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Just figured i would make a catch all for all Halloween related stuff as i saw a couple threads popping up. Im a total beginner at this stuff so don't ask me for any advice, im sure someone that knows something will come along and answer your question

Speaking of questions, Is this a good Velma wig?

Im going to go as Velma for Halloween as i figured as i could pull it off ok. Im pretty tall and my feet are big but besides that i think i can pull it off

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What are your Halloween rituals, /cgl/? What to do you do to feel the merriment of the spooky season? -- especially in a year when many of the festivities are missing or extremely different due to ye olde plague.

My checklist of sorts is to:
>buy a mini pumpkin (they're just really cute and make me smile)
>buy a pair of festive halloween socks from target to grow my collection
>plan one casual halloween outfit to wear on the days leading up to or the day of halloween before getting in costume
>bake batches of those cute pillsbury mini-sugar cookies
>buy a pumpkin scented candle
>pick one or a few horror / halloween movies to watch (bonus points if it's something I haven't seen yet)

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What even is the point of this thread there's a lolita Halloween thread up already and this one seems to have no general purpose related to /cgl/

Are you trying to make this about costumes or.....????
It's a hot mess OP next time you start a thread start it with a clear stated intention that isn't just random vaguely referenced discussion.

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Unfortunately I work second shift so I won’t get a chance to celebrate Halloween. But I am working on shit for CCTX in November. Pic related.

Thank god for Spirit being open, I can just cheese and modify half the shit I buy and make the props.

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this board has really turned into blog posting huh

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Every year there is a halloween thread.

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I just made it so there wasn't going to be several Halloween threads when it comes close to Halloween

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The Halloween thread is usually for catching the crossboarders looking to try costuming (usually last-minute, or past reasonable shipping time from China/Amazon/online) and needing help.

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That sounds comfy af. I usually just do basic fall/halloween decor and watch in melancholy as time passes me by

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I love decor but can never justify seasonal stuff as I'm renting and don't have storage. Cooking and baking stuff using fall produce like pumpkins and apples is my go-to. Recently bought a couple pumpkin mugs and some pumpkin flavored chai.

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I buy those mini pumpkins and squash and decorate the office at work. I dress up a little to get everyone in the spirit (hehe) of the season, nothing over the top though. Fall is an excuse for me to dress up more, I love wearing my long sweaters and boots.

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This will be my baby's 2nd halloween (Oct 22nd bday) so the first one we get to actually enjoy with her. Debating between doing Bulma, Vegeta and Bura, or just keeping it simple and tossing a bee costume on her and throwing on some vampire fangs and a mask on her lazy papa who isn't into costumes.
Hate that it's a sunday this year cause we dress up at work but I'm the only one who works on sundays so it seems like a waste, but planning to do Wammawink from Centaurworld for that.

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that sounds so comfy anon, here's some of mine
>buy a pumpkin or several and roast the seeds, make muffins, pies, breads etc with the pulp and give to friends
>put up my halloween decorations
>watch hocus pocus on halloween night while waiting for trick or treaters
>buy discounted candy on november 1st

and I always end up getting a fall scented candle too lol.

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well I do reuse all my decor from previous years and it’s nothing too complicated.
>pumpkin mugs and some pumpkin flavored chai.
Very nice. I make cinnamon pumpkin roll cake for that fall mood or light up a bunch of cinnamon candles/ incense sticks

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That sounds delicious. I'm being extra this year and planning to make a pumpkin cobbler and apple "chai-der" ice cream for Canadian Thanksgiving with our above the border relatives. Found a recipe for chai ice cream that uses the actual spices rather than just steeping the tea in milk that I want to try out.

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kill yourselves

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Back to facebook with you

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I mean it would fit with spooky season really well so I'll consider it.

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Getting into the halloween spirit and decorating the inside of the domicile early on my end. Just went to Dollar Tree and scored a bunch of kitschy cute knick knacks for my desk :)

Gotta get out the giant bin of extra decorations and take a look at my spider web stash. I think I need more

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Thank you, anon! I've never actually decorated my place before since my room is a shoebox and I'd probably end up leaving them up year round. I've always wanted to though, fall decor looks so cute!

