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old thread >>6299880
Starting off with this fuckery by lgbtlaughs.

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It's increasingly apparent that these when groups say they just want "equality" they really mean "we want our day in the sun", and probably use each other as stepping stones (hence the efforts by some to overcome intersectionality).

Not going to happen.

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As a lesbian with straight friends that haven't treated me any different from day one, this pisses me off. I don't look at my friends and think "Oh they're straight, they're part of the oppression even though they supported me from day one!"

That tumblr mod is just fucking it up for the rest of us and it makes all of us look like raging assholes.

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I am so sorry to hear you have such internalised homophobia and self-loathing.

Please get rid of your friends, as they are probably influencing you in a negative way :(

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I laughed a little but then I realized somewhere, a group of people probably think that. Tumblr is turning into the edge of town. You have all the happy fandom people that make up one half of Tumblr and then you have the other side of the tracks where all the raging social justice warriors live.

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My buddy sent me this. I still haven't read the whole thing because it makes me too angry.


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>The funny side of our ever-changing acronym; humour found by the community, for the community.

I think it stopped being for the community when I scroll three pages in and haven't laughed once. Instead I just want to flip a table at all the "hurrdurr allies are dumb!" and "oppression by cis scrum!" entries.

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TransAgeism is a thing guise.

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I lost it at 'White Thinking' and the person saying it was white.

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That's utterly stupid but in a way they're right. They've had a saying for ages that you're "wiser than your years" and yes, there are instances where children definitely have the the knowledge of someone twice their age and where adults act more immature than children. Still, it's stupid to try and create an official name for it and act like it's some big life choice. That's just special snowflake syndrome.

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>Perfectly Rational argument

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This makes me irrationally angry.
Sorry to say, but, in the US, straight people are the majority, and they are the ones in power. Seeing lgbtbbq people that are just angry and rude and all-around assholes to anyone that is hetero is not helping their cause at all, and is really just taking steps back.
why don't they fucking realise this

>captcha: nwondur sad
No wonder we're sad indeed.

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It's extra funny because she probably thinks her Hispanic blood gives her the right to be as butthurt as she is about this shit, when it was her ancestors on that side who sponsored the murders of native people.

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Believe me, 95% of us do. It's just the 5% with access to social media that make us all look terrible. I can't get married, I can't get a civil union, I can't adopt, and in some places I can get fired if my boss has an issue with my sexuality. Am I raging at everyone that likes the opposite sex? No.

It sucks but us LGBT aren't the first people to have to go through this shit in order to be given basic human rights. We've come a long way from when being a homosexual was illegal and then after that was considered a mental illness.

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I follow this a little, but it is a scientific fact that brain development isn't complete until after the teenage years, particularly the area that controls your inhibitions.

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Oh my God, I fucking can't. And, apparently, there are other people that think his POV is "white centric." (what the fuck does that even MEAN?)
He's right; Columbus didn't murder thousands of people. He may have gotten the ball rolling, as he said, but he is definitely the main and only cause of trouble.
Tumblr SJWs seriously make a problem out of everything. Do they forget the natives also had slaves, and, occasionally, sold them? We're not this perfect oppressed group; we did some pretty bad shit, too.

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Oh shit, Chinese and Korean and Japanese and Africans are now white?

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Here's the thing that makes me pissed beyond all pissed. Why should I, a white person feel bad for what my ancestors did? It's not like I "inherit" their actions or anything. Maybe way back when my antecedent was a rapist, that doesn't mean I feel bad, just like if he was a doctor who saved hundreds of lives, that doesn't give me the right to act like a smug asshole all the time. Why do so many people buy into this shit?

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>You’re right, I am lazy. Because no matter what anyone says, you wont hear it or understand it, you’ll just spew more white education without understanding a damn thing. Why would I waste my time on that?

You know what this sounds like? Sounds like Romney/Ryan refusing to explain their plan to "fix" healthcare/the economy because it's too complicated for us non-1% people to understand.

That's right, SJ people, you are just like them.

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"I’m 23 years old, my 23rd chromosome pattern is XX, I identify as a sapiosexual (but mostly asexual) woman, I’m of mixed descent (Puerto Rican, Finnish, and Swedish) born in America (second generation immigrant) but I mostly identify my race as Homo sapien. "

Not just that--she's at least sizably white herself.

(Also, sapiosexual? Are you fucking kidding me? That's the most pretentious thing I've seen in a while)

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This is so true. There are plenty of wonderful groups even on tumblr. The ones that get all the attention are the ones promoting hate.

The unadulterated hate for people who are just themselves, didn't chose to be that way and can't be anything different is the real problem.

Whether it's about LGBT, race or weight issues, these people who want 'acceptance' who also blame and shame and hate others are widening the gap of equality.

They aren't looking for acceptance at all, they're all just being hypocritical idiots.

Why the fuck do these people think I would want to accept someone who hates me?! Just because I turned out the way that I am?
That's some serious self-loathing going on.

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>dragging your political views into an unrelated discussion.

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Not unrelated. Most of these SJ fucks are ~liberals~ obviously.

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Oh so you just said it to rustle their jimmies? That's acceptable I suppose. Carry on

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>non-whites have no agency
>non-whites are too stupid to defend themselves
>non-whites are incapable of violence
>non-whites are easily led and manipulated
>non-whites came out of a hole in the ground a few years ago

is what I read looking at that.

Are these people seriously for real?

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I think one of the absolute worst things about tumblr SJWs is their ENORMOUS ignorance of world history. They sort everything into black and white, into good vs. evil, into white people vs. the poor little colored folk when they're entrenched in a discipline that DEMANDS an understanding of nuance. I went to a small liberal arts school, so I saw this shit all the time--kids who ensconced themselves within Women's Studies, Queer Studies, Black Studies, what have you, but never actually learned, you know, World History 101 or Amherican Politics 101. Yeah okay you might have to read books by WHITE MALE OPPRESSORS!!! but if you're serious about knowledge and, you know, actually bringing about change, you have to read outside your bubble because ALL OF THESE ISSUES ARE CONNECTED.

And it's the same thing with the wider worlds of politics and economics--what SJWs rant on and on about oftentimes intersects with those disciplines and they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT EITHER. I swear to god I've seen arguments on par with "Amerikkka is so fucking racist and awful and oppressive why don't we just print more money to help everyone!!!!!!!!" It's just mind-boggling. And it isn't just 14-year-olds, it's young (and not so young adults) who really think they're making a difference.

