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Can we have one of these again?
Fill in one cosplay you want to make for each color

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Can we do lolita coordinates too? It's fine if not.

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Oh yeah I guess that's fine too

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I've missed this! I gave myself an extra challenge and tried to only use 1 character from a series otherwise this whole collage could be Tokyo Mew Mew or Sailor Moon characters lol.
Top Row: Ichigo (maid ver.) from Tokyo Mew Mew, Emma from Promised Neverland, Rin from Vocaloid (specifically Daughter of Evil)
Middle: Tsuyu (hero uni ver.) from MHA, Tohru from Fruits Basket, Mizore from Rosario + Vampire
Bottom: Princess Tutu, Chii (white and blue dress) from Chobits, Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon

Post yours OP!

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I've missed this! I gave myself an extra challenge and tried to only use 1 character from a series otherwise this whole collage could be Tokyo Mew Mew or Sailor Moon characters lol.
Top Row: Ichigo (maid ver.) from Tokyo Mew Mew, Emma from Promised Neverland, Rin from Vocaloid (specifically Daughter of Evil)
Middle: Tsuyu (hero uni ver.) from MHA, Tohru from Fruits Basket, Mizore from Rosario + Vampire
Bottom: Princess Tutu, Chii (white and blue dress) from Chobits, Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon

Post yours OP!

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I can't find a single pink one that I like so to the shame corner it goes.

Top: Wilson (Don't Starve), Darkness (Konosuba), Adept (Starcraft 2)
Middle: Air Raider (EDF4.1), Hellagur (Arknights), Waluigi
Bottom: NoPink, Bruno (Jojo), Jessica (Arknights)

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I thought the pink was a sad Kirby at first

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I love how varied your choices are.

Honestly same, lol

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Has someone done a good cosplay of bottom right? I forget her name, I know she's from Sailor Moon.

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Almost certainly cheating on several of these but oh well
Generally HB cosplayers do the Perlman version, but I'd like to try a more comic-y one. At least the Injustice version.
>Hol Horse (JJBA)
With the spin-off announcement he's relevant again!
Mostly I think the exaggerated gun would be a fun build.
Already planning this for Halloween
>Michael Myers
Every time I walk by the rack of masks at a Halloween store I think "hmm, maybe this year..."
Not totally sure I'd look good in this but I really like the movie.
>Rex "Power" Colt
A bit passe now but I remember really digging the game when it came out.
I don't play TF2 anymore but I still really like the character and it seems like every con has at least a few mercs running around.
>Sweet JP
If we can get the hair working...

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Yes! I saved some for inspiration when I finally get the funds to buy those nice fabrics for her -- It's Queen Nehelenia. Here's one example

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I like that you added your progress for each character.

>With the spin-off announcement he's relevant again!
Hol Horse is always relevant, at least in my heart

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Pls do Shep, yess

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Aw shit, how could I've forgotten to include TF2 in mine! I've already made an engie years ago but I'd like to remaster it sometime in the future now that I actually know what the hell I'm doing.

NTAYRT but damn that looks great.

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That's her name, thanks. You're right, that is a good one.

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You guys put so much effort into your pictures, makes me insecure, but here's mine.

I'm unlikely to cosplay as most of these, but might possibly happen with some. Don't care that much about all of them either really.

Top: Rin from Fate Stay Night, Duck from Princess Tutu (it'd be so fun to imitate her way of walking), Luna from Mujin Wakusei Survive
Middle: Ranka from Macross Frontier (not necessarily this outfit, but I do like it), Sora from Kaleido Star, Saint Tail from Kaitou Saint Tail
Bottom: Neeya from Infinite Ryvius, Lamhirh from Crest/Banner of the Stars (this is the prettiest outfit but could do others), Ryuko from Kill la Kill.

>Post yours OP!
I'm doing it now! I spent hours working on it but then I just had to go to bed and then put off continuing it

You have many nice choices, I like your inclusion of Ichigo and Princess Tutu, and while I haven't seen them I know Fruits Basket and Chobits are high culture

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chobits is for pedo waifufags. only idiots think clamp isn't the same sexual anime trash even though it's all women making it.

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It interesting how we demonize the female gaze for sexuality and then wonder why women don't want to have sex

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clamp is male gaze other than lelouche. chobits is about waifus for men. the ending is that he stays a virging and loves her even though they can't fuck because she's not human.

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That’s not really fair. It’s a completely different context and POV. Clamp is and was also groundbreaking in the industry. Nothing is perfect but progress is progress

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>Clamp is all male gaze

Can you fuck off back to twitter zoomer

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Ahh yes because a story about a man loving a woman for her and not for her body is not the female gaze

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NTA but chobits is really weird and sexual and has incest and disgusting representation in it so I don't know what you retards are talking about. The frilly dresses seem to have clouded your mind.

