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old thread >>10673595

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I am here to confess that I sometimes crush on /snow/ lolcows because I have a big gay saviour complex and some of these OF hookers are just the most pathetic women on earth. Shayna and that 'looking for a mummy' chick would both get it. I know I can't fix them but god damn, the challenge appeals to me for some fucked up reason.

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pure masochism

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Maternal instincts I'm assuming mixed with desire? My mother is similar, she's a retired cop that ends up dating low income women or former prisoners in an attempt to save them from themselves. Some were successful, others not so much.

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o shit do you have a link to the thread about the looking for a mummy chick? I think i might know the one. i used to go on penpal websites when i was like 14 and saw some of her whack ass profiles on several. she was a really pretty blonde lady who wrote essays-long profile descriptions about how she doesn’t want sex/a relationship and just wants to be mothered… she’s surfaced on Reddit too. it has to be the same one

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I love pieces with full shirring and it breaks my heart seeing that they all get purchased/bid on by 130 cm bust fatties for the sake of it, I just want my comfy michelin man pieces. They aren't supposed to be worn by landwhales who stretch them out to the point you don't even konw that there's ever been shirring at all.

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I don't I'm afraid because it's old as fuck, you might still be able to find it if you go wayyy back on snow, but yes that's the girl. Had a hamster YouTube channel that was quite popular too.

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Agreed. Shirring is a super cute design element, makes pieces very comfy to wear and only looks good on those who would fit the garment without it. Makes me sad that fatties buy them just to stretch the elastic to its absolute limit.

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is this her? can't post the actual link since the system sees it as spam

https://lolcow dot farm/snow/res/795945.html

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i think im falling out of love with lolita. I still find the fashion so cute, but i'd rather be buying the other alt clothes i like to wear much more. I think I just got in over my head when i first started buying for my wardrobe. I can never decide if i look nice in it.
I've been thinking of selling my wardrobe, and only keeping around 3-4 of my main pieces, but also the effort i went to for acquiring the pieces i have keeps putting me off.
Any advice gulls??

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You could always just keep your dresses and start buying other clothes. That way if you ever feel like you want to slip on a dress, you can. Unless you're strapped for cash and need bill money. In that case go-ahead and sell.

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I don't really NEED the money, it'd probably just go back into buying other clothing anyway, i guess i just feel guilty having all these pieces and not wearing them

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I would sell them if I were you. What's the point in keeping clothes that you no longer feel joy from wearing? Personally I feel much better when I sell things I'm no longer attached to, knowing that someone else currently cherishes them as much as I used to makes me happy.

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i think i'll bite the bullet and sell them, thanks for your advice anon

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I used to know a really pathetic lolita with this name who’s a total slut and made everyone uncomfortable by going on about kinks in groups with people she barely knew. I don’t pay much attention to lolcows, but it would be hilarious if she’s been one this whole time

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bodyline still has the shirred blouse available

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nta but i did the same thing at the beginning of the year and am so happy about it.

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They do, in fucking beige
They aren't going to restock the other colours anymore

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fuck you soup

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>finally have the confidence to wea lolita
>have money
>tfw I look shit in it bc too old

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If you're under 40 you're mostly fine. If you're over 40 and haven't been keeping up with your skin or genetics are fucking you up, then you're better off wearing classic and toned down coords.
>t. 33 yr old

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Im 24 with really bad skin, kinda look like a junkie

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You're still young so you have time to fix your skin now. 30s is usually when shit begins to start actually showing age. If you don't feel like doing that, which is fine, there's always makeup.

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Wear oldschool, 8/10 oldschoolers look like this

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Thank you anons, you really made my day

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If you have the space you should keep them. Maybe decide again in a year if you want to sell them.

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No problem. Keep doing what makes you happy.

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Ripped a hole in my OTKS. Disappointed but they were cheap so I'll just get more.

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I’m a devoted Christian can’t do gay stuff sorry. Unless you’re a girl I think pegging is okay

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i am a girl

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Hey soup, can I peg you in lolita?

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fuck off i asked first!

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I'm cuter so I get to go first

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Gentlemen please. There's enough of me to go around.

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it was a Christian joke. no butt stuff

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I love butt stuff. I'm just too shy to admit it.

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Me too! See, we're made for each other. I demand we hold a /cgl/ wedding before I peg you, no butt stuff before marriage.

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If you insist, please be gentle. UWU

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using my name in vain is a sin. butt (heh) if you’re gonna go thru with it. you have to call me your dirty little shitposter as you punish me by pegging.

alright I couldn’t help it no more gay shit I’m napping IM NOT HERE ANYMORE don’t ruin the respected image I set up for myself pls

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BUT BEFORE I GO one more thing.
I'm sorry for being annoying all the time and posting irrelevant things.

I can't cope with my love for men so I try to talk to as many girls as I can and this is the only place I can do it. OKAY IM NOT HERE ANYMORE FOR REAL THIS TIME.

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wanna pay my medical bills for me. I’ll let you peg me too if you do

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hopefully getting a better-paying job soon, i have my eye on some stuff to treat myself to when i can set aside more money for lolita :o)

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I feel disgusted. My coworker, old enough to be my father, got fired today and decided he should call me up and ask me on a date. he is still married. He tongue tripped over his explanation of why he as a married man would ask me out, by saying something about 'papers'.
i get paid tomorrow so i'm going to cope by buying cute stuff and never picking up the phone for him again

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>tfw another episode of friend circle splitting drama
Why does this happen so often in the cosplay community

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Getting over the mental barrier to sell is hard but honestly it’s so freeing. What works for me is doing a first pass and pulling out a few things you won’t miss too much, say 10 items? After that first pass wait a month and pick a few more items to sell. I find it gets easier after each pass because it felt good to do it before.

I’m saying this as a hypocrite with way too many pieces I don’t wear at the moment, but I think I was happiest when I had around 10 pieces I really loved.

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my vaccine card is fake and ive been using it to get into meets. i have a number of hidden disabilities that i hate to talk about that puts me at high risk so i couldn’t get a real one if i wanted to. but i dont feel bad about it. and i refuse to explain myself to anyone. i believe what you are all doing to people is disgusting and i wish people would unite and come together rather than endless fighting. i guess its too much to assume that lolitas would be any kinder but its disappointing to see the same political bullshit in a hobby that is supposed to be a momentary escape from the pain of the outside world..

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I mean that’s the point of herd immunity: protect those who can’t get vaccinated. You should just say you’re medically exempt if that were the case but this just makes you look like a plague rat trying to justify not getting vaccinated and blaming politics.

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Could be the same person, this one never shuts up about kink. Where are you from?

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Imagine being this stupid while also this much at risk.
I can't believe you're actually advocating for people to increase your exposure to something that'd likely kill you. If you want to suffer and die so badly there's better ways that won't also negatively effect the rest of society.

And newsflash: politics are a part of every facet of your life because politics are the lense in which you view the world. You cannot escape the danger of a worldwide pandemic. It effects everyone you selfish prick.

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My boyfriend is an asshole. This was the first year I could give him a Christmas present. Even though money is tight, I managed to sell a few things and pay for a very thought out, useful gift that I know he wanted and that would normally be way out of my budget. I spent an entire day thinking of how I want to make it look nice and cute, and get it to him in time for Christmas, since we're currently in an LDR. All I got in response was that he doesn't get why I would want to do that and how all holidays are made up. After all the effort I put into his gift, this response just crushed me and ruined any remnants of the holiday spirit still left at this shitty of a time in my life. I genuinely love him and just wanted to make him happy this holiday season.

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My schizo boyfriend hit me again. I wouldn't even just say hit but I'm suffering multiple pretty bad injuries right now. He's going back on medication... I don't understand how someone can threaten your life like this and say they love you. I can't even look at lolita and enjoy it anymore. I hate life.

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Turns out my gf was very disturbed by me and my best friend's hobby...
I can sing (somewhat well) in girlvoice and play bass and we cosplay and play songs from K-ON (I'm Mio she's Yui)
She's also jealous about her ughh
She thought that by "I like anime" meant I like stuff like Naruto and by "I like cosplay" I meant I like looking at cosplay probably.
We're finally gonna post our fude pen cover tho which is nice

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she's not putting people at risk, she is a person who is literally at risk because she can't get vaccinated you pos.

You wouldn't understand and would probably demand she risk her health because your uderstanding of herd immunity comes fom reddit or instagram memes, you're the problem.

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Lmao they’re literally saying asking for proof of vaccination to attend meets is disgusting and politically motivated bullshit but yeah sure that anon is the problem. Fuck off.

>> No.10687161 [DELETED] 

He sounds like an asshole and you would have been better off treating yourself or saving that money. If it's as thoughtful and expensive as you are making it out to be, it's shitty of him to either not care or try to be dismissive of your efforts because he very likely would never put in even a fraction of the time and effort. Life is too short to waste time on jerks, love yourself nonny.