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Holy fucking shit, seriously. It's so goddamn infantilizing.

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>Not "First World Problems General"

I know that plenty of people have problems, and that just because some kiddies are starving in Africa that doesn't negate your own personal issues.

However if the worst thing that can happen to you is that someone gets your fabricated pronouns wrong, you seriously need your ass kicked into touch.

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>why don't we just print more money to help everyone!!!!!!!!
You can't be serious. Post-war Germany? Anyone?

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>implying these people know/care about history or economics
>implying they care about a nation full of white racists which gave birth to hitler

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Oh, right, right, I forgot. All Germans are reincarnations of Hitler. My bad.

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I used to be the kind of person who yelled about being able to care about more than one issue simultaneously and that reducing it to "but what about the starving kids in Africa!" was stupid. And there is still a valid point there.

But half the time, I just want to scream WHAT ABOUT THE STARVING KIDS IN AFRICA at tumblr. Everyone on tumblr is living a life so beyond the reach of the majority of the world's population, and to endlessly complain about how YOU HAVE IT THE ABSOLUTE WORST, it's just...awful. The concept of perspective is completely alien to these people.

Actually, the great irony is that it's INCREDIBLE narrow-minded and US-centric. They have more in common with the ~evil white nationalist cis straight men in power~ than they realize. They've never bothered to educate themselves on the conflicts and histories of oppressed peoples the world over. They only care about themselves.

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Funnily enough there was a post I saw on Tumblr (and I haven't been able to find it since) which read

>I wonder how genderqueer pansexual Somali otherkin cope?
>Oh wait those people have real problems

Suffice to say, it caused serious upset with the SJAs

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I actually had a class, taught by a white woman, where she did a 3 day lecture on white privilege. Every attempt she made to show how "privileged" white kids were failed and showed how the black and Hispanic kids were just as well off as the white kids. It's fucking ridiculous. It was a cultural anthropology class. We also watched a video that said laughing at fat people who are dressed inappropriately (post card with an obese woman in a bikini that said "having a whale of a time") was just as bad as the Holocaust.

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'LBGT' (or 'LBGTQ') is not an acronym. It is an initialism.

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oh my fucking god

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Fist thing I thought of

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This. My parents were good people and so were my grandparents. Why should I somehow be accountable for the things that my ancestors did when I've never personally known them? Just because my great x5 grandfather might have owned slaves doesn't make me a slave owner.

As long as I'm a good person and my parents and grandparents were good people, why should I feel guilt or be judged by the color of my skin? Wasn't that Martin Luther King's entire crusade? To look past the color of ones skin and not judge them by it? As long as someone treats others the way they would want to be treated, what does it matter what age/color/nationality/sexuality/religion they are?

I'm not saying you can't feel angry or upset for what your ancestors or others ancestors went through or hell, what still continues to happen today. But judging someone and holding negative feelings towards them solely because of their age/race/coloration/sexuality/religion makes you just as bad as them no matter how much you say that ___ people can't be racist/homophobic/sexist/etc.

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It's hilarious to see white kids try to distance themselves from their own "HURR PRIVALEJ" bullshit based on technicalities.

>lol but im NOT white im part 1/64th Navajo don't oppress me white demon
>but im actually more like a kind of peachy colour, not white!

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Oh christ I laughed so hard. I guess I better stop checking those boxes too because they don't have my exact skin tone listed.

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I mean, I do think there are flaws in his argument, but his main point -- Columbus didn't control a genocidal regime the way Hitler did -- is perfectly sound, and the responses are UNCONSCIONABLE. Assuming that someone is "unteachable" is always the wrong way to live life (and ironically, was a major factor in the treatment of American Indians for hundreds of years).

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This as well.

But what about those of us who came from ancestors who weren't even in America during slave days? My great-grandparents on my dads side came from Austria right before Nazism took place. My grandparents on my moms side are straight up French. Should I be held accountable for my ancestors that weren't even here around that time?

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I've been seeing a news item go around--some white girl is suing a college for not letting her in because,she alleges, she is white and lost her place to somebody bolstered by affirmative action.

I think it's a silly case (I don't think she has any actual proof) but what gets me is the total orthodoxy of the SJW crowd in response to shit like this--ANY dissent isn't just wrong, it's the worst possible thing to say. It makes you fucking EVIL. Any level of dissent.

And all that does is make me, a PoC female, feel silenced. Because I understand the aim of affirmative action and I'm sure it's done good, but I think it should be discussed. I was given a scholarship by my college and I want to think I earned it, but what if it was just the little box I marked "Hispanic"? And it kills me because I was born in fucking New Hampshire. I am from an upper-middle-class family--we own a beach house, for god's sake. I didn't need financial aid (and my school was EXPENSIVE). SO MANY of my white friends could have used my scholarship money so much more--did they not get it just because they were white? I feel fucking guilty.

But I can't say any of that on tumblr because it makes me white-identifying. Sorry about my successful non-white family, I guess.

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but honestly the chance of your ancestors owning slaves is very slim. The extremely rich in the south owned slaves. EXTREMELY RICH. And that was a very small minority. In the south the civil war was nicknamed "The rich man's war, and the poor man's fight.", because all the super rich people that owned slaves wanted the war, and all the poor/middle class of the south were the ones heading off to fight and die. This is because of the Conscription Act of 1863, which basically said if you didn't pay the government $300, you had to fight in the war. So... Your ancestors had a bigger change of fighting in the Civil War, than owning slaves. (Although to be fair, most southerners did want slavery, because more people meant more job competition.)

As a huge history geek, one thing that really bothers me is how white people are always the ones to blame for anything awful that's happened in history. It shows how ignorant they are..... EVERY SINGLE RACE has committed crimes against humanity.... It's not just all the races that have white skin.

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Totally agreed, guys.

The only solution I see is killing all the niggers.

>> No.6302371

Really? Are we going to have the privilege talk?

White privilege has nothing to do with class -- they're two different axis entirely. White privilege doesn't mean that everything in your life has been easy, that you've never worked, that someone came and gave you a "CONGRATS, YOU'RE WHITE" trophy and a million dollars in cash. It just means that you receive a number of consistent cultural benefits associated with whiteness in society. It's not (just) about your ancestors, it's about right now. I'm sure you guys have heard of the study where black kids did better on a test merely when the question "What is your race?" was excluded -- i.e., identifying as black and the stereotype of their own stupidity actually influenced their test scores.

