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Cosplay and jfashion related feels go here.
Last thread >>10686637

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I started a new job a few months ago and I’m making a fuckton of money but I’m completely sedentary now and have gained 10 lbs and can’t fit a lot of my lolita. Going to exercise for the first time in months now

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Cosplayers always seem kinda rude. Even when they offer help or you're just talking about their cosplay it feels like they always are just waiting for you to shut up

On one hand it's understandable but it's kinda a bummer because I know I'll never meet cosplay friends.

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you sound annoying as hell, it's not the cosplayers who are the problem.

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Extremely bitter projection. But thank you for proving my point

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You’re literally the one who is projecting onto cosplayers

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I'm obviously speaking anecdotally man lmao. It's a feels thread so I thought it would be an alright space to bitch. Cus its a feels thread. I even said i understand why cosplayers don't want to talk to every person who enjoys their cosplay so I figured it was a non issue

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This happened to me. Had to get a gym membership. It sucks. On the bright side I think by body looks better than it it before because I have muscle tone now.

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So.. I bought from the seller on accident that I did a while back. There is genuinely a really thoughtful seller out there on LM. I'm not going to give her name away, but she's simply incredible. Keeps reminding me there's really fucking kind people out there in the world.

I'm the anon that got two free AP coats from her.

This time she gave me a bunch of cosmetics, a wallet, an AP clip, two free pairs of AP socks, and a little cute squishie. I'm not so sure anyone can really surpass this girl in the thoughtful extras category.. Jesus. Feels like Christmas every time.

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I'm scared that even if I reach my goal weight for my diet that I'll still be too big for specific brand pieces I have/want. I've already gotten just thin enough that I can fit into the OP I have as my first goal piece but not enough that I look good and definitely not enough to feel comfortable wearing it out.
I'm going to keep working at it because I hate being a fatty and I want to be healthier, but the realization that I can't make my shoulders/frame slimmer is killing me.

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You're fine anon. Back to your subject, I hope that quality people who share in your hobbies will come into your life soon. <3

>Extremely bitter projection

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it's not projection, if anon's experiences are all bad it's likely him that's the issue.

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Are you sure she isn't trying to flirt with you and flex her sugar mommy cred?

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>be me wearing blouse
>"I wish this blouse had some pink accents on the lace to match some other stuff"
>get strawberry drink
>get sick and throw up
>didn't get to the bathroom fast enough so I got some on my clothes
>lace on blouse is now stained pink and doesn't come off easily

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Hey anon, what's going on with you? I'm asking seriously because your responses are coming off as really hostile which has me thinking you're going through some shit.
So, like, what's up?

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It's usually best not to offer help unless it's asked for or it's something serious. Like about to trip on their outfit, a piece falls off or blood stain on the back. Also that's not really just cosplay thing, if I'm on my way to do something or not interested in what you're talking about I'll try to be polite but generally I'm waiting for them to hurry up and shut up so I can go do something else. If I'm not doing anything and in a good mood, I'll chit chat. Simple as.

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Just going through massive impostor syndrome.

I know it’s okay to not be interested in Lolita fashion as much anymore. No connections to my community, less fun stuff to do, I didn’t feel happy wearing the fashion at home except for when the virtual twinning was a thing. I’ve always associated Lolita with socializing and going out with my friends, so the past couple of years have really killed my drive. Some of my friends have reassured me that there’s nothing wrong with taking a break if dressing up no longer makes me happy, or maybe it’s time to do a style change or get a new hobby. But I have had friends exclude me from Lolita activities because I no longer post constantly or talk about buying things. Kinda sucks, but oh well. Hopefully the community changes again in a few years and it’ll motivate me to get back into it.

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No I meant them offering me help. But like I said I get it. Its just a bummer so I don't even bother approaching any. Especially not irl (except to ask for pics)

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I'm sure this has been beaten to death but holy crap, why can no one categorize their shit properly on lace market?

No your Jane Marple dress isn't "gothic lolita"

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26 and feel old.

Wanted to get more into lolita but never did. Just have a small handful of pieces. Spent college working minimum wage to try and pay for shit. I make money now but I'm like mid getting into late 20s and feel like I'm too old to really get into stuff now.

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It annoys me every time i search for Kuro and get a bunch of bright AATP prints

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I’m late 20s and recently got into it too. Ironically, I feel like I’m finally old and settled enough not to give a fuck. I have a career. I have a bf who plans to marry me. If there was ever a time I couldn’t have cared less about what people think, now is it.

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I recently started taking my weight loss seriously and have lost 15lbs in 1.5 months. My bf loves me anyway but I'm very proud of myself and he's proud of me for working hard to stick to my calorie budget and cook healthier options or be conscious when we eat out. I'm too big for that much to be a noticeable difference yet but if I keep at it slow and steady my hope is that ill be at my ultimate lowest goal weight in less than 2 years. I plan to reward myself with a Q-Pot jewelry haul if I can lose 30-50 lbs by my next birthday.

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That seems like a lot for a month and a half but I guess it depends on your starting weight.

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I'm in my 30's. It depends on how young you look, it really doesn't matter the age. Also starting a career is going to side track you, you need to let it. You can always come back to this hobby.

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My gf and her gf want me to cosplay cringe shit with them. Idgaf. It's good.

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This is just a personal load off my chest feel free to keep scrolling.

AWA is tomorrow and I won't be able to make it, I had to email them to renew it for next year. As I was doing that I was reminded that I had bought one for my mother as well. It hit me a little hard because she died 9 months ago.

Mama, I'm so sorry you're not here, I miss you more than anything and I'm so sorry I couldn't get my shit together in time to give you the life you deserved. You had so much fun in 2019 and were so disappointed that it got cancelled last year, I wish we could have been there together again when I go back. Now, I don't even know what to do with your pass, I can see if any of the family wants it though, you wouldn't want it to go to waste.

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I despise moids who wear lolita for fetish purposes. But deep down, the idea of dressing my bf in lolita and going to a convention together turns me on. I hate feeling this way.

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This whole "old at 30" meme is never going to end is it? Listen. In this day and age, 20s are your second teenage years. You're still trying to figure yourself out and get your life together. In the past that happened at 20s because of the economy and life expectancy being shorter, but for some reason we're hanging onto that 20s is supposed to be the glory years. That's honestly changing to 30s and 40s. In my mid 30s now and people still assume I'm in my 20s, started lolita in late 20s, and life hasn't been better. inb4 some scrote preaches about muh wall.

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That's good, keep it up! The smaller you get, the slower you're going to lose but don't let that stop you.
It does. Obese people can lose 30 pounds in a month by just not eating as much and doing light to moderate activity.

>> No.10692483

You're very right. I've always wondered why people feel old at 30 but it's because there's a huge pressure to "settle down" so most people spend their late twenties coping with the thought of their life "ending" at 30 rather than just enjoying their twenties and enjoying their thirties.

>> No.10692486

They seem to think when you hit 30 you're suddenly going to be walking with a cane and covered in wrinkles. Granted if you don't take care of yourself in your 20s you are going to look and feel like shit as you age, but there's always time to correct that in your 30s. Late 40s and 50s is when bouncing back actually gets harder but even then, you still have a whole life to continue after.

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Hell even 40s isn't old if you live half decently. Not even take care of yourself, just not treat your body like total shit. But shit like I said most people just spend their twenties fighting the idea of rot instead of doing shit. One of my friends has been a grocery store cashier since he was 15. He's 24 now. Dude graduated, and just sat in the same place doing the same shit. Now he's almost halfway through his twenties and hasn't experienced anything out of fear. Many such cases

Like nobody is saying you have to travel the world but at least enjoy yourself a little bit before you die lmfao

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It's societal pressure from older generations. Usually their parents wanting them to have kids before 30. I'm friends with an older lady at work and she talks about wanting her kid to have babies soon (because she will be hitting 30 soon)

The irony here is that I'm 31 with no kids and I look young, but I have a relatively old soul because I've hit success relatively early and I do feel old honestly. I'm out of that age where I can party without my body breaking down and my body is beginning to no longer regenerate like I was when I was younger. I will get bruises for straight up weeks now. I felt my mental peak at 26 as well and have noticed my memory decline.