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Bruh so does CCS but who really cares.

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Ahh cute choices! I love it!

>You have many nice choices
Thank you! Based on your choices, you'd probably like them too!

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aww, I was just thinking about kaleido star recently. Sora had a lot of cute stage costumes, as did a lot of other characters in the show, it would be so cute and nostalgic to see someone cosplaying some

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....you know who made CCS too right?

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they're a bunch of japanese women into weird shit creating content for japanese girls who are also into weird shit, or will be as a result of consuming said entertainment

not all creepy or uncomfortable content is synonymous with "male gaze".words have meanings. next someone is gonna call VC Andrews male gaze.

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At best chobits is a parody of the make gaze. Seeing women as objects meant to serve

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Obviously why would I compare it to something unrelated. All Clamp works have stuff like that in fact most shoujo do too. I would argue that more animu contains something you don't like that ones that do not.

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>Clamp is and was also groundbreaking in the industry
This. It’s really easy to criticize but desu for as early as they started producing they really broke a lot of ground for female manga ka. So what if they wrote weird shit, the had a weird audience.

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stop being lame and post more cosplans

Top: Mila (dead or alive), Kei (akira), Chiyo's dad (azumanga daioh)
Middle: Mion (higurashi), Aladdin (magi), Ichimatsu (Osomatsu-san)
Bottom: Rina (Love live), RX-0 Unicorn (gundam), Kano (kagepro0

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This is edited so satisfyingly

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My wife

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Good taste frien, it was a tossup between her or Tomitake but she fits the thread. Maybe its fate

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Top: Nao Egokoro (YTTD), Mei Shijima (Hanako-kun)
Middle: Franziska von Karma (AA), Kanao Tsuyuri (KnY)
Bottom: Haru Okumura (Persona 5), Execution Division Pupil (Akudama Drive), Mukuro Ikusaba (DR)

Still trying to think of picks for yellow and green

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always nice to see Akira characters who aren't Tetsuo or Kaneda

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Riku from ffx for green?

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Haru! Good pick. It would be so easy to find a cafe for a nice photo shoot spot. Or even a garden with a tea set. I want to do Makoto but I don't feel like drowning in my own sweat.

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Top: Kamui (X), Cappuccino (Food Fantasy), Amelia Watson (Hololive)
Middle: Ceres Fauna (Hololive), Voyager (FGO), Akatsuki (Log Horizon)
Bottom: Yazawa Nico (Granblue vers.), Noa (Granblue Fantasy), Maple (BOFURI)

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Waifu of culture

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white should always be a gundam

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I'm building my first gundam right now for a con in April, the dream is that one day every color can be filled by a gundam

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I want to work on Alt Eisen eventually

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I haven't seen anyone mention X/1999 in fucking years. I thought it was long forgotten

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Never could figure out what the fuck the series was about. Pretty art tho

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You never realise how eclectic your taste are until you do shit like this, I guess.

Top: Zapp Brannigan (Futurama), Magikarp (Pokemon), Miyashita Ai (Love Live)
Middle: Sailor Jupiter (Crystal or Shining Moon Tokyo version), Sabriel (Garth Nix Old Kingdom books), Ohara Mari (Love Live)
Bottom: Kyu Stardust (Huniepop), Riven (League of Legends - Awaken cinematic version), "Lieutenant Ketch" (Stars Wars EU - Wraith Squadron book series)

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Just posted myself, felt weird posting but no talking to other cosplayers soooooo...

You've got top-tier taste, anon.

You should totally take the other comments on board and do a sad Kirby cosplay.

I feel uncultured, I don't know like...any of these (except Beetlejuice)

That is a lot of armour, good luck friend.

Effort, schmeffort. You seem to have very distinctive anime tastes.

So are you going to make a proper Rina board? That's the real question here.

Go a sexy Kermit for green. Don't care what your gender is.

So many cute and intricate plans, I wish you many luck and sharp needle for your sewing.

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Top: Kyoko (Madoka Magica), Himiko Toga (MHA, only character I could think of that was close to orange that I like), Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
Middle: Maiev Shadowsong (WC3), Gwen (LoL), Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon)
Bottom: Ram (Re:Zero), Kirakishou (Rozen Maiden), Hu tao (Genshin)

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>You never realise how eclectic your taste are until you do shit like this, I guess.
I love that about exercises like this though. It's kind of fun not to be type-cast in your tastes -- atleast that's my rationale.

