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Would the men of /cgl/ attend a male only con? Discuss how it would go, what you would hope for out of it. There would be no women around at all.

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I'll get you started with some cosplay

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lmaooo nice one anon

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idk sounds pretty gay

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Would be full of traps/trannies

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Is that bad?

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Would be impossible.

All the roasties would bitch and whine and want to be here and claim theyre nin binary males. Femoids have an affinity to ruining anyone having a good time.

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I choose not to look up all these terms (moids, terfs, femoids etc.) cause if you know what they mean they'll win

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I'd expect the horny men looking for cosplay babes would go after any twinks available.

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I agree we need more men who aren't ashamed of their bodies. Women can't appreciate a good physique anyway like men can.

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100 fucking percent, yes. It would be amazing.

something like this would most likely happen, despite the incel-speak.

I want a male-only con so, so fucking bad, though. It would SOLVE EVERYTHING.

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Looking forward to the upskirt shots.

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As a photographer I would appreciate the chance of spending a weekend capturing the beauty of the male form. Whether it's the massive sick gains of baras or slender form of thinks and femboys, men should be celebrated. For we are a brotherhood. A brotherhood of men.

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It would actually be great for all the chromosoids to have their own con. Maybe they'd stop bothering us then

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Ancient Greece called they want their ideal of beauty back.

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This. I would love for men to have their own convention then they could stop crying about a woman-only convention.

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Isn't the issue that a shitload of men aren't fit? I mean everyone being posted is fit even if they have muscles.

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If those creeps dont even have luck with the average femslob at cons, twinks would be utterly disgusted by them.

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>Would the men of /cgl/ attend a male only con?
I feel skeptical, like this would be motivated by MRA/incel/partisan focused dudes, like the "schizo"'s on /tv/ /v/ and /co/. That and I feel like not alot of cool male cosplay fans like OP's pic are like that

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Femoids cant even stay out of our topics. Good luck with them not bitching about "muh misogyny" when the boys just wanna hang out.

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>Femoids cant even stay out of our topics.

Kek this entire thread is containment for the dudes who were shitting up the female only thread.

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No, because I'm not gay.

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sounds pretty gay to me

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>Femoids come in to say they support a male-only con, even pleased by the idea
>He still gets pissed and offended by it.
>Meanwhile male anons go to the female only con thread to post how offended they are about women, why they suck, and want entry anyway for sex
As expected.

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only one thing ruining it turbo homosex dudes, hell no I don't wanna be close to them, disgusting faggots

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>and want entry anyway for sex
absolutely based

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What would the panels be like?

>how to get out of the friend zone
>hentai movie night
>so you're at the gym and you fantasize about buff men (12 signs that you might be gay)
>mgtow - the panel

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Monster girl discussion roundtable.

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Horsepussy is stupid and anyone who likes horsepussy is stupid. Birbs are the best.

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I've basically been to one, a niche sci-fi con that was 99% male. It was pretty fun, everybody just got drunk and nerded out about spaceships and stuff because they weren't preoccupied with chasing tail and trying to look cool. idk what an all male anime or comic con would be like though, probably a lot worse.

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Immense cope

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An all male con is doomed to fail because men only go to try and fuck desperate 6/10s

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I imagine after getting rid of coomers, it'd be more like:

>Form-checking 101: with Buff Cirno
>The Platonic Ideal of a Magical Girl
>Yuru Camp's Interior Semiotics
>How to get started with Woodworking, via Honey and Clover
>An overview of French sauce-making in Food Wars, with special guest, Jacques Pepin

With women (specifically fujos), you get retarded panels about the latest otome game, character Q&As, ranking best boys/girls in high school superpower manga #1851, gay ass fucking larping, and making yet another shitty, eyesore itabag

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The problem is most weebs are coomers; those are the retards desperate for the aforementioned 6/10 con slut pussy anyway.

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The women's con thread is mostly just fun ideas and fantasies and this one can't help wasting energy reeing about women. Just have fun, don't worry too much about people who annoy you other than avoiding them.

Those ideas sound cool, people would likely enjoy them. Consider investing in a coomer containment area the same as the girls are thinking for crusty fujos. That way they don't slime up the main event with their sweat covered unwashed auras.

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Literally the gayest thing I've ever fucking heard.

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Also, I'm gay if that matters.