With that said -- there's nothing you can do about being white. It isn't something you should feel guilty about because you have no control over it. You can feel shitty about the world we live in, the way media looks at black people, and you can try to change those things if that's a field of life you're interested in. Otherwise, whatever. The whole point of "checking your privilege" -- IDEALLY -- is to just be aware that many factors in your life (race, ethnicity, religion, gender) impact how you are treated by the world, and that everyone is not treated the same way.

(And I don't know where you guys live, but at least in the U.S., it's hardly about "ancestors" even when it comes to legalized injustice. The Civil Rights movement was not the movement of our great-great-grandaddies.)

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Exactly! White =/= slave owner. Hell, even if your ancestors were in America during slavery not everyone could afford slaves. They were only for the wealthy who could afford to feed/house them. Acting as if every person that is white was either a slaver or segregation enforcer is just stupid and shows just how ignorant people can be.

What really ticks me off is people going "Well whites never had to go through hardship like the blacks!" Seriously? Look at the Irish. They were treated like absolute shit in America. Look at the Jews, they were enslaved, treated as lesser beings, and then rounded up in WWII and once again treated as animals and slaughtered for their beliefs.

I hate how people try to treat the suffering of MANY different groups of people like it's some sort of oppression contest. "Oh well the blacks went through ____" "No, but the Indians went through _____" "You're both wrong because the gays _____"

At one point in time just about everyone's damn ancestors went through hardships and injustice. Get over it and make sure it doesn't happen again by treating everyone well instead of sitting around bitching about it.

>> No.6302375

Of course, the real people negatively impacted by affirmative action are disproportionately Asian, not white. Look what happens when the "quota" system is eliminated. The number of white kids stays the same or DECREASES -- the number of Asian kids explodes.

>> No.6302376

>all the poor/middle class of the south were the ones heading off to fight and die.

Rich Southern men went to war, too, same as rich Northern men. Most of the female primary source sections we read for our Civil War were written by rich white women, who all had brothers or uncles or fathers or cousins (from the same rich family) fighting in the war. Now, most were officers, but still fighting in the war.

I also wouldn't say only the extremely rich owned slaves. Only the very rich were likely to own plantations which meant they had enough slaves to work the fields, the farm, and the house--but people of modest income could usually afford a house or field slave or two.

>> No.6302377

>Should I be held accountable for my ancestors that weren't even here around that time?
Yes, because, obviously, you must be somehow related to all those WHITE OPPRESSORS.

>> No.6302379

Holy shit, I'm going to sound like a Tumblrfag here but whatever: that is SUCH a fucking white way to look at slavery. It is all about your ancestors and their guilt. Maybe the point is just that your ancestors were free people whereas the ancestors of black Americans from that time period were fucking SLAVES? If one rich white guy owned a hundred slaves, it's not like "Oh, well that's just one guy!" I don't think the hundred slaves really care if they were distributed around to the poor or not.

>> No.6302385

>The Civil Rights movement was not the movement of our great-great-grandaddies.

The Civil Rights movement was 1955-1968. It's almost 2013 so that makes it 45 years ago when it ended. It may not be your "ancestors" but it's basically the same theory as all whites being slave owners in that the belief that all whites were raging racists who fought to the death to keep the black man down.

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Yeah, you know what? I get mad at straight people, too. You know what straight people I get mad at? The guy who only believes I'm a lesbian because I haven't taken his dick yet and won't leave me alone. The girl who thinks I want to make out with her for the pleasure of her boyfriend because she's drunk and I'm gay. My roommate who tried to convince everyone I wanted to rape her as a justification for not wanting a gay roommate. The politicians who think I'm some debauched, maladjusted weirdo for living my life. The parents who disown their children. The people who bully gay teens to the point of suicide. Committees of hate crimes.

Blind, directionless anger focused at a group of people just because they have rights you don't and can't help the way they are does nothing than make you look like an ignorant piece of shit frothing at the mouth. Treating someone like shit for their attempts (however misguided) to show their support doesn't make you anything but a horrible, unpleasant person.

>> No.6302392

*Committers of hate crimes. Fucking autocorrect.

>> No.6302394

>It is all about your ancestors and their guilt. Maybe the point is just that your ancestors were free people whereas the ancestors of black Americans from that time period were fucking SLAVES?

Sorry but I still refuse to feel guilty for it. Do I acknowledge that slavery was wrong? Yes. Do I think I should feel personally responsible or feel like I owe blacks something because of the decision of people hundreds of years ago? No.

>> No.6302396

But think about who were considered "white" Jews were not considered white or anyone from countries like Itlay,Ireland, or Romania until fairly in the past 150 years. So within who would pass as white, you weren't even considered white based on here you were from.

Just like sum sj blogger would say I haven't and won't expernice the same racism as a dark skinned black person cuz I am a lightskinned black person.

>> No.6302397

It's not about "all whites," obviously there have always been "good (anti-slavery, civil rights-advocates) whites." The point is institutionalized racism. It is NOT just about the guilt of individual white people. It's about the fact that there were actual, literal, real mechanisms in place to keep black people down. And lol @ "45 years was so long ago!"

>> No.6302401

IT IS NOT ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT YOU FEEL GUILTY. I don't give a fuck if you feel guilty. The impact of slavery on black people in America is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than the impact of slavery on your feelings.

>> No.6302402

The thing is though, Jews are considered white now. Take any SJW from Tumblr and tell them that Jews went through hardship too and they'll just laugh at you and say you're still white so all of that doesn't matter. So what if you're Jewish and your family was torn apart because half of your relatives were killed in concentration camps? You're still white so you're just as bad as everyone else.

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Fucking this. I'm not gay, but I'm a mixed disabled girl and I feel the same way about HATE ALL THOSE FULLY ABLED WHITE MEN!! No actually, I'm not going to hate people like my doctor and faculty advisor for helping me overcome obstacles to be the person I want to be. Everyone I hate, I hate on an individual basis.

>> No.6302405

Question, what would the opposite of a Social Justice Warrior be without going for the word 'sane'?

Just wondering since I'm curious to see how they'd respond to a blog that was about equality as a whole rather than beating the shit out of everything that's white, cis, heterosexual, male, able-bodied, average-bodied.

>> No.6302408

Hippie Justice?

>> No.6302409

I feel this way to, and understand this sentiment. I think the problem comes in when people don't respect/acknowledge that those things happened and that they were so atrocious they set whole races of people back decades from others.

