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Last thread >>10638107

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Some second hand stuff came in today so I did laundry and nothing bled or was damaged in the wash. Wishing other gulls equally blessed laundry runs!

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I met someone at a convention last weekend and we got along really well and I hope things continue to go well with us, right now my feels are feeling really good

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What convention is taking place with Covid scaring most organizers? Also how did you two meet?

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Cons are already back like Colossal, Midwest, and Matsuri. And we kinda just bumped into eachother in the vendor hall and something stuck because we hung out the rest of the weekend and it was great.

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What happened to the lgdd thread earlier? I can't find it in the catalog or the archive.

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having a good, well paid job after working bad retail gigs all throughout college is totally surreal. i can do all of the classical baby MTOs without worrying at all! feelsbad i missed elizabeth though because i wasn’t graduated and employed yet

the actual working part sucks, but i try to suss out what days i don’t have to be on camera and wear lolita while i do my work. i hope i can join the ranks of people who have nice stay at home jobs where they don’t have to show themselves often... that would be ideal

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It was an unrelated discussion that wasn't getting anywhere. Go start a Twitter hashtag about how pedo it sounds. Hopefully it will gain traction.

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Congrats on your graduation and your new job!

I'm about to leave my office job so I can work freelance and earn more money. And since I live in a shitty country, I'll be able to afford MTOs soon too. Hope to see more MTOs in the future!

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Lolitas need FDS. Stop letting LVM scrotes use you and get yourself someone of actual value! You deserve better.

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Coping moid detected. You're just mad because ladies are finally waking up and realizing their true worth and won't settle for a broke LVM loser like you. No one will ever love you. You will die alone. And it brings me immense happiness to know this.

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didn't read lol

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We can resume the discussion here

hate kinksters. I really do. Not just the ones who poison lolita with their DDLG shit, but kinksters in general. BDSM is weird and creepy and I'm tired of pretending it's not.
A few months ago I was talking to a male self-professed dom about a guy who got cancelled for dubious BDSM-related shit. He kept talking about how he wasn't like that, how he was ~one of the good ones~. And I just bit my tongue, trying not to say "no, you ARE like him. All of you are like him. I don't care if what you do is consensual, the implications of it should be considered disturbing nonetheless."
We need to bring back kink-shaming. I have no fucking idea how men wanting to beat the shit of women and women wanting to get beaten up by men EVER became normalized. In any other context, a man saying the idea of brutalizing a woman excites him would be shunned. But for some reason it's okay when it's a kink? These are not normal people feelings. You should be able to get an erection without making your partner LARP as a schoolgirl or rape victim. There is no such thing as a healthy BDSM relationship. Literally every single person who is into BDSM is mentally ill and I will die on that hill.

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I remember this from a few threads ago. Based reposter.

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FDS is weak shit for wishy-washy pickmeishas. /r/FDSpros is the superior sub.

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i will never understand men like this who make it their sole reason for existence to find a gf. the guys i know who choose to be single are actually doing stuff with their lives and are actively improving themselves for their own sake, not for another person. And ngl, as a woman, men who talk like this scare tf out of me and that post is a huge red flag kek.

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who’s asking for dating advice? I wanna help

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Did you even read that post? It's a 35 year old woman, not a man.

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Did you even read the image you're responding to? It's giving advice to scrotes, but it's an FDS queen posting/bragging.

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Oh. Then that's just really sad desu.

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Some of you gulls may remember me from a feels thread a few weeks back. I am the anon who had a crush on a goth troon.
So the other day I finally worked up the courage to tell him that I liked him, over text. He responded pretty well. Sent me a bunch of little black heart emojis.
But today I found out he has a girlfriend, which he never told me about. I see on her on his timeline pretty often but I never suspected anything because he has plenty of female friends. I only just found out because someone on instagram asked him where he got his shirt and he said his gf bought it for him as a present. I am mortified, embarrassed, humiliated, ashamed. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I just wasted 3 months of my life that I will never get back simping for a cross-dressing scarecrow while he was busy fucking some turtleneck-wearing champagne socialist art hoe. This keeps happening to me over and over and every time I promise myself that I'll never degrade myself like this ever again. And then I do. "This one is different, this one is special." I am disgusted with myself.
I made the original post. Stop stealing it fuck you

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grats on getting a degree and a better job, but try not to get a big head about it, remember there are a lot of us who are still struggling...

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She deserves a partner that doesn't misgender her. Seethe more chud.

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Did you want the troon for the dick? If so I think you're in the wrong here

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Troon or not, she deserved someone who would have actually respected her so I’m glad she dodged that bullet

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Any woman that isn't reading FDS is doing herself a disservice.

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No. I like him for who he is and I call him she/her IRL, I just don’t think you can change your sex and transgenderism is a cult that preys on vulnerable people that would have just been gender nonconforming or lesbian/gay/bi in the past

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good bc just by reading this it shows me that your potential relationship would not last more than 2 weeks due to your need for dick, but maybe it could last longer if you emotionally manipulate her.

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No woman "needs" dick, that's just a moid cope. They could have amazing sex without any scrote parts involved.

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Since this thread has already gone in this direction a little bit, how do you find partner into the same sorts of degeneracy as you?

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congrats to you too anon!

sorry if my post came off as arrogant, i really didn’t mean to come off that way. i’m just kinda caught up in the good feeling of knowing i don’t have to struggle anymore. my heart goes out to people who have been laid off or are struggling to find work rn. i recognize that i’m pretty privileged, but my family is poor and i got here after doing things i hated for a really long time. it wasn’t an easy ride. hope things turn around for you!

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complete luck

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i found mine on an old feels thread.

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and just by reading your post it shows me that you are a complete retard

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He literally uses his dick to fuck his girlfriend you tard

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Every woman (and man) does need sex though, dick or not

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If you're a woman, do nothing but have a good vetting process to weed out the LVMs and NVMs.

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If he uses his dick at all then he's a tender or fetishist. Someone with real gender dysphoria would have genital dysphoria too.

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I found my bf on 4chan, in a friend finder thread on a different board. Honestly it's based to have a partner with an internet-rotten brain like mine

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>watch My Hero with my cos crew, because my friend's little sister hasn't seen it
>episode 2
>scene where the slime monster is suffocating Bakugo
>mfw she says "You didn't warn me I was gonna get so turned on."

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Are you the girl who took a Jojo daki to prom?

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Its a literal cope, women in heterosexual relationships have an orgasm rate of maybe 10%. Granted the average guy falls a bit short of getting the job done but COME ON

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10%???? That's horrible. I'm around 95% myself. My heart breaks for mediocre sex. And when i orgasm it's earth shattering.

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95%??? Can I have these guys numbers?

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Nayrt, that was me. The guy I met here and I broke up actually. But we’ve stayed friends and still talk, so I’m still very grateful for that.