Run. Don't let someone's mental illness be an excuse to be violent towards you. If a friend told you her bf was beating her, would you care what the reason was? Please put yourself first and stop strengthening your trauma bond waiting to see what is next. It will only get worse.

It's next level stupid to go to out unvaxxed and immunocompromised. And then being deceptive on top of that? OP is an idiot with a death wish who wants to whine about being persecuted by people who are trying to stop the virus to stop mutating so we can all get on with life.

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NGL your gf is cringe

>> No.10687163 [DELETED] 

Demanding a disabled person to get vaccinated when they have serious medical reasons not to is disgusting and I say that as a fully vaccinated person

>> No.10687165 [DELETED] 

I doubt anyone demanded them to. Their post insinuated they can show medical exception (and/or a negative covid test like every event asks) but are too sensitive about their “invisible disabilities” to do so.

>> No.10687166 [DELETED] 

By b “hidden disabilities”

>> No.10687167 [DELETED] 

invisble disability is a thing wtf, this is why everyone hates sjws. They abuse everyone they have the chance to

>> No.10687169 [DELETED] 

Oh they are but if they’re using them to whine and cry foul of politics about having to get a negative test or show they’re medically exempt for a voluntary event during a pandemic then they can fuck off.

>> No.10687172 [DELETED] 

nothing about a neg test was mentioned

>> No.10687175 [DELETED] 

You really think this stops here? It's going to go way past the pandemic. You've been getting slowly coexed into becoming divisive and exclusionary

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I miss when homestuck cosplay was a thing. I was too young when it was a really big thing at cons. I'm in my 20s now and would love to have the sort of fun I saw those wackos getting up to. Minus the actually bad stuff.
I think I'd make a good Jade.

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>tfw all the romance is gone from dating

I don't find anyone even remotely charming anymore. Maybe it's my fault for reading too many romance stories but God damn IRL dating is so tense and at times aggressive.

>> No.10687212

if it’s a one off incident where he’s being an asshole it might be because he doesn’t want you to waste the money you saved up on him. kinda like a uh you guys already know you love each other money is tight so you don’t have to stress about holidays to get me smthin.

>> No.10687220

Current feel: was going to post a feel but this feels thread is too full of turbo grim shit, feel like my frivolous little whinge would be super entitled now, kinda relieved in a way to see how small my woes are

>> No.10687225

>God damn IRL dating is so tense and at times aggressive
Have you considered relaxing and being less aggressive?

Tbh though there IS a "right time" for dating, nobody likes to admit it because it scares them but if you're still looking for bf/gf after like age 23 you're sifting leftovers and it's just going to get more and more grim.

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Date women. I thought romance was over for me then I met the love of my life at 28 and we do all the dates, trips, presents and mushy stuff that I've been missing.

>> No.10687240

aint it great I hate happy feels
what kind of romance stories do you read. I always thought people that say they like reading romance to read romcom kdama lovey dovey type shit until I met this person and apparently the romance they read is ruby dixonverse with alien human orgies.

>> No.10687257 [DELETED] 

Objectively, there is no right time for dating but it's naturally going to "get more and more grim" if you keep crying yourself to sleep over the fact you're single at 23+, keep pitying yourself and don't ever put yourself out there. People still date and find love at 30, 40 and 70.
If you truly believe you're just "leftovers" or shouldn't date because society set you yet another dumbass rule or time limit, that's a you-problem and you're doing this to yourself.

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I refuse to comply because it is a bullshit rule. I should not have to disclose any of my medical information with anyone besides my family and my doctors—period. That’s an incredibly important privacy right that we cannot lose because if we lose it it will only give them a go ahead to demand more private medical information like underlying conditions on insurance. And this is like opening the door to that. It’s my right to not have to explain myself or my disabilities to you or anyone. And I don’t believe in stripping freedoms away from people who don’t want to get it either, because when we allow forced vaccine mandates we also allow republicans to use the same logic to police women’s bodies. If you can’t see how giving up one freedom opens the door to losing more then I cant help you. could I die of covid? sure. i could also die of any number of illnesses i could catch at a meet as well. does that mean I should be locked in my house sterilizing everything every ten minutes? i accept the risk everyday when i go out. if you or your family is someone who is vulnerable you also have the choice to stay home and care for them. But right now you are demanding individuals to make a medical choice in order to protect you and your family, even when it’s you who are responsible for their health and wellbeing. I respect the decision of people to not get the vaccine because I believe herd immunity works and this 100% vaccination rate is never ever ever going to be realistically possible- so why are we still demanding it when it isn’t going to work?

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Now you're speaking my language
Don't save her (she don't wonna be saved)

>> No.10687316 [DELETED] 

>I should not have to disclose any of my medical information with anyone besides my family and my doctors—period.

Then don't but don't go to the meets. Healthcare is a right, lolita meets are not. If you hate the rules so much then don't pretend to comply like a little pussy ass bitch and just host your own meets you whiny baby.

>> No.10687321 [DELETED] 

>I should not have to disclose any of my medical information with anyone besides my family and my doctors—period
So people that have STDs that are about to go to an orgy should not disclose their medical information too, right?

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I like to lurk here, lolcow, and cc because I like all the women talking about how they hate "moids" and just basically saying incel shit but with the genders flipped, it makes me feel important

>> No.10687335 [DELETED] 

>because when we allow forced vaccine mandates we also allow republicans to use the same logic to police women’s bodies
0/10, pretty effective trolling in the beginning, ngl. I hope you die on a ventilator for muh freedom. Literally you could say "I can't get vaccinated for medical reasons." Maybe you don't care if you die, but you don't get to make that decision for other people by showing up to gatherings and public places being highly transmissible should you ever get infected.

>> No.10687336 [DELETED] 

This, plus Republicans were and are already policing women's bodies without vaccine mandates. They don't need us to "allow" them to or wait for permission. They want to and will do it regardless.

>> No.10687344 [DELETED] 

Thirding this.

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The fuck am I supposed to do when a LM seller ghosts me after I pay for an item and confirm my address? It's stressing me out so much, even a simple "I'm busy but will ship it by x date" would make things so much better.

>> No.10687352

You’ll be alright, send them a message asking when they will ship it out. If no response, send another one saying you will do a chargeback if you didn’t hear from them by some date. Then do the charegback if they still didn’t ship it to you.

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i had a small shopping addiction, but since i've gotten my new job i've managed to put away $10,000 (not including what's going into my retirement) in 4 months! and i haven't really been buying much, either. i just put half in my savings whenever i can.

i think i posted in feels before about how i racked up $3k in lolita debt before my job started, but i'm paying that off steadily too and my credit is still good. hip hip hooray!

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I'm not aggressive, I find that men tend to be.

Not gay unfortunately

Oh mostly just sweet drippy webtoons comics.

>> No.10687548

Nice anon, I'm proud of you!

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File: 287 KB, 1280x958, E6CC6E31-F256-4078-9150-72D38FDD981C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh that’s dope. It’s been a minute since I read any webtoons
good stuff
pho you

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It's annoying having to deal with people who don't have their shit together, I just end up getting annoyed with them. "ha ha i'm so helpless I can't cook dinner or clean my room or get a job or drive myself" bitch what the fuck can you do? Worst part is I feel bad about breaking up with them not because I care about them but because I feel like I'm abandoning a retarded child in a forest. Do I just wait til I'm 30 something and hope the single mother leftovers have a career that isn't at walmart?
>if you're still looking for bf/gf after like age 23 you're sifting leftovers and it's just going to get more and more grim
Rope it is then

>> No.10687628

>looking for bf/gf after like age 23 you're sifting leftovers
This isn't true at all wtf plenty of people get out of log term relationships at that age. 23 isn't even old you child.

>> No.10687634

Realized the other day just how much my living situation has improved from a few years ago. Used to live in an older shitty building. It was small with cramped closets and coin laundry machines. Even when we got better jobs, rapidly rising rent prices meant it wasn't really worth it to move so we stayed for a while. Whenever I wanted to do laundry, it was always a big production because it was cheaper to do multiple loads at once. And washing lolita was a pain. It meant handwashing one dress at a time in the tub and then dealing with it dripping on the laundry rack afterwards.

Since then we've moved to a different city and now live in a nicer (not luxurious or anything, but nicer) apartment complex. We have in suite laundry, walk in closets, and much more space. The other day we went out and did a ton of walking during an outing, over 4 hours, so my OP got a bit sweaty. I came home, stripped it off in the bathroom, and immediately tossed it in the washer on gentle cycle. 30 minutes later I was hanging up a damp but not dripping, perfectly clean dress, with almost zero effort on my part. I thought back to the huge pile of dresses that I would get building up bc I didn't have the space and energy to wash and dry them all as needed and I realized that will literally never happen again! It's such a good feel. I hope that every anon who's currently frustrated with their non-ideal living situation will soon be able to live somewhere that works better for their wants and needs.

