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Now that the guys have their own containment thread, let's go back to discussing what a female only convention would be like.

What panels would you like to see? How would we keep it female only? Convention themes?

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Posting some cosplay to start.

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Finally a con where we can meet momokun and usagi kou and be safe from molestors and crazy people!
Anyway- some of the worst experiences I've had at cons have been with other women. They're incredibly competitive with people who cosplay the same character as them.
All the bull shit drama I've been dragged into by proximity have involved women and only women. (Room drama, ex friend drama. etc)
Terrible people are going to be terrible people regardless of gender.
A female only con sounds like it'd be sunshine and rainbows but it really isn't

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anon. the kinds of people who want this con ARE terrible people. anyone who wants a safe space is crazy and stupid.

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Yaoi drives men away
Even trannies because they wish to be the little girl so don't like menxmen stuff

There was a Yaoicon which was mostly female but its gone now

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Yaoi also drives sane women away, you weirdo fetishist.

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A mecha panel without neckbeards who insist everything made after the 80s is trash!

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who would want a shounen anime panel?

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I think I'd like a female only con where the vibe is a big nostalgia slumber party as someone mentioned last thread. Maybe 18-21+ for alcohol reasons or separate sections for people with kids.

There could be different rooms where they screen nostalgic anime or let you play games om a big screen in different genres and cosplayers can find people from the same series to take photos with (like maybe the Princess Peach, Samus, Daisys etc. can all meet in the nintendo area where they play smash or even Super Princess Peach on a DS emulator hooked to a big screen.

A section for shonen/gender neutral stuff that girls always liked but got excluded from back in the day sometimes (I've always been into YuGiOh, Pokemon, etc. and played with my older brother, but lots of boys were always exclusive about it), like Pokemon battles/tournaments where people dress up as fun cute trainer types from all the games, lots of adorable fairy type pokemon, a giant blaziken statue or other starters for May, Dawn, etc. cosplayers to pose with, YuGiOh tournaments or people who trade fun collectible self made cards with custom art, etc. Maybe other stuff like OnePiece, Cowboy Bebop, and all the various cool stuff.

A dedicated horror section roped off for those who aren't into gore, etc. Can see a bunch of fun Tomie or uzumaki cosplays since both feature female main and side characters and the makeup would be cool.

Definitely need a yaoi/fujo containment wing, but one that is separate from the non sexual idol wing, for male and female idol games and fans.

I could go on all day desu...it could be super fun, even if it wasn't all female but that baseline makes it cool to plan around.

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A large portion of shounen fans are female. I personally would attend one.

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Come now, most of the fujos of the early 2000s have calmed down by now. At least I and my friends have. I don't bother with the younger fujo scene but I'm curious to know what it's like. These days I casually enjoy BL manga and doujinshi.

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The new ones are worse.
So much worse.

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Slumber party with a pajama contest would be pretty cute. While I would rather not have children be at the con a separate children's section would be great.

I'm all for a pokemon game room for competitive play. I'm liking everything I'm hearing about this. Gotta include lolita stuff as well, and would a cooking contest or bake off be too much?

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This. I think the best part of a female con kinda like I mentioned above in my super long post is being able to get away from the gatekeeping of hobbies that are male dominant/tend to exclude women and their opinions and be able to just enjoy the stuff without the whining about how girls aren't real fans.

This thread feels like we could turn it into a fun thing. Some questions:

>What venue would you guys want for this con?
>What country?
>Who specifically would you like to come speak?
>Would male speakers/guests be allowed for panels (if there was media where the people who were behind it or available VAs or whoever were male)? >Will it be gaming and anime, any subjects people are willing to help organize panels or subsections for?
>Will there be specific branding and themes?
>What cool funny stuff could we do to be a little humorous an subversive without being annoying hardcore radfem about it? (Like a cosplay contest where there are ironic superlative awards for most skin shown, stupid female armor designs, best crossplay, most gravity defying titties, etc.? But kind of just for fun to laugh at the ridiculousness in media we all enjoy, rather than a political statement or anything)

Just stuff to think about even if it's not actually going to happen.