> and watch in melancholy as time passes me by
God that's a mood. Watching winter set in and Falloween slip away is genuinely depressing.

I used to roast the seeds too! I even separated them into batches by flavor, but no one ate enough of them to justify the effort. I don't even like seeds myself, so it was more of a fun activity than actual cooking lol. Ahh, fall baking is the best. I'm sure your friends love you extra much during this season for your treats.

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>Recently bought a couple pumpkin mugs and some pumpkin flavored chai.
I fucking love that. I have a mini-cauldron mug I drink out of. It makes everything feel like a witch's brew.

There's just something about those mini pumpkins that makes the world a better place.

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Do you dress up for work/school, anons -- whether in a themed lolita coord or in costume?
When I was in university, I would just wear festive socks and a shirt since I was a commuter, but I'm employed this year so now I'm wondering whether its worth the effort. I work with kids too, so I kind of want to show them whose boss with a good costume.

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That also sounds delicious. And celebrating with family sounds comfy, i’m the only one in my family and friends that does seasonal decorations/celebrations so ;;

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as long as it can be easily maintained with the level of activity you'll have to perform at work, then dress up as much as you think you can get away with. I never dressed up at work because it didn't allow or would have had me running around in costume way more than i'd be happy with. And lolita just feels like weekend clothes, so it's not any fun to wear it for Halloween.

Really digging Hades this year. Thinking about doing Dusa the gorgon maid but idk how i'd reconsile the Meido outfit i want to wear with the Chiton and Toga style that Hades actually uses. I want to keep the MaidDusa pun as obvious as possible.

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I usually dress up for my office job (even last year I did makeup and a wig for a group video chat). Generally I factor in three things for costumes:
I'm younger than a lot of coworkers, and most don't watch anime or play video games so I try to skew towards something more mainstream.
A lot of craftsmanship or effort will get positive reactions even if people don't know what you are.
I'm sitting at a computer for work but still 8+ hours is longer than I'm usually dressed up at a con. Although I often take off a wig or gloves for most of the workday.

I think one thing to keep in mind is that "normie" Halloween costumes are DRAMATICALLY simpler than cosplay - like, not even "Spirit Halloween costume" but "I wore a funny wig and a black dress" so a little effort goes a LONG way.
Also also think about how you'll get to work - I always drove on Halloween because I was too shy to ride the bus all dressed up.

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halloween is pretty nonexistant in my country besides for parties where people dress as slutty x, it's sad

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Try doing a toga in black and layering an apron on it?

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That's great advice, thank you! I was having an especially hard time thinking of an idea, so I appreciate the specific help!

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Buy some candles, set up an alter, burn photos, and give praise to the old ones.

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>burn photos
Oh, I haven't heard of that practice before. What's the purpose of it?

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We're getting closer. Spooky month soon.

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What is everyone doing this halloween?

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What costumes are going to be popular this year?

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covid related

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Harley Quinn is a safe bet.

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Again? Was any outfits in the new movie even worth it?

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DBD has repopularized old slashers. I see ghostface in particular being a favorite

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dont know if i should just use this thread or the help thread but i need some advice on some body makeup. i dont want to spend too much on it since im pretty much only going to be using the stuff for one or two nights. i just need something that looks good enough that wont rub off on everything i touch or just rub off in general.
i mainly just need to cover my face, a bit of my chest and arms.

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she wears this poofy red dress for most of the movie, it's going to be a hit with white girls everywhere again
at least it's marginally better than her old costume

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Snazaroo or Ben Nye + Ben Nye Setting Spray + translucent powder. Then you must pour the blood of a sharpie into your bathtub to pay homage to the Homestuck gods for gifting you this body painting knowledge.

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Oh hey, a thread for Halloween stuff.
This came last month and since I already have the stuff for Kamen Rider Garren, might as well do a costume for it.

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Holy shit posting in a sticky

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plz stop exporting your retarded traditions

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Weirds me out when mods pay attention to this board. I guess they only care during October.

Otherwise it's free reign for shit jannies.

