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Last one >>10618110

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This might be a stupid question, but where can I get an a-line petticoat with relatively low poof suitable for old-school lolita?

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What makes you think the hype might be over?

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Malco Modes 100%

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Their knee length one?

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Depends on your height. MM has literally everything. Also you can shorter a petticoat with some patience. It's easiest to shorten it from the waistband and if you fuck it up, no one will see it

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no I've always wondered this too though since a lot of pettis are soooo poofy nowadays and if you even mention low poof people go crazy

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ayrt, I got the 22 inch one, it's right above my knee and I'm 5'0"

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I'm mad because I gave away an oldschool AP skirt in a big bundle to a friend that would not sell on Lace Market years ago. I think I had it listed for like $20 free shipping for ever and no bites because it was oldschool and made for a teeny tiny waist and nobody wanted it. Now it would probably go like crazy just because "old school"

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Did anyone see the comment in CoF calling an old school coord from gen z? I keked.

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I'm wondering this too. I'm considering getting this one in my next taobao order. Does anyone have experience with it? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.332.551a7484iDjNJO&id=550614269025

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I'm wondering this too. I'm considering getting this one (picrel) in my next taobao order. Does anyone have experience with it? https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z0d.6639537.1997196601.332.551a7484iDjNJO&id=550614269025

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aurora & ariel mini. it's mini poof, not mini length. the stock photo makes it look fairly poofy, but remember the weight of your dress will squish it down when worn.

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It was clearly a joke anon. Also did you see the idiot having a sperg about it in the comments? I think they got removed but imagine telling an oldfag that they should read a GLB kek.

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I hope the person who threw a shit fit got booted but that would require the mods to not be useless.

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I checked the thread and she seems to have been kicked out and her comments deleted. Finally the mods did their job huh. She seems like the biggest ita too, it's hilarious.

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A few threads back, someone dropped a huge Imgur album with hundreds of street snaps. Anyone still got the link to that? Would love you if you could drop it!

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was it this?

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Where was it?

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nta but I second this, I have the aurora & ariel mini and it gives the perfect "low poof" that doesn't just look like a total lack of petti

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Any other taobao brands/items for old school fillers? I'm getting started but having trouble finding anything else than main pieces.

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taobao is shit, just get BTSSB's traditional blouses they rerelease all the time or MAM

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Do you happen to know anything about the quality of MAM's other pieces? I only ever hear about their blouses, but I'm curious if their skirts, capes etc are any good. The product pages look so cheap but the designs are so cute.

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I have a bunch of bloomers and a really old MAM dress, and they are amazing imo.

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Do you mind posting a link please? For some reason I can't find this exact photo on any of clobba's listings and the name is on a few of them.

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Stop asking about taobao
Taobao is not and will never be old school
Listen to people when they tell you to buy actual old school and stop being such a newfag

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No. Taobao can be oldschool

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No. Taobao can be reminiscent of old school in a shitty low quality way. It will never be actual old school.
Why would you even want to buy shit quality taobao when sturdy actually good quality old school brand exists second hand or via rerelease?

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probably because all these baofags want instant gratification and can't be bothered to do even a little bit of digging to get good items
if you aren't willing to put in the patience and effort to find old items you don't deserve to be an oldschooler

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their cutsew and tshirt fabrics are very good, all the laces are good too

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old school is based on looks, not age.

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oh that would explain a LOT

whew, and here I was worried that I'm an oldschool trender if all my pieces are just incidentally older because I'm older.

Thanks for putting my fears to rest, anon!

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on this subject, where can i get a low-to-mid poof bell? bodyline?

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it's understandable honestly. i think younger, newer lolitas think old school is more like vintage, which only implies something is between 20 and 100 years old. but really it's something like retro where it refers to the look of a certain time period.

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God the sperging here.
There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a few supplemental pieces from taobao. Just because it’s Not “oldschool” doesn’t mean there aren’t pieces that can work or buffer an oldschool wardrobe.

Original bao anon, I get my peeking bloomers from taobao, and the majority of my shoes. I ordered a blouse from Dolls Party in picrel, havent recieved it yet but liked the ribbon detail

I think most ppl get it wrong Bc they buy a oldschool-esque JSK from taobao but coord it super new style, so thats where they miss the mark

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I can feel the scratchy polyester through my screen.

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Do you have any shoe or bloomer recs? I'm worried about my bloomers being too short to peek through or too long so I haven't purchased any yet

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It’s cotton you dumbass

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I can’t find the listing for the pair I have, they’re a loose cotton/poly blend and they’re breathable and so comfortable I wish I could find the link Bc I’d buy another pair. The search term is 长南瓜裤 if you end up searching.

For shoes, I have a bunch of Antaina, but also recently got some Mary Janes from unicorn tears and I love them

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>>10629415 for very-low-poof-but-not-quite-nothing I often layer a (very short) cornet skirt I have underneath because it has a slight built in petti and it works nicely

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Kek this is ugly and telltale taobao but you sure showed them!!1

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How do these silhouettes even work? Where does the petti go, under the top skirt or the bottom?

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>>10629415 I have this one from AliExpress. It has the perfect lenght and amount of poof for oldschool. Its pretty cheap though

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I like it a lot

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presumably top layer has a built in petti

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I don't know how men can be sexually attracted to a mannequin and/or a petticoat

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Thank you so much for this.

Everybody is always sperging about how it needs to be a 20 y o piece to be called old school. What happens with handmade? Why are handmade old school brands seen as great (tm) even if they are as recent as 2021?

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Better quality, materials, construction and design choices that are appropriate for the time period they're trying to emulate. Not to mention DIY culture is old school in and of itself.