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Oh of course an alt fashion walk/meetup, lolita specific, maybe with backdrops or sets for cute photos. Probably a goth and vkei one, a classic/mori kei appropriate one, a decora rainbow vomit one, sweet lolita, and one cor fairykei yumekawaii pastel vomit. Obviously tea parties, maybe a clothing swap meet or market.

Maybe a bake off could be cool but it would need to be simplified. Maybe it's the weeb in me but I'm imagining planning a specific theme for each round and doing it in a Shokugeki no Soma style arena. Maybe one round's theme is cupcakes, another is magical girls, or pies for one. It would be streamed to the main hall if there wasn't a room that could hold a big audience.

Geez, this stuff sounds so fun I wish I had fuck you money to plan and hire people to help organize it irl. I guess it's better for it to stay as fantasy since it'll inevitably be much better in our heads though.

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This is all just dream posting but for fun
>What venue would you guys want for this con?
Having a garden or being near a garden would be ideal for photoshoots.
>What country?
Even though I'm American, I hesitate about having it in the U.S. because this country is pretty vocal about this kind of stuff to the point of protests and attacks. Aesthetically, Sweden sounds great and Japan would be a dream since they already have women-only events and locations.
>Would male speakers/guests be allowed for panels
>What cool funny stuff could we do to be a little humorous an subversive without being annoying hardcore radfem about it?
Drag king contest, old woman cosplay contest, a voting for worst romance movie or novel...

This one may be a stretch but since it's women only, it would be funny to see a fake pageant show where girls can dress up and act like stereotypes of "ideal" women. Almost like drag queens where ridiculously huge fake boobs, big hair, lips, asses and/or even overly cutesy "princesses" wearing 5 petticoats and way too much glitter. An ita contest would be funny.

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There's actually a digital con that just happened called Fujocon that seems to have been run entirely by women and had panels run majority by women. I didn't participate but I saw a lot of artists I follow join in. I kinda hope they can graduate to a physical con, I was never able to go to Yaoicon so I want to see what it'd be like.

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>it would be funny to see a fake pageant show where girls can dress up and act like stereotypes of "ideal" women. Almost like drag queens where ridiculously huge fake boobs, big hair, lips, asses and/or even overly cutesy "princesses" wearing 5 petticoats and way too much glitter.

I personally find this all a bit cringe, no offense. Ita contest sounds fun though. At least one lolita comm has done an intentional ita meetup before.

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That's fine, it was a stretch to begin with. An intentional ita meetup sounds pretty funny.

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Location with garden and park areas for people to plan little picnics and photoshoots on their own sounds fun. If it was lolita specific I'm imagining food vendors selling pre made cute picnic basket sets with the sandwiches and sparkling pink lemonade, etc. or build your own picnic options, and different types of them like sweets or more elegantly packaged stuff, maybe spooky ones like goth sets with squid ink pasta dishes or something.

It would be quite cute to have a pet friendly area outdoors in the green space but because of allergies that may not be ideal.

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I do love animals but pets and fashion usually don't go well together. I don't want to accidently step in shit because a owner didn't bother to keep the pet in the right areas, nor do I want to see/hear about accidental biting.

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but anon, he's soooooo friendlyyyy ...to the person who feeds him

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I support a female only convention but only if shoes are banned and it's live streamed and also I'm the only guy allowed.

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>women create a women only con
>it's overrun with dykes and radfems
>all they do at the women convention is complaining about men and/or trannies

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Why do we need a 2nd thread for this trash.

>> No.10632302

The last one was a popular enough topic to fill up and people like chatting about it. Men have their own male only con thread too. Hide the thread if it bothers you, that's what I do with threads I dislike.

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I am okay with this

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>it's overrun with dykes
I would sure hope so

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Seems fine to me. Sorry if it offends you, but you have a con thread just for you to hate on women if you like.

