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Post craft tutorials or even just pictures of neat crafts/plushies/jewelry/anime and lolita items.

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Needs more cute candles.

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Okay, so this worked great until fucking step 14. What? I just made up that step because I could not figure out what the hell was happening.

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It's sort of looks like you just fold the tails inward to get that shape, but it could be a more complicated fold.

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I swear to god, it's 3 in the middle of the night and this tutorial is making me crazy. Finally found out that you have to cut it in order to get that shape...

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I thought you just fold the middle diamond part, so that the side that makes that middle seam touches the top sides?

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Fold the inside edges of the bottom out, then flip it over?

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Yeah, you cut the ribbon ends
>in b4 "not true origami"

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Just had to get rid of all that origami paper.

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Keep in mind, the paper doesn't have the same pattern on the back as it does the front. The back pattern shows when you fold it a certain way, I tried several and the back pattern always wound up showing.

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see >>6919626

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step 13 > 14 plainly shows the cut

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No shit, I have a stack of those square papers too. I used to fold the most random stuff while commuting by bus. It was fun.

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The only origami I can make are lilies, it's like there was only room for one shape in my brain.

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this too

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Can we post shitty or hilarious ones too?

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wow she looks kinda scary... Is it really needed for her to put her face in the tutorial?
Also, really simple thing, but cute possibilities

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That's so cute! I bet someone who can crochet would be able to sell a lot on Etsy.
We usually have a lot of bad tutorial threads... If we include bad ones in this thread I feel like it'd get more bad tutorials than good ones and I like to find cute new stuff to make sometimes. Maybe you can make a new bad tutorials thread!

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that's violet lebeaux for ya

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I did cut, that's not the part I'm talking about. Doesn't really matter anymore, I still like how it came out.

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She's a lolita/j-fashion/cute things blogger, and she is not camera shy at all. I think she's cute, though.

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> Those fingerprints

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weebs will buy anything with a ・ω・face on it.

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Better than me. Took a summer librarycourse on it as a kid. All i remember how to make are the dolls.

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Sad when a homemade plushie looks better than the bootlegs in the dealer's room.

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Found some frosting tip references if anyone does deco stuff or makes prop food.

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And last one.

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Does anyone have any types of tutorials for making round pieces of see-through jewelry?

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oh god her coord

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>statement earring
>plastic fork

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Like this?

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Really useful. Thanks anon!

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I had a question, when I do red resin jewels they seem to fade over time and in the heat/direct sunlight. Is there a remedy or should I just add more red to the dye?

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Whoa that's pretty cool

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I'm pretty sure you can find all that information on the back of the box. Why do attention whores think they have to make tutorials for everything?

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Honestly I saved it more so I would remember how she used a palette as a mold. There's another one I saved for the same reason that uses measuring spoons.

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Red dyes in anything have a nasty habit of seeping away.

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fucking learn 2 not fingerprints

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How do artists manage this? I've seen superb sculpy/fimo/whatever items, and there's not a print in sight. Some I've seen are clay baked and painted all over, so they look a lot smoother and the paint hides the lint. I'm a perfectionist so it drives me crazy when I get a little print or lint on my stuff, and carefully take them off with a fine needle point.

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this is absolutely adorable, but that font is so painful to attempt to read

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This is really is better than official Pokemon merch. So sad.
(Amazing plush though)

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that's so cute. I wish i could eat it

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Needed this for Tales of Destiny cosplay! thank you

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I guess I'm dumb but it helped me because I didn't know that. Don't be such an asshole anon.

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Please wear a mask when working with resin! (Especialy if you end up sanding it for any reason) It's super toxic!

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Is there anywhere I can buy giant heart jewels like this? I had a little ebay search and could only find them up to 14mm..

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These use to pop out of those little coin machine things here when I was a kid and being the rough n awesome tomboy I was I spent my goddamn 20ps on sticky eyeballs instead.

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Those fucking sticky eyeballs... Or the sticky lizards on the long cord that you could flick at stuff and they'd stick.