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If this is you're a beginner to costuming

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Oh fuck I forgot holiday threads get sticky

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Any home owners here? I put up my decor super early this year cause I just couldn't wait. Wish I had more indoor decor however. Still I almost wish I lived across the street so I could look at my house all night.

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My work allows full costumes so long as your no no parts are hidden and it isn't to slutty.

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my "traditions" are
>hit spirit halloween at some point
>get a pumpkin spice latte at some point in the season
>go hang out with a friend on halloween itself
>bake those same sugar cookies(if they're out of stock any holiday cookies)
>watch a movie/make a bonfire or something
might show up in very exaggerated clownlita this year? we aren't going out anywhere but i think it might be fun to dress up anyways.

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>work is fully remote remote, most coworkers aren't even close by
this is usually dope but I actually really like halloween and I plan on dressing up. Planning on doing a bar crawl/other halloweeny shit with my college buds in NYC.

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>implying crossboarders check the catalog before spamming with new threads

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I'm going very ambitious. Gonna try and make a Doc Ock costume where two of the tentacles are rigged up to my arms. I cut some ribs into a pool noodle and fed some cord through the middle, so when I pull on one end it curls and contracts.

Really liking the initial mock-up, but mounting two of them on a back harness is gonna be another thing entirely. Gonna go buy some armature wire next day I have off, see what I can do to improve stability without sacrificing flexibility.

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That's why it's a sticky. No crossboarder thinks to lurk long enough to realize there's a stupid questions thread, but a few might at least check the stickies.

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Usually I go whole hog when making a costume but this year it's buy 4 different hings and slap them together and add one handmade accessory. It's a nice break from working hard for results, honestly. I don't think i'll do this every year,though. i'd miss the sewing.

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My boyfriend and I are trying to decide on Halloween costumes we can wear as a couple. We don't cosplay so this is the closest we'll get to couple's cosplay.

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will i get shot or spook people out if i carry fairly realistic prop guns in holsters as part of my Halloween costume in the US?

>> No.10683296

That's not a great idea and there are laws against it in certain parts of the country.

>> No.10683326

empty holsters are probably fine tho, right?

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>trying to look up a premade pilgrim/puritan costume because am a retard that doesnt know how to sew
>find an assload of actual no-memes dresses and crap on etsy and other sites, very affordable
>only options for men are a meme tier polyester pilgrim costume like you would see on a grade-schooler's thanksgiving handout from amazon
>hit up spirit halloween and a bunch of other popup stores with costumes from literal decades ago
>zero pilgrims
????????? why is this impossible to find

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Hi cgl, I was planning on being a Mujahideen fighter this year but due to recent events I have to reconsider. Instead I'm thinking of being captain nemo from 20000 leagues or seto kaiba from yugioh. But the former I can't find anything for and the latter is all chinkshit that won't arrive before Nov 7th. I have a Halloween party know the 15th.

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empty holsters are always fine, what's the costume?

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squid game, i wanna buy a squid game costume

inb4 >buy

yea i aint some kind of geek

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The squid game was interesting but i would advice you buy gaming token like MUST. Invest while you an

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Got my new wig. Say if someone were to have an authentic lab coat. How could I go about removing the stitching from the name label?

>> No.10684154

cut the stitching from the front first and then cut the back.

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wow, ted lasso would be a easy one to do. Show isnt great by any means but its popular. Just might do that.

>> No.10684196

God I wish I bought the CSM decadriver

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this is my best idea so far

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Get a seam ripper. It's a little $1-$5 tool that will make your life so much easier and more precise.

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What's a good halloween costume for a guy who wants to look cute but on the down-low like I'm not trying ya dig? haha

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In case there are any TNG nerds here:
For a Beverley Crusher costume, do you think there is any way to get around buying the two-tone science officer bodysuit?
Wondering if black top + black pants would be a worthy substitute, obviously with blue coat + rank insignia + comm badge would be enough.
I'm a guy and I don't want to wear the bodysuit; however my hair happens to look just like hers and I don't want to pass on this opportunity before it gets cut.

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Love that character design. I'm not sure how you'd nail the movement without running into things but should be a fun time.

