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Previous thread >>10644756

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Here comes a really dumb one, how do I adjust Neant Glass rings? The base itself is so thin and flimsy, and it's attached with a big blob of epoxy that prevents it from bending - see pic related. It just springs back into its original position whenever I try, I'm afraid I'll break it if I push any harder.

They're huge on my fingers, but I really want to wear them without being in fear of them falling off and shattering.

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Here comes a really dumb one, how do I adjust Neant Glass rings? The base itself is so thin and flimsy, and it's attached with a big blob of epoxy that prevents it from bending - see pic related. It just springs back into its original position whenever I try, I'm afraid I'll break it if I push any harder.

They're huge on my fingers, but I really want to wear them without being in fear of them falling off and shattering.

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why the fuck does malwarebytes keep thinking the angelic pretty site is riskware

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I'm sorry, this must get asked a lot in these threads. When Meta says ETA, how accurate is that? I bought Twinkle Journey which says June-July but the status is still 'fulfillment'

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Just got AaTP ivory x red OTKs. Reds don't match the intended dress, but vaguely goes with AaTP Charme de Rouge. Dress has white lace/base instead of ivory. Passable or just sell the socks?

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Have you tried gently bending it with pliers?

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Honestly in terms of matching, colors on the leg being slightly darker usually aren't that noticeable unless you have a bright light shining on your legs. If it were bright white on the legs and ivory on the dress, then yes. But otherwise, it should be passable. Things don't need to always match 100%. That's a newfaglita rule.

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Though if you have that many patches of grey/cool tones on the dress, then ivory will clash.

Sorry, didn't look at the background to the sock.

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Reposting from last thread:

Has anyone else has problems with La Poste and shipping from AP Paris to the United States recently?

>package 1 shipped on the 20th
>package 2 shipped on the 21st
>package 2 gets delivered to me in the US on the 28th
>package 1 has not left France
>has two delivery attempts, in France
>now says it's will be made available at the post office (29th), in France

I'm contacting AP Paris again because I'm beyond confused. They already called La Poste before and confirmed it's an international package and should be waiting for a plane to the US. But the tracking continues to get more concerning.

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Holy shit you are so autistic. First you shit up the AP thread and now because you didn’t get the attention you wanted you’re posting in ANOTHER stupid questions thread? I hope your packages get lost forever and you get banned from AP when you try and get your money back

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They sent me an email a few days ago that it has arrived and they are preparing to ship them

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I bought something on lacemarket and it smells really disgusting. Fortunately it wasn't expensive. I'm not sure what to do in that situation. Should I mention it in my review? Is this reason for a negative review?

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Dm the seller and say it was undisclosed, ask for a partial/full refund. If they don’t correct their wrongs then negative review but it’s nice to give them a chance to fix things

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It's worth messaging the seller directly before a review. Years ago I sold a shirt I used as a sleeping shirt at my boyfriend's (and he's a smoker) and I washed it thinking it was fine, just to find out I was noseblind and it reeked. Now I'm extra careful to do laundry as soon as I leave his place and vinegar soaks for anything that I think caught the scent.

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Thank you! Their email must have went to my spam folder or something.

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How good are Aurora and Ariel petticoats?

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They're probably stressed out about their $30 item too lmao

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Can't tell you how well they hold up over time if you're planning on daily, but construction and poof is great for the price for occasional wear.

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Can anyone share a site that has general going prices for brand dresses?

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To add on to this, I find Lace Market's navigation annoying so when I'm trying to find completed listings I type site:egl.circlly.com before the item name in Google

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Is it me or LM is kinda buggy sometimes?

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Thank you!

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What do you do if the dress you're looking for isn't listed?

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check Japanese sites and search for sold listings, search the google shopping tab, most listings will be sold ones and you can go to the main site and see what date it sold

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You really checking that tracking at the top of every hour aren't you

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if i'm going to cosplay a character should i be able to, theoretically beat that character in a fight?

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How does Taobao have so many bodyline rocking horseshoes when they are sold out?

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Because they aren't produced by bodyline

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reposting from last thread :

I don't really know where to ask this but does anybody know an english/non japanese only forum or discord type place for talking about takarazuka revue ? There is a forum for the wikia but it seem dead I remember seeing threads a long time ago on cgl.

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Can some kind anon please tell me how to hang up OPs like Baby's Dessert OP and Hawase doll?

No matter how I try to configure clothespins the elastic seems to have a bit of pull.

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I drape them by the waist over the lower bar of the hanger. Or you could sew in some hanger loops using a bit of ribbon.

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does risa ever wear lolita fashion outside of modeling?

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pretty sure she doesn't

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I have the same problem. I gently bend them every time I use them. Over time it's helped. I do wish they seemed less breakable though.

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Reposting from last thread.

How is the fit of VW leather RHS? I have the Melissa ones in a 40 and they fit ok, just wondering if the originals run small or big or if they're true to size? I don't have particularly wide feet or anything, just a little long. Would like to get a pair but I'll have to order them and I don't want to get the wrong size.

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No, because you would be an inferior copy of the original.

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Are Melikestea petticoats worth the price? I’m thinking about getting either the A-line poofmonster or Rose petticoat, I’d love to hear some opinions on those ones if anyone has them.

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Is there anywhere besides Facebook and Instagram to post photos and interact with other lolitas? Please don't say Amino. I was surprised to see that lookbook.nu is still around but there aren't many lolitas still posting there.

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Is there any good English/Western community or site for nanchatte seifuku? I only ever see discussion on this board and even that's barely existent. Any content from buying tips/guides, reviews, sharing outfits, etc. would be appreciated

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so I just ordered an outfit with custom measurements for the first time. my hip measurement is about 37-38 (I'm assuming it's supposed to go around my butt) but I put 39 on the form. what's the likelihood it will end up being too big? should I have made it a bit smaller?

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they definitely are to me, they're highly customizable and made very professionally, i ordered a rose petticoat from them recently and it gives me the same floof that i got by stacking three regular tulle pettis and if you have it made in voile it won’t sag or deflate throughout the day.

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I don’t know any sorry, i’m not sure any really exist since it’s not a complicated fashion and nothing has really evolved or changed since 10 years ago.
I can help with some things since i used to be into it! Eastboy is great quality has really nice coats that are cheap secondhand. I have one and it’s warm and comfy.

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Usually the people making clothes (lady sloth, glitteratale, etc.) request you use your actual measurements. If your hip is one cm too big it might not make a huge difference on some garments but if it is supposed to be fitted there it could end up being loose or bunching strangely.

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No, but a long time ago neither did misako. Her daily style was milk, ETC and other Lolita-adjacent brands

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I want to buy some non-plastic drawers that are shallow for accessories. I want them to fit those accessory organizers for lolita things and make it easier to find things. Is there a name for this type of furniture. I have only found Sterilite type drawer systems.

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tumblr? but over half the posters are genderspecial itas. twitter as well, but same problem. or find a discord server that doesn't suck.

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I recently completed a linen dress of a medieval cut. I drafted the pattern (squares, slits, plus S shape arms) from a tutorial on the Handcrafted History blog.

I have a problem with the fit. Either the arms are pulling the shoulder seams back, or my big tits are pushing them up/back. Pulling ut down doesn't work, as it returns up when I move about. This makes my neck hole rest lower in the back and higher in the front. I'm not strangled by any means. It's just covering my collarbones when I wish it didn't.