I do get why others feel old after 30. Plus you should REALLY have work figured out before you're 30. You get a lot less allowances later. If there should be any pressure, it's getting your shit together career wise for the rest of your life in all honesty.

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lmao real ita milk now is laughing at lolita's
*edgy* or homeless boyfriends.

Either way they look like shit. Could you at least advise them better on aesthetics if you're going to take photos with them..

>> No.10692505

>implying they'd listen
But I agree.

>> No.10692510

I always pity women with families like this. Shit makes me glad I'm not a woman. Would hate to constantly have other people have clocks for me.

>> No.10692514

Not just families, general public keeps wanting to push kids on young women.

>> No.10692520

people who think they're old souls are generally the most unintelligent immature people and your post really comes off as stupid. also you probably want to go to the doctor since you sound like you're doing terribly.

>> No.10692523

Different anon here but your post just made me roll my eyes.

>> No.10692527

I'm serious he sounds like a moron. I am mid 30s and me and everyone I know are have our shit together and can finally do anything we want. If he's really an "old soul" he means geriatric. I am the strongest and most attractive I've ever been now.

>> No.10692528

memory loss and what anon is talking about aren't common at all.

>> No.10692529

Yeah you can definitely be healthy in your 30s. Obviously you slow down but work out and read critically and you'll be better off than 99.99 percent of the population over 30

>> No.10692530

You sound like you've never left your hometown. But honestly anon does too.

>> No.10692532

You're obviously the OP because you're getting so offended. Go to the doctor and get him to extract your head out of your ass. I hate people like you, men or women, who think they are wise beyond their years and they just spout anecdotal BS. Atleast people like you will die younger from your bad health and attitude. What retarded child.

>> No.10692533

Okay you're a fucking retard LMAO

This is why I specified the importance of reading critically. Go back and re-read what I wrote. Do it slowly this time. I was agreeing with you.

>> No.10692536

in their defense girls who thin they're mature for their age are 99% of the time gonna get groomed by creeps who take advantage of that. i guess by the time you're 30 with that mindset you might have been through enough shit to call yourself an old soul.

>> No.10692538

Bait. Sorry I'm successful and have money and you don't. Must suck to attach that to a gender role.

>> No.10692540

I rolled my eyes because once again, an anon resorts to name calling and insults over a post that's just talking about their life experiences and relating to people that feel old at a young age.

>> No.10692542

Wow, look at all the (you)s I got just because I rolled my eyes. Y'all get offended way too easily over the smallest things.

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Thanks for the support anons. I didn't realize 10 lbs a month was that much considering I am big to begin with. It's on the higher end of healthily paced weight loss for sure since 2lbs a week is sort of the ideal maximum, but in a month that's about 10lbs which is the pace I've been going at. I know things will slow down eventually. I plan to start weight training to burn more calories later on but I want to just lose as much body mass as I can before adding more to my routine or gaining muscle that will just make me look bulkier under my flab if it's even noticeable at all.

>> No.10692544

Just don't reply to the anon, I'm the anon that they are referencing and the obvious gender role distortion around success and lack of knowledge that the brain deteriorates after mid 20's just means this person is either completely academically challenged, just plain stupid, or a troll. Don't reply to them.

>> No.10692548

nta but i disagree people who use the term old soul are generally stupid like others stated.

>> No.10692549

You can do it. You're gonna make it. Even if you stumble and mess up, just know that it's okay, just get back to it.

>> No.10692552

you just sound really unsuccessful, i'm the anon that originally called you out and people who act like you are the ones who know the least. most people willing to assume they know anything are generally stupid though anyway. you just sound like you've never experienced the real world.

>> No.10692555

Nayrt, but I agree with >>10692520. I've befriended several young folks (< 26 yrs old) through online communities who called themselves "old souls" and the more I got to know them, the more I realized they were incredibly maladjusted. They used it as an excuse for their social anxieties, to be offensive to folks, to be fake "woke" and belittle others, or to get a feeling of superiority over people despite being jealous of their peers.

My previous coworkers were in their 30s, married at 21, had children at 23, still pumping out children. They look very young, jokingly call themselves old, but don't get hung up on age. They just take life in strides.

Regardless, people are a lot more free to choose their paths in life than negative nancy over >>10692499 likes to think. I know several people who pivoted career paths at 40, started a business at 50, and more. They're still alive and thriving. If you're satisfied with your life, who cares? And especially don't take advice seriously from a bunch of anons on 4chan telling you how to live

>> No.10692557

Uh anon, this sounds like scrote logic.

>> No.10692558

helloooo schizophrenia.

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Of course. They'll be mad no matter what over the smallest things. You keep enjoying life to the fullest.

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If it's bait don't reply, dumbass.

>> No.10692561

ya'll read far too into things. this is why people think 4chan lolitas are schizophrenic

>> No.10692563

old soul anon and everyone arguing with them are all cringy as fuck.

>> No.10692567

This. Fucking thank you. Anon reads more to me as in her 20s thinking she has it all figured out. Especially when she mentioned being successful young. Getting into a career right after college isn't "being successful" and people who are actually hyper successful when they're younger have better things to do. She sounds like she's full of herself because she was slightly outside the norm, but now is coping since she peaked too early and has nothing more to do with her life.

>> No.10692571

Sounds like you have your life completely figured out in your 20's and don't need any help. Realistically the anon only posted to advise people who in college that their "lolita career" is not over and they should probably focus more on building their life in their 20's. If you have other opinions that's fine, but that doesn't negate advice and other people's experiences.

But seriously, it must really suck being poor and getting this pissed off over an anonymous post on the internet.

>> No.10692575

No one is reading into anything, just commenting on what anon wrote. She didn't invent the term "old soul" and it's cited as a red flag for prospective partners for a reason. I've met many people and even though it doesn't count for much, everyone who's called themselves and old soul does it because they feel distant from their peers. It's the same thing as romanticizing different time periods because you feel like you don't fit in with modern society. It's a huge red flag and generally a sign of poor introspective skills or some other personality issue.

>> No.10692579

>but that doesn't negate advice and other people's experiences.
But that doesn't account for the fact that anon's advice is terrible and not representative of most people her age.

>> No.10692581

You wrote two paragraphs because someone rolled their eyes.

>> No.10692586

>Plus you should REALLY have work figured out before you're 30. You get a lot less allowances later. If there should be any pressure, it's getting your shit together career wise for the rest of your life in all honesty.
How is this terrible advice? Are you saying people should party in their 20s then wait until their 30 to figure out their job and finances?

>> No.10692592

You're really not helping OP by acting like this. Imagine being so pressed because someone called out neckbeard/pick me behavior.

>> No.10692607

I'm not looking to help OP, I'm just dumbfounded over how insulted several of you are being over the phrase "old soul". Feel free to keep going though, and throw in some name calling too while your at it and I hope this makes the rest of your day better.

>> No.10692612

nta but multiple anons think you're batshit. there's a bunch of different people replying because you picked a term and went off the deep end about yourself. you realize that's called projecting and is schizophrenic behavior? you out of everyone shouldn't be on here telling people to disregard advice, because you don't sound like you're in your right mind to begin with.

>> No.10692614

Sorry, but no. She only seems wise to people who aren't wise themselves. And if you actually read what she wrote everything she said is basically hypocritical nonsense. People much more successful than her think 30 is a baby, especially in any kind of career. I won't touch on everything she said because if you don't see how silly she sounds you're not going to get it, but the quote specifically isn't even good advice because it's not real advice it's generic lipservice.

>> No.10692615

>continuing to fall deep into the abyss of their own insanity
NTA but you really don't sound sane.

>> No.10692619

NTA but are you guys serious? You must be really young if you don't know that "old soul" has certain connotations. I have never met anyone who's used that term to refer to themselves who hasn't been a huge trainwreck.

>> No.10692621

it's not even just one anon, you are proving their points by chimping out like this.

>> No.10692623

If you want to believe only one person thinks you're a retard, go ahead. You clearly need help if you think that though.