> Sailor Jupiter (Crystal or Shining Moon Tokyo version)
I love that diehard Sailor Moon fans always have a costume they're pinning for. It's such a cute way to put a personal touch on such a popular costume. You've got good taste, anon.

>You've got top-tier taste, anon.
Aha, I just saw this! Game recognizes game I suppose!

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That character from League is mega cute. I love her design. I remember when she got announced and all of the lolitas and cosplayers (and lolita cosplayers) on my TL went ape. I still haven't see a cosplay of her though! I hope you change that!

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Thanks anon! When she was released/teased a bunch of my friends messaged me saying I should cosplay her because they know I'm into lolita. What's even better is her hair is a colour they associate with me, because of my discord role. Definitely the character I'm most hyped to cosplay.

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>Good luck friend.
Your thoughts are appreciated but by this point I can work with EVA foam in my sleep. I’ve actually been focusing on wiring and adding machines into my prop work lately and it’s been quite successful. So now I can do dumb shit like make you scale Kamen rider props.

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Sometimes I sit here in my old-faggotry and try to remind myself that they kept making anime after 2010.


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You know anon, your choice in cosplays remind me of someone I used to hang out with on the regular in the cosplay scene. Especially the Galko and the Dokuro-Chan cosplay. Had a gigantic crush on her but we went our own seperate ways after social media went to complete dog shit.

Hope she's doing alright.

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Who is mid level left? She's a cutie pie

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Lulu from Yuri Kuma Arashi - there's a flashback episode mid season and this is the outfit she wears.

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>Lesbian Bear Storm
I certainly wasn't expecting that

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Top: G'raha Tia (FFXIV), Halloween Klee (Genshin Impact), Korone Inugami (Hololive)
Middle: Lilia Vanrouge (Twisted Wonderland), Shima Rin (Yuru Camp), Lilia Vanrouge (Twisted Wonderland)
Bottom: Athanasia (Who Made Me a Princess), Sakura (CCS), Es (Milgram)

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Cute dog

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Ah, a fellow reincarnation isekai manwha appreciator. I've heard a lot of polarizing opinions about that title. Her dress sure is cute though! You have great taste for pretty character designs (and ikemen)

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Yeah... I just call it Lesbian Bears instead of using the full name lol

It's by the same guy from Utena and Penguindrom

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top: Apollo Justice (Phoenix Wright), Lan Hikari (Megaman Battle Network)
mid: Elite Crew (Counter Strike Source), Zenkiichi Hideyoshi (Medaka Box)
bot: Oshino Meme (Bakemonogatari), Uroshimiya Battler (Umineko), Black Star (Soul Eater)

Most of my cosplays have at least some red in them, and I had like 2 more "red" characters lined up that wouldn't fit on this grid (Edward from FMA, Kamina from TTGL).

Mion is a crazy good pick, I was thinking about doing a genderbent version of her for a while. Then, I started reading umineko and that idea dissipitated as Battler is my new focus. Ended up planning a bloodied keiichi instead as something to practice gory makeup with instead.

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I love Kaleido Star! It is one of my top absolute favourite anime, and Sora is my idol. I tried out rollerblades because of her, and bought suspender shorts because she wears that.

I am somewhat unlikely to do her though, possibly a closet cosplay but I feel like I can't do her justice without being really athletic and being able to do some of the things she can do.
And it's not necessarily her stage costumes I'd do.
I've thought about how I think I'd do her in a cosplay competition though, and I can't help but feel the pics and videos you find online of other people doing her are just doing it wrong.
Sora engages with the audience, awkwardly juggling some balls while you are in your own world while on the stage just feels wrong.
If I were to compete with her, I'd probably actually pretend to be her. I might get disqualified, but when you are on a stage, you can't just pretend to be on a separate stage while being Sora. You have to embrace the actual stage you are at, and try to capture the audience. Building a fake stage on stage is an abstraction I feel like would be really out of character for her. So what I'd probably do, and would probably get me disqualified, but it's the only way to do her justice, is to actually be Sora in that same cosplay competition. Dress up as Sora dressed up as Sailor Moon or something, and do some acrobatic stuff while pretending to fight a monster. That's my idea of how to do Sora. Not that it'll ever happen.

>Effort, schmeffort. You seem to have very distinctive anime tastes.
It's not an exact prepresentation of my tastes though. Especially Luna is, well, I think she would be a good stealth cosplay, just wear her clothes in day-to-day life, but I would never put a lot of effort into her as a cosplay, and I'm not a huge fan of her series.

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Lucky checked.

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Don't mind me :)

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