If I were to fix this by cutting the neck hole deeper in the front, would that be okay? I'm afraid of it sliding even further back... Does it sound safe?

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There are like 3 ok lolitas on tumblr and the rest are either genderspecial or can't dress themselves. Twitter is a shit format for photos and I just don't like the general atmosphere there. I guess I was secretly hoping for something Lacebook-like that was fashion or specifically lolita focused, but it seems like that just isn't a thing anymore...oh well.

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This would probably be better suited in the handmade thread, but you probably need to redraft your bodice entirely rather than try to make a completed garment work. Always make a muslin first to check for fit issues when you have a new pattern

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I had this problem too. They're still plastic, but there are nicer looking ones like this at The Container Store. They're like a nicer clear plexiglass?

>> No.10654094

Maybe a lingerie dresser? Alternatively, I use an Ikea Helmer office drawer to store some things and that's a similar shape.

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When do Baby US and JP stock neko kumyas? I haven't seen one ever. Are they special release items?

>> No.10654151

Clear acrylic looks nice and is sturdier than the plastic Sterilite etc are made from. Also check out jewelry armoires

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There's a discord but even that's pretty dead. You sometimes see some content on insta but that's it.

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Looking for a good Japanese fabric/ribbon shop that has an online storefront. I remember someone posting a link to one that carries those sturdy satin ribbons brands use forever ago, but can't seem to find it in the archive.

>> No.10654199

lolibrary has it up as they were only rereleased once in 2019

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Where can I find good quality fabric roses? One of my Baby headdresses is missing both that originally came with it and I'd like to replace them, but all I can find is organza/ribbon flowers or aliexpress tier garbage made of paper. The original ones feel like velveteen or some kind of flocked material.

>> No.10654242

They just released one as part of the Petit Chat Blanc collection, but it was limited for Grand Bazar iirc

>> No.10654244

Someone just posted one on fril but it's 50,000 yen

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Is there an Otome no Sewing volume that has a bustier pattern? If not, where could I find a good pattern? I'm a complete novice, but really want to try making one.

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found a really cute dress I want but I'm too tall to fit in it (I'm like 180cm and dress length is 90cm)
do any other tall lolitas have recommendations for good quality long petticoats/underskirts that can "extend" the length of the dress?

>> No.10654304

I have the same problem. I have one underskirt from SouffleSong (taobao) which is pretty nice quality but I got it second hand and am not sure if they still make them. I really need more underskirts! I saw axes femme kawaii did some that I think are cute but it's almost all sold out: https://shop.axesfemme.com/kawaii-%e3%83%9f%e3%83%87%e3%82%a3%e3%83%95%e3%83%aa%e3%83%ab%e3%83%9a%e3%83%81%e3%82%b9%e3%82%ab%e3%83%bc%e3%83%88/brandproduct/kawaii/0/TS287X02S/?cat=270&swrd=

Hoping other tall-litas can help us out!

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Can i purchase things from fril with buyee?

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>lolita (the book) is seen as feminist masterpiece in japan
>which is also why lolita is called lolita because it's an immoral existence/as in, people owning their sexuality (and choosing not to)
Are these claims legit/true? Blocked out names to avoid drama.

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Wtf no

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a discord server would be the specifically lolita focused thing you want.

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Who’s the lolita on etsy that makes these kinds of headdresses? She’s asian and she used to have creepy looking pics of her wearing these. I want to buy some, but i can’t find the shop anymore. I think her name was junivel or something

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her shop is temp closed rn

>> No.10654363

definitely not, the reason it's called lolita is because of the association with the kind of romanticism of purity and innocence the book has/had.

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Are you sure? >>10654327

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Just use the bodice part of a JSK pattern and add a ruffle at the bottom or something. Pattern drafting really isn't that hard either. There are plenty of good youtube videos out there on the topic. Buy several yards of muslin to experiment with and start with a basic bodice block.

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Late reply but if you're still here, I'm wondering if you could offer some thoughts on skirts? They're the thing that I'm low on and I'm having trouble finding any anecdotes for best quality.
Also I don't know what country you're from, but since I'm moving to USA soon I'd like to learn what the best way to go about buying nanchatte stuff in the west would be, as admittedly I'm not super familiar with it.
Thanks for any help!

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Yep I’m around a lot!
I’ll also have to say eastboy for skirts.I am in the USA. The best way to get nanchatte stuff is either thrift vintage, or use shopping services like fromjapan/buyee to buy secondhand from japan. Secondhand eastboy is so cheap too, and since they were made to actually be worn and used daily, it’s good stuff.
General jfash brands like axes femme, fint, and yumetenbo also have cute nanchatte friendly plaid skirts. I think the quality for all those is quite good too, but the material tends to be thinner

>> No.10654488

thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep an eye on soufflesong and axes femme
after digging through the archive I saw lady sloth and peacockalorum being recommended too but I haven't heard much about either regarding their quality, maybe diying it and sewing something would be the best option

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Smoking inside is fucking gross. This is coming from a smoker that used to smoke inside. Tell him to stop! Your whole universe will smell like that shit.

>> No.10654493

No, you would need an ss.

>> No.10654495

Not anymore. Buyee added fril but it's listed as Rakuma

>> No.10654496

sorry this is a really newbie question
normally I buy secondhand but I want to buy something directly from a brando website - would I do this using a shopping service? which one would be the best to use? and what is the shipping situation to the US? the last few things I ordered from japan shipped via ems took almost a year to get to me and one is still missing...

>> No.10654498

Wow! Good to know, thanks anon!

>> No.10654499

Which brand are you buying from? They're all different, some ship internationally, some don't

>> No.10654500

it's a good quality indie brand, they don't ship internationally and recommend tenso for overseas customers

>> No.10654509

If they recommend Tenso then why are you asking about shopping services? What's the brand and why are you evading telling us the name?

>> No.10654512

don't use tenso or buyee.

>> No.10654526

Are there other proxy shopping/forwarding services you recommend anon?

Also, will my credit card company or AP JP have issues processing payments due to the inability to put a non JP billing address?

>> No.10654527

sorry not trying to evade on purpose brand is andromeo and I'm asking because I've seen some gulls on here saying to not use tenso like >>10654512
I just don't want to waste any money for something that'll never actually make its way to me when I could instead buy something secondhand like I've been doing
thank you for the heads up, any reason why I should avoid those two in particular?

>> No.10654634

no idea what server that is but it's none of the ones I'm in. looks like some retarded local comm server.

>> No.10654635

try FromJapan.

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Unless you're wearing classic, underskirts look bad 98% of the time. Either own the short length or find a longer dress.

>> No.10654657

What SS would you recommend for a fairly frugal person? I don't care if it takes forever to ship, all I care about is my wallet

>> No.10654671

Does Closetchild respond quickly to inquiries? I didn't want to miss out on an item and had no time to change my address to a Tenso one, but Japan is still only shipping to my location via surface mail. I already contacted them about changing it, but still worried they might not see my email before the 10th.

>> No.10654687

Also wondering why you're warning anon against using Tenso

>> No.10654710

Every time I've emailed them about something they've responded within 24 hours. (Can't remember if that applies to weekends as well)

>> No.10654747

unfortunately I can't really get away with wearing short length since I'm all legs, it'd be way too revealing
finding dresses that even come close to my knees is a struggle

>> No.10654767

There's always longer bloomers that you could look into wearing underneath too! I got a 70cm long pair that really help.