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A witch/occult area. Sell tarot cards, journals for grimoires, share spells, etc. All of it is bullshit but I've always loved the aesthetic and sense of sisterhood in covens.

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>>it's overrun with dykes
Tfw no qt 3.14 lesbian cosplay gf

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I'd rather become a guy for a day and attend an all-male convention. Men are much more chill than ladies and don't fake smiles politely even when they're offended.

>> No.10632589

It'd get infested with trannies and then end up sucking a whole bunch, to be real with you.

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>t. pickme

>> No.10632700

>>Will there be specific branding and themes?
Each year would have a different theme ideally.

>> No.10632702

has he picked you yet, Becky?

>> No.10632703

>using incelspeak

>> No.10632721

Using 4chan at all would be considered incel behavior by many normies. Just post about the make believe con or stfu and hide the thread.

>> No.10632723

That would be smart! You could go all out each year with a specific theme that sort of inspires the other sections of the event.

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>it's overrun with dykes and radfems
But that's what makes it worth attending in the first place. Where are you, my lesbian radfem touhou waifu?

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Pickme isn't incel speak. It's an issue women recognized about other girls and themselves. Save yourself from being a pickme before it's too late. Men will not respect you for siding with them. They will still call you every name in the book and see you as a cum dump no matter how much you try to help them or stand up for them and ignore all your efforts. Several have learned that the hard way and even though it's an insult, it's also a warning. Not saying women can't be the same with white knighting men, just learn to do things and make choices for yourself instead of trying to get approval from others by attacking your own.

>> No.10632734

>instead of trying to get approval from others by attacking your own.
you realize pickme is that, right? why use a term to punish women who are ignorant or more weak willed than you?

>> No.10632740

Because its other women who went down that path that are aggressively trying to get pickmes out of that headspace. Watch black women comics sometime if you want a more delicate address.

>> No.10632755

It's a slap on the hand and meant to make them think. I used to be a pickme in my teen years and early 20s, only having male friends and thought all girls were bitches. Then I find that those male friends only wanted me around just because I was a girl. I couldn't run to them about my problems but they always came to me with theirs. I thought I was "not like the other girls so accept me guys, I'm cool!" and ended up putting up with so much shit in the end with nothing given back because I'm not nor will ever truly be "one of the guys."

As I got older and moved to a new city, I discovered that not all women are bitches, the female friends I made would always check in with me and want to hang out, could sense when I'm in a funk and try to pull me out of it. I felt like I didn't really start living as a woman until other girls showed me how to and now I feel like I missed out on genuine friendship in my youth because I was too busy hating other girls without getting to know them. So don't be a pickme.

That should be a panel.

>> No.10632775

They are unlikable and cope by acting like it is a good thing.

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I was thinking about funding and lolitas came to mind. Out of the hobby groups, they tend to spend the most so having more expensive, quality services could be possible.

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>overrun with dykes

Good. A gathering of my people.

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>let's go back to discussing what a female only convention would be like.
full of tranny mtf predatros

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Panel ideas in addition to the jfashion and weeb fun.

>Sewing Circle
We come together to sew, ask for help and tips all while watching a movie
>Painting with a twist
Drink while painting
>Dressing for your bodyshape
Learning how to work with what you have, what suits you and what doesn't. Can include lists of stores that are suited to your shapes
>Makeup panel
>Hair panel
>Interior Décor
>The importance of being fit
Those that see this as body shaming instead of a way to improve yourself are recommended not to attend. Would like to spread the word that lifting is something girls should still do and stop the false narrative that you will get buff from it.
>The problem with Toxic Feminity
A discussion on how not to look down on your fellow girls and how to react when you're being bullied or harassed.
>Self defense
>Gun show
>Tea ceremony
>Flower arrangement and meanings
>Etiquette for Ladies

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I'd like to see something like a "Does the Woman Live." Like a Bechdel test but for does a female character get to live a real life or if she's just a prop meant to be murked to advance the plot. This is more for Shonen shows and comics, but yeah.
Extremely nerdy, but i'd like to see something like a fantasy football league but for magical girl teams. You can have a Grand Tiara instead of a cup or whatever. Everyone can place a bet on who wins and wear a little token or souveiner they can take home even if they loose. Winners would be registered and not allowed to compete in next year's competition for fairness.