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solid colors and white lace =/= oldschool
it's just easier to get it right if the piece is made in the oldschool era

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don't underestimate scrotes anon

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I have the same. It's nylon and Ive tried ruining it so I can justify a new one but this shit just keeps living. It adds low poof but enough that I can wear some egl to church.

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Yeah because it’s literally the aesthetic of a whole era of lolita. you can’t just make cheap imitations of a whole era and think it’s the same. traditional and classical lolita, yeah, but not old school. why are people so concerned about coming off as “old school”, just wear the fucking clothes ffs. Lolitas are retarded

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>you can’t just make cheap imitations of a whole era and think it’s the same.
yes you can, what planet are you on? old school is only about the aesthetic. anyone squawking about materials and quality are newfags who have never seen or worn some of the low quality trash that was popular. old school purists are just another form of brand whore.

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essentially you're right, it's not the same
that's why we call it "neo-oldschool"

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speak for yourself. this isn't how fashion works. old school isn't about the age of a piece, it's the style. you've probably seen old school coords with new pieces and don't even know. what do you even think re-releases are considered then?

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>what do you even think re-releases are considered then?
the era of actual "oldschool" ends in the early 2000s, everything released after that isn't authentic oldschool to me, even if it's a brand name rerelease

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Hello, O. There's no such thing as traditional lolita

>> No.10632151

Imagine preferring a 20 y.o. dress someone farted through because you don't know old school is a style and any style can be replicated

>> No.10632160

then you're wrong. old school isn't about the age of the item it's about the styling and look of it. it's like 2010s OTT sweet is a style. the MTO sugary carnival may not resell for as much as the 1st release but that doesn't mean the items from the MTO aren't 2010s OTT sweet style, they are the same dress.

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The sheer amount of sperging and newness in this thread

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>traditional Lolita is old school
Why did you have to be so pedantic and call it trad when you obviously know it's the same thing as old school. You just proved yourself wrong inadvertently since you claimed traditional and old school were two different things.

>> No.10632188

>why did you
>you just proved yourself wrong
>you claimed
please go back to a social media that has usernames you dumb fuck

>> No.10632202

calm your tits

>> No.10632213

Awwwww whatsa matter? Did someone get proved wrong and has nothing better to refute with than name calling?
Go change your soggy diapers or continue to sit in the shit you dumped here and fester.

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yall should read this sometime

>> No.10632221

can we stop bitching now? call it old school or traditional, but there's no requirement of what era the dress is from like cunts ITT keep claiming.

>> No.10632224

these kinds of shitty blogs aren't be be all end all of lolita.

>> No.10632226

nyart but there is clearly a bully with a vendetta against you on /cgl :^( too bad you can't block them

- Ophelia /s

>> No.10632227

Why do westerners think they can just come up with their own definitions for Japanese created fashions? Aren't these the same girls who cry about cultural appropriation?

>> No.10632230

really comes off as some made-up shit to feel speshul and yooneek

>> No.10632283

sounds like you just dont get it

>> No.10632316

which side are you on? kek

>> No.10632320

You advertise yourself so shamelessly, O.

>> No.10632351

The audacity of this bitch to make shit up and claim it as the truth. Oldschool is a style (typically referring to oldschool sweet, although it can include oldschool gothic or classic) trad is just an adjective that you can use but it has no accepted meaning in this community

>> No.10632355

Except it's literally the opposite. Traditional Lolita is the name of a style, and oldschool is a descriptor of it specifying that it's an old style. That's why the people are arguing that only truly old pieces are oldschool are correct. But a piece does not have to be old to be Traditional style.

>> No.10632359

ayrt I'm actually not her kek just thought I'd throw it in the thread since everyone was talking about the difference, who are you anyways O/Ophelia?

>> No.10632360

lmao I just realized that Ophelia is cynicalneoprincess her name let's forget I said that last part

>> No.10632386

that's not even correct. old school is a made up term to describe the exact same thing they call "traditional" in japan. it's not limited to old or vintage pieces and never has been. and you're lying to yourself if you think you can tell the difference anyway.

>> No.10632387

I just read this and it's cringe how she thinks she has the power to somehow define and set the rules for different styles.. kind of reads as weird and elitist.

>> No.10632391

this is the most autistic shit i've read in a while but it comes from O. so not surprised.
Is the neo old school gang still licking her soles and taking her word for gospel?

>> No.10632400

it doesn't even make any sense. she just implies traditional is a modern take on old school and that old school is an imitation of the time period, she basically doesn't even describe an difference, just claims it's "nuanced" and she's just comparing japanese and western terms for the same thing.

>> No.10632401

Completely agree. Embarrassing af.

>> No.10632404

Exactly, it just feels like she's trying to make a big thing out of nothing.

>> No.10632423

"Old school" isn't a term used in Japan though. They refer to it as traditional or by the timeframe the piece was released (ie early 2000s era, 90s era.) Old school is a term westerners applied to the look. If you called it that to any Japanese lolita or shop staff, they wouldn't know what you're talking about.

>> No.10632625

Funny how we’re not using the term to talk to Japanese shop staff, we’re using it to talk in western comms, using a term everyone in the western comm understands

Seriously, Japanese lolitas barely use the term “traditional lolita” these days either. Brands and lolitas use 懐古ロリータ (nostalgic lolita) for what we call old school, these days. If we can’t even keep up with or understand Japanese terms, it seems fairly safe to stick with the terms we have that everyone in the western comm already understands.

>> No.10632627

eh, I don't really see her 'set rules' for lolita, just putting a name to certain trends and types of coords

>> No.10632629

damn I didn't know so many of you were hating on her

>> No.10632633

Probably just jealous of her collection

>> No.10632635

God I hate this pastel bodyline ita.