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we were all rooting for you anon...sad but at least it seemed to have ended peacefully

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It went the best possible way a breakup could go really. The saddest part about a breakup to me is losing a good friend. It was still sad at first, but in this case I still have a good friend, so I’m happy. He’s a great guy, and I learned a lot from him

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Personally I don’t feel especially interested in it. I don’t have any hormonal problems, and the sex I’ve had has been “good” by definition but for whatever reason I’m just not into it

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Thank you for the classic blursed image.

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how does one hide or lessen nasolabial folds/smile lines? i am barely 21 and feel like mine are too noticeable

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since it's mostly a genetic issue, there's not much you can do once you've got them, just stay hydrated and keep using high spf sunscreen

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There's a reason why they're there, consider looking into the possibilities. Mine pretty much went away after I paid a visit to the orthodontist and started wearing a palatal expander. If it's simply genetic, I'm afraid they're there to stay, but I found that working out helped my face look more toned and youthful overall

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made a little babushka headpiece for myself today to match a handmade op i made in quarantine

just feels good to share

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I don't see the appeal of sex. You put your dick inside another person? Wtf, why?

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>mfw old school dream dress is up for sale
>it’s $250 because of the current old school trend
>it was $80 back in 2016 but I couldn’t get it because I had to pay bills and I very seldom see it pop up second hand
Why do people like things I like, thus driving up the price, anons?

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>planning first trip to Japan next year
>Too shy to wear lolita when I visit Laforet
I wear lolita all the time, but I'll already be out of my element, so I don't want to exasperate that. So I'm just going to wear something toned down.

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This isn’t even related to lolita fashion really, but I’m constantly too depressed to cook full meals. I’ll eat fruit in the morning and usually order something in for dinner but I don’t feel healthy doing that. I’m not trying to lose weight as I’m already technically underweight and just want to maintain but do any of you gulls have advice for easy vegetarian or pescetarian meals and cooking healthy when you can’t even get out of bed?

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Same lol

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It feels good for a couple minutes but when it's over I just feel sick

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Idk how people even keep track of these price jumps, I always just sell secondhand things at the price I got them for no matter when it was

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I wish I had someone irl to tell this to, but I think most people hate talking about weight loss, so I don’t. But, lolita fashion helped me love myself enough to lose my extra weight. I’ve had an ed for 8 years but lately my mindset has completely changed, and I want to lose weight because I deserve it. I don’t even have much to lose if I don’t want, I’m only about 10lbs overweight, but I’m glad I am making the choice to and I don’t think I would have been able to if I didn’t start wearing lolita

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Cook in bulk on good days so you can just grab something out of the fridge and maybe heat it up. I made some saag paneer today and that turned out really good.
I know you can pick up healthy habits, anon. Good luck!

Sounds like you are already practicing healthy habits. You deserve to feel good and to get there in a healthy way.

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as it should

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I use argireline and niacinamide to take care of mine rxyqr

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Bloom Into You was such a well-written story! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, even though it hit too close to home.

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I'm very cute and good at hand sewing. There's lifestyle feels here gulls, and I'm loving it.

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My stupid fucking hoarder brain is sad I missed out on a dress by like one minute because I was hesitating. It wasn't in my preferred cut, at least, but it's the first time I saw it in 3 years. Covid has made my hoarder tendencies worse because buying cute shit is what keeps me hanging on.

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What dress?

>> No.10645224

You should try to work up the courage to it. If you look like an ignorant tourist, lolita shops don't really want you around.

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Boyfriend just told me he doesn't love me anymore. We were going to get married and grow old together, this relationship was the only good thing that happened to me in life. There's some feels for you, gulls

>> No.10645282

At least he told your before you got married, instead of waiting years to say he’s just been, in his words, “yes dear”ing everything the whole relationship

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>Tired of being a fattychan, decide to water fast 2 days a week like I've seen other anons recommend
>2nd day, can hardly function at work and almost pass out on the drive home
I'm going to keep trying but I'm not sure how sustainable this will be, guess I'll be fat forever :')

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Eat at a slight deficit and increase your baseline activity level. Also, drink less and eat fewer sweets

>> No.10645293

I already only drink water and eat 1 meal and 1 snack a day, I work a job where I'm sitting down at least 7 hours a day though and often work 8-10 days in a row. I go for a half hour walk on my days off when I can but often I'm too drained from working too much...

>> No.10645294

why does this seem so unbelievable

>> No.10645295

>I'm sitting down at least 7 hours a day though and often work 8-10 days in a row. I go for a half hour walk on my days off when I can but often I'm too drained from working too much...
This is you problem. You are completely sedentary

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>people wanting high scalped prices for their dirty, worn, and piling socks
Ugh, i wish AP would stock more socks

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I do remember reading your post. I'm sorry it turned out like this for you. Others won't agree with this but my advise is never date a man with female friends or overly many social contacts. They're always problematic and not worth the effort. I never had problems when sticking to this rule

>> No.10645304

Stop starving yourself. Of course you don’t have energy…you only eat 1 meal and a “snack”. Take breaks at work to stretch and move around, eat properly and you will have more energy after work. Take advantage of the longer summer sun.

>> No.10645305

Transgenderism isn't real

>> No.10645311

This is for people who don't work or weekends. You're better off looking into a healthy diet anyways

>> No.10645332

Stop it right now, anon. This is the best way to give up or yoyo your weight back on in a couple of months. Like >>10645292 said, eat in a slight defecit. I'm currently on a caloric defecit and I'm still allowed to eat BK or other enjoyable foods. Just stay below the line of whatever defecit works for your body measurements. Sites like Fatcalc can help you with that, or ask a dietician if your healthcare allows. You got this!

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I didn't care when my bf simped for anime girls, but simping for vtubers crosses the line I think... Am I wrong? He gives this bitch $20 a moth while living off noodles.

>> No.10645422

I get your point 2bh, idk, maybe have a long talk with him to get his mind, then see where it goes, also let him know how you feel about it. The
>$20 a moth while living off noodles
i skind of, yeah, common sense, don't go full retard

>> No.10645437

Have you tried hiit? It doesn’t take much time, but burn a lot of calories and is good for your heart.

>> No.10645477

Reading FDS stuff is always such an experience. It's the ultimate culmination of societal-brainrot, rivaled only by stuff on like pickup artist or redpill forums. I'm glad most people grow out of this stuff but I feel bad for people who let this type of brain cancer affect their lives for years and years.

>> No.10645484

husband gifted me my dream dress because I'm done with an experimental drug trial, and it worked. Feels good.

>> No.10645486

I think rewarding someone is low key bad, but I'd do the same 2bh, congratulations!

>> No.10645488

When I'm lazy I just get a tin of tuna, mix it up with corn and mayo, slap some rocket leaves into it, sprinkle some vegetable salt on and boom, ez meal.

