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Old one was autosaging.
>shortened hours, no dance, masks to be required
>tons of vaxx sperging
>no industry guests from Japan, sadly
>anon wants to sleep in a park
>weather forecast is calling for the 90s all weekend
>schedule is up
What are your plans, gulls? Are you cosplaying? Going solo or with friends? Where are you staying? Any meetups?

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Here's some of the programming that was posted in the last thread.

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Cabinet list.

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I’ll be your friend Anon, I’m bringing my brother and friend and we are pretty cool

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The dance is still on.

Its called the crabby jam.

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Going solo, staying with family, and not speaking to anyone while I'm there.
Gonna be great!

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Going solo but got enough lined up to where I can make do as is. Honestly, with how picky my friends are with covid related anything I'm not sweating it this time. Still down for the Yardhouse meetup at 430ish Fri/Sat.

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I'll be alone too, we should meet up and just nod silently to each other for a few seconds then part ways.

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Gonna staff and have some fun.

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What do you gulls think the odds of them actually enforcing masks is?
Lately it seems that most cons have made mask mandates to get social justice points from the twitter bluehairs, but then don't do much to enforce it.

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DC mayor did a mandate of it Saturday for all indoor , so probably close to 100%. If it wasn't for this happening saturday, guessing it would have been a "well we told them so"

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Are they gonna pull a Blerdcon and make the mask the badge?

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Ok. I'm the guy with glasses and a beard wearing this shirt. I'll be extra wary of vertical head movements.

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Very much doubt it.
I'm only going Saturday. Nothing on the programming really stood out for me this time. I did the Okinawan drumming thing a few years back and enjoyed it but sadly it looks like it's on Friday. Hoping to score some merch from the vendor's room but I don't really have high hopes for anything from new series.

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Will you be wearing that all 3 days, anon?

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Probably just Friday and Saturday. I'm also planning on spending way too much time at the Taiko machine.

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Anyone going to be in there Thursday night? Got offered to take a flight about 6 hours earlier meaning I get there about 3PM now instead of 9ish. Want to pick up my bag and maybe just grab some food/drinks if anyone else is down.

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I'm down too. Some other people might be planning on food tomorrow night as well.

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Cool I am staying at the comfort inn, I'm guessing around 7ish or 8PM should be free depending how everything goes. I have no idea how good or bad pre-reg badge pickup will be, Tallboy bar is right at the convention center so might just use that as a meet point.

Will check the thread after I check in, hopefully no rain like it says on saturday.

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You can still buy a pass at the door right?

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For at-door registration we accept:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express branded debit/credit cards and Cash

From the website. I don't THINK there is any occupancy cap anymore so should be able to, no real reason not to buy right now and save yourself the trouble of putting in info there though.

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I'm checking in at the AC hotel sometime between 1~3pm. Planned on doing a meet that involves grabbing a bite to eat and doing some group shopping for snacks/booze/etc.

Tallboy may be technically right at the convention center. But all regstuff is in the opposite side, if anything gathering at the Marquis first is the best idea. At what time I dunno, will sort it out tomorrow.

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if you guys wanna join so we can put some moves together https://discord.gg/VBBVbwrQ

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FUCK no bone eater this year

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Going to sleep but probably will join tomorrow when I can actually talk for a reasonable amount of time. As far as a tomorrow meetup goes, down for anything so long as it isn't every weekend meetup being Yard house or whatever was being thrown around.

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You listened to doomers, never listen to doomers

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>listening to /cgl/
What I did was reserve a hotel on hotels.com, paid a refundable 100 dollars to keep it. About a month out when it was still on got my ticket. Not sure why people don't just reserve a refundable hotel and play the wait and see.

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It's not too late anon.

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What >>10655348 said. How far away are you? If you can get here, It looks like I'll have a spare bed in my room that you can have for 3 nights for $200 if you're a woman and you're cool and won't steal my shit. And yes, I'm also a woman which is why no penises allowed, sorry. And yes, the no penises rule includes feminine penises.

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>no female penises
Damn… I was hoping to score a femboy

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I've got friends that wanna go Saturday and they want me to come with but I'm fuckin broke.
Fuck paying a mortgage man.

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masks required at all times inside the con, including cosplayers as of today. what a retarded bait and switch

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Thank god I did not attend this year or even bothering buying a badge.

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Lol did you not read the website? Was like this day one

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No it really wasn't, but you tried. Granted, it says it's subject to changes, but this is a bait and switch if I've ever seen one.

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Even the official FB page admits it was a change.

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Wow my mistake, that’s extremely fucking stupid, guess I don’t need to do any makeup on my lower face then :/

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>if you're a woman


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The real reason is that dc reinstated the mask mandate.

That is the only reason why

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Not much Ota can do since DC just recently brought back their indoor mask mandate.
Also Otakon is the first event to be hosted at the DC convention since covid came through so I can imagine the health department is going to be in there heavy to see how the con plays out.

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kinda want to go on a roadtrip but it's probably too late now huh

>> No.10655515

how far away are you senpai?

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WOW UMM OK SWEATY BIGOT MUCH!? this kind of thing might fly on 4chan but here on 4channel we foster a togetherness and maturity beyond such petty roles as genital discrimination. . .

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ez 4 hour run 3 if you dont stop for gas

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I know right. Feminine penises should be allowed in her room at the very least.

>> No.10655573

no way it's 4 hours lmao plus I'm missing a bunch of camping gears so it's a no go. I'm gonna make a list and order stuff so that next time I feel like going on a trip I can pack up and go.

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Just hop on the Amtrak. Godspeed

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Any thicc, curvy, or bbw girls hitting the con this year? If so, hit me up!
[email protected]

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>ooga booga wayr da wite womyn at

>> No.10655634

>hating on somebody who wants a BBW
Choke a dick faggot

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sorry my bmi is 17.5

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Oh yeah Im fat as fuck hit me up

>> No.10655654

Email me!

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First time attending this is looking to be pretty fun frens.

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Former staffer here, how is the environment around the WEWCC this year? People hanging out on the grounds of the Carnegie Library/Apple Store?

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Friday bump

Anything going on yet?

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Bowser deserves to be removed like the bitch she is. I'm glad I didn't go this year's Otakon, but I worry that this year will kill Otakon due to low attendence.

>> No.10655879


they had over 16,000 pre-registrations sempai

>> No.10655897

Is there anybody 30+ in this thread that is actually going to Otakon? Do you even bother staying the weekend or do you do a day trip?