>> No.10632639

>pastel bodyline ita

>> No.10632640

this is so funny, like >>10632639 said literally where

>> No.10632641


nta, and I cant find the image but a long time ago when she first joined lolita fashion, she was wearing a pastel purple bodyline dress. it was just an ita phase, like most people had. not sure why people have to bring up noob shit. it is not like she had found herself yet.

>> No.10632642

Quite a mouthful for trying to say 'I can't read'

>> No.10632648

It’s because you’re new

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File: 37 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mnbs3rIoi31r1xdxao1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

imo it is not even that bad. everyone starts somewhere.

>> No.10632652

Really. Back a few years ago when O was one of the biggest faces of oldschool, she was hated on constantly here, way more than she is now. It’s not a new thing at all and probably a major reason from her withdrawing from lolita to the extent she has.

>> No.10632655

the coord is okay ?

>> No.10632671

>probably a major reason from her withdrawing from lolita to the extent she has.
she's literally still posting coords to CoF

>> No.10632674

she's also very into 90s harajuku nowadays and mostly posts that on her ig instead of lolita

>> No.10632676

Absolute garbage taste

>> No.10632677

Stop the obvious selfposting, O.

>> No.10632679

Even the room is messy and ita

>> No.10632682

it's babbys first coord from a time with less resources, what the fuck do you expect from a beginner

you're just nitpicking at this point, how do you know it's her room in the first place?

>inb4 "gtfo O.'s bootlicker"

>> No.10632683

The point is that she posts to CoF knowing that it'll get reposted here. If she was so affected by the uwu bullies, then not posting to CoF would be Step 1. I guess getting attention is more important though.

>> No.10632689

again, I am not her jesus you're bad at spotting self posts

>> No.10632694

Yeah, sure

>> No.10632695

Why are you this bothered

>> No.10632697

why do you want me to be her so bad kek

>> No.10632698

nta but sound like someone's got an obvious hateboner kek

>> No.10632705

Don’t you mean >>10632694 and >>10632677 instead of >>10632697

>> No.10632707

Lmao sorry I’m a phonefag I didn’t mean >>10632695 at the end

>> No.10632736

its very obviously not her room, lmao. but as I said, it isnt the worst, so Iäm not even sure why it was brought up. she was new to the fashion, probably bought bodyline to see if it was something she wanted to continue in, then continued to refine her taste to what it has become now. sure it was -ita- and a cheap, wrinkly bodyline piece, but most lolitas start there too. and she wasnt ita for long, nor did she wear that -pastel bodyline- shit for long. anon just seems jelly.

>> No.10632814

Is this O???

>> No.10632880

yeah, when she started

>> No.10632903

who's yalls favorite "content creator" or social media Old School Lolita that is still around today

>> No.10632922

what do you mean by "content creator"? do you just mean someone who posts their coords online?

>> No.10632987

This might just be wishful thinking, but does anyone else think that old school pieces have been selling for a little less recently? Like that 2005 IW OP went for like £60, and little princess or £150

>> No.10633006

It could be her living room? How do you know what the rest of her house looks like? Creep.

>> No.10633226

it literally looks like some sort of weird cafe with that booth there.

>> No.10633291

There aren't any real content creators for old school. Most of old school lolitas upload to YouTube or blog a couple times every year. That's not a content creator.

>> No.10633301

then what would you call them, I'm just trying to have a fun convo kek

>> No.10633318

it looks like a restaurant

>> No.10633368

I like watching Pure Rae's YouTube videos for old school.

>> No.10633396

they're the same thing anon

>> No.10633687

what are yalls dream dresses? It's a lot harder to find old school dream dresses imo, unless it's one of the ones that got released a million times

>> No.10633717

the print comes up with some degree of frequency (and always bought immediately, like a lot of old jetj) but i've only ever seen the black jsk sold once

>> No.10633718
File: 360 KB, 620x800, 7a655bbb-0f9f-5258-b555-1b0d3a5bf3ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dropped pic i guess

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File: 84 KB, 240x320, 51974fc2-0562-5483-8a1d-9fdacc560f5b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTSSB Koitsukihime Stained Glass Angel OP or JSK in black. I'd prefer to get the original 2006 release and not the AATP version. It's not a typical old school piece, but it's sooo beautiful! Hopefully, I can acquire it sometime soon~

>> No.10633831

When do you guys consider old school to extend to? I have late 2000s (e.g. 2008) dresses that really fit the old school aesthetic, but don’t know if they’re too recent to be considered true old school

>> No.10633837

I'd say 2007/2008-ish

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>> No.10633850

there's something about the central lacing panel that looks really awkward on an actual person

>> No.10633906

NTA but I love it. I also want that dress in red or black.

>> No.10633929

I love it! It is super cute.

>> No.10633959

the awkwardness is part of the charm

>> No.10633973

>oldschool lolita in a nutshell

>> No.10634202

I looked at their site to see about nabbing one - they have a reservation page up, but is it over now? I never buy shit on reservation cause I'm a dumbass and it confuses me LMAO. I tried translating the images, but it comes out in a jumble.

