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Last one >>10618110

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This might be a stupid question, but where can I get an a-line petticoat with relatively low poof suitable for old-school lolita?

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What makes you think the hype might be over?

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Malco Modes 100%

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Their knee length one?

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Depends on your height. MM has literally everything. Also you can shorter a petticoat with some patience. It's easiest to shorten it from the waistband and if you fuck it up, no one will see it

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no I've always wondered this too though since a lot of pettis are soooo poofy nowadays and if you even mention low poof people go crazy

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ayrt, I got the 22 inch one, it's right above my knee and I'm 5'0"

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I'm mad because I gave away an oldschool AP skirt in a big bundle to a friend that would not sell on Lace Market years ago. I think I had it listed for like $20 free shipping for ever and no bites because it was oldschool and made for a teeny tiny waist and nobody wanted it. Now it would probably go like crazy just because "old school"

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Did anyone see the comment in CoF calling an old school coord from gen z? I keked.

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I'm wondering this too. I'm considering getting this one in my next taobao order. Does anyone have experience with it? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.332.551a7484iDjNJO&id=550614269025

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I'm wondering this too. I'm considering getting this one (picrel) in my next taobao order. Does anyone have experience with it? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.332.551a7484iDjNJO&id=550614269025

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aurora & ariel mini. it's mini poof, not mini length. the stock photo makes it look fairly poofy, but remember the weight of your dress will squish it down when worn.

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It was clearly a joke anon. Also did you see the idiot having a sperg about it in the comments? I think they got removed but imagine telling an oldfag that they should read a GLB kek.

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I hope the person who threw a shit fit got booted but that would require the mods to not be useless.

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I checked the thread and she seems to have been kicked out and her comments deleted. Finally the mods did their job huh. She seems like the biggest ita too, it's hilarious.

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A few threads back, someone dropped a huge Imgur album with hundreds of street snaps. Anyone still got the link to that? Would love you if you could drop it!

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was it this?

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Where was it?

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nta but I second this, I have the aurora & ariel mini and it gives the perfect "low poof" that doesn't just look like a total lack of petti

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Any other taobao brands/items for old school fillers? I'm getting started but having trouble finding anything else than main pieces.

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taobao is shit, just get BTSSB's traditional blouses they rerelease all the time or MAM

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Do you happen to know anything about the quality of MAM's other pieces? I only ever hear about their blouses, but I'm curious if their skirts, capes etc are any good. The product pages look so cheap but the designs are so cute.

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I have a bunch of bloomers and a really old MAM dress, and they are amazing imo.

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Do you mind posting a link please? For some reason I can't find this exact photo on any of clobba's listings and the name is on a few of them.

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Stop asking about taobao
Taobao is not and will never be old school
Listen to people when they tell you to buy actual old school and stop being such a newfag

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No. Taobao can be oldschool

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No. Taobao can be reminiscent of old school in a shitty low quality way. It will never be actual old school.
Why would you even want to buy shit quality taobao when sturdy actually good quality old school brand exists second hand or via rerelease?

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probably because all these baofags want instant gratification and can't be bothered to do even a little bit of digging to get good items
if you aren't willing to put in the patience and effort to find old items you don't deserve to be an oldschooler

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their cutsew and tshirt fabrics are very good, all the laces are good too

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old school is based on looks, not age.

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oh that would explain a LOT

whew, and here I was worried that I'm an oldschool trender if all my pieces are just incidentally older because I'm older.

Thanks for putting my fears to rest, anon!

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on this subject, where can i get a low-to-mid poof bell? bodyline?

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it's understandable honestly. i think younger, newer lolitas think old school is more like vintage, which only implies something is between 20 and 100 years old. but really it's something like retro where it refers to the look of a certain time period.

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God the sperging here.
There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a few supplemental pieces from taobao. Just because it’s Not “oldschool” doesn’t mean there aren’t pieces that can work or buffer an oldschool wardrobe.

Original bao anon, I get my peeking bloomers from taobao, and the majority of my shoes. I ordered a blouse from Dolls Party in picrel, havent recieved it yet but liked the ribbon detail

I think most ppl get it wrong Bc they buy a oldschool-esque JSK from taobao but coord it super new style, so thats where they miss the mark

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I can feel the scratchy polyester through my screen.

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Do you have any shoe or bloomer recs? I'm worried about my bloomers being too short to peek through or too long so I haven't purchased any yet

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It’s cotton you dumbass

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I can’t find the listing for the pair I have, they’re a loose cotton/poly blend and they’re breathable and so comfortable I wish I could find the link Bc I’d buy another pair. The search term is 长南瓜裤 if you end up searching.

For shoes, I have a bunch of Antaina, but also recently got some Mary Janes from unicorn tears and I love them

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>>10629415 for very-low-poof-but-not-quite-nothing I often layer a (very short) cornet skirt I have underneath because it has a slight built in petti and it works nicely

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Kek this is ugly and telltale taobao but you sure showed them!!1

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How do these silhouettes even work? Where does the petti go, under the top skirt or the bottom?

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>>10629415 I have this one from AliExpress. It has the perfect lenght and amount of poof for oldschool. Its pretty cheap though

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I like it a lot

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presumably top layer has a built in petti

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