Like, I don't except anyone to feel guilty or owe me anything, but it's insanely frustrating when people act as though because they didn't do it, it didn't and doesn't have any impact on current generations, or that it should be swept under the rug because it's no long relevant.

>> No.6302410

so you're saying this person should grovel at the feet of every black person and give them the shirt off their back over something their ancestors possibly never even did?

>> No.6302411

Race is not a real thing, it is a social construct. As a social construct, it is fluid. Jews and Irish people were definitely NOT considered white in the past (Jews still aren't by some, as you can see within our own lovely website). It's actually pretty interesting -- read The History of White People if you want a good entry point.

>> No.6302412

HOLY SHIT NO, just fucking acknowledge that it provided deep institutional problems for black people that America has still not fully repaired to this day EVEN IF YOU WERE NOT PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

>> No.6302417

I completely understand. It should never be forgotten or people should act like it doesn't have any impact. I just think it's crazy how these SJ people act as if to this day everyone that isn't POC should be doing penance for the sins of the others of their skin color even if you weren't even from the same country.

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>> No.6302419

Why should I?

>> No.6302420

I sound like... a lot madder than I am, sorry. I do understand why it can be hard to understand why idiots are blaming you for something you didn't do. That's why you shouldn't let your sociological/race/whatever education be dictated by SJWs on Tumblr. What they spout is the rehashed, regurgitated, paraphrased, mulched and then pre-digested to the point of unrecognizability version of a good argument.

>> No.6302421

But they do acknowledge it. The problem is that some people act as if you have to go beyond that.

>> No.6302422

holy shit they already do that though bro

they said it happened and it was wrong and it obviously caused deep problems (but they don't feel personally guilty for it because they had nothing to do with it which is fair)

which is exactly what you'e bitching about wanting them to do apparently? so what is your problem here?

does your sjw render you incapable of fucking reading?

>> No.6302423

But no one's saying that's not crazy to think. Just that "MY ANCESTORS DIDN'T OWN SLAVES SO W/E" has nothing to do with the fact, the literal fact, that institutionalized racism fucked that existed for centuries fucked over black people and still has effects today.

>> No.6302424

Yeah. I'm new to this concept, the 'Social Justice' thing, but it seems like their just a bunch of extremists with different ideas which sounds like a pretty shitty time for everyone, lol.

>> No.6302425



because you want to be a socially aware person? I mean, you don't have to acknowledge it. It's still true.

>> No.6302428

Those people are the problem - not the entire concept of acknowledging privilege.

>> No.6302433

I know it's true, why should I care? Why bother opening old wounds when it's all in the past?

>> No.6302434


Axis of Evil.

No really.

>> No.6302436

The claim was that there was some black people she knew from her school who got lower grades than her who got in but she didn't. Or something like that.

>> No.6302437

ok but that's not what we're talking about. we're talking about folks who expect whites to feel guilty and ashamed on a personal level and to bend over backwards for blacks in repayment for what happened even though they had no hand in it

do we all agree these people are wrong or not?

>> No.6302438


I'm sorry but I didn't say it like that. I acknowledged that it was a pretty shitty thing and that is has fucked up things for African Americans ever since.

>> No.6302439

Okay you aknowlegde it does it go away, can you do something about it. No so what's the point.

>> No.6302441

>Okay you aknowlegde it does it go away, can you do something about it. No so what's the point.

spoken like a true white person

>> No.6302442

>it's all in the past
You did not read what I said bro
Because you are not agreeing with it

>> No.6302443

It's not always about grades, hardly look at school grades veers SATs/Acts scores. And maybe all she I'd was school work with no outside activities while they did something outside of school. It's all about all around credit.

>> No.6302444

This is exactly what I was trying to say, thank you. I don't care who you are, I'm going to treat you like a fellow human being. I don't like being expected to treat you like I owe you something for what another person did.

>> No.6302445

Yes how dare I read your point, understand it, and then not agree with it, how could YOU of all people possibly be wrong. Yes racism still affects people today, but there's nothing I can do about it, so why should I bother dwelling on it.

>> No.6302447

what I was responding to was the centering of the discussion of the modern impact of slavery on the slave-owners instead of the slaves

like, "don't get angry at white people about slavery, because my ancestors weren't slave holders". when the point is not which individual white people had slaves, but the fact that black people were brought here to be fucking SLAVES. does not really matter if they were owned by one guy or a hundred.

>> No.6302448

Summing this thread up:




>> No.6302450

You can actually do something about it. But you don't want to. Just admit that you don't actually care about racism since it doesn't affect you, then we can all move on.

>> No.6302451

No, that was the North who had the Conscription Act. The reason why poor southerners were fighting is because they were being invaded.

>> No.6302453

I'm black, but I can get that you want them to aknowlegde it. But then what? Want tgem to say next " your doing this cuz Im white so I can't accept this" it's not gonna just go away.
But then again I'm not truly black cuz I am of a lighter shade plus I grew up in the suburbs surround but white ppl. So I can't talk about how racism has affected me cuz my stories pale incomprasion to my darker counterparts.

>> No.6302454

you said "I know it's true," and then "it's all in the past," when my post said it WASN'T all in the past. that's a fuckin contradiction yo, sorry about it.

>there's nothing I can do about it
that is some defeatist bullshit. there is a ton you could do about it, you just don't care to. and that's fine, but acting like it is IMPOSSIBRU to fight racism is nonsense.

>> No.6302455

Ok what can I do about it smart alec? Can I change how everyone thinks? Can I save the world? AM I THE CHOSEN ONE!?

>> No.6302456
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yo. chill.

>> No.6302458

Oh, is that what everyone in the past did? Did everything all by themselves at once? No, fucktard, they worked for a cause. Which you can do, but again, don't want to, because that would make actively acknowledging that racism exists, you benefit from it, and that you have to get off your lazy ass to do something about it.

Jesus, did you graduate from high school? How can they let people graduate with absolutely no understanding of how the world works? If I was one of your teachers I'd feel like such a failure.

>> No.6302459

>I demand all change right now or it's not worth it!
so gen y it hurts

>> No.6302460

> black people
> black people
> black people
What about the Asians? The Hispanics? Shit, the other white people? Every race has been enslaved by someone of a different race or even the same race. Fuck you and your bullshit. Someone straight up said that they agree with you and yet it isn't enough.

>> No.6302463

Black people were enslaved yes. They were bought as slaves from black people who owned slaves in Africa.