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dont go to anime halloween in schaumberg IL its run by a rapist and friend of ryan kopf

>> No.10684841

I’ve never worked with nails so I have no idea how to start. Would it be possible to buy some nail pack and whittle them into claws? Or is there something easier?

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I love your alien

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You mean pointy nails like this? Search for press on stiletto nails

>> No.10685707 [DELETED] 

Here you go


>> No.10685879

That fucking serie is trending everywhere and costumes are easy wnough to do

>> No.10686244

Do I need robes if I'm going as a basic hogwarts student? Have a tie, vest, slacks, wand, etc.

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Any /fit/ costume suggestions? I was thinking Cody from Street Fighter but nobody would recognise me. Need somebody famous and jacked.

>> No.10687233

Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star

>> No.10687256

Wig question- I have a huge head. Where can I find wigs that fit above the standard 54-62 range?

>> No.10687527

a robe or cloak will sell it but not totally necessary
if you cant find something online or it wont deliver on time, look for those halloween pop up stores (not spirit) in your area, some will carry trash from literal decades ago that were never sold and you might find a cheap cape

>> No.10687816

I was just hoping some people could give opionions on what costumes will be popular in usa this year.

I know i could look at best selling on a costume website.
But i want to know what cgl thinks.
Perhaps squid game or something else popular this year?
What was popular entertainment this year?

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considering doing a watered down thanos cosplay for clubbing, will purple facepaint look like shit if i've never done it before?

maybe cropping the bomberjacket, probably spray painting the top part of it gold.

it's either that or i'm going vampire or some basic bullshit like squid game with the boys.

>> No.10687823

also I'm going with my hair being normal, i still wanna have a chance to hit.

>> No.10687856 [DELETED] 

This board worships Dreck! Pewdiepie told me.

>> No.10687893

>will purple facepaint look like shit if i've never done it before?

>> No.10688497

If you're running a costume shop or something, you're asking the wrong crowd since this board is filled with weebs who have different ideas of what a Halloween costume is than the mainstream.

But as a spoonfeed: Squid Game is a definite, along with whoever the hell was the star of the most recent Marvel movie. What I see a ton of at cons still is: My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Genshin Impact, a revival of Sailor Moon/kawaii/Sanrio/Rilakkuma/kawaii vaporwave/Hot Topic kawaii things

>> No.10688575

i predict harley quinn (reboot suicide squad version) and maybe one of the male characters from that movie to match the women. and maybe shang chi characters among asian people

>> No.10688760

Didn't squid game come out like 3 weeks ago?? Why the fuck is it everywhere suddenly? I don't watch shows meant to be manufactured popular... yknow

>> No.10688911

it's just more government funded media but this touches on messed up things about korean society so it's more genuine to kpopstans or something.

>> No.10688942

soup seems correct for once...

>> No.10688959


>> No.10689041

I’m only showing this side of me because that one anon said I had “no genuine conversations or takes to be had” I’m in fact autistically smart

>> No.10689258

How long do you think it would take me to assemble a Mandalorian costume?
Considering I will be 3D printing everything from 0.

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Those delicious little Pillsbury Halloween sugar cookies are sold out everywhere. I can't celebrate Halloween now.

>> No.10689303

Depends on you, bud.

>> No.10689304

I just got invited to a Halloween home party with a vampires&werewolves theme.
I need some last minute suggestions for a male, since just going as a regular vampire seems boring but I'm too small for Alucard but too fat for all the stor Seraph of the End cosplays.
Thanks in advance.

>> No.10689310

You worry entirely too much about your body size in relation to costuming. No one gives a shit. Dress as who you want. It's not like you're actually asking Alucard to borrow his clothes and are worried about them being too big.

To answer your question though, it's all about fabric and accessories that make the costume. Biollowy poofy sleeves, waist corset or vest (brocade maybe?), fangs, dramatic contour and eyeshadow, extravagant-looking jewlery (necklaces, a single earing, etc). Look at other costumes for inspiration. There's plenty of thirst traps on Tiktok or Insta to look from.