>> No.10655901

Good gravy that's a lot of people

>> No.10655903

16k is a low attendence but nice try kid.

>> No.10655909

Anyone wanna do me a solid and post a pic of what the badges look like this year?

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>just got to the con an hour and a half ago and I'm already having diarrhea in the fucking convention center toilet
>typing this as I shit my guts out
I knew I shouldn't have eaten so much nandos and beef jerky yesterday

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Lowest ever!

And probably because of the mask mandate!

>> No.10655927

2019 Otakon had 25,000 of pre-registers. Nice try though.

>> No.10655932

There is a pandemic happening right now. They should be grateful that more than 10,000 people showed up period.

>> No.10655939

>muh plandemic
Americans are sick of the bullshit

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That was the last count, lets see if they got a Sprit Bomb from the DC City Paper ad


Lowest ever was the first Otakon, duh. But this would be the lowest turnout since 2002.


The inside skinny was Otakon needed 10,000 to survive another year.

>> No.10655945

Anyone been to the dealer's room or AA yet? The photos online make them look like the pickings are pretty scant.

>> No.10655951

>Americans are sick of the bullshit
The world is pretty much sick of it.

>> No.10655963

If anyone wants to fuck or something I’m a guy and willing, email me at [email protected]

>> No.10655964

Com* but yeah

>> No.10655984

Vaccines are here. You will never get zerocovid ever.

Touch grass.

At least they got their money if they got at least 10,000 people pre-redge.

At least I made the good decision not to come. I heard FYI, Funimation, and Sentai decided not to come this year.

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Am I suppose to feel sad and empty after seeing the halls? I should have bought the one day pass I should have fought for a bench with the homeless

>> No.10656035

>I knew I shouldn't have eaten so much nandos and beef jerky yesterday

Check with the otacare staff in room 203B, they might have something to help.

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File: 3.57 MB, 4201x3591, DSCN1175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Final pre-reg numbers were over 19,000

>> No.10656040

Damn, that's kind of impressive, non-pandemic numbers during a pandemic time.

By default, it becomes one of the biggest anime conventions in North America.

>> No.10656060

This was the lowest attendance like I said there's bigger numbers in 2018-19 but overall this wasn't bad start.

>> No.10656062

Any places to get drunk late at night here?

>> No.10656066

How is bag check? can you bring in some booze?

>> No.10656070


If you mean like bars and stuff, there should be plenty of places in Chinatown just a couple blocks down. There is also a brew pub near the Renaissance.


They are mostly looking for weapons

>> No.10656080

Are they confiscating anything? A friend of mine said earlier they werent even opening bags? Im also asking cause im bringing a small bag with some spare clothes and undies to stay the night at another hotel and cant check in til later so thatll be with me.

>> No.10656084

Hell yeah, the marqiz closes too early im down for a pub crawl after waging all day

>> No.10656095

Only if you beep at the metal detector, then they will bag check. Security is SUPER lax here.

>> No.10656201

How strict (or lax) are they being with mask enforcement?

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so how boring is it?

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Don't worry, if staff forgets to enforce it we can always count on the wonderful community to correct us.

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I went as a less cosplayed but still popular haikyuu character and have yet to be asked for picture yet and its bumming me out. Especially putting in so much make up work as I did, maybe I'll have better luck today.

>> No.10656243

Going solo, got an airbnb for 2 though incase anyone wants to swing by. Boutta play in a Cardfight Vanguard tournament today, if we can get enough people at the play space

>> No.10656249

God damn there are some CUTE mirkos, if any of you gulls are cosplaying her, lemme know, I want more pictures and maybe a number

>> No.10656260

RIP. I'll look out for Haikyuu cosplayers in case I see you. More people will be here today, so higher chances of people asking for photos.

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>this line to get in
>my friend who got here 40 minutes ago is still in line for badges

>> No.10656285

Why is the line so long?

>> No.10656307

Idk but someone in front of me stinks

>> No.10656311

Smells like cons have returned to normal then.

>> No.10656323

They're not back to normal until the masks go away, for good.

>> No.10656334

They seriously need breathalyzers at this con. I fucking hate staff here they are total bullshit

>> No.10656336

Huh? What you mean?

>> No.10656347

...nani the fuck?

>> No.10656351

I get it, you have to be loud for everyone to hear you, but you really can't just shut the fuck up for more than one second? Jesus. You can't chill out anywhere near the hallway that leads to the artist and dealer halls because the staff standing next to the escalators are so fucking loud.

>> No.10656356

Kek welcome to DC

>> No.10656361

Holy shit is this cirno cosplayer everywhere? I see him/her every fucking con. Like this is bullshit ban him it is seriously annoying. He literally called my friend to fat to pick up last time. YOU DO NOT CALL A WOMAN FAT. EVER.

>> No.10656365

sounds based

>> No.10656366

yeah he was creepy to my gf too.

>> No.10656367

What if she's fat though? Copeseethe ypu disgusting hambeast.

>> No.10656376

Seethe more trumpster.

>> No.10656377

I asked for his photo yesterday and he offered to pick me up then called me a little bitch when I didn’t want to. I sort of regret saying no so hopefully I’ll run into him again.

>> No.10656380

>My personality: I love masks :)
You're such an interesting person.

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File: 1.18 MB, 901x1385, dilf (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it appears my superiority has lead to some controversy

>> No.10656384


>> No.10656385

Don't be rude, THEY'RE a friend of mine. Please make sure you use the proper pronouns for them okay?

>> No.10656386

Sneed and Dial 8

>> No.10656387

He asked for a picture with my girlfriend and when she said not now thanks he started staring at me. Breath smelled like shit too.

>> No.10656388

Can someone please record the Cirno cosplayer? What exactly is happening over there?!?

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File: 1.38 MB, 3472x4624, IMG_20210723_232612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop being so jealous lol.

>> No.10656390

I saw the Cirno cosplayer at LAX or Anime Expo once, I forget which. He had a big mustard stain on his costume and kept giving thumbs up to people who happened to look his way.

>> No.10656391

I saw the Cirno cosplayer at a grocery store in DC yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen boxes of condoms in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the boxes and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

>> No.10656393

What is she is fat though?

>> No.10656395
File: 397 KB, 980x552, dilfhindenberg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's been around since time eternal.

>> No.10656397

I saw him at anime Expo couple years back, the guy had an unnatural stench of nacho cheese about him.

>> No.10656398

Wow she really is fat what a disgusting hamgalaxy

>> No.10656406

Holy shit, I know that person, I used to see him all the time in. Anime Los Angeles and Anime Expo, so he’s trolling the East coast now? Good for him.