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>hey anon glad you could make it, take your shirt off and let's party

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>our topics
>on a mainly female board

there are no male topics here, silly

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A male only con (or wharever other thing) would be called ¨SexHisT¨ inmediately an cancelled on Twitter..

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Have you seen most men at cons?

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If we don't have panels about proper deadlifting form and optimal AR builds I am going to boycott this con so hard but still attend anyway.

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How did it smell?

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Bro, yes. I would love it. A con with only cute 2D girls and some femboys, everyone else neckbeards, gamers or baras.
No femoids agitating the simps, a chance for male cosplay to be appreciated and be focused on, just a buncha geeky bros.
Sure, there will be gays and femboy-lovers, but I still think this could be fun. Imho we should welcome the Aydens too, ftms are based

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C'mon bro, most of them are aight.
I know maybe like one autoandrophile fujoshit who transitioned, but most of them seem fine

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This is a men only convention. Why the fuck would I want fake men walking around?

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You're fag, Harry.

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For too long men! FOR TOO LONG have these vile, bleeding crotched attention whores been invading OUR hobby!

Who among you remembers a time when the con was fun, not full of sluts trying to one up eachother for instagram fame? Where us men could loosen our ties and celebrate our fandom without being called simps on moids...

we must no allow ourselves to be driven off by the female plague any longer!

MaleCon will happen and it WILL be better than FemaleCon. Let us take back what is rightly ours brothers!!!!

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Yeah yeah!

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You'd see a lot of /o/ related panels as well.
>JDM vs domestic
>Initial D: You can't afford the cars in it now

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This sounds awesome desu like we could have actually interesting panels. Gunsmithing, maker content in general. maybe a deadlifting and slapping tournament. It would smell so fucking bad and i'm absolutely here for it.

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>It would smell so fucking bad and i'm absolutely here for it.
maybe a bad smell contest? sounds amazing

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I would go but you know anything make only would never be allowed, it’s illegal to discriminate on gender and have male only facilities, shops, events, etc. Unless it’s female only, like female only gyms for example.

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>MaleCon will happen and it WILL be better than FemaleCon
That’s not exactly a high bar. FemaleCon would probably be DashCon 2.0. I’d love to watch a Female only con from a distance, no men involved at all, no male organisers, no male guests, no male staff, etc.

If you ever watched female segregated survivor, or that female only company, there are so many examples of shit like that going extremely “well” (from my point of view kek).

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>there are so many examples of shit like that going extremely “well” (from my point of view kek).
give examples, seems fap worthy, no never watched any of those shows

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It would quite literally be the greatest con of all time

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Like I said earlier, we have female run and female majority cons (such as Paradiso). They're pretty fun and run without issues. You thinking reality TV is the pinnacle of female organization isn't surprising though, since scrotes like you don't interact with women in real life, you've only been able to watch them through a screen. Oop.

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Probably escaped most zoomies attentions, anything female only is usually pretty amazing


I think this is one of them

I know a foreign language version did it years ago and put women on one island and they had to send one or two guys to their side so they didn’t die kek. The guys that were sent were happy at first but then absolutely hated it after just 1 day.

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Get out of here crotch bleeders you have your own thread

>> No.10632850

that would be incredible
there'd be even MORE sex than at a regular con too

>> No.10632851

>defining a mans value by his level of interaction with women
>associating a male body part as bad and using it as an insult
Go be trash somewhere else, nobody here cares about your shit opinions

>> No.10632852

Check the article first kek

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Honestly, this thread is a male dominated space, I think you should fuck off. Find someone else to poke your cervix

>> No.10632907

Why do crotch-bleeders fail to realize that we don't give a shit about their stupid evaluations of us, especially based on our interaction with them.
Damn they're so stupid to believe we wear jfashion and cosplay just for their eyes.
Uhm, no, stupid. The world doesn't revolve around you, crotch-bleeder

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Male cosplayers are the best cosplayers

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more and more normies come every year, its no longer just smelly fat neckbeards going to cons

>> No.10632945

the sex would be better too
women just can't compete in any way

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Most men are fine, if anything you should be talking about the hell that is the gaming hall for where the stereotypical tubs of lard went. Most cons are filled with semi looking normal people who are 4-6/10 with some rare cases out there. Gaming hall is where everything goes to absolute shit, BO mixed with AXE showers, obese to the point of wondering how their legs don't give under the own weight, the real creeps from the con reside.