>> No.10654893

I haven't seen many coords aside from classic and maybe some old school that pull off peeking bloomers so I'm a bit hesitant to try it out but I'll browse around and try to find something that'll look good with the dress
I'm just worried about them looking ita but I suppose that would be better than having a dress that is too revealing lol

>> No.10654938

Thanks a lot I really appreciate the input! I guess the only other question I have would be, is there anything in particular that you would recommend getting from somewhere else other than Eastboy? Or are they #1 in all areas? I briefly looked at some secondhand listings and they seemed pretty abundant, so I don't mind sticking with one brand if they're really that good.

>> No.10654944

The theory doesn't match the book. Lolita was a sexualized child who was abused by a man who was sexualized as a child. Lolita wasn't in control of her life or sexuality at all; merely existed used and abused.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1125x1503, 4BFD1BBB-0077-4389-A450-A1C940319D63.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is this a thing? I thought modern print replicas didn't exist. Is it original fabric one of the factories Baby uses decided to sell?

>> No.10655085

They do. You just don't know about them, since it's pretty localized to China a lot.

>> No.10655089

It clearly isn't the original cause it's poly and Kumya's Sweet Ice Cream is cotton. Definitely replica. Which is weird because the original sells for not too much over retail even on LM so the price difference of a replica is probably not worth it. The difference in fabric alone will make it obvious it's a replica and you'd be shunned.

>> No.10655090

It says it's 100% cotton in the item description, not sure why there's poly in the title

>> No.10655091

>the price difference of a replica is probably not worth it
lolita is not extremely costly to make, it's only expensive because it's a niche fashion, you're paying more for exclusivity than quality.

>> No.10655106

Tbh, you know the majority of us don't always post online. We all still have replicas from the replica days, and likely you do too of something other than a print.

Seriously, guys. Get the fuck over the replica hate. I understand not flaunting the prints but no one is shunning anyone.

>> No.10655111

When will my ivory Kumya's sweet icecream JSK II come back from the war.... I never see it come up

>> No.10655114

I honestly never got some of the financial issues with replicas everyone seems to have. Brand loyalty coupled with replicas catering to an outside market made them pretty harmless. If anything replicas are a good business tool because it shows the brand the demand they are missing. Brands should have had a clue they could profit off of things like bigger or taller sizes based on replica sales, but in the end it's their choice who to market to. Poorfags who buy replicas were never the market for brands anyway because they would never buy from the brand directly. You only see replicas with popular brands and items and they only appear because the demand is not being met for the item. Defunct brands like putumayo never had replicas, replicas are a sign of popularity and demand outweighing supply.
My issue with replicas is that they bring down the community because of the people they cater to. People who can't afford brand, don't fit in brand, or want something so bad they will betray the brand to buy a fake instead of something else the brand makes don't belong in the community. You don't have to like brand to be a lolita, but buying replicas clearly means you like brand. People who buy replicas are entitled, there's no reason the community should cater to anyone entitled like this, we shouldn't be so afraid to be elitist and gatekeep some more.

>> No.10655117

I definitely don't own any replicas despite being in the fashion for a while. I don't shun anyone personally but the community at large dislikes replicas irl and online; better to warn someone so they don't end up getting shit talked or ostracized than pretend everyone is okay with replicas just because some people are.
If it really is poly rather than cotton, the quality as in feeling of the material and its physical characteristics as well as the general definition of quality is going to be different. They're just two different materials. Although if what >>10655090 said is true then maybe it is cotton, but BABY tends to have a specific texture to their cotton that if this material doesn't also have, it will still look off unless it's legitimately leftover factory material or a replica that's super committed to accuracy.

>> No.10655118

>We all still have replicas from the replica days
speak for yourself lol

>> No.10655120

I get what you're saying but the financial argument is kind of weak. You're saying those people who buy replicas never would have bought from the brand in the first place...but then claim that the replica makers are satisfying demand for the brand items that there aren't enough of. That is kind of contradictory because that demand never existed if people buying replicas really wouldn't have bought brand even if the replicas weren't there.

I agree that people who knowingly buy print replicas or obvious design replicas (like the BTSSB babydoll dress) are behaving in a bit of an entitled way though and that attitude tends to come off as annoying in a lot of ways in the lolita community (entitlement to certain sizes, colors, or just the item or print in general).

>> No.10655121

Contrary to what both of you are saying, those replicas back in the day actually raised the price of the real ones being sold second hand. Because it showed demand for the print. A lot of those same prints are still pretty high. People who buy replicas, also buy brand.

>> No.10655124

And now you have AP spitting out the same print over and over again in MTOs, so sure the brand is getting the money now but your pieces are now more devalued. /shrug

Are you really speaking from the perspective of actual brand loyalty or are you speaking from the perspective of selfish brand ownership? lmao.

Really the only thing I care about is brands actually making shoes and purses with higher quality or even AP improving it's current shit quality for their dresses. I shouldn't be able to compare a taobao dress print to AP prints.

>> No.10655127

The replicas didn't raise the secondhand price, the demand for the real print did, which would exist regardless of the replicas. Nothing you just said made any sense.

Most people buying replicas nowadays are doing so because of price or size so they never would have bought that piece from the brand. People who buy replicas might buy brand, or they might just only buy replicas so long as they're available.

>> No.10655129

>sure the brand is getting the money now but your pieces are now more devalued
Real lolitas wearing their clothes care more about opportunities to own the pieces they want than how much they can sell their shit for secondhand. Having a valuable collection is a cool bonus but most of us just want to wear the clothes.

>> No.10655130

I'm the OP and if you read more closely, you'll see that I mentioned it was a market the brand was choosing not to sell to. It is still a market that is demanding the product, that's why they are willing to buy a replica of it. The brand doesn't choose who wants their product, they choose who gets it.

>> No.10655131

The demand was increased by people who bought replicas wanting to own the real print. I literally watched the prices back when the replicas came to be a thing for those very same prints.

That's like claiming that all piracy for movies is bad, despite the fact that a lot of people who pirate things actually will go and buy the things they enjoyed. That's the same fact with lolita.

To argue that they would have never bought the brand piece in the first place is a lie based off of literally no statistics or data. Anytime I've seen any active member of the community say they bought a replica, they wanted the real print. It increased demand and thus the price second hand. Please either know what the fuck you're talking about or have some data to back it up, next time. I actually was around when replicas flooded the market and watched the demand increase for those actual same pieces. Otherwise your milky-chan would have never been worth jack shit, because no one liked that ugly ass fucking print.

>> No.10655142

>Defunct brands like putumayo never had replicas

lol Cat in the Window was literally one of the first big replicas

>> No.10655155

>a market the brand was choosing not to sell to

The brand can't afford to sell to people who can't afford their items, this is a moot point as AP isn't going to run itself into the ground just so cheapskates can own their brand. Size issues are a different story but most sweet brands have plus sized options even if not for every single print and you can always alter. It goes back to entitlement. The brand sells to whoever will buy it on their site, it's not like AP bans poor people from saving up and buying their dresses or fat people from buying two and altering. AP is not refusing to sell to them, replica buyers are refusing to buy from the brand or secondhand.

