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I have great news! My father died and I am a only child and I just cashed out my inheritance! I am not american but it would be something close to $600000 USD. I finally have more than enough for the disposable income to be a lolita, without any need to worry.

So far I am sure about those two pieces.
Can you help me to do my coord? We can go wild!

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Black, of course, to celebrate.

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Yeah, you are totally not a troll

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Im really not. Dont you like Alice and the Pirates?

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Are you okay? tf

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Why are you all being so dramatic? Why cant you be happy for me? 4chan is so toxic.

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>celebrating a family member's death because money go brrrrrr
Actual psychopath energy.

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Currently I dont have anything to match those two pieces. I still need a petticoat, shoes, socks, necklaces, and all the rest.

Please give me nice suggestions! <3

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So you would be happy if I was crying and all sad? Go fuck yourself, you are the real psychopath.

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So, was your dad abusive?

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Can you stop derailing the post? cgl is already full of man-hating broads regardless. This is not relevant.

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So, you are a scrote. Go fuck yourself, then

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Werent you the crazy lesbian getting dragged by a bunch of gay guys for trying to say you can harass woman because you have a cunt or something like that, and that it is okay because you were raped yourself? Can you take this out of my post?

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I'll bite.

For one, get a nice petticoat since you mentioned you don't have one. Ones from Aurora & Ariel are nice though I don't think they carry bell-shaped ones.
I can't make out the details on your dress very well but I think those are florals? Might be nice to bring that motif down to the legwear like these rococo rose otks from IW.
If you're going with those chains (not a fan of them but hey maybe you have hair that works with it, or will wear a wig with it), get either pearl or golden jewelry for your neck. Maybe for your waist too.
An elegant black pair of heels would be nice.

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> Saying a literal anonymous is not relevant

Had to be a cunt.

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Not a gr8 b8 m8

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Also, coord help thread is here >>10619322
Can't help you with your psychopathy though

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Hiiii! Finally someone useful!

I dont want fights and judgmental jerks.

Yes, the dress is full of flowers, some greyish ones so I dont think the socks would clash, About the Petticoat, I am little scared, how big do you think it has to be (length-wise) compared to the dress?

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Dress length - 2 inches = petti length

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Thank you so much!

The dress that I want would be the Victorian Tear Bottle Jumperskirt , the lenght is 96cm!

I am going to look for a 94cm petticoat at "Aurora and Ariel" now!

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Dont be mean to me!

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No, in cm it's going to be 5 cm, so you need ≈90cm petti

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Sorry! I completly overlooked the inch/cm thing. Thank you so much again, you are awesome! I hope your father dies and you recieve a lot of money too very soon!

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Curse your tongue!

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Why are you all so rude? If your parents died you should be happy, after all they didnt do a good job raising you. So mean!

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Bad troll, not funny

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I hope your mother dies too soon so you can get even more money

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Thank you! I thought about that!

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Why do you think I am a troll? Just because I dont pretend to be sad at 4chan? Ah, please!

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I wish you die while wearing your first coord and become a pretty ghost

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This actually sounds quite aesthetic pleasing.

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Best thread!

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the dream tbqdesu

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good for you anon

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I am losing my shit

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Why is this so funny

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