A joke panel where you design female armor would be fun for fantasy types

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I've never been in a tabletop rpg game with all girls or even one other girl so I want to see what that is like, good and the bad.

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I want a /flgs/ con exclusively for mecha, toys, comics and traditional games where only the most unshaven of grognards can attend; men and women alike. Surely the pure autism would override any level of creepiness, because (from my experience with these types) arguing over whether or not dwarven women have beards, or which one of ten thousand Zakus is actually the best takes priority over hitting on others and getting horny. But maybe I've been lucky with all the male and female autists I've encountered, besides this one lesbian femcel who browses /r9k/

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Cool, but this thread is about a woman-only con.

>> No.10633020

Isn’t a lolita convention basically already an all-female anime convention?

>> No.10633025

not all lolitas are into anime, and not every con is an anime con

>> No.10633809

Huh. I went to that con years ago. Neat

>> No.10634132

>Women create a women only con
>It's overrun with trannies

Realistically this is how it would go.

>> No.10634160

If they can pass and not cause any incidents, I wouldn't care. But if they did cause any issues then they will be the posterboy to the world on why trannies shouldn't be allowed in female-only spaces and ruin it for the rest of them. They still have the stain that is Jessica Yaniv and the women's shelter incident on their backs.

>> No.10634231

Impressive tread of trannysl

>> No.10634405

and your choice of game for that is...nechronica? uh
I don't know about you anon but my experience with that game is like
a bunch of guys jacking off to loli guro

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A good chunk of women enjoy horror and tragedy now combined with an anime element? I want to see the type of stories they come up with together or what silly things they do.

>> No.10634759

>what a female only convention would be like.
A lot of fighting over petty shit. And I mean a LOT of fucking fighting and hair-pulling.

>> No.10634806

Men watch too much porn.

>> No.10634822

>being this retarded.

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Sounds absolutely awful and as said before a giant victim complex hugbox.

Also a huge part of con is the trade, culture promotion part of it. Unless you have nothing but all female speakers, panels and artists from the industry what would you have left?
Some one said here it would take on the vibe of a giant sleepover party which as cute as it sounds is also really kinda odd.

>> No.10634971

Tbh I wouldn’t mind
Artist alley would probably be popping since female artists make the best and cutest merch.

>> No.10635038

I would LOVE a gunpla for dummies and pros section where you can learn how to do that, like a crash course or something and at the end there is a competition for the best beginner and pro builds, selected by popular vote.

>> No.10635080

This would be hilarious, I would pay to be a fly on the wall at the staff meetings.
It'd end up on that internet historian channel in 4 years

>> No.10635086

you see these stupid sluts wont let us have ANYTHING. we have a nice thread going for MaleCon and these crotch bleeders have the nerve to start a SECOND thread about their stupid con to try and steal our thunder. then they turn around and complain about our powerful scrotes all day.

itt jelly cunts

>> No.10635137

>tfw your existence alone pisses off autists
Hell yeah.

They make the best husbando art and I love the variety of products a lot of them have.

>> No.10635143

Just give a tranny a kick in the groin on entering.
If they can still stand they pass.

>> No.10635144

It's not like they can just get laid in the tinder age

>> No.10635165

>the tinder age
>getting laid

Men in relationships and those not trying to fuck watch too much porn too most of the time as well anon. But people who realistically think dumb shit like women are catty hair pullers are the type to get boners watching lingerie football.

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Keep seething scrote

>> No.10635171

Ohhh I get it she’s a pokemon

>> No.10635286

I've been using this the past week for watching shows and movies and its actually spot on. Much less one dimensional female characters by using this test

>> No.10635359

Most people grow out of their fujo phase once they turn 18. You are an aberrant anomaly.

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will there be dogs though? Male dogs.