>> No.10656407

That's my BF you piece of shit

>> No.10656416

Hi, I never called people fat at a con. I just don't feel comfortable picking up people over 185lbs,I will offer to try but yeah if I don't think I can safely lift you for a photo no dice, which is my normal lifting weights. If you are over it I really don't want to pick you up because given cosplay I could drop you and that would be bad for everyone, That's why I ask you to not jump or shit during a post that people ask me for.
>I saw the Cirno cosplayer at a grocery store in DC yesterday.
I didn't even know there were grocery stoes in DC, I've been eating wawa for like a week. I hat it, where is the grocerystore btw I want to make some actual food soon I wasn thinking just living in WV for a sec
Quite odd, I really don't do AX since I hat large cons, I was just working out this way and glad I brought my cosplay.Only time I flew back in cosplay was when I lost my luggage in Busan, so I just owned it(staff was based as hell) and flew back as cirno.AFAIK they don't serve mustard on Korean Air.
Basically walked around china town, got drunk, played mahjong and saw someone in the 2hu photoshoot get proposed to.

>> No.10656419

Imagine samefagging on /cgl/

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File: 781 KB, 2419x1173, 20210807_121713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10656435

Was that today? geez I don't recall that pose I thought reimu did that one.

>> No.10656436

Is it true that they ran out of 18+ wristbands?

>> No.10656437
File: 2.88 MB, 4032x3024, 20210807_121727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10656444

I mean that's cool but don't try and make your posts sound like it would be me. These photos were done for laughs n shit, let's all just have a good time and drink. Imma probably do the capital burger at 7 if you wanna share some drinks. After I am probably going to stock up for a drink for a room party

>> No.10656446

No, they still have them.

>> No.10656457

Miku shirt here.
That was pretty funny. I'm surprised you actually found me, guy. I hope you have a fantastic con.

>> No.10656458
File: 2.34 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20210807_121006275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the hell I was at the Touhou photoshoot too. Were you the guy in the Marisa shirt?

>> No.10656507

But what if she fat doe? What's the least sexis least racis way to let her know she needs to go to the gym and eat less sugar and smaller portion sizes.

>> No.10656549

>pull penis out in front of projector
>"sir y-"
>"it's madame"
>"ma'am. . . you can't pull your penis out in front of the projector"
I thought this was a fucking 18+ viewing. What happened was it always like this?

>> No.10656555

I’m surprised by how many people there were. Dealer’s room seemed smaller than normal, AA seemed bigger than normal.

But those lines to get into the con center are absolute cancer. I’m never doing anything more than the most comfortable and low-effort cosplay until they get more bag/prop checks or let me buy a VIP pass that allows security line jumping.

>> No.10656558
File: 1.51 MB, 4010x1369, DSCN1145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Former staffer here, met a buddy for dinner in suburbia and then drove him back.

WTF is with that homeless encampment near the WEWCC and Marquis? Seriously.

Didn't see a lot of people like I was expecting for a Saturday evening, not a lot of people outside.

>> No.10656560

Lolwut. Which panel?

>> No.10656561

Dealer's was wayyy smaller. Both Dealer's and AA were so crowded with people just standing like bumps on logs that it was hard to look at anything. Also was the AC on in Dealer's?

>> No.10656610

>Also was the AC on in Dealer's?
Yes. Its the damned humidity. Right now its at 85% so you're going to be sweating bullets even at this hour of the night.

>> No.10656612

>WTF is with that homeless encampment near the WEWCC and Marquis? Seriously.

Blame the DC Government. Since the lockdowns they don't care about anything else except covid.

>Didn't see a lot of people like I was expecting for a Saturday evening, not a lot of people outside.

Because this year despite 19,000 pre-regs, there are good portion of people who did not attend/collect their badges because of mask mandate.

Normally the Dealers Room in (otakon washington) is so huge that even with the same amount of people in the same area when otakon was at Baltimore it still feels empty.

They should do a superpass or VIP pass.

>> No.10656616


So in theory some attendees could've pitched a tent there and saved on hotel costs

>> No.10656620

So many bunny girls out and my dslr broke the day before. Total rip.

>> No.10656622

>Because this year despite 19,000 pre-regs, there are good portion of people who did not attend/collect their badges because of mask mandate.
I'm sure for a lot of people, it's more the fact that we're in a 4th wave spike with over 100,000 new cases a day than the fact that there's a mask mandate.
BTW, shoutouts to all of the people that have been shaming people for attending conventions for the past several months, but are attending Otakon now, when the risk of getting covid now is far higher. You're all real hypocritical sacks of fucking shit.

>> No.10656629

>BTW, shoutouts to all of the people that have been shaming people for attending conventions for the past several months, but are attending Otakon now, when the risk of getting covid now is far higher. You're all real hypocritical sacks of fucking shit.
It’s pretty eye opening to see all those people shaming everyone else for going out, going the casinos, being with family embracing Otakon. Great job you jerks!

>> No.10656637

Anyone else feel like Otakon isn't really worth it any more? It's already pretty expensive being a DC convention, but in the past the big industry and events made it feel worth it. Now they have nothing. I don't think it was even covid, I think all the industry is moving to animenyc and ditching ota.

>> No.10656638

>i didn't get my jabs


>> No.10656639

BTW, shoutouts to all of the people that have been shaming people for attending conventions for the past several months, but are attending Otakon now, when the risk of getting covid now is far higher.

Get off of twitter, go out more, stop being a coronabro.

Otakon needs to adapt or die.

>> No.10656644

>saw someone in the 2hu photoshoot get proposed to.
Aw that's sweet. Hope she said yes.

>> No.10656646

Anybody still up and want to party?

>> No.10656648

Just got home, this was totally worth it even if it wasn't totally the same. Artist Alley killed my wallet like always. Love that they had a mini dance going in the game room.
I hope next year we're in full swing.

>> No.10656651

Post your best creep shots.

>> No.10656652

Deleted because I don't know how to fucking get it to orient correctly.

>> No.10656653

I usually enjoy browsing random cosplay hall shot galleries that people post online, but seeing almost every one wearing a mask just kinda depressed me. I'm not even against masks in general, but that's how seeing those photos made me feel.

>> No.10656659

It was bittersweet. We were all together but there's still an obvious uneasiness among us all.

>> No.10656687

Did anyone else feel like artist alley was way better than dealer's room this year?