For anyone else interested in seeing it:

>> No.10634210
File: 2.49 MB, 1114x1470, dds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some of my current white whales rn, not counting impossible to find collab pieces like AYA army set by AP or big sets like punkuma by meta

(L-R) vera viola set (btssb '06), chocolat-chan wearing boots op set (AP '07), mode girl bustier rerelease in red or gray (AP '06), biker jacket style OP in red tartan or solid black (meta '04)

>> No.10634361

genuine question, why do people like mode girl? the print reminds me of of some t-shirt with girl drawings my mom would've gotten me from the kids' aisle at a supermarket

>> No.10634366

Tbh I never post my dream dresses since I'm too paranoid that more people will want them and I'll lose out on the limited amount that rarely comes up for sale

>> No.10634380

>the print reminds me of of some t-shirt with girl drawings my mom would've gotten me from the kids' aisle at a supermarket

>> No.10634396

that IS the appeal?

>> No.10634454

You arent alone anon. i think it looks bad too

>> No.10634488
File: 113 KB, 240x372, elizabethop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine is currently the Elizabeth OP in black x white. I'm hoping Baby eventually makes a lottery reservation or MTO in this colorway soon.

>> No.10634530
File: 57 KB, 720x720, 1503105460789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10635175

for one im a sucker for applique and i think the material looks just perfect for winter

im not too much of a fan of the JSKs (the OP is alright) but something about the cut of the bustier is so flattering i love it

plus i think the applique is incorporated well in the dress i.e the pearl leash mirrored with the little pearl chain on the bustier. idk! i just it's just so charming in a way i don't see in other sets/dresses like it

sorry if that was a little bit of a ramble but it definitely is in my top 3 DDs of all time lol

unrelated to above but i've been really old school hunting recently and maybe it's just me but i feel like i tend to have good luck with finding affordable OS on wunderwelt waaay more than other secondhand sites?

i mean i've definitely found a decent amount on fril, mercari, CC, etc. but i feel like WW always has the best bang for my buck (at least the kind of OS i like, i'm not sure about other people)

those are mostly the places i look for OS anyway considering lace market is kind of a hellscape. was there any other place i missed?

>> No.10635316

mode girl is one of a small number of dresses AP made around 2006 with a very distinctive illustration style. people who like that style have to hunt for the few dresses that use it, so those dresses often pop up as people's dds, even though they're not actually very popular with the wider AP fanbase. it's just a niche of people that really like this style.

also 90% of what AP puts out looks like children's tshirts designs, that's not really just a mode girl thing

>> No.10635325

kek back in 2018 that meta jacket has been rotting on yahoo japan and mercari for about a year

>> No.10635327

Not this shit again. I fucking hate neofags

>> No.10635337

it's one thing to feel like you have the authority to write some kind of old school guide, cringe display of the dunning-kruger effect, but to literally use images of yourself as examples just really takes it to delusions of grandeur levels

>> No.10635341

nah you were the one that just cried cultural appropriation

>> No.10635402

take me back to 2018, when this was still our reality and cornet rarely went for over 10k yen

>> No.10635503

i know i didn't have a stable source of income at that point so it wasn't worth it desu
literally: i'm praying the OS boom tapers off this year so that we can all just buy old shit in peace

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My beloved~<3

>> No.10635735

Do you really think anyone is going to tell you where they buy old school at this point when the market is already overrun

>> No.10635745

thought i'd shoot my shot regardless

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File: 44 KB, 356x477, M1hckCJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't listen to them. You can try this (nonpopular) site called https://1rk.morenew.fg for secondhand stuff, it's pretty easy to navigate the site and there are tons of cheap deals. If you find anything good, please post pics!

>> No.10636183

nayrt but kek you almost got me

>> No.10636314
File: 58 KB, 250x204, tumblr_inline_pp5u3zhu0d1uop4l5_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah yeah i got the point lmfao good one though

>> No.10636365

I'm dying for the whitexwhite that got released recently, I missed out that time so I'm frothing at the mouth for a rerelease.

>> No.10636488

I'm just waiting for the black velveteen but I cannot deal the bloodbaths so I hope that one day it will be on the secondhand market where there is no bidding

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File: 124 KB, 640x431, A5CF4B9A-48BD-4CDE-96E3-D1079284748C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP pic reminds me of this every single time I see it, so I'd like to share my sadness with other gulls - re-ri.net is getting deleted this year. I'm working on archiving everything, but it's a pretty daunting task. I would hate for everything she's contributed to be lost forever.

>> No.10637461

Is there anything we can do to help?

>> No.10637573

We can only hope for an MTO, it's one of those dresses that's probably never gonna go down in value or demand. I got the b/b cotton but it's not the same (although will definitely be more easily wearable in florida lol). If it got rereleased in velveteen I'll definitely get it as well

>> No.10637599

Archiving all of the individual pages that haven't been saved yet through archive.org! I get errors a lot, so it's taken me an unreasonable amount of time to save what little I could so far. I'm manually downloading my favorite images as well, I might make an imgur album and post it here eventually.

>> No.10637786

I'll help to save file copies.
Here's the link if any one else wants to http://www.re-ri.net/wordpress/

>> No.10637815

Thank you so much, anon! Any help is very much appreciated. I was thinking of sending her an email once I'm done, thanking her for sharing the photos in the first place, and keeping the website running for as long as she did.

>> No.10639289

hey gulls any new cute things bought recently?

>> No.10639584

I'm waiting to lose weight to do a big haul as a reward

>> No.10639586

Yeah, I bought two things and my waist is too large. It's normally fine but it's this lockdown weight - my aim is to get down to fitting in these then look for something else.

>> No.10639589


>> No.10639609

So many people do this and then never lose the weight, it is sad. Why buy shit that you cant even wear.