>> No.10692626

>"old soul" has certain connotations.
Fucking this. I know it's just anon defending themselves(not sure if it's a scote or not since only moids would call themselves an old soul) but it's the exact type of behavior that someone who would call themselves an old soul would exhibit. Epsecially being so full of themselves the think only one anon called them out.

>> No.10692627

anon, their post seems totally reasonable, are you high,

>> No.10692628

Do something else besides whining about terms used. Projecting over a word used just makes you look like an insufferable person to interact with and there's no way any advice you can give socially is going to be better, especially if this is how you interact with other human beings.

>> No.10692630

>And if you actually read what she wrote everything she said is basically hypocritical nonsense.
She said she understands why some people who say they feel old at 30 feel old. How is that hypocritical and just not a personal anecdote?
>People much more successful than her think 30 is a baby
Yes. The whole conversation was about how 30 isn't really old. Thanks for catching up?
>isn't even good advice because it's not real advice it's generic lipservice.
If you don't see it as advice then why do you call it terrible advice?
Yes, I'm serious. I've been hearing the term "old soul" being used by young and old people alike with no patterns between them. I think you're taking your personal experience with people and assuming that covers everyone. You might want to broaden your horizons a bit and meet more people.

>> No.10692635

Whoever is defending this post needs to learn cognitive thinking skills because not only does this sound dumb as hell but anon doesn't even address the things she's replying to.

>> No.10692638

dude seriously, some of those aren't the same anon, you're just paranoid.

>> No.10692640

>learn cognitive thinking skills
>cognitive thinking
underaged b&. you're definitely not old enough to be on this website

>> No.10692645

>You might want to broaden your horizons a bit and meet more people.
100% agreed. The issue with the lolita community is that it flips out over LITTLE things SO easily and has VERY limited social experience. That's why we call you shits autistic / aspies

>> No.10692647

don't expect to make cosplay friends if you don't cosplay yourself.

>> No.10692650

If you don't get it, you don't get it. I'm a lot older than the OP and you and I know she's not really coming from a mature and seasoned place, she just thinks she is because she doesn't know better. And people who use the term old soul are also doing it for the same reason, they don't know any better. I actually disagree with most of what you said, but I understand that you can't just read what I'm saying and process it if you don't know yourself.

>> No.10692655

the OP who called herself an old soul did it because she's also a fucking autist. everyone defending her is just the same kind of chuuni autist as her so they formed a tribe mentality. and people arguing with them are just the opposite kind of autist. but please don't forget everyone is just as autistic as everyone else. (other than me because i am a shitlord)

>> No.10692657

Anon, you've been projecting this entire time and flipping out over just a term that was used. It doesn't matter what your age is or your experiences in life with other people. It literally has no relevance here. You didn't offer any advice, you just flipped out because you have had shitty experiences in life and that is a problem that you need to identify and solve within yourself. I really don't think you should be in here talking about anything regarding 'success', if you aren't able to at least be introspective. It doesn't matter what your husband does, it doesn't matter what your father does. It's more about how you think you are able to represent success without even being able to identify your own hang ups and how you project onto other people.

>> No.10692660

>Can't refute my points.
Okay, whatever you say kid.

>> No.10692697

I miss when this board had threads that lasted without getting derailed so quickly. Why are people arguing in the feels thread?

Fuck I wish I was dead.

>> No.10692703

I tried to buy my dream dress on fril. Because I'm a foreigner the seller hiked up the price to scare me off but I still tried to get it, so she ghosted me. Nothing new under the sun but I just felt like letting it out. Oh well, they don't call them dream dresses for nothing lol

>> No.10692741

fuck you don’t use my name to push your agenda. plus I’m not a shitlord I’m the sanest person on this board

>> No.10692758

Started a new job and I am so shit at it. I can barely learn the syntax of the language I am supposed to learn for work as a dev. The other day I had a date in the evening and since work carries into the evening I wore a no petti cotton ruffled skirt and matching blazer. I looked cute until I realized I was going to stay late so I put my poofmonster petti on, came back in and everyone saw my power. now no one talks to me. Like dumb struck. No one makes eye contact with me now. I feel so bad. I wore lolita to a date because he said he liked my poofy skirts but it turned out that he felt awkward around me when I was in lolita. Kinda sad about it all

>> No.10692764

Aw nonny. The people at your work suck dick. I highly recommend finding another job. People at my job are into anime and they know i dress in ‘cosplay goth stuff’ but they don’t care.
But also, don’t wear full out lolita around people you don’t trust, if it makes you sad that they think it’s weird. You shouldn’t care what random people think but these are your coworkers and it has made for an awkward work environment. You’ll be ok just one step at a time

>> No.10692841

Have to go back to work in January. Lax dress code so here's hoping I can get away with wearing lolita at this new place

>> No.10692871

That's a shitty thing to do, but I suppose sellers are entitled to refuse a sale to anyone. Would've been better to just state it outright though, and save both the time and energy you put into trying to get it. I'm sorry anon, I hope you find the dress again.

>> No.10692939

Am pretty depressed right now after breaking up with my ex. but lolita is the sole thing keeping me going at the moment. I’m going through the motions in school and with my friends. But I don’t want to die and not be able to see and wear the new releases or find more dream dresses.

>> No.10692956

going through the same thing right now, nonny. things will get better

>> No.10693009

>dating gf, we both have our own collective beta orbiters
>our beta orbiters send things to our PO box
>we gift eachother things via beta orbiters and never have to buy shit for ourselves

I'm upfront about dating her to my followers and say "do not become emotionally invested in me, being an ethot is my job" yet still got gifted tons of cosplay, consoles, and even lolita dresses.
my girlfriend on the otherhand is not upfront and gets things like plushies and food.

that being said, I'm weirdly looking forward to getting a regular 9-5 at my dad's company in the future. one way emotional labor is exhausting

doubt anyone will believe me and this belongs in a confession thread but I was just thinking about how bizarre this situation is.

>> No.10693014

I'm so touch starved I'm thinking about dressing up as ghostface and hooking up with this girl with a 2 bf's

>> No.10693019

twf not attractive enough to get beta orbiters to buy stuff for me.

>> No.10693026


>> No.10693029

I'm average looking and have guys buy me stuff all the time, just have to be cute and pander to their desires

>> No.10693032

God female ez mode is crazy

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File: 55 KB, 640x640, image0-15-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am so close to pretending to be a tranny so I can get insurance to pay for getting my fat fucking tits cut off. If they weren't so huge I'd be wearing the tiniest old school but I got cursed with fat tit genes and they refuse to disappear, I'm like bmi 19 and can't fit unshirred brand. Fuck this gay earth FUCK

>> No.10693074

What makes me feel old is being older than the majority of the people in this hobby. 30 isn't old in the grand scheme of things, but in this niche it is ancient.

>> No.10693075

No it isn't? A large amount of comm members are in their 30s

>> No.10693077

>being an ethot is my job
>getting a regular 9-5 at my dad's company
>one way emotional labor is exhausting

you sound like someone who's used to everything just being handed to them and have no idea how exhausting it is to actually work for anything

Grow up.

>> No.10693086

seethe moid

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File: 70 KB, 446x400, 1529898960891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cope and seethe more you stupid scrote. Your jealousy is pathetic. No woman will ever love your incel ass and you will die alone. No amount of complaining online will change this. Meanwhile, I'm living my best life with my hot girlfriend and beta orbiters and there's NOTHING you can do about it.

>> No.10693097

Damn I'm a scrote? I guess my penis is just weirdly inverted for some reason then.
Keep crying about how hard it is posting suggestive pics online for free shit tho while the rest of the world actually work to make a living.
I'm sure you'll complain about how hard it was to get your nepotism hire too tho.
Cope harder.

>> No.10693101

>Your jealousy is pathetic
ah yes the classic cope of an ewhore
everyone is totally jealous of you and not at all disgusted by your wanton thottery
I bet you're tired of plastering yourself online as coomer bait because deep down you also know you're disgusting trash that only another ewhore wouldn't be repulsed to date
>inb4 everyone wants me which is why i have so many orbiters!!!
your orbiters don't really respect or care about you
you're just pump and dump wank fuel to them like any common porn star

>> No.10693114

It's incredible that thots like you always assume it's men who are disgusted by you or that you have to be jealous.