Unless you're going to some weird small hick con where everyone is already odd, you can't tell me that cons for the most part have been largely normal. Gaming room/hall is where the tone shifts into the cgl horror stories levels

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aw jeez this is getting gay

>> No.10632986

it was always gay, for some reason the only men who want to be exclusively around other dudes are gay, unshowered, or both. except me.

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Reddit moment.

>> No.10633367 [DELETED] 

But men literally define themselves by their interaction with men all the time especially on 4chan.

Men are literally obsessed with women, whether it be in a negative or positive sense just because women hold the keys to reproduction and sex.

>> No.10633612

Nowhere near as bad as you'd expect, most of the people in this particular fanbase, or at least the ones who showed up at the con, seemed to be relatively well-adjusted and normal by nerd standards.

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>Initial D: You can't afford the cars in it now

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Yes i would infiltrate their holiest sanctuary and eavesdrop

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Only fags would. I like my cons filled with girls.

>> No.10634038

I would go and test my crossplaying skills

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Sounds like a good way to get a dollop of white stuff on your head.

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the boys are too busy raising the male suicide rate which you should raise too.

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A male con could exist only if you allow ftms if not then it will never happen because of transphobia. Keep dreaming until then. Ftms are based

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Its so funny how moids cant even talk about male cons without being triggered by women. I hope you get raped

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Kys moids. You have no value in life and you will always be used and seen as an afterthought.

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Hey thats not a bad idea. If you get kicked out or refused entry you know you pass and can get into the women's con.

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Ftms will be at male cons and moids will seethe.

>> No.10634151

ftm's are turbo manlets and we'll spot them a mile away

>> No.10634157

Let the kids have their sandbox to play in, we have our own thread.

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I hate gender segregation and sexism, so I really wouldn't want to support such an idea. There is a slight chance that I'd go, especially if there was a female only con the same day, but I really hate the idea of such conventions.
If gender segregation became the norm maybe it'd push me out of the hobby altogether.

>> No.10634248

I would go every year until gays ruined it.

>> No.10634250

So...you wouldn't go at all because an all male con will just be gay dudes based on the responses itt. Men can't stand being alone with each other apparently.

>> No.10634281

Hello guys! Sorry to poke into your boys-only club but I just wanted to slip in and remind you that it's currently Men's Health Awareness week. You remembered right?


>> No.10634287

I'm going to do this for a Freemasons meeting too
Wish me luck

>> No.10634290

isn't the whole point the con for male cgl posters to attend? This is barely related other than the magical girl panel.

>> No.10634301

A true cgl meetup would be called going to a bar, since the only people willing to show up would be people who don't care about cooming or orbiting thots. So the post is accurate from what I can tell

>> No.10634321

Imagine the stench....
... of actual well groomed and clean male cosplayers compared to a f*male only con

>> No.10634332

as a male and as a solid 9/10 I must disagree us true men have a secret gay orgy in the backroom at most cons you just aren't invited

>> No.10634364

I'd workout everyday just to enjoy it with my crossplay bros.

>> No.10634395

Sounds based and fun
Where can I sign?


>> No.10634840

Oh no they wouldn't apart from a few retards. What planet are you on man?

Besides, our natural blokeishness - even the most effeminate gay guys have it - the tendency to make vulgar jokes and laugh at farts, will do the gatekeeping for us.


That'll keep out all the girls except the British babes who are all ladettes and the Aussie Sheilas that sound like men when you hear them open their mouth from half a mile away (with the guys it's more 3/4 mile, hard to tell...).

Proper birds. And they're like that regardless of identified gender, or sexuality, or politics (because they aren't alt right weirdoes or radical TERFtards who expect help from men while calling former men shit). Do you Yanks some good. Get you some humour.

>> No.10634841

But then there would be temptation to get the girls in because of the actual MGTOW incels being buzzkill and calling crossdressing shit and trying to troll, in order to counteract it.

You'd need a very manly, single rule, pragmatic and straightforward. None of this 'inciting hate is not allowed, no symbols that can be seen as offensive, no edgy jokes.' Just one rule:


There, sorted.

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Sure, I think it would be fun it'd probably be easier to make friends because I wouldn't have to deal with desperate dudes all trying desperately to impress one girl at the same time. It would never happen because it would be deemed an incel con and sexist and all the "feminist men" would dick ride the women who oppose it anyway so it would be shut down.

