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Post your cosplay help questions here instead of shitting up the catalog with your one-question threads!
>Old Thread:
Stupid Jfash Questions Thread:
Hair and Makeup:

You may ask prop, sewing, or wig related questions in this thread as well, but it may be beneficial for you to post one of the following threads for specific advice.
Crafting Thread
Sewing/Fiber Arts/ NeedleCraft:
Wig Thread:

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Will I regret using watered down tacky glue to do extreme spikes on a wig? I'm worried about a white cast

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Where to cop a high quality wig that will actually look like this when styled?

Also, is it even possible to get such a short wig to look nice when you have a lot of thick hair to hide under it?

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Just buy a human hair one ffs. and try cornrowing your hair

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>human hair
I never implied that I was looking for a synthetic one?

Would be nice to learn about some reputable brands, which was why I posted.

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Anyone know of a decent quality len kagamine cosplay I could get somewhere? Like, a specific taobao listing or whatever

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Go on Taobao and search for your desired costume. Pick one from an older store with high ratings. Always look at the product photos and check the measurements. It's not that hard, please don't be lazy.

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From what I hear, it does have a slight coloration. Typically tacky glue is only used at the tips and hairspray everywhere else. Funnily enough I've heard good things about gorilla glue instead of tacky glue

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Not my story, but I did read a thread from cosplay judges talking about this. Many said that they can tell at a glance when a costume has been bought from China because there's a specific gold trim that's made using sublimation (not really sure what that is, just parroting what I read) that's unobtainable in the US unless specifically purchased from one of those cosplay shops. One judge said she gives those people an opportunity to redeem themselves by asking where they sourced the gold trim, but typically they don't have an answer and that's how she knows they just bought the costume. I would imagine asking for progress photos would out these fakers too. Do you happen to know what started this? I only caught the tail end of the conversation but now I wanna be a chismosa.

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The only show I ever judged had someone who bought their costume.
The judge that noticed it had made that costume before, and noticed a glaring design that was present on popular store bought ones (i think a symbol was changed to avoid copyright issues)
The show was small, and the attendee was only 19 or 20, so we just went through the judging like normal, let her walk, and just struck her from consideration without her knowing.
Your job as a guest, even just a judge, is to give the convention attendees a good time. Even the liars.

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Oh I've already been looking dude. It would just help if I knew of a specific costume that someone bought here that was good quality, don't wanna get something completely different from the photos.

Are the measurements listed generally accurate for each costume? Or are they usually copypasted across male or female ones

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Anyone know where I can get a snake-skin jacket similar to Majima's from Yakuza?

The closer the better. Any help would be awesome.

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>don't wanna get something completely different from the photos.
>Are the measurements listed generally accurate for each costume? Or are they usually copypasted across male or female ones
Again, these points can be resolved if you do your own research and choose an older (well-established) store with high ratings. I recommend reading through actual Chinese customer review posted by mainlanders with legit concerns and seeing how other customers replied to them, not rando overseas white teen reviews on the listings.

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What alternatives to Plastidip would you recommend for priming eva foam?
In my country Plastidip is expensive and hard to find so I used Dupli-color custom wrap, but it didn't work as well as I expected and now I'm looking for alternatives.

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How do you fake it till you make it if you're bad at makeup?

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Telling apart bought from handmade is easy, and to answer your question dye sublimation is one way to add a pattern or design to fabric, like what you would see on a demon slayer robe thing. It's used for many applications besides fabric, and is not the only way to add a pattern or design to fabric

What is a chimosa?

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>Telling apart bought from handmade is easy,
Yeah, I feel like it would be but I have no judging experience so I just shared what I did hear from judges. And thank you! That's a fun fact.

>What is a chimos(o/a)?
It's spanish slang for someone who is nosy or a gossiper. It comes from the word "chisme" or gossip. So in other words "I wanna be nosy".

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what can i wear underneath this white underwear part to prevent unfortunate cameltoes? I've never seen any underwear with a high waistpart like this

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put a bandaid over the slit

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If you've got a really fat pussy and the bandaid tip from >>10629882 doesn't work for you, you could try a cameltoe guard. There's even plastic cameltoe guards for the really hardcore cases.

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you're a fucking retard if you're going to wear the underwear that goes with the outfit.

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no u

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Flexbond is the best IMO, but Mod Podge or any other PVA glue will work.

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Does anyone have a recommendation (or guide) for temporary fabric adhesives? Specifically, I need it to float fleece fabric on an embroidery hoop.

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Someone said they started with ghoul and horror makeup and then learned how to tone it down with time. I'm pretty sure it was in a recent thread so check the archives.

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>If you've got a really fat pussy
Anon, please my sides. Puffy pussy gang

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What are the best vampire fangs?

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I can cosplay as any color jacket lupin but something that has been bothering me for a while was where I can get his type of ties? I researched only type of tie that I've seen that's like that is something called a knit tie but it looks more like a scarf with it's texture than a tie, any idea if his tie has a specific name to it or if there are certain stores that sell em?

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>gorilla glue
Are you memeing or serious? And if you're serious can you be more specific about which one of their glues? They manufacture a lot of adhesives but my guess would be their spray adhesive or wood glue

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Serious. I'll try to find the video where a cosplayer tested it on wigs against another glue (I think tacky?). The experiment was born out of the meme though, so I guess technically the answer to your question is both. As to whether it was spray or liquid, that's a good question. I believe it was spray but it's been awhile. I'll report back when I've found the video.

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Found it. Here's the vid: https://www.tiktok.com/@moxiemegan/video/6942642063770995974?lang=en&is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6973105794871051781
The creator did a couple more tests on dark wigs, curls, and a ponytail wig. Also the comparison was against Got2B, not tacky glue -- my apologies.

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it's a square end neck tie, anon

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Depends how much money you're willing to spend. Good and cheap is scarecrow. If you're willing to spend in the range of hundreds to thousands of dollars I can give you a short list of places that do customs but they have longer lead times because they're made from scratch and you need to submit a dental impression
If you're having trouble finding a typical necktie with a square end, you can look into knit ties. Also if you've got the patience, you can sew your own tie pretty easily. It's just a few strips of fabric cut on the bias that are slightly wider on one end

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Thank you so much anon, I'm glad to see a good substitute for got2b because I've used their stuff on synthetic wigs before and didn't really like the results

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Happy to help :) Good luck on your project!

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Thank you.

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