If you know anything about history you'll know that slavery didn't start with 'the white man' and it began in African/Arabic countries as well as there being plenty of evidence that slaves were taken from populations of newly conquered lands and then traded/sold.

It was not a new concept and infact remained legal in many other countries after it was abolished in America.

The idea that the ancestors of people in America should feel anything about slavery at all is ridiculous, even moreso due to the fact that it is racial profiling. I am a 3rd generation immigrant. I look 'white', but I have a varying background. Though I have some Eastern European background, my ancestral background is not one of which ever owned any African slaves, and most certainly not in America.

The idea that I should be made to feel bad about something specific groups of people that share my skin color did is preposterous. And anyone who thinks otherwise is an ignorant idiot who knows nothing about the world at all.

>> No.6302464

No cause in the world and no amount of work will ever get rid of racism, sorry, but it just won't happen. My main issue is how these "causes" seem to turn their followers into raging assholes.

>> No.6302466

>"don't get angry at white people about slavery, because my ancestors weren't slave holders"

Please do point to where in this thread someone said that.

>> No.6302467


>can't answer question
>dodges it instead

So gen y it hurts

>> No.6302469

Blacks owning blacks as slaves?

>> No.6302471

I lol'd.

>> No.6302473

I live in the United States so mainly they focus on Asians and Blacks, but damn, it's so annoying to be in class and the would 'slavery' is said so everyone looks at the black people to see how they're doing.

I absolutely hate that. That they are essentially synonymous.

>> No.6302478

>the fact that black people were brought here to be fucking SLAVES

Yeah okay. America had plans to send them back to Africa, but guess what, they didn't want that, they chose to stay in America, and for good reason. Africa is a war-filled shithole!

Black people who were born in America, whether or not their family immigrated over from Africa even 2 generations the same kind of sympathy and treatment as ones whose lineage goes back to slavery.

They are not related to slaves, their families chose to come from Africa to move to America.

The idea that you treat people the same whether it's 'majority' or 'minority' is racist in and of itself. America did awful things in the past, but the idea of facing your past is to try to not repeat it. America should be moving forward and it's things like 'white guilt' that make us move back into the past.

We should be accepting everyone, not just people who were worse off at one point in history.

Bringing race into light is what makes racism happen. It's when you group people together just based on physical appearance. Whether or not it's for 'good' or 'bad', it needs to stop.

>> No.6302482
File: 958 KB, 500x281, 1339555298409.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These threads are always filled with so much fun.

>> No.6302483

>America should be moving forward and it's things like 'white guilt' that make us move back into the past.

Really? That's what makes us move back into the past? not... y'know... the continued practice of institutionalized racism? Yes, it's the fact that poor white people have to be reminded that white people owned slave that's really setting us back. Not the fact that the police force is more likely to pull over someone who's black, more likely to plant evidence on someone who's black... not the fact that people are raised to be fearful and mistrusting of black people. Not the fact that we have politicians who are racist.

No no. It's the fact that you, as a white person, are told "White people owned slaves."

>> No.6302490

Your straight-faced tone is refreshing and helpful to the discussion. I just wish you could offer a solution besides smarmy bitching.

>> No.6302491

>tfw your great great great grand-parents were immigrants who moved to the states after slavery was abolished and thus leaving you with no white guilt at all.

>> No.6302495

Actually, native selling slaves is also a social justice problem. They're mad about everything.

>> No.6302497

Please, tell me what grand organization or cause I can join where I can insult others to feel better about myself, belittling people based on their race and telling them I should feel guilty. Do we get a club uniform? Is it some sort of Klan perhaps?

>> No.6302498

>things like.
Racist things in general, not just this.
I'm sick of people so ass backwards as you.

You say you aren't racist but all you see is skin color, you need someone to hate someone to sympathize to, someone to love.

You pick out skin colors rather than seeing real people.

Everything you have said goes both fucking ways.

>implying racist black policemen don't do the same thing to white people.
>implying racist black mothers don't raise their children to hate whites
>implying our underqualified, timid mouse of a president wasn't elected by thousands of ignorant racist voters just because he was black.

Oh, wait. I forgot, black people can't be racist, because they were enslaved and are oppressed. What about the Irish? or the Chinese? or the Japanese? I'm sure they can be racist, especially the first one.

You make me sick because all you see is 'black and white' quite literally.

Seeing people for their skin color is denying them self-identity.

Oh and by the way, I am not white, I am smart. Unless all black people have to be as racially ignorant as someone like you.

>> No.6302499

I mean, we were talking about slavery and affirmative action in America, I just went with the discussion that was happening
all races have complex histories; all races have complex relationships with America
no shit

yo we were talking about slavery in America
no one is pretending that was the invention of slavery it is just one case, but other cases do not negate or nullify it

that's exceptionally defeatist. it's not so black and white (no pun intended). progress has been made; there's no reason to believe more cannot be made

well the best answer would involve knowledge of hobbies, career, location. anti-racist action is a good nationwide option.

yo that shit is embarrassing. I once saw someone give a speech about suicide in Japan and there was one korean girl in the audience and everyone was nervously checking her the entire time

>> No.6302500

This website is the last place social justice should be discussed. Its so whitewashed on 4chan it hurts

>> No.6302501

whoops *clan* sorry about the typo

>> No.6302503
File: 420 KB, 245x138, itainteasybeingwhite.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT: White people complaining about Non-whites & Gays complaining

>> No.6302504

>no one is pretending that was the invention of slavery it is just one case, but other cases do not negate or nullify it

Yes, but you do realize places other than America do not hold so much importance over those sorts of issues, even places that had slaves after America.

>> No.6302505

holy shit who has told you to feel guilty??? nobody! this is such a straw man argument! within this thread numerous people have said white guilt is not the point, no one cares if whtie people feel guilty.

everyone can be racist but institutionalized racism really does cut one way

>> No.6302506

Actually, it sounds like a liberal who went to college to study critical theory or some nonsense, since that's what they actually are.

>> No.6302512

>No one cares if white people feel guilty
So you're saying you don't care about a white person's opinion solely based on their race? Sounds a little bigoted to me.

>> No.6302513

>institutionalized racism really does cut one way

Well, I hope you understand that trying to counteract it in such a racist manner is only going make it become the opposite.

The way that people such as yourself approach the issue is going to make the 'minority' and 'majority' simply switch places, where 'blacks' are the people in power and 'whites' are the ones who are being institutionally discriminated.