>> No.10655157

>a lie based off of literally no statistics or data
your claim is literally the same though' it's anecdotal. and YOU or another anon are the one who said they were never going to buy the real thing so it's not hurting the brand. stop flip flopping.

>> No.10655158

>all piracy for movies is bad, despite the fact that a lot of people who pirate things actually will go and buy the things they enjoyed.

Movie industry is a way bigger industry than lolita fashion brands anon, plus all piracy is illegal still, just like print replicas are all illegal. Most people pirating movies are not going to go buy it kek, especially these days when a lot of people will literally pirate a movie or show because they want to hate watch it and not give the creator they morally disagree with the money for it. It's like when people watch content reuploads of stuff from shitty youtube creators to avoid giving the original creator ad revenue from their views.

>> No.10655163

we get it, you prostituted yourself for angelic pretty

>> No.10655170

this has been driving me insane as well!!

>> No.10655173

I literally went to art school and can still afford AP and could with a part time job as a teen in college, not even one of those people with a cushy STEM job. Most middle/maybe lower middle class people can afford brand, especially the better stuff that was released pre-2020 sweet boom secondhand. No shame to sex workers but you don't have to strip or be a prostitute to afford lolita; it's not as crazily priced as high fashion brands/luxury stuff, and it's easy enough to save up for or plan for releases and balance that with other hobbies and stuff.

If you're really poor maybe don't buy replicas and just go with the nicer mid range taobao stuff. Or buy a brand besides AP secondhand, I actually buy more BABY than AP first and secondhand. You can also wait to wear lolita or handmake things if you already have some sewing skill and a good eye for thrifting materials.

>> No.10655176

If you think you need to prostitute yourself to afford 250 dollar items, that's very sad for you. I don't own any non brand items and I'm lower middle class. I just budget well, and don't waste money on transient items, like drugs or alcohol. Why would I waste money on taobao or replica, when after you account for the fees, taxes and shipping, it's not even that much cheaper than buying brand anyway. Don't lash out at others because you can't make better decisions for yourself, that's almost as ugly as a cheap replica.

>> No.10655179

you can buy ap for less than $100 if you have any kind of job and don’t waste all your money on other junk you can afford that

>> No.10655200

How do I revive my organza petticoat? It's formed these weird flat folds from washing and wearing, doesn't give nearly as much volume anymore and has a slightly misshapen silhouette

>> No.10655203

Forgot to mention, I store it bunched up really tight in a small garment bag for traveling. Could that be reducing its lifespan as well?

>> No.10655206

I have something from AP that's so damaged that I wan to just throw it out, but maybe someone will want it? But shipping for this particular item would be so expensive. What do...

>> No.10655212

Post it in BST here for cheap/shipping only?

>> No.10655213

You list it. Someone wants that AP rhinestone encrusted dumb bell set and will kill a man for it.

>> No.10655225
File: 314 KB, 500x600, 3887AF8A-5789-4689-AD02-F1A4D3CED867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No problem!
I just go to eastboy for all my nanchatte needs. as its so good for specifically nanchatte, that i havent needed to look elsewhere. I think there are a few other brands on a similar level that have been mentioned here before, but i can’t remember the names.
Angelic pretty is lolita, but they have done some cute nanchatte friendly cardigans and skirts if you want to spice it up. most recently with their bunny college series. The quality is nice but you would pay a lot for the cute design.

>> No.10655231

fuck, I really really like this

>> No.10655236
File: 1.93 MB, 1280x1488, super_smash_bros_ultimate_byleth_male_render_by_leadingdemon0_ddoh1em-fullview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna try cosplay as a hobby, and I was told that for my first costumes I should buy it online or commission someone to make it
where would I even look for people who make outfits for game characters

>> No.10655238

Japanese brands include Eastboy, Conomi, Kuri-Ori, to name a few. Kanko, which produces official uniforms for Japanese schools has also released it's own nanchatte line as well.

>> No.10655285

Wondering how many lolitas have actually done that

>> No.10655297

That sounds expensive as hell to do. Just pick a simple character design for your first costume, you can fudge it, use low cost materials, etc. It won't look like a professional has done it, but you can get a feel for the hobby, if it is for you, without sinking too much cash in it.

>> No.10655302

This. Get a feel of it first instead of in 3sting head to toe in expensive shit.

>> No.10655304

*instead of investing.

>> No.10655345

Making something yourself is much more fun also imo

>> No.10655347

Try hanging it upside down by the innermost layer for a few days

>> No.10655391

I have a cutsew question. I'd like to get a maxicimam cutsew, but I have a bust that is too big for their normal size, and way too small for their plus size line.

Is it better to get a cutsew that is 10 cm too small, or 15 cm too big ?
AP cutsews looked fine on me, but they were too short to be worn with a skirt.

>> No.10655398

They have English language social media, maybe try asking them directly? Otherwise hopefully another anon has an answer for you

>> No.10655399

Will stuff on LM eventually sell if you lower the price enough?

>> No.10655401

It's better to get bigger because it may still be possible to get it tailored/taken in to fit. A garment that starts off too small won't have the allowances to be sized up.

>> No.10655406

Anon, it's a cutsew, there is no tailoring involved

>> No.10655419

When people post their coords and call it something like "coord for doing stuff around the house" do they actually mean they put on a full coord to clean their house or is it more like i'm wearing some of the pieces at home today but i put on all the accessories for a picture?

>> No.10655420

Thanks for your answers. i've read the description of several cutsews designs, not only the one I wanted, and I've seen that the normal ones, usually listen as 86cm, can go up to 100 cm in bust.
Also the plus sized ones aren't longer, and sleeves are the same lenght.
I'll go for normal size.

>> No.10655475

I am sure it depends on the person, but yeah. Sometimes I put my clothes on and just work on stuff. I am not going to be scrubbing the floors or something messy, but I wear my clothes in my daily life.

>> No.10655657

How hard is it to switch from gothic to sweet style?

>> No.10655666

onlyfans is a thing, it's easier than ever

>> No.10655702

I think goth -> sweet is easier than sweet -> goth.

Your blouses should be fine for the most part with sweet and shoes don't really matter that much, contrary to the tea party-pluggers. I think most shoes that get used for lolita in general work fine with sweet.

>> No.10655705

I haven't seen any MAM cutsews in person, but when I got my first AP cutsew I looked at it and said "there's no way that's fitting my boobs" and it was fine. 10 cm isn't much of a stretch for most knit fabrics. Please report back in the lolita general and let us know how you like it because I've been eyeing some of their cutsews myself!

>> No.10655715

Are there any tricks to overcome blouses that almost fit but have a button gap? I have a lot of blouses and cardigans where nearly everything is perfect but I just can't seem to avoid a really prominent gap in the chest area. Sometimes I can choose a larger size but then it seems like it fits nowhere except the chest (shoulders are too wide, blouse is unusually long, waist is extra boxy). Neither option pairs particularly well with a skirt.
I have a 10" difference between waist and bust, 8" difference between underbust and bust. Is that considered a lot? Or is there maybe another possible source to this issue? Any troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated!

>> No.10655717

An 8" difference between bust and underbust is pretty big, that's like an H cup. A quick google search for fixing gaping buttons includes advice like using a safety pin or fashion tape to secure it in place

>> No.10655718

Short of binding your chest a bit, you have a couple options: 1) get a size that will fit your chest and tailor the rest to fit you right 2) add more anchoring points to the button area. Invisible snaps between buttons will close of most of that gabbing and decrease the stress on fabric holding the buttons.