>> No.10634881

What if we had a single con but it was segregated into a male and female side with a Berlin Wall type division down the center, armed guards included.

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I demand it be held next to a monster truck rally

>> No.10634902

Female side would be the east germany for sure

>> No.10634913

Why don’t we just light it on fire and watch the weebs scramble

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It would just be guys like these everywhere.

>> No.10634955

What's the problem?

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>Would the men of /cgl/ attend a male only con?
Yes, though it sounds dumb to attend a con that restrict who can enter based on gender. But I'm assuming the tone of the question is more like "would you still go to cons without girls in it".
>Discuss how it would go, what you would hope for out of it.
Videogame panels, karaoke, nice art to buy, cute traps

>> No.10635040

very wholesome m8

>> No.10635041

>hentai movie night
that's pretty based

>> No.10635042

I don't have an issue as long as they aren't bitchy

>> No.10635043


>> No.10635156

female side would be boring and they'd get mad they wouldn't be able to join the fun side which the males had to themselves.

>> No.10635164

Men literally think women just stare at the wall when they aren't around..

>> No.10635167

Because that's what men do. That or go off earning Darwin awards. The non gay ones can't stand not being around women so much they're trying to neg women into wanting to come to their stench fest of a sausage party by shit talking and claiming women will be foaming at the mouth to be let in.

At least gay dudes who hate women have a leg to stand on because they aren't so desperate to fuck and be around women constantly the way the straight ones who ree about them are.

>> No.10635169

It would be holesome and pure

>> No.10635365

I can smell your beef flaps from here. Take a shower.

>> No.10635367

FTMs should stay away they will most likely get raped

>> No.10635495

If it was only straight men, I would go. I could be sure everyone there gave a shit and no one was just attention whoring. In reality, a male only con would be full of faggots, which have the same problems as women. I think I'll pass.

>> No.10635580

99.2% of FTM transitioned because they're fujoshi, living out the hardcore BL smut is their fantasy

>> No.10635603

Yikes, go back to /pol/

>> No.10635612 [DELETED] 

Of course not. They just complain about men and contemplate suicide.

See lolcow.

>> No.10635614 [DELETED] 

>That or go off earning Darwin awards.
Fields Medals and Nobel Prizes*

Rest is true, though.

>> No.10636103

probably would be a lot of twinks, femboys and traps trying to get fucked so...Yes!

>> No.10636113

men have no theory of mind for women and their tendency of seeing their opinions as factual observations of the world just makes them sexist as fuck, even most of the ones who think they aren't. i doubt most women would think anything of a male only con other than the fact that it would be blatantly named. lots of older cons/nerd events were already nearly 100% men and the women who attended had to fall into line as >>10634840 described (despite not seeing it as a fucking bad thing and believing it's "natural" lmao) to socially fit in.

>> No.10636116

reminder that men were not allowed to have a men only showing of wolverine and then women whined when they didnt get to have an all female viewing of wonderwoman

>> No.10636137

First I've heard of either of these, sauce? Googling doesn't seem to pull up any articles about this. Usually the reason women are separated is to protect women from men or because men believed they shouldn't be part of whatever be it law, medical testing, or hobbies.

>> No.10636146 [DELETED] 

>lots of older cons/nerd events were already nearly 100% men and the women who attended had to fall into line as >>10634840 described
god why do all good things have to disintegrate

>> No.10636159

we can self isolate to protect women. yeah.

>> No.10636163

it was years ago. when the movies were fresher

>> No.10636164


>> No.10636348

most cons are practically 90% men

>> No.10636381

This isn't the 90s anymore, the last con I went to in early 2019 was half women if not majority women

>> No.10636558

Different anon here, I can't find any records of a men only Wolverine screening or such a thing ever being suggested in the general. However, there was a Wonder Woman women only screening that actually happened, which doesn't line up with what that anon said either. Said event was later found to be illegal.

>> No.10636566

>everyone saying an all male con would be gay or fail.
>No one remembering how amazing and fun cons where pre 2010 when they where still male dominated.
>Everyone broing out and having fun.
>Everyone being able to do offensive cosplays like dressing up as Hitler without people screaming in fear because they are to stupid to understand jokes.
>pannels are actually about the hobby.
>ACtiviley making fun and shutting out any fagot who tries to brings politics in to the hobby.
>No one giving a shit about race, color, sexuality, all there just to have fun and be bros.
>On the rare occasion a girl did attened no one gave a shit and didn't creepily hit on them the entire time.