>> No.10687636

>thinking of people as leftovers
If that's your concern, everyone from 15 and up is "leftovers" or even younger. I guess you'll just die alone. Meanwhile, others have learned from their experiences and know more about themselves and other people.

>> No.10687662

>but if you're still looking for bf/gf after like age 23 you're sifting leftovers
kek what is this redpill bullshit?

>> No.10687672

Can confirm. My aunt traveled the world and didn't get married until she was 64.

>> No.10687673

>"ha ha i'm so helpless I can't cook dinner or clean my room or get a job or drive myself" bitch what the fuck can you do?

You read my fucking mind anon. I got asked out on a date to an old laundromat a couple months ago and still can't comprehend it.

>> No.10687687

that's my favorite soup, how dare you

>> No.10687713

aww thanks. glad to be your favorite

>> No.10687719

>fix your skin now.
sorry, but how do I start doing this? What should I read? What should I buy?

>> No.10687721

>Why does this happen so often in the cosplay community
and it's always for the most petty stuff.

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I am choosing to deliberately not response to certain folks who reply to me anymore because it always causes a fucking shit storm in the reply chain.

>> No.10687723

This sound less like being an asshole, and more like not having the social skills to realize such a reaction would put the other person down. I think the same thing as your bf (holidays are a meme to trick people into spending more), but I'd never react like that because the other person would feel like shit. Remove this clue (realizing it would made the other person feel like shit), and your bf could've just said what was on his head.
If you really like him and would rather not break up over a single Christmas gift, I'd suggest bringing that up with him in a friendly, non-confronting way. He might just say "damn, you were right, sorry for reacting that way after you gave me a gift".

>> No.10687724

your gf sounds unbased

>> No.10687749

Here's a start

Things to note
>using a towel counts as Exfoliation. I've stopped using one personally because it makes products sting after use.
>The Ordinary is a shop that sales good products for cheap
>Don't use too many products at once
>It takes at least two weeks to a month to start seeing results
>everyday routine is important

>> No.10687756

>order new shoes from antaina via SS
>it arrived to the SS with scuff marks everywhere, the heel coming off and you can see the glue, and it’s not the material i requested
>every time i try to get shit from taobao this happens
>hoping antaina will exchange the shoes instead of ghosting me like every other store

Yeah like fucking hell i’m done with taobao after this

>> No.10687757

thanks for sharing m8, I'll reading it. Will probably have to look similar products with are available here, but now I have somewhere to start. many thanks

>> No.10687761

Are you really surprised by that?
Also not sure if girl or femboy?

>> No.10687763

>She thought that by "I like anime" meant I like stuff like Naruto and by "I like cosplay" I meant I like looking at cosplay probably.
how did you become a couple without figuring out that

>> No.10687768

I'll never understand people who get into relationships without knowing what each of you are into.

>> No.10687772

I'd dump you too. That's fucking cringe.

>> No.10687787

Even if you do nothing that the other anon mentioned, just putting on sunscreen whenever you go outside will do wonders in the long term. European > Japanese > American is the order of filters/effectiveness if I'm remembering correctly.

>> No.10687790


>> No.10687798

>I got asked out on a date to an old laundromat
I know girls will use guys for a free dinner, but a free trip to the laundromat?

>> No.10687799 [DELETED] 

It's ok to not disclose your personal information. I'm a privacy minded individual and get your worries.
Just don't go to meetings until all covid stuff calm down. Lying to your friends and saying you're safe is wrong, you're just being an asshole.

>> No.10687808

itsa good response, but if you steal one more of my (you)s I’m going to do smthin about it

>> No.10687810

If you want to hide the sped's posts, use these settings to load the filter into your cache

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>> No.10687814

If you want to filter him, you can just do so by clicking in filter options.

>> No.10687815

lmao soup btfo

>> No.10687889

That's what the link does, you can export your 4chan settings into a clickable url

>> No.10687933

why are you mean to soup >:(

>> No.10687937

Yeah no you don't. Even if it "looked cool" there was always another shit stirrer around the corner, and no one sealed their body paint or took the time to learn how to remove their alcohol activated paint and made it everyone else's problem. The flash chapters were fun but would have been more fun as just an interactive webcomic with cool music and graphics sometimes and not an all consuming fandom.

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idk if this is /cgl/ or more /fa/ or even /fit but today I was reminded about Eugenia and I just feel really depressed.
It hits every time I see the lass because there's the part of my mind saying "I can fix her" but I know I can't, nobody can in her situation.
She seems like a nice person once you strip away the mental disorder, I just want her to be happy...

>> No.10687956

Yeah, I still wish I had the opportunity to go have fun in cosplay with other people who enjoyed Homestuck. I remember reading the things about unsealed paint and drama and have no doubt I would have had fun just hanging out and cosplaying with a group of close friends without being completely nuts. I had a substantial group of Homestuck fan online friends at the time but they were all 3-6 years older than me and could participate in the fandom in ways I couldn't.
I slipped away from the interest as I approached adulthood but now that I'm nearing my mid 20s I just miss the passion people had for that comic, even though it resulted in several catastrophes. Nothing hits the same anymore.

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. military lolita thread
. sweet lolita thread
. OTT sweet lolita thread
. fairy kei thread
. ass cosplay thread

>> No.10687978

I want an ero lolita thread - we always argue about it but nobody ever has the cronuts to actually post good ero lolita

>> No.10687982

so uh why are you still with him?

>> No.10688031

Holy shit how are so many of you in shit relationships

>> No.10688038

the ass cosplay thread will suck too many boob hungry dudes

>> No.10688073

good lord i need to stay away from this board. every time i see gulls talk about measurements it makes me want to die. ive spent years working hard to get from nearly 300 lbs down to 125 lbs but nah none of that matters to my broken brain, seeing people call 89 cm bust average or the biggest you can be to be thin just fucking kills me instantly. immediately makes me feel like everything ive done up to this point is worthless.

>> No.10688075

Diabulimia here, that talk stirs shit up in me too

>> No.10688081

Ero lolita would result in it being bombarded by coomers. Otherwise I wouldn't mind.

>> No.10688082

god damn nonny diabulimia is some serious shit, I do hope you're taking care of yourself. but truly there is something about the way gulls talk about sizes and weight that sets me off like nothing else.

>> No.10688083

As long as you're making progress don't worry about it. Use it as fuel to keep going. Unfortunately when it comes to bust, I'm at 102lb yet fit everywhere else. Be prepared and accept your bust issues even after you lose weight if you have those genetics but don't let it stop you. Getting things professionally tailored helps a lot.

>> No.10688084

102 cm bust not lbs. Jesus that would be terrifying

>> No.10688085


>> No.10688112

they’re bullies you’re cool tho dont come to /cgl/ on monday

>> No.10688115

nah I don't think i should keep going to be honest, I'm underweight for my height and my bust is 91 cm so it doesn't really end up being a problem, it just hurts to think all my progress is reduced to "still fat" in the eyes of other gulls. hurts bad man.

>> No.10688137

Oh you're underweight? Yea you can stop. As long as you're not overweight there's just some things you can't help and that's fine. Like my mom says, people will ALWAYS find something wrong with you no matter what you do so if you're healthy and happy with yourself, pay others no mind. I mean, in the art thread someone drew a damn good masterpiece and yet anons still find flaws with it. That's just how the world is.

I do hate that I can never wear an OP because of my shoulders being so broad. That's like the one thing not even tailoring can fix.

>> No.10688263

Post a photo (blur face) and we'll tell you what's up

>> No.10688268

Don't bother engaging with these kinds of posters. This site is filled with gulls who have obvious EDs and just want to inflict their mental illness onto you to make themselves feel better.

>> No.10688277

yeah, you're right anon, I know I shouldn't care. it was certainly eye opening to see that gorgeous pic ripped apart, some people really will just find any reason to hate something.

really feel ya on that I also have super broad shoulders and I always love OP's but can only fit into ones with full shirring

no way in hell am I selfposting on this board

>> No.10688279

>The Mystery of Salt Boxing
It's really simple, Anons: people start pairing up permanently at 17-18. In this period people dump each other for awhile just as a sorting mechanism, essentially, that says nothing about the quality of anybody involved. Byt the time you hit 23 or so though, people are matched up and nearly everybody good is off the market, since they've also found a good match and stick to each other. After that point, breakups mainly only happen because one person can't be satisfied with a regular good relationship, i.e. turns out to have a screw loose. The better a gf/bf you are, the less likely you are to flip out and dump/get dumped after this point. For every year the sorting repeats and the quality matches get fewer.

