the seams, but it was suddenly slipping and sliding to the point where her tiddies were making their debut every two seconds. And as you can imagine that's pretty embarrassing when you're standing in a crowd of people. There was a fair share of rough cuts and raw edges too, so all in all a bad time. A good learning moment though lol!

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Homie I know how it feels to have your big tiddies slip out of clothing. There needs to be more tutorials to stop this sort of thing. Perhaps there should be a charity to raise awareness about titty slipping?

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A few years ago I was cosplaying Baroness von bon bon and my dress was so heavy that the clear straps broke. Me and my friends were on our way out so it wasn’t a huge deal but I had to constantly puff my chest out so the dress didn’t accidentally slip down.

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Tons of intricate beading on the bodice and straps of my corset top and midway through a panel I just hear “plink plink plink” and look down in horror to see the beads from my strap rolling around on the floor. My friends had to help me re-stitch them a few hours before the competition. Somehow still managed to win best craftsmanship. Learned my lesson that day and now all of my beading is sewn on with beading thread instead of cotton.

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Sometime during the con and i didn't notice until after the con. One of the tiny "belt buckles" on the vest had sharp corners which accidentally made a small cut on the skin around my armpit and left pec

I can still see the scar today

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What cosplay is this?

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Yooo its Luna Goodguy
How many belts did you need to buy?

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Sunny Worsthombre

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