I wish people like you could see this.

>> No.6302515

Not necessarily.

Depends on what SES bracket you're talking about too. Poor Asians are, all other things being equal, more likely to be accepted into a given college than poor Whites.

>> No.6302516

it is not a relative situation it is a specific one. saying "should" or "shouldn't" is pretty pointless; we only have the situation we have. we are still affected by our history with slavery, and its through-line to jim crow. we ended segregation less than a half-century ago. why WOULDN'T this conversation still be happening?

>> No.6302517
File: 19 KB, 346x300, 1300836061397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>mfw my Dad's ancestors were confirmed slave-owners, and my Mom's ancestors were Jews

What I'd really like to know is how we can fix the issue with blacks performing more poorly on standardized testing, because this is an actual thing that happens currently. Is this a cultural problem? are the schools to blame? family income level? is it an illusion created by racist media? I'd genuinely like to know.

>> No.6302518



>> No.6302519

Oh, and by 'people like you' I meant ignorant people who believe in such ass backwards concepts.

>> No.6302520

feelings are not an opinion
and no one WANTS white people to feel guilty, I should say. no one gains anything by it. no one is trying to make you feel guilty here.

>> No.6302522

Why shouldn't whites adopt the mantra of "what's in it for me?"

Every other race adopts this mantra and employs it in political activism, why do you expect whites to be universalists?

Explain yourself.

>> No.6302523
File: 45 KB, 450x344, tumblr_lh09o8icpc1qe8we7o1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I assume you are a troll of a real person from Tumblr based on your use of question marks and lack of capitalization. Either that or you are so buttmad that you forgot how typing works.

>> No.6302526

I think if there's one thing 4chan can agree on it's definitely that niggers smell bad and should be driven back into Africa and then nuked from orbit.

>> No.6302528

Guys. The proper term is LGBTQQIAAP(2S)

>> No.6302531

>and no one WANTS white people to feel guilty

Why should you speak for everyone? That is impossible.

>> No.6302532

both cultural, educational and class-based
someone upthread cited the study that found black students did worse on tests that made them say what race they were (I think it's called the "stereotype effect", but it's been a while)
but obviously class influences education as well as home life

so both older racial prejudice, and current economic issues are tremendous factors

some results have been demonstrated through charter schools but they tend to work by selecting high achieving students in the first place -- so I'm not sure I believe that they will achieve more generalized improvement

>> No.6302533

Why don't you check your illiteracy privilege!?

>> No.6302536

no one in this thread that I have seen

it's just the internet, you should really just relax

>> No.6302537

have you read that argument that literacy is classist? I can't remember if it was a whole book or just an article but it was an actual published piece of academia, it was terrible

>> No.6302538

You missed the "youre" too.
and the obvious sarcasm.

>> No.6302539

You are now aware that there are places in America mostly populated by people of Caucasian decent that are extremely racist to blacks, asians, indians, latinos and even jews(athought many people mistake jews for being white)

You are now also aware that there are some places in America populated by mostly people of African descent that are racist towards, white people(including jews), asians, indians, African immigrants, and latinos.

That is all.

Fuck this earth.

I wish I was dead.

I hope China nukes us all.

>> No.6302542

That study was done using only students who were attending honors classes and who made top grades.

>> No.6302545

One thing I find weird is this assertion that Trans-Atlantic Slavery was 'unique' because of things like inter-generational slave status, and this idea that 'African slavery' (as if a concept like that even existed) was much more 'humane'.

Whenever anyone makes this stupid point, ask them what their actual primary sources are, because the fact of the matter is there are none, sub-saharan africans did not have written sources until colonization, so we have no idea as to the nature of their slavery, but if the observations of Europeans is any indication, their lives were as short and brutal as any other hunter-gathering groups were, and the systems of slavery were similarly brutal.

>> No.6302547

>starving kids in Africa

Protip North America, there are starving kids here too. Might not be on the same scale, but we have shit to deal with right here at home. Not saying we shouldn't help when we can, but it won't do us much good to help half assedly while juggling our own issues.

>> No.6302549

Why do whites get all this ancestral guilt baggage yet Arabs get none?

In fact, Arabs present themselves as victims in today's world, despite having raped and pillaged their way to the borders of China.

>> No.6302551

...so you think this makes them more susceptible than average to stereotype influence why?

>> No.6302553

>Time is not a real thing, it is a social construct.
>Age is not a real thing, it is a social construct.

>> No.6302555


Good point. I wish I didn't have to be reminded of that.

>> No.6302558

Listen to yourself, insulting a great European like Christopher Columbus. Do you think Chinese insult their heroes who also killed in the hundreds of thousands/millions like you do?

People who self confidence and pride do not grovel.

>> No.6302559

...no, some of those are measurable truths and others are social constructs
if race is an impermeable truth why has it changed so much over the past thousand years? why do the definitions of 'white' and 'black' change?

>> No.6302561

that was incredibly clunky phrasing on my part, sorry. hope you gathered my meaning anyway

but didn't you know that most poor Americans have MICROWAVES???
seriously we are very resistant to helping our own poor, I'm not sure why

>> No.6302563

>even jews(athought many people mistake jews for being white)

>mfw when being Jewish isn't a race, it's a religion

>> No.6302564


>thousand years


Race as we're familiar with it today is an Enlightenment concept.

Also, those changes are due to overriding political pressures, meaning of course that whatever biological evidence for the subject becomes apparent it sither ignore, drowned out or received only after a pyrrhic victory against race-deniers.
And I'm not just talkking about modern standards; try going back 150 years and see if your conception of "no races/social constructs" convinces anyone.

>> No.6302567

>first time on /cgl/
>will lurk regularly now for these social justice threads

this shits just as good as the FPS on /fit/

>> No.6302568

>Race as we're familiar with it today is an Enlightenment concept.

Race goes back to Plato, Isocrates, Aristotle etc.

The whole idea of geographically distinct groups of people with innate characteristics on an aggregate scale down to what could be called proto-biology was elaborated upon by the Ancients.

Modern Science just allowed for more explicit and factual elaboration, like population genetics.

>> No.6302569

>seriously we are very resistant to helping our own poor, I'm not sure why

Because we're taught from an early age that the only poor and starving people are from Africa. Do you ever see a commercial on television that is raising money to help feed orphans or underfed children from America? No. It's always from another country that guilts you into giving money to them because it's only 25 cents a day to feed them!

It takes a lot more than 25 cents a day to feed the homeless here in America.