>> No.10645489

kek he's "rewarding" me because I survived, it wasn't motivation to finish it. I had to do it whether I liked it or not.

>> No.10645497

>he's "rewarding" me because I survived
yep that's much different, congratulations for surviving too

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I’m a dude and I don’t get how people can drop so much money on egirls, that shit adds up fast. I feel like there’s way more cost-effective methods to get female attention, especially if you already have a gf.

>> No.10645502

If 20 dollars is the deciding factor between eating real food and noodles there's a bigger problem than the vtuber simping. How poor is this sad man?

>> No.10645519

Target fired him for breaking a coworker's leg by accident. Now he donates plasma.

>> No.10645541

Sounds like your boyfriend is terminally retarded if he is living off donating plasma while financially simping for 3D women pretending to be 2D women on the internet (and I'm saying this as someone who likes VTubers)

>> No.10645579

So men can't have female friends without being a cheater is what you're saying?

>> No.10645583

Yeah giving money to ethots is the lowest a man can fall. Dump his pathetic ass

>> No.10645586

What's that?

>> No.10645612

high intensity interval training
its a type of exercise that starts strong and requires a lot of effort but it gets easier over time as your body becomes accustomed to it. its very good cardio and doesn't take a lot of time

>> No.10645616

Thank you Nonny. I'll look into it

>> No.10645650

I don’t get FDS at all. It’s the opposite of my experience as a young woman who did not want a serious relationship right away. Possessiveness is the most dangerous quality of men in my experience, not their desire for sex, because it’s more insidious. No one but the most fucked up rapist is going to freak out if you make it clear you don’t want to have sex with them on the first date, but many apparently nice men will absolutely harass, manipulate, stalk, defame, etc. you if they think you should be in a relationship with them and you disagree.

In terms of fringe “feminist” Reddit groups I think the pinkpilled people are more on the right track, though they’re crazy too.

>> No.10645687

Judging by how women on that subreddit talk about their abusive ex-husbands, I'm guessing it's all older women anyway, which might by why they're obsessed with marriage and miss the point of casual dating

>> No.10645756

Think so? I'll be spending that whole day in Shibuya, so it'd be pretty isolated to that area. I wear classic, so it might not be as bad as I'm making it out to be in my head as far as the "out there" factor goes. You may have just talked me into it anon

>> No.10645766

I bid 1k on my dream dress and i hope i get it and no one snipes me while i am asleep ;_;
Also i have never spent this much on clothes ever and i’m a but shocked at myself

>> No.10645777

I hope you get it and it brings you joy, anon.

>> No.10645778

What's not to get about women wanting to date non shitty men

>> No.10645781

>No one but the most fucked up rapist is going to freak out if you make it clear you don’t want to have sex with them
You haven't been around many men, have you. 1/3 men ADMIT they are ok with raping a woman, it's not hard to imagine that the real answer is far higher.

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Gods, what hope is there if you're ugly on the outside AND the inside

>> No.10645813

DHL tracking says they delivered the package but I was home all day and never got anything. Afraid my package is gone forever and angry there's nothing I can do to get it back now...

>> No.10645833

They did that to me but it was at my next door neighbors so try that

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Lmao, you can't make this shit up.

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>will never be kawaii

>> No.10645997

Yes. Different anon here. Lived in Japan for a while. Shop staff will treat you differently if you're in lolita vs not.

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I accidentally called my bf "dad" on Zoom and now my comm thinks I'm a DDLG.

>> No.10646016

That ones lowkey really good

>> No.10646025

I know this is a repost but fuck I hate this shit so much. I basically gave up on hookups and dating years ago because of bad experience after bad experience with women who wanted me to do things to them that I wasn't into and wasn't comfortable with. It's kinda turned into a trauma sort of thing for me, I automatically shoot down any girl that's interested in me because I'm so sure she's going to be incredibly disappointed when we get into bed and she finds out that I don't want to smack her around or choke her half to death. Most of my guy friends ARE into all of that shit too so it really makes me feel like I'm the broken one and less of a man for not being into it.

This shit is sadly true too. I've been continually shocked over the years by guy after guy that I know either getting busted for actually assaulting a girl or just admitting in conversation that they're into the idea or whatever. Personally I think 1/3 is WAY too low of an estimate, it's more like 90% that'd rape a girl if they could get away with it.

>> No.10646111

Where the hell are you getting that number from?

>> No.10646141

Why do women over 30 think anyone cares about their opinions? Your time in the limelight has already passed, your 15 minutes are up. You got to coast by on easy mode for your entire youth, now it's the next generation's turn. It's just pathetic seeing these hags still trying to at like they have value like they did in their 20s. Just settle for some betabuxx or become a full-time single careerwoman, your time to play the dating game is over.

>> No.10646142

Fuck off scrote

>> No.10646149

The same applies to men as well. Dudes over 30 that think they're "high value" not that they have money even though they look like complete shit and are already balding are a complete joke. The entire redpill side of the internet is run by coping 30+ year old men that hate their ex-wives. What a joke. Really, anyone that's over 30 should never speak about these issues in any capacity.

>> No.10646150

nta, my problem with either side of the pickup artist culture is that there are solid benefits like gaining confidence and learning how to overcome some degree of social anxiety, but everything else that comes with it (retarded ass psych tricks, entitlement, etc.) aren't helpful and quite fucking frankly, most people would do much better if they took a moment or four to read some books on bettering their own communication and actually working on overcoming their shitty habits and self sabotage. The result of being indoctrinated with this crap is a bunch of bullshit acronyms and systems that in the long run, do far more harm than good.

I'll never be against somebody making an effort to find their own happiness, but putting it all on another fallible human while demeaning others won't fucking accomplish it, I promise you.

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There's been an interesting uptick in newfags, covidlitas have come and gone (I think), is the board dealing with tiktokfags now? I hope not. Tiktok zoomers and overall users in general are like roaches.
>go into country's EGL tag on instagram
>first post is some bitch crying on tiktok about AP being fatphobic

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You shouldn't need to date a man at all. You should be perfectly fine on your own being single forever. FDS is still giving in to patriarchy because it causes you to structure too much of your life and thought process around scrotes. True feminism is realizing that an HVM is as worthless as an LVM and that all scrotes are the same in the end.

>> No.10646197

Not everyone wants to work their whole life

>> No.10646198

You'll be there soon enough pickmeisha

>> No.10646211

>use to hate sex
> never wanted to do it ever again
>spent some time in therapy
>now all I want to do is get together with some friends, maybe drink or take drugs, rip each other's clothes off, and get into a big pile together
Anyone else know this feel?