>> No.10656753

There was no interaction between people. One person came up to talk to me about the series I was cosplaying, and I chatted with an artist later in the evening when there wasnt anyone around, but that was it. No con vibes whatsoever. Feels sad man

>> No.10656768

Yeah, I always prefer AA to the dealer's room but this year it wasn't even close

>> No.10656770

That is the meaning of dystopia. That is covid culture. Otakon was merely a celebration of covid culture this year like most fan and anime conventions this year.

That's why I didn't attend.

>> No.10656796

Worst con experience of my life.
Nuke DC.

>> No.10656803

It’s not like this in states that aren’t totalitarian in their useless mask bullshit.

>> No.10656805

The covid stuff put a damper in my Otakon this year. I think i'm done with cons after this.

>> No.10656809
File: 3.32 MB, 1440x1833, 1606045206307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The mask stuff didn't really bother me all that much sense I wore ultra thin cloth anyway. But everything closing early in the night really put things off balance.

The the folks I met over the weekend it was good seeing ya, hope to cross paths again!

>> No.10656816


Problem is every anime con even in free states are imposing or imposed mask mandates as a virtue signal.

Only Anime Matsuri was the only major con that basically says "We are operating as normal" Any wonder why their attendance actually grew from people coming to the convention out of state!

>> No.10656819
File: 30 KB, 535x686, Sussy Baka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm surprised there wasn't any Among Us cosplayers, but I'm also glad cause that would have been too much for something like that to appear at the con.

>> No.10656824

I've been wearing mine below my nose the whole time. No one has said anything to me.

>> No.10656833

I saw a group walking around.

>> No.10656862

This was my first con/otakon. Does anyone have any experience with the maid cafe? I’m considering applying as a butler next year but I’m unsure if that’s a good idea or not.

>> No.10656873

Next year July 29th to 31st

>> No.10656888

Shout out to the guy in the Tenchi Muyo shirt for introducing me to "Go Go" funk music. I didn't know Washington DC had their own music genre. I hope we meet again big bro.

>> No.10656890

Jkid, shut up

>> No.10656904


Go-Go is an evolutionary dead end in hip-hop, which is kind of a shame. Was very very big in the 1980s in this region.

For everyone else, this is the "Stairway to Heaven" of Go-Go


>> No.10656921

This shit was growing long before covid. Ideological safetyism is the current zeitgeist where everyone who talks to you is a potential rapist so you never talk to anyone who isn't already in your social circle. Covid is just an excuse to entrench this thinking.

>> No.10656940

That was fun, spent like 400 on figs and it was totally worth

>> No.10656945

what figures?

>> No.10656947

Had a good time. Hopefully all this COVID bullshit is over by next year.

>> No.10656948

Goku Black, Lunch, Bardock, Bringarts Cloud and Tifa. Would take pics but im too tired to set everything up yet

>> No.10656950

It was all hot topic tier shit in the dealer's room this year with very little imported product. Pretty depressing but at least it saved me money and let me spend a bit more in the artist alley. The showing and variety and quality of stuff in the alley this year was also way better than the last otakon I went to.

>> No.10656951

we gotta force more people to get the shots

>> No.10656956

Fuck off. You will be forced to face the wall.

>> No.10656958

Based Tenchi Muyo guy teaching out of out-of-towners about Go-Go

>> No.10656977

go-go is shit

>> No.10656987

You will eat the bugs

>> No.10656988

YOU'RE shit

>> No.10656993

fuck the choclolate city and the whole dmv

>> No.10657003

kek with the typo I'm imagining a very drunk person rambling

>> No.10657021

Your jimmies are mad rustled right now.

>> No.10657044

Never thought I'd see the day GoGo music being discussed on /cgl/ of all places. I'm also willing to bet that dude is one of the last remnants of the old Black DC if he's wearing a Tenchi shirt, which would put the guy in his 30s. Anyways, have some Trouble Funk in Japan.


>> No.10657071

Holy based, I love when Japan gets into our more niche cultures, like those Japanese cholos.
Also reminds me of one of my favorite Otakon moments when Minmi performed at the Nujabes tribute concert and literally started crying when everyone was so quick to join in on her hype

>> No.10657085

Don't know if you were the sheesh request guy but if so thank you anon.

>> No.10657087

After shiki no uta her part of the concert nosedived imo

>> No.10657088

Well nobody knew her songs, but we tried really hard to keep her happy. They definitely shouldn't have opened with Shiki no Uta because everyone left after that.

>> No.10657089

yeah, that was pretty nice. I stayed for a little bit after siki no uta but she kind of looks like my mom, so I left at the sexy dance part. (can't really remember what the song was, but it was something like that.)

>> No.10657090

Yeah after Shiki no Uta it went into pretty generic '00s jpop territory and not a lot of people were feeling it
Me and my bro stayed the whole time just to support her though

>> No.10657165
File: 244 KB, 1000x663, 10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Grew up in Southern Maryland about that time, Rare Essence and Ayre & Bayre were the big names down my way.

Actually saw Chuck Brown being interviewed for a news story once on my way to lunch. I wish I had stuck around to shake his hand and get and autograph/photo, he died a few months after that.


I think one of Otakon's greatest missed opportunities was having Taiko drummers there, and having done their traditional drumming, transitioned to a go-go beat. It would have been mind-blowing

>> No.10657169


For some reason it made me think of this


>> No.10657187

>I'm toothless. All I do is whine.

>> No.10657189

Apparently Otakon needed 22k to survive and it got 26k. There was REAL doubt leading in.

>> No.10657192

Masking has always been a culturally enforced thing. No by fans for fans con has the staff to actually enforce it, the thing that will is social pressure. Sorry sweetie.

>> No.10657202

The only thing it will save DC is getting rid of Murial Bowser and failure of democrats destroying DC as whole.

>> No.10657203

Virtue Signaling is Social Pressure you fucking cunt.

>> No.10657207

I had a friend tell me that if you're shy it's easier to ask for selfies when you wear a mask. I guess he was right.

>> No.10657210

Please watch this



>> No.10657225

The real question is how many people actually collected their badges?

The mask mandate basically pushed some of them away.

Also you're forgetting that people did donated to the organization in lieu of attending.

>> No.10657236

Yeah and it works really really well. Social pressure is how norms are established and maintained. It wasn't going to happen another way.

>> No.10657262

There was not 26k at this convention, no fucking way. 20k absolutely max, not to mention a lot of people were just lobby conning the entire time since they weren't even enforcing badges on most of friday. This felt more closer to 15k or so going off the AA/Vendor hall complete lack of people.