>> No.10655720

Suggestions I've seen but haven't tried myself with varying degrees of permanence/effectiveness:
extra buttons on inside of placket
safety pins
add back shirring if possible
add side panels and waist ties to bring in at waist so you don't look like a box

>> No.10655747

how retarded would i be if i machine washed my gothic lolita on delicate cycle cold/cold, and then hang dry?
Most of my things aren't delicate or lacey. Just a lot of VM, IW, and meta. I have a few moitie print pieces though that i'm not sure about machine washing at all?

>> No.10655755

Get a mesh garment bag and you're good to go

>> No.10655777

I would rather stick a knife up my vag than try to figure out why taobao hates me sm, no matter how many guides I look for.

Use my phone number: security risk, account permanently frozen
Use my email address: security risk, account permanently frozen
Use my phone number to make Alipay account to use taobao: security risk, account permanently frozen
Use Google voice phone number to make another Alipay account: security risk, account permanently frozen
Use random Chinese phone number generator: security risk, account permanently frozen

What am I doing wrong here gulls? The only thing I haven't tried is using my passport for real-name verification on my Alipay account, and that's just because it's expired. I'm sorry if I seem like a newfag but I literally just want to browse and I can't do that without an account. Any advice at all is appreciated.

>> No.10655778

When does AP release new items? Unsure of the what time it will be in Japan.

>> No.10655805

Usually it’s 12pm Japan time on Friday

>> No.10655817

Eh I had that too until I logged in on the App. I also went to China and set it up in China while under a Chinese IP, so that might be the block.

>> No.10655828

I've made an account here in the US. Not sure what the issue is

>> No.10656969

When is the latest that baby ships reservations? The eta for trump cards alice was mid to late july, and I haven't gotten any update on it yet.

>> No.10656986

How to people know what Angelic Pretty MTOs are coming or stay on top of their news in general?

>> No.10657047

I ordered trump cards from the jp site to the U.S. on jun 11, and it shipped out on jun 16.

>> No.10657070

Social media, like everything else these days.

>> No.10657092

Does Antaina have a design similar to Baby's honey cross shoes?

>> No.10657093

Is it really gross to sell items with very minor yellowing on the armpit area? :/

>> No.10657103

When is AP US going to get HC?

>> No.10657109

I think it's fair to sell/buy as long as it's noted in the description, which leaves it to the buyer to decide on the ick level.
Personally I'd be grossed out and I wouldn't buy it, but I'd definitely be asking for my money back if the seller never mentioned it in the listing.

>> No.10657116

It’s okay but it should be stated and the price should reflect that

>> No.10657127
File: 67 KB, 527x740, udejtwouuamtzcjkumofywzsdxvkapkaagzeywjp-740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What design did Jessica Nigri base her blood elf cosplay of? I've seen some other cosplayers with this design so either someone copied or its from an artwork.
I honestly like the design, not trying to start drama.

>> No.10657130

I've bought an item off wunderwelt a year ago and didn't pay for the shipping. I'm paying the shipping when ems starts shipping to my country.
Is it OK?

>> No.10657158

Sorry noob here, but do people generally like an item on LM because they intend on bidding on it at some point, or do likes mean nothing?

>> No.10657179

What are you asking? If wunderwelt says it’s fine then it’s fine

Likes mean nothing. I like stuff if i wanna buy it but am waiting for the seller to reduce price, which it notifies you if you liked the item

>> No.10657183

Too big you can alter down pretty easily, too small is much harder to size up, as a fat person with alteration experience. Go with larger.

>> No.10657209

If it's an auction it can be an indication. If it's a buy it now listing it's more likely to be >>10657179

>> No.10657216

A lot of the time, I Like things I'm not planning to buy anytime soon just because I want to see how much it will sell for so I know for future reference.

>> No.10657228

For antique beast, when orders open up and the item has a ‘pick up’ sign next to it, what does that mean?
would she ship international or is that item only available for pickup in person?

>> No.10657312

Do you even know what a cutsew is? You don't alter t-shirts and 10cm really isn't that much for a cutsew to stretch. A baggy cutsew would look much worse than a fitted one. Please make sure you know what you're talking about before answering so confidently.

>> No.10657334

Not the anon but you can alter tshirts, so it would really be up to their preference. Personally, I think a cutsew that fits your measurements/is tailored to your measurements will look better than a cutsew stretched out by an extra 10cm.

>> No.10657358

A stretched out cutsew is still going to look worse than a properly fitted one and it still wears down on the seams and stitching much faster than a properly fitted or loose one, aesthetics aside. If you're confident in your sewing skills, you'll know how to size down a larger cutsew and make it look nice before you answer.

>> No.10657378

any shops have any good (or tolerable) taobao blouses for gothic? preferably cotton, or at the very least, not chiffon/transparent.

additionally, any nice-ish taobao aristocrat/longer dresses?

>> No.10657380

could you tailor gussets to your blouses? that'll permit for more chest room, and if done properly no one will be able to tell either.

>> No.10657401

Is it tacky to wear a dress from one brand into the store of a other, even if I'm visiting both stores in one day?

>> No.10657438

If you're buying shit from both stores who cares. Also, who cares regardless lmao. Do people expect you to change outfits to the respective brand before entering said shop?

>> No.10657441


>> No.10657473

How do I look at the AP lookbook that apparently sucks ass

>> No.10657478

Recently moved in the US, I want to sell some of my Lolita stuff. Is there any process in the mail to send stuff nation wide?
In my native country we needed to declare the value of what are gonna send away.

>> No.10657494

Domestically, no.

>> No.10657521

Buy it?

>> No.10657533

Where? Their website?

>> No.10657589

Scans have been posted in the Ap thread. You can also buy it ofc

>> No.10657598

i can't sew yet. where are good cosplays bought these days?

>> No.10657642

If I posted a pic of two pokemon shirts I got at AX 2019 would someone be able to find them online? I searched everywhere with no luck

>> No.10657679

I’ve never bought from Bodyline before but I saw something cute and decided I would. The only option listed is “Rapid Delivery” and its 27 fucking dollars. rhat’s more expensive than the item I’m trying to buy itself, there’s no reason for me to spend $50 on a mediocre quality seifuku. Is this just how it is? Do they do sales or free shipping ever? Soz for autism

>> No.10657698

shipping anything from japan is like $25, minimum, unfortunately. Shit's expensive. they do sales on occasion

>> No.10657699

I ordered the first time from them in june and haven’t gotten my items yet now did I get a response from them after I contacted them. No tracking either so I’d not recommend ordering there.

>> No.10657701

if you are looking for the good shit try https://customfabricflowers.com/
I replaced my Alice is Missing JSK rose with one from here since to original rose basically disingrated.

>> No.10657703

immediately after posting my question i sent them an inquiry about the shipping options and why they removed the cheap one and i got a reply saying it’s because of coronavirus, so I guess that means itll be another eternity before it’s available, if ever . FUCK

>> No.10657704

Try the cosplay help thread this is a jfashion thread

>> No.10657752

I wear old school and classic and my usual black Mary Janes are giving out on me. I want a new pair without much of a heel so I can walk comfortably and I’m strongly considering getting a pair of tea parties but would they look ok with oldschool sweet?