>> No.10646215

typical dyke degeneracy
you are a creep

>> No.10646241

I'm feeling a lot of anxiety, second week in a row with sleepless nights and feeling tightness in my chest. I don't have much to look forward to right now because of COVID; I was hoping to get a teaching internship so I can make money during student teaching, but it looks like that boat is sailing and I'll be stuck without income for a while.

>> No.10646252

I'm so tired of searching for the skirt I want, that I'm considering modifying the OP into the skirt

>> No.10646279

>Yes goy, stay alone forever and never breed

>> No.10646285

as someone who tried turning an OP into a JSK, you'll probably have a hell of an easier time than me.

>> No.10646287

>repeating a debunked meme

>> No.10646308

When was it debunked?

>> No.10646313

The real question is when was it ever true

>> No.10646334

gender non-conforming is still a thing too and a lot of non-binary and agender people call themselves that to old people like you because you won't accept new lingo.

>> No.10646367
File: 100 KB, 500x700, tumblr_pv55m7t9W11yp6tlao3_r1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moid here. This shit is hilarious because its the exact same shit as men on /fit/ shitting on women whenever they get a chance. Dating apps definitely have a population problem that leads to many men going after the few women, but people fail to realize that in real life the percentage of man vs women is about equal. There's no need to sperg out I feel, the right man/woman will come to everyone as long as people get out of their shells and comfort zones and go experience the real world. Some men can be shitty and some women can be shitty, but blaming an entire gender seems kinda futile. Also everyone should take pride in themselves and seek mental, physical, and monetary improvement, not just men and not just women

>> No.10646385

Nta but doesn't gender non confirming just mean that you do things that aren't stereotypically associated with your gender (hobbies, mode of dress, etc.)? Nonbinary people tend to imply or outright say they feel they exist somewhere in the center of the gender spectrum rather than either end or that they fluctuate between what gender they identify with here and there. I'm not against anyone being whatever they want to be, I was just under the impression that gnc and nb are technically different. Like a nb person is generally gnc but all gnc people are not nb or even queer/LGBTQ+, cis straight tomboy girls are literally gender non conforming.

>> No.10646388

>cis straight tomboy girls
You mean proto-FtM transfolk?

>> No.10646394

Are you being ironic? I was a tomboy as a kid and am now a lolita but have the same personality/stereotypically masculine interests, and am still cisgender female, I just wear feminine clothes now (when in lolita or jfashion, I am an athleisure trash gremlin or barely wear pants at home) so no one would consider me a tomboy anymore, but I am definitely not a trans man.

>> No.10646399

im a trans person and pls tell me this is a joke. im begging you

>> No.10646404


>> No.10646406

Worst kind of stories tee bee ache

>> No.10646413

>abolish gender roles! Oh you like something associated with the opposite sex? Hurry up and crack your egg!

>> No.10646425

>the right man/woman will come to everyone as long as people get out of their shells and comfort zones and go experience the real world
Die in a car fire

>> No.10646430

Lmao shit like ti der amd doscord will not help you find well adjusted people. Go to a mall or the park bro

>> No.10646432

yeah desu the idea that liking stuff from the opposite sex's stereotypical categories makes one trans is so dumb. i don't mind and accept trans people, but it does make me cringe when they describe knowing they were trans as a kid as them playing with dolls or liking trucks, cause that just reinforces stereotypes and gender roles.

it's one think if they felt like playing with dolls *because* they felt dysphoria or in general like they were a girl and that's 'what girls do' to sort of perform that gender role, but in general liking dolls doesn't make an amab person a trans girl and liking trucks doesn't make an afab person a trans boy.

male and female cisgender people (gay and straight) exist who are gender non conforming or do not fall into conservative straight people boomer stereotypes and that's also okay, as is being trans, but it sucks when people explain themselves coming to terms with their identity in a way that makes it seem like they just agreed so strongly with strict gender roles that they felt like any characteristics of their opposite sex must mean they are that gender too. as mildly annoying as it is though trans people in general are fine and deserve rights yaddah yaddah.

t. heterosexual tomboy cis woman

>> No.10646434

I truly think if incels and femcels touched some fucking grass or did activities with other adults they'd have way easier times in life. I had shit luck with dating when all I did was study and use websites or apps, but the first bf I got was from a club at uni, and my second and current was as well.

Online communities are cool places to meet people too, but irl is important when possible for mental health overall.

>> No.10646465

Surprisingly decent take

>> No.10646469

Was the weeb board on LC always so shit? I don’t recognize most of the cosplayers that are talked about. Do people even still care about Jill?

>> No.10646471

The rare based scrote.

>> No.10646472
File: 179 KB, 859x1280, tomboys.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>cis straight tomboy girls
Literally a myth. They don't exist anymore. Globohomo took them from us.

>> No.10646479

While in college there was a friend of friend who was completely obsessed with assigning people a tumblr sexuality and picking apart their mannerisms to see if someone was 'trans or not' When they found out i was into sports/ was tomboy when younger they immediately latched onto the though that I had to be trans i was just denying it. Of course everything they said was completely absurd It didn't take long for them to try this on someone unwilling to humor them, they got bitched out so hard I'm not sure the spoke the rest of the semester.

>> No.10646488

Gender non-conforming is an umbrella term whereas non-binary and agender are a bit more specific but could still be called GNC

>> No.10646508

fuck off with your weird fetishization of childhood friends. tomboys exist we just aren't going to date the first scrote to play hide and seek with us on the playground and half of us are gay

>> No.10646525

>half of us are gay
Exactly. Globohomo got to you. I bet you were straight before college.

>> No.10646533

I'm not gay I'm just a tomboy which was the "us" I'm referring to.

>> No.10646548

>touched some fucking grass
Is this the birth of an epic new meme?

>> No.10646550 [DELETED] 

It’s been a meme for a while

>> No.10646677

It's hard to accept that I'm not that into lolita anymore, because I spent so much money on clothes I've barely worn. Most of what I own has only been worn 1 time.

>> No.10646682

just resell anon, if you have some sought-after pieces then you could possibly make most of your money back

>> No.10646684

I only have 2 popular pieces out of more than 50 main-pieces. And I paid a lot of money for those myself. Most of it is worth around 75-150 euro but I paid more for it.

>> No.10646685

By most of it do you mean the popular pieces or the other pieces? How much are the popular pieces worth?

>> No.10646694 [DELETED] 
File: 2.27 MB, 640x640, sadkasa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a crush on a friend of mine. I know she's attracted to women too but I'm too autistic to say anything.

>> No.10646728

Manhaters derailing another thread.

>> No.10646736

it's pretty tough to derail the feels thread anon. it's basically already off topic for cgl and even then no one ever stays on topic

>> No.10646737

Pretend you aren't autistic? Be less autistic? Ask her out autistically?