>> No.10636574

An all male con isnt hard to imagine.

Just go to any Card Game store at the end of the work week then magnify that by 100.

>> No.10636579

Also, the more niche the theme of a gathering, the less chance of attracting female attention.

Maybe say.....a bottleship making or ironworking convention

>> No.10636586

So male anon trying to twist the facts to suit his own narrative and make men the victim. Checks out.

>> No.10636607

Not true, I've seen 12 year old girls playing in Magic and Yu Gi Oh tournaments regularly at my local card game stores, and I go to watch as I used to play Yu Gi Oh with my older brother who passed away and it's quite nostalgic for me. Plus exciting seeing how the game changes over time since it's been almost 20 years since I first started as a little kid and almost 10 since I last played as a teen

>> No.10636617

if the demographics just naturally end up that way why not. but one specifically organized with it's selling point to be male only seems like it would attract people with a political agenda

>Is that bad?
only for my self esteem when it makes me feel ugly as sin

>> No.10636669

>only for my self esteem when it makes me feel ugly as sin
Then do something about it.

>> No.10636676

i tried. i look better now but i still look nothing like what i want to look like

>> No.10636686

Keep going, it's lifelong process.

>> No.10636702

Model railroading. The only women who go to those those meetups are with their husbands.

>> No.10637136

Let's take a peek into how men act together.


>> No.10637592
File: 2.52 MB, 3024x3525, BD56A1BE-71E1-429D-8F7A-C98781FB9FCF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>12 year old girls playing yugioh

a future fujo

>> No.10637595

Drag culture is a straight female magnet nowadays

>> No.10637782

Not sure how you're connecting the two. I played it from ages 5-16 and am definitely not a fujo.

>> No.10637798

Doesn't matter. It's a medium created by men, for men and shows they're just as catty and bitchy with each other.

>> No.10637964

Those are mentally ill men specifically trying to act like stereotypical women though. Not exactly a representation of what normal men act like in male-dominated environments.

My experience when I went to Star Citizen's convention a few years ago, an event that was like 99% male, was that there was very little drama or confrontation of any sort and mostly we all just hung around drinking beers and talking about the event, the game, and some generic stuff like our careers, cars, guns, and other stereotypical "guy stuff." (Except sports, probably because everybody there was way too much of a nerd to be into them, plus everybody knows that's a great way to start drama.)

>> No.10637972

drag queens aren't trans though if that's what you mean by mentally ill, or do you consider all gay men or men who do drag mentally ill? cause drag queens aren't even all gay (a large majority prolly but not all). you could argue all the catty women who fit stereotypes are just mentally ill or not very smart too, since most women aren't constantly getting into fights and hair pulling or shit talking each other, only one subset.

>> No.10638009

I was talking about those specific drag queens in that video. Normal mentally stable people don't act the way they're acting there.

>> No.10638024

I mean they cant even stay out of a thread

>> No.10638111

>Normal mentally stable people don't act the way they're acting there
Because they are acting/performing

>> No.10638622

more like tranny board

>> No.10639606
File: 112 KB, 479x799, tumblr_nsu4gbv0L81tnqraao1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only females at this con are prostitutes

>> No.10641773


>> No.10641827

weird edit

>> No.10641878

Cons back in the 90s were pretty much 80% guys so it's kinda similar to what op is talking about.

>> No.10642004

I don't want to sound like im bashing women, but they tend to ruin our shit. The first victims was comics, gayming, and sports. Idgaf about the 2 former but when you messing with football/soccer/f1 thats crossing the line. They seethe our brains get a kick out of simple shit. So they come in and ruin it for the rest. So an all sausage fest would probably not fly anon.

>> No.10642042

Normal or not, a man is still a man. Learn to accept your people and maybe they won't turn out awful.