>> No.10657281

Well I'm not surprised since the mask mandate was effect no wasn't gonna show up.

Thanks Muriel Browser you stupid bitch.

>> No.10657291

Buying a badge and not attending is still kind of a "donation" anyway since I don't believe Otakon does refunds or rolls badges to future years. The 26k badge sales are still 26k badge sales regardless.

>> No.10657331

I still don't buy that they had 26k, I was there all weekend and at no point did it ever feel like over 15k. They rolled badges over from last year so where I could easily see it be a mass of preorders from the prior and added onto this year. Maybe it truly was 26k fresh purchases this year, but there was no way it was anywhere close to 26k attendees. Maybe it was because the con center was a spread out mess but I don't buy that either; hell most hotels still had rooms available day of

>> No.10657343

How would you guys rate the con?

Me, 5/10 and that's being generous. The panels were weak, the staff was all over the place in what was okay or not, vendor hall was beyond lackluster even for all the shit going on. First time going to it when in DC and I gotta say, the location is worse than I thought by a mile. The only saving grace was the photoshoots, vendor hall prices felt reasonable even though the vendors were meh in what was there. Also does anyone know what was up with the Marriot Saturday night? fire trucks and police cars everywhere with people getting evacuated.

>> No.10657354

first time otakon, honestly pretty good. The panels were a little weak because there weren't a lot of industry guests, but I still enjoyed seeing all the cosplays and going to the photoshoots (even though that's a staple of any con). The venue was alright; having a ton of restaraunts, CVSes, and other shit within a block or two was really convenient. Vendor hall and AA were both pretty w/e because I don't buy figurines or keychains or any of that stuff so idrc about it.

>> No.10657355
File: 90 KB, 720x960, 234088668_2029806833824220_7634878517019388808_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

4/10 at best, unfortunately. I went with a first-timer and they thought it was trash; game room was small, no big concerts like usual, all the panels we wanted to see were over capacity, Convention Center staff was rude and yelled alot (not Ota staff), no con vibes of talking to random people, dealer's room was small. I still tried to have a good time but it was kind of heartbreaking seeing the absolute state of cons post-COVID, I can only hope things aren't this bad in red states. If so, cons as we know it might be done for, and it will take years to rebuild that culture if it ever comes back. I try not to be a doomer but man. It was not a good experience and I feel like I would have been better off ordering takeout, watching anime on the couch and ordering a few import goods from Japan for the money I spent.
Pic to prove I actually went and am not just a random doomer.

>> No.10657356

Even without industry guests the panels were just awful, very few panels around just comedic shit or stuff everything I saw felt like it had to be super fucking serious or "bringing an issue in the industry to light!".

>> No.10657360

>, no con vibes of talking to random people,
This is what killed it for me, only saving grace was that the people from 4chan were cool enough to hang out with even if it got a bit crazy on the drinking side. Everyone I would meet to just chill felt like they had a huge ass chip on their shoulder or just simply didn't want to be there. Don't know if that was just a me being autismo or that's what others got. It just felt like no one wanted to be by each other, though it is DC so...

>> No.10657363

>I can only hope things aren't this bad in red states

It is just as bad in the red states with few exceptions (see: Anime Matsuri) because major cons are imposing mask and vaccine mandates.

>If so, cons as we know it might be done for

I have to agree with this, the convention vibes and spontanous moments that occur pre-lockdown are mostly gone.

>I feel like I would have been better off ordering takeout, watching anime on the couch and ordering a few import goods from Japan for the money I spent.

Sad truth. If you have any friends that did not bought the coronachan propaganda you can have small meet ups with that idea.

But anime cons needs to step up their game and give us reasons to come back otherwise they are done.

>> No.10657371

I feel it depends on the con and their policies. I feel like the only true con to bring back the vibe was Midwest in July, they didn't care about masks at all not even the voice actors brought in to do autographs. But now that the media is ramping up the virus again I don't think we're going back to maskless fun cons for a while now.

>> No.10657374
File: 123 KB, 680x680, 469.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this is what living in a dystopia feels like.
>1 and a half years of isolation
>Wear the mask, take the jab, eat the bugs
>you still can't have your old life back and you never will
Take me out of this timeline bros

>> No.10657375

Anime Midwest and Anime Matsuri was the only conventions that were back to normal or close to normal as possible.

To be honest with you, I would patronize these conventions more often in the coming years.

>> No.10657382

Why do you think wearing a mask ruins shit? You can still talk to people. You can still cosplay. If the mood is bad, can't fix that, but that's not the masks problem. Even if it were, you can just go outside and socialize at a restaurant, right? I think the only ones being doomers are you guys, who think a piece of fucking fabric killed your parents or something. I don't know if Otakon was limiting attendance, but if not, maybe they should have if the panels have capacity limits and its affecting shit so much.

>> No.10657392

Lots of cosplay the face is kinda important to see, so having a mask on can not only obscure the work but also smear makeup and make it hotter than it was for the con. I think I saw more people doing photos outside the con than in them. I wore mine during and had fun but you bet your ass I was way more open to photos outside than inside

>> No.10657394
File: 43 KB, 600x600, qemqt134hvp51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thinking that masks, which muffle voices and obscure facial expressions on the bottom half of the face which English speakers use for the majority of their body language, don't change anything
>Thinking that social interaction will be back to normal with people who have been told for a year that interacting with anyone outside of their immediate nuclear camily will kill grandmas
You don't listen, do you?

>> No.10657404

Can't fool us, Ryan Kopf, no serious person thinks that.

>> No.10657418

6/10 for me, it was still nice on the places I usually go like the game room and movie showings and artist alley
Didn't see the manga library though which is one of my favorites

>> No.10657476

The black employees were so fed up with weeb traffic control lmao.

>> No.10657507

>Thinking anime nerds, who are 80% autists, look each other in the face when socializing anyway

>> No.10657534

I'm fully vaxxed but the fucking mask made it so that my face sweated to the point where all my lower face makeup and some of my upper face makeup wore off way faster than I thought it would. Lots of the pictures that I was in probably also looked like shit since the character has hair over one of her eyes.

>> No.10657537
File: 56 KB, 358x473, Emmy Thumbs Up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Turns out they had a lot of one-day memberships sold for Friday and Saturday, the City Paper spirit bomb worked.

>> No.10657553

Hey speak for yourself. I made friends with one of them and we even hugged at the end. Shout out to Maya, who was working food in the dealer's room and traffic between the two halves of the building. She was super helpful and friendly and nice and next time I'm at the convention center I'm inviting her to lunch to say thanks.

