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Contest edition.

With everybody finally getting their damn vaccinations, and with the world slowly opening back up from the plague, it's time to start plotting for social diversion.

In effort to get them all rolling, I want you to post a picture of what you have planned for your next excursion.

Got new coord ready to go or in progress?

Planning for lawn games like graces or croquet?

Trying a new recipe to share with friends?

Practicing your fencing for a duel to the death with someone who called you ita?

Post it all here!

Rules are simple: simply post a picture of your new recipe/coord/tea set whatever with a timestamp, or post your favorite pictures of the last tea party or picnic you attended. Also be sure to send a copy to my email at screwloosecircus at gmail dot com. A winner will be selected on June 30th, and will win a new copy of Laura Martin's "A History of Tea" and some other posh goodies.

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This is so nice. Cool initiative OP! (I'm not being naive and this is a real thing right?)

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>everybody finally getting their damn vaccinations
>tfw you're in asia and your country still hasn't rolled out vaccinations properly

Also please don't namefag especially with such a cringey name.

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>tfw you're in latin america and chaos is the new stability
I feel your pain

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Found the tourist. Welcome newfag.

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100% real. Feel free to dig through the archives for other contests I have held.

Oh anon, sweetie...

Everyone starts somewhere. They will learn eventually.

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Seems kinda samefaggy.

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Nah, I'm >>10629679 and >>10629671

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gropey is still trash though.

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Except not? Gropes is one of the only decent oldfags here.

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Sure Jan. No one liked namefags even back in the day so don't try to feed me that bullshit.

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At least they are doing something different instead of adding randons to the ita thread or posting "hot" takes kek

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>Doesn't know Gropey or /cgl/board culture
You can be as wrong as you want as loud as you want but are still an obvious newfag.

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omfg >>10629677 was already cringey enough, but >>10629706 just takes the newfaggery to a whole new level

I'm glad you've stuck around despite this happening every time you post, Gropey

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There's only six posters in this thread. Smells like a circlejerk.

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You don't have to participate, anon. It's ok.

Don't sweat it. Some people just like to make fools of themselves.

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Check the IPs. The anticlown anon is posting the most.

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You're right. I checked their IP. They're a jelly hater.

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How do you even do that?

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nayrt but search for "4chan tricks"

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bless you, gropey.

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burn the clown and his field of edible flowers

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I am about to move, but once that is over this sounds fun. I'll try to put something together.

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I've seen a handful of outdoor lolita meet vlogs and it makes me hella jealous for working a 9 to 5 and missing daylight in general

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I don't have any pics, but I made seitan and I was thinking about trying to make some tasty things for vegans. For the next picnic, I was thinking of doing a sandwich station.

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I highly recommend vegan cucumber or chickpea salad sandwiches with a lot of colorful veggies for ones that feel like tea sandwiches and will look nice and pretty when cut diagonal.

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There's an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that you literally just download.

Honk honk

Make it happen! I'd love to see!

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I love tea sandwiches, but they're so much last minute prep I think they're easier for smaller groups. I was thinking more like bringing proteins, toppings, and some spreads. That way, whatever your dietary needs or tastes, you can have something. Things like onion jam, roasted tomatoes, grilled chicken or pork, grilled veggies, etc.

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>There's an add-on for Firefox and Chrome that you literally just download.
I learned something today.

Pic isn't mine but fits the thread. Thanks Gropey.

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They look delicious! What a cute idea :)

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This is adorable and very portable if you were to close the envelope

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that would just be a regular danish you fucking retard.

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But with a cute heart. You would want the filling to not get all over the place if you were packing for a picnic.

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It looks like a pie crust, not puff pastry. Would hardly call a hand/mini pie a danish. The point of the envelope is that it looks cutesy, and the main thing doing that is the heart cutout on it, not whether it's special or unique in any other way.

Take your unnecessary negativity elsewhere or share some fun recipes or other on topic stuff rather than whining.

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it is pie crust, and it's really easy to make. i want to make some now!


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the topic is retarded.

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You're retarded for not hiding the thread.

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As are you, new friend.

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>his field of edible flowers
I typically wouldn't respond to souphitposts but I need some explantation of this.

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probs has to do with tea (edible flowers, the op)

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Sounds like something a retard would say.

Post cakes.

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This is such a cute idea! Do illustrations count? I've been meaning to make a washi tape themed around teas and tea sets, could send the layered PSD as proof that it's my art whenever I'm done with it.

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fuck off

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In my country the pandemic is virtually over. But there's no community to meet up with and I'm too old and busy to gather people.
Lonelita life

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I’m vaccinated and desperate to have a meetup. I haven’t had one since last April. My garden is doing great this year and I’d love to make some candied violets with what I’ve grown and make some fancy baked goods. Even if it’s just a handful of people, I want to chill with people in person again.

>Pic related, one of my violet beds plus some shit I might wear to a garden tea party if I ever get around to hosting one.

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Beautiful flowers. Also love your necklace, where'd you buy it?

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It’s from AatP. I bought it a while ago so I don’t think it’s in stock anymore, but they re-release similar necklace fairly often.

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Thanks, I'll keep that one in mind when I try to make a fancy coord

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Vegan carrot cake is super easy to make and might be a nice dessert. I can toss down a favored recipe if you want

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i'd like to see it if you have the time, anon.

I'm a lonelita, but this time of year i find myself wanting a com, just so i have throw a tea party.

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Really? I have always found tea sandwiches super easy to prep and portable for events. Cucumber, watercress, and chicken salad are my go-tos.

You're welcome, and those look DELIGHTFUL.

Why so hostile?

Looks like I missed some fun.

A while back, my backyard had a huge bloom of wild violets, and I made a bunch of syrup and candied flowers for work treats.


Sure, why not?

Which country, if I may ask?

I dig it.

Try looking up Georgian and regency societies. There is a lot of cross over, and if you have it ok'd first, most welcome the egl crowd in coord.

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how can you eat tea sandwhiches after the moldy cream cheese story

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>the moldy cream cheese story
I am afraid to ask but must know.

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In the lolita confession thread

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if you can't see or taste a difference it's fine, i eat worse than that all the time
t. issues with "wasting" food

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>Which country, if I may ask?
Romania lol

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I wonder if we are in the same country. Basically no pandemic for me too and I’m also an old lonelita

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Well, you tell me >>10631399

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