>> No.10642053
File: 45 KB, 517x622, CJR0RhMUcAA6gwS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Women ruin it
Try social justice groups (which is made up of both men and women) and the simps that bend over for them. As for sports there are plenty of female fans of this as well. Especially soccer/football.
>So an all sausage fest would probably not fly anon
You must have missed the several posts that would be happy to see a man only con just so they would stay out of the women only one. Women only get pissy about what men are a part of if
>It harms them(men) because women don't want dead husbands and sons
>It involves women in a harmful way
>It's a gender neutral subject that men force interested women out of.
Comics and games include heavily sexualized women. Is this a problem? At first, no. Girls like looking at hot girls too. The issue arises when the girls that are into these hobbies join these groups and the men only think of them as something to fuck instead of a fellow fan. You have some girls that eat that up and take advantage of it, then you have others annoyed by it and point the blame at the the material they consume influencing them.

>> No.10642085
File: 56 KB, 735x552, cbb6ad837e10bc56031cf5d735ecba5a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Discuss how it would go, what you would hope for out of it
Pic related on both counts.

>> No.10642125

Imagine thinking social justice is a bad thing

>> No.10642137

Modern "social justice" is.

>> No.10644548

>>No one remembering how amazing and fun cons where pre 2010 when they where still male dominated.
This may have been the case in the 80's, but it's been thoroughly populated by women as early as the 90's.
>>Everyone being able to do offensive cosplays like dressing up as Hitler without people screaming in fear
I really don't know what reality you live in. Even in the 90's if you cosplayed Hitler people would immediately be made uncomfortable and avoid you. If you cosplay Hitler now, people will simply report you in an attempt to get you banned from a con. It's never been some kind of celebrated classic.
>>ACtiviley making fun and shutting out any fagot who tries to brings politics in to the hobby.
This has also literally, literally never been the case, but mostly because politics weren't the faux-religion that they are nowadays. It didn't need to be "Shut out" because people didn't convince themselves of their retarded political binary's absolute importance in every facet of life. It was just geeks hanging out in costumes.

In reality the only things you got right were that people used to have fun, panels were more fan-made and less corporatized, and race, sexuality, etc. wasn't relevant in the scene. An all-male con would be immediately populated by a torrent of incels and far-right retards who would act as if this was their "triumph" over women, and would bring all of their low-IQ racist/sexist baggage and an absolute lack of fandom with them. If you thought Dashcon was bad, Chudcon would make it look like a master craft in planning and structure.

>> No.10645021

Imagine trying to find all the detents

>> No.10645117

Girl Yugioh fans aren't fujos. They want to get dominated by Kaiba.

>> No.10645118

I think they want to dom Kaiba

>> No.10645173

extremely based
also I'm an offboard tourist but I would attend because it sounds like the easiest cosplay lay imaginable

>> No.10645191

If they actually pass chances are you wouldn’t know they’re trannies unless you fucked them, but most wouldn’t wanna fuck because dysphoria kek. The ones that pass would just look like short dudes or maybe twinks

>> No.10645196

just check the walls, they're all going to collect there once they shoot off into space

>> No.10645498

As a woman I would go posing as a dude, because I know men would do the same for a women only con.

>> No.10646068

except every hobby with majority men has women trying to intrude on it straight men don't pretend to care about cosplay they just want to cum

>> No.10647292

Bro how tf are you gonna survive the mass dick measuring content?
Not gonna make it

>> No.10647294

I meant contest, not content

>> No.10648452

based, red pilled even

>> No.10652637

this is the correct answer

>> No.10652644

This is my fear about an all male con. Most men smell decent and have good hygiene. But the ones that don’t, are like nuclear weapons grade stank

>> No.10652656

I swear I would find the only crossdressing tomboy. It would be good enough, but when she finds out how much I am into anal we would probably end in a downward spiral

>> No.10654126

i would also attend just for what would be the sheer density of ftms, try to bag myself a boywife

>> No.10654138
File: 604 KB, 1000x1048, c_1573302047206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're telling me I could go to a con without all those fucking SJW triple hair colored walking pieces of lard sitting in the hallway? Where me and the boys can enjoy conversation about our favorite 2D women over extremely overpriced convention center sandwiches? Where it's possible to have panels on gunpla or motorcycles and shit?

>> No.10654999

Don't threaten me with a good time anon

>> No.10655006

makes perfect sense actually. hot women dont give a shit about sjw crap. they just want to have their photos taken and egos stroked.

>> No.10655055

ftms are 99.99% obese and have super patchy facial hair.

They're just as incelish as MTF

>> No.10655079

>He thinks there aren't any SJW men
Enjoy your feminist boys and troons

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