>> No.10657554

Makeup with the masks was a losing battle. All my setting spray failed after awhile. Con floor felt hotter/drier then the last time as well which played havoc with my wig game.

>> No.10657557


Dealer's room was a complete waste of time. Artist's alley was super disappointing. I was trying to burn a couple hundred bucks, but I had to walk away empty handed, because there were almost no good artists. History of Hentai panel was hilarious, and the burlesque was pretty entertaining.

The photoshoot room was shit. Why separate the photographers from the cosplayers so much, when everyone is jammed together in the rest of the con, anyway? And the piss colored overhead lighting was the worst, just have it outside or at one of the windowed areas. Or make the Marriott upper lobby the official photoshoot area.

>> No.10657569

No offense, but if your makeup is the majority of your cosplay, you probably can't sew anyway, so who cares? I can't think of a single cosplay that's unrecognizable just because you can't see someone's mouth.

>> No.10657571

It's the middle of summer. Your makeup would've melted anyway, and you really thought to do makeup on your mouth area when there's a mask requirement? Sounds like a you problem.

>> No.10657584

hard agree, wearing masks was really annoying but not impossible. I cosplayed all 3 days and it wasn't anything exceptionally rough. Bought a massive pack of disposable black masks that went really well with my cosplays so *shrug*. If anything, I think it's people being autistic and thinking masks were causing the issue when in reality, people just forgot how to communicate since it's been so long. Took me a bit to get into con-mode where talking with randos is like nothing else, but after that everyone was really receptive and I had a bunch of awesome interactions.

>> No.10657586

Trying a bit hard there, never said it would be unrecognizable just that it's a bit of shit to deal with when you can't fix it that easily. I don't know where you were staying but getting to the photoshoot room was a pain in the ass, and the heat+humidity didn't help any. It wasn't really possible to touch up anything anywhere in the convention center given how mask enforcement and dickish staff was.

>> No.10657590

I honestly thought a couple of them were going to quit on the spot. The ones managing the entrance/exits to the Dealer Room specifically.

>> No.10657592

What the fuck am I supposed to do with my life now? Anyone want to meet at Anime NYC if it's actually going to happen?

>> No.10657611

I noticed the bar for AA was staggeringly low.

>> No.10657614

I was going to call you based until you mentioned hating Wawa.
My respect for you has been instantly annihilated.

Although... even a Wawa simp like me is amused at someone coming over and literally eating nothing but Wawa.

>> No.10657618

Someone obviously hasn't put on foundation before. Has your shitty little brain ever even once considered what would happen when half of your face looks nice and pretty, then you take off your mask and the other half is a different shade? "you problem" my ass. Not half-assing my makeup despite having a mask on isn't just a "me problem" lmao.

>> No.10657620

I love hoagie fest with wawa, but man I was just eating that for like a while due to where I was prior staying had a wafflehouse and a wawa next to it. Besides need my weebshit like 711 :^). First day of visiting that wawa some homeless guy came in and couldn't be allowed in because he had no mask so took a shit on the floor, 2 days later some guy tried to nearly rob the place, and the last day there before I went to WV got a cold philly steak(how?). The only reason I went was because I was in the area and figured "why the hell not might be the last otakon and who knows if we lock down again".

The con was okay, but I don't think I am doing otakon again, cons like this just ain't my cup of tea. It was okay but eh everything felt so disorganized it's really hard to explain to someone who wasn't there, not sure what the atmosphere was but it just felt off. 4chan meet was fun, wish I could have done a better room party but kinda wasn't prepped drinking for that many, CnC was a fun drink same with tallboys show. It's just every panel felt like it could have been something more, legit had more fun outside the con with people chilling than inside the event hall at pretty much any time

>> No.10657630

To all saying cons post covid besides Matsuri are shit; I went to colossalcon in Ohio early June and there was no mask mandate, I only saw 3-4 people max wearing one over the coirse of the whole weekend. People were friendly and the party scene was ridiculous. There is still hope, don’t let the cons in pussy liberal states (especially shitholes like DC) jade you too badly.

The party scene at the villas was the craziest I had ever seen at any con ever. Literally hundreds of people binge drinking smoking and partying outside and inside all at once. Granted it was like the first major con to happen since covid so the covidfags were nonexistent which was amazing. Here’s hoping those retards never leave there hermit caves.

>> No.10657639

Colossalcon East is the only con this year I have high hopes for at this point. No masks in the water park, and I'm just gonna hang out there all day.
I noticed that Colossalcon Ohio actually posted rules that included wearing a mask in some areas prior to the con. Then when the con happened they decided that they didn't give a fuck about that anymore lol.
I can't fucking wait to get sloshed for the weekend and forget about the pandemic.
I may go to a con or two such as ANYC later in the year, but I think they're going to be kinda depressing after CCE.

>> No.10657694

Here's hoping you all Darwin yourself.

>> No.10657707

I hope you continue to stay home and save lives, anon!

>> No.10657718

DESU the risk of covid transmission at Colossalcon was far less than the risk at Otakon.
Under 20,000 daily cases in the country during Colossalcon vs. over 100,000 during Otakon. Also ~5000 attendance at Colossalcon vs. ~25000 at Otakon.
But all of the twitter pronounfags are "BOOOO COLOSSALCON" and "YAY OTAKON". Can we have another Vietnam to thin out the ranks of these twats?

>> No.10657726

They don't like masks because it reminds them of how cucked they are and how little control they have always had over their lives. Cons are one of the chances they get to ignore that reality and masks make that harder. Thus they rage at masks.

I get wanting the fun little ego boost of hallway shots but it isn't 2012 any more. If you're even half way serious about getting pictures for your cosplays you schedule a private photoshoot and you do it outside the convention center since so many either look obviously like hotels or airport terminals. You get all you hits on social media now, not at cons. It has been this way for at least a half decade.

People overstate the voice muffling issue with masks far too much. Just speak the fuck up. I know it's bait but whatever, you know you can read people's eyes too? I know it isn't a skill of most autistics can handle but it is a thing you can do right?
I'll agree a deep seeded distrust of others has bloomed thanks to the pandemic but I think that distrust was planted awhile ago.