>> No.10639612
File: 221 KB, 960x959, P0-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got the Dollie 01 shoes by demonia since they were finally restocked! (not my pic)

>> No.10639691

they're very cute anon!
hope they fit you, demonia sizes are always hit or miss unfortunately

>> No.10639707

hoping they're not as much of a nightmare for you as they have been for me

>> No.10639712

I loved mine but they slide off my heel really easily and the strap broke (there is elastic holding the buckle on???) after about a week. lol

>> No.10639713
File: 181 KB, 484x645, 424322DE-1EDE-4BA3-9A3F-37058CF92ADD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meta organdy babydoll is up on LM if anyone was wanting it

>> No.10639727

exactly the same for me. I wore them 3 times and the strapped snapped while I was out. the design is super cute, but the quality is shit and definitely not worth the price

>> No.10639736

I ended up hand sewing some really sturdy ribbon to mine where the elastic was and that helped, but since the sole isn't bendable, it makes the heel slide off even easier. but at least I can wear them now.

>> No.10639746

I was so happy when I saw it but honestly the bidding is pretty high already for still 5 days left so I'm gonna pass this one

>> No.10639757

Keeping my eyes on it, it's been one of my dream dresses for a while.

>> No.10639770

I don't understand why the seller bought one, sold it because she didn't fit, then bought one again and now sells this one too.

>> No.10639772

maybe she ended up losing weight. she said in this one that black doesn't look good on her. but maybe she knows she can make bank and snatches them up.

>> No.10639775

if this is the one maistress was selling, I doubt she is selling them for the money, her wardrobe is more old school with white accents and stuff that goes with white like florals and all, so she probably just genuinely thinks she looks better in other colors than black.

i've sold stuff before that i really wanted but felt didn't suit me in the end. just a fact of life, especially with certain colors.

>> No.10639819
File: 36 KB, 500x567, 3CE96D01-7842-447A-A348-910C34682248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone keeping track of the BTSSB rose ribbon embroidery listing on LM? im not bidding bc it’s not a DD for me personally but im really surprised to see it on the western market and in such immaculate condition. whoever wins that thing is lucky as hell

>> No.10639820

Then why did she buy and sell the same black OP twice?

>> No.10639830

Demonia's quality does seem to be pretty hit or miss unfortunately, my kera 08s are absolute tanks and have held up to a lot of wears but I bought a pair of dolly 50 that lasted about a month before a strap snapped

>> No.10639839

idk if it was the exact same item or not and i don't read minds so idk. was just offering an alternative explanation since i follow her on ig and see what she tends to wear most of the time and that lined up with the train of thought in her item description about this piece not suiting her style. anyone could be trying to make a quick buck or just trying to find what pieces are right for their body or aesthetic, i just like to assume most people aren't malicious in their intention unless they do something that clearly indicates otherwise.

>> No.10639848

I’m very curious to see what it sells for. If it were any other colorway I would be very tempted. Definitely in impressive condition.

>> No.10639860

why don't you ask her lol

>> No.10639905

Yeah seconding this I've gotten lucky with all 5 of my demonias being sturdy as hell but I've known people who had their platforms detach after one or two wears

>> No.10639973

Anyone excited for the RR Memorandum collection comming out?Looks kinda frumpy, wonder if the construction will be as shit as before

>> No.10639980

Looks cute, I haven't been able to pick anything up from them since they always sell out before I can grab anything so I really doubt I'll be able to even peak at it.

>> No.10639988 [DELETED] 

How dare you say that! She's autistic and needs support!!!

>> No.10640003

Why the fuck do you care? Honestly anons can be so creepy with the stalking.

>> No.10640055

The thing is I feel R R Memorandum had the absolute ideal gap in the market but fucked it up by being so slow to start and stocking such low quantities, and now that indie market niche has pretty much been filled by Summer Tales Boutique

>> No.10640058

its cute but imo too expensive, also they need to get someone for their graphic design it's all so painfully obvious amateur made

>> No.10640077

I really want to support that brand, but from what I heard before and the kind of lack luster release they’ve just done (and how expensive it is) I really hope their next big release will be better. That one picture of the designs looked nice but if it’s more costly than the dress that just got released I dont think I can justify it

>> No.10640078

Yeah, if she'd have spent the last year focusing on making more of the "essential" skirt I'd have bought a couple by now, but instead it's printed tshirts and a tiny stock of ankle length dresses

>> No.10640100

Because it's weird and I don't want to support a scalper.

>> No.10640108

nayrt but then just don't buy from them?

>> No.10640116

she's a scalper? that's why it's so expensive already?

>> No.10640128

It's not even that crazy expensive, not pricing things dirt cheap isn't being a scalper anon.

>> No.10640247

I'm so sad I found such a lovely op but the waist is 64cm T.T
no I will not lose weight before anyone comes at me I am not fat, just regular

>> No.10640249

I had to return mine. My foot slid to the front so despite there being room in the back, it crushed my toes. I tried inserts and silicone pads and nothing worked.

>> No.10640253

I think you're talking about kera 01, since I have that same problem.

>> No.10640259

No, it was the Dollie 01, same one in the picture

>> No.10640286

she isn't a scalper, anon is just poor and/or speculating

>> No.10640288

get a shirring panel + bustle put in

>> No.10640313

Saw a post from someone on IG getting mad and telling people that they shouldn't bid on the meta babydoll because they want it... are people really like this? Sad.

>> No.10640374

Sellers remorse, I’ve done it once also. It’s weird having a dress, you think it looks bad, you sell it, and years later you feel like you can coord it better now so buy it again but can’t and then sell again

>> No.10640380

She's young and has that edgy old schooler vibe, maybe she'll grow up after a while.