Some of use actually respect ourselves too much to take the easy route and whore ourselves out online. I
I mean fuck, I get grossed out by the attention I get from men irl I can't imagine being so much of an attention whore that I would actually seek that out times 100 from strangers as a living.

>your orbiters don't really respect or care about you
This. Men will shell out hundreds of thousands for prostitutes/strippers/phone sex but they definitely don't respect let alone care about the women they solicit.

>> No.10693118

>it's really exhausting being a professional ethot! i have to contort my body so that both my ass and tits show in pics and i do so many ahegao dick sucking faces that my eyes and jaw hurt

>> No.10693120

Why does it feel like it takes forever for weight loss to actually appear on keto? Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.10693127

that's rude

I'd like to announce that I will be making an amazon wishlist. if you would like for me to post more I req people to buy stuff from said list. there will be no more cat posting, funny memes, or any form of interactions or getting (you)'s from me until some items are bought.

>> No.10693142

>your orbiters don't really respect or care about you
you're just pump and dump wank fuel to them like any common porn star
>This. Men will shell out hundreds of thousands for prostitutes/strippers/phone sex but they definitely don't respect let alone care about the women they solicit.

Nta but does it matter? If you're an ethot you're not actually fucking them and sucking their wallets dry. Those type of men wouldn't respect any woman regardless of showing tits or not, might as well use them for money while they use her images to fap to. I couldn't do it, but I can respect the hustle and she's even going to get a normal job after which secures her finances if she ever wants to quit.

>> No.10693143
File: 95 KB, 1067x985, 4ld0ma1fy4g41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10693167

hey soup can I have a cat pic

>> No.10693170

that's so funny and yet so sad at the same time

>> No.10693171

I"m very happy about opening my youtube channel, sadly not even the Japanese youtubers get good views with this sort of content but I'll manage.
Gonna do some cool instrumental and vocal covers of malice mizer and lareine whilst wearing my coords

>> No.10693174

keto is a scam

>> No.10693183

I truly don't understand how people can just eat nothing but bacon grease and heavy cream and not feel like shit. And the fact they disallow themselves from eating fruit because it has too many carbs is all the evidence I need that that diet could never work for me.

>> No.10693188
File: 130 KB, 591x1280, 521D362B-0DDF-4998-A71C-010E0A44F434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

last one before my demands are met >:(

>> No.10693203
File: 18 KB, 733x436, depressione.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, I know this is slightly tangential but I'm upset and really need to bitch about it.
I'm under an insane amount of stress right now and I think I literally worried myself sick. I managed to catch two infections that I have to take antibiotics for AND got bit by a mosquito three times in the ankle which I'm highly allergic to. The antibiotics mean I won't be able to drink think week or eat anything sugary. Which you know... it's fucking Halloween, it's the holiday of goddamn sugar. I've been looking forward to it all month. Even so, I could get past that. But the allergic reaction I'm having to the mosquito bites is making my ankle swell like crazy which means I won't be able to wear the shoes I wanted to with my costume. It's killing my drive to dress up at all, but I already bought everything so no sense letting it go to waste. This was my one break from all of the stress and I can't even enjoy it. It's only going downhill from here and I don't know how to cope with it anymore.

>> No.10693213

sounds like you’re already at the bottom desu wouldn’t stress out too much about the shoes even though it sucks. Just wear your costume and make the best of it buddy. I’m willing to offer up my body as sacrifice for any candies you get so that it doesn’t mess with your antibiotics

>> No.10693217

kys soup

>> No.10693234

those are some cute cats you got there, can you name them soup and bowl?

>> No.10693290
File: 124 KB, 1024x682, 1583605529135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do all these 5/10 girls all have 8/10 boyfriends?

>> No.10693292

where? post a relevant image.

>> No.10693294

I mean in general.
>go outside
>mediocre girls with good looking guys

>> No.10693298

weird, in my experience I see a lot more of the opposite. Guys who look like they smell with beautiful gfs

>> No.10693299

define beautiful

>> No.10693302

Yea, it's generally the opposite where I am in the U.S. Maybe you're just noticing attractive guys more than you are noticing attractive girls? Especially in lolita the girls generally look way better than their gremlin boyfriends, myself included.

>> No.10693303

are you mad you can’t pull a good looking guy lolol ? >>10693298 is right most pretty girls end up with guys that look like they don’t shower rather than the other way around

>> No.10693306

because women are socialized to find men more attractive than they actually are, especially without augmentation like makeup, meanwhile we judge the other people of our gender more harshly by perceiving them as cOMpeTITIon.

>> No.10693307

You sound like a guy lol.

>> No.10693309

and you sound like a walnut without reading comprehension. it should be obvious i’m (a gay woman)

>> No.10693328
File: 1.11 MB, 1080x1920, 1618960600206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This girl slaps your boyfriend's butt in public and calls him hot.
How do you react?

>> No.10693329

Men have such low standards that even abusive or fat women get bfs. You must be super cancerous for men to deny you to the point you became bitter about it.

>> No.10693335

Let him know if he leaves me for her she'll probably cheat on him and show him an unphotoshopped picture of her with no makeup.

>> No.10693353

Laugh and say "damn right! ". Chances are, my bf and I would probably say that at the same time, then fight over who owes who a coke. She's got nice tits.

>> No.10693355

but anon, look at her grotesque gravity-defying, cancer-inducing melons! he'll just put a bag over her head and call it a day

>> No.10693356

They're nice but s got them ago so they might not be as good quality as far as how they feel in your hand.

>> No.10693358

I was mostly joking cause of the supposed cucking of her ex bf a while ago. Irl my bf would probably be upset that a stranger hit him, pretty or not. Plus my tits are bigger and my hairline isn't receding and we are dating for love not clout so I'm not threatened by her.

>> No.10693360

"s got them ago"?

>> No.10693361

sorry meant 'she'

>> No.10693363

>my tits are bigger
but are you as thin as her?

>> No.10693364

Oh well that's fine with me if that's her choice. Boobs are boobs.

>> No.10693366

this is just simply not true lmao maybe downright ugly men would

>> No.10693380

Idk what her current body looks like outside of shoop so no way to tell. I'm almost certainly shorter so my proportions are different even if I probably weight less.

>> No.10693381

Oh yeah for sure. Idk though I want tits to feel soft too so I'd prefer nicer quality implants than some older types.

>> No.10693385

How are you thin AND have bigger boobs than her? Do you have implants too? Not judging, just asking.

>> No.10693387

NTA but the girl in the pic's boobs aren't that big, at least from what I see in the image so it's not hard to believe someone her size or smaller has bigger natural breasts.

>> No.10693388

>aren't that big
Excuse me?

>> No.10693395
File: 26 KB, 800x534, shrugging-european-woman-wearing-blue-shirt-doubt-doing-shrug-shrugging-european-woman-wearing-blue-shirt-doubt-doing-shrug-123692380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's hard to tell from the photo but they just look like a pushed up D.

>> No.10693401

I was helping
they already have names. tux and dumbass

>> No.10693404

"Good" genetics that are actually shit bc I hate my huge tits (I wear lolita) and eating healthy and exercising. Not that hard.

>> No.10693406

Plus the top down angle and possibly distortion from the camera lens makes her tits look even bigger.

>> No.10693410

what did dumbass the cat ever do to you?

>> No.10693412


>> No.10693413
File: 71 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNzAxZjIyYTAt[email protected]._V1_UY1200_CR73,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Without a push up for reference.

>> No.10693417
File: 56 KB, 600x800, 94B9098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Raised arms and touched up photo
Ok, I know, I know I'm being picky, it's probably hard to find unedited images of someone like this so I get this is probably the best you got. But yea, these don't look all that big. They're no A cups of course but they look like a reasonable average size, like an American D. When people say big boobs, I think of more pic related. She's still good looking and I'm sure her tits are nice.