>> No.10646738

Breaking regular anonymous 4chan shithead kayfabe for a second, It's honestly fascinating how the whole tomboy thing has spiraled so far out of control due to autistic fetishization that Tomboys grow up to be women with some traditionally masculine interests and (frequently but not always) more direct methods of communication. Like, I actually had a "Tomboy childhood friend" who lived like 4 or 5 houses down and we were super close for years when we were kids. We drifted apart when I moved away years and years ago, but last I saw on facebook she'd wound up in a totally normal, though definitely country fried, relationship with a dude. I hope the guy you're replying to sees this, because man, you really need to spend some more time in the real world and away from the brain-rot that you're giving to yourself with all of the coomer-bait shit you've been reading online.

>> No.10646744 [DELETED] 

I dunno how. I always get asked out, the only time I ever asked someone out was in high school. I feel like I’d be too awkward at it even if she is interested in me like that.

>> No.10646746

this thread has been derailed for the last 3 years

>> No.10646756 [DELETED] 

Does your friend know you're a lesbian too? Do you know the type of women she likes, and do you fit that type? Have you ever noticed her staring at you for longer periods of time when she thinks you aren't looking at her?

>> No.10646757

Does your friend know you're a lesbian too? Do you know the type of women she likes, and do you fit that type?

>> No.10646762 [DELETED] 

She knows I like girls but I’m not sure what her type is. Physically I’m attractive but I don’t know if I’m her type

>> No.10646766

>country fried, relationship
Why are you using types of food to describe relationships?

>> No.10646773

because they live in south dakota and go out riding ATVs together on the weekend, anon.

>> No.10646834

Because she gets fat a month in

>> No.10646846

The popular pieces are worth less now than when I bought them because they were re-released. The rest is worth less than 150 euro now.

>> No.10646897

>I am a luxury
best of luck to you, that's just not what men should really be looking for

>> No.10646898

Hey gull, want to go on a date sometime?

>> No.10646899

Good for you gull

>> No.10646900

I had one too but they actually did end up becoming trans :(
They're dating a trans guy though so the whole situation is pretty weird. They survived covid though so I hope they're doing alright. I think they wrote me off since I reminded them too much of their old life.

>> No.10646908

nah they all troon out and become degenerates

>> No.10646915
File: 73 KB, 640x406, tradwife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Funny how the tomboy fetishization shit only started taking off once masculine women started transitioning en masse. It's similar to how the "big tiddy goth gf" meme became popular long after the goth subculture died in the mainstream. It seems like men are just hardwired to want what they can't have. When I was a kid, boys would make fun of me for acting too masculine. Now I see men on 4chan pining for "muh tomboy gf" (keep in mind that, according to them, a "tomboy" is just a conventionally attractive woman with short hair).
As someone who was a tomboy growing up it really creeps me out. Like, these guys are upset that tomboys want to cut off their tits, and their solution is to fetishize them? Has it ever occured to you that young girls want to ESCAPE sexualization? Men literally think that there isn't a single problem in the world that they can't solve with their dicks.

>> No.10646918

That's not true, anon. I do like BDSM, but my ex was vanilla. It wasn't a problem. Occasionally, we did fun stuff like the fuzzy handcuffs, but nothing, you know, like beating. It didn't work out, but that had nothing to do with BDSM.

Plenty of girls into BDSM actually aren't into the super heavy hardcore pain, and, in fact, it happens that they try it out, and go, "Oh, this wasn't exactly what I imagined with Shades of Grey."

There are plenty of girls okay with vanilla. There are plenty of girls who are little kinky that the most they actually truly enjoy is some whipped cream and strawberries or some silk ties. They might like a smack on the ass, but the instant you used an object, they'd be scared to death.

I doubt my words help you, but if you do listen... Just remember that most girls you meet might say they're kinky because they don't wanna' come off as boring, but what they enjoy is nothing you'd find offensive or scary.

Your bottom segment happens because people misinterpret when someone says they're into BDSM.

A little off topic what I'm saying, but your post seems to be your genuine thoughts and not copy pasta or spam.

>> No.10646919

>When I was a kid, boys would make fun of me
Unheard of

>> No.10646922
File: 30 KB, 500x500, fashionnotkink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adding to this... I can't say I agree with kink shaming, but I wish it was less... okay to talk about in real life?

Use to, back in the early 2000's, I could wear a spiked collar, and people would say, at most, "Hey, cool goth fashion," or would just ask what style my outfit was if it wasn't typically goth. NEVER did people ask me about 'fetishes'.

Now in the past couple years, I can't even work a job in retail departments (that would allow for alternative fashion like a cigar store) or go in public without the comments taking a very weird turn of...

Well, I literally have customers or random people now ask, "You into DDLG?" "You want a leash for that collar?" "You like BDSM?" "Is that a sub thing?"

And I snap back, "Why would I bring that to the work place," or, "Does this look like a fucking munch? No, it's a supermarket."

If that's what kink shaming prevented, yeah, bring back kink shaming in public. It's only been in the past couple years people act that way. Before, they had sense.

>> No.10646938

Honestly. I’m an aiden and never really was a big tomboy. I just personally always felt more like an effeminate man than a woman. I have dysphoria, medically transition and still partake in jfashion but mostly just ouji at this point. There are lots of dumbass people claiming to be trans out there, but most of us just want to quietly live our lives.

>> No.10646945

>Does this look like a fucking munch?

>> No.10646950

she must be a britbong

>> No.10646974 [DELETED] 

I'm male, if I could live a hundred lives in a first-world country, I'd want to be female in all of those lives.

>> No.10646977

I'm male, if I could live a hundred lives in a first-world country, I'd want to be female in all of my lives.

>> No.10646978

Stop watching anime

>> No.10646980

welcome to periods

>> No.10647046

I read this post over my gf's shoulder
I've been attracted to gnc women my entire life (not just hot girls with short hair. masculine women. 3/4 women i've been with have had PCOS). In high school 3 or 4 girls I was talking with in a row ended up being gay. I never made a big deal about it just whined to my friends about how all the hot girls are gay until bi girls started talking to me
I think you're tilting at windmills but yes men are horny and evil and everything wrong with this world

>> No.10647101

Why does every doctor I've ever had ignore what I'm saying. Any and every problem I bring to my gp gets "well lets work on loosing some weight", motherfucker I've had day long headaches when I was a healthy weight. I have to pay to come back next month, do you think you could save us both some time and skip to step 2 of finding out what's wrong with me?
I tell my dentist my wisdom teeth are growing crooked "yeah they do that, that's normal" for six or seven years, then something clicked and I get them pulled. Now i tell him that there's holes in the sides of my teeth "oh that happens sometimes, your teeth must have been pushed together when they came in", IF THERE'S ALWAYS BEEN THESE INDENTS ON THE SIDES OF MY TEETH WHY DIDN'T YOU THINK TO TELL ME? DID THE YEARLY XRAYS NOT PICK THEM UP? What am I even paying for? Do I need to be loud or rude to get them to do what I'm paying them for? "Proper diet and exercise may reduce headaches" Did you alt tab out of epic to google that?
And while I'm having a seinfeld-esque meltdown, what's the deal with doctor's offices being open ONLY during business hours on weekdays? I shouldn't have to take off of work for this shit. Grocery stores aren't open 8-5, gas stations don't have a strict 7-3:30 schedule. I really need to get the dead moose out of my windshield but I want to have some PTO left for vacation and I can't get to the collision center during my lunch break. Shit, hospitals aren't closed after 5, if you're there overnight and you hit the nurse button you don't have to wait until 7:08 the next day when they've had their coffee.
Why's the world got to be fucking with me?