>> No.10640453
File: 105 KB, 651x960, B1D1C295-B28C-4CE9-8CA8-577C4D6FB11D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would anyone be interested in a handmade scraggly GLB Usakumya, and if so what would you consider a reasonable asking price? I modified the pattern and made one for myself, it came out really nice. I enjoyed the process a lot and would love to make more, but just can't justify keeping them all and have no friends to pass them on to

>> No.10640462

>and if so what would you consider a reasonable asking price?
One sold for 90 a few days ago, I'd be willing to pay that personally if turns out cute.

>> No.10640465

A fair price would be usd ~$5-10 (depending on your skill) for every hour you spend making one +materials cost, but if you are looking to gain more substantial income then I think it would be too expensive for anyone to be interested in buying. Personally to buy one from an amateur/intermediate sewer I wouldn’t want to pay more than ~$80. Unless you are like a professional seamstress I wouldn’t consider making your price above what a normal kumya pochette costs used (~$100), because people would be more likely to just buy the brand one instead.

>> No.10640466 [DELETED] 

Oh, do you mind sharing where it sold? I'd like to see how it compares to the one I've made

>> No.10640472

Oh, do you mind sharing where it sold? I'd like to see how it compares to the one I've made, mine ended up looking fairly close to the original

Thanks for your input! That would put me at slightly above $80 given how costly the materials are. I do have a background in making and selling traditional artist bears as my primary source of income, which I feel puts me at a tiny bit of an advantage. Part of me thinks those looking to own the impossible to obtain oldest versions of Usakumya wouldn't substitute it for a brand new one, simply because it won't match this very specific early 2000s look, but I get where you're coming from! I think I'll just make another one and put it up on LM as a feeler auction

>> No.10640473

>Oh, do you mind sharing where it sold?
Sure! Here's the listing. I was wrong about the price though it actually sold for 106 pounds.

>> No.10640474

If it's really well made it might sell for at least USD100, especially if you have good photos of your stitching and detail shots.
Maybe list it at cost+ pay for time needed and see how it goes from there. Good luck!

>> No.10640480

Do you have the pattern? I wanna try making one for myself

>> No.10640493

It wasn’t really that long ago that she joined, those pics are from like 2014-2015. That one really isn’t the worst of the pics either. But yeah, everyone starts somewhere, and Ophelia reinvented her look like 1-2 years after these pics were taken.

>> No.10640494

If I was bidding on something and didn't want more competition the first thing I would do is post on my IG stories telling people not to bid, makes sense

>> No.10640497

I wouldn't. if people want it they will bid regardless. Just makes the person who said it look like they are throwing a tantrum imo.

>> No.10640499

She totally was

>> No.10640500

You're an idiot who just sounds like a whiney entitled child.
If anything, posting about it will let more people know it's up for sale. No one gives a shit if you want it.

>> No.10640509

>what is sarcasm

>> No.10640516

You should know how hard sarcasm is to pass off on the internet in text
People use /s for a reason

>> No.10640520

If you'd used an ounce of common sense it would be obvious in this case though

>> No.10640534

If you used an ounce of common sense you'd realize sarcasm doesn't carry well over text but I guess you're too stupid to figure that out

>> No.10640536

Sorry you can't see sarcasm when it slaps you across the face. I'm not even the one who made the original comment. Seethe harder.

>> No.10640541

It's funny how you're angry at other people for your own mistake kek.

>> No.10640546

2015 was 6 years ago anon

>> No.10640548

Why did you make me think about this

>> No.10640558

she joined in 2011 nonnie

>> No.10640559

who was it?

>> No.10640562

the bidder

>> No.10640564

yeah obviously, but what was their ig name

>> No.10640565

oh, her. yeah not surprising.

>> No.10640568

One has to lack self awareness to post something like that in the first place, she should put all the money that goes into supporting her shopping addiction towards therapy

>> No.10640581

She has a hot take about everything. It’s a shame, I generally really like her coords but her personality is just as fucked up as her teeth. Also surprising she keeps bidding on shit like this when she’s constantly crying about money.

>> No.10640594

>People use /s for a reason
Not here we fucking don't

>> No.10640605

CGL in a nutshell

>> No.10640609

>detecting sarcasm is very difficult for people on the autism spectrum disorder. many people are unable to ever learn and understand sarcasm naturally.

>> No.10640612 [DELETED] 


>> No.10640618

I've seen her bid on a ton of dresses I liked, all of them hella expensive too

>> No.10640685

Did any of you gulls manage to snatch that Meta's Bouquet Print OP that had popped up recently?

>> No.10640687

I can't believe I missed this it's my dd omg

>> No.10640697
File: 848 KB, 1079x1788, Screenshot_20210701-143600_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

RRM back at it again with the wonky seams. I've seen beginners who can sew straighter than this.

>> No.10640731

the current high bidder?

>> No.10640736
File: 42 KB, 960x714, FB_IMG_1624645717181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10640737

It's an auction, but I got no other answer yet for why she buys the same dress twice in a row just to sell it.

Are you new? Scalping is buying something cheap with the sole purpose of reselling.

>> No.10640741

I don't understand the obsession with that dress (and also the babydoll op upthread), they're ugly and always look awful on humans.

>> No.10640745

Wtf. I was looking at their site but now hard pass

Its the ugly-cute charm of oldschool anon

>> No.10640749


>> No.10640751

I'm sorry, anon. Didn't mean to sprinkle salt on your wounds.

>> No.10640758

I love the bouquet print ones but the babydoll I want to love, but it just looks off on everyone

>> No.10640762

Hard agree. I've seen it up for sale so many times and while it's on my lolibrary wishlist I don't think I'll ever bid on or buy it because it does just look off on everyone

>> No.10640822

I really like their stuff from what I have seen but haven't been able to get anything I wanted because it sold out so fast. I'd like to get the new skirt or op but it's overpriced for an amateur indie brand. Hope they put out more stuff that's a bit cheaper
I don't know most of summer tale's stuff is ugly to me

>> No.10640951

Anyone else think the sleeves on the Summer Tale's Nostalgia blouse are way too long? They look like monkey arms.