This is pretty much a settled fact, there are statistics from IIRC the CDC showing that either a girl marries her bf from when she was 21, or she has like a 5-10% of ever getting married at all. They can marry at any actual age, 30 or 58 or whatever but it's going to be the same relationship even if they couldn't afford to get hitched before or whatever the reason was. Obviously most of that small remaining percentage are couples who met up when the girl was 22 or 23. So. (It's a bit different for boys because girls tend to like older boys, but it obviously maps directly as if you weren't with your gf when *she* was 21, odds are you won't marry her.)

>> No.10688291

Gonna need a source link from you because everything that I'm finding is saying the average marrying age is 28-32, has been rising and lasting longer. What it sounds like you're talking about is a statistic from the 1920s. Besides all this, you seem to think breaking up is a result of people "flipping out" when chances are people find out they just don't work together.

Marrying young is more likely to result in divorce or long term unhappy marriages, something you'll find more with your parents and grandparents who were told to marry their high school sweet heart at 18-21 only to find out that after years of being together they don't work. They usually divorce after the kids are teens to adults or stay together due to religious beliefs and pressure from family. People with more experience in being in serious relationships are more likely going to know what they want out of a person and know how they are with another person more than someone who sticks with the first person they're with. Not saying it doesn't happen, just you're a fool if you think this is the normal.

>> No.10688305

need me a religious girl so that she wont leave after finding out how autistic I am

>> No.10688323

Filters = thoroughness of protection against UVA/UVB (sometimes implied by amount of SPF but not necessarily always).

>> No.10688373

lmao what a fishy scrote post. [citation needed] and also thank GOD I don't have to date moids who actually believe shit like this. Homosexuality may have been the best thing to ever happen to me

Less fortunate (het) posters who read this tripe: this is a very common scaremongering tactic by men to try and threaten you into settling for someone you don't like, IE the kind of fat jobless ogre who posts shit like this on 4chan. Don't fall for his ruse.

>> No.10688379

Who hurt you

>> No.10688382

anon by making me read this tripe over an otherwise very enjoyable morning coffee

>> No.10688388

>be me
>be somewhat of a loner
>be lesbian, cis
>want to have a gf
>you have never been succesfully had one, exactly
>you finally decide to stop messing around hoping for a random chance, and sign up for a lesbian app called Her
>build a refined profile with tons of effort
>make it clear that you’re looking for a serious, monogamous relationship
>yet basically the only ones who like you are bi women with boyfriends and polygamists
>a few lesbians in the mix, sure, but not much, and they always ghost after a few messages
>last straw was a pre-everything 40yo transbian asking you to dig shit from her ass with a dragon dildo
>just out of nowhere
>were having a good convo too, but it became increasingly apparent that this fetish stuff is what she was only after
>this was your third match in the last month
>two others were a spambot, and a lesbian who never responded
Am I really that ugly/awkward?
Kind of feeling existential dread about never having a gf. Dating is fucking impossible.

>> No.10688390

>need new shoes for pink coords
>talllita, big feet
>search forever, order size 12 offbrand tea parties
>they take 2 months to arrive
>they're a fucking men's size 12

>> No.10688391

you could probably find one if you move to cali. everyone is pretty gay around here (except me).

>> No.10688400

Ugh that is very relatable. I want to date other women too/I’ve never had a gf but apps feel like more of the same awkward social media mess that I’m trying to pull away from in general. I also live in a place where a lot of foreign residents are here short term and the people who aren’t see dating other women as temporary before they settle down with a guy because it’s expected culturally.

I’m sure you’re fine and it takes time etc. etc. but that’s frustrating as hell. I hope you find your special someone soon.

>> No.10688405

If you're looking for an actual meaningful monogamous relationship, then the LGBTQ community isn't really where that's at.

>> No.10688406

>tfw I went on date with several women but I always felt too shitty for them so I went back into the closet.
They are too pretty and I am so scared of commitment/intimacy. With men you can just cruise, they'll futurefake and lie to you anyway, so no reason to be concerned, plus they'll fuck anything including pumpkins.

Now, women are more selective and I feel really bad about my body when I look at other women because I feel like I smell, look fat and ugly even when I've lost weight/am freshly showered.
If you were ghosted, it might have been me because I'm inconsiderate and often will show up on dating sites to try but then give up

>> No.10688407

HER is utter dogshit. I met my gf on Bumble but irl lesbian events are the way to go, imo. If you're looking for some general support/lesbian online friends to vent to abt this kinda thing, I'd be happy to drop the link to a comfy wlw discord server I run.

>> No.10688411

well if she is a lesbian she doesn't have a choice.
Apparently this is a very common experience for lesbians dating online. Trannies and poly people really ruin everything.

>> No.10688413

I think I want to start a lj but I don't want to show my face, would that be weird to do?

>> No.10688414

>well if she is a lesbian she doesn't have a choice.
Not quite. I've known people that have changed their sexuality through trauma, hypnosis, and religious means.

>> No.10688418

Thanks anon, yeah that sounds kinda relatable.
Can relate to that feel as well, but I don’t ghost ppl. You seem pretty adorable tho.
I’m kind of awkward irl, but guess it’s better than online. Your server sounds interesting, but I don’t use Discord very regularly, if that’s okay.
I guess transbians wouldn’t be so bad, if they just would let us cisbians have our own spaces sometimes. and wouldn’t be so aggressive. But polys are just kinda all around terrible and unstable, yeah.

>> No.10688436

Emotional manipulation. I don't know what mental problems he has, but him hitting you is unacceptable even if it can be blamed on his mental health. I'd suggest you get help from friends and/or family to help you move out (if you live together), or break contact with him in general if you don't. If he is manipulative, or threatening you that he will kill himself, or saying you are a horrible person, don't listen and mov on no matter how much it will emotionally hurt you.

>> No.10688439

>trashcans with cats rifling thru them on the bottom of the pattern, the cats have their own hobo graffiti on the walls for themselves in the background.
I'm sadly, very much aware. I wish I was a lesbian sometimes because being with a woman seems so much better. even considered transmen at some point.

>> No.10688445

Wunderwelt are fucking impossible to deal with. I'm going to rip my hair out if I have to send one more email to them telling them to send me my fucking clothes.

>> No.10688491

I just want someone to sell 1 SC bow in black on lm but it’s all either the whole set that gets snapped up or in the wrong color agg. I just have to be patient, i’m sure a lot of people didnt even get theirs yet

>> No.10688503

Why didn't you order it during the MTO?

>> No.10688505

Because i didn’t get into SC/AP until after the mto :( i’ve been a classic fag.
I managed to get the og version after the mto, but yeah just super bad timing on my part

>> No.10688513

Hope you find it anon

>> No.10688523

Tfw you make a comm event and get bombarded by members crying about how they won't be able to go because they don't actually own any lolita or are too poor bla bla bla

Why are you even posting this shit in the comments no one cares

>> No.10688525

>they won't be able to go because they don't actually own any lolita
Why does the comm even allow them in in the first place?

>> No.10688526

it's kinda rude of you to start an event and not offer out your closet to ppl who are new to your comm/dont own any brand. have you ever gone to a renaissance fair anon?

>> No.10688528

OHH maybe I can be like Andrew Kim aka drew,drewlastname but instead of maid cafes we do lolita tea parties where you can rent out jsks/op and shit. I'm so smart good idea soup

>> No.10688529

Why the fuck are there so many soups

>> No.10688534

There's a lot of lolita at heart types in comms since mods are too spineless to exclude anyone without a single coord and even though I'm pretty sure they ask they don't actually make you provide proof

>> No.10688535

I dunno other soup is schizo i'm pretty sure anyways do you listen to lil peep?

>> No.10688543

I'm assuming someone is trolling harder than soup because everyone hates him and wants to see him gone.
Just ignore both.

>> No.10688546

you’ll never have a lolita gf

>> No.10688607

I'm a psychology major in the third year (out of four) and I've slowly become more and more disillusioned with my job prospects. I've been flipping through comments on Rufflechat about what other lolitas work as, and most jobs seem to fall under IT or marketing.
>Study something hard, until you understand, then you'll get a good job and can buy more brand
I regret choosing such a general degree. Psychology isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Even though I enjoy it, it really isn't great for getting a job. Clinical psych is fascinating, but the Masters programme is notoriously hard to get into, and I'm unsure if I really want to get into it when I/O psych looks equally lucrative. I'm taking the I/O psych intro module next semester, so hopefully that works well and I can be content with chasing after a masters in I/O. Otherwise...I guess I'll have to compete with the Business students in marketing, and the Data Science students in market research. I tried learning to code, and will continue learning for fun, but I doubt I have an affinity for it. FML.