>> No.10647112

>Men literally think that there isn't a single problem in the world that they can't solve with their dicks.
If you have a problem, if no a man can help, and if you can get it....maybe you can hire The D-Team.

>> No.10647119

Literally why? Being a guy and doing macho hot blooded stuff is fucking awesome.

>> No.10647130

It's not just you Anon, I feel you on a spiritual level. When I was a young teenager (ages13-17) I was treated like a hypochondriac for visiting the gp so much because I just had the gut feeling something was wrong with me, was having tonsil stones, had bad breath even though I brushed my teeth religiously, my sleep was being super disturbed and I had zero energy as a kid, was told by doctor after doctor it was all in my head and that I was just depressed, come to find out after my OWN research, I had tonsils that were literally rotting out of my head, by the time I finally saw a fucking ENT after bitching to the first GP I saw about it the next time I got majorly ill from it, he told me I had a month to live if I didn't get them out the infection was gonna kill me, I was 18- It took me six years to get anyone to actually give a single shit.
Because of medical malpractice and ignoring the patient I almost died, funny thing is now I am becoming a naturopath doctor myself to try to stop that crap from happening to anyone else. Want to be one of the good ones who gives a shit and isn't just there to suck the titty of the insurance companies.

>> No.10647136

I literally can't stop starting to shit myself. I don't know what it is. I'll just be in my room doing stuff and my stomach starts to hurt so I change sitting positions and it feels a bit better. Later I then go to poop and see actual shit on my underwear. It's ruining my life

>> No.10647148

time to invest in some big boy pampers

>> No.10647195

Get a plug

>> No.10647237


>I had a terrible time in the healthcare system, it traumatized me and I nearly died
Seems about right, healthcare is pretty shitty
>so I'm going to contribute to the problem by saying fuck big pharma and instead going to big naturopathy, which is notorious for giving placebos and in some cases poisons and preys upon peoples' rightful fear of healthcare
.... yeah you played yourself.

>> No.10647245

I know it's hard but we're rooting for you Nonny

>> No.10647258

Yes you need to be loud and rude to them, unfortunately. Most doctors are dull know-it-alls who don't react to anything else

>> No.10647260

Have you ever seen a psychiatrist? You should see one

>> No.10647268
File: 66 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10647279


There are two types of man in the world. He is not the type who appreciates Super Robot Wars.

>> No.10647283
File: 301 KB, 1200x1601, Twitch mod discovers streamer is married_bd1430_6838388.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Always. Men will throw their money and attack other men for some pussy.

>> No.10647286

>there are a whole lot of other streamers who deserve my time and support
Retard scrotes like that never learn. Where are all these utter brainlets coming from?

>> No.10647293

there seems to be an epidemic of those
>simping is king shit, ok?
retards gonna retard

>> No.10647303

>Where are all these utter brainlets coming from?
From your mom's vagina if you are any indication.

>> No.10647313

more like your dad's gay ballsack

>> No.10647317

Classic female comeback. You try to copy your betters but you lack finesse.

>> No.10647318

stop having receptive anal sex lmao

>> No.10647323

Kek seething

>> No.10647324

also, just eat fruit and veggies, it helps, solid poops master race

>> No.10647325

Yours wasn’t very good either pal

Get a diaper you fool

>> No.10647326

Being a lolita is fine actually

>> No.10647327

>Literally why?
Two of many reasons are that I would be happier with my body if I was a beautiful woman, I would be able to wear nice feminine clothes such as dresses and look good in them.
>macho hot blooded stuff
Women and girls can do that as well.

>> No.10647329

>I would be able to wear nice feminine clothes such as dresses and look good in them.
Trolling or not you have clearly not spent enough time on this board

>> No.10647330

I cut out the part where I wasted years on psychologists and psychiatrists who, no surprise, didn't listen to what I was saying

>> No.10647353
File: 31 KB, 300x100, 1392567489558.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna see gang banging sweet lolita, blood or crip prefferably

>> No.10647355

>Women and girls can do that as well.
Instead they choose to be bitter and petty. Look at how happy wearing dresses has made them.

>> No.10647367

>I wanna see gang banging sweet lolita
Its pretty fun, but wear something that you're going to sell at a loss already or otherwise don't care about. Also, as fun as it sounds, the "special" milk tea doesn't work in real life. Otherwise yes, absolutely recommend it.
>blood or crip prefferably
Oh, that kind.

>> No.10647370

must be throwing gang signs too, guns are a plus

>> No.10647372

>the "special" milk tea doesn't work in real life.

>> No.10647380

>Oh, that kind.
what other kind were you thinking about?

>> No.10647382

this was written by a 13 year old.

>> No.10647388

Do you know them?

>> No.10647392

With lumiebre going out of business, I was able to finally justify getting some of their parasols. I'm really sad they're not going to be around anymore, but I'm also really excited to finally get my hands on some of their gorgeous pieces... Feeling conflicted.

>> No.10647430

You're literally everything wrong with the trans cult.

>> No.10647453

Stop being Islamophobic

>> No.10647557

I like to think I'm pretty racist but even I don't know what you mean by this

>> No.10647563

Sad my former simp squad either moved on or got girlfriends, I spread rumors about all of them in my local cosplay scene they aren't a part of, next con season should be fun to see those girls have a bad time. I'm moving soon so I won't ever have to deal with it.

>> No.10647582

Post proof or stop making low effort bait

>> No.10647588

>meet a girl who says she loves lolita fashion
>chinese lolita fashion
>hates prints
>loves those ita chinese "bridal" lolita dresses

>> No.10647589

Do girls like inexperienced guys? Asking for a friend hahahaha

>> No.10647593

Ew no

>> No.10647595 [DELETED] 

No. Hell, most women don’t even really like men. They just want a baby.

>> No.10647600

This, most women only put up with guys because they can provide something they want.

>> No.10647603

Oh yeah, if there's some thing I like it's a guy who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing and I have to explain everything to him. Plus there's the question of why he's still inexperienced, what he's doing so wrong that he's 18+ and has zero experience. Kinda creepy.