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File: 364 KB, 1365x2048, herbert_krolock_milan_van_waardenburg_ball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You worry entirely too much about your body size
True but Alucard deserves being cosplayed be a tall person (and I once saw a manlet Alucard and it looked weird). And all the diverent store bought cosplays i found so far are made for teenage girl proportions.
But if I go classical vampire I might go full on Herbert von Krolock pic rel.

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File: 73 KB, 750x738, 243345497_1107973876407221_6969469602937053773_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna be by myself this Halloween, but I have a few warty pumpkins on the front porch, just need to grab some candy and make chocolate pumpkin filled bonbons. Not sure if I'm gonna dress up, cosplay stuff is in storage.

>> No.10689562

You needed to start last month.

>> No.10689566

This will not go well. Commit to be a scrotum chin or choose something easier.

>> No.10689784

the amount of squid game costumes there will be this halloween...

>> No.10689986

Do you think if I went as a slav with an adidas track suit and baseball cap that people would get it?

>> No.10690051

I've never played fire emblem but my girlfriend wants to possibly do a couple cosplay with her as byleth and me as dimitri. I really doubt anything easy from aliexpress will come in before the 31st, what should I do to make this happen?

>> No.10690124 [DELETED] 

What should I do if I want to be a Hogwarts student for Halloween? I'm having trouble finding a sweater vest.

>> No.10690131

What should I do if I want to be a Hogwarts student for Halloween? I'm having trouble finding a decent sweater vest.
I'm a Men's XXL/XXXL (I'm 6'5)

>> No.10690191

Buy a large plain sweater and chop it into a vest? You can look into fray check or seam tape for the hems so they don't tear.

>> No.10690299

What we do in the Dark

>> No.10690633

Buy premade costume locally or brainstorm a simpler idea now

>> No.10690782 [DELETED] 
File: 57 KB, 661x600, coca-cola-christmas-santa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last year I went trick or treating (14) I dressed up as Santa. I tied a pillow around my waist to give myself a big gut because i'm a thin manlet. I would joke that I'm taking back candy to give out at christmas and that this is where I get it from. People in the neighborhood found it humorous when they saw me. It was a good time.

>> No.10690865

you should lose weight

>> No.10690957

So I'm fucking stupid. I'm going as King K Rool and rather than just use some sort of green fabric, I used black clothing and started applying green glitter with fabric glue to get a scaly look to it.

Is there any other way to seal the glitter onto the fabric to keep it from falling off?

>> No.10691024

No, there's a reason why glitter is regarded as the herpes of crafting world. You will be finding it in your house and everywhere you've been for years to come. There is no way to wash it out or vacuum it up completely.

>> No.10691030

fabric sealant
you sound 12.

>> No.10691432

>Is there any other way to seal the glitter onto the fabric to keep it from falling off?
No matter how you seal it, movement is going to make it come off. Uh, godspeed with your clean up, anon.

>> No.10691449

not related to keeping it from falling off but a lint roller will do wonders to clean up some of the inevitable glitter fallout

>> No.10691631
File: 846 KB, 750x1057, C4172D5F-B74F-4824-8CF1-C17B01495AB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ordered a squid game mask off amazon. The circle is the wrong size and off center. I’ll look like the grunt that gets bullied by all the other grunts.

>> No.10691706

I’m doing a 5K in Halloween in a squid game guard costume.

>> No.10691709

>body suit
I’ve seen folks just wear the TNG long sleeve shirt and black pants and it looks great.

>> No.10692351
File: 90 KB, 800x800, 1634003934645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some good little culty accessories? I'm just wearing a dress with a tie and a hooded cape. I had to make a little pouch to attach to the tie since im attending a murder mystery and I needed something not black that could be stained as a clue. The theme is just generic demon summoning cult. I'd prefer to hand make something, I have scrap fabric and sewing stuff and clay so I could sculpt and bake something small. I guess I dont actually NEED anything else, I'm just feeling crafty.

>> No.10692502

>so I won’t get a chance to celebrate Halloween
Would be a shame if you happened to be sick that day, wouldn't it?

