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I recently ordered a pair of circle lenses for the first time from Pinky Paradise! However, I have astigmatism so I know they’ll take FOREVER to make and ship.

I’m nervous because I just noticed that immediately after I placed the order, they sent me an email requesting proof of my prescription, followed by another email the next day stating “ Kindly be informed that we will proceed with the order.” I never replied to either email.

I was wondering what more experienced shoppers might think, or what your experiences with Pinky Paradise is like? What are the best circle lenses?

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Why is it so much to ask for people to actually use the stupid questions thread

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B-but op is a special snowflake who deserves their own thread! They can’t be lumped in with the common people in the help or stupid questions threads!

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Y’all ok?

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use the help thread and learn to sage, tard.

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I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can trust the advice of the kind of community that can’t be polite or act decent when faced with an ignorant poster, or an inconvenience. Thanks though! I’ll take my inquiry elsewhere.

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you went to 4chan what the fuck did you expect from us

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No one cares, bye.

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Why the fuck would you ask CGL let alone 4chan of all places then
Please leave no one wants you here

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learn to sage, newfaggots. quit bumping the thread after op already left.

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Jesus Christ, this should be a copypasta

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i am all for being helpful on the internet but this is 4chan

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aliexpress is the best. go to tiktok for amazing tips.

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Op isn’t even in this thread anymore

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The thread was literally still on the first page because this board is slow as shit. Cry harder. No sage just to piss you off.

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>chimping out over a "learn2sage" post a whole day later
lmao you're more pathetic than sage anon.

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I don't spend all my time here quickly responding to posts nonnie. But here you are responding also anyway. Doesn't make you any better.

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