>> No.10693422

>tfw no ouji gf to twin with

>> No.10693428

wont approach me even after all the love affection I gave him


>> No.10693440

I wasn't saying they were big, I was pointing out how she makes them look way bigger in addition to the boob job using push ups and posing and angles than they actually are. that's why I chose a bikini pic with a more forward angle.

>> No.10693444

Oh I thought you were this anon >>10693388. Yea, you're absolutely right.

>> No.10693458 [DELETED] 
File: 59 KB, 580x385, 5_143_a2759279bb14106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i hate women so much i wish they didn't exist

>> No.10693461

I like weird older burando that fits only small people so i buy things that have been sitting on LM for a year or two because i like it a lot. and it also gives me satisfaction that i probably made the seller’s day.
(And no i’m not being scalped i always check prices, it’s just really unpopular )

>> No.10693463

delicious sky burial.

>> No.10693464
File: 47 KB, 560x337, 15d52ec8f5191a01049ece694c7be324--breaking-bad--walter-white.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lolita genuinely makes me so happy and I'm glad so many people enjoy it.

>> No.10693465

Looks like bacon. If you think this is a shock to anyone here, remember what site you're on.

>> No.10693467
File: 190 KB, 1209x681, 0c_da56e312_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw helping a friend slowly get into lolita
It suits here so well! I hope she can get fully into it soon so we can twin aaaaaa

>> No.10693468

I don't know why, but this image makes me teary eyed. He looks so happy.

>> No.10693471

Happy for you anon, I hope you two can enjoy many outings together.

>> No.10693477

I've spent 20 years compartmentalizing my anime hobby and keeping it completely hidden from everybody except my con/cosplay friends, and it feels really fucking weird suddenly seeing normies being so openly into it, I can hardly leave the house without seeing anime stickers on cars, people in anime t-shirts, etc.

>> No.10693500

It feels like all the experienced lolitas have left the community or moved onto different jfashions. Cgl nowadays is a cesspool of people with no fashion sense. It's filled with newlitas and crusty, depressed oldlitas with poor social skills who still stick around because spending time on 4chan is the most interesting hobby they have in their lives.

Some of the nitpicks I see in the CoF threads & dealing with newlitas on Facebook show the community lacks a basic understanding of fashion in general. Why are there so many people who are interested in an alt fashion, but know literally nothing about fashion history or basic cuts or what the hell looks good on them? Why do so many people think they can look like a princess without knowing how to build a good normie coord? And nitpickers love to pick on details but the entire reason something is called a "main piece" is because that's the highlight. The other parts of the coord are supposed to support but not overwhelm your main piece. You're not supposed to clog your body with a million perfect details and the same motif to the point where I have no idea what you want me to look at.

Lolitas nowadays look like a fucking eyesore. I think it's just the algorithm choosing the most shooped, loud coords. But it feels like the blind leading the blind. I miss mainstream fashion so much now. They were so much saner and well-dressed

>> No.10693525

Haha, thank you soup. Thankfully, I was still able to wear them despite the added bulk of the swelling and bandages around my ankle, but that would've been a good compromise. Can't stress about what I can't change and all that. I've decided to hoard my share of candies until I can eat them too. Venting definitely helped get it out of my system though. Thanks for listening

>> No.10693527

you sound just like the cranky old lady lolitas that you're complaining about.

>> No.10693544

New lolita here but been on and off /cgl/ for years. Let me answer from my perspective since you're asking.
>Why are there so many people who are interested in an alt fashion, but know literally nothing about fashion history
Sometimes I just don't care but overall it's a lot to look into just for pretty outfits I like. I honestly can't be bothered to know the names of dresses I have no interest in nor care about Mana.
>basic cuts or what the hell looks good on them?
That's a problem with fashion in general. If you don't have the standard body type, fat or not, access to things that would work for you is harder to find. I'm short with long legs but a fridge body with big shoulders. I know what can work for me but finding pieces is challenging. I also don't really have anyone to tell me what looks good or not. It's either "you look great in everything!" or "You're an ugly lardass, just quit."
>Why do so many people think they can look like a princess without knowing how to build a good normie coord?
The two are very different. Lolita has specific rules while normie fashion varies and hardly anyone really judges each other enough to get people to put more effort into how they look. So some people come in with a similar mondset.

Overall the lolita community on /cgl/ is very hostile and not very newbie friendly. Being called new is used as an insult and instead of offering correction, it's usually met with childish hostility. I'm not complaining about this, that's just the nature of 4chan overall. But the general response to this "feedback" is rejection, especially in today's social media sphere of "Everyone is beautiful and special just how they are!" so the critique of someone, no matter how correct and knowledgeable they are is ignored because of the negative attitude while the incorrect but supportive comments are taken better (Like Lor). So now you have itas everywhere.

>> No.10693562

you don't need to be in the know to find stuff now. many people get interested in clothing by seeing it on aliexpress, they're not finding it through other avenues.

>> No.10693595

Love yourself.

>> No.10693599

Ive gone from underweight to normal weight in four months
Sometimes I feel unhappy because I miss being small even though I was so sick it triggered some unfortunate health problems. I think about picking up weed again b/c it suppresses my appetite or going back to undereating but logically I know these are stupid options.
I work out and eat three times a day. Gonna try omad or something, I dunno

>> No.10693605

Those are not real are they?
Also that poor girl on the left.

>> No.10693609

I prefer the left.

>> No.10693619

Same boat join in anyway. The ageism thing only serves men and if you wear nice pieces and are deliberate people appreciate it

>> No.10693637

>The ageism thing only serves men
You're out of your retard mind.

>> No.10693641

Think about it. Men have you believe that women over 30 are not worth even looking at.
All problems of women can be traced back to men.
The sooner you cut men out of your life the better.

>> No.10693643

Men? The same men who go on and on about milfs and mommy gfs?

>> No.10693645

glad things worked out for ya buddy
>I've decided to hoard my share of candies until I can eat them too.
that's okay I went out and bought a large mix bag of candies today

>> No.10693655

When they mean a "mommy gf" they just want a girl with huge tits who acts like their mother

>> No.10693660

no. stop talking to pedo incels and retarded east asian men.

>> No.10693692

Actively feeling pissed and disappointed that nobody wants to push the Lolita required at meets rule. It is a bare minimum demand, and several admins will show up in regular clothing. Worst of all, one of them is a guy. We only all know each other from this hobby, why the fuck would I want to hang with y’all in normie clothes??

Also so far, all of the comms I’ve been in after moving, a guy or troon has been an admin. How did we get here?

>> No.10693713

By being tolerant until the cancer cell became a tumor.

>> No.10693720

Damn sorry you've had such abysmal luck with comms anon makes me feel lucky to be in my ita filled comm since they all at least try

>> No.10693722

They look real to me but who knows. Both girls are fine.

>> No.10693726
File: 125 KB, 960x720, 1602002846033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So i want to buy some fancy underwear for my girlfriend but am kinda lost. Are there any well known brands? Is victorias secret a meme?
Also why is women's underwear so expensive when there is so little fabric involved?

>> No.10693732

That's not really a feel, but /fa/ is the board for that kind of question unless you want jfashion underwear. In that case, you're going to want some bloomers, petticoats and proper corsets.
>Also why is women's underwear so expensive when there is so little fabric involved?
Quality of the material usually. You want cheap thin lace to rip easily? but depending on her beast size, there is more fabric and materials involved.
>Is victoria secret a meme
I haven't shopped there for almost a decade, I'm more of a Fredricks person myself which is probably what you're actually looking for. https://www.fredericks.com/

>> No.10693757

Someone in the DIY lolita thread a while ago suggested trying tatting and I just wanted to say I really enjoy it and it gives me a nice break from the motions of knitting and crochet when they start to become painful from overuse. That being said, they said tatting was easy and I am having a kind of hard time...

>> No.10693856

Get that money sis

>> No.10693857

Sing au revoir pls

>> No.10693869

What are you having a hard time with? I couldn't get the hang of it until I saw videos of people doing the correct motions with shuttles and explaining the "pop" of the knot switching into place.

>> No.10693886

Woke up this morning from a lolita related nightmare.