>> No.10640967

...No? What kind of ruffly monkeys have you been looking at recently.

>> No.10640975
File: 543 KB, 450x465, stb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me this isn't completely accurate, doofus. Also her head bows are a weird unflattering shape.

>> No.10640981
File: 587 KB, 660x504, stb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No shade I still prefer her over RRM abundantly. I just wish the sleeves were shorter.

>> No.10640985

Ntayrt but you have a very weird opinion
The sleeves are fine she's just a tall girl

>> No.10640986

She looks short, ≤5'1" imo.

>> No.10640993
File: 415 KB, 1080x1086, Screenshot_20210702-142237_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No it's not, you demented walnut. Looks alright on everyone else too, just ask her to shorten it if you're so pressed about it?

>> No.10640997

Some people just have slightly longer arms compared to the average human anon. Her arms are not absurdly monkey long either.
Get your head checked, that's the stupidest nitpick I've heard in a while.

>> No.10640998

Oo oo aa aa, bitch

>> No.10641001

i mean, I see what you are saying. but it is just the combination of her really thin arms and the fact that the sleeves ARE longer, so you can make them poof out.

>> No.10641002

Sorry I don't speak your language, cunt.

>> No.10641027

>are you new
No but you sure sound like a poorfag. Stop being so weirdly obsessed over someone who just buys the same dress twice. Unless you have evidence of her constantly buying and reselling for super inflated prices, it's not scalping if people sell their items for market prices. Cry harder.

>> No.10641029

I hope more people bid kek

>> No.10641449

I'm gonna lol.

>> No.10641556

I might throw my hat into the ring depending on the price. If what the other anon said about that person being an entitled complainer is true, I hope someone else gets it too, whether or not its me lmao

>> No.10641664

She's so going to have a weird vendetta against the person who wins kek. People take these things too personally like get a life C stop buying shit and sort your life out first.

>> No.10641683

>p-poorfag, stop critizising me/my friend!!1 c-cry harder!!
I'm not the one flipping lolita dresses because I don't have a proper income.
How is asking a simple question an obsession? And you still haven't answered why someone would buy and sell the same dress twice if it wasn't for scalping.

>> No.10641685

who the f is c

>> No.10641688

Nta but someone did >>10640374

>> No.10641698

I don't know the girl but I'm sick of poorfags like you that think you're entitled to cheap dresses and accuse random people of scalping. Nobody will know why she bought them twice, go ask her yourself if you're so pressed.
Also replying to multiple people asking this stupid question again and again seems pretty obsessed to me.

>> No.10641701

The whiny bint who's crying about people bidding on "her" dress duh.

>> No.10641718

You sound retarded, go buy the dress if you want it so bad instead of shit talking your friend online. You're a bad person.

>> No.10641740

she was not getting mad but quite obviously joking anon

>> No.10641755

She's not my friend lol, is she yours? Seeing that you're here WKing her it seems so.

>> No.10641758

Imo it wasn't "quite obviously joking" as you say. Not that anon, but I saw it too and it wasn't obviously a joke. Not saying that perhaps it was not a joke, but it sure wasn't obvious that it was not a serious post.

>> No.10641777

I have a good amount of cornet that i havent ever worn (bought secondhand). I guess now is the best time to put them on the market? Would there be interest?
I feel sad to see them go, but they also clutter up my closet.
I can put them on fine but i feel awkward in it.
I’m a classic/casual lolita. I like looking at my cornet because it’s so cute but idk i just need a final push to either wear it and not feel awkward or get rid of them

>> No.10641781

If you can't bring yourself to wear them out then it's better to sell them than just having them take up space for pieces you'd wear anon.
Think about it this way, if you sell them you can now hunt for pieces that are more your style that you'd actually wear.

>> No.10641785

Yes you are right. I’m not some fashion catalogue historian. And clothes should be worn! I will keep one or two but the rest got to go. I have been eyeing leur getter anyway
I will start taking pictures and putting them on lm. When you see a lot of cornet on lm, that’s me

>> No.10641789

What's your dream dream dresses anon?

>> No.10641795

>Would there be interest?

>> No.10641802

for how much are you going to put them on if I may ask? like the price range? (so I can keep that in mind this month haha)

>> No.10641807

Where was it sold? I keep an eye on most selling places but I didn't see it

>> No.10641828

Did you reply to the wrong anon there?
Good luck with your sales nonnie! Old school has been pretty popular recently so you might be able to clear them quite fast.

>> No.10641869

Do you happen to have the cornet velvet heart apron skirt? It is my ultimate dream dress but I literally never see it up.

>> No.10641890


I’m gonna throw them up for auction starting at like $70 and then see what happens! They will start going up on lm probably today

Thank u nonny! Yes i def overpaid a lot for some of them because i love cornet. but i’m sure i can break even at least. And i will keep one piece that is my first lolita op

No i only have cornet jsk and op, sorry nonny ;_; I hope u find soon!

>> No.10641948

Oh, I didn't see that. But yeah, that doesn't really make sense if she already said she didn't fit into it the first time and off topic, but do people really do that? Rebuying dresses because something about your coording changed?

Brah the only one being pressed is you, still throwing around lazy ad hominems, twisting & exaggerating words and being ridiculously defensive over a simple question about the behaviour of someone you supposedly don't know. You literally yell "i-i don't know just ask her yourself okay???" over the most obvious answer.