>> No.10693382

Could DIY some scar wax with that recipe of flour and foundation and whatever, make a little “cut” on your palm and add blood, then make a little ceremonial athame with a crystal or goetic sigil or something on the handle by adding clay to a prop dagger. Then it’s like you were slicing your hand to add blood to some demon summoning spell lol

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File: 144 KB, 600x800, D751FFD3-5F40-41C9-9BB1-9B1F2686213C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a name for the specific type of hat that Benny Watts wears in The Queen’s Gambit? What kind of store would be my best bet for finding a similar one in person on short notice? Western wear supply type place or something?

>> No.10693649

you can look for outback or australian hat at a costume store, crocodile dundee or something similar. military supply store may also have one.

>> No.10693674 [DELETED] 

Did you workplace have a Halloween event?

>> No.10693675

This year, our small Laboratory encouraged everyone to dress up in a costume and even held a $50 gift card prize contest.

Me and my Team went as the Scooby Doo Gang. I was the titular character, wore a plain brown shirt and printed Scooby's ear's, mouth area and leash insignia on the company copying machine. Cut and taped the parts to the appropriate areas.

Felt like Macguyver that day

>> No.10693702
File: 18 KB, 418x280, human-eyes-clown-makeup-260nw-1725771265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I work in a grocery store so I can't do much in the way of costuming, but I do the clown eye triangle thing and wear 17mm fangs. It's the one time a year I bother doing my makeup at all.

>> No.10693709

I've got really short hair so I bought a black wig for my halloween costume (going as an 80s style goth). Problem is I bought a cheap and shitty synthetic wig and I can't work out how to get it to even vaguely straight, right now it looks like a total mess. Any tips?

>> No.10693723
File: 139 KB, 1280x720, dune-blogroll-01-1628624008635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Easiest/Cheapest way to build a Freemen from Dune Halloween costume?

I was gonna go to a sporting goods store for the gloves, mask, and knee pads - I have a black shirt with long sleeves. I just need to come up with whatever the fuck robes those are, any suggestions?

>> No.10693848

Dirty/brown drop cloth (painting section) might be close.

>> No.10693874

making costumes out of office supplies is great

>> No.10694003

Stetson hat

>> No.10694004
File: 87 KB, 636x900, B38DC52B-334C-43E9-9DDF-52016DFE4E73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just wanted to say I appreciate that almost every lolita I know’s halloween costume is “nurse (but make it lolita)”

>> No.10694018
File: 1.12 MB, 1536x2048, F20AD51A-83A5-46A3-8093-E3718586EF2E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's me.
Rate me.

>> No.10694128
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Spoke to a friend who wore that, he shaved his beard into a stache and wore a tracksuit. Really cool stuff for a short term costume
shounen anime stuff works, superheroes, and your Stallone/Schwartzenegger characters
6/10. I love the mask, and it pretty much elevates it up. But everything else is a 4/10 as its pretty ok

Here's mi"N"e

>> No.10694133

this is why you never meet anyone from 4chan. you two look like such losers

>> No.10694253
File: 528 KB, 1581x2729, IMG_20211031_134857_1_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10694271
File: 941 KB, 1009x1769, kaiji.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10694429
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hello /cgl/ havent been here since like 2018 when I met a few of you at an anime convention (ALA?)
Anyway here is my last night handing /out/ candy
definitely not your personality, right

>> No.10694442
File: 775 KB, 497x661, Stillsuit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Too late to help; but they're linen gauze. I tea dyed mine to weather it some more which is cheap. Unfortunately the local Walmart and JoAnn's didn't have enough in stock to sew into a hooded robe so I just tied it around until I can get more.

Good luck if you ever try to pull it out for a con, or Halloween when part 2 comes out...

>> No.10694478

fix your mustache haha

>> No.10694635

nice legs

>> No.10695043

>buying things from Amazon
It's all low quality Chinese crap now. You're better off using Amazon as a search engine to see if something exists and then go look anywhere else.

>> No.10695913


>> No.10696896

ngl u look pretty cool

>> No.10698634
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Spooky video, frens.

>> No.10698947


>> No.10699250

it's ded now buddy

>> No.10699296
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