>> No.10657756

I’ve tried tea parties with old school and imo they look bad with that style for the most part because of the ankle strap. Antaina has a lot of Mary Jane with short heels. Basically same base as tea parties but with different straps

>> No.10657781

Ah I see, I’ll check out those then. Thanks anon!

>> No.10657831

Tea parties weren't around in old school times, they'd end up looking out of place

>> No.10657864
File: 88 KB, 700x700, B2F99003-D236-412A-BECA-B9ECE368CF7B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone who has toy fantasy help me about the measurements? I can’t really find a lolibrary entry for the jsk and I’d really like to know the bust and waist meas. I saw it has shirring but the meas. I saw are all just straight numbers.

>> No.10657881

Shoes that look really similar to tea parties or might be considered tea parties did exist and were used. Like the kind that are basically half boots half tea parties with buckles all up the front.

>> No.10657888

this pic looks like its from wunderwelt, they always have the measurements in the description

>> No.10657895

Took a random picture from google anon if i had the wunderwelt listing in front of me i wouldn’t ask

>> No.10657921

Is there anywhere I can download Alice Deco and GLB scans? All of the links I can find are dead.

>> No.10657926


Not sure why the page is in draft. I do own the dress, but I haven't touched it yet since buying it. I can double check if those sound right.

>> No.10657927

I think 88 is without shirring stretched. Stretching it from my own which is like 86cm or so has like at least 5-6 more cm of room till fully stretched.

Also I have the re-release of it. It's waaay comfortable compared to the old OP version in my closet. Also is a re-release on cotton.

>> No.10657934

Same here. Only order I ever made to Bodyline shipped and never got to my location. Just materialized on the way over, I suppose. It was enough of a bad experience for me to recommend against buying from them directly.

>> No.10657942

Is it okay to make a replica of non printed brand dress with changes in design?

>> No.10657943

If you're not selling it no one cares about you DIYing nonprint brand replicas.

>> No.10657944

>mediocre quality seifuku
Some of them are actually pretty good for being cosplay items. Not all, of course. I have some that are higher quality than the rest of their stock/lolita items.

>> No.10657958

They overcharged me, I literally paid more in UPS duties than I did for my egl. I did not know they'd charge me shipping duties that high...

>> No.10657963
File: 21 KB, 300x400, 4025a1fc-2980-5a3f-be58-777468e56962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm aware this is an OP, but I would like to know, are there any blouses out there that have this same type of large, round collar? I can't manage to find anything like it.

>> No.10657966

Which of their seifuku are actually good quality ones? I can't discern much from the product pages.

>> No.10657976

these are some that I found

>> No.10657983
File: 194 KB, 650x753, tumblr_c0531c40bb17a09eae73cbecad8cf8b5_17f0cc85_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been working 9-6 everyday for 2 weeks straight.

I've forgotten what "joy" feels like, let alone non-ita shit.

This is ita, right? Like, it's the dumbest, ugliest bag you've ever seen, right? Because I'm about to buy 2 and I need someone to stop me

>> No.10658000

Honestly, the shade of pink doesn't match much. I've also been back and forth on whether I'd buy one but the really large ones just look dumb and the small one doesn't even fit a phone in it.

>> No.10658009

it makes them look like toddlers. it would be cute if it was half size but it looks cringe as is and i don't think you should get that anon

>> No.10658011

It does come in 2 smaller sizes

>> No.10658012

I wish it wasn’t polka dotted

>> No.10658017

>it makes them look like toddlers

no more than anything else in lolita, come on.

>> No.10658022

I love Chinese weird fashion and that includes these but you have to go as hard as girls in that pic to wear it

>> No.10658023

>go hard

wear a simple sack OP coord with a hat?

>> No.10658026

The smaller size would actually be cute

It’s my opinion you’re welcome to disagree. I don’t think most things in a decent lolita coord scream ‘toddler’ to me but the oversize bow bag did

>> No.10658048


would wearing something like absorbent exercise socks beneath OTKs help keep them clean?
appropriate footwear for lolita, i'm finding, tends not to be of the most breathable material.. scared of wrecking nice brand socks

>> No.10658059

No. you’ll stretch out the sock and give it more wear on the bottom of the foot.
Accept that you will pay a lot of money for socks in this fashion and that caring for matching socks with your op gets too annoying. Just get a couple of plain meta or btssb socks to go with everything and keep your print socks for photoshoots

>> No.10658061

So it is a little more stretchy than the measurements on lolibrary? How is the waist? Because that’s my actual concern

>> No.10658069

Yeah you'd look like a retard walking around with that huge thing on your back. Better spend your hard earned money on something actually pretty

>> No.10658102

Thank you so much anon!

>> No.10658298
File: 283 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210809-222606_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ive been out of the fashion for an extremely long time so this is a really dumb question.

What's the best way to go about getting baby's 'classical' items? Especially the bxw colorways that are very popular?

Should i wait for MTOs or get them 2nd hand for a little more $$$? Or is it *common* to find them for reduced prices on Japanese sites? Also i have no idea what xianyu is and i see you guys talking about it a lot, should i look there? Im so sorry this is all 'lurk more', but i hope someone can give me some help.

>> No.10658313

Is bringing my bf with me to ap usa, a horrible idea? Like are the shop girls gonna feel nervous?
I just wanna shop and eat food with him after instead of making him wait somewhere

>> No.10658319

Not sure why it would matter how the shop girls feel imo at the US store. They get tons of normies all the time, I'm sure. If you're in customer service in general, you should just expect some people to be rude as well.

You're fine. Think about yourself a little bit more instead of some random girls in a shop.

>> No.10658320

how can I make a short sleeved op work in winter? most of them fit pretty snug and I'm not a fan of wearing blouses (and they usually don't fit with ops anyways)

>> No.10658324

Baby does release classical items with a fair amount of frequency, but certain details like lace type and fabric finish (see the hawase re-release for an example) aren't guaranteed to be the same as old releases. So ymmv there.

The thing to keep in mind about older items is that there's a limited amount of them to go around, and that number's going to continue to go down over time. While I don't hunt specifically for older btssb, I have noticed that finding good shit these days is completely platform agnostic and it just depends on your luck and timing.

Xianyu is a china-based, mobile only 2nd hand market app based off the taobao system, and you can certainly try looking there.

100% wool cardigans and coats go a fairly long way, unless you're in a subzero temperature area. At that point you'd probably need heattech innerwear along with the outside layers but even that's questionable when it's cold enough.

>> No.10658327

(nta but same problem)
I’m really picky I honestly don’t like the way that cardigans look though, is it possible to wear a normal long sleeve cotton tee that is like skin tight underneath? If I look at some of moi meme moitie their cutsews it’s basically the same

>> No.10658397

All of the following is completely my personal observation so take it with a grain of salt like everything else on these boards - I think this is something that'll depend on the OP's details. I can imagine simpler OPs being easier to pair with simple cutsews, but anything with more trim or details will probably look out of place. Even when working cutsews in with JSKs, if the details/fabric/trim doesn't match up it tends to look sloppy or incomplete. Cardigans mitigate some of this because they cover up details on the bodice without needing to add much of their own, but if you pair a super sweet looking cardigan in cut and details with something like a grandma couch classic OP it'll probably look strange as well.