>> No.10688610

I almost went for psychology back in college but was told by some older people in my class there's little money to be made in it. Now I'm in IT and gotta say, it's fuck easy work for decent money.

>> No.10688612

bf got a psychology degree, realized it was useless unless he wanted to be an HR person (or get a masters) and grinded code instead. he makes a lot of money for what he does. so do i... i really don't deserve the salary i make working in cyber lol. you don't even have to know how to code, there's so many paths in IT/tech that you can go down--just pick and dedicate.

>> No.10688618

This. I'm only in basic tech support and making $20 an hour answering emails.

>> No.10688628

I got so depressed and fat during lockdown that I barely fit into my brand and don't even recognize myself anymore. I was honestly feeling suicidal at one point, once it hit me that this is what I look like now and I can't even enjoy wearing the clothes I love. I decided to put together a meal plan and workout routine to get me back to where I used to be, instead of feeling sorry for myself. Going to start following it today, wish me luck gulls!

>> No.10688629

You got this! Keep going and don’t give up. It will be a long journey but you will make it

>> No.10688630
File: 1.82 MB, 228x202, 1488604002439.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw getting screamed at for not using some zoomer's retarded neoprouns
kek the mental illness is rampant among teens

>> No.10688635

Archeology student here
I kinda know how you feel
I guess

>> No.10688639

Actually today, a customer got uppity with me because I referred to the person she was speaking with before as "they". Not because he's a snowflake or anything, I've just been in the habit of using "they" for years over the phone because some customers get pissed when you call them "ma'am" or "sir." Not even a trans thing, some old ladies sound like men and vice versa and they get pissed. But today this customer went on a rant about gender.

>> No.10688646

hate snowflake shit. just make an official third bathroom for people who want to be assholes to other people, so we don't have to deal with men peaking under the women's fucking stall or touching themselves in the next one ffs.

>> No.10688651

if the 3rd bathroom exists when i’m an old granma, i’d just go there to repeatedly glue hardcore yaoi pics into walls.

>> No.10688720

This! I literally ordered an umbrella in March and they only recently sent it out.

>> No.10688733

Genderspecials truly are a disease, but thankfully they're packed into middle school like sardines so maybe they'll grow out of it or better yet get bullied out of being a retard zoomer. Fingers crossed anon, because classes are coming back.
Would also help if these faggot parents stopped using ipads and iphones as babysitters.
t. work in education with older teens and young adults

>> No.10688754

I swear to god cali conservatives are so obnoxious online just because they dont have an outlet for it irl

>> No.10688780

They refuse to send my shit via air mail because "parcel" air mail isn't running, but "letter" air mail is, and I've gotten literal boxes from Japan recently that were just thrown in a mailing bag that were sent to me just fine, but these folks won't throw three shirts into a bag for me. I hate it here.

>> No.10688781

I talked about this with one of them and they said that having a 3rd bathroom invalidates transwomen as women. There's no reasoning with these people.

>> No.10688797

If they call themselves trans then they aren't a woman. Trans =/= woman

Literally, if you're running around calling yourself TRANS you are NOT a woman. Those are TWO completely different identities.

>> No.10688802

I had a dream a few weeks ago where I was walking down a staircase with this guy I went to high school with, haven't seen him in years IRL. Anyhow, in the dream I was afraid because the stairs were made of metal grate type material and we were really high up and I'm afriad of heights.

So I closed my eyes and hugged him really close, and then he hugged me back as we walked down the stairs. It felt so real. I just want a hug guys. I have all this affection and no bf to give it to, but I have trust issues that prevent me from dating.

>> No.10688862

There is a 17 year gap between my youngest sibling and myself. Lately, he wants to video call and watch Dragon Ball together. On about the third day in:
>"Hey anon, can I ask you a question?"
>"Are you watching db with me because I'm your brother or because you like it?"
>In other words, are you doing this out of sibling obligation or because you like watching dragon ball with me specifically
>Tell him watching db with him is one of the highlights of my day, which is true.
>Feel a weird squeeze of heartache after
He's such a stoic and rational guy that when he shows this side of himself my heart hurts. I haven't been the best sister to my siblings, but they're a huge reason why I push myself to be a better woman.
Thanks for reading, I feel hormonal and wanted to dump my feelings here.

>> No.10688866

Aw this is sweet

>> No.10688875

Very cute. Siblings are the best honestly. I'm glad to have been a middle child and gotten to experience being a little and big sister to mine. If I was an only child I don't know what I would have done.

>> No.10688877

>Gonna need a source link from you because everything that I'm finding is saying the average marrying age is 28-32, has been rising and lasting longer.
>t. Did not actually read the post she replied to

>> No.10688879

Well... at least you got dubs

>> No.10688926

I think trans people themselves have this confused. Back in my day, trans was seen as a mental illness and trans people were aware of that. They genuinely hated that they hated their bodies and private parts. Surgery was to help them cope and that was understandable. They knew even after they were going to be different and that was okay, what mattered was how they felt, not how people treated them (unless it was abuse obviously).

Now it's turned into a "mood" and everyone must adhere to your mood swings. Now you have people who aren't mentally ill, just conflicting with societies stereotypes about gender and thinking that if you don't agree, you're trans. It's stupid. If you like pink, dresses and makeup, you're a woman. If you like wearing pants and sports, you're a man. It's like we're back in the 50s.

>> No.10688945

More happy feels: I recently applied to adopt a dog. She is super sweet and cute and I work from home so I can spend lots of time snuggling and taking good care of her. Fingers crossed the rescue thinks I'm a good fit. I've missed having a doggo around since I fostered them during lockdowns.

>> No.10688978

Ntayrt but how in gods name is it rude not to lend your clothes to randoms?? Unless this was a shitpost but goddamn. Maybe if someone who goes to meetups vouches for someone to borrow something but even then I don’t trust people.

It’s a reasonable expectation that you would have a Lolita coord to attend a Lolita event jfc

>> No.10688979

It's extremely obvious bait. Stop responding.

>> No.10688982

If you see the name "soup" it's always a shitpost. The guy has no genuine conversations or takes to be had, just filter him out and you won't miss a thing.

>> No.10688989
File: 98 KB, 736x814, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f56454d414975796b4e424c746a513d3d2d3239382e3136306534373334346231353135366536393138313037373539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>talking in discord voice chat (yes, discord I know) with a bunch of people
>say "It's sad I can't get free nitro because I'm too old to be groomed haha"
>girl in the vc starts to do a play on words with grooming, saying "I'll groom you, let me do your hair"
>other girl says "I'll do his makeup"
>don't admit it, but think it would be nice to have some girls do makeup on me
Why? I'm a guy, I'm not gay or trans, and I swear I'm not AGP, so why would I want this? What mental illness is this called?

>> No.10688992

I am so fucking tired of being horny and I keep getting attracted to older guys. Its fucking shit, I hate men especially those that think I'm in their league

>> No.10688994


>> No.10688995

I think you just enjoy the attention anon

>> No.10688998

Just seems so weird why I'd want to do something so feminine

>> No.10689000

First think to yourself;
Is having you hair done and make up actually feminine? Or is it only feminine because current society says it is? Do you want to do it because it's feminine to you or do you just want to do it for attention of others taking care of you?

>> No.10689002

Trying to get some custom shoes and they don’t have brown leather wtff
Hoping they just misunderstood me, i asked them what color leather they have

>> No.10689004

>Is having you hair done and make up actually feminine?
Well makeup is definitely pretty feminine at least in modern standards
>Do you want to do it because it's feminine to you or do you just want to do it for attention of others taking care of you?
A little bit of both

>> No.10689015
File: 44 KB, 636x382, CMr1xU4WUAA0UqG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well makeup is definitely pretty feminine at least in modern standards
Is it though? Not even counting the hundreds of years men have been doing it, but even today you have men wearing no-makeup makeup looks and some of the most popular makeup artists are men wearing it in outlandish ways. Is the cosplayer feminine for wearing it? What about stage and costume? Makeup and hair styling is gender neutral and you only see it as feminine because your average person doesn't think about how much it's applied for others outside of women. I'm making a hill out of this to help change this thought process and cut down on troonery.
>A little bit of both
Tell me if I'm wrong, but your reason for wanting to do it because it's feminine to you is so you can look cute, is that right?

>> No.10689016

it’s rude to the attending guests that you would host something so extravagant but not provide the basic necessities. back in Victorian times when a party was held, like say a masquerade ball, the host would usually supply masks for each attending guest. I read in some manga where less fortunate guests would even have their outfits for the night tailored and paid for by the host. that’s not even a rental but a whole new outfit that they got to keep after the event was over. so let me ask you anon is it not rude for you to host an event if you don’t loan out your closet to your guests? don’t host a tea party if you don’t own at least 50 different jsks/ops. there should be at minimum 2 color way in each jsks/ops but ideally 4 as well.
tell me you’re shitty hosts without telling me you’re shitty hosts. stop using tea parties as excuses to grab gulls money to fund your shopping addiction.