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I was the one one who made the male only con thread because you guys were shitting up the original, and I made this one too when the other one was dying.

>> No.10635544

>I made 6 threads no one cares about
Kill yourself roastie

>> No.10635555

A female only convention would be filled with lesbian orgies.

>> No.10635604

There were 3 anon, I'm so sorry you're too retarded to count properly

>> No.10635609

Sounds like a cat fight waiting to happen.

>> No.10635621

>having sex

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Male brains are the cause of sexual entitlement, degeneracy, and rape. It has little to do with their dicks because these limp-cocked or inverted-cocked trannies are even more sex obsessed than your average male. Men wack their dicks to porn constantly, yet their level of depravity only increases exponentially. Trannies are no different in this regard.

Trannies have trained their brains to become even more extreme in indulging their male sexuality. Male sexuality, which is based around dehumanization, depravity, degradation, fixation on specific fetish scenarios, dominance, objectification, novelty, and thrill seeking. They don't need dicks or testosterone to continue their obsession with their twisted view of sex.

Ironically, men "becoming women" is the epitome of male sexuality. Men who chemically and physically castrate themselves are more stereotypically male in thought than men with normal male hormones and working cocks. Trannies become the perpetrators as well as the victims of their own sexualities. Even their performative submission requires humiliating women, either in a meta-AGP way or making some transwidow degrade herself by relenting herself to his fantasies. Let us not forget how prone to narcissism men are, as well. Troonism is so entirely male that when you realize it, it will hit you like a brick.

It's amusing to see how incapable moids are of understanding this concept. Men see TiMs and resent them for becoming "like women", or "like fags". They see troons as ugly, sterile men with broad shoulders. They see troons failed men who rejected their superior male sexuality for the inferior existence of a woman. They hate trannies because their misogynistic view of femininity - not even understanding how misogynistic and stereotypically male every toon is. This is why incels and trannies are one in the same with a different coat of paint. They both carry the same beliefs, only one wears a cheap anime maid dress.

>> No.10635631

This is actually a good point.
>Be male
>Sexually abused by woman
>She considered herself gender fluid because she felt male brained
>She was pansexual
It all makes sense now.

I would like to say that being toxic isn't exclusive to any gender.

>> No.10635661

>Male brains are the cause of sexual entitlement, degeneracy, and rape

But there are women who are like this. (?)

>> No.10635694

This is the most pointless thread lmao
It would basically just be a regular con with slightly less ogling

>> No.10635713

>Women don't jealously ogle other women
Are you fucking serious?

>> No.10635729

>No reading comprehension
I said slightly less for a reason

>> No.10635836

I would just identify as a lesbian and oogle all the women

>> No.10635840
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id identify myself as a tranny to get access. imagine the pussy smell

>> No.10635987

Stay mad that women have to create cribs for you since you can't help yourselves.

>> No.10636088

This thread is a perfect example why we can't have a women only con, it makes males seethe and want to force their way in. I assume the same would happen if it were real.

>> No.10636273 [DELETED] 
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>and want to force their way in
"no" means "yes" and "yes" means "anal"

>> No.10636295

you're upset

>> No.10636376

You are right.
That's just female nature.

>> No.10636386

I'm thinking based

>> No.10636392 [DELETED] 

Wouldn’t yaoi attract gay men?

>> No.10636399

Do you even go here?

>> No.10636420

I know a gay guy who's really into shoujo but he doesn't like most BL. That stuff is written to appeal to women mostly.

>> No.10637209 [DELETED] 
File: 76 KB, 699x516, AEB27EAC-5240-4517-8E8C-9EB1452AD9FE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But it appeals to me and I’m a vivacious young man riddled with testosterone. Why would a woman want to see two dudes kissing, anyway?

>> No.10637224

It doesn't even appeal to all women, just a specific group of them. Shoujo is designed to appeal to girls and people who like cute things in a wide age range (mostly young/teen girls) and has far more universal appeal than BL in general regardless of sexuality.