This was most noticeable to me when I was trying to get turtlenecks for JSKs (and in turn, for short sleeved OPs). Normal turtlenecks with no added bells or whistles looked terrible, while stuff from AF or brand-specific ones with really minor added details like a bow here or a vaguely laced edge there made the outfit look more intentional and put together.

I can only encourage you to experiment for yourself because I don't think this is something that's the same for everyone across the board.

>> No.10658412

classical baby anon here. that was a good perspective i haven't thought about yet, thank you.

>> No.10658427

Pair it with a short jacket or blazer rather than a cardigan, and wear long scoop-neck thermals underneath and wrist cuffs so only the sleeves show if you need to take the jacket off. Honestly though if it's cold enough that wearing short sleeves isn't an option, then likely you aren't going to be taking the jacket off anyway.

>> No.10658434

What are Lolita-ble brands that make leather purses? For gothic, classic, or sweet.
I know there is kate spade for sweet. Beyond that, i am having the hardest time finding things for gothic or classic. I prefer to buy new instead of vintage because i’ve been to like 20 vintage shops and the purses smell like mold

>> No.10658517
File: 217 KB, 1588x1059, il_1588xN.3006227277_1nb9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe try Etsy? I've come across some good finds there just by searching for something like 'victorian leather purse', like pic related.

>> No.10658523

I can feel how heavy that'd be. Like carrying two books in a normal purse.

>> No.10658536

they also look like shit.

>> No.10658540

I took my husband to all of the stores in Japan and none of the shopgirls care. They even gave the shopping bags to him, expecting him to be my bag-carrier anyway.

>> No.10658541

you don't think the crazy zoomers who work at AP USA wouldn't get triggered?

>> No.10658594

It doesn't matter if they do imo. Caring about what everyone thinks around you is pretty silly in lolita. At that point, how do you even dress in it?

>> No.10658615
File: 101 KB, 450x600, 137424_600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone know which year this babydoll jsk is from? I have one in pink x white with the same lace and can't find it on lolibrary, it looks like the velveteen ver but with regular cotton

>> No.10658617

WHEN did the whole apron trend start?? I must’ve missed it because in my first years of Lolita it was always super important to distance yourself from Maid outfits/costimes. Now people wear aprons as an accessory and every second AP release has plastic aprons. Can’t wrap my head around it!

>> No.10658631
File: 575 KB, 668x1198, 53aa3af106c5d7c2c0749f3e5936321b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita always had aprons.

>> No.10658659

Show me an actual sweet lolita pre pandemic not some fucking child cartoon

>> No.10658661
File: 144 KB, 750x1128, 602FEB11-0DC8-4A37-9DA8-BB9B7C743F15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Get rekt

>> No.10658664

Thanks I hate it

>> No.10658678
File: 35 KB, 279x373, BAB63710-8792-4B6D-81F9-7867E5C046FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>im a covidlita

>> No.10658679

bad taste

>> No.10658682
File: 98 KB, 729x410, 23o956u294285295823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10658684

>>10658678 for me aprons are a covidlita thing that’s why i was asking but go off

>> No.10658688

Wasn’t talking to you dum dum, unless it was you saying you hated oldschool ap

>> No.10658689

i started in the era where showing your natural hair was ita. wigs were mandatory. trends come and go. aprons came back with the oldschool boom

>> No.10658690

>aprons are a covidlita thing

>> No.10658694


They run narrow. The manager of World's End recommends that you size up when purchasing.

>> No.10658697

They absolutely are not. It's not even just AP that has always released aprons. I'm not sure what crack you've been smoking, but you're really not living in reality right now.

Also my reference >>10658631
is because aprons are historical. I can smell the newfag on you, because you haven't looked up shit about lolita.

>> No.10658740

Aprons have always been a thing, even during the OTT sweet times. You’ve clearly never seen jp lolita pics from the time. All the cookie, tea party, alice stuff had aprons

>> No.10658758

>All the cookie, tea party, alice stuff had aprons
this. if anything there used to be more aprons. the issue before was using non-brand aprons, and non-brand items in general, like animal ears because they were for cosplay, not that the notion of aprons was bad.

>> No.10658945

Placed an order from Closetchild 4 days ago and got my auto-reply. How long should I expect to wait for a confirmation of items? Payment has gone through already.

>> No.10658948
File: 1.15 MB, 1686x612, Screenshot 2021-08-13 234347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are the faces of Meta's models suddenly blurred?

>> No.10658949

Am I going insane? The pictures on their Instagram are all blurred, but I swear they were normal on the online shop just 2 days ago.

>> No.10658951

Japan used to be pretty conservative and always needed permission for photographs. It's possible that they revoked permission and/or don't want to be visible. Their society is completely different.

>> No.10658952

maybe one of their models is getting a protective order

>> No.10658954

I wouldn’t put it past some creepy japanese men to get obsessed and start harassing the models hence the need for blurring the faces

>> No.10658973

These ones have always been blurred

>> No.10658974

If I remake an old school dress by for example ap myself (sewing and everything) would that still be as frowned upon as eBay replicas?

>> No.10658982

Considering AP literally published some of their dress patterns in GLB in the past, I'd say no it won't be frowned upon.

>> No.10658987

no its when you start selling them for profit it becomes shady

selling handmade stuff as second hand when your done with it isnt the same thing though

>> No.10659023

nayrt, would selling dresses made from GLB/OnS patterns be unsavory? No idea if these volumes included rules about pattern usage.

>> No.10659025

Yes in general selling dresses you made from a pattern is stealing. They are all, no matter the source, meant for personal use only.

>> No.10659035

I personally don’t care and would love to buy a dress someone made from a glb pattern. There isn’t anyone making those dresses today that you’d be stealing from. It wouldn’t hurt any market either. It’s not like you are a factory who can pump them out and make giant profit. You’d be one person making them as a hobby.
The patterns are meant to be used and it takes time and labor to make them, so I’d pay you for that.

>> No.10659086

desu depending on the pattern no one would even know, a lot of OnS/GLB patterns are pretty standard construction

>> No.10659104

Where do I look for lolita appropriate boots/winter footwear? I don't fit into brand boots and don't see the point in paying for something that will deteriorate after a week of being worn in subzero temperatures, and nothing I've seen from normie brands looks cute enough. I wear primarily old school (both more gothic leaning and sweet), would be grateful for any recommendations!

>> No.10659117

awesome, so gtfo our fashion, newbie

>> No.10659119

Anyone else buy Happy Garland stuff from AP Paris? My two orders were shipped on 8/5 and 8/6 and haven't been scanned into the post office yet. Is that because they are "on vacation" until the 15th?

>> No.10659127

I generally get it the next day but I know there were some holidays this week so that might have slowed things down or closed some locations?

>> No.10659136

Just bought some of my first liz lisa dresses. Where can I get some petticoats to wear with them? I assume even my most casual lolita petti will be too poofy and long.

>> No.10659250

I have cute-ish timberlands I’m planning on wearing but I also wish there were better options

>> No.10659255

Liz Lisa is not Lolita Jesus do your research

>> No.10659256

Oof. That post proves most of these newbies to jfashion absolutely are coming into lolita with just jfashion pieces going "I'M A LOLITA TOO GUIZ"

Man, I bet we're going to be seeing more shit posts on CoF soon enough.