Had a dream that I needed to wash a bunch of dresses in all sorts of colours. Solids, a black sweet dress with pink in the print, some other stuff. It was a huge pile and I just stuffed the entire thing into the washer at the same time. I put in some detergent, set it to cold and gentle cycle, and let it go. Partway through the cycle, I noticed the red accents on one of the dresses started bleeding into the wash. I opened the washer in a panic, and took out the dress so I could rinse it in a vinegar bath. Except I couldn't find a bathtub. One bathroom in the house was occupied, and when I went into the other one, the bathtub was straight up missing. Just totally ripped out and gone, leaving an impression on the floor. I remember looking at the dress and starting to sob. It was Fancy Egg in sax, and the red was just everywhere. I woke up in a cold sweat.

I don't even own Fancy Egg in sax. What the fuck

>> No.10693897
File: 83 KB, 547x768, 1_VSgWx4QsoNR8wy0Jw6my_g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw some thot is cosplaying big booty Squid Game and your bf has to go up to the room and jerk off

>> No.10693906
File: 597 KB, 828x824, IMG_3210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get urself a girl that looks at you like this

>> No.10693920

Thanks for posting this I had a laugh.

>> No.10693997
File: 33 KB, 500x749, bba514a818f86c922efe6b29f7c61926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be anon with agoraphobia
>Have no friends because abusive family estranges me from any friends I make
>There is a commercial street I feel comfortable browsing despite the foot traffic
>Team of assholes decides to set up at a bottleneck and be "street dancers"
>They spend hours most days blasting shitty rap while sitting down
>They will rarely get up one at a time and dance for a few seconds before sitting down again
>People gather up to see them and wait for something to happen, blocking the bottleneck further
>Lockdowns happen
>Decide to make a cosplay to dance in further up the street so as to attract friends and take the assholes' crowd
>I want to make a mall ninja outfit with an obscured face and lights in the middle
>Spend money on tools and materials
>Spend time learning how to make things
>Try fail try fail redesign try fail compromise try fail
>Spend time learning how to dance
>Spend time practicing until I'm tired
>Diet and exercise to move and look better
>Now close to a compromise of my goal
>Squid Game becomes popular
If I go out now people will say "Look, it's Squid Game!" or even worse they will call me a knockoff. News coverage of asian celebrations of halloween also popularized masks with cheapo EL wires in them. Whenever I have an idea someone else will do it before me. The idea will mean a lot to me and little to them.

Look at hot men in front of him and then go schlick upstairs. Lets see how he likes it.

>> No.10694052


>> No.10694079 [DELETED] 

It's been in the works, but I think the pandemic has made me ready to leave cosplay as a hobby. I'm forever grateful for the self-confidence and friends it's brought me, but with how quiet the con scene got, it really made me realize how much money and space cosplay was taking up for increasingly fewer opportunities to wear them.

I've been wanting to get more into casual J-fashion with larme, basic brands like Axes Femme, and classic lolita for at least regular weekend wear since I want to keep work and personal life separated. I modeled for a few brands at anime cons, and I loved it so much! I'll probably stop applying to model to make room for younger folks, but I hope to become a regular part of the Jfashion comms now!

>> No.10694081

Speaking as a dude, why are you being so mean and vicious? How is that necessary?

>> No.10694085

Look at the comment the anon was quoting. Rude response gets another rude response back.

>> No.10694170

Nta but how blind do you have to be to see the disproportionate response.

>> No.10694175

The real treasure were the dance skills you made along the way.

>> No.10694178

My mind has been consumed by the iron gate 2nd wave re-release. HELP

>> No.10694193

Eh I got the 1st release and desu it's not really worth the hype. Cut is weird and fits oddly. It's comfy af but pretty underwhelming imo.

>> No.10694198

Currently playing the game of messaging people on LM who were selling things i wanted that went unsold some time ago
I hope it is not rude, i tried to be very polite. So far I had one person relist for me and another person read my message and ignore it loll

>> No.10694226

I just finished a painting to be printed, the very first. Gonna see if it turns out okay tomorrow. If it does, I'm gifting it to my brother

>> No.10694228

not rude. i sometimes forget to relist things so it's actually helpful! honestly i think gulls get too worked up about what behavior is rude or not since LM is a selling platform, as long as you're not harassing lolitas off LM ask anything.

>> No.10694231

This is a pretty common thing to do. I've had lots of people ask if I still had things available and it's how I've sold items that weren't super popular and I was too lazy to put back up.

>> No.10694244

Nothing different than what the average anon says on the rest of the boards toward women.

>> No.10694249

A few threads ago i made a post asking for advice to quit smoking, a lot of anons who had experience quitting wrote their honest experiences with it and it kinda served as the push i needed to give it a serious try. Since then i haven't touched a single cigarette. It hasn't been that long, but it's been longer than any other time i had tried, so i feel like i'm on top of the world.

I know it's a slim chance, but i want to try in case they see this, thanks to all the anons that not only gave me advice but also encouraged me and thanks for being upfront with the struggles that would come with the territory, you guys rock.

>> No.10694290

Clothes are supposed to fit you, not the other way around, there are plenty of pretty dresses which will still fit you even if you are not petite.
I know it’s hard to do it because of how much importance society puts on how we look, but try to find happiness in your body capabilities, not necessarily it’s appearance or what it can or cannot fit into.

>> No.10694316

Yeah great plan, stoop to their level.

>> No.10694341

Say that is true. Someone else's offense doesn't give you the right to be an asshole to unrelated people. You can talk however you want but people are going to hold it against you and resent you further. You are fostering your own unhappiness.

>> No.10694344

>have a fun halloween with a friend
>"stay the night anon!"
>cool, have fun watch movies etc
>go to bed
>just woke up and can't get back to sleep
>it's still dark out
>she's still out cold next to me currently
>didn't anticipate sleeping over so im in bloomers and a tshirt
>it's 40°F and the window is open
why me gulls

>> No.10694347
File: 120 KB, 700x987, DdDgnV_V0AAoIIh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always felt too ugly to cosplay favourite characters
>years pass
>realise i'm tranny and that's why i hate my male traits
>already too old to cosplay anything

oh well.

>> No.10694348

I actually did have trouble figuring out the transferring the knots/pop at first and I have it down now, but it's more of an issue of when I'm forced to put it down and I come back and I can't tell which side is which and my knots get screwed up. I have some various crochet cottons from size 50 to 10 and I've been trying to stick to 10 since I'm not comfortable tatting that small yet. It's aunt lydia's crochet cotton, which is fairly easy to get but I know there are specialized threads like Lizbeth that are supposed to be better for tatting because they're double mercerized and very smooth and tight

>> No.10694357

I still want it.

>> No.10694359

>love lolita for years
>spend years cultivating collection
>very proud of the dresses i have
>begin to get sick, see doctors to figure out whats wrong
>i have a osteosarcoma
>amputation of my leg is planned in a weeks time
>cry when i look at my dresses and coords because ill never get to wear them again

it fucking hurts, gulls.

>> No.10694360

Damn nonny that sucks i’m sorry :( rooting for you! Stay strong please.
Why can’t you still wear coords though? I am sorry if this is insensitive, i don’t mean it to be. but you could get a fake leg that looks like or decorate it to look bjd? I think it could look quite nice at least?

>> No.10694363

Get one of those artisan ceramic prosthetics, be a real bjd
>good luck anon, stay strong

>> No.10694365

You two are on the wrong website.

>> No.10694382

No, just sick of threads getting derailed.

>> No.10694398

>i post on cof at a weird time i guess
>1 like
>zero comment
>normally i get a lot more
>i guess i’ll find out if i was being ita on the next cof thread here lol

>> No.10694400

FB's algorithms are fucky. Some people are gonna show up more than others and a lot of people posted on halloween.

>> No.10694401

Thanks yeah, i was confused like i really thought i looked alright at least. But true, it was halloween. Oh well i’ll try again later. My comm liked my coord in the meetup so i’ll just go by that for now

>> No.10694408

Realistically, if anything was wrong or could use improvements in any way you're still not going to know from CoF or your local comm. But it takes quite a few elements to get noticed on here as well for concrit. I've noticed even when people post on CoF desperately looking for concrit, no one still offers if it's *that* bad.