Everyone keeps putting the blame on mask mandates and posted rules even though none of these cons have the staff to enforce them. The difference between Colossalcon and Otakon is a cultural difference between the types who attend each. The people who like cons like Otakon are more professionalized and want to be seen as proper, and the types who prefer party cons like colossal are more hedonistic and cavalier. The cultures of the cons determine the crowd. This has little to do if it's in a red or blue state and it's not a region thing either bc a ton of east coasters attend collosal. I guess it has to be pointed out AMW is held in and blue state; but AMW is already attended by people who don't care it's a Kopf con so are we surprised that those attendees don't care about any other decorum either? I'm really interested in how that coin will flip for katsucon bc honestly I can see it going either way.

>> No.10657727

kek I've gone to multiple places with tens of thousands of people, no mask no vaxx, still going strong. Survival of the fittest, baby. I hope you stay home and eat a salad.
oh and I'm still not taking it

>> No.10657729

This probably my last Otakon if DC as a whole doesn't change which is why these mask mandates might have gutted this year's Otakon due to this. DC needs to get rid of the trash like Murial Bowser and others who are tyrants and whores to this city.

>> No.10657748

Here we see a man who knows they are cucked asserting they they are not owned you are actually good sir.

>> No.10657762

The residents can't even if they wanted to. It's a one party state, you cant vote in the other party because they practically do not "exist"

>> No.10657763
File: 64 KB, 590x590, 1542680308352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What the fuck is all this doomposting? I had fun.

>> No.10657765
File: 108 KB, 499x488, lwc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

same here

>> No.10657766
File: 106 KB, 600x600, 5de.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People are blaming masks for this, when the reality is that most of the people going to cons are attending in 3-6 person preexisting social groups and don't have time for you. Add to that the fact that the irl anime fanbase has slowly become more and more normie (read: less autistic and thus far more open to random, unscripted social interaction) in nature and yeah.

Basically don't go to a con alone, and if you do, prepare for a long uphill climb to make friends.

>> No.10657767

edit: far *less* open

>> No.10657779

Same, I had a great time seeing old friends, meeting new people, taking pictures. Went to a room party with the cirno guy and he was really chill along with the rest of the people. Masks suck but you gotta make do with what you have.

>> No.10657780

Republicans do exist in DC the problem lies with no leadership there.

>> No.10657784
File: 172 KB, 763x807, RawlingsWat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What hotel did you stay in? Where did you eat? How did you get there?

>> No.10657797


Not that anon, but I had fun, stayed at the Marriott, had amazing food at PogiBoy, Shouk, and Farmers & Distillers, and got there on Amtrak.

>> No.10657817

Yeah me too. People are such pussies.

>> No.10657920

I'm not morbidly obese, old, and or have 500 different maladies. Fags like yourself can stick to being hermits and wasting your life. I (and everyone else who isn't a pussy) will do our own thing.

>> No.10657989

Did anyone even go to the Mega64 thing? I mean I get they haven't been relevant in years but like curious what their shtick is after all this time to get a spot at Otakon.

>> No.10658002

I had no idea they were there, I totally would've gone

>> No.10658157

>People are blaming masks for this
No people are blaming tyrants for abusing their and how DC is taking it in the ass. Otakon should have known that Bowser was going to pull the mask mandates that hurt Otakon attendance.

>> No.10658158

>Masks suck but you gotta make do with what you have.
Well I know people like you really suck.

>> No.10658163

Then how come 26,000 people attended the con. Slightly higher than in 2019?

The only other thing I can think of is how many people actually picked up their badges?

>> No.10658164

26k would still be labeled a successful con even when they were in Baltimore. Stop bitching doomers and antimaskers.

>> No.10658171

Who cares. It's not like this environment will stay like this forever. This is only temporary.

>> No.10658188

Temporary in this day and age can last for months or years.

we are 500 days in 15 days to slow the spread. And here we are now.

>> No.10658193

>This is only temporary.
You must very dumb.

>> No.10658204

I only meant that in the long scheme of things, we'll either get used to it or return to normal or a new normal. Things change, I'm guess I was wrong to be so dismissive but still, I don't get why people are so outraged to their core being to the point they exhaust themselves emotionally over conventions.

>> No.10658207

They've pretty much stuck to their core values, jokes within jokes within jokes that run side by side for years with dedicated and passionated fandom references. They haven't exploded into popularity and decline like other groups. It's a nice niche to be in.

>> No.10658240

>we'll either get used to it

Basically if that happens I'm hanging up my camera for good and end. I am not interested in seeing cosplayers with masks at a convention despite widely available vaccines as a form of security threater. And im not wearing one 14 hours a day in a anime convention,even if vaccinated.

>or return to normal

That will not happen anytime soon since so many conventions are putting on vaccine mandates and mandatory masks as a form of virtue signaling.

>or a new normal.

Same thing I said in response to "get used to it"

>why people are so outraged

Because anime cons and fan conventions are places to escape from reality and the real world for 3 to 4 days. Mandatory masking regardless of vaccination defeats this as its a constant reminder and virtue signaling.

The anime convention and cosplay scene have driven themselves bonkers mentally over a bad flu and few people want to admit it!

And anyone that does they get shouted down and "disposed" of

>> No.10658255

>Because anime cons and fan conventions are places to escape from reality and the real world for 3 to 4 days. Mandatory masking regardless of vaccination defeats this as its a constant reminder and virtue signaling.
This why cons will die because of bullshit like this. Virtua signaling will hurt cons for the long term.

>> No.10658262

>just the flu

fuck off back to /pol/

you people invented an unhinged conspiracy theory about a deadly virus because the alternative was admitting that your guy was shit at his job.

also the people who attend cons are liberal/leftist SJWs, ESPECIALLY otakon. have you fucking gone to a con in the last 5-10 years? and no its not any different in red states, before you even start. If anything, there are more complaints about social distancing not being enforced than there were about masks being enforced. and if people really didnt pick up their badges, they didn't because of fear of delta, not because they think masks are oppression.

>> No.10658265
File: 3.63 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I enjoyed the con

>> No.10658269

its not even the flu bro. flu had over 30 million cases in the US in 2019, stop stressing over nothing and enjoy anime conventions

>> No.10658281
File: 81 KB, 450x334, ill-start-my-own-convention-with-blackjack-and-hookers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You reaction is totally valid, and that's another option for sure. If conventions are no longer your safe space to destress emotionally, then you shouldn't go.

However I was thinking like long term like decades long or years as you have mention.
The ways conventions are ran changes over time. Do I like having to go through security and bag check even though I know that it does very little in actually capturing contraband? Do I want to stand in the hot sun for hours waiting to get in? No, but that has become the norm due to many influences, social, political, economical, financial, legally, ideological and etc. factors. Even if its BS, there's weight behind it when it actually changes behavior and reactions, whether the origins are aunthentic or not (which I totally disagree with it just being a "flu". But I'm not here to argue that since I have no interest in changing your beliefs).
I hesitate to assign blame to any one reason for the current situation we find our selves in.