>> No.10637313

I'm straight and two boys are better than one. But real talk, I enjoy BL, GL, and hetero relationships, it's just BL stories appeal to me more, hetero stories are pretty bland as one of the characters usually is just a plot device, and and GL just feels like friendship.

>> No.10638624

enjoy getting raped by troons

>> No.10639092

>implying troons would be allowed or not harshly scrutinized.

>> No.10639801
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>let's go back to discussing what a female only convention would be like.

>> No.10639802

>it makes males seethe and want to force their way in
pretty sure most of the posters in here are women

>> No.10639834

>assuming cgl isn't full of rpers

>> No.10639838

no Im sure they're women, anon. there's an easy way women post compared to men. Ive been here long enough to know

>> No.10639842

this is a lie.

>> No.10640197

for instance, a woman is behind this post

>> No.10640203

too attractive to be anyone from /cgl/

>> No.10640285

i wish i was a woman

>> No.10640300

This is unrealistic AF. Like 4chan is a tiny bubble and the vast majority of the broad anime community wouldn’t be interested in your weird conservative women only anime con.

If any “women only” anime convention ever happened it would be like entirely super left wing fat autistic women my dude.

>> No.10640303

I think some of these ideas sound cool but it all gives me an anal and conservative tradfem vibe that sounds awful. Anon is welcome to fantasize about a tradfem all women con though, no one has to attend and it's all made up anyway. I would just want a con that catered to my own nerd interests like TTRPG, lolita/jfashion, art, gaming, etc. without the annoying behavior of males and pickmes that tend to frequent nerd spaces.

>> No.10640305

Yeah I guess I’m more saying any con that ever could exist would fall far short of what anyone in this thread wanted.

I get you though.

>> No.10640306

I get what you're saying as well. I think that's why it's more just fun to fantasize about. Actual event planning and just being among large groups of people is stressful for me but ever since childhood I always daydreamed about slumber parties and stuff and how cool I could make them with crafts and snacks and pajama sets and movies because I had no friends and an overactive imagination; this thread brought back some nostalgia about that fantasy event planning for me I think lol.

Honestly I think I'm in a minority of gulls that I feel like I don't care so much about people being cringe (whether they're left or right wing) so long as they aren't being mean to others, and I just want everyone to have fun, but I know most people irl are more judgmental and confrontational/concerned about what others are doing so the ideal environment I would like could never really exist at a large enough scale to call it a con.

>> No.10640316

Too attractive for the average con-going female, too. Even the second from the left would be above average.

>> No.10642055

I hate that traditionally fememinie hobbies are now called out as tradfem. I was listing things that this board generally has an interest in. Each of those things listed is either a general thread here or a common subject discussed, except for flower arrangement and painting while getting drunk.

>> No.10642064

the tradfem part to me is the painting with a twist cause getting drunk to do something mediocre is middle aged suburban mom shit, as well as the fitness stuff--this is not /fit/--and the etiquette, and potentially self defense, nothing wrong with it but definitely appeals to a specific crowd.

also the unnecessary weight stuff cause why hold a panel that is just going to cause people to complain inevitably? People can look up how to dress for their size on their own if they want to look good, and the answer is usually just wear shit that fits and matches, other rules for dressing for body types or weight are pseudoscience often by men (look at the kibbie shit) or just don't matter that much when it comes to alt fashion anyway because you're not trying to do normie shit like make your waist look small and tits and hips big to appeal to men anyway.

like idk all the suggestions read as "womancon" not "con that appeals to the interests of cgl and is also all women" and the interests weren't really detailed and are just listing stereotypical womens' hobbies, some of which wouldn't even really be fun or work in a con environment

>> No.10643442

Implying you would even be able to stop the troops without them whining and summoning antifa, who would then beat the shit out of the actual women at the con and call them bigots.

>> No.10645474

>magical girl fantasy football
This but, with an edgy twist of it being like your average deathmatch manga. 25 or whatever waifus in, only one comes out alive. I'd like a cup but only if it's comically large and filled with magical girl merch from whatever franchise wins.

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