>> No.10694412

Yeah i have noticed that in the cof thread too, i see decent coords not getting concrit also.
I was wearing clean burando and a petti with clean neat hair and makeup. and i’m also far from being a lard ass. so i don’t know if it could be that bad. i guess it could be. but i don’t want to post myself here to ask. Maybe i’ll just hope someone will crit me in the cof thread i suppose. Kinda sucks i guess not being sure about things

>> No.10694427

No, you can't give up anon I won't allow you. Get a kawaii as fuck prosthetic and keep collecting!

>> No.10694457

That must be horrifying! Please stay strong and plan on getting the cutest prosthetic leg possible to match your co-ords.

>> No.10694458
File: 2.09 MB, 3872x2592, fcbe5243318739cb05884d4df842102d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That fucking sucks but you know what you have to do.

>> No.10694467
File: 412 KB, 852x1280, hUbIuDY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

50% hoverloli

Stay strong, anon. Your dresses are still going to be there after recovery and ready for you to get back at it. We won't shame you for not wearing OTKs.

>> No.10694486

Because I'm a real queen unlike you

>> No.10694490

Sorry you got posted

>> No.10694494

My skincare inspo is haggard aunties trying to squash themselves into sweet. Fluffy Tori, mewsicbox and arigateaux made me want to get serious about my skin before my face ages poorly like theirs.

>> No.10694495

we all get old and wrinkly anon. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment

>> No.10694497

just wear sunscreen, if you need to do more than that to have decent looking skin then your skin was probably shit to begin with lol

>> No.10694500

Almost thought my sugary carnival og bow was a replica, but realized they just changed up the way the bow was made for the MTO.

Well, I guess I can tell who is a MTO'er and who is an OG from the headbow shape.

>> No.10694503

>Random dude from my school messages me saying my coords are cute and wishes me a happy birthday (he found out my birthday from stalking my acc).
>A day later he starts asking me if i "wanna make some pre-birthday cash lol"
>I call him a creep and he backs off.
>Two weeks later my dream dress shows up out of nowhere on LM and I don't have the funds to pay for it (i can only fit in so many hours at work nowadays bc of my really tight school schedule).
>I take the walk of shame and message the dude if he still is offering pre-birthday cash.
>He says he wants head but I ultimately back out after thinking about it. I even showed him the fucking dress I would've sucked his shlong dry for if I was that desperate.

I ended up buying the dress anyway though so it worked out :) but now im broke, probably should've sucked him while I still could

>> No.10694506

For me its k8. She looks like a meth addict and it reminds me to use moisturizer and sunscreen daily.

>> No.10694507

Respect yourself

>> No.10694516

Oh noooo, I'm glad you didn't go for it nonnie, he sounds creepy af.

>> No.10694518

I was about to complain about being sick for a few months and missing lolita but after seeing this it felt petty. It will take time to adjust but you can still be kawaii as fuck nonny, don't give up :(

>> No.10694538
File: 12 KB, 320x320, frankscream.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>some cos thot is twerking her bare ass on an itasha
>the car owner chases her off
>mfw my bf starts licking the wet spot

>> No.10694539

This looks super cute ngl

>> No.10694544

>buy clothes from Mexican lolita
>i’m in the us
>in transit for 2 weeks and still didn’t reach the usa yet

God why

>> No.10694548

depression creeping up again. been sleeping more and ghosted all the friends I made

>> No.10694558

Of course you'll be able to wear your wardrobe again nonnie. There's no reason why you can't.

>> No.10694563
File: 245 KB, 1200x900, original (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10694571


thanks for the replies, gulls. i guess talking to a prosthetist and seeing all the options that looked so ugly to me made me feel like i could never be cute again as long as i had a prosthetic. i think looking into options of a cute prosthetic or ways to decorate one might help me get back into the lolita spirit

btw the bjd concept is cute as fuck

>> No.10694574
File: 170 KB, 640x640, 1623694092218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was gonna post more low-quality bait in this thread to rile people up but after this post >>10694359 I feel like it would be too disrespectful. Like doing stand-up comedy at a funeral. See you next thread.

>> No.10694584

you can adjust your height too that's pretty dope

>> No.10694587

You can't unless you want to injure your other leg from straining it with a limp, retard.

>> No.10694590


>> No.10694591

Why post some random unrelated girl

>> No.10694632

I love the fashion and I love being myself. I don't care and don't mind if I'm different from the other people but it's seriously starting to get to me not having any like-minded friends at work or in general. Mostly what I get is one of 3 things:
>gosh that person's weird I shouldn't interact with them
>*insults me to my face*
>weeaboo fangirls (mostly teenagers)
The occasional alt person popping up is a nice surprise and we almost instantly vibe but I still really wish I had someone else to talk to in this dam fashion

>> No.10694638

I don't bring my personal life into my work life. I separate the two. I have lots of normie old friends at work, because being normal at work is really a benefit for yourself $$$ wise.

>> No.10694639

Depends on the job. I worked in an office where the site director was into anime and he excitedly chatted with me about Reborn and Konosuba. Week later he offered me a higher position.

>> No.10694642

Same. My boss probably hired me over other equally qualified people because we had a fun chat about video games and kdramas near the end of my interview. Now I'm starting a work D&D group, I invited our CEO at a company dinner, and even though he moved cities and couldn't join, he sent us custom company branded dice and mats and said we can expense our snacks if we want. Every company is different. I admit I'm lucky for an American to not be stuck in a corporate hellhole.

>> No.10694653
File: 365 KB, 1018x1609, Sky_Raker_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is awful. I hope everything goes well. It will take some time to adjust but couldn't you get a prosthetic and hide it with thigh high socks like the amputee girl in Accel World?

>Think guy is a creep because he offers money for sex
>Tell him off
>Get back to him and ask for the same deal yourself this time
Bitch, have some fucking self respect.

>> No.10694655

I'm in corporate hellhole IT >>10694638 Don't make a mistake in joining IT that is supporting the business side or else you are gonna have to conform.

I think if you're working out of a more techy area, you're usually gonna have better luck.

>> No.10694656

>Crush on guy at work
>We're hitting it off, just talking
>Find out that he fucked two of my co-workers
>Rumor is he sleeps around a lot
>Lost interest
>He's asking me why we don't talk as much anymore and don't know if I should tell him about what I've heard

>> No.10694658

don't tell him. some guys are just whores. he will just be a jerk about it.

>> No.10694663

Eh i would tell him in person “i’ve become friendly with (the coworker he fucked). let’s keep it friendly from now on. How was your meeting?”
Covers your ass from hr since all you said was that you want to be friends, and lets him know to leave you alone respectfully. If he gets annoyed just redirect all the conversations to work related stuff.
Plus he might realize not to be the office manhoe lol

>> No.10694669

> friend has brand
> cool stuff but weird business plan and out of budget, last minute they had to raise prices
> their competitor* brand releases stuff that's nice, will probably be more in line with my budget
> feels bad for wanting to get something from them and not supporting friend

I know it shouldn't be that deep and I only feel mildly bad. I feel like friends business needs support and it isn't as though I don't like their stuff but I just cant justify prices. Friend isn't treating the 'competitor' as a competitor and has even been working with them, but it feels kind of one sided since I don't see the competitor doing the same.

I might also feel a bit bad since whenever I spoke about something I wanted to buy secondhand they'd often poke a 'you could buy my thing!' joke there. They're sweet and it isn't overbearing. Their business will eventually be fine too. I just feel bad in the moment.

>> No.10694671

Rumors suck if they aren't true but if you have confirmation they fucked two of your coworkers it's likely they're true.

>> No.10694680

It sounds like the place she works in really isn't too hr friendly, just based on the fact he slept with two coworkers. But I do think your advice is good. Anon needs to indirectly communicate at work, that's how work is, because you shouldn't directly be saying HR violating shit even if their HR dept sucks.

Anon, do you work in a grocery store? I've heard rumors like this go around when I worked at an entry level job, but it went further than that like fucking in the back area with all the unstocked food. Be above this crap and you'll go further, anyways. It's better to not entertain drama at work.