>> No.10689082

Honestly I wish comms banned minors. They're obnoxious, cringey, weeby, and embarrassing to be around.
I don't want to be seen with or associated in any form with edgy tiktok 16 year olds. I can barely stand most people in their early 20s.
I'm sick of having to listen to them whine about feeling excluded because they're far younger than the rest of the comm that averages in mid to late 20s/30s because we have nothing in common interest wise and maturity wise.

>> No.10689083

I wish the internet banned minors.

>> No.10689085

Most larger comms tend to just have a friend group or two who separates themselves and kind of does their own private meets in addition to public comm meets. Just form one of those sub groups with your comm friends or make friends with those people and boom, no more having to deal with babysitting teenagers at meets cause you can avoid the public ones they'd be going too and stick to your more private events.

>> No.10689102


>> No.10689194

>17 year gap between my youngest sibling and myself
Sorry about his autism

>> No.10689198

holy shit anon, please create a plan to safely leave him. you deserve better.

>> No.10689203

some more sad feels: Got dumped last week. We weren't together for very long (a little over a month) but it stings because it was out of nowhere and in the height of the honeymoon period. Most of my friends think he just went along with the romantic shit in order to sleep with me. I'm young and I know there are other fish in the sea but I can't help but feel like I'll never find someone like him again.

>> No.10689208

you're a good sister anon <3

>> No.10689228

I'm sorry, that sucks...you are worth more than that. Someone better will come along I bet. Someone who writes you love letters, stays up all night talking to you, and gives you back massages while watching your favorite movie together!

>> No.10689232

And then they stop after three years and admit they just put up with all the things I liked just so he could get into my pants. I'm a different anon but fuck investing any time and effort into guys.

>> No.10689234

It has been such a fucking struggle trying to order genuine leather tea party shoes from antaina, that i kinda want to give up holy shit. The are making one pair for me in real leather and just told me they can't make the other style i wanted in real leather.

>> No.10689237

Well that would suck. I mean I've been there. But I can't give up on the possibility of real love. I don't think anyone should. It's hard to find but worth it. Maybe it's just a fantasy, but I'd rather pretend it's true than not.

>> No.10689250

This is honestly so touching, felt this in my chest. That’s a really beautiful and simple dream, those are the best ones. I can honestly relate anon, i also just want a deep hug and someone to pour all my love into, all i have right now are a cycle of husbandos. It’s more painful because i was close to having a bf but its fallen apart since my parents disapproved and I can’t stand up for myself. So close yet so far.

>> No.10689264
File: 107 KB, 500x346, 1632022244381.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't take being skinnyfat anymore
limbs of a fitizen but a torso sculpted by nikocado avocado

>> No.10689321

My gf and i live together, recently she has been spending all of our money on petty things and it’s getting incredibly out of hand. I wear lolita, but i’ve been super depressed to the point of being unable to respond to friends or even dress up. i haven’t bought myself something nice in a really long time because she is constantly buying new wigs, nails, or makeup when we have way more than we need. she overdrafts every week, and I feel like she’s so irresponsible with our money and it’s getting to the point where I can’t keep doing this with her. She makes me feel guilty for not making enough money when she makes double the money i do

>> No.10689325
File: 529 KB, 860x773, 7AC9D1AC-D844-4FA9-BE33-EBA12CDEF8DD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yesterday was a good day. I’m here to share some of my serotonin and dopamine with you gulls :]

>> No.10689329

you’re probably going to freak out a bunch of lesbian gulls with shopping addiction when they read this post thinking it’s talking about them lmao

>> No.10689340

Stop eating shitty, lift, and if you still have a unbudgeable pooch get lipo.

>> No.10689341

Thank you anon <3 I'm sorry about that guy you liked, I hope it can work out one day with him or someone else.

>> No.10689355

That sounds eerily similar to something that happened to me at my first con.
I was walking with my friends when suddenly one of them latches onto me for dear life and becomes unresponsive. Turns out the poor girl was deathly afraid of escalators, and her designated stair-buddy accidentally ran off ahead. She explained everything and apologized profusely after the ride, but I wasn’t about to complain anytime this century.

Thanks for unearthing that memory, anon. Here’s hoping we both find hugging partners soon.

>> No.10689368

>buy a Baby bag secondhand in perfect condition
>bag starts cracking and peeling the first time I use it

>> No.10689385

Same happened to me. Fucking sucks, man

>> No.10689390
File: 201 KB, 540x533, 1504564145429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Me with my taobao and normie bags that have lasted for years.

>> No.10689421

>she overdrafts every week
If you don't have a separate bank account you need to make one right now, that she can't access, and doesn't know about, because fuck the idea of her taking you down with her out of control spending. Yes she probably needs professional help at this point if overdraft fees aren't enough to curb her spending, and no it's not just a "feeling" she's irresponsible because she absolutely is. If you're too depressed to sit down and have a serious talk with her about this, you should at the very least make your plan to get out of this shit because no one on this planet is worth digging yourself into financial troubles over. You should definitely not feel guilty about needing to take care of yourself first in this situation.

>> No.10689422

What the other anon said. Please separate your finances. Moreover, you should definitely turn off overdraft spending ASAP so she can't do this shit anymore.
Don't let her drag you down with her inability to control spending. You really really need to have a sit down convo about this before it gets worse.

>> No.10689434

this, she might be literally going through an episode - manic or whatever that cycle borderlines get. She is not in the right headspace if she keeps overdrafting her account on treats

>> No.10689687

Those of you with full-time jobs, how do you manage finding time for your hobbies? I'm starting my first ever career and a lot of my weekend time is spent either preparing for the work week or doing low-energy activities (watching tv, etc) because that's all I have the energy for. I can feel my soul rotting away and I don't know how to spark the inspiration to use even more of my limited energy.

>> No.10689717

God I relate to this

>> No.10689722

I stopped working in-person full time jobs for this exact reason. Working from home is way less soul sucking imo

>> No.10689746

once you get used to the routine you'll learn to put in the minimum amount of effort that's required for your job that way it won't be too draining.

>> No.10689776
File: 94 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm thinking about starving myself til I'm skinny, I hate being fat, I'm sick of it. I'm too anxious and insicure to go to the gym, I don't even like to leave the house. My life isn't worth living, I wish I could just end it.

>> No.10689783
File: 58 KB, 700x467, Call-Center-Feature-min.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I enjoy my hobbies while I work. I've worked in call centers for years and while no calls are coming in I draw, read, and at certain places after 6pm all the higher ups are gone so everyone hangs out on their phones. At one place people just brought their tablets and laptops to watch movies and shows. Ever since covid I work from home doing the same thing. Been doing whatever I want with a wireless headset. On weekends I go out, and when I save up enough time off, I go out of the country.

>> No.10689785

You don't have to go to the gym to work out. Buy some 10 lb weights from Amazon, do some push ups, squats, whatever. I don't like to go to the gym either so I bought weights and just work out while I'm watching youtube.

>> No.10689838
File: 29 KB, 205x174, 1588643072206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I saved up money for iron gate but every time a sugary carnival pops up i feel the need to blow my money on it. I could easily save up again.. but why.

>> No.10689886

started going to the gym again and am on the keto diet
already lost 4lbs
definitely needed to lose a few lbs

>> No.10689893

when you go off keto, make sure you just continue to adopt the carb restriction and awareness you learn from reading nutritional facts for everything. keto can make you hard bounce back and it's hardly a forever thing.

Btw it can mess up your ability to eat bread, so just be aware of that. I can't eat bread much anymore, despite that. Which is fine because cauliflower is literally a god food for dieting.

>> No.10689925

both of those prints are trash, buy "good_taste" instead

>> No.10689956

who needs good taste when you have hypebeast prints though anon?

>> No.10689974

I love Yoga with Adrienne on youtube. I've just bought a jump rope and gonna try doing that for what equals ten minutes twice a week. It's just a matter of deciding you're gonna be more physical. Take walks, even.

Do you have a dog? Freakin' take that doggo for lots of long walks. Long walks up and down hills every day.

>> No.10689976

>Finally come across dream dress
>Get into bidding war
>It's cool I'll just hit buy it now
>It's finally mine.jpeg
>Get a message from some rando asking me to sell them the dress "incase it doesn't fit" or I "change my mind"
>It's a 2010's JSK with shirring, it could fit literally anyone
>I spent well above market for it too

I wish Lacemarket had a block function.

>> No.10689985

why would you block someone trying to be nice to you? they're offering you an out in case you end up not liking it.