>> No.6302570

The insightful mind of an SJW
By, Anonymous

Here I will explain exactly what goes through an SJW head when approached with any opposing opinion.
This opinion could be full of factual information, unbiased views, utter nonsense, or even in agreement with the SJW other than a few minor details. This can be used to describe reactions towards many issues, including but not limited to: race, gender, sexual orientation, discrimination, politics, science, language, colors, and many many more.

Now, let us begin with a very simplistic example.

Here is a post by the SJW:
"I don't believe that the sky is blue. The idea that 'blue' is the color that the sky looks is society forcing it's opinion on me of what I should feel the color blue is".

Here is a response:
"I am confused, I though that language is a man-made construct to help people refer to things in a like way in order to communicate".

Now, to a normal person, this would seem completely rational, to an SJW, this is a viscous attack on their principles. It 'triggers' them that someone disagrees and so rather than reading the sentence and trying to comprehend it using their inherent logic, they look for a word that may seem offensive. The word in this case is 'construct'. The SJW believes that this 'construct' infringes on their freedoms and life in general. The believe the person to be personally attacking their choices, feelings and beliefs. Their response is obvious, ignorant, uninformed, poorly worded, horrifically grammatically incorrect and overall inane garbage.
An example response is not needed.

The mindset described here can, as I said previously, be used in various contexts and situations as it will usually always be the same.

Thanks for reading, hope you learned something because god knows they won't.

>> No.6302572

This thread seems as reasonable as any to ask this, but I've always wondered, why are Jews noses so big?

I've also heard that Jews believe they're a different species than other people and they're specially chosen by God.

Is that right?

>> No.6302576

I'm white and live in southern California. I'm technically a minority here. Can I bitch and complain about being oppressed now?

>> No.6302577

>...no, some of those are measurable truths and others are social constructs

No, both age and time are social constructs. Your point is that people have at points adopted a different yardstick with regards to measuring race, ergo this means race doesn't exist objectively.

I'm saying you should be objective: Time and age have also been reckoned by different yardsticks at different points in time by different peoples, ergo they also don't exist.

Why the inconsistency?

>> No.6302578

The Talmud, which is more or less the center of Orthodox Judaism as a text, is very explicitly racially supremacist, yes.

>> No.6302581


You missed out the part where I said
>As we're FAMILIAR with it

As in, basing race = nation as used to be the case.

>> No.6302584

Jews are a separate race as well as a religion. The have specific genetics that differ from non-Jewish peoples. However, not all religiously Jewish people are of the Jewish ethnic race.

Use google, you could learn something.

>> No.6302585


So Jews aren't actually human?

Is that why their noses are so big and they have so much money?

>> No.6302586

The idea of a Nation corresponding to a group with a distinctively common ancestry goes back to the Greeks.

The first anti-miscegenation laws, race riots and race massacres were in Imperial China.

>> No.6302587

Jews cluster together ethnically on PCA charts.

They're a distinct ethnic group, but broadly speaking Ashkenazim cluster with European ethnic groups when compared with other racial groups like Asians and Africans.

>> No.6302591
File: 1.96 MB, 450x450, 1301793656481.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm eating chicken nuggets, day drinking and watching people fight on the internet.

This day is perfect.

>> No.6302592

As EA Dude said, yes. Some Orthodox Jewish people, mainly those practicing in Israel do believe that they are the 'chosen race' and are put on this earth to use all of it's 'gifts from God' including other races.

To the first answer of your question, that would be genetics because people can be racially/ethnically Jewish rather than religiously.

>> No.6302593


>> No.6302595

Yes, but Jews are treated as racially 'white' by people racist against whites, but aren't considered white by white supremacists.

>> No.6302596


I think you misunderstand my point.
I know that for centuries there were structures like "The French race" or the "Chinese race" or the "Greek race" etc.

My point is that a more transcendent notion of race (e.g. whites, blacks, etc.) are enlightenment ideals was enlightenment idea.

>> No.6302608

Dear, Asian's didn't suffer!!! asswipe

> The Japanese were sent to interment camps during the WW2
> Chinese, Koreans, etc lived horrible lives on plantations in Hawaii producing suger for the US. (This might not actually count though because Hawaii was a different country)

>> No.6302614


Don't forget the Great Western railway.

>> No.6302616

Oh yeah, but that's because of the Age of Exploration.

Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Australoid are the broadest divisions of humanity. Within Caucasoids for example, you have Near-Eastern Semitic groups, other Indo-Europeans like North Indians and so on. What SJWs call "caucasians" are actually "europids".

>> No.6302617

Not to mention the Asian on Asian injustices like pleasure slaves and invading of countries.

>> No.6302618

Asians in the US seem to whine just as much as any other minority group these days....

>> No.6302621


>are enlightenment ideals was enlightenment idea.

I just realised I fucked that post up. Oh well at least you knew whatI was talking about.

>> No.6302623

Someone answer this because it's been bugging me for a while.

Those of you anons in America, why is there such a big thing about minorities versus the majority aka white? America is the largest immigrant country in the world, you're all from some where else so why is everything split up into whites (majority) and everything else (minority) when basically everyone is a minority when you split it down to where you came from?

>> No.6302625

This is because the US coddles these people. Other areas of the world that are truely multi-cultural don't have these stupid SJW issues, except on the internet. Even here in Canada, the amount of 'niggas' and 'gangstas' is insignificant compared to that of almost any area in the US. This is a US problem and it's infecting the world like a disease.

People also don't seem to understand that being pale is a cultural standard of beauty. It was popular in Europe as well as East Asia, and as far as the media portrays it, it is only a problem in the countries that had previously admired it. Indian people have no desire or envy of light skin, because it is not part of their culture.

America is a shithole that is killing this planet.

>> No.6302626

Because a lot of people have a vested interest in promoting racial conflict. Someone like Tim Wise for example makes a huge amount of money going around the lecture circuit giving lectures on 'white privilege'. Then you have all these diversicrats who make money giving 'diversity training' schemes, then you have the psychologists who are given grant money to 'study racism' etc.

In all of these contexts, the overarching narrative is that whites are villainous, or quasi-villainous and non-whites are good.

>> No.6302630


Because there are niggers everywhere.

They're like fucking cockroaches. And they ruin everything.

They spray their fucking retarded gang tags on everything. They stink like shit. They import and deal drugs.

Everything would be much better if they were all just killed off.