>> No.10641953

oh I'm so sad because I am rich and can afford expensive dresses, and everyone on cgl keeps on whining about being the lower and/or working class

>> No.10641978
File: 47 KB, 1620x208, Screen shot 2021-07-03 at 23.19.24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone know what the bin price was? I'm very curious now

>> No.10642005

Has it been sold on another site?

>> No.10642041

Cornet is going for insane prices (except their... weaker pieces, but those still sell). Right now is the best time to sell, the market is a total mess. Im in the same boat, not sure if I wanna sell, but it's such a good time to.

>> No.10642109

People have been giving you possible reasons and yet you keep trying to imply that she's scalping. Get help anon.

>> No.10642113

>I'm so sad
I'm not sad anon, I'm tired of entitled dumbasses who whine everytime something goes for higher than retail. If I can't afford a dress I just don't buy it instead of trying to accuse people of being scalpers.

>> No.10642116

Hahahahah I guess whiny chan didn't get it then. It's kind of shady to suddenly close the auction without letting people finish bidding though. I wonder how crazy the BIN ended up being that she just closed it like that.

>> No.10642117

anyone know when they may rerelease this

>> No.10642129

What are you talking about they're already accepting preorders now? If you're asking about when they'll send out the orders it's in September

>> No.10642249

Uh, isnt this against LM rules

>> No.10642279

Pretty sure it is

>> No.10642284

That's certainly suspicious...I was about to bid on it so I'm happy someone posted this.

>> No.10642291

what does that even mean? I thought it meant that the highest bidder bid so high that it's above the bin, but some of you are saying it means she sold it somewhere else??

>> No.10642316

there was no BIN price on the dress, it was auction only. So I have no idea wtf the stupid seller is on. Chances are she sold it elsewhere or to a friend or maybe someone messaged her with an offer and she went for it. but imo that is a shit move on the sellers part, especially as she had people bidding on it already.

>> No.10642337

fuck, I literally almost put in a bit then saw this... Looks like it is back to work for me in trying to get my last dream dress. urghhh. was prepared to pay, too.

>> No.10642338

Hope the bidders leave neg feedback on it.

Kinda tempted to place a bid to see how high people were bidding for, so I know what to have on hand in case it shows up again.

>> No.10642346

past recent listings had it for like 400-450 i think, there was one on mercari that was a little less, i think around 33000 yen maybe

>> No.10642414

This pisses me off so bad. Don’t auction if you’re going to kill the auction- I was planning on bidding closer to the end and was going to drop a couple hundred more than what it’s sitting at.

>> No.10642525

no I want to know what that anon's DDs are, so I can look out for them and sell them to her

>> No.10642528

lmao that wasn't even their point, it was buying shit exclusively to resell it which is what actual poor people do

>> No.10642589

RRM update:
The art isn't terrible but the purple colorway looks like a cheap Putumayo replica. I hate print on demand shirts, they're not lolita and don't belong in a coordinate.

>> No.10642597

I wish they'd do prints on actual cutsews rather than t-shirts

>> No.10642598

Picrel, it's one thing to be inspired by their design but directly copying without even mentioning the inspiration is shitty behavior.

>> No.10642612

This one's much prettier, rrm design is... interesting? they decided to just mirror the whole face of the girl. Including the eyes which makes her look weird because they didn't bother to change the eye sparkle
Plus the pupil/iris placement is mirrored and now she looks the opposite of cross eyed

Also it's very obviously made in illustrator, sorry but that's a no go especially when drawing something for lolita

>> No.10642675

This looks so shitty.

>> No.10642679


hideous western art style is hideous. yuck. at least the OG RRM shirts looked cute in a charming amateur way, these just look bad.

>> No.10642733

Kek assuming you can find old Moitie pieces and/or even afford them. Most of my DDs are sorted so you're out of luck there you crazy bitch.

>> No.10642734

Unless the seller has been constantly doing that, buying and selling the same dress twice isn't really a basis to insist on calling them a scalper or flipper.
Anyways the seller threw the auction so she's an idiot, I hope she gets a warning/banned from LM.

>> No.10642877

Why don't they hire a proper artist? I'm sure there's a decent market for lolita print T-shirts, but this crap ain't it.

>> No.10642902

K, I know you check this thread, so please please *please* focus on actual lolita items. Skirts, simple accessories, capes/ capelets etc. I class you as a friend but I know you'd be hurt if I said this to your face, but I really want you to do the best job you can.

>> No.10642904

this doesn't ... look good
I agree with >>10642902

>> No.10642926

I really like the owner of this shop, she is cute and has cute ideas and things, but this printing vagely lolita eque shit on normie t shirts and hoodies (why not actual cutsews???? makes a lot more sense) is horrible. This is the worst thing I have seen. I would prefer they focus on accessories and skirts and gain skill in creating lolita things rather than these ugly things. The art isnt even cute. At least when they did the stuff with the RR Memorandum logo it actually looked like something lolita... this just looks like a lolita at heart's drawing of what she thinks a lolita is before she even knows what lolita is.

>> No.10643056

someone put this in the secondhand market thread but damn

>> No.10643092

I think it's been linked in the past in either an old handmade lolita or oldschool thread, if you check the archive you might find it

>> No.10643208

Alright, gonna look out for them, see ya on LM, hope your not just all talk about those stacks.

>> No.10643292

Kek good luck anon, you'd be fighting with the crazy rich moitie bitches like Tamie too. I better see you out there bidding, put your stacks where your mouth is you dumb cunt.

>> No.10643870

what happend to it, its empty?!

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