>> No.10689987

Wow, that is really similar! That's sweet. Thank you, I hope we both find hugging partners too <3

>> No.10689991

I always wished I was a middle child desu. I'm the youngest and feel I got my way too many times growing up, cucked me out of maturing and being productive for the longest time

>> No.10689996

I know there is a Homestuck horror stories thread right now, but I'll drop a wholesome story here instead.

Back in its heyday my younger sister and I were big Homestuck fans, and we got a group together to go to a handful of tiny local conventions. It got me into cosplay as a hobby, my sister learned how to knit those little plushes with her girlfriend at the time while I learned how to sew and sculpted horns for my friends. These were baby's first cosplays but at least they had a bit of crafting effort put into them and it was fun to learn.

Out of our group we only had one male, a guy I had been friends with for years who was also really autistic but huge and pretty fit, so he did sports and kids were pretty nice to him even though he didn't talk.

He asked for help and I basically held his hand the entire way through putting together his first cosplay as one of the trolls, and desu he was probably the best looking cosplayer for this character in our state for a long time, low bar that it is, he was happy and I was really happy to see him open up.

He confessed that he had feelings for me at one point, but I was dating someone at the time and told him he doesn't have to settle on falling for the first girl who's been nice to him.

I moved states and got married a few years back and we didn't end up keeping in touch, but I was really happy to hear that he got engaged.

>> No.10690000

why the fuck would I bid 4 times and spend $500 on something I may not like?

It's not nice, it's pushy and weird. I bought it for a reason, the reason being I want it. It would be weird if in real life, you purchased something and another person tracked you down to ask you if they could buy it from you. You lost the item, let it go.

>> No.10690008

what is the best mask for someone who keeps getting mascne? I wash my face every day and don't wear makeup

>> No.10690009

You don't want to be saved and you know it, enjoy what you get because that's what you deserve

>> No.10690011

OKAY IM SORRY I WAS JOKING. you won the item and the argument are you happy yet
I woke up with maskne on my chin this morning too feels bad

>> No.10690013

Lesbianism is not real, stop being ugly and fat and get a boyfriend

>> No.10690025

>literally coping

>> No.10690026

Don't bother interacting with soup. He's just an annoying troll with nothing to contribute.

>> No.10690061

false !! I can be helpful when I want to be. It’s just fun to annoy people sometimes

>> No.10690111

Someone post the image of the fat person getting a dog then the dog becomes fat.

>> No.10690125

There are also stories of fat people adopting obese dogs and both of them getting healthier.

>> No.10690126
File: 66 KB, 516x723, alicescared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I warn my acquaintance that her new cosplay TikToks have ridiculous cameltoe?

I don't wanna embarrass her, but she has to notice eventually, right? The leotard's so thin I can practically see her 5 o'clock shadow down there.

>> No.10690130

yes, 5 seconds of embarrassment is better than immortalizing the embarrassment forever

>> No.10690134

Yes, protect her from gross moids probably eyeing that up.

>> No.10690135

I have the house to myself for the first time in what feels like FOREVER and I was able to try some cosplays I definitely couldn't have tried otherwise. Just, no shame whatsoever because it's only me here.
I feel really cute. And it's all just so good. Even took pictures for myself. No way can I ever do this one in public, of course, and the moment people are back from their trip I'll probably have to hide a bunch of accessories.
But I kind of feel AMAZING right now. Like, this is how cosplaying is supposed to feel. I miss cons, and this has kind of been an eye-opener as to how much.

>> No.10690143

Cut off your head and get them posted online somewhere

>> No.10690151
File: 357 KB, 617x690, 1600350685058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I completely and utterly wasted my youth. Almost 30 now, did nothing, desperately want to get out there and do what I can before I run out of what's left but I have no friends interested in conventions or going out and doing things and not only is it just not as fun without friends it feels fucking pathetic. It's my own fault more than anyone else's but god damn I feel so trapped in my own life now.

>> No.10690161

20s should be spent getting your shit together and figuring out who you are. 30s is when the fun starts since you're now free and financially stable enough to enjoy life. I've partied and traveled more in my 30s than I did in my 20s.

>> No.10690188

I like watching hololive, and I kinda want to cosplay korone. But god why does every male watcher in this fandom make the most unfunniest shit memes ive ever seen. Makes me die a little inside to be associated with them by enjoying watching them.

>> No.10690189

Why do you care what others think. Cosplay what you want, cringe at what you want.

I have to do this with Chainsaw Man.

>> No.10690190

vtuber simps are the lowest of the low

>> No.10690201

pics where

>> No.10690202

>30s is when the fun starts

>> No.10690203

Because memes are unfunny

>> No.10690244
File: 95 KB, 626x417, peacenigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry your 30s are shit but if having plenty of money to travel, buy what I want and enjoy my hobbies without worrying about school or trying to deal with some identity crisis is cope then I'll gladly enjoy my copeium.

>> No.10690253

the pain of your dream dress (set) being 15k yen when u don't have money, and 29k yen (jsk only) when u do have money

>> No.10690272

>talk to girl on discord for 3 days
>finds out we live 30 min apart
>she wants to meet up irl
I just wanted to make friends man

>> No.10690274

My therapist kept trying to get me on antidepressants today even when i told her they gave me bad side effects that i don’t like, when i was on them before. And my life is objectively better when not on meds. I have a job, i have relationships with people. Why couldn't she listen.
Fuck that. i said no the first time and i dont like to keep repeating myself. I think i’m going to cancel the rest of my appointments with her.
Anyway my antique beast order finally shipped . And i have a comm meetup this weekend. so I am happy about that

>> No.10690276

Is meeting up not part of being friends? If you don't want to just say so.

>> No.10690288

I wouldn't mind meeting up and doing stuff as friends especially since I was looking for someone to do Halloween stuff with. From the stories she was telling me it might be more than a friendship thing tho

>> No.10690310

>just not as fun without friends
Learn to alone and enjoy your own company

>> No.10690311
File: 57 KB, 903x720, mouse-pog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw it's your day off and you wanna finish your build but you need to drive your aunt to her abortion.

>> No.10690312

therapists should listen first and foremost.

>> No.10690314

Then just say so. Better to be upfront about it and if she isn't okay with that, then she wouldn't have been a good friend. I've told guy friends I've met that I'm not interested in a relationship and they either fuck off or stick around.

>> No.10690349

not a relationship she just wants a fwb type thing. We’re going to play vidya later I’ll let her know then.

>> No.10690356

My bfs cat got hit by a car. They don't know where, or who hit it, but the sweet soul crawled home where they found her. She's gone.

It wasn't my cat, but I've still known it intermittently throughout seven years. I'm sobbing, shaking and crying. They will bury her tomorrow, and I will most likely not be able to be there. It hurts so much.

>> No.10690364

poor cat. best luck to you and your bf thru the sad

>> No.10690374

Big pharma has big influence. Pretty much everyone I know has said they regret taking antidepressants.

>> No.10690377

I know people who really appreciate having the an without them were suicidal. They were both men though. I think women are frequently over prescribed meds and misdiagnosed with bipolar a lot more when they don't need it or have other issues. It all depends on the person.

>> No.10690381

This is why you don't keep cats outdoors

>> No.10690383


>> No.10690393

kys. cats are stupid and need to be protected from humans and things like children do or they will hurt themselves or get hurt.

>> No.10690396

This and wildlife needs to be protected from cats too.

>> No.10690397

maybe your cats need to be protected because they're pussies but my cats grew up in the wild. they can take care of themselves.

>> No.10690399

There are no cars to hit cats in the wild. And the bigger reason to keep cats indoors is the way they wreak havoc on wildlife and local ecosystems. Plus their waste spreads disease. A cat owner with "outside cats" AKA someone who feeds strays is not cleaning up after them or taking them to get checkups or spayed and neutered.

>> No.10690401

i hope you get hit by a car.

>> No.10690403
File: 922 KB, 802x865, coppedmyselfanotherdiscordkitten.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would I care about all of that? they're their own person with lives of their own. stop trying to enslave everything colonizer

>> No.10690408
File: 24 KB, 447x447, blehhhhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuckin same. maybe I'll get Isekai'd into a world where cats arent locked up like prisoners . where their only crime is being cute. it's just so painful to think about. like what the fuck is stopping us from throwing ourselves off a bridge and giving up. and saying yeah the planet is dying. the government hates us. the animals are leaving. the aliens arent contacting us. we might be alone. it just might be you and me, but do we need anyone else.

>> No.10690411

your life must be very sad

>> No.10690415

if me suffering a bit more can free up another captured cat then let me suffer

>> No.10690416

Cats are assholes who don't love you anyway soup. They laugh and take joy in your suffering and simping.

>> No.10690426

my husband today asked, unprompted, if I had ever heard of kiwifarms and so many hours flashed before my eyes.

>> No.10690437

Your aunt sounds based.