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Been seeing a lot of anime cross stitching lately. What can you do with it once you've made it?

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Sell it on Etsy for exorbitant prices or hang it on your wall.

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I tried, but these 2 were all that I could find.
I hope that helps!
And you can usually get these kind of rings at halloween stores, I remember buying a few last year.

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Oh, they're for walls? Don't know why I thought they were for pillows.

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Stick it on the outside of a tote bag, or if it's big enough use it for one side of the bag.

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Are these screen cleaners?
They're so cute!

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Cross stitch throw pillows would be cute. Kinda classy but also wonderfully tacky/kawaii. Kids will want em for their bed, adults will want em for their couch.

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How do you avoid fingerprints?

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Damn that is kawaii as fuck.

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Yes! And you'd always get that one dickhead friend that would throw them at the ceiling and get them perma stuck.

>> No.6922073

You're supposed to throw something else at it and knock it down...

>> No.6922096

They're small wrist-straps.

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My parents had wight ceilings. I used to love the hand shaped ones.
The dark colored ones left different colored hand print stains on the ceiling.
I am lucky to be alive.

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what the fuck did my phone do to that post, sorry, just sorry

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I don't know why but this post made me lol so hard.

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My method is to take a soft paint brush dipped in clay softener and to "paint" over the sculpt until its smooth. I do this as a very last step, right before baking.

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Oooh huh, that's interesting. I guess the very soft brush so it doesn't make brush impressions. I'll have to try this.

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Dawwww, i love plushies like this.

This was my attempt at it. I could have done it a tad better, but it was my first attempt at amigurumi.

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Here seems like a good place to ask. I'm in the market for a printer, what type to I need to print out Shrinky Dinks?

Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone have any thing else like this? I hate organising my things but if I can make it look cute it's so much easier.

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Mine's not as cute when it's covered up...but it's got cluny lace and a cat printed fabric base.

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I like the plushies too.

I prefer the bears over the bunnies, but they are still cute.

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I kinda like the construction on this plush. I might make it for my SO's baby sister. Here's the pattern for it though.

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According to this amazon link, an Ink Jet printer will work. I'm not experience with shrinky dinks though.


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Storage board. Magnets and sheet metal in a picture frame.

Pokemon plushies are notoriously great at having terrible bootlegs.

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Kill it with fire

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That's so horrible that I actually want it.

>> No.6924671

That's pretty neat.

>> No.6924760

Sanding, or having wet/oiled fingers to smooth everything when done.

>> No.6924771

My bf just spent like 5 dollars in quarters getting an assortment of these and sticking them everywhere in his car. We are very mature adults.

>> No.6924788

My gram used to use these along with vintage tin trays for displaying printed magnets at craft shows. She also had shelves made of those shipping palettes, they folded and stacked neatly for traveling. Her whole booth had a country/primitives look because she mostly sold quilts and handmade cloth dolls.

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This... must.. survive.

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Oh man, I love these threads.

When people ask me "wow, that's so cute/ingenious/pretty, did you come up with the idea yourself?" I say yes. I lie straight in their eager trusting faces.

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These are so cute!

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What would you use them for though? I know it says coin purse but they look too small to hold a useful amount of change.

>> No.6925602

maccaroni travel cases?

>> No.6925610

Well you could probably make them bigger.

>> No.6925619

Very cute.

Hmm I feel like it can be a little charm holder of sorts if it's really small like a macaron.

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I think I have one for rick-rack roses too.

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I forgot how crappy it was....

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Oh dang, that is pretty sweet.

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That is cute, but I would be frightened that I would crack it.

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I swear, I might be subconsciously addicted to flowers.

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I have a small bin full of felt sheets for plushies. This will give me something to do with some of the scraps... cool!

>> No.6925819

i like the way that looks way better than most ribbon roses, though.

>> No.6925828

I just thought i had a better tutorial. After you weave the rick rack, you stitch it down the center.

>> No.6925832

woah what are they using that it has to be dunked in liquid?