>> No.10647607

If you're still a virgin past 18 you should probably just give up on sex altogether because you're clearly a genetic dead end anyway

>> No.10647610

18 is a bit of a harsh cutoff, past 20 is definitely creepy. And after college? I don't even know what to say, I wouldn't be comfortable in being alone in the same room with them, that's for sure.

>> No.10647612

Yeah, at that point there's clearly something wrong with you and you should just stay away from women altogether
Learn to live without sex, hire a hooker or kill yourself, whateber you prefer, just don't go around being a creep to normal women

>> No.10647614

>hire a hooker
Why? Any creep can pay a woman to put up with him. If the only time you've had sex was because you paid for it, you still have non existent social skills.
For the incels seething, I'll explain it for you. You didn't grind to level 80, you bought a max leveled WoW account. Anyone who plays with you for minutes will know you're a fraud.

>> No.10647616

Because that's the only way they'll get to feel what it's like to put their penis in a vagina, dummy
If they so desperately can't live without knowing that the options are paying cold hard cash or becoming an hero, they're out of the gene pool either way

>> No.10647620

Are you a scrote or incredibly dense? Yeah you put your pp in her, congrats! Doesn't mean you know what to do with it, doesn't mean you know how to talk to women, doesn't mean you know how to function in society. Doesn't mean anything but you're a chump who'd rather pay than improve yourself before it's too late.

>> No.10647623

Why are you arguing as if I'm implying that putting their dick in a vagina suddenly won't make them incel losers anymore?
They had their shot and wasted it, nothing's gonna make them have a normal relationship at that point

>> No.10647629

not necessarily like, but it doesn't bother me

>> No.10647634

Literally not an issue, stop reading MRA bullshit.

>> No.10647689

man, I just really love lolita

>> No.10647697

I wish I had never been born

>> No.10647768

I like having a dick.

>> No.10647790
File: 115 KB, 599x401, lolistopclock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: FDS foreveralones

>> No.10647807

Just acquired AP’s Gloria jsk. I’m very excited to receive it. Feels good gulls

>> No.10647880

Cope all you want, you know you don't have a single rebuttal

>> No.10647912
File: 116 KB, 904x508, floch glock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have no fucking idea how men wanting to beat the shit of women and women wanting to get beaten up by men EVER became normalized
Because a good amount of women love that shit
Never got why anons here blame us scrotes when they're the ones wanting to be choked and shit

>> No.10647914

I knew a woman who browsed here alot, and was really interested in "Lolita" whatever that is and she ghosted me about 80 days ago. Eventually i wrote a letter to her on /r9k/ to get it out of me. And i broke down crying hard. Goodness i really loved her and if you're reading this. I'm sorry for everything, you don't deserve anything bad for you

>> No.10647920

To my Loveliest Dear, S i love you so much. You mean so much to me even after nearly 80 days on not talking to me. It's alright, I hope you are happy with your boyfriend and your family. Please be good to the people who love you. You weren't like anyone i had met before, you were special to me. You were a diamond in the rough. I have some regrets. I regret that i creep-ed you out. I also regret that i was being annoying to you. I also need to apologize for my behavior. You shouldn't have to deal with that ever again. You are so beautiful, and yet so intelligent at the same time. Though at times you made me think less of myself seeing your intelligence and how it made mine seem very small.You are probably one of the kindest people i have met online.I wish i could repay it back you I just want to let you know that i will always think of you.Goodbye S, i hope someone will cherish and value you. I love you so much. And it's tearing me apart not being able to talk with you anymore
Sincerely, C
(The Letter i wrote for her)

>> No.10647922

>If the only time you've had sex was because you paid for it, you still have non existent social skills.
or you actually have standards? Living in a state where 50% of people are obese or nearly obese is rough.

>> No.10647932

Judging by the replies it is

>> No.10647948 [DELETED] 

A girl from my comm is about to finish her 16 months in jail and I'm so excited to dress her up again.

>> No.10647949

Rebuttal to what? The weird-ass way you view other people?

Well adjusted women see you the way normal men look at incels. Get off FDS and get professional help. For your sake.

>> No.10647950

Dear C
I am going to enjoy watching my bf beat you to death if you ever come near me again.
Best wishes, S

>> No.10647951

I'm so sorry. Are you truly S?~C

>> No.10647973

Muh eff dee ess boogeyman

>> No.10647977

Read my article its literally not

>> No.10647982

let's put it in your scrote terms, if I'm diamond at lol i don't want to play with some bronze scrub who is constantly asking me for help and what to do. super unsexy. now a better question OP needs to be asking is, "am i desirable enough even with my inexperience for girls to want me?" the answer is probably no btw.

>> No.10648012

If you truly are S, please tell me what my religious beliefs are, and what music i was sending you

>> No.10648105

>religious beliefs are
>what music i was sending you
Insane Clown Posse

>> No.10648155

every time I see a male/coomer thread on /cgl/ I want to go out and stab the first man I see on the street

I remember when it wasn't like this, denmark was a crazy drama loving tripfaggot but at least she was a decent janny and didn't let coomers run riot

>> No.10648174

Not if you're above the age of 20. You can get away with being inexperienced at 18-19 because a lot of girls are then too, but after that, it's over for you.

>> No.10648176

There is nothing more repulsive to a woman. They see an inexperienced guy the same way you see some girl who got a train ran on her and has a body count of a hundred.

>> No.10648178

The point is to experience sex at least once before they die and to know what the experience is like. Obviously seeing a hooker will change nothing about them. They'll still be an incel afterwards and no woman will ever love them. However, personally, I think dying without ever touching a boob is the saddest life imaginable. Even if you have to pay for it, everyone has gotta experience it at least once to be a complete person.

>> No.10648180

Where else are you learning the word scrote? It's their word. Other parts of the internet have different slurs to call moids.

>> No.10648183
File: 188 KB, 1300x967, group-of-happy-pretty-laughing-girls-FXXE2K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm saying this with the utmost sincerity, you should consider suicide. If you even have to ask this question yourself, it's so over for you that nothing can be done. No one will ever love you. You will be alone till the day you die and will be a subject of hate and ridicule online. Your mere existence fills women the world over with disgust and rage. You are an aberration. A genetic anomaly. An abject failure of a person.

>> No.10648185
File: 683 KB, 1242x1745, straight women.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More women need to take the dyke pill.

>> No.10648250


What happened between the two of you?

>> No.10648252


Read the Book of Pook.

>> No.10648268

You're not S

>> No.10648273

No thanks, go back to your shitsite faggot

>> No.10648284

u can feel these ways without wanting to eat pussy though

>> No.10648289 [DELETED] 

Most of them yeah but no girl who actually enjoys lesbian porn is entirely straight

>> No.10648342

This is supposed to be the feels thread not the argue at bait thread god dammit every single time

>> No.10648352 [DELETED] 

It’s been like this since 2016. If you haven’t gotten over it by now you need to fuck off to some hugboxy website like fb

>> No.10648355

Bitch, who made you the moderation?