>> No.10690469

I think I accidentally just sold some lolita clothes to a fetishist and now I’m freaking out.

>> No.10690474

I'm suffering right now

>> No.10690475

i wish you'd stop.

>> No.10690489

dont be sad anon I'll stop ofc it's better for cats to be indoors. I was only kitten

>> No.10690503
File: 197 KB, 550x550, nagato_yuki_by_xyakux-d3ju430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those digits are difficult to resist. But I must.
Don't even want to chance someone using this as fap material. They're tucked away in a folder hidden a couple folders deep on a flash drive. This is for me, and existing trusted friends if they specifically ask to see it. Besides, I know I don't actually look as great as it makes me feel. The main part of the outfit is essentially a closet cosplay anyway. But the point is that it makes me feel good, right? Thanks for expressing the interest and feeding my ego I guess.
Oh, and before you ask, I'm a guy.
Hope both of your next cosplays make you feel this good.

>> No.10690504

Saying "iirc" is not a source, you fucking retard

>> No.10690507

Exercising before work has actually been reinvigorating for me. Or even just getting up early without exercising. I don't do late night shit anymore anyway, so going to bed earlier has been fine. I wake up refreshed, get my blood pumping, shower and get ready, then chill out and enjoy tea while I browser the internet or do various hobbies. It's really serene and far more enjoyable than trying to do the same things after a whole workday.

>> No.10690513

I guess I'm just not attracted to my boyfriend anymore

>> No.10690542

any particular reason?

>> No.10690567

He turned out to be a cuck, which made me lose all respect for him as a man

>> No.10690629
File: 55 KB, 346x512, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw my bf didn't want me to go grocery shopping in a casual putumayo coord nearly identical to pic rel because i "might end up on people of walmart"

he's not even a normie and was dressed more loudly than i was like wtf

>> No.10690635

he's not wrong. I tend to avoid the striped stockings/arm warmers when I wear jpunk because it's associated with mallgoths here.

>> No.10690639

>striped stockings
Striped stockings are something mall goths stole from goth and aren't inherently cringe like arm warmers are. Fuck off.

>> No.10690643

2000s look yes but far from a people of Walmart look.

>> No.10690646

damn i guess every old schooler in striped socks is a mall goth now
seriously though youd have to be actually retarded to think that coord looks anywhere remotely adjacent to the ugly shit mall goths wear

>> No.10690651

>striped stockings/arm warmers
I associate them with femboys and crossdressers

>> No.10690654

lol getting butthurt about it won't change that association anons, sorry. normies won't look at your shirt and think "oh! putumayo! this isn't a hot topic mallgoth after all!" sucks, but that's life.

kek i assume you're young. it's kind of depressing how the association has changed so drastically.

>> No.10690661

We're in this bitch of a life together, bestie

I'm glad you found something that works for you. I don't hate my job. In fact, it's the job I've gone to school for 6 years for. It's just that the job itself is so fucking demanding. SO much more than it should be.

I hope so. My mentors say it takes about 3-5 YEARS to reach that point. If that's true, I feel like my soul might actually die before I get halfway there.

That sounds nice. I try to make my job as fun as possible and there are times when it invigorates me, but it takes so much more than it gives.

I'm not a morning person by any means, but that sounds so peaceful. I'm the type of person who sleeps until the last possible second, so having a peaceful morning would be nice.

>> No.10690662

Oops wrong reply this
>We're in this bitch of a life together, bestie
was for >>10689717

>> No.10690664

I'm into cosplay and anime culture in general but the persona I've created over the past 5 years is so antithetical to anything even remotely non-mainstream that I have no idea how to even find friends into this kind of thing. I just want a solid group of con friends. I'm 26 now and I can feel the years ticking by.

I went to a con this weekend alone. It looked like a ton of fun, so many people doing all sorts of things, cosplaying, talking, laughing. I spoke to a few people here and there based on similar interests (League, a few shows I like, etc.), but it usually died after a short convo, and they go back to hanging with the people they came with/their original friends.

Maybe I'm overthinking it. I think I just need to find a way to make a group of friends and actually go to the con together rather than expect to make friends alone.

>> No.10690665

It ain't about looking at the brand anon.
Only braindead idiots like you would conflate stripes with mall goth fuckery regardless of the fit. Continue proving how clueless you are though.

>> No.10690666

I'm gonna give you my scrote pov in case you were curious. Eventhough I love lolita fashion, I'd feel kind of self conscious hanging out with one. I don't like a fuckton of people looking at me or my girl. I'm not comfortable with it, I'd rather just... not be looked at as if I'm walking with a freak. No offense, just my 2 cents. I'd still do it, but I'd hate getting stared at or getting my girl stared at, etc. Some people like me much rather fly under the radar.

>> No.10690667

no one cares about your retarded opinion. my normie bf is just fine with being out and about with me in lolita because he's not a massive pussy.

also, ayrt said her bf is not a normie and also dresses outlandishly, so this point is irrelevant.

>> No.10690668

>idiots like you would conflate stripes with mall goth
i never said i did, dipshit. i said normies will, which is also what her bf is concerned about. keep up, will you?

>> No.10690669

>I'm gonna give you my scrote pov
Silence, normie scrote.

>> No.10690671

And yet your initial point still has nothing to do with the coord being people of Walmart worthy simply because stripes. Just sit down and shut up already.

>> No.10690678

>no one here is straight
do they just assume I'm gay or do they just not consider me enough of a person to be worth consideration? This has happened at least twice in different situations. I'm not really liked by people so I feel like they may just pretend I don't exist, but I don't know. (I'm a closet cishet)

>> No.10690679

It's a good look in my opinion, it emanates rebel energy. But mallGoths hurt the look for a good decade. This is the type of look you take to skate park or concert, not walmart.

>> No.10690693

you sound like someone I know irl. do you know a kisma on discord?

>> No.10690694

kissmaballs sperg

>> No.10690699
File: 40 KB, 765x430, tricksareforkids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you think you got me but I got you in a reversed trap. asking a dude to kiss your balls is pretty gay. not cishet no more are we buddy

>> No.10690711

Not saying dump the dumb scrote, but the guy needs to grow some balls. My normie boyfriend wears a t-shirt and jeans whenever we go out, while I wear AP sweet with decent poof. He just has a "idgaf, we're not breaking the law" attitude all the time and he actively encouraged me to wear my dresses out, and comforted me on my ita days. My exes all were so weird about it despite SAYING they didn't care. Never date a scrote who has less confidence than the average daily lolita

>> No.10690778
File: 34 KB, 375x591, 5756e8fc31a5bd4b5aa8be6f78fa5f9c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hating on mallgoths

>> No.10690781

mallgoths are cancer but good job displaying your shit taste

>> No.10690793

do you think they listen to lil peep?

>> No.10690837 [DELETED] 

>Never date a scrote who has less confidence than the average daily lolita
Your bf doesn't even have the balls to dump a manhating cunt.

>> No.10690870

This, I started wearing lolita to some classes and every man I asked said they really like my "outfits". Lolita is relatively unknown in my country and I only wear solids so people are very supportive.

People of Walmart is nothing compared to the likelihood of getting asked by a blogger/photographer if they can publish you as a snap of street fashion.

>> No.10690996

who the fuck wears lolita to the skatepark are you 12

>> No.10691045

After years of religiously putting on sunscreen and making ‘avoiding sun’ an olympic sport, i ended up so pale that i even freak myself out sometimes and think that i look like a dead person. My ex said my skin looked colorless. I wonder if it freaks other people out too.
I think its a little too pale but i can’t make myself go into the sun anymore and i guess i will just be like a vampire. Like i’m kinda proud of it but also at what cost, i think i look unnatural

>> No.10691114

If it’s bothering you, go out in the sun during early morning when it isn’t that strong, stay there for only a small amount of time like less than 10 minutes and it will be fine. A small amount of sunlight is fine, feels good and can be actually healthy.

>> No.10691259

This is a good idea. I will try this. I definitely need more sunlight, avoiding it so much probably gave me yearlong depression or something

>> No.10691321

I'm straight
But I'm a man

>> No.10693827

Knowing what AGP is already a red flag anon. You're probably uncovering feelings that you didn't realize you had.

>> No.10694083 [DELETED] 

It's been in the works, but I think the pandemic has made me ready to leave cosplay as a hobby. I'm forever grateful for the self-confidence and friends it's brought me, but with how quiet the con scene got, it really made me realize how much money and space cosplay was taking up for increasingly fewer opportunities to wear them.

I've been wanting to get more into casual J-fashion with larme, basic brands like Axes Femme, and classic lolita for at least regular weekend wear since I want to keep work and personal life separated. I modeled for a few brands at anime cons, and I loved it so much! I'll probably stop applying to model to make room for younger folks, but I hope to become a regular part of the Jfashion comms now!

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