>> No.6925845


>> No.6925846

Are you talking about 3 or 5?

After the resin parts dry, they are taken off the sheet to trim off the rough edges. They are then placed on tin foil to bake I assume to soften them. With gloves, they carefully mold the petals while warm and put them in cold water to stiffen the petals.

I'm not sure what sort of clear glue they are using in 5 though.

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Derp just saw this.

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Don't want this thread to die yet

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Now I'm tempted to make horrifically creepy versions of that cat muffler and give them to people as gifts.

>> No.6926772

God... that bear head belt looks evil. I have the books somewhere, but the tutorials are not amazing

>> No.6926934

Taobao has everything.

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Make banana slices for deco. Basically this person reposted tutorials from this Japanese fake sweets blog. http://deco-kingdom.tumblr.com/tagged/HONO-BONO-cafe-tutorial/

>> No.6927504

that log kinda looks like a penis

>> No.6927513


>a penis
What kind of penises have you been looking at? Just horrifying.

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I didn't want to screenshot a tutorial, but here's another one

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You can also get these on Etsy like from Sophie & Toffee.

>> No.6927803


she is somehow trollish-looking and adorable at the same time. like a newborn baby.

> captcha: ought uryvest

>> No.6927823

this is bad. just stop.

>> No.6927827

What are you talking about? Those are adorable!

>> No.6928995

those cat accessories. I desire them.

>> No.6929440

Oh boy, I've been waiting to post this.


>> No.6929455

her upper lip bugs me so much...

>> No.6929457

What the shit is this. Staples and duct tape? I'm hoping she'll reveal it's a joke at the end...

>> No.6929465

I guess it's not a joke... Too cringe worthy, to me. I did laugh that tape didn't mask the paint well on the cork board.

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I had a rainbow of cute octopus ones, and I'd get them stuck upside down on the white tile ceilings. There was off-white flower shaped stains everywhere.

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It pissed me off that anytime someone's Etsy bullshit gets posted to Reddit and Imgur, their store is instantly wiped out, even when the goods are shitty.


>bullshit painting made with coffee and salt (lol randumb guiz!)
>the armor hoodie that ended up looking like shit IRL
>stuff like pic related

>> No.6930491

I actually like the necklace.

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Bump with Pikachu crystal doll.

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>> No.6931114

That would be really cute if it was jade.

>> No.6931128

I'm making a prop that has to be a literal clear ball (Maybe with something inside). I've looked almost everywhere with no luck. I was thinking of maybe doing it with resin but I wouldn't know how. Any ideas?

>> No.6931847

what is a good material for 2 part silicone molds in small batch? I only want to make a mold for rupees of a couple sizes and dont want a lot of extra.

>> No.6931898

Need a size and or reference

>> No.6932989


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>> No.6933491

Which material are those made of?

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any fabric will do I think

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Oh OK, thanks. I will be dumping what I have, then

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>> No.6933522

These are tiny...

>> No.6933524


Tutorials for ants?

>> No.6933546


The final tutorial needs to be at least.... Three times bigger than this!!

>> No.6933687

Looks like a silk or chiffon. Any very drapey/soft fabric would work though probably.

>> No.6933766

This looks so pretty but I'm still a crochet noob. Can anyone tell me which part of the vest each diagram is for?

>> No.6933956

This pattern is incomplete. It shows the pattern used for different parts, but it doesn't show how each part is attached to the others or how many repeats to do. There's no chart for the flowers, the bottom most chart is for the squares, the middle chart is for the small borders around the arm holes, and the top most chart is for the collar ruffle.

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File: 148 KB, 720x960, 408077_10150535622545310_553275309_11021514_310770373_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beaded Hello Kitty


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Like stated before sanding and using oils/wet hands. Using harder clay like Premo also prevents finger prints. Also putting your pre-shaped clay pieces in the freezer for a little bit hardens them well for when you need to shape smaller pieces even more but don't want to smash them.

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Finally! Something made with ric-rac that is actually nice.

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