>> No.10648359 [DELETED] 

Did you have a stroke while writing this?

>> No.10648386
File: 95 KB, 480x640, a3371e48-949c-531d-b56e-04a9b36722ba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>order necklace with a fake watch charm like picrel
>SS puts it as a "clock" on customs form
>spends over a week in customs hell because they had to check for a lithium battery

>> No.10648392

LMFAO that's fucking weird though, did you just order one single thing so they felt like they had to describe it? It's always "secondhand goods" for me or "clothes" "jewelry", always nondescript af

>> No.10648429

nah, it was a decent sized order and everything else in it was marked pretty generically. I guess my SS hates me lol

>> No.10648437

You do want to eat pussy though. Patriarchy has brainwashed you to think otherwise and it's time to break the conditioning.

>> No.10648438 [DELETED] 

to be thinking any of these things you are either some kind of gay or asexual. ptxmv

>> No.10648439

to be thinking any of these things you are either some kind of gay or asexual.

>> No.10648479

Hire an escort or lower your standards.

The late Patrice Oneal disagrees with this retard.
This was a 400lb dude who was constantly fucking.

>> No.10648483

Naryt but I dislike eating pussy, I just do it so I might get sex

>> No.10648485

transition already

>> No.10648488

Not everyone is a slut like you

>> No.10648490

I do but most probably don't

>> No.10648492

Most of these probably just have a really low sex drive. Not uncommon for women

>> No.10648509

BDSM isnt always beating up your partner, geez. I like being dominated, and that usually just amounts to being held down and being told what to do etc. My husband has never hit me or tried to hurt me during sex and I would assume he would feel very bad if he did.

>> No.10648512

You have internalized misogyny. You are coping.

>> No.10648513

Internalize this dick

>> No.10648515


99% of this thread's posters will end up as a statistic in 5 years

incels and femcels just need to fuck already to save themselves

>> No.10648516

Lost my virginity at 27 and I'm getting married next year.
Doesn't matter what "women" like. Live for your own pleasure and ONLY your own pleasure.

>> No.10648526

Most women in these threads are married or in an LTR if they're not lesbians. In a way that's actually sadder. I can't imagine being in a relationship and yet devoting part of your day to arguing with incels a decade younger than you online. The day I get my life together is the day I never open this site again.

>> No.10648527

Same thing with the shocking number of FDS posters that are literally married. Clearly your marriage is totally fucked if you're spending all day on the Female Dating Strategy subreddit raging about scrotes. That's like if married men were frequenting incel forums.

>> No.10648532

>Lost my virginity at 27 and I'm getting married next year.
>Doesn't matter what "women" like. Live for your own pleasure and ONLY your own pleasure.
Thanks for proving my point. Someone who took that long is screwed up. You have no problem admitting to being selfish and not caring about the women you’re marrying. Congrats on being the 90%+ of guys who can’t get their girls off.

>> No.10648533

>once you’re married you should not be allowed to give advice to people who are in situations you have been in

>> No.10648537

And that's a good thing. Men aren't meant to be subservient. When I first broke out of inceldom, I was way too caught up with pleasing my partner.
It's disgusting and sickly behavior.

>> No.10648540

it's just venting from women who've been abused and mistreated by men for most of their lives. they finally have some form of security so they're not afraid of life knocking them down a peg for once.

everyone does it to some extent, especially people who frequent imageboards. just move on and pay them no mind. it's harmless. The thing to remember with these types of people, including incels, including pinkpillers/FDS, including even normalfags who've survived infidelity, is that even if they've crawled out of the pit, the damage is already done. the frustration that has followed them since their early teens will leave their indelible mark. even supposing that they find happiness in the future (which I frankly doubt), this will not be enough. nothing will ever be enough. in them, the wound is already deep; it will get deeper and deeper. an atrocious, unremitting bitterness will (if it already hasn't) end up gripping their hearts. for them, there will be neither redemption nor deliverance. that's how it is.

>> No.10648547 [DELETED] 

>disgusting and sickly
You're delusional and wrong if you use that word to describe pleasing your partner. I feel sorry for your wife for being married to you.

>> No.10648549

>disgusting and sickly
You're wrong for using those words to describe pleasing your partner. I feel sorry for your wife for being married to you

>> No.10648561

>they finally have some form of security so they're not afraid of life knocking them down a peg for once.
Some form being their husband.

>> No.10648571

Maybe im just a dyke but pleasing my partner is like the best part. I feel bad for whoever you've fucked

>> No.10648584

dear lord, I am so glad I'm a homosexual when men like this exist and are just out there in the wild. what a pathetic sack of shit- if you hate women that much, just date men.

>> No.10648593

What the fuck is the big deal surrounding the female orgasm. Even as a 15 year old with no idea what I was doing, I just shoved my fingers up there and that was enough to do the job. I don’t get it.

>> No.10648594

ITT: evidence why girls should just date girls

>> No.10648645

Yeah I don't really enjoy sex but I still make sure my partner is satisfied

>> No.10648649

This board is way too easy to bait, man.
Why are women like this?

>> No.10648650
File: 223 KB, 500x282, 3FAC0869-8FFD-4E9E-BE31-7BB5D067B385.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate when I win something on lacemarket and then the seller takes forever to invoice me. Do you want to sell the item to me or not?????

>> No.10648700

I literally only come here to drop bait and stir up shit. This is the easiest board on the entire site for that. Foids are so dumb lol

>> No.10648703

why not message them first though

>> No.10648845

Completely agree- and besides, I've shattered my brain and preferences with years of monster girl hentai. Regular girls are great and all, but I'd much rather be friends than physically violate them...

>> No.10648846

I dunno, my best friend simps for vtubers; including his actual gf, and they're doing great.

>> No.10648850

Personally, I think the saddest, most incomplete life is the one of someone who's never seen the view from the top of a mountain, or looking out onto the open sea. The world is beautiful, full of things more valuable than just following instincts.

>> No.10648948

>internalized misogyny
I love the cope of "all women who disagree with my opinion secretly hate themselves"

>> No.10649046

Kevin Samuels gives FDS shitters full blown bouts of PTSD.

>> No.10649049

>if you hate women that much, just date men.
That is unironically why these type of dudes chase femboys and trannys

>> No.10651798

holy shit the cluelessness in that pic

>> No.10651801

Microneedling and things that induce collagen.

>> No.10651806

Bitch you're the one wearing the spiked collar in public which denotes those fetishes. You're exposing people to bdsm shit in public and then trying to hide and say that you're not.
No one consented to you wearing kinky clothing in public to begin with.

>> No.10653894

>coomers call sex a bond between souls
>chris chan says the exact same thing about raping his mom

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