>> No.10694686

>crush on weeb girl from the neighbouring company in the same building I work at
>she likes me too I think
>she likes jrock
>similar tastes and really vibing personality-wise
>she seems like the romantic type and that's literally my favorite thing about her


>she's heavily into BL
>smokes cigarettes
>her style's an absolute disaster
I really don't care about physical appearance but I put a lot of effort to look like I do even in "normie mode" and she dresses like she's in 7th grade and lives in a trailer park. She makes more money than me and lives in a nice area, alone.

I don't know what to do because I want to avoid potential trouble at work if we try it and it doesn't work out, even though she works for a different employer. I always try to not mix work with anything else especially since I was unemployed for a long time before this job ugh

>> No.10694688

My main concern about telling him or not is stirring the pot more with drama instead of just keeping quiet about it. I sit across from him every day so I'd be stuck being near him until the office has us all switch seats again when schedules change. I don't want to be involved in those rumors just for talking to him then confronting him about it and having to sit awkwardly in silence for months.
I work in an office, it's the same thing. People have been caught fucking in one of the adjacent buildings connected a couple of times and a handful of girls have been knocked up by other employees at this place.

>> No.10694690

If i were you i’d start being friendly with the girl he fucked and make sure he sees it lol.
So what if its awkward, just totally ignore it. It has nothing to do with you. You’re there to make money and advance your career, friendly talking is a side bonus.
You won’t always sit next to people you like. so its better to learn how to disregard things that don’t matter. Or you will have a hard time at work in the future.

>> No.10694694

Unusual for an office to not have pretty strict HR but it happens. I would advise to really steer clear of drama as much as possible in an office and watch what you say 100%. Offices are full of drama and gossip, just behave professionally.

>> No.10694701

instead of cute dresses irl I'm boutta spend money on cafe cutie skins in league of legends what is real life anymore


>> No.10694702

Oh god you play LoL you're too far gone

>> No.10694703

Thank you I know. I'm literally obsessed and addicted to this game it's a horrible feeling

>> No.10694710

If this is about RRM don’t feel bad anon. You don’t have an obligation to buy from your friends if they overprice their inventory due to poor business desicions. Buy the things you want and maybe it will make your friend get the hint

>> No.10694721

You're 6 years overdue to quit. Replace it with HoTS or another Moba and ween yourself off. It is a completely good feeling to be rid of addictions like that.

>> No.10694723

I've never played LoL but I really like the Project Yasuo, Varus and Jhin skins. Are they still available? Are they free or do you buy them with money?

>> No.10694727

Sorry anon that's not appealing to me in the least. I like LoL because it lets me play cute and cool characters and I love the lore I read it obsessively.

They're available and cost money, but you can get them as random drops for free if you're very lucky.

>> No.10694729

I quit LoL cause I get super angry playing it. I still do aram tho. I tried playing HoTs cause new discord friends are into it but it's soo boring

>> No.10694731

Why not both?

>> No.10694732

I understand why you feel that way.
I personally quit ranked and only play normals, generally with a friend. Whenver I feel myself getting a bit tilted I do a /mute all
I'm a support main and it's terribly infuriating whenever I play team-reliant supports

>> No.10694734

Eh, that is too much effort just to rip their models. Btw there are a bunch of ripped LoL models here if you want any for reference.

>> No.10694739

I really don't understand being addicted to league, while just being in the car waiting for someone to drive you. Support is completely backseat and you're really just watching people play the game. I was an AP mid and ADC, but you literally get no control of your game as a support. I could understand being addicted if you had 5 mans and knew how to organize your team and was working as that overhead with support, but otherwise you're playing a movie where you have little to no control.

HoTS has 'cute' characters as well and so does all mobas. At least 'cute' in a subjective cartoony way. I know LoL updated it's graphics, but that shit is still WoW-esque despite that. The game still looks very western, so I'd argue LoL isn't nearly as cute as FF14 or some anime esque game.

>> No.10694743

Lol support is literally terribly complicated and difficult to master, you were probably very low elo

>> No.10694744

the tldr here is if you're gonna call league a problem, then do something about it. I cut the addiction 6 years ago and desu seeing certain internal behaviorism kind of made me dislike the elitism that stems from the inside to the out. I can't really understand all the effort they did to cut out toxicity externally in games, meanwhile internally their higher ups are toxic and elitist AF.

>> No.10694745

I quit a long time ago and I didn't play support. It's not complicated to master, I'd argue it's the easiest role. If you're playing the game outside of arranged 5 mans, then you don't have any place to talk to me about elo or 'master'ing anything lmao.

>> No.10694749

oh hell nah I wasted too much money on that game to type in chat and get banned. I vent my frustration irl by yelling at my monitor or hitting my thighs. when I was little I got mad playing tekken against my sister and threw the controller. it broke and I felt stupid cause we were down a controller for awhile. from then on I stop breaking things and inflict the anger on myself so that I dont break my possessions. I only do /mute all after making a dumb play because it's embarrassing.
>I'm a support main and it's terribly infuriating whenever I play team-reliant supports
I knew it! you dont have to last hit things so you're just there judging everyone else huh

>> No.10694752

supports set up kills and zone the other adc, but i dunno I only played teemo tops for like 3 years straight and didnt climb very high. I'm more of a fps type person. too mechanically challenged for mobas.

>> No.10694753

you're completely and totally wrong. you are speaking like every support in the game is lulu and as if the bottom 25% of players are even actually playing the game. support is one of the most difficult roles because you need to know when to sit in lane jerking off your shitty ADC and when you should be playing off your midlaner and jungler to make shit happen. this is true in soloq as low as platinum

>> No.10694755

>I knew it! you dont have to last hit things so you're just there judging everyone else huh
From how the anon is posting, that is exactly what they are doing. It's irony to me for a support player to start talking in the stereotypical LoL elitist way to think their elo wasn't carried to begin with.

Enjoy your elitist BS over a dead game. The game is dead, go do something better with your life.

>> No.10694775

dont bully yuumi

>> No.10694804

Unmask your face so I can fart on it.

>> No.10694849

no, mask mandate is still in affect where I live. I sleep, eat and bath in my mask because I'm a law abiding soup

>> No.10694860

the meta ig account liked my ig coord post !! i had posted at a bad time on cof and nobody really saw it. anyway i'm really happy, i love meta. i feel like a real lolita now.
> well hopefully they don't like everybody and anybody who posts under the lolita tag

>> No.10694906

Under the lolita tag? I hope not. I've gotten likes from them multiple times, and usually they hit it when I've tagged metamorphosetempsdefille AND am clearly wearing a dress that's theirs. Like, if the photo is bad or weirdly/artfully lit in a way that brings attention away from the dress I have the impression that they pass it by. They like seeing us wear their clothes.

>> No.10694911

Don't listen to the hypocrits, giving head for a dress is a good deal.

>> No.10694929

before boz closed down, they did that on one of my posts as well. It feels pretty good to be recognized as a fan. congrats.

>> No.10694975

I looked in the mirror and I look cute as fuck today.

>> No.10694978

I usually get likes on my posts from meta where I am clearly wearing a main piece from them and have them tagged, it's a nice feeling!

>> No.10694987

I do cosplay

>> No.10695058

Obvious predatory grooming scrote is obvious

>> No.10695065

Why the fuck are women so lowly

>> No.10695066

Can I see?

>> No.10695111

Bruh the man and woman were equally lowly in this post

>> No.10695199

sleep schedule is so fuckkkkkkkkkkkkked

>> No.10695208

Lost 4.4lbs of the weight I gained during the pandemic in one month and a half, 22 left to go.

Next month I will have the time to have a consistent training routine at the academy so hopefully I will lose a bit more.

Hoping I will fit in all my lolita dresses again around march and get to my goal weight around the middle of 2022.

Feels good to be vaccinated and finally getting my health on track again.

>> No.10695213

is it like in those magica animu where you were uniforms and shit

>> No.10695234

Hell no. Look in your own mirror.

>> No.10695336

Being esl is a bitch sometimes

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