>> No.10659258

Where are you located anon? I saw lots of people receiving their HG orders already. Maybe contact their customer service or use a different tracking site

>> No.10659262

I'm trying to remember a French lolita who made wa styled coords with furisode and skirts and it looked always good, she had really short black hair and she disappeared, some say she died.

>> No.10659265

I'm in the US. I'm using the native French postal site to try and track my order and both have no scans.
I guess I'll try to email Paris. I thought the orders people were getting weren't from Paris yet.

>> No.10659266

Why the hostility? It sounds to me like you misread and anon already wears lolita, but also wants to wear Liz Lisa and wants a small, short petti to better fill out some of their new dresses.
To which the answe is, Liz Lisa doesn't need a petti, but you can get a small short ones like that from Leg Avenue, Bodyline, or even aliexpress/ebay.

She did pass away, google kagomebara. Her LJ, blog, and tumblr are still there. Her family made a facebook announcement when it happened.

>> No.10659267

In the US as well, but ordered other things. I think it's been delayed for how long they are getting things shipped out right now to the US. I just finally got some of my reserve items shipped.

>> No.10659289
File: 129 KB, 480x640, c2f130a6-ecd6-57fc-b2e9-9e1dd13d9946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

would trying to make a base for a mini hat like picrel be a good way to get into hat felting? since it's small and doesn't have to actually fit my head size? i feel like the colorways i want most for these never pop up for what i want secondhand or i want something different than some of the burando versions.

>> No.10659290
File: 69 KB, 534x473, 56338ac97990fa66f17241fcd443bcd9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What country did this hairstyle originate from?

>> No.10659294

pigtails and buns are present in tons of various cultures like Asian, African, European ones. And various combos exist like braided pigtail buns, loose pigtail buns, super tight donut double buns. Was google not able to give a clear answer? If so, then that likely means it's too common to say. The hime cut bangs have some sort of Asian in origin in more recent trends with hair, but I'm sure face framing pieces and bangs weren't exclusively invented in Asia either.

>> No.10659312

Original anon here, and you've got it right. I don't know who pissed in those anons' cereal. I know Liz Lisa doesn't need a petti, but I do love the looks I've seen with pettis. Thanks, I'll start looking for one!

>> No.10659393

That's a real CoF take right there.

>> No.10659400

>Wishlist dress
>Preferred cut and colorway
>Good price
>It's from the era when Baby had multiple sizes
>No size or measurements listed anywhere
>Ss won't contact the seller to ask
Gulls what do. Should I just give up and die.

>> No.10659403

Are you worried about being too big or being too small?

>> No.10659405
File: 159 KB, 640x640, tasty carrots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the name of this kind of style? Also does anyone recognise any of the models/magazines in this image?

>> No.10659406

Just buy it and resell if it's too small or get it tailored if it's too big

>> No.10659413

I'm a lolita but I'd like to buy some ethot-like cosplay or lingerie, just for wearing for my SO. The only stuff I found is very cheap looking AliExpress stuff and of course Bodyline. Where can one get good quality slutty cosplays or Japanese lingerie?

>> No.10659538

How can I wear an underbust jsk if I have big tits?

>> No.10659563

has anybody on here done a special order from the btssb san francisco store? im looking to get items that are in the japan store, but they're not delivering to my country right now, so i wanted to know about experiences with the special order process

>> No.10659564

Can't help you with the style name but the top left is Namie Amuro in the magazine Sweet

>> No.10659565

>Namie Amuro in the magazine Sweet
Thank you, that's actually extremely helpful!

>> No.10659585

I'm worried about it being too big and I know I could get it tailored but at this point I have a mountain of dresses I said I'd "just get tailored" and still haven't so I'm trying to buy in my size range. If anything I could just resell it... ty anons. I'm getting my dress.

>> No.10659708

So I found a bed bug in my room and I'm wondering how I should package my lolita for long term storage after washing and steaming it? I don't want them to get damaged by the bugs, or by improper storage. Would putting them in plastic bags and then into plastic bins be ok?

>> No.10659727

You don't even really pay that much for brand cuz, don't be so cheap

>> No.10659728

This is some really sad hoop jumping to protect a predatory and scummy business practice.
Replicas do hurt the brands, it hurts the market, and if you need an essay to explain why then you aren't going to actually listen to anyone are you?

>> No.10659743


>> No.10659785

it mostly sucks because i was planning on selling at least half of my stuff, but now i have to wait

>> No.10659786

Dying stained classical lolita dresses black, will this ruin the fabric?
Sometimes i see a dress for a great price i like, but then it’s got stains that can’t be taken out. I wouldn’t mind to wear it in black and i think a lot of them would look really good in black. so it got me thinking

>> No.10659788

WTF is going on with BSOLF? Hasn't been posted to in a week!

>> No.10659811

Two things with cotton dresses: some shrinkage if you're using hot water dye, and contrasting stitches/trim if you're going from light to dark since thread is polyester and trims could be a range of different fabrics that won't be affected by cotton specific dye. I've never tried it with cold water dye though, which might be a better idea.

Otherwise dye's not going to chemically break down the fabric like bleach does, if that's what you're worried about.

>> No.10659910

what does a payment plan mean on lacemarket?

>> No.10659926

The same as it means everywhere else wtf
>i want expensive item
>i don’t have the funds to buy it outright now
>so i will pay partial payments on it and i will get it when i paid in full

>> No.10659935

Is there any way to not be creepy as a boy wearing gothic lolita? I’ve been wearing the fashion for a while and have a good hold on the rules and aesthetic, and my intentions are not creepy (got into it from visual kei when I was around 14, 22 now) and I have an overall very androgynous appearance but I don’t want to creep anyone out or come off as fetishistic. I usually do aristocrat or ouji, but like I said I enjoy gothic from time to time

>> No.10659945

I don’t know why you’re acting like anon is dumb for not knowing this, is literally the stupid question thread

>> No.10659948

wtf lol, relax i answered the question didnt i? this isn’t ‘coddle baby anon’ thread. It was a pretty dumb question desu a payment plan is the same concept everywhere

If you are polite and nice to people, willing to learn and not trying to fetishize this , i don’t see why it would be creepy.

>> No.10659959

Anon, the problem with bedbugs is that they bite you and can spread disease. They don't eat your clothes. You are putting others in danger of infestation if you aren't 100% certain you've taken care of the problem.

>> No.10659968

what is bsolf

>> No.10659977

New thread since the posters ITT don't seem to realize it's been on autosage >>10659961

>> No.10660180

there's only one mod that's actually active and she's busy

>> No.10661011

Does anyone have a sheet or some good resources for people getting into Lolita? Or just what to link someone to teach them the fundamentals? I learned all my Lolita stuff in 2012-2013 and most resources are either broken or I can’t think of where exactly I learned stuff back then other than lurking.
I have a friend who’s under the impression they can buy a lolita “dress” from some random ass website and is asking for help but I don’t want to have to explain everything to them.

>> No.10662218
File: 138 KB, 602x819, proxy-image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm about to throw away some old cosplays, they're not good enough to sell as they were handmade. So far, got 5 colored tights similar to pic related plus long yellow gloves.

Fabric in orange, green and red poplin, and some thick striped fabric in red/white. Is there a way to reuse such bright colors or are random bags the only sensible option left?

>> No.10665779

How do I find a button up/down blouse large enough to fit a large chest? everything is either men's sizes with no shape or too small and the gap happens. I don't want to have to alter ever single blouse I obtain.

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