If anything, I hope that this brings back more community events like cosplay picnics and gatherings outside of conventions. Especiallly since cosplay is more accepted now.

>> No.10658285

it was my first con and it honestly blew lol. never going back to dc or otakon. the guy who ran the panels sucked ass btw. anthony? arnold? cant remember. fat asian without a sense of humor. jesus christ he was painful

>> No.10658292

That looks fun. I missed that sheer dumbfuckery that brings so many smiles to my face.

>> No.10658294

>there is zero difference between 60k deaths and 600k deaths

Alpha is basically 10x as dangerous as the flu while being way more transmissible, delta is something like 20x as dangerous. We're *extremely* lucky the vaccines dropped when they did or we would have gone straight back to lockdown, and much harder than the first time because the libs would have quadrupled down now that we saw "trying to open up" just led to a new, more dangerous variant.

Running around trying to pretend the virus isn't real to own the libs/vindicate Trump not giving a shit has done nothing but extend lockdowns and restrictions much farther than they would have otherwise gone, and ironically the only thing that is going to end it is those very libs deciding "fuck the antivaxxers and anti-maskers, let them die" against the wishes of officials.

>> No.10658299

One of these days I'm finally gonna cosplay for real instead of just wearing an Umaru-chan cloak

>> No.10658304

>also the people who attend cons are liberal/leftist SJWs, ESPECIALLY otakon. have you fucking gone to a con in the last 5-10 years?

I've been attending conventions since 2007, I did not notice the virtue signaling because i come for the atmosphere, rave, and photoshoots and cosplay than the panels.

>If anything, there are more complaints about social distancing not being enforced than there were about masks being enforced

Their website encouraged people to get vaccinated, so that should not be a issue.

> and if people really didnt pick up their badges, they didn't because of fear of delta

Because fear propaganda from social media and from television.

I hope that this brings back more community events like cosplay picnics and gatherings outside of conventions. Especiallly since cosplay is more accepted now.

Even the community events demand vaccination and mask wearing regardless of vax status. The coronachan hysteria has destroyed the convention and cosplay scene and I don't feel like I belong there anymore, and I stick out like a sore thumb in any other social scene.

>> No.10658311

if you're afraid you can stay home don't worry about and stop stressing, its that easy

>> No.10658314


>> No.10658315

Do it anon!

>> No.10658318

My friends want to do a full weekend and hotel next time so I'm totally gonna go all out. Hopefully we'll all be back next year and it'll be even better than pre-covid days.

>> No.10658338

>it'll be even better than pre-covid days.
With the way the anime convention scene is right now, even without masks or other hygiene threater BS it's not going to be even better,

From this thread alone: The panels were trash, the dealers room was smaller than usual. And funimation and fyi wont be coming back because it easier to just do it online. Otakon has to be a lot better if they want to survive post lockdown.

A lot more. And people need to demand that next year needs to be better because I am not seeing a word from the con scene advocating to be better.

They just accept it as it is and see cons as a glorified comic con.

>> No.10658339

I didn't even go to the damn con, but makeup melting off your face is an issue I've faced at every summer con, even pre-pandemic, so yeah. You kinda are a pussy. God forbid you don't set your makeup or keep shit in your bag to fix stuff in the bathroom.

>> No.10658340

Aw, I'm sorry that your face is so ugly you have to cover it entirely in foundation! If you kept your stupid mask on, it wouldn't be an issue, would it?

>> No.10658345

Anon if things aren't better in a year from now, anime conventions are gonna be very low on the totem pole of what people are pissed off about

>> No.10658347

anyone else see the guy with the dog shitting on the floor? my friends and i were right by there and were laughing our ass off

>> No.10658366
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nayrt but >you have a single qualm with wearing a face mask constantly? yeah, well you must be u-ugly!

>> No.10658392

>I didn't even go
>Why are people complaining about a mask while in cosplay in the middle of summer making a hot situation more uncomfortable

>> No.10658393

What would be on the top of the totem pole by then?

>> No.10658395

probably the worldwide economy collapsing

>> No.10658405
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>> No.10658413

Just turn off the news. COVID goes away.

>> No.10658424

you decided to use the sole outlier to decide whether or not you would go to another otakon or DC...


>> No.10658425

Because it's easier to call people pussies probably lol. not like their opinion matters if it didn't actually happen to them anyway

>> No.10658430

It's hosted in DC anon, what exactly are you expecting here? Just don't go to the panels lmao

>> No.10658459

>I did not notice the virtue signaling
Then continue to not notice or stay home. It's simple retard.

>> No.10658620

I saw that man. Big black dude right? The nostalgia hit me in the feels seeing that so I might cosplay Ayeka for old time sake for summer Katsu or Dragoncon

>> No.10659091

This was my first anime con, was really cool! I'm gonna cosplay at Katsu and have something great for next year! Can't believe I didn't go to a weeb con before this

>> No.10659096

As a head's up anon your socialization experience at katsu depends heavily on your cosplay. If you look like shit people will ignore you but if your cosplay looks legit (or you're a girl) you'll get plenty of opportunities to talk to people and get into parties. Katsucon is cosplay snobbery at it's peak.

>> No.10659100

There are groups that are not like this, my own friend group at katsu has cosplayers in it but they don't care if other people cosplay or not

>> No.10659668

They didn't virtue signal at all during a staff room party post dead dog, no masks. Even saw some of the top ppl who run the con there.

Although they were drinking, so you don't need to wear a mask or docial distance while doing that.

>> No.10659898


Don't let th door hit you on the way out. Bye bye honey

>> No.10660030

>Don't let th door hit you on the way out. Bye bye honey
No one ask you, piss off bitch.

>> No.10660034

So the mask mandate the con impose was a huge virtue signal.

Meanwhile they provided attendees with the worst otakon ever.

If they were hell bent on providing a close to normal experience, I would have forgiven them for a lackluster experience.

I've been attending otakon for 13 years and Im glad ive skipped. I'm very sketical that the con will improve on 2021's shitfest.

>> No.10661281

The rave was sponsored by a group called SuperShodo! Their instagram handle is Supershodo. Their booth at the con was nice. They were giving out free metal straws.

>> No.10662612

glad you werent there you fucking retard

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