>> No.6302633

Because America is fucking stupid. Social justice shit and political correctness are among the most ignorantly portrayed in the world. They do things like this that are extremely racist without even realizing it.

Because people blame their failures on stupid issues when it is clear that they aren't the problem, and then they get rewarded for it.

>> No.6302634

>americans arguing bullshit
ha ha hahahaha

>> No.6302637

Singapore is a case study on how to make it work.

One of the craziest things about America is how anything that is viewed as even implicitly white is viewed as a bad thing, take the way news anchors and talking heads talk about 'white neighborhoods' as something that must disappear for example.

In Singapore, they allow groups to self-segregate, in fact, they encourage it, because it actually encourages peace (see the study done on inter-ethnic violence in Switzerland throughout the centuries).

Good fences = Good neighbours

>> No.6302640

Pretty sure this is a thing in India as well

>> No.6302644

Finally someone smart comes along ITT. I really wish the US would get out of it's little box with this racist bullcrap.

>> No.6302652


>> No.6302670

I live in a pretty asian city and in my experience they basically act like they're white. Also, there's a MASSIVE number of half-asian people and quarter-asian people here, and most asians I know have dated whites but never Black or Hispanic people. They're almost indistinct at this point.

>> No.6302674

Depends on what kind of White supremacy group you're talking about. If you're talking Neo-Nazis, then yeah, they hate Jews, and see them as ethnically distinct. The KKK also hates/hated Jews, but not because they saw them as ethnically distinct or inferior, because they also hated Catholics.

>> No.6302682

Time and age are real things, not social constructs. The units of measurement used may be arbitrary, but the thing they measure is real and distinct and consistent.

>> No.6302683

B--but tumblr told be that only white people can be racist! And that all People of Color are in solidarity against whiteness!

>> No.6302688

OK retard, listen up. This is an anonymous user base. You don't get to assume what color people here are. The whole point of anonymity on a board is to remove any assumptions about race/sex/etc. so that everyone can be held to the same standard and because can discuss their opinions using reason and not bullshit ad hominem. Fuck off cunt.

>> No.6302733

This thread doesn't have enough screencaps of shit SJAs say.

>> No.6302736
File: 1.91 MB, 265x285, 1269603012_fat-dancer-falls-on-stage.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thin privilege is not breaking your ankle when landing a 3 inch hop

>> No.6302741

Was gonna say, India has a caste system which usually means lighter people traditionally had better jobs in society. Eg. One my my friends has pale skin and her families caste was goldsmith. Her boyfriend had dark skin, and his families caste was street sweeper. Her parents forbid her from seeing someone of such a low caste (she did anyway tho).

>> No.6302770


Post this fucking study and I'll tell you if it's even worthy of your citation.

God, it sounds like another non-blind, non-randomised shit that lazy sociologists do to get moar grant money.

And yes, it does make a difference. We could be picking up on confounding factors because there is more to human society than your stupid little insecurities.

(not implying there are good and hardworking sociologists, but that there are shit research sociologists, psychologists, doctors, etc. etc. etc.)

>> No.6302774

It's occured to me that if Social Justice Warriors had their way, they would become The Party and Big Brother from 1984. It's all there, the double think, the thought policing, the re-education, the ever-present enemy...

Seriously, SJWs are just the new kind of Big Brother.

>> No.6302778

Its a true effect. Not the anon you were replying to, but there are similar studies that have found the effect on women taking university level maths tests (If you ask them to put down their gender, their mark goes down in comparison to a control). Its really interesting.

>> No.6302779

Because, based on those statistics the same study which showed what race each person was with the same honors class top students gave the same results.

>> No.6302801

Except white cis men would be the electric sheep of the family.

>> No.6302809

>Time and age are real things, not social constructs. The units of measurement used may be arbitrary, but the thing they measure is real and distinct and consistent.

Likewise with race. You can call an Irishman black, but that's not suddenly going to make the Irish people cluster with sub-saharan African in autosomal microsatellite analysis.

>> No.6302816

But sure I wouldn't know, I'm from Donegal.

>> No.6302818

It goes down for all people though.

And it still doesn't account for the so called "achievement gap".

America spends way, way too much money on education, way more than East Asian nations who outperform you.

It's all about hard work and self sacrifice (and genes to some extent too).

>> No.6302829


Actually it's not hard work or self sacrifice, it's not about how much is spent on education, either. It's about the environment that a child is raised in. Environments that are very stressful (little money, food and shelter are concerns or the child is physically or emotionally abused) lead to extremely poor outcomes.

America's massive education problems are actually due to an increasing withheld social safety net and a societal structure that doesn't allow for many socioeconomic groups to have a fair shot at maximizing their potential.

>> No.6302839

>It's about the environment that a child is raised in.

No it isn't. Look up the transracial adoption studies. Black children raised in middle class white american homes perform poorly too. Look at the twin studies, twins raised in different environments perform very similarly academically. We know now that IQ is at least 50% heritable for example (GWAS study headed by Ian Deary).

Your argument is just a roundabout justification for most wastefulness.

>> No.6302843

Also, if you don't believe intelligence is heritable: How did humans ever evolve intelligence in the first place?

>that doesn't allow for many socioeconomic groups to have a fair shot at maximizing their potential.

Look up the Kansas City Experiment.

Pretty much all of your 'experiments' end up failing.

>> No.6302864

>Also, if you don't believe intelligence is heritable: How did humans ever evolve intelligence in the first place?

When did I say that heredity has no impact on intelligence? I'm not talking about ingrained intellectual ability, I'm talking about maximizing educational outcome, allowing intelligent children to excel.

>> No.6302866

This is truly a first world nation rant.

Only here can they bitch about their "white suppressor."
Only here can they scream and yell at the government calling them bigotted racists and have nothing happen.

Seriously. They have no idea how good they have it here and how much we are trying to bend over backwards to appease them.
Case in point, try publishing the rant OP put up in Cuba and see how long the author is still alive.

>> No.6302867

You're actually both right. A child of any race will suffer in their education and social development when placed in an environment that poorly meets their needs. However, that doesn't mean you can attribute blacks lower educational achievements to their social-economic status. Amongst blacks with equivalent status as whites, there is still an educational gap. Likewise, blacks in poor conditions do worse than whites (only by a bit) than whites in similar conditions.

There's no one simple answer to these issues, which is why tumblr and SJWs need to shut the fuck up. You can have an intelligent discussion and disagree, but they just want to whine about how they are the most special snowflake.

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